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... the Carriere D'America. Pio Crespi was born at Milan, Italy, the eleventh of July, 1881, son of Pietro Crespi... ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TEXAS IO CRESPI, who since his location in the heart of the great Texas Cotton... to this commodity and handles a large volume of export trade. Mr. Crespi came to Waco in 1907 from Milan, Italy..., to engage in the cotton exporting business, and organized the firm of Crespi and Company. The firm has been...; and Havre, France. Mr. Crespi owns the building at Waco, a fireproof structure of two floors, the top floor

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.... Cowan went with Crespi and Roensche Company, later becoming Secretary and Treasurer of the firm... of Crespi and Company, Cotton Exporters, holding this position at the time of his death. Mr. Cowan was born

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