The Orange Leader (Orange, Tex.), Vol. 31, No. 180, Ed. 1 Wednesday, August 2, 1944 Page: 1 of 4

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Y. AUGUSt 2,
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Miss Air Wave
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Gets New Pos*
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joscow, Aug. 2. (AP)~ Thou- w jpnHK ragra
' Of Germans trapped in Lat- R()tarV 10 T011016
nd Fstonla bj> a swift Rus- 1 " 1
Stan plunge to the Baltic sea 30 \Y|||) Al)£ S. IHC. At
mliVwest of Riga, thrashed at ' " * *' , ' •
the llfrssian noose today while Wpcf End Park
other Nazis fought violently on a . ■ . >T' , ■ v ,
20-mile ^suburban syc in defense of Abe's Inc. and the Rotary Club
besieged Warsaw. tangle tonight in an Orange Com-
Northeast of -thfc invested Po- mercial League softball game at
cfP'*al> Truthful Gen. Ivan Wegt End Park The"contest is
Che rntak hovsky/-eopened a huge scheduled to get under way at
drive toward East Prussia on a 8:30 0-ciock.
200-mile front, strking within ten . . . „ n
_n^J «# According to the Orange Recre-
the landNif the junkers generals. atU" Commission, the Rotary Club
JtTe5csxns8rTrrcr; ■&£
gested Russian troops were pfon8>lip At present the Rotar
' ■
across\the broad , . , , , , ...
Rift Vistula ViX south of War- ans fhaV* W"" ?ne Kamfe and lost
saw, asserting Uiiit Nazi planes Wo for th'rd place tn the stand-
V "aank on the VlsU,laX Soviet fer- n*\„Abes In<' has yet to break
t crammed wlth trobps." The mto the Wln column.
nunique said "heavy\fluctu- the first round meeting of
! fighting" was continuing on the teams, Rotary won a free-
ipproaches of Kast Prussia be- hitting" engagement by a 17-16
n Auguslow, eight miles from count. Jack Barbee has been se-
the frontier, and the Memel riverXj00'01' *>y Manager Geprge Bout-
The Germans acknowledged loss to hurl for the Rotarians
v Of Kalvaria, Jelgava and Wilko- anitwill be opposed by Croaker of
diachken in Latvia and,-said they jerry's aggregation.
recaptured Birsenr Fighting- sttH
was reported agalqpt the Russian . .
bridgehead over the'Vistula below Lake Avenue
vJVarsaw. Continued Russian ad- _ . . V « i ■
lances..tcvwaid the Bcskid pass DaDflST CjlUTCM IS
through the Carpathians to Cze- n • • \j i i
cho-.siovakia were reported.) DurqlarizedvMon.
The German lflth and 18th arm- \
ies have been operating in the. The Lake Avenue Baptist
Baltic states pad the^e were split church on Lake Street rn Cove
by the drive to th^ sea west of addition, was burglarized Monday
Riga. One estimated, at 3® divi- night of two quarter horse-phwer
sions of perhaps 300,000 men, electric motors taken o(T tlie veo-
there was .no official estimate of tilation fans, it was announced to
ie number trapped in an area a- day by Rev. -W. W. Kennedy, pas-
b<jut the sizel of" South Carolina, tor. The theft was not discoV-
fhe Red army had cut and was ered until late Tuesday, when
astride all railroads a,nd high-'the pastor went
ways leading from the Baltic and WUnd the front doors had
States to B^ast Prussia. From' Tu- been pryed open, The police were
kums on the coastal railroad, Gen. notified immediately"
Ivan Bagramlan's Battld army -—~f~i v
£roup fanned "off rapidlyHn. three .
SufSNovol Receiving
northward along the Gulf of R'-St0i" NgOTO TeOm
W&- - v
I A full and very interesting pro-
gram was enjoyed . by a large
number attending the Orange Ro
tary club weekly meeting and
luncheon held Tuesday at noon in
the Holland hotel banquet room
with President * R. Clyde Marsh
presiding. 1
Outstanding on the program
was the presentation of an elab-
orate citation to David Hearn,
. . . .. Consolidated Steel Corporation,
i u SOMITHINO to get up In the ud on beh!Uf of 0fllciaU and
air about is pretty S orekceper 2nd employes & the Consolidated
Class Frances Dojae of btewart st , gorp0ratlorii Ltd„ by Chair-"
Manor, New Y6rk. Voted tlje most w ^ Qlm ' • m.' ri-
attractive Wave at thrFloyd Ben- "
nett Naval Air Station. Miss Doyle co""lf. ,ifth war
is live feet, six inches tall, has The ci atton was awarded in
brewn hair, blue eyes and weighs Consideration of the excellent
" i pounds. (International) showing made by the Consolidated
• > employes In the drive just com
plated, for the sale of war bondi
also for the group's achievement
irt becoming the champion war
bond selling group of the fentire
Mr. Hearn's response to the
honor although delivered; alto-
gether in impromptu manner, was
unusually responsive. He ex-
pressed a sincere desire that one
of the results of the successful
drive would be to hasten the war
to a successful ending.
J H. W. Darst, of Galveston, re-
gion manager of the war'finance
board, expressed deepest gratitude
to ^Chairman Slfonjnons, for his
excellent-work, also to Mr.THearn
for \iis part in leading the Con-
1 A"-'
> .TJSi/ •iT.iftAafiSHI
rAW..... . v
London, Aug. 2 (AP) — Tur-
. , ( The promotion, of Thomas C,
■■■■■ | lirnn i>aly. son of A4r. and Mrs. J. C.
MAIf AI UL||I| Paly, of 202'Ninth Street, from
|IHf HI fltlllJ the grade of Sergeant to Staff Ser-
7 geant, was announced recently
Punching of the Destroyer Es- "somewhere in England" by^Ma-
fort vessel the USS McC.inty will J or General Hugh J. Knerr, Contv key broke oft diplomatic i
take place at the yard of the Con- manding General of the Air Ser- nomlc lelationiwithUerT
i snlidated Steel Corp. Ltd. ship- vice Command, United SUtea day In an •cOffln^, Whkgl
building division on Saturday, Strategic Air Forces In Europe. broadcasts declared must be I
August 5. It was announced here Before entering the service De- garded to a prelti^eJo ***><
Tuesday by shipbuilding officials, cember 23. 1941, he attended Or- ^ ThU setback for Hltler wi
The sponsor will be Mrs. Henry ange High School, and was em- Balkan front follow®* awutiy t
T. Malon'e of Gadsen, Ala., step- Ployed at Consolidated Steel Corp. on a governmental shift In H
sister of Soundman third class, After entering service he attended slnkl whlch was believed^ the first
Franklin Alexander McGinty, in Embry Riddle School of Aviation, step toward takinr Fin If
whose memory the ship was Miami, Florida. of the war a * Co- V
named . Slaff Sergeant Daly has been the reich. This shtft ino
Soundman Third Class Franklin overseas for two years. shal Baron Cart Ouataf
Alexander McGinty was born at i heim to the pmlWACy to
Atlanta, Georgia, on November Evelyn lone Turner, daughter of Blsto RyU, resigned. . ^
22, 1911, and died in an effort to Mn(. Jaunila Turner, of Orange- Turkey s severance 91 tU
aboard the f'e'd was rocently enlisted as a Germany wa discloaed
Turkish home radio and wai .
Miss Turner " graduated from firmed almost Immediately
TAKING OVER In n newly-created
post, Admiral Chester W. Nlmltz
has announced the promotion of
Lieut. Gen. Holland F. Smith, U.
T Marine Corps, from commander
of the Fifth'Amphibious Coips to
commanding general, fleet Marine
forccs of Pacific. (IntLinational)
rescue a shipmate
stricken USS Plymouth on August member of the WAVES.
5, 1943. Miss Turner - gradual— .
- McGinty enlisted in the U. S. Orangefield High School in 1942. Berlin broadcast!, v. 4:^
Naval Reserve as an Apprentice p<inr to entering the WAVES, she Premier %ikru & rr-
Seaman at Macon, Georgia August has employed by. the War Price nouncod the cabinet •
17, 1942, and was immediately or- and Rationing Board, and Consol- make the bre K,_t*Ui
iercd to active duty Bnd trans- 'dated Steel Corp. flpnw arteflM^
fened to the Naval Training Sta-
tion, Norfolk, Virginia. His rating Pfc. Edwin Turner of the.U. g/Statea «uppdrt. \ tm:
■ k
c ' S
equested by Britain, with Unl
to Seaman Second Army Air Corps, stationed at Mat- h^td"pt'O
J. B. Kretiger, Associated
Press War Km tor
Tinian island has been conquer-
ed, enemy resistance is disinte-
grating rapidly on Guam and,
said a broadcast credited to Tok-
yo today, American troops have , ,,
launched their fourth Marianas folidated Steel Corporation forces
invasion with landings on Rota. ln w'fuung a great victory.
There was no Allied confirma- . " , Jr., . of Austin, son
tion of th^'reported move nRainst Jack Elliott, Sr., of Orange, fa-
Jiota, -which lies between Guam voreo the audience with numer- Supreme Headquarters
and Tinian, but 22 American sea '^s impersonation skits. Mrs. Ann Expeditionary P^irce,, Aug. 2.
ancK. air attacks since June 11 Morterman gave a whis'llng (AP) —* The British Second army
was changed
Clrss tin November 7, 1942 and agerda Island, Foster Field, Tex- w
on 21 November he was assigned as arrived hore Tuesday to spend Mnnomlc ,.. .
to tii" Fleet Sound School, Key a twelve day furlough with his )^Br ccjuIpmuni, ^ tne^premwr,
Wcat, Florida. On January H, wife, and parents. Mr. and Mrs. to "J6®1 the dtmcui let
li)43, was assigned to duty aboard Arthur Turnfr. f""®.
the USS Plymouth. McGinty was ^ > h, tSht
serving aboard that vessel as Two more Orange boys have ® J V
Soundman, Third Class at the volunteered for service ln tho Advice* irofn iw Key
time of his death. American Merchant Marine and " tlon of air
McGinty was awarded the Navy have been enrolled for training at )u*^ 1
Cross with the following citation: the U. S. Maritime Service Train- "e T"'®'
"For extraordinary heroism ing-Station at St. Petersburg, Fla. 6 0 ,r , ,-r ,.'
while serving aboard the USS to prepare them for sea duty. cutting off of Gorjnaffl
Plymouth during and after the Bobble Ray York of 410 Dewey ;1ronr> Turkey, ppparenuy
sinking of that vessel on August Street has already been transfer- the closmg of ne uermnn
,ri, 1943. When there was tin un-. red to the training station to be- and eonsiilatM ^ wmcn _
Allied derwater explosion amidships, gin his basic training in seaman- J, ™ ** -JP*' °~V
causing devastating lire, and ex- shipi and James Eldrldge Ray- Uo" p08t w ."1™. fr
l«burn, 40ft Third Street, ha, bean 'JAKES' °'(
lronlit'ed as an Apprentice Seaman nn" p ™"
tensive damage, McOlnty unhealj
'. . n-r presumably had it ripe for inva- to conclude the program. hns broknn lhr0ugh the center of tatl"K'y ri"kcd h's in, bch*1" « w ^1M ^ m
to the church \ ^ " Visiting guests introduced .were: ^ Qerman |jm!, threatening to "r h,s rt«H "l erecl shipmates, ln nnd is now awaiting his .orders to ™
Adm. Chester Nlmltz flnffounced Dun«i"' Boaumont; Herbert crllsh Ma,silnl von Klugc's forces - cooragoooH at ampt to raacue a report for transfer.
oRt*ni«ht\hat. Tinian, after nine W- .Vogan, Houston; R. W Le- U) iVh, hiRh ground sollth o( Caen • «", kn«wn to be trapped in the
. . "V X. . Blanc, warrant officer, US. Navy; jn a second gre8t Normanay de- Khip flaming armory, McGlntv v..
days of lam
under clo
lin's espf.
fighting, had been "'anc, warrant omcer, .j. a. m>vy; in „ second greal Normandy de- *'"1"' ,,«urJr' McOlnty Marine Gunnery Sgt. Francis
anlzcd resistance G(,rdon B Chesman, D. Hearn, , , ficld dispatches announced c",crw< lh,; rompnrtment and was C. Rlock" left this week for Gamp
TJ f ' 15....4 A „ .1 Itimurtlf I «<n "" "
collnpsed'Mondajoiight. Two fine '! G. Singleton, Port Arthur and today.
ga; and 3) towards such cscap.
One group of Germans esti- Thc Navy Receiving Station CuamTrammed ?o|oOO enemy sol-
rnTl500oTa^rrei^ia^ncut off °",ored softba" tcam SH-bdu"d thc dieis toward Guam's northern
frnm Rina -inH trvinn tn ®°°'<cr Washington Jitterbugs, end sonling their doom. Another
11 to 1, in an exhibition tilt ar- harbor and airfield and Agana,
ty, already were in
:ind in .use Planes
tion diamond last nighfy Russell njd(>d the clean-up ty unloading
Antnine led the winners attack tx-nibs nnd rockets On the ,trapped
with three hits, Including a triple Japanese.
himself trapped. He gallantly pPndlrU.n. California after spend
airfields, already Ik operation"'and To?1 cleve'and, of Beaumont. "To the south, American spear- Kavp his life in the service of his tnc „ thirty day furlough with his
a harbor were fruitkof the cam- James B. McClelland and V. O. heads knifed through German re- co>'" y' _ . mother Mis. Berta fllack. Sgt,
paign, which was spaded to its frln« wcie indu(',ed '"to mem- Kiglancp sott ns butter toward a , Tht" N"' ° K"li / ther, Mr. Block his just returned after
swift end by a lethalS^merican ber hip of the chib by J. H. David. ..KCt,ond Cherbourg" Isolation John R. McGinty, Calhoun, Geor- more than tw# years In the South
To Be In LouisioMii
Malcolm W. Pearce wajs award-
ed the attendance prize-
reach the East' Prussian port of ^pged by the Grange Recreation the capital city
Memel. 73 ttiilcs from Russian Commission at the Receiving Sta- u g hands an
W. A. Alexander Is
New Production
Mgr. of Shell Oil
W. A.
son of Mr
A, . , ,, . ...time next week.
Alexander, of Houston,
and double. Brown and Wright
fyrmed the battery for thc Navy,
while Preston pitched and Locke
caught for the Jitterbugs. A re-
turn game will be played some-
and Mrs. J. E. Alex-
Allied forces on New Guinea
expanded their Vogelkap penin-
sula beachhead and went over to
the offensive
against 45.0(10 hemmed-in Japan-
ese in the Aitape - Wewak sector.
The Americans, encountering no
Rome, Aug. 2. (AP) — Thc
700 miles eastward d?«ed Eighth army advance on Rennes ")
Florence has regained ground lost
to recent German counterattacks
and British troops were closing in
and capture of the Brittany pe-
ninsula with its two big ports of
Best and St. Nazalrc,
Fanning out through Pontorson,
13 miles southwest of Avranches,
I,t. Gen. Omar .N Bradley's arm-
ored and doughboy columns
within 30 miles of lienors, in tlie
center nt the Brittany peninsula
(Prime Minister Churchill told
the house y,f.common,; the Amer-
icans "might well ht
Peoples Ice Co.
Charged With C
Ceiling Violation
The bodies of Jamea Horaca
Smith, -.19, and his wife, Mrs.
Word was ryecjved this week Mary Hughes Smith, 33, . 4outfd
^ from the government by Mrs. L. shot to death at their home, 905
rknrnArl with OPA B Pevelo. that her husband. Knox avenue - -
J Laurence, wns reported In the were taken.
hospital In F.nglrind, recuperating kin, La., whore funeral *«frYlW
from wounds be received while will be held sometime Thursday,
mice Mr. Smith,,employed as_>
He wrote to her that he was ingman welder at the
doing fine, though dated Steel Corp. Ltd.
pointed acting production mana-
ger of the Shell Qfl Company for
the Texas Gulf Coast area with
offices at Houston, It was learned
ahder of Orange, has been ap- f pQrty
Given For
her'f today. Alexander began his MayoKSokolski
career with the Rycade Oil Com- \
pany and started with Shell in Mayor Abe SoJ<olskl, who com-
1928 as production engineer. Af- pletes his term of olTice next
ter working in the Gulf Coast Tuesday, was entertained with a
field, he spent some time in Thc Party by members of the Ci
Hague. He has also served as Pdllce Force at the police staMfin
division superintendent in charge0" Main street Tuesday night
of production in ^Louisiana and Twenty members et the l</f<-e and
then chief exploitation engineer twn R"ests, Mrs. Bob Bass, wife of
and assistant production manager, the police chief and Mrs. Ouida
before receiving his latest ap- Hester, attended. The outgoing
pointmcnt. Mayor was presented with a beau*
-I ————— tiful gift frotT} the police force
with Mrs. Ruby White, chief ra-
. irA rr|JrrM | s c dio operatpr, making the presen-
U jU vtrflitUULt tation. Refreshments of coffee
apa cake were served.
opposition since -their Monday f,wly l'ldayi 0,1 *hp r,ty s out«>'
landing 'of Sansopdr village at the fr'n«cs desP'p a fanatical enemy
northwest tip of New Guinea. rivaling the Nazi stand
branched out 10 miles from the a "sino.
beachhead 4nd got busy clearing . °®"' S r H rokt Alexander s
the land for an airfield some 600 headquart^announCed that New
/ealanders, described in a Ger-
fhe Morgan Ice Co., operating 1
md the provincial capi- p|ilnts in Beaumont. Port Arthur, H" w")"' 11
Orange. Alvin, Longvlew. Dallas,
Marshall in Texas, and plants in
Lh. and other sections of the
jpprouching «<,nth. Tuesday was charged by
the Houston District OPA with
Although the Brittany iwnltiHiiln selling ice at prices above celling
is ion miles wide, i i.i inilivs long m g.complaint tiled In the District
and i-'jughly a dozen tunes as big Court of the U S. Kastern DIs-
as the Clu'i. i jrc peninsula, its hid of Texas, Beaumont, Dlvl-
reduction was proceeding at a ,sion.
faster cli|i A temporary restraining order
The break in the center of the without notice, rest'
Free Movie To Be
Shown At Riverside
Assembly Hall No. 1
A moving pirtuie, Captain Cau-
for the past three years.
In Beaumom prior to movli
family'to Orange. ,v
An inquest was held by County
Judge R. J. C'alllavet who return-
od a verdict of murder and aui-
cido. Thc bodlea were held at the
Fuller Funoial home, until at-
tendants from thc Harj^-ave Fu
tion, starring Victor Mature and neral home in Pitkin, La;, arriVAA
(training oiaei, Ajan j,„dd, will be shown tonight about midnight Tuesday.
raining e le- 0| „ O'c|ock in the Riverside As- Surviving are three ChlldrMl,
tinning to vlo~~. . . „
miles Irom the Philippine^.
Stockholm, Aug. 2, (AP) ... . . . ..
Marshal Baron Manncrhcim. Fin- e 'talian front An official ',f "'-v 1,11
Germans' line by I.t Gen Sir fendants from continuing «o v.o--^mbjy ,jh1| N<). , Avfv A „nd Bertrand 0. Raymond
Miles Dempsey's Briti-h threaten- late Of A ceiling was "Nk^d tn^- John St. The him jK being pre- James 14 of Orange.,
man communique us "elite
troops", are now firmly establish-
ed in thc village of La Ramola, six
and one-half miles southwest of
.Florence Farther to the left an
Indian division- occupied C'astlg-
lione, 10 miles from the city
Menntvhile British guardsmen.
probing forward in the hills east
of highway two ihe main road
leading to Florence reached two
mountain positions without mak-
ing contact with the enemy
Art/llery/ firV and patrolling ground between Villers
were reported on other sectors of and C uen, and I think
ed to engulf the remainder of dilion to preliminary and permii-
enemy defenses which had suffer-
ed the loss of 200.000 prisoners in
it week and the nes . uctlon or near
destruction of a f|o/en divisions
Dempsey's Seronrl army rocked
the Germans Iki'i< iJ. miles Irorn
(.'aumorit, and Ar,soeiated Press
Correspondent Hogcr Green quo-
ted a Bnlish sta,, oiiicci as de-
"Marshal Krwiii llommel must
stand and tight on the high.
we shall
nent injunctions Jesse A Pardue,
Houston District Enforcement At-
Icrney, was Joined by Steve King,
I! S Attorney at Beaumont in
liling the action in behalf of OPA
Administrate. Chester Bowles.
Spc ific chaiges gee that the
Moi rhii company violated Maxi-
mum Price Herniation No 154, as
amended Specific.-Charges are a-
ininst the Crystal Ice Ct>., the
Magnolia Ice Co at
fuor nursery school and four Mr. Smith is survived by
sented by FPHA-USO in cooper- parents, Mr and'Mrs. W, J.
atlon with the Cypress street USO. of .Dido, I.a„ near Pitkin; One
There will be no admission charge brother W. J. Smith Jr. of BeAli-r
nnd the public is.ipvited
New Rochelle, N Y (AP) A
low - flying airplane thundered
over city hall as. Mayor Stanley
w Church presented a resolution
inont; four sisters, Mrs. Flarace
Kill of Pitkin, Mrs. Oertrude «£
well of Pitkin; Mrs. Blanchle Ma-
this of Shreveport, La... artd Afrs.
Odis Smith of San Francisco. Cal*
Mrs, Smith Is survived by her
to the elty council The mem- patents Mr. and Mrs J. A. llugh-
... „ . , i,81?1 bers passed the resolution .as the e of Core, La.; three brother! VS;
(he Pure Ice,l.o., and Port Arthur pl,ne /onrned (>„ ln dllwllon John K Hughes of Core, La.; X
r:e Co. Port Arthur; the Peoples of u, auopd„ f,„,d
4 ♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ L | |% • • A
Wednesday: 8:00 p. m„ Fhig^No DriVing On
airttina. Lobby. Games. Rea(Mi g
land's new president, was bollev- «l,rce ?aid enemy activity b-hind
ed today tu have received Russian a oast of Pisa was
„.y>i„™,M«":Arthur Drive
mefi and Until September
room 8:30 p. m., lntormal
Social Room; Servicei
GSO Girls
, Thursday, 8:30 p^m., Musical MacArthur Drjvc will not be
Program; outdoor^Movie, Feature 0ppned through traffic until af
assurance#". ,|hat Moscow Is pre-
pared to consider a new Finnish
application for Armistice which
would guarantee Finland's inde-
It was learned reliably that thc
assurances were given the Finnish
commander in chief even before
broken up by shcllfire.
7 Arrests Are
Reported Tuesday
Orange police department re-
Feed Crops Are Cut
50 Percent Because
Of Dry Weather
Prolonged dry weather hi
tailed feed crops in Orange coun-''
Comedy "In the/Navy!" 9:00 p. ter the traffic circle is completed he assumed the presidency from ported seven arrests Tuesday ly much as fifty percent in
fli„ Informal /Activities, Social jn sentember it was announced the resigned pro - German, Risto/ night, two for affray and five for Rom'' instances according to A. J>.
Room ,/ todav hv Coiintv Judoe S J Call- Ryti drunkenness. MpKenitle. ^ county farm agent. paliyi
P- ' Rainbow javct the sectkm to bland ^ a source whose uiformation
Lake Char es Orches- dltion ,g ((pcned tn )ocal traffic events in Finland usually
tra. Swial Room, Servicemen and
^SpfGhls _ — .travel through the unfinished sec
Saturday, 7:80 p. m., Informal tjong BS hampers the wprk./
'Activities, Ping Pong, Checkers.
sOTnwur Bids To Remodel
— 11:00 .p. gi. To to the Church' ^ • /*., ■ ■ ■■
of your choice New City Hall/To
4-6:30 n. m. Social Hour for -1- "
only. Motorists are asked not to Proved up to the minute cxpiejs-
trautfl thmncrK tho linfinlcKfirl coc- C(1 belief the * contact WBfi made
'• McKenzie Is urging that plans be
New York. (AU) — An engine started immediately for the fall
company, which moved in with Batmen* throughout the county.
Ice (,'o„ Orange,
Co.. A1 v in. Sale
ComlMny are set forth In
complaint as,It) to 20 cents
lb. overcelllng.
All violations cited occurred In
Jiipe and July of this year. There
are 10 counts listed against the
Crystal Ice Co , three each against
(fie Magnolia, the Pure Ice Co.,
Prolonged dry weather has cur-^hV.Pure Ice Co Two counts cov-
ering numerous sales arc sched-
uled against the Peoples Ice Co.,
and six against thc Alvin Com-
These latter also, involve
numerous sales.
J Hughes of Grange, Clinton
*V.t, Subject matter of the resolu- Hughes of the U S. Army In At**
ti? t„ tion: A protest to the CAA a- trail*; two sisters. Mrs. SeleUnt.
gainst low-flying commercial air- of Hlnstbn, La., and ,Mr . MyrtU j
planes of Core, La.
with Moscow probably more than being renovated, was without Its
a week ago, through Swedish in- pets today because:
termediaries. They couldn't take Rex V, their
—- dalmatian mascot, because he bat-
Indianapolis. (AP) — An- ties ihe rither company's dog
FWA Gives $71,454
Jr. C. of C. To Meet To Orange Schools
Tonight at USO For Wor Child Care M..u-r.u-D..„ .
Orange city public schools have Red Stamps, value 10 potato. An
nouncement that, the Indianapolis while Sparky, their cat, refused 6range Junior Chamber of received a total of $71,494.00 from through VS. valld nfrw.
D ki J T -"M- v . "re department hji^ ordered $160 to change hofhes even temporar- Commerce will hold their regu- tha Federal Works Ageftcy for Processed Foods: Blue Stamps
Service Men Deivtaae tomorrow worth of nylon hose necessitated lly* , \ lar meeting tonight at 8 o'clock 1044-45 operation of war time value 10 pointa.' • AS through Z2
6:30 p. m. Music Appreciation fj quick action on i-i« part of the —— with J. T. Westmoreland,, presl-' child care facilities consisting of through Z8, valid .now.
Hour, Reading room; everyone The City nf Orange will take firr fighter*. - Mrs. Richard Eddleman who dent, In charge Miss Joyce Couer- four nursery schools anil four Shoe lUtloning: ; Airplane
welcome. "■ bids tomorrow afterjfldon at 2 Department officials were for- underwent an operation at the rege, th«. Orange Jnycw nomi- received a total of $71,494.00 from Stamp No. I and 2, Book 111,
, >7,
Movie* will be shown in the o'clock on the ren
lobby throughout the week War new city hall bull*
picture*, comedies, abort* nounced today by
Mis* Tex**" and oth
piay scnoois ioi cnuarjen oi worK
' Ho. M and 11,
bar ers ,in the contest, hive been in* tag mother*, U wa* announced
''Vlted to attend the meeting.
W. Edgar, city
value A lba., valid now.
Pm. m
eling of the\ c.ed to issue a hurried state
I,"it was' an- assuring the'girl* it wig r
official*. fire hoee In 50-foot length*.
1 ' • .9. . "'
nt France* Ann Lutcher hoepital last nee
week, wa* moved today to
home in Bennett addition.
ife|| . ■ . ■

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