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... 11 1.Ii, L11' .*PI I' l' ' I 1 tlJa a ; ' l ' , , t',t DALLAS Annabel Daou and Stephen... Lapthisophon Conduit Gallery Conduit Gallery's decision to simultaneously exhibit solo exhibitions by Annabel... Daou and Stephen Lapthisophon was smart. The concerns and personalities of these two artists..., as revealed by the work, are substantially different-Daou is flippant and irreverent; Lapthisophon is earnest... artists are obsessive. Daou's installation Sex & Politics includes 1-96 Installments: a series of 96

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... 4 Annabel Daou, Politics (detail) 2007; ink on handmade paper; 30 x 28 inches from the nineteenth... layering themselves simultaneously. Both Daou and Lapthisophon inhabit a mental space where shapes

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