The Henderson Times. (Henderson, Tex.), Vol. 39, No. 42, Ed. 1 Thursday, October 13, 1898: Searching Inside

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... the WidejAwake each week. It was simply ah error. Editor Imboden, of the Palestine Advocate, and Editor Milner... Milner no longer knows what Editor Imboden wants. Only two copies of the Palestine Advocate ever found... lambastings which the Palestine editor ga\e the Henderson editor would have been stabs in the dark. Thk...'s tL sound money democratic heartily three times a day. kutb, Palestine, p. W. Wat- Bememt S«rsa Hood

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... moved to Shreveport. B"t for the courtesy of the gentleman above referred 10 which the Palestine... night and can eat j heartily three times a day." P. W. Wat- free silyer sure, Palestine, Ts*as. Bamembey...,. Palestine, Tex. 'a4 tli $ I I $ i $ I I i'S ► 4 HOOO 8 rllU puu, aiddlgetUoD. tt pecially in Tgxas. When t.... & G. N. R. R , Palestine Texas. f I \ EM ChleheiUr'i Eiifllili 1)1*®on d Hrtafl. Pennyroyal pills I

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... Henderson last Sunday on a special to attend the salvation services of Sam Tones ' at Palestine. They all.... Cures Chills and Fever; acts on the liver and regulates the system generally. All druggists. Palestine

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