The Henderson Times. (Henderson, Tex.), Vol. 40, No. 1, Ed. 1 Thursday, January 5, 1899 Page: 1 of 4

$1.00 PER ANNUM.
**<}, '
1 th
/*rof. Frank Culp's reside,
misioner ot precinci «... 3 ™ tota)ly destroyed bv f /
that he -ill commence the inspec^ night of Dec 26 R ca £
tio >f roads about the 12th
To Road Overseers, v
The Times is requested by com
misioner of precinct No. 3 to state
<u c
A V iiU iuaua - — .
1 fl Jats ,ry' 3nd that "ll r°adS * v fliS
era P prrfe ict most be put in go<\^ vcon-
Rem^ite '• or the 331116 wil1 -®y rePort"
id s the law directs. is also
accept m) iggested that all overseers of
3K Yew YeaT,a(*s must send *n l^e'r returns
ye Ou. prior to the meeting oi
le court.
Mr. John Glaze and family
/Troupe, spent the Holidays
Henderson seeing relatives.
From Louisiana Alfred a-*,
^ Wilfred Wettermark V®S''
spend the Holidays
parental roof. .
v c*
from a fire-place vhile the
pants were absent. It was
neat house and no insurant
There came near being a
fire at Bob McWilliams
yard one night. One b°'
ton went up in the flame
from a Roman candle. <*^T~
•Coin" Harvey Gives a Plain State
ment of the Money Questions.
The statement has been made
Si '£; me that not one in ten of our vot-
•tr -or i. ... j j

;§ing population knows, understand
I ingly, what bimetallism is, and
|from Panl'L Valley, IndP-
ion, were here several dayf i
--~Z~Z A Holidays. J* *c
iss Rogers left "T <flnes
. Pnn " IOC
"spend the holidays at
near Henderson.—Pittsburg
There came from the HunUvllle
Normal school Miss Mary Wbi
field, from Austin College at Sber
man, Raymond Spivy; from the
pieparatory school atAu.t,
Kenneth Miller; from the Statue
University and other sc: o
of a y
was one 1
ntssed in
University ana p and and thousar.
Austin, «> " m „;th
Lois Wettermark.
Messers. Sam Miller. Brad
Ben Dickinson came from ltel
respective posts and sta> e a ew
days with families, kindred and
Dr Ed Beall from San Marco>
was here a few days visiting to
brother. Dr. J. A. Beall. and other
Mr. J. B May field, irom Tyler
_ J -f^Vri<=Jtnias
was here a short time
week •
Misses Ellen Gould. Lizzie
fright and Sallie Norvell, three
of '. Henderson's bright school
teachefc, from Wills Point, Nac-
ogdoches and Laneville, respec
tiveK, spent the Holidays here.
and with lavis
money loose,
the merchants.
Now that th
over the natives a'
to business. The
like the successfu
gone to work in e
farm in order for
r>~ j 1
hive been a^ked fo define it.
It is the right to use either
two metals for money—gold and
silver. The supply reaches the
people through the mints of the
government, by the mints being
The Holidays in Henderson were open to coin all that comes. The
remarkably quiet. At the Baptist option, known as the bimetallic
rhiirrh there toss a heantifnl enter- option, is with the government and
the people to use either of the two
in the discharge of their
obligations. If the goyernment is
paying its soldiers, its employes,
its numerous officials or other
obligations, under bimetallism, it
has the right to pay in money
made from either metal It the
people are paying their taxes to
city, State or Nation, purchasing
postage stamps, or discharging
their obligations to each other,
under bimetallism, they have the
right to pay in money made from
either of the two metals.
It thus places the two metals in
competition with each other to
supply the demand for iflmrev.
Thus one relieves the strain upon
the other—as one eye relieves the
strain upon the other.
With the option with the people
t persons came, to use m°ney made from eitiier of
hand turned the tbe two metals l^ey controlled the
t was a feast for demand and placed that demand
on the one that was the most
accessible. If silver grew cheaper
e Holida\s are they shifted the demand to it and
e getting down tQ0j. the demand awav from gold,
. prudent farmer, . .. . . ,
r hence silver rose in commercial
church there was a beautiful enter
tainment for the children in the me pet
way of a Christmas Chimney. The metals
young people enjoyed the enter- —*
tain men ts of one sort and another,
^ ^ and with the ease and grace of
^ marriage bells things went on.
'y. & 0 ^ There was a shocking sight on
Mr las 1—-* antt .,^0°^ ^ tjje streets the day before Christ-
mas. It v^s never witnessed here
before and no one who feels a pride
in his town or county will desire its
repetition. In plain view of the
multitude several young men,
( ;hardly grown, handed the bottle
'■'ior-nnri its contents were
' ar.'iind until
► C
\were empty, and boisterously
^ssed alo g apparently oblivious
Anything pertaining to civiliza-
week preceding Christmas
of the busiest ever wit-
Henderson. Thousands
of persons came,
1 merchant, has vajue an(^ declined, if gold
arnest setting his . . .. . tfae
another crop
To subdue Ner
L>a :e, Use Simmons Squaw
Wiv e or Tablets. im
Buck~McMurray, of South Mc
Alester, Indian,Territory, was vts^
iting the scenes of his cb.ldhoOd
last week.
Mr. Jesse Watkins and familj
from Nacogdoches, were up to
spend the Holidays with relatives
and friends.
]oe Saddler, of Iredell,
county, was circulating
Henderson relatives an<
Henderson is a place in which
memories fondly dwell upon the
aooroach of each succeeding
cCmas Here has been born demand-*
nd reared hundreds of persons
now living in various parts of the
world Here they received their
first impressions of Santa Claus,
and as the sacred holiday draws
near, their hearts, swelling up and
'running over, turnback where the
old folks stay. / asant, indeed,
are th^se old memories, but they
are mingled all througu and
through with sadness and heart-
breaking, for as the old years go
came to be the cheaper they, the
people, used it, thus shifting the
demand to gold and taking it away
vous Irritability, from silver. And it was the de-
St. Vitus' niand thus controlled by the peo-
Vine pie, as such and as a government,
f practically maintained the
nercial parity of the two
Y<A%>o( ,8!J . e
-A * ^editor to
option was \
« . /
' t ^ae
Ingersoll'8 Eulogy on Whiskey.
For the Family.
We have made arrangements
whereby we can offer
ik Hons
Both Papers for
One Year for
Texas Farm and Ranch is the
cleanest and best Agricultural,
Stock and Family Paper in
the Southwest.
It is printed on super=ca!en=
dered paper, is harlsomely
printed, beautifully d illus=
trated, ably edited, ant^ osts
only $ 1 per year of 52 i. a.s,
each of which is full ot ae=
light, inspiration and prac=
tical value to each member of
every family.
just the reVI £ ->J \
and the result is th\y^
demands the dearer
need the news
which we
and you need
the best
family paper,
which is
Texas Farm and
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alurru
Altaa; r -.v. ^ the greatest
mrnaccrs tu of tt present day.
_0— OJ — j - Save a I,itt1®
"I send you some of the most Talmape.
wonderful whiskey that ever droye >'oU have to wait a year or five
the skeleton from the feast or years or teu years or most of your
painted landscapes in the brain of lifetime you had better wait rather
man. It is the mingled souls of than spend money you expect to
when? and corn. In it you will Then after you get it do not
find the sunshine and shadows that spend it all. Never spend a dollar
chased each other over billowy until you have 50 cents that you
fields, the breath of June, the do not spend. In the government
carol of the lark, the dew of the service in this city how many
night, the wealth of summer and splendid women who are the daugh-
autumn's rich content, allgoldened ters of men who spent all they got
with imprisioned light. Drink it aQd then sneaked out of life to
and you hear the voice of men and leave their daughters penniless, to
maidens singing the 'Harvest looked after by some kind sena-
Hotne' mingled with the laugh of tor or other friend who might
children. Drink it and you will solicit for them a position on small
feel within you blood the starred salary, but enough to keep then1
dawns, the dreamy, tawny dusks from starvation and the poorhouse! Times Change and Men With Them,
of perfect days. For forty years Such men do not die; they abscond. Andrew Carnegie in an inter-
this liquid joy has been within -1 cannot understand how such a vjeWj October 19 1896-
stayes of oak, longing to touch the spendthrift and reckless auu im- "i'can not understand why
lips of man." provident men dare at their decease self-respecting American working"
dr. buckley's replv. aPPear at the door of heaven seek- man can vote tor a man Hke Bry_
"I send you some of the most Emission when they have left an, who has insulted every work-
wonderful whiskey that ever ^am^\es *n topbet of want ingman in the land, in ad^tion to
brought a skeleton into the closet; anc* mendicanc}'. Such men do proving himself destitute of all
or painted scenes of lust and blood- not deserve a throne and a harp m0ral principles. Bryan
shed in the brain of man. It is and a mansion, but an everlasting ceiving both parties."
the ghost of wheat and corn, P°°rhouse. From no disappointed
crazed by the loss of their natural or disgruntled state of mind do I From a letter written by Andrew
•pcdics-^Ia-ft-yQtLwill Aid tran- giye this counsel, for life has been Carnegie to William Jennings
sient sunshTne'chased b^sha^^to me a ^lad surPrise' 15 k has Bryan Dec. 16, 1898:
,j __ .. . . beenxSsjriost people a disappoint- 1 want vn" tr
as cold as the artic midnight, in
which the breath of June grows ment
icy, and the carol of the lark gives vantaS<= 01 upponum
place to the foreboding cry of the er3Tthing has been to
raven. Drink it and you shall n1pa<<pr' atna7Ptnf n-
have 'woe,' 'sorrow,' 'babbling'
and wounds without caus , 'your
ejres shall behold strange women,'
and your hearts shall hear the voice
of demons shrieking, women wail-
ing. and worse than orphaned chil-
dren mourning the loss of a father
who yet lives. Dr nk it deep and
long, and serpents will hiss in jour
ears, coil themselves about your
neck and seize you with their
fangs; for at last it biteth like a
serpent and stingeth like an
adder." For forty vears this liquid
death has been within staves of
oak, harmless there as purest
water.' ' I e-^uil It lu yuu iWerfc-
j may 'put an enemy in your mouth
to steal away your brains.' And
I yet I call myself your friend."
Papers for On.v
metals—and the dearer if ^ ^ jtff
friends last week.
Esq. and Mrs
tneiais— 1
more apt he is to demand n<f ^
der bimetallism, the use of ^
metals, the people could be dc^
oended upon, naturally, to shift ^ney will go in the
the demand automatically to the
cheaper ot the two metals when
one was cheaper than the other.
Taking the demand away from the
^ ?ca "Df!
0 ^ediciTjl
* &
> ^7
aV Q. *
Jii !1S strc
i S. K. Patterson, Montague,
I Texas, writes: For 20 years have
which the breath of June grows — x expece^hing of ad- I would go to you but am sick
icy, and the carol of the lark gives vantage or opportunit^gndso ev- and unable to leave the house. I
nlnre tn for^hnHino- erj'thing has been to me believe you to be the only man in
of pleased amazement, but I haveN^01"111* today who can save
seen so many men ruined for time us friJS^hetwin evils of imperial
and eternity by going into expendi- ism and milTteKl®m
ture, with nothing to depend npon j, a<Jmitted eve^ by the ex
except anticipation, that if I had pansionists that opposi!ioi; to the
power to put all warnings into one Phm tae features oI ,he
clap of thunder I would with that ... ,
^ „ treaty is growing, not only among
sa ing \e emence sa> to a the people, but in Congress and
young men w at Join an o p jn otjjer influential circles. The
said in yonder senate chamber as he , it,
, , , , . , „ opinion is gaining ground tha* we
stretched his long finger out to- , , .
, . , , haye been unnecessarily harsh in
ward some senatorial opponent and , , , , , ,
. , , ^ our demands upon a helpless foe,
with shrill voice cried out, Gen- .
tlemen, pay as you go!
For Infants and Children.
Ttie Kind You Me Always Bougnt
Bears the
Signature of
A disconsolate and forlorn Con-
or 20 years have ,. . , ,.T,
temporary sonoquizes thusly: If
Simmons Liver . , ... , .
you toot your little whistle, then
lay aside your horn, there's not a
v that such a
is de-
'I want you to come to see me.
our commissioners seemingly act-
ing under instructions to rigidly
suppress anything savoring of
magnanimity. Spain, truly, is en-
titled to but little sympathy, for
.. V,-— crtrc rrerS 1
showed none to her yictims. But
that is not the question at issue.
Can this country, at the close of
the century of greatest humanita-
rian progress in all history, aSord
to imitate an example that dis-
graced a previous century?—Farm
and Ranch.
breaking, for as the old /ears go ^ brought it down in value,
by and the new ones come we are ^ ^ ^ cheaper
Hickey from
Houston county, are here, th<
guests ot their children.
Rev. I. Alexander and taniil
spent the turfcey feast in Hender
son On Christmas day Mr Alex
ander delivered an able sermon u
a large and appreciative audience
Master Batie McCarter, of M >
den, went to see his uncle at Dai
las during the feast days.
Hon. C. J Livsey was in Hen
derson last Thursday He will
leave in a few days for Austin to
be present at the meeting of the
legislature. The Times predicts
that he will rank am mg the most
faithful and valuable members oi
the important body to which he
has been eltcted-
Walter Harris came up from
Henderson to visit relatives, am
went over to Wolfe Citv yeste.da>
to worship before cupid's shrine.
—Greenville Herald.
Master Foster Mays who is at
tending school in San Antonio
came home to he with his parent:-
during the holiday vacation.
Mr J. A. B-all from Overton
was here several days last week
Mr Hart SUvden and Miss Em
ma Lee. of Wi N Point, were here
during the Ho idays. Miss Lee
a sister of Mrs A. B Collins.
Miss Grace Gould, of Palestine
was visiting relatives in Header^
the closing days of the old. .
Miss Bradford, one of Palestine s
former teachers, but who now
teaches in the public ^ho°Va
Henderson, passed the day >
day in the city with friends ant
left last evening for her home
?ppre*ne advocate-
the gV)SOU has met a true heroine-
with sufficient property ano
aspect to spurn bis offer to
T"* cuo ;c worth a million
reminded of the vacant chairs, of
he little stockings left all alone,
of events written in th* most
poignant tears, and inscribed on
he tenderest pages of the human
soul. Such is the history of man;
„uch it has always been; and such
it will continue to be until time
shall be no more. But as the hu-
man race becomes more civilized
and shall live more nearly in
keeping with all the laws, moral-
ly physicallv and intellectually,
... . tVip ra-
and placing it on the cheaper
brought the latter up in value
thus the commercial value of the
two was maintained at a parity.
The effect was to give practically
the volume of the two metals to
our stock of metallic currency, and
furnished the basis for an equally
enlarged volume of paper money—
vnder a redemption monetary sys-
11 ory of the open mints to
coin came of either metal
cube of 22
feet; all the silver in the cuoe of
68 feet. All the gold in the
United States will go in an average
'size bedroom; all the silver in al-
most any farmer's barn
W. H. Harvey
To relieve Mental Worry, cure
Despondency and give Refreshing
c„«n«r Vine
Jefferson to Fame, 1801
Determined as we are to avoid, |
if possible wasting the energies of,
our people in war and destruction,
we shall avoid implicating our-
selyes with the powers ot Europe
even in support of principles which
we mean to pursue. They have so
many other interests different from
ours that we must avoid being
We believe
that th
ent Re
a parall
1 are sure
ing the ter,
was never b.
i same light
Vomen's Complexions depend
beauty upon , Digestion. Dr.
Simmons Liver Medicine
- the Stomach, Liver and
••^res ^e blessings
Uesponoem-y ou" s- Vine I entangled in them. -]samelight i
Sleep, use S mm we can enforce those principles, as, ^ AU pi
Wine or Tablets. j^ by peaceable means, | ^ ^ by
Th railroads are being bur-
dened with protests irom shippers
since commission rates have been
abolished by the recent decision oi
fudge McCormick. Cotton, gram
and lumber seem^o be the chief
,y. physicallv and / let ,he supply reach the
regrets will decrease and the ca -as, #
pacity of man for real enjoyment peopu Close the min
^ .,1 - and \

ana happiness will increase.
and you shut off the supply and
torce the use of the other. The
open mints to the two metals gave
jto ourselves? by peaceaDie |were made by pui
now that we are likely to our pub-1 ^ wkh the conS)v
lie councils detached from foreign , earnest desire for an.
views." the people; and, with t
r 1 Tilr M A Sim- tion of Alaska, was c
A few doses oi Dr. M- • | . uto cnil clim
t ■ r Medicine will do more 1 territory, of like sou, cum
mons Liver Medic ___ | ducts and inhabitants.
sufferers so far- But when spring
time comes, and truck and fruit
shipments are ready for the mars
ets, there will be a louder
than ever.
the supply an ' the people
If higher rates for
77a Weak Stomach than a pro ducts ana nuduu
. " j confunv other medi j who will reflect or
lousied course of any
one n.
trolled the demand. It silver rose
in value it shunned the mints and
was shipped abroad to pay debts—
as it was for a time prior to 1S73—
or in exchange for gold, and the
latter was added to the domestic
supply that went to the mints, and
vice versa. Neither could rise in
value and extort tribute from the
these lines prevail, as seem
llicsc r A ,
tain, it will prove fatal to that
growing industry, injure the Sta e
hundreds ot thousands of dollars,
and check tor years a leadi""
value and extort triDUie nuu, - issioQ
! people so long as the other was in railroad
1^ ^ .... mints Ranch.
and checK 101 - qoui. ■■
feature of the State's development; 1 ad tQ lbat direful day
and prominent among the suffer | ™.ll not c(
ers will be the railroad companies
who have brought this condition
about by their fight against the
can find any points of compa .
, between any ot these acquisitioi-
m than fiftv years aio the! and the proposition to acquire an
ernment, said, viz.
"The Republic west of us wiu |
have its trial period, its darkest
j h0ur It is traveling the high wgnoa sAeamv
1 er.
morn till 1
stock." 1
And this 1
J° . .
his possession was either weigu.
HKM1V 0«&n ,,UA Vu'.n --
Negro Killed a Wliite Mar.
U13 -
or measured and the cost added up,
and his exact worth established.
- „ When he got through taking
A white man by the name of stock he knew to a cent what his
past year's business amounted to.
On the beginning of the new V-
, competition with it open
^J | and option with the people.
lives a hnppv wife. Slie writes:;-11 The government bought neither
nave used W^her'* ¥' l| mKal. The mints were onen to
labor only a Jew
and vas in - - . , coin all that came of either metal,
Suffered very little." The rea^ j ^ ^ back the coins to those
who had brought the bullion. It
was coined free because it was
statesmanship for the go\ ernment
to tacilitate and provide a way for
•' applted "upon tae outside, where money, one of the principal fun
f the strain comes. ^sorb tiouS of society. Bimetallism
ThSr She is worth a million
Woo*, foolish girls who hav^
hear-- \ the M.iuiie young man to
crit, pot
t comes into direet co. '-v-
• t-rssfjyss
ne«s is ke"<t completely aw \
• ' r"=adaniforebodui?«n.i
even dune
• is short and
>verv is quick and sure. ^
,f ail, Mother's ^expectant
'f.0rnr atf. "henUthe little one'omes .1
e stron*, lusty and healthy.
On.KUte Mother'* Friend fo,
book on the subject,
s,nd tor onrfr« book
theretore consists of open mints
and option with the people to use
lsn,„ either. Under bimetallism there
libor its- t. is no SUch thing as gold contr«cts,
^most without ^ ,g contracts.
The reason why the demand,
shifted from one metal to the other
as exerted by the Nation like the
United States, will maintain the
commercial parity of the two
Jefferson to Monroe. 1823.
"The question presented by the
letters you have sent me is the
most momentous which has e\ er
been offered to my contemplation
since that of independence, mat
made us a nation, this sets our
compass and points the course
which we :ire to steer through ie
ocean of time opening on u-. Our
first and fundamental maxim
should be: Never to entangle our-
selves in the broils of Europe; our
second, never to suffer Europe to
inter-meddie with cis-Atlantic a
scourge will not come amid
famine's horrid stride, nor will it A wuue ^ — .
come by ordinary punitive judge-1 Blunt was killed n*ar B
m nt It will come as hiatus in Saturday evening b> a neg . ^ ^
-Farm and j stale(lra{t, a murderous bungle in 1 Two white men, Blunt and ano - he began business with a perfec
n jlicv Then so-called statesmen er met three negroes and the\ g knowiedge of all details pertaining
'will cry over-production, the peo- j into a dispute about giving the] „ there is work,
1 pie will go to the ballot box amidroad. They got to fighting an
hunger and destitution, but snr- one of the negroes h.Ued B^un
rounded by the glitter oi self rule, | With to kn.fe and cut the o
and ratify by their ballots the white man in several place.. j
nionstrous falsehood, over-prodnc-! and John Wall who hve nea^Cto-
tion uttered bv misstatement, and lon were brought 1 5
vindicate by the same ballot, the ;sheriff John aApphng an ^
infamous lie, over production,! stable Alex bharp an P &
thrown upon the breeze by servile charged with the killmD.
editors through a corrupt press. Watchman.
And this brings ruin upon the ^ spectacle of Gen. Joe If irritable, Out of Sorts, De-
country, serfdom upon himself and , bing at a strict con- pressed in Spirits, have a Dull
oppression upon his children-' structi0n of" the_.con§lit^tionMsl Headache, take a tew
^fSThr- Jrsr ^
Utah prt
lively at W
has the Bil
in adultery have
thus living in
say when the
lawful wives '
his position .
keep the to'
ital city io
thereto, and still there is work,
work—work all the time for him
to do. The same gentleman who
made the remark at the beginning
of this article stated that for the
last three weeks he had obser\ e
the same persons in town a hal Thefe
dozen times who had no business w
there except to stand atound an j ^ ^ ^
gaze about the streets. took af
Tv "iU destrov manh00d
M Cyes with the politics of Europe, even of a southern hero.
_ • < .1 n*/\li1n I
Ul . B
cine for quick relief.
t;ne\v illustratca. r
the BSAOF1ELO regulator co. metals AU the gold in ^ %v°r ----- hoW t0 Wcar the honors.
atlanta. OA. 1 at ^ present time available i^r
Poor Hobson! He is a conSpit-, .
uonseaampleofthekind of matha0 a
who have made one he a >cl'J™< ue (a,fe
achievement in life and dtd „,||''mpcr^acq^ ^ preTailed.„
C^ ST(M YoiTHarc Always Bought
Bears the >7 ■
As the peopi
sight ot the sol
tons, the doctri
grows more unpt
ys. Cleg
. ~nxt Quor
to McAnulty
er and
Doe ^nglish and Queen v
Frank Collier and Xej° Backer.'

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Milner, R. T. The Henderson Times. (Henderson, Tex.), Vol. 40, No. 1, Ed. 1 Thursday, January 5, 1899, newspaper, January 5, 1899; ( accessed April 25, 2018), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History.