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... I ife+stylespi ritual ity Coming out as an atheist Comedian-actress Julia Sweeney read the Bible... Mike, who ultimately lost his battle. And while Julia was the eldest of the five Sweeney kids, the way... BEYOND BELIEF Julia Sweeney made an excellent recommendation for gays and lesbians who feel rejected...'s one of the sweetest performers to ever join the ranks of "Saturday Night Live." And when I tell Julia... Sweeney that I really enjoy some parts of the 1994 box-office and critical bomb, "It's Pat," she says

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... I 03.16.07 JUST IN TIME FOR ST. PADDY'S DAY: Julia Sweeney chronicles her funny path from Irish... be in the KKK? They kicked me out.'" Just because Sweeney has "let go of God" doesn't mean she doesn't have... of the androgynous "It's Pat" character? Sweeney says the connection to a gay audience might somewhat indirect... be like to be gay." Earlier this week, I phoned Sweeney again to see how the very Irish former Catholic

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.... Paddy's, Julia It's Pat' Sweeney comes out — as an atheist. And if a church expels you for being gay..., Sweeney says 'Good!'PAGE 30. m v % Marion Roberts is believed to have died in the massive fire

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