The Democrat. (McKinney, Tex.), Vol. 17, No. 36, Ed. 1 Thursday, October 4, 1900 Page: 1 of 6

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mctfi of tmm
Qmn-fii;^ Isrt
Mayor of London.
the fusloniato
ter rally W
ka Ktkl K coun-
arith Senator
TM population of KnoxvMe, *>* *• J <&.
St.ft7,.agateat in l o. - <f.; 1}

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Indianapolis, Ind., Oct Organtaa-
tion of democratic clubs bra* effected
by electing Thomas Taggart terapora-
*>:,■■!*'" ^ \ ^-3i^fr®ano., fi H. Ihntaeo
¥ork. secretory,; W. J. Pollard Of St
reading clerk;, and Myron D.
Indiana polia,
Attble ivaeime' Adhft l& Steveneon
was escorted intg the hall by a band
mad JW appearance sent the convention
-Into a pandemonium of appliuse. The
demonstration continued £or some
after Mr. Stevenson had taken
% his seat on the rostrum, and while he
;ju?f find not intended to apeak, he ftnaiiy
yielded to the clamor and said:
"My Fellow Democretg; I thank
V yon for this cordial greeting I would
, V not Undertake now to sddraaa you. but
V jf at a1 later time, in accordance with the
prograaaaM^l wtil have, the pleasure
' to add reef) aome remrks to my fellow
Democrats of the United Staiee. I can
is-A" vm+ say to yon nowithat 1
Hogg ot .Texas the speakers. Ti
crowd Mi the city waa rery large*
Marching clubs escorted the speakers
to the state capitol grounds where the
afternoon wectlnjjf was held. Gov,
Hogg confined his 'gddrees to an -on-
swer $*:;'&>v. Roo^elt He accused f
the governor of flaSnting the bloody .
thl* of tarty years ago and
what he called tM atrtct|urea passed
on the national guard aa compared
$th th* rough rid^ji -
fceoator WWltagtOo spoke far newly
two houra^ . He said he wae atill sr
Republican and Offered from Mr.
Bryan on the Urift and mooey qn<
Chicago. OU Oct L—W. Bourks
Coekran of New York. In open ng hla
western campaign itinerary k*T*
atday aight sfioke to na sudhtoea thst
crowded the OoUaaunu built to a:at 1*,-
?ll e speech was made under tho ana-
but waa aupporting hias because filcea of Ue AnU-imperUlisUc league lfrom a horse and died.
and attracted tttocfciutdi who Vers nn
Usm was the issue of all oth
era, and on that they wore- ngreed
Senator Wellington accased the pws-
ident of inducing krm by false-preten
tea to vbte to ratify the treaty of
Paris. He said he was opposed to the
war SrHh Spain frOm the start and
still believed it was an unneceeaary
war. Is far aa ^iba is concerned it
ia jbnply a changing of maateve, and
the laat he said, fat worse than the
dm.".-4■■■; '-£• "V . ?
Senator Wellington c^d OoV. Hogg
spoke again Wednssday night at an in*
door maeting to a crowded house.
' urn
Opt W ~ — •
Washington. Opt ^A feeding of
huoyuojl optim4em prwsnllfi sailing
ofBclais here relative to the Chiaese
troatdes |hat warraated dm belief
the existence of a eOnnd foundation
based on very recent developmenta In
pending negotiationa. It ia evidently
thereofvletion among O0eigld Mut "n
rapprochment among ? jM powem la
near at hand.*
It ia expected that the attention ot
this government will be tamed with-
in the next few dajra to eosse entirely
new phrases brough up by the Frsock
note to the powers. There is no doubt
ma to the accuracy of the foreign dla-
trof ■wndt
of good cheer from the freat Demo-
cratic SMde of tUlnola." 1 fAppiauae.)
The next apeak sr WSS Mayor Sam-
uel M. Jonee of Toledo. j> , >
At the conclusion of Mayor Jonee'
address Jamas Hamilton Lewis of tha
stats of Waahlsgton^ waa introduced
nad epoke in part aa follows:,
' "There are no patriots jt'DyaQcuntn
be not No servile sujpplican^i fbr
cMdsi favors are we. No dictator
sways hia detestable rale over ua. No
corporate Influence commands n domi-
nation of wealth direct We know no
■unsters but the people, worship no
king but Ood."
In referring to Senator Haana he patches stating that M
French minister of foreign afflh* has
"ffo bloated Qorpon swollen with addrsaaed g note to the powers propne-
party |1|< msrtlilp alts in sacred place, lag n genera* plan of dsaltng jrlfeh the
bunking Us spiee^y §yes at ua aa sig- su «)e«t This nctt will undoubt^ly be
nala for r«wr every movemal Our in the hands of this government try
nrp «nr property; ear ssanhood the time the
ti mur boner. AU the people are our already there is considerable anxiety
and the free nation our aa-|fr J«re gn partem aa to the answer
We itnT*-! these u> no .'the United States srtll make There Is
man and we defy the lnsoleor* of num- ***** to believe Umt sasns of Ua cen-
ters or the arrogance of a«o to tnhe Unentnl powers do sot view UuJTrenrh
able in enter the audltorlmn.
Tho enwh at ths doers when Mr.
Cockran. accompanied by Mayor Harci-
son and others arrived,-was so great
that ecores~o( men and vome^ fainted
and both Mr. Cockran and Chicago's
executive were Jostled and half ant-
foca ted. Vnited Statea Senntor Jones
and hia wife were caught In the throng
and only by heroic efforta waa Mr
Jonas reecued from injury. .
Mr. Cochran autd ia part;
"Ladies and OeaUemea-^We are to'd
by the Repnblfcan advei aai^es that the
Issue of this campaign is the preserva-
tion of our national potaHirtty. 1 ac-
cept the Issue. I go farther and ssy
"that on ths results eg thin election de-
pend not merely Ue proeperity of the
American people, ^nt the prosperity of
the whole human rdcei.
proposal* wtth favor, and
may be a renewal of thia note of
dtffeeencee of view recently
over Uie German ne'e. So far ss this
government le eonoerned there is.
whom never edvocat*d a policy wfcicfc ^ ^ h##SOO the
he would not Immediately d*noaor ®Pft*1h prop««aHloo
one jot of enr Ind«ip«^ideare from ua."
With referenca to President Mr Kin
ley be snld;
"Nor have we So put forth caadi-
uatee for high oflWa the chlff of
party advantage, nor denounce a
which he would eepoue* for ^e
eeiicements of oike.
"A silver maa when a silver lining
was asceasary to hia cloud of political
deepalr. a gold saan ia return for the
golden pfomiee of preeldewtini nomHm-
tion. In the morn tag of the trst day
freo trade with the Porto ft'cans waa
n plain duty; In the evening of the
aeme day h# wsa only playing with the
Porto Rlcaaa a ad they aivjat par the
duty. The tobacco Iruet had eteoktd
hhi roavietkms out sad the s'igar trust
hnd eweeteecd his sense of duty a ban
do*ad by pvomtsa of Hberal campaign
mat ligation*. In the hoar of hamaai-
tp mrelble seaeseltan waa enadanl)
sgiiamisa ihia not peimiar aitb thai
party; now criminally aggmelv* for
forcible aaaesnUoa when pn>Auble to
favored syndkwte*. A gentiemsn who.
IS lbs commercial eetiee. r*ma hie
party s eeat^ehanglng poiici-* by be-
coming its sccomssodatlon indoraer "
According to the programme Gov.
Meatoa McMillie of Te*aaaa>- was fo
have bee* <%e rvmchsdlni st *oker. *nwt
wMle he was present a heavy cold reo-
oared him out af volea and ha did not
attempt to speak.
Tie eonventloa at 6 o'clock look e
recess until after the parade at «Tg%t.
The delagatkma from the different
_ ^ - - _ — - - - ,n 1 a'to s « fa ■ 1 an. - nr^ —1, .
statea me% isst aigst srwr w (iniinr
tton ndjoutned and edectad a member
each of the eonsmtttaws oa rnaatattoae.
f redentlnle end permaneat ornsnisn-
tiott and vice praaidento of the «Of-
The hottest day In September nt Fort
Worth. Ten- was the IHh when the
thermometer regleterede 101 degrees.
H •
w w.
Philadelpbta, ^ Oct. The
of the Smrthem Cotton
aaenriatlon was devoted to a dlsenaaion
of the price of tsw ^ntflbo and apun
jams, aad a committee waa appoint.
Il Iff loOh over the schedule of 1
changes This
was the rsMdl Of A
between U
► * Committee Of
. aeoorlntlon, which controls ths
Of product of _
■''' 1' *' "**'"'
^onlvsston, Ted.. Oet- I.-Last
KM fwt SeoUaaMft
New Tort. Oct 4 —Komlaatkma toi
congress war made by Democrats Wed-
neaday ia ail the dtatrtcts In New Tort
county The reeults follow
district Nichols Mailer.
eight dlatrtct. T. J
aseistant corporation eownael; ninth
dietrtct Henry M. Gold fort to eat res I
Osngrmamnn T. J. Bradley; tenth dia-
trlct. Ames Cummlnga.
eleveath district. Wm. Sulser,
nated: twelfth district O. VI. I*. Bel-
moat. te eaaaead Jaiamn M. lervy;
fowrieetih district. John Op cm thill, to
aacceed Wm. Aator Chanler; ftfteaath
district. Jacob Rsppert Jr.. renominat-
ed iv>behly the meet notable nom-
• ination of U e night was that *f O. M.
p. Heimont He m abOnt IS years of
age and area atonled to in. Aim
Vaaderbwllt in Jantmry. 1sss. His
father waa the late Agaet Belmont, and
he is a grandeoa of Cosanmdere Oliver
Ifssard Perry. He hae always bee* a
Democrat end supported Mr Bryan
four yenra ago. n-4
Pes SMe to JeH>
Georgetown, Tex.. Oct A—Tnenda#
night Tom Barb am. ex-depnty aha i Iff
of thla county, brought to the eounty
fail here a woman. Bneln Brndtty.
charged with the asaaastantton of Can-
A A Oamhle at Taylor two
"I believe that the Republicans end
Dcmocrsta will concede tbnt the estab-
lishment of this republicans the moat
important eentrttmHoa to human pmg-
ce the birth of ChrtaUhnlty^The
of tB!a repnhm to the humai
race w*a -pot the adoption of n
constitution. It wna not tbe dl:-
tributton of the powere of thla gov-
t Into varioua derartments.
Long bafosn jt^B ftnveat'og mat to
dellherate; loeg b fore the Declara-
tion of Indcpendcnc" had b*en pro-
claimed m PhftadeTptah, executives bad
administered, gpeprnmaBts; perl I men t#
idnpted ad judges had Interpre-
ted is we.
"But never In the history of tha met
until thd Amccicnn people came to-
gether to frame the ayeUtm under
which they intended to ttvs wes a
eataliabed. not an infnm*
of divine intervention,
hut spun Urn conaent and on tha \Wt!l
of the people to eetsbBah Justice, to
provide for the common welfare and
to psneenre to tba-petpSc nnd t their
poatcrlty the blessing of civil 1 berty.
The Repetition candidate offers
— ^ ^^ lefmallis mkirk nfd ikg
P"nrBsif?1TW *n nPnwi'Vy ■*" *"
most unexceptlona'.
-We gad him ahootiag down p«opie
In the eaatem lalanda and pre f *rs n«
the utmoet affection tar them aad th-
atmost regards for tbs«r prospects He
mile us tint ho la opposed to Imper-
laliem and yet he la eeeklag to esttb-
lleh a governssent of nri:tmry aad un-
limited powem
"He affseta to reoest the eemrtl'm ihtt
he le tntrodndng militarism In the
raited fttatea and yot we gai tbe army
bee been quadrupled during hie sdm'n>
let nt eon and POUrf aetobllehed wh eh
will lesd to further srmsment if it
shop id be successful at th p<dD."
Mr Cactrnn next roleoed the hle-
of tbe Leetslun* per base, mala-
ing Umt to eecuf* tbe free navl-
af tha Mmatortpvl river to tbe
gulf, to which the rnlted SUIes waa
totiuad by treaty right, hot wh d
right bad bean pmetleslly aall led by
isiamllimiaas between Pvtnee end
•pain, to which the Wed fa n w a
n pnrty. Jefferson was rsduetd t tie
afltomatlve of toUng l^tle n-n, of
tahlag tbe wte'e by peardni menne ac
else by Uhlng Mew Orleans by fbrrtble
MNp^si^ngmniK .w| in *sw. ~tms
Robert Wilson.12 years old, wan nm
over by n trolleyTB«nt Dallaa, Tax.
Charles Fendrlch. a saloon 1st of Hel-
las, Tex., fhtally cut his throat '
Andrew Carnegie say* he wfft sup-
port McKlnley
A farmer named Sommers bad •
aad an arm cut off by n Katy train
nenr Taylor, Texr
jMaes toward, convicted of the mur-
der of Oov. Qoebal of Kentucky, whs
of King college. Ardssore, Z. T.# *fsll
81nce the last term of oourt in N%-
varro county, Texaa, over eighty dl-
voroe suits have been tiled.
Tom Blair, g young farmer, ruptured
a blood veasel while at Bonham. Tex.,
and died in a few minutea.
Ia a collision between two ataaaiara
off tbe Japaness coast one vetael was
sunk snd forty-flve persons drowned.
A Mexican boy named Ruella, while
roping a cow near Laredo. Tex., was
jerked from his horse and his neck
broken. . ■ J- ,vv
The directors of the Denlson (Tex.)
fair am much cncouraged by their re-
cent exhibition, and next year will con
duot It on a larger aeale.
Capt JLee Hull, the noted ei-1
mnger, haa returned from Manila.
The damage by dm resent Ootocafs
river flood In Texas la estimated at
♦160,000. "
In a game Saturday between the Chi-
cago aad St Louie
baseball ctttbe neither
got three hlta aad made one error
m strength :
and Purity.
of tlie food.
•AKfNfe POWOCft ca.
Nor*.—There are imitatioa baking powders, sold rtiaan
by many groom. They am made from alum, a poison-
on# drug, which renders the food injurious to health^
iii iMii rm^ i Hm *
•tat* tf
ma rues.
T— reecseftgsateem I grt by «Ms IMs Msds
Phlledephla. Pa.. Oct l.-Ths fol-
lowing notice, bdaring date of Oct 1.
waa pooled Sunday in ths v«ctn ty Of
all the collieries of the Philadelphia
nnd Beading Coal aad Iron company ^etnmpka. Ala., Oct 1—WTnleid
In the anthmclta seglnn:
Phlladephla mad Rending Coal S«t r'wmM u tbe>*ule in IBt Uttln
Iron compeay, Oct 1—Thia company
wlU pay aa advance of 10 per cent on
the wagaa of all men and boys ana*
ployed at Its eotllsrtee. Th s advuncO
to take effert at once.
R C. Luther. Oeaeml Superintendent.
Beneuth ibis notice another
posted, which tend as foOowa.
"Pbllow Mine Workers United
Mine Workers of America: Do aot pay j who wna imaged
any a tent ton to thla notice pooled by
*•< i
Mr. Lvtler of the Philadelphia and
Reedleg Coal sad Iron company, but
Of Eclectic, five ml lea from tbie place,
half nn hour after said night Tueedey
morning. The negro's crtan was an
isault upon Mrs. Llnnle
wboee husband set ftre to
the brand ehkl reduced Townsend s
body to ash eg,
Monday nftomnun about 1 o'clock
the negro, a aepbew of tbe negro Floyd
ia . the Wttumpka
net for attempted
eaenult sttompted n criminal assault
upon Mm Hnrrington. Mr. Harring-
ton was engaged at g cotton gin in
Mitchell of the Fntted Mine Workers Bdsctic, and llvsa a mile out of u5WN
of America, or until you have decided The negro ceme to the bouee and told
br your own locale what te right far Mm Harrington that her husband bad
i you to da <h B. POTTKR." ; aent him to gat SO cento from her She
Mr. Potter la an oAcer tn the din-1 tnld him ele hnd m change. Then tbe
trtct brunch of the Ualtod Mine Work- | aegm left but returned In about te^jsgreeaaent
em of America minntee. Tbe woman*a screams wsr^ J
Tie regular Reeding company ad- heard by Bob Nlebola, another negro.
vaeee for tbe laat half of September *t1m was passing along the road at tbe
aad the Ami half of October bad pre- | time. Me ma to the booee la time to
vloualy been fixed at 0 per cent above M the negro escape As soon ae Mm
the fr^O heals. Tie ereie tar tie pre- Harrington wue restored to conscious-
ceding thirty days wee at the tUO j mm Nichols gnve tbe alarm. The news
The advene# of If #er centf cpread rapidly All the storee at Belec
tn tie posted notice by ' the tie were Instantly clooed. *ad gisuerlee
Reading rompsny Is sspnmto and die- } ggg aawmiiie nhet down, the people
ttnet from the enteral seals tarmacs. ( left their wegone tn the road and tbetr
and heece the total Incrsnee to the . plows In the Aeids aad gathered for
miners would be If per cent ' pursuit of the negro The crowd di-
cing the woods e
of tie erlase, and otlem went
blood bounds.
aot tooeght to the
Louteieea aad the Indian Teirt- immmt mW —*** Th*f
age OegeJ
A ML.. Oct L—Rodney
Lowery. nephew of ex-Oov. Lowery of
Mlseieeippl. fought a duel Tusoday
morning alxteen miles from^ hem
Young E«wery.Bp shot fpur times.
Lowesy Is tie agent of tbe railroad
company at Moundvllfo, Ala. Tueedey
sprain he some worda with W.
R White, the asxtiou foreman, eves
the moving of a car of cotton eeed.
White, it is alleged, threatened Low-
ery aad then Lowery procured a pistol
out of bis office. White waa already
armed end-sb l*a asff yn nad tn Urn
platform the |na baaan shooting at
each other. agvaaclnCla they ffraC
Lowery was shot four times in the leg.
right side, right forearm and chest
■ech men flred Ave thnea. hot Low-
ery'e last hall was the only one tint
struek White. Tile lest shot wee flred
within flm feet of him and struck
White tn the abdossen. Lowery, urtth
hie right forearm abot then clubbed
White leto tneenalbllity with the but
of his pistol. White hae a wife aad
three children. Lowery h St years old
referring to th poatodkw frauds, made
sad single He Is s nephew at ex-
Gov. Leerery of Mieelsnlppl. Bsth men |
ere In a critical condition, ahd it le
expected that While will die. It le
reported that the mee had words lest
turdsy sftemoon, and that the
shooting srae eu perl ad need by tlst dls-
tf uw rm
■Mt t Tim,
wsiua sr th boxers.
si let
si 41
^Whsmagtou, Oct. 1-Several tmpor
taut dlspetehee were received Nonday
Chlaa. Generally they tend to
the events recorded Saturday
m Canton Consul McWade reports
toane of ths dscms punishing Tuan
and hia coUeaguea. ao that them la no
doubt ss to the accuracy of
■tatement on thet point Mr.
^ ^ received offbdal not!
Seed on of tie Clinem paece commie-
^ n, wild wea forecasted by Mlnlstsr
ndvlee eevsml days ago. Mr,
no reference to the eon-
notary decree, hence It le Inferred
It eras not lasued when his dls-
Del lea, Tex. Oct. 1.—Setntday Sight j* tie pi
n a amber of the editors of Texaa, Ar- j ^
- - — t . Ilk I.. ■ >aJ Ika l^iUa Txri ! Seent ant
. Mr. Gamble wee htBed wMle
at a Utile playing* dominoes in tie
lobby of tbe Grand hotel, the bullet
cpmlM through 4 otadtow from the
ds rtsees outhlde. Tie sheriff oBrred a
rr#aid. *
Get menu put a
Mt 1 '
ef boners to
H. Tort,
aay .sign ai
Denlson. Tex., Oct B.
emtgmtio nagent tor the
Knnaaa and Texan railroad
through the city Wsdimsday sftemoon.
ronducting a Irrxe psrty of hou e-
aeekeef to Wiehtta Falls, where they
go la search of home*. The pqity
waa composed of farmers from Khnhea,
Missouri nod ntheg points north They
nm ancle make good, ubetontml cftt-
bavlng means ynda end
*ffa chose tie pathway of
R was aot tbe least ef thla cs«*TPu-
fione to the greutnsto of tits rxrat-y
or tie eivlllsntlnn of tie world.
After tevfeertog the effeti of the
envoye to obtain rmogiltlon at
af thn gnvernmoet. he mid.
to the reietlnne of tlij a4mla-
— Ho Bngiltl ^
tory sftended tie bangnot given la
their honor by the Texas Felr asm
elation nt tbe fair groeod* Covers !
%ere laid tor SOS and Si etegnut spread J
to where tie negrp s tracks dla-
nd en exefttng clnee e
The dogs stopper* Snslly at
la front of Odton*s store, on ths
Texne Prom'
"Them was aat
would not be tie
acrtbe It ft wis a
government to the control of Up
lab forefn eflce.**
Tndine TawiBdy Fresh aaaoctatfon
at Vlnlta.
^ 6c^l-la lha W*
pnbtleaa state cbavcgtlon hdm Whdr
needay Wight tat the flrst tfme
held its
Menfta, Oct l.-The fftttpfnoa In tie Maniln have been amm
fulet of Into. aRbough Inst Wednesday
eight them were brlaft attache et Les
P.nas and Pamnoue, asuth sf Man-
ila. ss well as outpost ftrlng at Imus.'
Barow Snd tfaMtla Laha. Tim Amer-
ica eatlsibd that the al
Itvtng ha nad nronnd tie
towns la
beea tana
"Fargmr" Bhaw eg EMba |
officiated as toastmester. Judge Ai- ,
delivered OPS ntdrme of we|
Toasts ware nt tallows: Tbe
erne responded to by
F. It Bnlllle of Cleburne and
Mary Jane Cox of FsrUT- W. O.
He reft followed. V. W. Ombhe Of
GreenvUle had tor his theme "Tmme
of tie State,** ' Populsurn of CITer~
Was looted aftrr by A. W. Hart man sf
Ceretcsna; "Molding FnMie Opinion
aa 10 cent Cotton' wna nsslgred R v.
Bitot sf the
Female Mind on the Fruee ef tho
Stale" was briefly handled by Mm t.
C. Roberta of Dalles; The Ladles"
complimented by T. W. Pectins of Mo-
Kinney. Bdltor H. P. Hal sad of Dnl:
las alao apofce.
of Bdectie. The crowd
sp, soon discovered tbe negro
etttiag on n limb. Me wne broug
dawn st enee and taken to tbe sceee of
his crime. Them he ems confronted by
hia Victim, who poaftively Idee tiled
WOrd was cent to tie other
party tint the negro ted
about 11 o'eloch a
Try WenUS Uf* a gem
Parle, Tex.. Oct I —Tueedey was act
apart In the district court to ths trial
of non-coateeted divorce salts. Thirty-
eight divorcee were grunted during tbe
day. From tbe tact thet noet of the
divorce suits are Inetltuted by asgrosa,
the sttoraeya of the bur have tor e
long time facetiously dsstgnsted the
second dsy of the tern*, which bee Sl-
w*ye been eat apart for the dtspoeWou
of non-con tested eneea, se "Mancipe
thm Day." Seveml white
however. AgureJ among the d!
granted, snd them were no
four court house wsddtni
ly (pilowing the dorms of diverse. One
petty who bed employed aa attorney
to bring dlvofee Mt Br her pnM him
91 extra to posh tbe sane to trtsit and
was married wltbla tv* mtnutaa after
.the divorce waa granted.
tie little Mftaa*-. The negro wue taken
to tie edpUef tie village, and. uur-
alivered with
gulch ly made A rope wan luag over
tin limb ef a big oak tree aad sad a
randy to lend n
•wB p||Ww* Ur tW ^^v^g f^jf
New York, Oct; 1 -Rev. Dr. G Iberf
Co I nm bin R C. Oct. I—Uurena, a
C . tie honw of Mary Rridgea. a col-
ored woman, wna blown up with a
dynamite bomb. Tbe wheto cHy was
■tartled br tbe explosion, aad ih*
bouee arm deliottehed. The
waa away frnmlome nnd no <
inured. Sunday Geo. Aad«moo, col-
ored. was arruetM tar the a t nqpt It
hi add he wai euaasored of tie wo mua,
but she rejected htm as aha arat ta-
otber a wife.
^J^kal^kkabee - *. a JS a_
tnim wntxers wwf p^w tii
Tina a halt was sailed and the man-
ner sf death lis rami I by the stob. To
wMli ths matter, n vote waa token,
aad the ballot lag clawed s majority of
the crowd to tovor death at the atake.
The etake wae prepared end the ae-
gm Mff| to H with chains Pine
Jger* piled about hiss, and the
deed by He husband of the
nag fa's victim. A* they leaped to the
arrctchU flesh hte%Tld trice to God tar
be heard al a great d e-
The crowd tooted oa, deaf to
la half aa bow the negro
bglag bound* wm*
crime, and said be wna ateo
mm Wcs,
®ext of theee two diapatchee is as toi
1—Secretary of State.
SlaMw stele.
Heft on, Tsx-. Oct l-A tragedy oc-
curred here Tuaeday morning, tn grhlch
Rev. J. tk Itoyd. e Baptist minister at
thie city, was abot aad instantly killed.
Boyd wee shot three tlseee, a tS-catlber
revolver being the weapon sned. Tiro
shots entered the asanfl df tbe hnet.
ranging spwurd. one coming out nnd
the ether lodging In the left hranat
The third abet struck nenr tbe ellgMP
of tbe left srtn. Imedlately after tbe
shooting John R. Meaner came to town
and surrendered to Deputy Sheriff John
G. McKay. Both wet* prominent skua,
seer beiag n hi other of Mayor Will
at thia slnr., TBa ,mm m
the trouble Is aot hnown. ss tlem wna
no one present when the ahootiag be
ffan * '■ -l~ y'.' '
PttteSe Mere.
OalVertoa, Tex., Oct I.—At CM
tag of the city onuncB Tnendny
C, A- Sins wns elertsd City Bngluasc to
succeed Capt R. H. Peeh. who was loet
la the storm. Mr. Sins win tanscdl-
ately raatga aa county* aurVeyOr. Me
hiui been acting aa city engineer sines
the storm. ..%4' I '
The council authorlead the aseyor tn
Serer blamee mtaleters for whole trou
bin. Ordeis Tuna. Kaagi and other of
Sdale degraded aad puuatbed by la-
«ourto Emperor boida Tuan
othere entirely reeponaibte blood
H, via Taku. Sept is.—
of State. Weehlagton Ram
word to-day from Prl
Cblng tint the Karl Li. Jung Lu nnd
Viceroy Tin Ken TI aad Clang Chlh
wlU act le concert tn negotln-
tar pence. Jung Lu le In the to-
LI Rung Chang la at Tien Tela
It la eeldest that th* two viceroys
mentioned nm Li Rung Kl-vieetvy of
Naakla. aad Chang Chlh Tung, the
rteeruy of Wu Chung, tbe difference In
BdWai being In tmnemtuston. Them
^ ^*n anme gueetlen ae to Tueg
Lu beiag n member of the coimnta
hut Mr. Conger's report eettleu nil
dnubt Minister Wu nirandy bus m>
eelved nn edict nnmlng Tung Lu se one
^f ths commlesion, but this was owse-
ttaned tn Chlneee gnnrtem The ap-
pofntment Is not likely to be aetlefac
Wit to any of the powers, as Tung la
bus made hlaaeelf almost ss offensive
as Prince Tuna. He is geaernllslmo of
ths Imperlnl troops nnd la regarded ee
mnlnly rmponethle tor the pemietent
tght an the isgatlaaa 4d tod Stdt
ato. Ths other ^onrMlssiousm nm
highly acceptnble. Bert U hhd Prince
•blag am already favorably known,
nnd the two vlceroya nm ahtong the
mm paeffle, enlightened mH pro-tar
alga men In tbe empire. It B tbe nn-
deratanding of MInleter Wu thai the
viceroy* anil not come to Pekln to
fart In the commission, but will be
aoeseeli d by telegmph. LI Rung
Chang's long stay et Tien TMn Is ex
etttag aome comment ne he is swum
of the Assert can Instructions to Muta-
tor Conger to open ncgoUattona with
hftn nt Potto. It glvee the Men that
Bhrl LI le ant fully eatiefled that tie
recastionnry element la overcome ai
PnbiB. and ia awaiting amm positive
Tort. Oct t—Dgvld & HU1
the principal spsstar tie
Academy of Music Monday alghdrfks
occasion being the opening of tin Dem-
onmtic campaign In Kings county, Tin
hall wna crowded to its capacity
Mr. Mill made his
platform. He aaid?
' 1 gmhs an apologise
-my activity in-thla |
Uclpnled la the oonveatkm nt
City which framed
named the candidate*—a
which treated tr.e with merted
stay from tho cummenucement In He
and of Ite proceeding*—nnd aenn lem-
ornble maa I am bouad to aegniasse to
*be result of ita deliberation*. 1 *x-
praaaed my IntenUon at tie iisaii
Uoa of seconding the nomiuntlon of onr
national candidate for pmaident In ho*
half uf the maaeee of Democracy uf
New Tort to give the ticket Ml mere-
ly my nequleeceut adloranca, but my
nctlve support and tint amumace K am
now fultUllng."
, Tie remainder of Mr. Hills'
wns desmted to nn urgumcnt
Imperialism, which be said
real Insna.
BX-Oov. Stone of Ttlgnarl was pre-
•mdt'aal" .a* ^ Bllla
ovation. Ha remarked tint In wgi sat-
Prtsef snd gmtiflbd to And enel n pom-
10 to 1 aentimcnt In
el tie
by C. i.
€ ' 1 f ill 1 1
Tie attention of tie offlclels of the
aavy betag called to the report from
Tien Thla tlmt the United Statea la
to tale part bra aaval expedi-
te Tabu "tar operations
Reran. B .ems. elated fg#ore
ffilam# Ikln pgMmBPl eastiBhaKle rafsrtnA Boa m«h
WBl Miff iwfrwra prODAlilf m#rrW| IO TO
I old proect "torn* time *«*• while h ■
"i* v*." iTT
hill bfcaicb.
fee gup.
Resnlutioss were
MB Indorsing the nomination sf
d aad Bteveneou nnd pledging
to John D. Stanch add tar
(adorning the platform sf toe
City convention 1
pecially that pert of the
tarring tn tbe Philippines
In a
Antlera, L T„ Oct t —l
full-blood Indian who
thla pine* bacam
cnRy with hia cotmla.
Sunday alght the
•hlch both am dead.
After Cjey bed taught tar gatte
bile Ban Anderson get n gun nni
Nicholas tbrongh the Isad. lilting him
After the hilling wm oeus Ben Ito
lined the enormity of hia art am,
Um gun to hia bend. Bred, dying
It eoeme that tbe fadluM Mm
it onta for ee^wai yunm They lad
got a gallon of whlsley tbe day batata
and were oa a rpme at tie ttata sf tM
hlttlag. > ' */.,
Tits Is tM second lastanea. wltlla
two yaais tint an
In thla town.
Kl Peso. Ten., Oct t—Officem from
Bona Ann mtaaty. Nelr Mlktodt pnUull-
ed the river north of town nnd gufrd-
mg the pa mm Monday alght with the.
view of Intercepting two Mexican mur-
derers wM tilled two rancbeneu et
Chnmberlno, twenty aatlas froft Lee
Crncee. Saturday night nnd msgil to
tbhi direct ton on homebnet.
Tho nuurdnr Is deeertbed as a
^>ld-blooded affair and tM motive
told to M revenge. Two ex-couviete
rrceafly mlesssd from tie penlteat ary
rode up to tM ranch of Jora Marquee
at etgbttalt and aftnr anting flssi,
which wna gfvna.
•bot down Morgues *
a . ■ - sa ML. gta
stantly kiPed. hut
ed through hie body.

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