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■ ■'
of ow
Wt iwl th*t
lb* oeat at
tmii at ta trying to
ouf fuliin of thanfcfulntaa
comforted us in
of life. Mtf the
toga of as AU-wtaa Creator raat
ail of you, our friends.
J. J. Word, mod Children.
11:00 a.n.
Quality baa been the
prime factor in their ettc-
ceae. They are produc-
ed under ideal condi* tone
in one of the finest factor-
tea in the country.
They have a delicacy
©f flavor—a goodness all
their own. If you are
diacrimmating y&u will
enjoy Ligget'a.
$1.00 the Porad
Jib., 1 lb.,3 lb. Boxes.
fu a -—J m—J
iH *16lCIViO Biflli
B. r. GUTHRIE. Editor
ttntersd April 17
Bkirm. "«* *, a
(ar. Urn nurnbarc
II11. Um. in th« po u>mtm at
, as Socond-elaas mull mst-
rof Uw papar iMoad Fafaru-
• *y K 1HH. M thu Hn«ml Sunrtar; «r*t
•mmtom of Tti« Brand tomml March 1. ! «■
Jw*>cri|tilM Prtmm #1.80 P c Tmmr,
JiricH* tm Mnnt
Any «rmiuw iMUnmt JT rtin Um
tkrwi«ir lO'iitetkm of any individual ur
<sno which may ppaar in TK* Brand, will
be gladly corr« t«*l upon buna brought to
tha att—Man of tb« i>ubHi h«r*.
Mr. and lira. A. D. Giava, Mra.
£. E. Duncan, and Attorney L. M.
Kenyon, all of Vega, the new cap-
ital of Oldham county, v*r? bare
on Tueaday, coming down by pri-
vate auto. The ladies were ahop-
ping with Hereford merchants, while
the gentlemen were attending to
7:00 p.m.
4 :00 p.m.
Uid-week Prayer meeting
Wedneaday 7 :00 p.m.
five Mill
W. M. Baker entertained
of the Preabytariaa
with a aiac o'clock
the awal, the evening waa;
spent in social conversation. A pleas-
ant feature waa the rendition of a
few select piano number« by Mias
Frankie Mae Baker, daughter of the
family. All the eldera and deacona
were present except three, one of
whom, Mr. Board man, ia confined i
to hie home from a serious injury.
The number drawing the capital
; prize at William's Bros. It
To Opeo Claaaea in German
Upon urgent request of a numuer j
, of friends, I have decided to open j Sunday School
j c'asses in German. Anyone wiah-! Preaching
| in g to take up the study of German, ; junior Endeavor
will kindly call at mf dwelling, 2041 intermediate "
B St., any afternoon or evening, and j genj0r ««
learn particulars. As I can take
but a limited number of claaaea, I
would ask tbe prospective studenta
to make application at thair earlieat
poasible convenience, before Feb.
15. Ottomar E. Schmidt.
Dr. G. A. Faria • Paator
W. E. Dameron • S. S. Supt.
Mra. E. E. Ramsey, Primary Supt. j Local Union Day
H. F. Wood, Prea. Y P. S. C. E. j ^ Chriatian Endeavor Work,
Mrs. E. T. Barnett, - - * j will be observed Thursaay, Febru-
Supt. Int. Department | ^ jQih, at Presbyterian Church,
Miss Beulah Wright - - " *iih the following program—a ccm-
Supt. D^pt- j bination of the various young peo-
plea' societies of the city :
The Brand bas been authorized to
make the following announcements
for nomination. subject to the ac-
tion of th* Democratic Primaries:
For Sturiff «nd Tux Cjliectoi—
IftVB&T 111 1 HE BAUD
The money you spend for
thirgs which bring tbe best and
aureat returns ia tae money that ia
most wisely invented, and an invest-
ment which will b'ir.g returns to
your neighbor, as w^li as to ycur-
aelf, makrs yuu doubly a financier.
If you help to make it possible
for Hereford to orgarire, develop
and maintain a goud bar.d you wi 1
be exercising excellent funnc-al
judgment, tur everybody within a
radius cf thi ty mile* from Here-
ford will be d it Uy cenefitud
Mra. L. V. Pig3 and her son E7- 1
ere.t S. P gas or Nc#:uwn, Mj., are
Heeford visitors his wek. Mr. j
Pigg is a si: tant casi-isr of the t ank
a: N-.wcr-n, Ao Taey are trav.-i- |
iuj tjr Mrs. Pigg's nedta, aud j
v h ecu: & OT^ped oil :o io, k at some
pr -jjsny ia witch ttijy are <nterest-
Anthony Trollops'* First Earnings.
A literary wmi its-til Is Anthony Trot-
lop*'* llrtle grt«mt over tin* first fniita of
bis jie:i. "1 wnd you h copy of "Hip
Warden.'** hp wrote to Lonl Houghton
tn lift), "which Mr Longman assures
me Ih the last of the tirst edition.
There were. I think, only 750 printed,
and they have been over teu years in
hand. But I regard the hook with af-
fection. aa I nude £l 2m. Hd. by the first
year's miles, having previously written
and pubtlnlied for years without any
■orb jrnldeii result Since then I have
proved evon upon 'hnf " Tr<tllope.
jpnrse. "improved upon that Ui uo
^utln fHshion • We«tmiuttter Oa-
"'sky Revenge.
ri li l t. had a nnm w
fr >«n a vlulent death
bissinc fr« iu the pit.
Ritite 'he Insult anil at
Itrognun Informed the
would imitate tbe
farkitM animate After
the notoe of dtfferen!
DC of a eat and tbe
be advanced to tbe
f sayine, "This ta for
Imitated the bray
f At ttil* tbe oeeopanta of
on to the Han and
fbetr calnmnlator
A uuaL'WUt. IIA< K.
This evening wrap is fu.sliluned of
coral colornl bro< ado velvet, allowing
a fawlnattu;; Jajxiiiese pattern in funs
and flowers Below its acalloped but
tout .alii a stratglit band of sutia iit
a weirdly t riental i "f blue The
neck is tiuUitied >n gn i tos. Uevers
inc fu*lii"n h dictuin of gay liiilngs
ihiti wrut' wears its itorg« u ne « out
side. U-iiig lined witb a dull wlure
Slip Your Garments on a Hanger In-
stead of a Chair Back.
Never leave your suits or dreases
lyiug on a ciutir or ou tbe beil rati, but
put a liangt r in tbem tlie tniuute you
take tbeui oil. It ia simply a mattei
of habit, and It is Just ax easy to learn
to slljt u hunger Into your coat und put
It In the closet at oiut us it is to tttrovv
It on a cbalr. to buug up later. Creases
and wrinkles wear out the cloth, anU
the only way to keep your clothes free
of wrinkles is to bang the in up when
you remove them
Shoes, too. retain their shape much
longer if trees are kept Ju them. You
citti always teii the shoes which are
neglected by their wrinkled shapeless
look it is a matter of a moment or
two to slip shoe trees into your Itoota
when you take tbem off. and this w>• 1
prevent the leather from relaxing
Foot tear which has no ncqituinraii'e
with shoe trees usually splits and
cracks Jum twice as quickly as the
well mi red for variety, if you will nil>
(i little vaseline Into yoitr shoes when
new It will prevent the damp and wet I
from splitting the leather.
When your tailored skirts become
wet from the rain do not let them stay |
wrinkled, but press them with a hot j
Iron tteforv they become dry Bv the J
way. It is a real economy to lnve«t In ;i
s;ood dttriMe raincoat, isx-att^e it will
prote -f your suits and frocks to a J
sre^t ettent and will actually save you
Wicker Hampers.
A wicker hamper Is perhaps the Idea'
laundry container itut It must lie
kept c!« n One enameled white looks
so clean that It iw hard to remember
that it may iiftrbor ItMptni'ies. eveti
germs It tm! t ' e w j-L.-u in hot wn
ter oee s|«nallr and dtieil in the sun
shine, and then ■ >>i«piiuies It can la-
further refreshed with a clp'in coat of
en it met
l'er!)U|is the l ie.11 me.lnd I* t>> have
a sunny, dr V : V. and there to
eather the i .! .t'tes F.v er tMna*
il tn t> e bath luwtls, should be
•• ■ «t a -.v.! !i| ■ VVoO.kfll or
•j (.* 1 r '<•!; rji fi firj d each day, thot
placed in ,1 |,isK<c .n tilutpi-r The
e|«ithe le ihi i.ot I c piie I to :etbet
|M'il"i:eli I' i };. !in i! sliottlsl be kept
(«;. Itseif l!i .1 e •! Ici!;:j> I House
In-1*1 tj en can .«• i.e; t in (mother and
I'lo! • IU 1'ljt ;
M 3cS B iqvt Soup.
t 'H'k a < hi i 1 with n table
sptvtnftu oT Mf ' ti nit mi onion ent In
■*11. e- halt a.. h«c-r \dd half h tea
HHM.nrm ..f aid on-* thr'-tiuh
sieve Make a vv.iiie siiU'-e of half a
enpftn ..r hut ter Half a cupful or 0<>ur
and n ijeart of ?nf!k When tiwHtna
atlr In the hot tomato, season to taate
nnd aervp at once Made In 'bis man
ner. If the fresh tomatoea at* sot «**■
ripe or the <Tinned a««>ds uw old. the
soda may be omitted without dancer
To Drive Oat Malaria
And Build Up Tbo
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTBLBS8 chill TONIC. Yon know
what yon are taking, as the formula la
minted on every label, showing it ia
Quinine and. Iron in a tasteless form.
The Quinine drives out malaria, tbe
10.00 a.m.
11 00 ••
2.30 p.m.
- 3 00 "
4.00 •«
Mid-week Prayer Meeting
Wednesday, 7.15 "
Yoo are welcome to theae ser-
vices. Come.
Ids up the system.
Fortify Yourself Before it is
Weakened by Ills
Don't wait until you are actually j
sirk to take a Uxa ive, you know |
":tn ounce of preveution is wor'h a;
pound of cure." If you will just;
taks UV-VER LAX regularly, it j
will keep you continually in the best |
possible shape, bright, energetic and
Baptist Church
R. E. L. Parmer, Paator.
Luther Hough, Clerk.
A. O. Thompaon, Treasurer.
E. W. Harrison, S. S. Supt.
Mrs. W. E. Hicks, Pres. Aid So
50 centa | ciety.
Miss Dct Owen, Pres. B. B. P. U. 9-
Sunday School 9:45 a. ra.
Preaching 11 a. m. and 7 :15 p.m.1
Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 :30 ;
p. m.
The public is cordially invited to
attend ali these services.
O. E. Schmidt - - Pastor
Suvires held at Court house.
Sunday School • 10 A. M.
Jake Tiefel, Supt.
Services held on alternate Sun-
Program—7 :30 p m.
Leader—Prank Jease.
1. Doxology.
Prayer—Rev. Baker.
Devotional Service—Rom. XII
read responsively.
One verse of "Nearer My God
to Thee."
Prayer—Rev. R. E L. Farm-
Special Music — Elizabeth
Black—Piano Solo.
A Campaign for Millions—
Norman Rice.
Two Minute Talks by Paatora
Song — •'! Love to Tell the
Story "
Increaae in Efficiency—Elmer
Benefits Dsrived From a Union
—Herbert #ocd.
Son? - "God Will Take Care
of Yju."
M>zp.h Benediction.
happy. I', is m ide of harmless veg- j days,
etable mat'er, and by acting gently
but effectively, kft-ps the system
cleared of prisons and ready to per-
form its best work.
LIV-VER-LAX is sold under an
absolute guarnntee to give satisfac-
tion, or money will be returned.
For sale in 50c and $1 bottles at
Corner Drug Store.
Notice is given that I will not be
responsible for any transaction made
by anyone without my written con-
sent. G. R. Ward. 513tp
omOi'j iv; *, w*. «t Msmu — wfw't Can.
The u< matt' r of
Bte cured t y t!ic wonderful, c' \ reJiable Dr.
Porter's Antiiseptic Htuhux Oil. It relieve®
PftiB mod Heals at the same litre. T5c 50c. $).Q0
The members ot the Y. P. 3. C.
E., and their friends were entertatn-
ed witn a most pleasant social on
Thursday evening, at the Cnristian
Cnurcn. An inijrmal program fo -
One Sunday in German, the : lo se-j by a delicious luncheon, waa
next in English. jfnjjycd by about twenty-five young
Services in German next Sunday,! peoo.e.
January 23.
Church of Chriat
J. Frank Copeland - Pastor {
Bible reading - 10 A M.
Communion - - 11 A. M.
Preaching every first Sunday.
W. M. Balcer - - Paster
J. E. Garr son - S. S. Supt
Miss Velma Gretn.Pres, ¥.P.S.C.E.
Sunday School - 9 :45 A M.
Preaching 11 A. M. and 7 :!5 P M.
Pray;r Meeting, Wednesday ev;n-
Vinol Restored Ear Strength
Canton, Miss. — " I am 75 years old and
became very weak and feeble from the
effect*of La Grippe, but Vinol has done
me a world of good. It has cured my
cough, built up my strength so I feel
active and well again."—Mrs. Idzzis
Baldwin. Canton, Miss.
Vinol, our delicious cod liver and iron
tonic without oil, aids digestion, en-
riches the blood and creates strength.
Unequalled for chronic coughs, colds
or bronchitis. Your money back if
it fails.
Corner Drug Store, Stocking &
McLean, Props , Heretord, Texas -
The laxative ta&t
with the pkuut taste
flrotects every member of the
family from Constteaticn-
tke enemy of gc tod health
254 SO*
for thie
mm groRJi
aroeb iii|iihw while Ua waa Mtt vMa
them. They were tha two ate waaa
sent to prepare tbe Paaaovar oa that
last night (Lake sxii. 8), and poaafbif
they may have bet>n tha two who war*
sent to bring tbe aee' colt They were
the hi-Mt two ot tbe a poet lee at tha
torn11 on the re^urre* lion mornUttc. and
they were tutretticr tbe utglu when the
sev>>u weut s-ttHlitng and tbe next
morniuK wben lVter received hie taet
eommlHeluu truui the Lurd <Jobn XX
and sxl U(«r we dImII tee tbem In
(irisou toieeHier. but released by an
aujiel. then they were teaten, but tbey
ceased not to teach and preach Jeauit
Christ u liai'ter v. 17 IU. 40-42). They,
wtrh (be others, were dully in the tem-
ple for pru>«-r and testimony. and lite
Lord added to tbe < urt U dally tboae
who were being saved (chapter IL 46.
47, IL V i. tin tUe «< a lon ih our
leeaon as they were uix>ut to enter tbe
temple thl* man. lame from his birth
and uun over f rty \ farn of age, asked
alms from tbem <v«>iNee 1-3: lv. 2S).
IVrh:i|>« tbey reineuiliered His words.
"Ye have the poor with you always,
and whensoever ye will ye m^y do
them good" (Mark xlv, 7
For some reason Peter said to tbe
lame man. "Look on us," and be looked
np. exjHi-tlnu to recolve something. He
may have been for a moment Reap-
pointed as I'eter aald. "Silver and gold
have I none," bnt as Peter promptly
added tbe words following In verse tt
things began to look different. Then
as b« took hint by the right hand ami
instantly strength <-ame to bis feet and
ankle fooue*. so that be entered tbo
temple with them, walking and leap-
ing and praising God, neither silver
nor gold se**ttied of any account to him
that day. tie bad received directly
from the risen Christ In heaven by tbe
hand of Peter that which neither mon-
ey nor skill of mau could give him.
Hud lit- thus became a witness to tbe
t ( rlmr the same Jesus who hud for
• n r t.!■••<■ >ears benled all manner of
(Hsc.iscn atitl even nU'tl tin- dead, al-
t iuu~:j > rti ilhsl. v.-as still alive atul
worklnst inlrarlcs as lie had done tie-
fore (verses 13-17; lv. 10). Thus tbe
Lord Jesus continued to work as when
He was on earth tbrongb these men
who were Ilia representatives and who
were channels of life and blessing from ,
tbe fountain in heaven to the needy on
earth He Is ever "this same Jesus."
but where are tbe channels?
The people saw this great work and
marveled, but saw only tbe human
agents and understood not. Then Pe-
ter told tbem of the tioly One ot Uod
wuuu (bey bad denied and killed, bnt
whom (iod bad raised from tbe dead,
and i bat lie. being alive in heaven, bad
wrought this work. In the Temalnder
of our lesson chapter we bear Peter
telling ttiem how Moses and ail tbe
prophets had foretold that tbeir Mes-
siah would suffer and be killed and be
raised from tbe dead and that tn Him
as the seed of Abraham ail the kindreds
of the earth would be blessed. He re-
minded them that <iod had spoken
through Moses of the great prophet
whom He would raise up unto them
(Dent. *vtti and that they must give
heed to llitn. and. althoucb they had
not done so. but had killed Him, tie
was alive from the dead and bad re-
turned to His Fattier In heaven and
that even uow. if they would oniy
■'hance their minds about Him and
turn to HLn, He would forvtve their
threat sin and bless tbem and send
them times or refreshing (verses l .
tin.- result <>f this discourse by Pe-
ter was that about .".«**> men were
ulded to tin- company of l *llevers. but
another result was that tbe priests
and the Sa<tduce«* who did not heik-ve
In any resurrection laid bands on IV
ter and John and put tbem In prison
tlv. I4i So it was and Is ami ever
will be till the kingdom comen "Some
believed, and some helieved nor'
"hatter "txvjjl. 23. 241, All we are
taught to expect In this aae is that
some will Itelleve, and our aim must
ho by nil means to save some (I Cor.
ts. 2*it Fie is not expecting tbat all
the world will torn to Him In this
time of Ills rejertton. bnt He te not
discouraged, and He cannot fail dsn
flit 41
in the fullness of time He wtll eom<
again to restore sli things of which
the prophets have spoken < verses tin.
211. and then when tbe glory of liu
I.ord shall he seen upon Israel the na
florin shall come to her light ami kings
to the brtghtnean of her rising Na-
rtons shsll run unto her became of
Him who shall be king In Jerusalem.
Jnst as long ago the queen of 8bei>a
and nil kings of the earth came to
J era si' U-m tn the-days of ftolomon (Isa
I*. 13. Ixll. 13; lv. S: n Cbroo tx. 1.
23. 241 We seem to have come to the
end of " e Mmes of the gentiles and
may retd ere long nf Israel being once
more recognised as a nation, prepare
tory to their time of great mmble and
tbe ftolftllnent of verse 21 of our lee-
son (These notes were written May
4, 11)15.1 Before the time of the greet
tronble of Jar. in, 7; Dan. HI, 1;
Matt sate, 21. . HO. the ehnrrh ebell

• ,m>

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