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Sequence: 2 (standard view) | zoom view Artillery commander and SFC James E. Randolph 2d Armored Division Museum curator inspect a 16th...­ zer Battalion 14th Artillery has been acquired for display in the 2d Armored Division Museum. Col... Page Two Full Day Of Activities Members of the 1st Medium Tank Battalion 66th Armor 2d Armored... of the 66th Armor tells a story of battle and high distinction. On the shield of the armored knight... is currently on display at the 2d Armored Division Museum. Capt. James Cook the British explorer made the first

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... Armored Division Trains by invitation of Col. Wil liam L. Wells Division Trains commander. The four... battalion sized sized units the Wacs toured were the 142nd Signal Bat­ talion the 124th Ordnance Battalion... the 2d Quartermas­ ter Battalion and the 48th Medical Battalion. The tour began with an orien­ tation... First Flag Flown By Ship At Pole GROTON Conn. (AEPS)—The world's only museum dedicated to submarine... during memorial services at the Pole for the late Arctic explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins. Sir Hubert who died

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... was awarded the Charles W. Hen­ ry Memorial Award presented by Maj. Gen. Earle G. Wheeler 2d Armored Division... G. Wheeler 2d Armored Divis­ ion and Fort Hood commander Saturday May 23. He is the 58th Infantry... VOL. 17 NO. 12 Toll Asks 260 The National Safety Council has set 260 as the grim total of mericans... earmarked to die in uto accidents this Memorial Day eekend. A Texas agency of the council predicts that 24... is a member of the 502d Aviation Company and is assistant to the 2d Armored Division aviation of­ ficer

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... the recent course was Sgt. Tom F. Aglesby training aid NCO with Company A 1st Armored Rifle Battalion 6th.... John J. Killian com­ manding officer of the 1st Howit­ zer Battalion 78th Artillery 2nd Armored... of tropical foliage were among the activities experienced by four 2d Armored Division soldiers who completed... Sutton Smith Com­ pany A and Sgt. Robert T. Young Company D all of the 58th In­ fantry. SFC Johnson is a... reside at 1602 Dun­ can Ave. Killeen. Four 58th Infantrymen Complete Jungle Training The students plunged

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... with Metal Pendant from Maj. Gen. Earle G. Wheeler commander of the 2d Armored Division and Fort Hood last... Saturday were guests of 2d Armored Division Trains. The two scouts both members of Troop 128 visited... the hon­ ors with 12 parents present. Capt. Vaughn committee pres­ ident then gave a safety talk... to the 38th Infantry Division. He continued to serve with the 38th Infantry Division during World War II... with the 75th Field Ar­ tillery Battalion until 1952 when he returned to Japan with the 5th Cav. Regiment

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... Today~Nothing to Buy! Drawing Saturday June 6th! oraHorton hw+ 413 NORTH CIOMTM S MfM Armored Sentinel 9... hot item around the 19th hole. The shot surprised Loomer as much as the startled onlookers. 59's... 79 30 27 .342 86 29 29 .337 49 14 19 .326 84 27 22 .261 13 4 7 .534 37 13 18 .486 30 12 12 .400 16 4... profanity •..APRS •Vflfc THE ARMORED SENTINEL FORT HOOD TEXAS To SITTING PRETTY—Intriguing Arlene Howell... of the 720th Mili­ tary Police Battalion won the sec­ ond game 3-0 spinning a fourhitter. hitter. SNAFU

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... 12-13. Religious services at the 268th Street Chapel will be held both mornings beginning at 9:30 a... Hood will be at the home of Mrs. Arnold Ferber 710 North 12th Street Killeen on June 10 at 8:00 p. m.... Harvey wife of Col. William W. Harvey the 2d Armored Division's Combat Command commander has re­ cently... Friday Mass will be celebrated by Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Richard F. Wersing 2d Armored Division chaplain... at the 37th St. West Chapel. Election of officers for the com­ ing year is scheduled at a lunch­ eon

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...-AS LOW AS & LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS! \ealer In Central Texas E A S 1959 Chevy Biscayne 2-Door THE ARMORED... A 2AD for the month of May. Sgt. Hearn a platoon sergeant in Company E 17th Engineer Bat­ talion.... Wednesday arts and Crafts. Thursday 8 p. m. Midweek Dance. Friday Open House Dormi­ tory open for Memorial... WASHINGTON (AFPS) The Army has launched the 19th Jupiter IRBM over the Atlantic test range and Tactical Training Sq. which was trained at Redstone Arsenal Ala. where Army scientists de­ veloped

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... Kathy Annette. RICHNER Born May 12 to Pfc. and Mrs. Arthur James Richner 877th Ord Co a son David Arthur.... BLACKMON Born May 12 to SP-5 and Mrs. Billy Angus Blackmon Trp 1st Recon Sq 15th Cav a daughter Billie Jo... 7—F 12:00 Late News Sign Oft SUNDAY 5:00 Through the Porthole—F 5:15 Christian ScienceF 5:30 20th... AFB a daughter Dana Kay. HEIM Born May 8 to Pfc. and Mrs. Ralph Junior Heim Hq Co 2d ARB 58th Inf. a... daugh­ ter Denise Sue. ALEXANDER Born May 9 to 1st Lt. and Mrs. Robert Gor­ man Alexander 319th MI Bn. a

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... in mankind. Mr. Cross found the wallet on a country road west of Temple. Good Record In 16th The permanent... party personnel of Battery A 16th Artillery re­ cently qualified for a weekend pass for having ano... Military Personnel Reed THE ARMORED SENTINEL Jo flsucudk Oil of Jhsun tW of hi Jims ... ADVERTISE 9t 9-i... receives the Commendation Ribbon with Metal Pendant from Maj. Gen. Earle G. Wheeler 2d Armored Division... and Fort Hood commander. Col. Hebert was cited as commander of the 3d ARB 58th Infantry for effecting

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... missile sites a few miles south of Fort Belvoir Va. SHOP at the MERCHANTS ADVERTISING in the ARMORED...!iM Weiss' 3 Phone ME4-4831 Killeen THE ARMORED SENTINEL FORT HOOD TEXAS WAC VISIT—Sgt. Richardson Atkinson... Company at Fort Hood was invited to tour the four battalion sized units of 2d Armored Division Trains last....1954 GUATEMALAN REVOLT GOVERNMENT 10. 1955 ARGENTINE REVOLT GOVERNMENT 11. 1956 51 AL6ERIAN INSURRECTION FRANCE 12... with an effective date for a current month the AF said will be issued up to the 15th of that month. For example

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...' 12th Inf. warriors this season Ray doesn't consider himself a power hitter like brother Mickey Sam... Friday May 29 1959 Army Aviation Head Appointment Made f* I 4th Army Track Meet Concludes... that has gripped an esti­ mated 40 million U. S. citizens. In just 12 years the number of boats that travel... THE ARMORED SENTINEL FOKT HOOD TEXAS Fishing Derby Nets Huge Haul Thirty-eight boys and girls caught about a.... Tommy 12-year-old son of Brig. Gen. Howard Snyder president of the Fort Hood Rod and Gun Club won first

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... Lake: 21 miles from Killeen double carport plus 12x30 storage. Abun­ dant good water two wells school.... Write Box 880. the Armored Sentinel Temple Texas. (6/19). MERCHANDISE Miscellaneous For Sale 1... of the unknown Pro­ ject Mercury. THIS wii.L RHV0LUTI0N12S AKJTI-SUSMARHM6 U/AttFAgE. s&s CLUB TEMPLE'S MOST... & BELTON L. S. SHIRLEY Owner & LOCATED ON HIGHWAY 81 Operator THE ARMORED SENTINEL FORT HOOD TEXAS some... and Ricky Nelson star in the exciting new western Rio Bravo now playing at Fort Hood. yii'/l Ubf 12 3 4 5 8

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... with the 26th Infantry Scout Dog Platoon at Fort Ben ning Ga. You can save a a Money with the low-cost 40 Mile.... HOOD 3131 Sandwich Truck Will Be In Barracks Area Each Night 28.9 THE ARMORED SENTINEL FORT HOOD TEXAS... Outfit Complete Set 49 $ 3 *199- 16th Arty Ups Nine Nine members of the 16th Ar­ tillery were promoted

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...-Country Low $15.00 Initiation Fee First 20 Members $12.50 Fast 1959 Model 4 Place Piper Radio and OMNI... "Gimlets' are now stationed at Schofield Barracks as part of the 25th Inf­ antry Division. Wife: "Operas... is 1st Lt. Arrnin Frank of starrer about Admiral HalseyL ... __ nnw rotitioH »Th0 r.aiiartt u™re »F6... the Armed forces is that when you give an actor any rank above ser­ geant he becomes impossible." 4th... for the city's celebration of the Henry Hudson- Champlain 350th anniversary. The picture is dedicated to Fleet

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