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... VOL. 19 NO. 5 •f OFF TO FORT POLK—Members of the 67th Armor 2d Armored Division are spending many... Armored Division. The 67th commanded by Lt. Col. Keith Lain has the assignment of Site Support Group.... Leming 46th Engineer Bn. took post soldier honors. Sp-4 Robert A. Janco 142d Signal Bn. 2d Armored... guard composed of Troop A 12th Cavalry and the 6th Artillery. The honor guard ceremony will begin at 8 p... the Hood units are: 1st Cavalry 13th Cavalry and Co. A 1st Quarter­ master—from CCA 1st Armored Division

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...­ sored by the 124th Ordnance Bn. 2d Armored Division and the Rod and Gun Club. TANK MEDICS An "ailing..." was performed by mechanics of the 13th Cavalry CCA 1st Armored Division. Within 30 minutes the engine was yanked... and state law to capture or transport a deer without a permit. Co. A 16th Engineer Bn CCA I 1st Armored.... They will be divided by age groups for the competition. Chil­ dren less than 12 years old must be accompanied... by an adult. An official entry blank and more details will appear in next week's Armored Sentinel. Deer "Keep

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... education. Lt. David Gibson former exe­ cutive officer of Co. B 58th In­ fantry 2d Armored Division has... Armored Division was recently promoted to E-5 MC GUIRE— M-Sgt. Martin J. McGuire Jr. Hq. Btry. 16th Armor 2d Armored Division recently re­ ceived a Certificate of Achieve­ ment for being honor... Division Sol­ dier of the Month for April. STEPHENS— SFC Edward V. Stephens 58th Inf. 2d Armored Division... of performance. WOLFE— PFC C. C. Wolfe Jr. 14th Arty. 2d Armored Division recently received a Certificate

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.... fcarpenter is the new commanding officer of the 13th Cavalry OCA 1st Armored Division. Officially taking.... Alvin L. Havens Hdq. Btry. 16th Arty. 2nd Armored Division has been promoted to Sp-4. We are pleased... Interview. Here Ret. Leonard Dove of Co. T 58th Infantry 2d Armored Division relates his aptitudes... in the 2d Armored Divi­ sion FINGERPRINTING Ret. Elliot Herbert of Co. A 58th Ifantry 2d Armored Division... Friday May 121961 Succeeds Lt. Col. Clark Lt. Col• Carpenter Takes Over 13th Lt. Col. Joy D

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...­ signed to A Co. 58th Infantry 2nd Armored Division after hav­ ing served with the 7th Division in Korea... for publication should be sent to the Public In­ formation Office Armored Sentinel Fort Hood. Telephone OV5... of the Department of th» Army roust be obtained. WELDON KNAPE Advertising Manager B. C. MINTHORN Killten... units are the 337th En­ gineer Brigade New Orleans and the 420th Engineer Bri­ gade from Bryan Texas... of the training mission the 67th Armor and its various as­ signed components will close up the post and move back

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... Page Eight Fort Hood Softball Charts 1st ARMORED DIVISION NATIONAL LEAGUE W & Svc. Btrys. 6th Ally... 3 Co. B 1st Cav 4 Co. B. 123d Ord 2 j. Troop A 12th Cav 2 1 Hq. Co. 33th Cav 2 2 Co. B 6th Infantry... 2 16th Arty 1. 41st Infantry 1. 78th Arty 0. Monday 16th Arty 3. 2d Quartermaster 2. 48th Medics Ord 0. 87th Ord 15 USGA 4. Friday 85th Evac 12. 697th 4. USGA 11 A-53d 3. 87th Ord 3. 129th Ord 2... Co. B. 47th Medics 0 4 WEEK'S RESULTS Monday 501st Aviation 14. Svc&A-73d 2d ARMORED DIVISION

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... commanders werethehoste: ^Capt. Rogers and CWO and Mrs. Lewis Earl W. Sharp Trp. A 12th Ca\- Layton airy Capt... Coffee THE ARMORED SENTINEL FORT HOOD TEXAS SOOTH GRADUATE Christa Hargrave center Is the 500th graduate.... Hargrave 14th Artillery 3d Armored Division and came to the United States from Germany. (U.S. Army Photo.... The Headquarters 2d Armored Donald RurreU fj. Division Officers' wives coffee will Jendrysik all of the 124th Ord... and wives of the 6th Artil- who served and baked cakes were lery. The party on Thursday Mrs. Mitchell Enich

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... The 14th of May commemorates the 149th anniversary the Ordnance Corps. This culmination of nearly a... wishes to all members of the Ordnance Corps at Fort Hood on their 149th anniversary. EDWARD 6. FARRAND.... This Service Available 8.00 to 5.30 Monday thru Friday. 8:00 to 12:00 Saturday. Our Dryers have a special... DON'S SALVAGE ... The Heat's Got Him better hurry for these low low prices! DINETTE TABLES 12. DINETTE... of arms the Ordnance Corps. Sunday is the 149th anniversary of its inception. The problems and missions

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... as Platoon Leader to A Co. 58th Infantry 2nd Armored Division. Lt. Gruber has success­ fully completed his... 10:40 Election Returns—S 12:15 Sign Off SUNDAY 4:30 CoUege Bowl—CBS 5:00 Meet the Press 5:30 20th... FRIDAY News on the hour and half hour 15 minutes of news 7:30 AM and 12:30 PM. 30 minutes of News... THE ARMORED SENTINEL FORT HOOD TEXAS FRIENDLY PERSUASION Dorothy McGuire bids a fond goodbye to her son...:10 The Big Show 11:15 Nosing Around with Sarge Loan News 12:30 MBS News 12:35 Connell Chevy Show 1:00 MBS

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...5 pay­ ments. 102 Nolan Trail Harker Heights ME4-7070. (5-12) EDUCATION RENTALS Duplexes Furnished D...-5) TEMPLE. TEXAS MERCHANDISE Household Goods 1-2 BROWN'S NEW AND USED FURNI- ture and appliance. See us... the pleasure of serving your needs at bargain prices. Satisfactio guaranteed. 8th & Ave. E. Kil­ leen ME4... converts to single bed. Complete set $125.00. ME4-7813. Killeen. 5-12) ___ FOR SALE—21" SILVANIA TV" 1958... and piano repair and re­ building. 1-2 MUNSELLE PIANO CO. Open 8 A. M. to 7:30 M. Daily PR3-6932 1ct boutn

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...-spiked and sprinted home to win in 12:02.6. Ronald Dexter from Co. C 6th Infantry twirled the hammer 121-1 to lead...—Alexander Whltlock of Troop A 12th Cavalry hits the sand pile practically on all fours during competition...' Titles To 12th Cavalry Horseshoes flew through the air early tins week as OCA 1st Ar­ mored Division... staged its annual tournament. Troop A 12th Cavalry lived up to the equinity suggested by its name... homer in the top of tiie 12th to win the game 3-2. Wednesday night the All-Stars collided with the world

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... Killeen Club Chap. (Maj.) Milton E. Berg Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment 2d Armored Division... in France. Newest A-Sub Is Named For 7th President WASHINGTON (AFPS) The name of the seventh President.... Admission is free. Hunt Texas Now accepting reservations for 37th Annual Camp. First term starts June 3rd.... HIGHWAY 190 WEST WE9-3708 BELTON THE ARMORED SENTINEL FORT HOOD TEXAS BttND NAMt MHCHANDISE GUARANTEES... Retail 28.90 ©General Electric KING SIZE SKILLET Cover & Temp. Control Included 12" Size Immersible 1Q88

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