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's Double
Our Quota
DECEMBER 11, 194?
Plenty of Gas for
.Coffee .Rationing
JereVa special message the
ers, stock raisers and" dairy.
f the,.South west"" from the
of Defense Transportation:
STo farmer is to be put out of
as a result of the ODT's
,te of War Necessity plan.
«a the tires, spare parts maie per
1 " ggggwiif *■ ■ 3
ir <* rp "a VAilfLhlfV the AttTainCu' tilC]
gasoline , are "available, ' the
will ttilp every farmer g>6t
h tires, spare parts and gas-
to carry on his necessary
operations. —
Eiy-fa-wrier-who^ is dissatisfied
fhe- amount of mileagte ana
Boiine allowed in his Certificate
New group of 18-year
year .olds will register
during three; periods
• .. i
The "Proclamation -of the' Presi-
dent of the United States estab-
lishes the dates for the Sixth Re-
gistration as follows:
The registration _ of 'male citi-
czena-of the United States and oth-
er male persons, who shaU ha^ve
Necessity for his'tfud^%r ^ereinatfer designated for their
should take the matter up
lediately with hiscounty agent
county war board or his coun-
transportation commit-
the agency contacted is con;
^ced that any -farmer should
ve been granted more mileage
.gasoline, . it
dt a reviled Certificate be is-
iis recommendation will be
to the ODT district mana-
serving the county in* .which
farmer lives.
* *
* • 'V ~ t——ITZT
tie Government's idle tires pur-
sary of thfc* uay of their birth dur-
ing the periods indicated below,
shall take place in the United
States.and the Territories of AH
aska afli^^Hawaiia^'atjui in PueHo
Ricdi between the hours of 9:00 a.
and 5:00 p. m. on the dayS
henry e. haltom
promoted to rank
of captain
*■ .
Local boy is Comman-
der of Co, "E", 119th
Armored Eng. Battn.
registration as follows:
(a) Those, who were born on or
after July^lr~i®24, but not after
August 31„ 1924, shall be register-
ed on any day during the-week CAMP CAMPBELL, Ky., Dec
commencing Friday December 1^^ Pirst.Lieutenant H. E. Haltom,
1942, and ending Thursday, pec-
ember 17, 1942: _
(b) Those who were born on or
son of Mr. and Mrs. V. R. Haltom
of Crosby ton, Texas; commander
st important factor in the en-
mileage rationing picture. On
30, it was estimated that
bn turned in and officials said
It slightly^ more than half of
se are'usable in their present
sdition or can be made usable
and_ repairable tiros will be.
^ced back into trade channels as
is possible and will be ra-
Jned to consumers on the basis
essential mileage. The other
bs, graded as scrap, will be ul-
lately converted to reclaimed
_tQ_guenient ' the nation's
?ply of crude rubber. Many
Dusands of tires made from re-
limed rubber are now being
peked by dealers all over the na-
ih preparation for the re-
ests for tires-under the mileage
PEogra m^-"The whole
Dgranri is desi^ngdtO/' "furnish
to all, based on .essential mil--
?e. The essentiaVmileage part
[ the program, of course, is guid~
by the gasoline rationing regu-

Sffee drinkers who failed . to
jeir war ration book Itfo. i
Igar ration book)' mUst file an
plfcation with their local war
after September l~l&237T>ut riot
after October 31, 1924, sha*H be
registered on any day during the
week commencing Friday, Dec-
ember 18, 1942, arid ending Thurs-
day, December 24, 1942.
(C) Those who Were born on or
after November 1, 1924,' but not
after December 31, 1924, shall be
registered ori^ariy day during]! the
period commencing Saturday, Dfc-.
ceniber 26, 1942, and ending Thurs
day, December 31, 1942: j«
(d*> During the cpntinuance or
the present war, those who' -were
born on or after January 1, 1^25,
shall be registered on the day they
repairs or recapping. The usa- pattarn -the>eighteferith anniversary.
of their birth; provided, that if
such anniversary falls on a Sun-
day, or a lejjal holiday, their re-
gistration shaH take place on the
day following that is hot a Sun-
day or legal holiday. j ■
Registration of .Crosby county
youths will be taken- at the local
draft board uffice in Ralls.
ce and rationing board by De- a rated storage-, capacity of 184,.'
ber 15, in order to purchase
:e, and that date is {he last
on which ration staiTip No. i)
be used to buy sugar. Book
1 i§„ necessary not oply - for
curing coffee now, but : must be
esented to local boards around
first of the year in order to
eive war ration .book.No. 2.
[Directors^ of the Plain view Tur-
py Show have decided to call off
annual Show this year, Miss
slyn Dixon, county home dem-
stration agent, has b'eSn inform.
The show was to have been
" Wednesday and Thursday,
9 And 10.
ie show has been discontinued
ause it was found that the ex-
i could get morefpr their
! by selling themori the
rket at ceiling prices rather
entering them in the Turkey
' and selling them at "Auction
Li©, 1
' * -' s— . * .. •
' 40 •
If O. P. 'Clark, General Sup-
itendent of the Methodist fcub-
District, will be h«re Sunday
ernoon to holt} the first quar-
conference of this conference
flev. L.B. Small wood, pas-
of the local' chufch, has an-
!><ied. .The time of the meeting"
^ for 3:00 p. m., -
i _ ——O— -jp
[Roy J. Terrell, -~ot
■irman of the Crosby" Courity
Committee, was In Crosby-^
Monday attending to blislnesa"
(Sheriff Roy Hillin attended the
^« t Texas Peace Officers Cori-
wtlon at Lubbock Wednesday.
Jt 60 peace officers from ad-
countles were present at
meeting, *
Pvt- Webb Rldllng of Camp
spent the week-end Ijera
*"• and Mrs. George Strange
Engineer Battalion, 12th Armored
Division, has recently been pro-
emoted to the rank of captain.
Captain Haltom is 24 years1 of
age and was graduated frorn Tex-
as A. andf-MC'College June 6, 1941,
^With. Bja. degrees in both Petro-
leum and Mechanical .Engineering.
Haltom entered the services of his
country "with the United States
Army. As a civilian Captain Hal-
Department of the Phillips Petro-
leum Company, Bartlesville, Tex-
-^',r ■ -- /
Tire captain has a brother-in-
law in the United States Coast
Guard. " 7
: Ch —
Loans on grain not
jneegssary to get
one of bins
, Keltz Garrison, Administrative
Officer, Crosby County ACA, an-
nounce this week that he had
received 75 grain bins which are
Available for resale to farmers in
Crosby countyt These bins have
bushels, end sell for $270.00 each.
Any farmer who desires one may
purchase one; by" signing a. note
payable to Commodity Credit
Corporation, whieh ig due Decem-
ber 31,. 1943, with interest aTTt^r
"There seems to be some mis-
understanding in .the county in
that some farmers -are of "the op-
inion they must obtain a loan on
any grain which is placed in the
granaries," Garrison said. "How-
ever," h^ continued,, "this is not
the case since they may be used
for any purpose the purchaser de-
sires."; • .. _v... f, ■
"W;ith 'the preserit price of
Grain Sorghums as 16w as it is,
farmefS-may purchaie these gra-
naries and obtain a loan at the
rate of 98c "per hundred through
Commodity Credit Corporation, '
he said. The loan of 98c per hun-
dfed on Grain Sorghums, it was
explained; is available to all far-
mers regardlestLof w"hether they
purchase a granary or not.
— We have received a sample
set of the new 32-piece. Cry-
stal Luncheon Set that we are
giving free with a' combina-
tion subscription offer with
the Progressive Fftrmec^i&ad- —*
ing Southern farm paper. You -
receive, the Crosbyton Review
for one year, and* the Progres-
sive Farmer for five (5) years
•for only $3.99, and the 32-
_piece Crystal Luncheon Set is
"yours free of charge. ■
*"•* Yod should see this set now
and then let" us enter your
• subscription while this offer lb
open to you, for the time Is
limited, publishers of the Pro-
gressive Farmer say. -.
• —Opr-
Bgt. 1. L. Williams, Jr., la now
stationed at Edlnburg, tnd. accord-
irig to a Christmas card received
recently by Warren Hames. Jim-
mie Is the son-Of ' former CroBby
county Sheriff and Mrs. J. L.
Williams. -
Office of War Information Mon-
day called on every American to
help win the war "by toughening
his mind and eaxs" to sensational
24-milHon bale sur-
plus doesn't keep,
prices down ^ -
%r m ^
Cotton farmers will decide the
floor price of cotton when., they
vote on- cotton marketing quotas
Saturday, December (12, Roy J.
Terrell, chairman; Crosby .County
AAA Committee,- said this weeks.
He explained that OPA's ceil-
ing prtae «n fipished cotton goods
automatically places ceilings on
raw cotton but that they did
establish a flbbr,"' - - •"
"The bottom price is left up to
cotton farmers becaiuse loans, at
90 percent of parity are effective
only when quotas are voted fav-
orably,". he continued.
Despite a present 24-million bale
■ supply,---cottOITjprices, which are
supported -by loans, are higher
for the s current crop than they
have been for several years.
Terrell safd that'farmers have
a choice" betweeh pffinrieirwafKeT-"
ing and loanfjgupjported prices un-
der ^ "Yes" vote "rend -"Unlimited-
marketing and no price support
under a "No" vote. "" ,
. "Since every cotton grower la
the county should participate in
the referendum, we are doing
what' we can to make it as easy-
as possible for them to vote by in-
creasing the number of ballot
boxes," the AAA chairman said.
"Also any cullun producer -who
Re-set for December 17th
. You kiddies, If yod "would
like to write.Santa Claus, now
is the time to do it. Just «snd
your letters to the Review of-
fice, and w®, . will see that
Santa Claus gets your letter.
Make 'your letters brlef and
't^tusk tot ' vety^:
many things for your "Uncle
Sam" is having Santa Claus
send so .many things to his
fighting b°ys over seas that
it's going to take lots of his""
Santa Claus letters will be
published on Dec. 18 and on
December 24..
-r; o ——
will be out of the county ,pn Dec-
ember 12 may - cast an absentee
ballot at the AAA Office before-
This year there will be 10 b.aj*
lot boxes in the. county compared
with 9 boxeSr^fiv previous referen-
da. •
"Gasoline rationing, tire short-
ages and other wartime problems
required that the number of boxes
be increased," Terrell said.
Polling places in Crosby county
will be open from 8 a. jm. .until
7 p. m. at the following - places:
^Crosbyton; Ralls, Lorenzo, Cone,
Farmer. Robertsc
gary, Wake, Blanco.
Only 12 women will
be allowed to take
this course •'
A Foundation Pattern
for making- foundatio
or hostility
ch common-
"Every American," . OWJ, said,
"can help to win this war by re-
fugmg to believe or repeat sensa-
tional stories whicH~'are -not-: car-
ried by the newspapers or over the
radio. Every American can fight
the enemy-by refusing to spread
suspicion and hate in the United
States." :
- - "OW^^i^ortirig it had analyzed
more- than' 4,500 riimbrs which
came to the:- attention of' various
federal agencies in the Idst il
months, said they, fell into - thes&
five general classes:
1. "Hate rumors,"
' prejudice, animosity
for groups otheSP thai
2. "Anxiety rurfio
^uneasiness or feairwl
ly take the form of unfounded re-
ports of. Allied disaster or weak-
ness, or of overwhelming enemy
strength, •
3. "Escape rumors^'^reflecting
in the. main, wishful Slinking a-
bout the progress and duration oi
the war.
4. "Supernatural rumors,!' con-
taining fantastic prophecies of dis-
"aster or impending miracles. -
5. "Curiosity rUmors," which
contain amusing, or novel tidbits
of supppsed "news". —
Here are the rules OWI sug-
gests: • ■ ' .. W-.;-:-
1. Ne^er repeat a rumor. .
2. Do not repeat a rumor ver-
bally even to deny it, . ,
3. If you know the facte which
can spike a rumor, cite the f
4. If you don't know the facts
which, can stop-B^rumor, ask the
l-umor-teller where . he got ' his
.facts.,.. ' - -.- |
•—5. Don't give a rumor the ben&r.
fit of any dQUbt.
"The press arid radio are fight-
ing rumors — not by the endless
denying of each rumor, bat by
blanketing the rumors with auth-
oritative information," OWI said.
"The Office of War Information
endeavors to glv;e the.public full
and accurate information about
this war, within ih& essential re-
strictions of military security, in
the conviction that it is'; honest
news and complete information
which makes it harder for rumors
and irresponsible gossip to take
. . '—, o—
Pvt. J. L. McCrummeh of the
Lubbock Army Flying School wa*
here this week on several days
furlough. ■ ■■ _J
The Dallas Morning News nas
put on a special, mail rate on- their
paper. If' you are a reader of the
Dallas News or Would like, to be-
•come a new reader, we would like
to take your subscription at the
Review Office.
The special rate given "by the
News for a limited time, isf Daily
and Sunday for . $7.95, and Daily
without Sunday for $6.75. Look
for .the advertisement in the Re-
view. "• ■■ 'r ^
for- twelve Crosby Couiity • Home
Demonstration Club women wil'
be held by Mrs. Dorty R. Barnes
Extension Servit^p Rp«^(-ialiBt in
Clothing, A."& M. College, Mon-
day- and Tuesday, Dec. 14-15, at
the Crosbyton Higff^Scheal. Num-
erous Requests have been made-
for this' school, and Crosby coun-
ty is jndeed- fort-iiriate, to be able
to secure this, educational , work
with the aasistance pf Mrs. Barnes
Miss Carolyn Dixon,""'COunty hQme
^demonstration agent," says.
It is regretted that only twelve
women cari take the^-course, Miss
Dixon . said, wbut since foundation
patterns will actually be made for
these twelve attending the school,
it is necessary to limit the atten-
dance. It is imperative1 that thY
ones attending, however, be pre-
sent for both days of the school.
—o -
v Ten Inch snowfall
is recorded; traffic
after a
fall of clear and~:;83mparatlvgiy
mild weather, residents of thiiS4" ]
section-awoke last Sunday morn-
ing to find a 7-inch snow cover-
ing Uie ground. Snow begaoU&ll-
ing at about 2 o'clock a. hi., the
morning of Dec. 6, Sunday. It con-
tinued to fall throughout'the day
Sunday and by night measu'fed lRJ
Up to yesterday, Thursday, the
ground- was 'stili covered
depth of four inches. No wind ac-
coirijganjied the snow and the cold
UveatheT during the period, which
registered from a minimum of 1/
degrees on Tilaadav niorning to 20
Agrees Wfdnesday, Jkept the snow
from melting fast. Tuesday after-
noon the skies cleared but Wed-
nesday it was cloudy again, with
indications .that more snow would
follow." ' ■■-*.v.; .
A'dtoists venturing out Sunday
selves stuck, as the top of the
ground under the snow was cover-
ed with a layer of ice, caused by
sleet falling before the snow, be-
gan. However, the ruts were op-
Program will be
"better than ever"
say sponsors
- .Qrosbyton's Bond Rally, sche-
duled for Monday night, Decem-
ber 7th, has been re-set for Thurs-
day night, December 17, it waa.
announced this Week following a (
discussion at the Crosbyton
Club luncheon. " i—
Thin date is tha
planned for a Bond RaMy
Concert by the-Hi^r
: rCiu^co-sponsors
"WttK 'the Lions Club. The date will
be observed by schools all over
the state, "it is stated.
Mrs. Wiley Curry, director of
the Choral Cldb. says that the ex-
tra ten days allowed for getting
up the program -will make the
event even better than originally
planned. An unusually good group
elects officers
recent meet
■ j, ■ > . ' '1 . -
in the Services .
T-SgL Edwin Ziehii 459th Bn.
Btry D, Coast Artillery Anti *- Air
Craft, Camp Hulen; Texas.
Staff Sgt. Audry May, Adv. G."
T. D. Group 11, Bks. 830, Stutt-
gart, ^trk .> ... —
Mrs. A. K. Lackey left Wed-
nesday for Richmond, Kentucky,
for an extended visit-with, rela-
tives. :r' ..... T;.
——.—o—•——. -
C. R. Williams of Gatesville is
the guest thi^ week of his sisters,
Mesdames Jack Marsh and}J. ,W.
Hinson and families
We are still being lasked
when the bargain .rfttos will
start this yeaf-on-We. Review.
s we have, previously an-
4jQunced,' it; twill be impossible
for' us to make the bargain rate
this year, and tlie^prlce of the
Review Will be $1.50 in Crosby
and adjoining counties, and
$2.00 elsewhere.,
Everything that goes into
the making of a newspaper i s
much higher this year, .paper,
labor, repair pfcrts And Wflftgr-
ials, eto., and for thia reason
we will be unabjte to make a
redffctidn' ln our regular price.
We are sorry, but feel that our
subscribers will understand
that this is necessary. Prices
of everything else have gone
up, and to continue to publishT
we must raisej our price accord-
ingly. ^ V
,ToU can still save money by
taking advantage of our cluo-%
bing offers on daily nawapa<-
pers. Hie average saving is |1
on each combination. - ,y
W. 0. Matthews
of .Big Four club is
chosen chairman-
— Mrs. W: O. Matthews of the Big,
Four club - was elected Chairman
of the 1943 Crosby, County Home,
Demonstration Council, at the
last meetirig of the fcouncil. Oth-
er officers elected were: '
_ Mrs. Ernest Wood, Crosbyton,
vice-chairman; Mrs. C. C. Barr,
Robertson, secretary; ^Mrs. Bill
RObertson, Farmer, treasurer,
Mrs. H. T. Snider, Big Four, re-
porter; Mrs. W. P. Lamar, Cros-
Committee chairmen and jnem-
bers of the committees will" be ap-
pointed, Mrs. Matthews states, at
the January Council meeting-, the
regular meeting date of which is
the fourth Saturday. * ;
Sgt. John Ingram of"
Field, Sah Antonio, ppent
a few
rents, Mrv and Mrs. Carl Ingram
John has recently T>een promoted
to the rank of sergeant
——: o———
„ Harold Flemilis and Wayne El-
lison, who volunteered for service
in the Air Corps^ reported for in-
duction Monday at Lubbock Re-
' cruiting Station, but were inform-
ed that the new regulation affect-
ing volunteers was in effect and
no more volunteers would be ac-
cepted.." Harold - left Tuesday tor
San Diego, Calif., to spend the
holidays with his sister and Tfiis-
band, Mr. and" Mrs. Wilmeth Wat-
kins. He will return here to await
his call from -the local draft boards
^ .. ....
Mr. arid Mrs. Chas. Leonard
and Mr. and Mrs. Dallas" Erwin
of Lubbock, visited their mother
and grandmother, mA, J. L. Tin-
sley recently. Mrs. Erwin Is the
former Miss Louise Leonard.
-I), o—————
u-Mrs. J. L. Tinsley returned to
her home in Crosbyton "Monday
following a week's visit, with her
''daughter, Mrs. Chas. Leonard,
near Brownfield. She was accom-
panied home by her daughters,
Mesdames C. O. "Paschall and
Chas. Leonard.
* ■ / o ■
Keep 'Em Firing — With Junk!
ened' by Tuesday sufficiently for
*autoists to resume slow travel. •
This is -the third big- snow""to
cover this section in three year3.
Last spring., on April 8 a 14-incfct
snow fell during the night, bjut
by morning half Of this was gone,
and little remained on the. grouncT
by nightfall. On February 17th.
1940, a 10-inch snow fall was re-
corded accompanied., by a. wind
storm which drifted the snow six
to eight feet deep in places,^"but
swept farni lands clean, leaving
'little moisture., Th, is snow is "very'
wet and remained on the grourid.
measuring aij ineh or more in
moisture ^content;: F^mers.. say it
is- the best snow in "benefits de-
ri-ved that has visited the-section-
in a good' iria^'.years.

year, and the yourig
working, hard to produce an out-
standing program- -
RpvjL Noel V. Guice, pastor pf
the'f'irst Baptist church, will
iTrefoe a patriotic- ta^k-at -the Ral- ' "r
ly,. and will be th^ only speaker
on the program.
As has been p6inted out before,
the main purpose of the rally is
to aid in completing Crosbyton's
bemd quota for the year. No one,
however, will be embarrassed at |
the program, and if you have al- " .1^
ready bought all -the bonds you
feel you can buy for the year, do
Miss Carolyn Dixon,
attends course held
: at Texas Tech
. ••MiherAto^^^bjpprinB", and
"Special* Diets'! are a few of thaL
topics frequently discussed 111 cur-
rent nutrition work. These arid
others will be' given emphasis in
Nutrition Work in the county in
1943, states Miss Carolyn Dixon.
countjcJhftme demonstration agent,
who has recently completed a NU
trition Course at |Texas Technolo-
gical College; Lubbock. ~
Educational work on this sub-
ject will be . done not only through
the Extension Service clubs and
other organizations in the county,
but the County Nutrition Com-
mittee plans to offer a Red'Cross?
Course of .20 hours, consisting of
ten lessons of two hours each.
- / '" O- :— ,
not miss a good program because
you caanotftfruy more^.. Only a^
small part of the time will be" tak-"
en up with the sale of bonds and
stanips; thCxemamder will be giv-
en Oven-to the -prograrrir^~——-
If you will be unable to attend"
"the program and Rally, we sug-
gest that you buy your bonds at
aby" timer-dttring.J3ie coming week
and ask that the amount be turn-
ed in for" the rally. It sug-
gested that chairmen of bond com-
mittees in the various communi-
ties see as rnany _a& -possible- ~ot
their neighbors during the comiffg
week' 'and'^sg^-'how fna^T.- bonds
-they irffend"to bffy Before the
first of thffyear. The chairman^-
or some one else from the com-
munity, should be present at the
Rally and1 indicate what his com-
Frank and Leonard Brixey are
visiting their mothei;, Mrs, C.
Brixey at Mercedes in tffe Valley.
■ -r—o-.—7—7
Mr.; and Mrs. J. T. Dickey had
as their week-end guests all oi
their children and grandchildren
Mr. and Mrs. R L. Turner arid
Jlmmy Of Nocona, Mr. and Mrs
W. W. Dickey, Mary Jane arid
Nancy Anht of Denton, Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Elam of Slaton. Mr. and
Mrs. Dickey are moving soma
time tlttsrmonth to the farm ji"
Rev. L. B. Smallwood near Sudan,
" LeMoy Odom of Fort Bliss, field
artillery, spent the week-end here
with his mother* Mrs. B. F.
Thompsori""and3®<l Hiompson,' "
'« ———o -
Miss Elnora Dyer, nurse
West Texas Hosfpltal, spent Thurs-
day night of last \^eek here with
her father, C. ;L. Dyer.
Kenneth, small son Of Mri'ttttd
Mrs. W. H. Leatherwbod, wfts car-
ried to the Lubbock General Hos-
pital last Friday for treatment of
a bronchal infection.
Mr- and Mrs. Calvin Smith were
in TitMday from their farm north
of Ralls. v
WunlfyZpTans to buy, so that the
community can get due credit. ,jr
Sale of' bonds have been brisk
the past two weeks, it is reported,
and" CroSbyton's bond meter now
stands at better, than $90,000.
This means that" the community
lacks only about $30,000 of reach-
ing its quota for the year. ,
- —o——r-r- .
Some Rubber Boots
May Now Be Secured
'By Farmers
Certain types of,I rubber foot-
wear not suitable for use in mines
may now be purchased with ra-
tioning certificate^ .by farmers and **
others entitled to - Use such lighter
weight rubber footwear, W. T.
Dunn, chairman of the Crosby Co. ~
Ratioir Board, announced. — —— - T
In order to assure that the par-
ticular type. Qf rubber foot-wear
best suited to the lieeds pf miners
wi)l be rationed only to persons in
that occupjation, rubber footwear 1
UsedTn tfteT mines, classified as
■Type-5, may be purchased., ^
•toy miners. In other cases the'War
Ration Board still iriay issue-oer-
tific.ates authorizing the purchase
of the. shqrtest height and lightest
weight rubber footwear that will
meet^ an applicant's need.
Mrs. William B. Allen received
a letter last week from her hus-
band, Lieut. WllliaHT B. Allen,
that he had been moved from
somewhere in Australia to some-
where in New Guinea.. Lieut. Al-
len reported it to^b^ very "hot
weather Where,,he. waa novr locat- *
ed. -w • - , >' *
>" —o —
r The Santa Fe-System carload-
ings for the week ending Decem-
ber, 5, 1642, were 22,694 compared
at] with 23;739 for the same week in
1941. Cars received from connec
tions totaled 11,666 compared
8,341 for the same week
Total can moved were 34, S
pared with 32,080 for the
week I3 1941. Santa Fe
total Of 33;057 cars in the
ing <wek of Jila year.
Mrs. Myrtle
nurse of
waa the
mother, Mrs. A. B.

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Curry, W. M. The Crosbyton Review. (Crosbyton, Tex.), Vol. 34, No. 50, Ed. 1 Friday, December 11, 1942, newspaper, December 11, 1942; ( accessed August 10, 2020), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Crosby County Public Library.

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