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■ Mr-
Two weeks ago we failed to
warn our correspondents and
others that during the' week of
Veterans Day, Nov. 11, Thursday
came on Wednesday for this
newspaper. Well, it is fixing to
happen again, all in the same
month. As next Thursday, Nov.
25, is Thanksgiving, The Review
will be published one day early,
on Wednesday, in order thht all
our subscribers will get their
papers on time. We ask all cor-
respondents, reporters and ad-
vertisers to get their copy to us
one day earlier, not later than
Tuesday, in order to be included
in next week's issue. Thank you.
CWrttf* OUMtBumiM* Institution - E UbU W. %1909
It's still five weeks until
Christmas, but we have already
received that first letter to San-
ta Claus, which will be forward-
ed to that Jolly old boy at the
North Pole. Only trouble is", we
can't read it. "We can tell who
it's too,1' as the "Dear Santa" is
plain enough. And we know
who its from because we can
read the name "Angela". But the
rest of it look like this: "dftboa
npegabaz3;UNafb gwode bnM ff
"nmbegDa bnhmbrdeanp fRG 8"
Oh well, Santa is a mighty good
hand at ciphering. We have an
idea he'll know what Angela
We've been meanine^to apolo-,
gize to our fari^r friends for
some time about1), these pictures i
we've been running^ As contest
pictures they have been fine, be-
cause it's certainly much harder
to place a farm by a rear view
than a front view. But as far as
the farm owners are concerned,
we don't much blame them for
being disappointed in the pic-
tures we have been giving them.
A picture of a hog or cow pen
with a nice home for a back-
ground is certainly not some-
thing you will want to hang up
in your parlor.
55,600 Pledged For Swimming Pool
Before Fond Drive Gets Under Way
With! the Hrfve for funds hot
officially started until this
morning, the Swimming Pool
Committee of the Crosbyton
Chamber of Commerce reported
yesterday that pledges already
stood at $5,600.00. This is more
than one-fourth of the estimated
120.000 needed to build the pool,
Bob Work, Chamber of Com-
merce manager, pointed out. ,
The kick-off breakfast for the
swimming pool finance drive
was held at 7 o'clock this morn-
ing, Thursday, at the Crosbyton
school lunchroom. A prospect
list" was divided among the
workers, and they will begin to
make contacts this week.
The proposed pool would be
•Tjodern in every respect and of
large size. It would be 50 feet
wide at the shallow end. 30 feet
wide at the deep end. and 80
feet long. The committee is to
decide on Its location, but the
spot most discussed is the city
park in the east part of the city.
Telephone Rates in Crosbyton To
Be Increased with December Billing
We want to say that we have
been just as disappointed as you
probably are in most of these
pictures. The salesman that sold
us the two-year contract showed
us only nice front views as sam-
ples, and we surmised that was
the way ours would be. Instead,
about nine-tenths of them were
taken from the rear. Now we
learn that this same company.
Zekan-Robbins Studios of Har-
With something popping ey-
ery minute, Crosbyton people
who attend the "Gay '90 Revue"
next Tuesday night, Nov. 23, are
in for a storehouse of laughter
and fun that will last them for
a long time. Hailed as even fun-
nier and crazier than the Lions
Club Revue of 1953, this year's
production is expected to attract
another full house. *
The Gay '90 Revue, as was thc-
prodiiction last year, Is for the
benefit of the Crosbyton High
It is
School Band uniform fund.
being produced jointly by
Crosbyton Lions Club and Cros-
byton Band Boosters Club. j
Every act, with the exception
of the Can Can Chorus, will be
different from last year. And ev-
en the Can Can number will be
quite different because there is
a complete new group of Can
Can girls.
Other highlights 'will be a
G'ay '90 Bathing Beauty Revue,
a Negro Minstrel, a dance rou-
tine, a pantomine, and one In-
the |terrviption after another of fool-
^There will be another candy
sale, of course, with the Can
Can girls doing the selling. ^A
large group of prizes have been
put up by Crosbyton merchants
which will make every candy
purchase a potential winner.
Joe Meador, manager of the
Ralls Chamber of Commerce, is
directing the Revue again this
year and acting as master of ce-
Grand Jury Urggs Clean-Up Of
Unsanitary Condition of Crosby jail
A Crosby County Grand Jurj
in 72nd District Court last week
rtrged a" general clean-up and
lan, Iowa, Is sending out letters modernization of facilities in
to farm owners whose homes | the Crosby County jail, and also
have appeared in The Review,
wanting to sell them additional
pictures. We were supposed to
have this exclusive re-ordering
right on the pictures we have
run, but this company seems to
have disregarded this. Well, as
one owner put it, "I wouldn't
give a dime a dozen for pictures
of my hog lot," so we haven't
tried to sell to hard. But if you
want additional pictures, please
let us get them for you.
V -
pointed out that the county
must establish new quarters for
women jurOrs and improve the
quarters of men jurors.
The Grand Jury, following the
completion of its regular busi-
ness Tuesday, Nov. 9, ihade an
inspection of the jail. The report
stated: "In the course of our in-
spection tour of the jail, we
found that the jail was in a ve-
ty unsanitary condition. The
cells and other facilities were
not properly cleaned and kept
and were in such condition that
we felt that this matter should
be called to the attention of the
proper authorities. We found the
mattresses and bedding on the
cell bunks were in a bad state
of repair and the mattress cov-
ers and the blankets were very
dirty. We also found that there
is no hot water facilities in the
cells where the prisoners are
kept and they do not have an
opportunity to take a bath re-
gularly. The only plumbing fac-
ilities that are available to
prisoners on a regular basis is
the commode and a cold water
basin." ^ . - ~
The Grand Jury recommended
adequate cleansing and scrub-
bing materials be furnished the
prisoners and that they be re-
quired to keep their cells clean;
new mattresses for the bunks or
new motors the old ones rebuilt, and that
The new Plymouth, which has hot. water be made available to
New Plymouth
and De Soto on
Display in City
Both the new 1955 Plymouth
and the 1955 De Soto went on
display in the showroom of the
Cocke Motor Company in Cros-
byton Wednesday. They will be
displayed this week-end and Mr.
Jim Cocke, owner, invites the
public to drop by and see the
new models.
r Both cars are complete new,
Mr. Cocke reports, and are be-
ing favorably received on their
initial showings. They " have
been restyled <along the modern-
istic lines, and have complete
either a V-8 or 6 ettgine, is ten
inches longer than the 1954 car.
Bargain Days
on Daily Papers
The Review is authorized to
offer the following prices on
daily newspapers. We are the
authorized agents for most
dailies in this area:
Daily and Sunday .... $12.95
Daily Without Sunday $11.00
Daily, aad Sunday S13-95
Daily Without Sunday $12.60
In Crosby County and
Crosbyton Territory $2.50
Elsewhere .L.— * S3-°°
the prisoners for bathing.
"We note that the jail is gen-
erally In a bad state of repair,"
the report continues. "The roof
leaks in several places, and we
recommend that proper steps be
taken to repair any and all
leaks and other conditions that
now exist with respect to the
'repair 61 the building."
The Grand Jury found jury
|quarters completely inadequate.
"There are ho adequate quar-
ters for keeping male jurors ov-
ernight, and this burden will be
two-fold when the new law goes
into effect," the report slates in
referring to the new law setting
up jury service for women.
"A general survey of the pre-
sent quarters (by the Commis-
sioners' Court) would determine
whether the present buildings
could be re-spaced and remod-
eled or whether it will require
the building of other facilities
to provide for the additional ac-
comodations which are needed.'
Huge Pole Is
Placed in Park
For Lighting
Work of giving) Crosbyton "a
new look" for Christmas began
this week with the erecting of
a 60-foot pole in the center of
the city park. Atop the pole is
a giant star which extends an-
other 20 feet into the air. This
star has already been lighted.
Extending down from the pole
to the edge of the park in every
direction will be strings of
Christmas lights. A border of
lights will also be strung around
ihe park.
A giant Christmas, tree, to be
placed toward the center o| the
park, will complete the decora-
tions. i
See our large selection of Hall-
mark Christmas Cards. — The
Crosbyton Review.—Adv. t
Office Supplies At The Review
Review's Mystery Farm No. Eighty-Nine
We will continue to make a
reduction of 50c on The Re-
view to those who «ub cribe
to their daily paper through
this newspaper.
With one of the best record*
in' the history ot football in the
local schools, the Crosbyton
Chiefs take on their ancient ri-
vals, the Ralls Jackrabblts, in
the final game of the season
Friday at 2:00 p. m., at Jackrab-
bit Park in Ralls.
Many Crosbyton businesses
are closing, for the afternoon in
order that everyone might at-
tend the game, while other store
owners are leaving only a clerk
or two to wait on the few custo-
mers who will not be at Ralls.
The Chiefs have a record of
eight wins and One loss for the
season, the loss being to the
mighty Hale Center Owls who
now lead the state ih scoring
with a staggering total o{ 527
points. Ralls, following a poor
beginning, tyas improved rapidly
during the past month. Last Fri-
day night they defeated Fren-
ship 46 to 7, a larger score than
was accomplished by the locals
against that team.
"Add the ancient rivalry be-
tween these two teams and you
come up with a guarantee of a
good game Friday which either
team can win," said Coach Leo-
nard Ehrler this Week. He added
however, that the Chiefs
ready Friday, with not a single
man out on injuries. There is
no overconfidence, he* said, but
a great deal -of.determination to,
win the game.
A distinct honor was accord-
ed the Chiefs this week whoa
the Amarillo Daily News rated .
them at as No. 4 Class A team
in the Panhandle-Blains area.
Ahead of them are the three
district winners. Hale Center.
Paducah and McLean. The
Chiefs replaced Lefors which
held the No. 4 spot last week.
As the game will start at 2:00
p. m., the schools will be dis-
missed at 12:30. The buses car-
rying the band and pep squad
will leave at that hour. How-
ever, lunch will be served 4 in
the school lunchroom from 11:30
to 12:30
. asp . *• ~ * '
1 " "O,; 1111
Mid-Winter Band
Concert Set For
Thursday, Dec. 2
A Mld-Wlnter Band concert is
lq be held Thursday, Dec. 2,- at
the hew gymnasium, according
to announcement this week by
Jesse Lancet, director.
Bands to take part In the con*
cert include: the 34-piece grade
school band, the 44-piece Junior
High School Band composed of
sixth and seventh grade pupils,
and the 70-plece high school
The concert will begin at S:00
p. m. and Is free to the public.
A free will offering will be tak-
en at the conclusion of the con-
P.-T. A. Holds
November Meet
On Thursday
Members of Ihe Crosbyton Pa-
rent-Teacher Association met in
ithe grade school auditorium last
| Thursday, afternoon at 3 o'clock
j for their regular November
j meeting.
j Mrs. Carl Grissom's first grade
Mrs. Francis Deregibus, state j presented a program of songs,
president of the Jaycee-Ettes, j recitations and .rhythm band
was in Crosbyton Tuesday night 'numbers.
Sad news to Crosbyton tele-
phone subscribers this week is
the announcement that General
Telephone Company of the
Southwest will again raise their
lates in Crosbyton. effective
with the December 1 billing.
This is the third rSTse for the
company withhin the past few
Permission for the raise was
granted by the Crosbyton City
Council at a meeting Tuesday.
Nov. 9. First faced ,.wlth a re-
quest for more than a 50 per-
cent increase which the Council
refused to grant, the compro-
mise increase was Accepted at
the meeting last Tuesday. An
increase to $11.50 had been ask-
ed for business phones, while
the compromise rate sets this
figure at $9.50.
Council On Spot
The request for the Increase
: 1.50
almost got this two-bode load of cotton to the gin, missing it by
about three blocks. An axle broke on the trailer, and Leonard
Pa.-tee.-, vvno owns the trailer was assisting in replacing it. Frank
Ellison, whose business is just across the street, assisted by loan-
ing the men his winch truck. But the trailer wouldn't cooperate.
Instead, it turned turtle, dumping the cotton in the doorway of
the trailer house studio, belonging to Shugarfs of Levelland.
A short time after this picture was taken last Thursday the cot-
ton was back in the trailer and on the way to the gin.
in local phone rates, whicFf is
now 350 percent higher than
pre-World War II days, put the
City Council in the position of
having to accept the compro-
mise figures or face the possi-
bility of seeing the telephone
company increase its rates to
its first request'without the per-
mission of the Council.
The Council employed a firm
of consultants to investigate the
claims of the telephone compa-
hy. Tills investigation was just
getting under way when Gener-
al offered the comprlmise.
Rates Are Compared
The new rates, which are the
same as those recently accepted
by Ralls, and the old rates, are
as follows:
New Old
One Party
Two Party
One Party
Two Party
The new rural rates, which
are also affective with the Dec-
ember billing, are $7.00 for a
rural business telephone and
$4.50 for a rural residence tele-
Fairview Church
Will Dedicate
Building Sunday
Dedication services for the
Fairview Baptist Church build-
ing will be held Sunday, Nyv. 21
with an all day meeting, accord-
ing to announcement this week
by the paslm^Jtev. W. C. Odom.
Regul^rservices will be held
atf the 11 a. m. hour, following
which a basket dinner, will be
served. The dedication service
will be held at 3:30 in the af-
ternoon. Rev. Flores of Slaton
will preach both services.
The Fairview church purchas-
ed the Fairview school building
when that district was consoli-
dated with Ralls several years
ago. They now* have the build-
ing paid for.
The public is invited to
tend the services.
Given Charter
Tuesday Night
Mrs. S B. Tate and Edd May-
nard of trowel! spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Jones
and Mrs. Len Johnston.
We expected a much larger
number of guesses on Mystery
Farm No. 88 last week, but
received only four. The farm,
which belongs to Mr. and Mrs.
Glenford Fowler, is off of the
main road but is known by
many people.
Don Ballard receives the
pass to The Chieftain Theatre
lor baring the first correct
guess, which he may secure
by calling at The Review. Don
Parker. Rev. Gee. Turreatine
and Mrs. Wyverne Flatt ei San
guessers. Mrs. Flatt is the for-
mer May Gene Fowler, daugh-
ter of the Glenford Fowlers.
This week's^ Mystery Farm
No* 19 is a well-known place.
Do you recognise It? The ow-
ner may get his free 5x7 en-
largement by calling at The
■ Reviser. ■ ■
to present a charter to the re-
cently organized group in Cros
byton. The meeting was held at
the school home economics cot-
The state president also talk-
ed on the purpose and duties of
the Jaycee-Ettes. There are now
clubs in this organization.
Geneva Ellis, Wanda Holcomb,
Loreta Fowler and Margaret Mc-
Clure sang two selections. Rob-
erta Reed was also a guest.
Officers were installed by the
regional vice-president, Margie
Covvley, of Ralls.
Present were Wynon Mayes,
Joy Beeson, Oretha Hefner, Betty
Cocke, Sammle Edwards, Betty
McGlnnis, Ann Fisher, Todd
Lowrie, Tommy Reynolds, Helen
Crawford, Gwendolyn Reed and
Joy Jackson.
Guests present from the Ralls
Jaycee-Ettes were Margie Cow-
ley, Jo Cornwall, Bettie Parks
and the state president, Francis
An outstanding filnv "World
In Our School Room," was
During the business session,
presided over by Mrs. Tom Con-
dron, president, the group al-
lowed $60 expense money for
two th£ slate eon
vention. Mrs. Hubert Curry's
fifth grade won the room count.
Greetings were brought by
Mrs. Jack Robertson of Ralls, a
district vice-president. Mrs. Con-
dron closed the meeting with an
inspirational prayer.
Fred J. Cunningham, superin-
tendent of Crosbyton schools, Is
attending the annual convention
of the Texas Congress of Parents
and Teachers being held In
Corpus Chrlsti this week, tie left
Tuesday morning en a chartered
bus from Lubbock.
School Suppliet° at The
. i

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