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... PAGE TWO. WHAT THREE EDITORS OF DAILY PAPERS SAY ABOUT THE TULSA TRAGEDY. The following comments... nisfinAf i: or .(From the Tulsa Daily World) Pround matchless Tulsa comes before the bar... their home community the foulest blow It has ever received In Jts history. Tulsa bossted that she... as It was unnecessary. Uocaune of It Tulsa is blazoned as a community where tolerencrf does not exist where... homeless and made exiles on the face of the earth. Will Tulsa accept such a reputation willingly

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.... Eihe Kelly accompanied by Mr. Stratford of Tulsa Okla. are here stopping with her sister Mrs Ida Bowen.... Owens. Messrs. Olvin Crockett and Willie Ranison have just arrived from Tulsa Okla. Athens June 9... sermons- Lawton had another good rain- Mr. W. M. Snowton left Thursday for Tulsa Okla. j to see about his

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... and love of progress which many profess but few practice. THE LAW MUST BE RESPECTED. Tulsa has caused... themselves. The occurrence of Tulsa is only another proof of the fact often seen but seldom fairly-faced

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