The Dallas Express (Dallas, Tex.), Vol. 29, No. 35, Ed. 1 Saturday, June 17, 1922 Page: 5 of 8

TVi-tHI. Services were pood at
Bethelhem both day and night. Rev.
T. W. Dally preached a soul atirrlng
aermon both day and night. Mr. and
Mrs. S. J. Colvin left (or Marlln Tex-
as on tlio 7th with their daughter
Miss Henry Colvin. She has been nick
for three months or more. Through all
her ailments she finished in high
school this year. Mrs. L. O. Plnkston
and little daughter Vereada are visit-
ing In Dallas. Mrs. C. U Wesely has
returned from San Antonio where she
has been attending the Grand Lodge
of Knights of Pythias. Sick: Mrs.
George Townsell Mrs. O. C. Colburt.
Born to Mrs. George Neleona a boun-
cing boy. We ure glad to see brother
Kerry Wimberly back home again. Mrs.
I. A. Orange Is out of the city. Dr.
Green and wife of Kaufman the
mother of Mrs. Green made a flying
trip to Terrell Sunday. There will be
a play at Bethlehem Thursday night
known from 'Kitchen to Parlor.' Mrs.
C. Burrell president gave for benefit
of the Mission. Terrell is all smiles
to sea Prof. IL E. Howard home
-Sunday School wa largely
attended and much Interest was manl.
fested. Dinner was prepared at 1
o'clock and 100 children were fed
with the pastor and deacon standing
at the head of the table. Rev. Green
preached the children a sermon that
will be long remembered. The follow-
ing clauses reported:
Bible Clas $
Class No. 1 11.0S
Class No. 3
Class No. I
Primmer C
Infant C .!?
Total H0.01
Mrs. Nannie Franklin surprised us
by coming In from Oklahoma City.
Mr. Geo. Walker carried several girl s
out to visit Miss Iona Pollard who
Is very sick. Don't forget that Mrs.
U. L Nelson is very sick on South
Main visit her and give her a word
of consolation. Born to Mr. Geo. King
and wife a fine boy. 8upt Martin
was elected as delegate to the N. B.
C. which Is In Los Angeles Cal. Mrs.
Sarah William Miss Velma Ivey Mrs.
Aline Davis and Miss Rosia Shank
lin were elected captain for the church
please pay thorn your dues. Don't
discourage them but do your duty.
Don't forget the big picnic that will
be given on the 23rd and 14 by the
K. of P. In Millcra Park. Father
Bhanklln was able to be out Sunday
and listened to the program that
Mrs. Ella Stout and S. S. Shanklin
Kmtlas A big crowd of Ennls Bap-
tist headed by Rev. K. L. Lockett of
Ilethelhem and Rev. F. W. Scott of
4th Ward churches left for Dallas to
attend the K Y. P. U. Chatauqua. Rev.
Lockett Is president. Dr. H. B. Wil-
liams of Waxahachle spent Sunday
in Ennls. Mrs. Wilson died Sunday
and was buried Monday evening. Mrs.
Wilson was a good Christian woman
and well liked. Mr. S. P. Crenshaw
"Doc" returned from Grand Lodge
K. of P. wblch was held in San An.
tonlo last Friday. 'Doc' was well
pleased with the session. Most all
student have returned from school.
The Colored people of Knnla are elated
over the promise of a new $26000
school building. Hats off to our good
women who arc taking so much in-
terest In keeping our cemetery clean
and beautiful lie a good citizen pay
your honest debt If you are to mean
to pay the man who haa fed you
for God's sake be decent enough to
not abuse him. Dr. Robinson Is open-
ing up a sanitarium. Let's get be-
hind the good doctor and help him
In this much needed venture. Mr. Roy
Washington a Ennls born boy one
whom we feel proud of one that is a
credit to our community. Married:
Miss Wlms of Denison. Wednes.
day. Roy is an undertaker and no-
tary public. Let every Negro of En-
n do his level best to keep his pre.
mines clean and nice. Go to church
Sunday it will help you.
Cleburne. The Y. M. C. A. boys
will give a nineteenth at the fair
ground. All families are requested
to bring baskets. There will be be a
ball game and other amusements. Miss
Elsie Thomas died Saturday morning
the remains waa shipped to Morgan
for burial. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Small
attended the funeral of their aunt
Sunday at Morgan. Rev. Louis Wil-
liams left for Shawnee Okla. on bus-
iness. Mr. Ike Brown of Denver Colo.
was In the city Sundaj. Mr. Joe Gates
left for Galveston his future home.
Claude- Neal has returned home from
school. Mr. Evins of Fort Worth was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Heard
Mrs. Bessie Kay who attended the
funeral .of her uncle at Okmulgee
Okla. hns returned home. Hint Rob-
bie Smith who has been visiting rel-
atives in Paris has returned. Mrs. Ben
Moss and Mrs. Albert Brownlee visited
relatives in Waco last week. Mrs.
Small of Morgan was called to the
bedside of her sister. Uev. A. N.
Prince filled his pulpit ai Fort Rorth
Sunday. Little Miss Gladys Johnson
of Fort Worth was the guest of Mrs.
Emma Heard Sunday. Miss I. Dessie
Grandberi). Mrs. Blanch Mrs.
Matilda Samples are n the sick list.
Mr. Jack Brownlee hns returned to
Waco. Mr. John Thomas haa placed
a monument at the hea of Ml wife's
grave and Improved bia lot. We hope
that others will do likewise. Rev. J.
W. Ruff preached a noble sermon at
the First Baptist church Sunday
morning. Services were good at all
churches Sunday. The R. F. of A.
sermon was preached Sunday night
at the A. M. E. church. Rev. Caroway
officiated. Rev. A. C. Brown died at
Blooming Grove recently his remains
was shipped to Cleburne for burlr.l.
Funeral was attend d at the Fin.t
Baptist church. Rev-. Brown J. W.
Hawkins officiated. Rev. A. W. Ed-
wards Is In Waco on business.. Mrs.
Dora Fraino died at Dallas tecently
remains was shipped here for burial.
Funeral was attended at- the First
Eaptist church. Rev. J. W. Hawkins
officiated- Mr. Holin Gent Mr. and
Mrs. Edgar Cant and daughter of
Dallas attended the funeral also. Mrs.
Vligie Brown of Vmarillo. Llttlo Miss
Mae Lite Ph ilips and Mrs. Ed For.
gel's little toy are confined to their
rooms wltn injured feet.
Athens Services at all churches
were good Sunday. Re C. H. Puegh
of the A. M. E. delivered two
strong sermons Sunday and night. He
and his people hie looking forward
to the Mock Conference the 4thSun-
day. The entertainment given with
Mrs. Maggie Mitchell and Mrs. C.
Davis was a suc2aj Saturday night
for the bene'tt of the church of Cod.
Mis. Robt. McCown returned alter
visiting relatives In Paris. Mrs. Fau-
line Graham and Mrs. Rev. Davis are
on the sick list Mrs. Sarah Lewis Is
able to be out after a few days Ill-
ness. Arrivals: Miss Ermlree Bynum
from school In Wichita Falls; Mist
Almerta Patterson of Wichita Fall
Mr Geo. Washington guest if his step
son Mr. D. G. Ml ler. Miss Blanche
Trambell of Kemp visiting her aunt
Mrs. Maggie Mitchell.
The rrlacllla Art Club.
This club met Mrs. Darthuls.r Fish-
er opened in usual form with 'singing
and prayer and quotations. The min-
utes were read aril approved after
which the house waa called for busi.
ness. The club donated Mrs. Sallle
Jordan who Is insane. Children 15.00
to purchase materlnl for cloths also
donated Mrs. Amanda MeCowan of
La Uue. $5.00 In behalf of her daugh-
ter Mrs. Hattie Morgan. She being a
member of the club. The club regrets
so much to loam of the death of
Hattie trurt that our' lost Is Heaven's
jrain. She waa a ioyal member. The
hostess thvn served a two course
luncheon. New officers for the year
were the:i elected. They aro a fol
lows: Mrs. Susie Murphy president;
Mrs. Sallle Cobbln secretary: Mrs.
Carrie Derrough treasurer; Mrs. Su-
sie Murphy president; Mrs. Sallle Cob-
bln secretary.
The Progressive Aid Club.
Met with president presiding at the
home of Mrs. Nicy Larklns. After a
usual form of opening the house was
then opened for business. Collecting
of dues and fines in order after
which the uniforms dresses for club
members were discussed and aama
InrnaH nvmtr tn A finm ml 1 1 Alt in InvAk.
'tigate the kind of material to be used
The club donated to Mrs. Battle J or.
dans who is Insane boys $2.00 to help
with her. After all business the hos-
tess then served a 2-course luncheon
sandwich banana ce cream & pineapple
cake this ended the 1st series. The
second course was served by our
worthy president Mrs. Minnie Hamil-
ton. Adjourn.
Mrs. M. Hamilton Pre's.
Mrs. Nicy Larkln Secretary.
Mrs. Henretta Jordan Critic.
Mrs. Laura H. Miller Sewing Di-
- rectress and Reporter
Mrs. Jno. .Hunter returned after
several weeks In Houston with pa-
enta accompanied by her daughter
Hester B. Nett Miss Farene Wilson
returned after a week's visit In Kerns.
Mrs. Jerry FTanks made a flying trip
to Kaufman accompanied by her son
Mr. E. G. Franks Mrs. Laura Felder
waa called to Red Oak to the bedside
of her mother. Mrs. Ida Upshaw a
missionary lady from Nacogdoches was
here to speak to the Missionary ladles
of Mt Providence. Failure to get them
together she worshipped with the
Holllness people they donated her
$2.00 on her fare to Dallas guest of
Mrs. Mattie Miller and Mra. J. F.
Fuller. Rev. S. L. Houston of Beau
mont waa entertained with a 2 o'clock
dinner with - Mrs. J. F. Fuller he
leaves for Kaufman to those who are
In debt. Pay up cash It the motto.
Mrs.' Joe Franks spent Sunday with
parents in Sanflat. Mrs. Ana Robin-
son paid Mrs. Charlie Mabel Richard-
son $18.00 sick claim on her brother
Lacy White.
Ceralrana. We are having right
pleasant weather now after several
days of local showers. Everybody
seems to be Interested In the
nineteenth of June celebration. We
expect to make this day one that Is
worth while. We hope all race lovers
will help us to keep order and cele-
brate in the right way that will give
credit to ua aa a race and credit to
our day of emancipation. MIsb Mine. a
Barton and Mr. Ed White were united
In marriage June 8th at the home of
the bride. The young lady la a well
known young peraon of this place
having lived here nearly all her lifo.
Her many friends are anxious for her
future happiness. Mrs. Sarah Taylor
from Mexia. la spending a few days
with Fred Honorie. Miss Wllmer Del-
lums a teacher in the Beaumont high
school Is home to spend the summer
with her parents Mr. and Mrs. 8. J.
Dellums. Mrs. F. E. Stewart after a
successful operation in San Antonio
Texas is doing fine. Mrs. B. G. Adair
fell from the steps of the postoffice
and received very painful injuries to
her hand and feet that put her In
bed for a few days she Is improving.
Mrs. Bennett of East 12th avenue U
getting along very well after about
eight months of illness. Messrs. S. J.
Chestnut and H. E. Williams left Mon-
day for the Royal Arch Mason's grand
lodge at Waco Texas. Mrs. George
Rodgera and little daughter Senoma
of Phoenix Aria. are visiting Mrs.
Rodgers' parents Mr. and Mrs. 8. J.
Chestnut of this city. Prof antl Mrs.
H. Thompson of Hot Springs Arkan.
sas are here they are expecting their
household at any day is they are go-
ing to take up residence here. Mrs.
Carrie Dlxson was among those sick
Inst week. Mr Mattie Jones left for
Dallas. Texas. June 4th to be gone
Indefinitely. Mrs. James Applewhite
was sick last week. Mrs. Elmer Buch-
anan waa on the sick Hat Rev. A. L.
Moore was sick last week and was
not able to fill his post Sunday but
Is doing nicely now. Sixth Avenue
Baptist church Sunday school atten-
dance as good June 11th a nice
crowd of young people were -present.
Pastor D. L. Penn preached a strong
sermon with one addition In person
of Mrs. Wade Anderson. At night chil-
dren's program was very Interesting
it waa enjoyed by all present that was
conducted by Mrs. Mattie Davis. First
Baptist church Sunday school atten-
dance was good. Children's day was
observed and after the lessons were
taught a program was rendered by
the little folkp which was very nice.
Rev. L. Morgan filled the post of the
pulpit as the pastor. Rev. A. L. Moore
was Indisposed he preached a good
sermon. At three o'clock the Chris-
tian Aid 8oclety had their annual
sermon preached. Rev. D. L. Penn
preached a soul stirring sermon for
this body and Its friends of which
they are appriciatlve. This body had
the cooperation of the Christian Home
members of the A. M. E. church. The
rally Is etill on. Wesley C. M. E. Chap-
el Sunday school attendance was good
collection four dollars and twenty
cents. Rev. Radford lined hymnal No.
505 subject "How Tedious and Taste-
less the Hour." After prayer the pas-
tor took for his text Matt. 6:24 sub-
ject ' Follow Christ" One conversion.
The contest was a success. Mrs. Nel-
lie Brown local minister being the
winner raiwjd 22.S0 total $57.87. Mrs.
Georgia Brown presented a rocker to
Mrs. N. Brown wh'ch was the prize.
The third quarter will be held June
18th baptizing at eleven o'clock. Rev.
1'. HlcUs. pastor. -
Neeond tli'U. HnptUt Church.
Si'nday J.rae 11th Was a s.nlrltuat
serving Sunday. After much interest
was manifested cf the lenson we lis-
tened to sutiie wonderful reviews. Bro. Jackson was with" us
throughout the day. Pastor Dixon
being at his various churches. P.
Jackson preached from the book uf
Psalm for the morning service and
again he came before us for the even-
ing set vice; he did the best he could
and It was accepted accordingly
Bro. W. P. Johnson had charge of
the rally. We thank you for your co-
operation. '
Rev. Wm. Dixon. Pastor.
Mrs. Nancy Jessie Sec and Rept.
Co. nestle Science Clnb.
This club met at the home of Mrs.
Ethel Carmil Tuesday. Jupi 6th. The
roll called with . responding of quo-
tations and hour wn spent in its
regular business. We received a nup-
tial ceremonial invitation of Miss
Minerva Barton to Mr. Ed White of
Houston - one proLtahl member of
the domestic science club which waa
received i:nd acted on by the club
accordingly and the club gave . a
beautiful table linen. The president of
the club Mrs. Elbert being absent
on account of Illness they consented
that Mrs. G. W. Washington would
act In her absence. The hostess served
ham sandwiches iced fruit and waf.
fers. Mrs. Fannie Chatman will be
hostess for. next meeting.
Mra. Lul Elbert President.
Mrs. Ethel Carroll. Vice Pres.
Mra. Minerva White Critic
Mrs. Nancy Jessie Sec Acting Rept
Slaver Lea( Ktub.
Kiover Leaf Ktub met on Thursday
afternoon entertained by Mrs. Jno.
Nellurns Jr. aft v a business meeting
we spent the ai'ternoon In work after
which we were served a delicious
menu. Mi.ce and sandwiches.
Mrs. Ilaael Powers Pres.
Miss M Blue Secretary.
Mies Ruth M. Taylor Reporter.
Y. M. H. Club.
Met with Mr. I. Mf after busi-
ness was transacted tho club enter-
tained with games. Our n-xt meeting
will be with Mr. M. n. Johnson.
M. C-Johnson Pres.
E. R. Buchanan Secretary.
S. White. Reporter
J. C. R. C.
The J. C. R. C. met at usual hour
at the home of the Matron Mra. D.
Alfred. This was a business meeting.
We planned many things for the pa-
rade on the lilth of June.
Cora B. Moore President.
Ruth Ingram. Reporter.
Weatarrrord. The Mt. Zlon Baptist
Sunday school was well attended. The
lesson was well attended and was
taught and reviewed by the pastor.
Rev. J. R. Knox of Dallas after winch
prayer service was opened by Deacon
H. H. Hall. Every one rose with a
heart of love and praise and spoke
for the master for 20 minutes then
I the pastor came fourth with one of
his great messages as usual. We were
filled with the holy spirit At 4 p. m.
we reassembled with the Royal Fam-
ily In their sermon which waa preach-
ed by Rev. G. A. Noble he preached
with power. The pastor was added to
the program for the closing remarks.
At 8 o'clock the service was opened
end at 8:45 he came back with another
wonderful sermon.
Whltewrlght. Sunday School was
well attended at both churches Sun-
day. Mr. 8. A. Dehoney was in Allen
and Piano on Epworth League
business. Mr. Sallle Sawyer of Mc
Kinney la with her sick sister Mrs.
Bell Ga'tewood reported improving
very slowly. Miss Sophie Wright la
visiting In Sherman and other points.
Mrs. Elnora Smith and others were in
Van Alstyne Sunday. Mrs. R. Conley
and J. D. Conley are on tha sick list
this week. M. C. Freeman la very
sick. Miss Mlllon Butler and Miss
Rebecca Hall were in Bonham. last
week. C. H. Lewis waa In Denison
Sunday. .
Mkrraaa. Miss Alamay Lewi left
recently to visit Mrs. Mamie Edward
in Kansas City Mo. going from there
t01DetroltM1c-. to visit Miss Mary
jviiwiio. one inn miss Alain win go
from there to Montreal Canada to
visit Mis Atkln's uncle to be gone
nu DepiemDer
C'nrd 4t Thanks.
We desire to express our heartfelt
thank to our many friends who were
with us during the illness and death
of our beloved father and uncle and
beautiful floral given. Miss Garlena
Jones and Mrs. Clara Dyer.
Miss Essie B. Oliver who has been
attending Fred Douglass high I tho
guest of Mr. Rev. H. D. Allen has
returned to her home In Naples. The
funeral of Master Harvey Nolan who
died 30th tilt. waa attended at home
of parent Mrs. Viola Greer $09 North
east street by Rev. J. W. Williams.
Fraternal Undertaker had charge. The
funeral of Mr. Jim Nicholson wa at-
tended afternoon 7th inst. at St John
C M. E. of which he was a consls.
tent Christian by Rev. Dr. G. H. Bell
assisted by Rev. J. M. Fountain the
pastor auspices Polar Star No. S3
Masons. Out of town relatives who
attended were Mr. Alice Berliner
Mr. Chas. Osborn of Fort Worth; Mr.
Martha D. Donaldson of Wichita Falls-
Mrs. Georgia Knight of Ardmore;
Mrs. J. E. Moore. Ardmore; Mr. and
Mrs. W. Roe daughter Dallas. Rev.
Dr. H. D. Allen has gone to Dea
Moines Iowa on ministerial duties.
Mr. Geo. C. Taylor has recently com-
pleted a handsome 5 room bungalow
with bath for Mr. and Mrs. Sam Odum
695 East Carter street. Mrs. Jackson
Mitchell 811 Northeast entertained
Lois Marie Mitchell her little daugh.
tcr and little friends in her birthday
party recently. The evening was well
spent in playing various games after
a delicious repast waa had. Miss Ben-
nie Martin before dismission kodaked
the little group. Messrs. Houston and
Robert Bates have returned from Rog-
er Williams University. Bishop J. W.
MeKinney of C. M. E. 9th ii'piscopal
District embracing Florida and Louis-
iana will occupy pulpit morning of
the 18th Inst at St. John C. M. E.
The Holiness with Elder J. Gamble
over seer will baptize 20 candidates
Sunday afternoon 18th Inst in May.
hew'a tank. Messrs. N. S. and I. P.
Everett have returned from Under-
takers and embalmers state associa-
tion In Fort Worth last week.
Rev. J. P. Powell and Mr. W. H.
Orr are in attendance of Grand Royal
and Knight Templar meeting in Waco
this week. Mr. Clarence Coleman has
returned from Pears academy at
Nashville Tenn. Mr. H. I. E. Black
mnn of Gainesville lecturing "Un-
limited Contests" at Harmony Baptist
! Tyler All churches report good
services Sunday. A young man was
Ijttnhheri St tha Snncttflorl TaWubkIa
last Sunday night. Mrs. Lavlnia John-
son Mrs. Emma Rafferty are on the
sick list. Mr. Maurice Mosely who
attended Meharry Medical College Is
here visiting his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Monch Mosely. Prof. J. L. Ford
address the Epworth League at Miles
Chapel Sunday evening. The 19th of
June -will be celebrated at Herndon'a
Grove on the I ;le Highway. The
Normal at Texas College had Its open
ing Monday with bright prospects.
Addresses were made by. president
Banks of Texas Coljege and Prof.
Holland. The' conductor of Palestine.
A large crowd visited the opening.
Fifty persona were enrolled. Mlsa P. V.
Reid who taught In Dallas has re-
turned home and will teach writing
and spelling in the summer normal at
Texas College. The Bledsoe twins of
Greenville are here visiting Grand
parents. Mrs. Mary A. Stoke spent
Saturday and Sunday wltji relatives
and friends at Pleasant Grove. She re-
ports fine services at the church
Sunday. Mr. W. A. Redwine celebrated
his 19th birthday last Monday nlglii-
Miss Texas Hill furnished music Tne
following teachers are attending tl."
normal and summer school at Prairie
View: illisses Nell and Mary McFad.
den Mrs. Mary Love Thompson Mrs.
O'eorgle Martin Miss Jannie Morgan
and Mrs. Hagar Bowman. Mrs. May-
mc White Grifffh and Miss Ruth White
ore viaitng relatives and friends In
Memphis. Tenn. Mr. Jane Grant haa
returned home after a several weeks
visit with relatives in East Texas
Acadamy heights. On last Wednesday
evening from 3 to 6 o'clock. Mrs. Lola
Waters entertained witTi progressive
whist complimentary to Miss Lucy
Ann White who ha returned from
Chicago. Tables were arranged for
16 players. Miss Jimmie White won
the first prize a diamond brooch
Miss Jessie Gladys Sparks the" 2nd
prize a cupld. A delicious menu of
nut cream assorted cake and punch
were served the Merry Maker. Mrs.
Arqtillla Jones has returned from Ft
Worth where she visited her brother
Mr. Maxle Hall. Prof. Woods of Prairie
View was In the city last week. Guest
of Miss Hattie Brlttlan. He was roy
ally enter.ilncd tturday night at
me Home or Mr. t a Mrs. Will Davia
W. Front street Games and mus'i.
was the diversion of the evening. Bxn-
nna slits and enke were served. Music
furnished by Mr. Chas. Morgans. Miss
Aline Will;:: 'j of Hour-ton enroute
to Minocia to visit her mother stpp.
ed over a few( days the guest of Mrs.
Mittie Jones. Prof. Matthew Henry
haa contracted for a school near Gil-
mer as principal for $100 per month.
If the special session Is called $125
per month. Judge Busch Is wearing a
long grin one that he has not worn
in several years. Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Brown went to Winona Sunday to
attend the funeral ; of the latter'
father. Miss Elizabeth Perry. The ac-
complished sister of-Mrs. W. R. Bank
left Monday night to enter Hampton
University in Virginia.- She will spend
a few day in Glendale and Cincin-
nati Ohio. She Is -a member of the
faculty t Texas College. Messrs.
Frank McKarland Robt Lynch Mme.
V. N. Warren. Luia Flournoy Mary
Jordan have returned from the Grand
Lodge in the Alamo City and report a
plendid session and a fine trip. The
following persons are attending the
Baptist Sundt School Congress at
New Orleans I.: Dr. Stewart. Rev.
H. C. Alexander. Dr. H. C. Blake
more Prof. cClellan Messrs. High-
tower and C B. Swann. Mr. C. B.
Swan. Supt of True Vine Baptist
church entertained hi Senior class
with a reception lnt Monday night
They raised the highest amount In tha
Sunday School rally.
Texaa Cellrg-e Concert Ce.
The Texas College C ncert Com.
pany been traveling throughout
the state since May the first. Thera
has been a splendid repufii'n nut
for the school. The concert they iiave
given have received much prs.ise. On
all .occaslona they have been asked
to return. Some of the main
point they have . v'alted are: Green-
villo Terrell. Sulphur Springs Klin..
u"l;e Parln H.j:ata Tlmpson Lufkln.
Houston Btaumuat and Orange. They
I have also visited many places in the
rural districts. If they ever come to
your city don't fall to hear them.
I Watch for their coming. They have the
. praise of having the best male quar-
tette in the state. Their dramas are
I extra. The member are: C. M. Stew-
art 1st tenor; Payton Madlock. 2nd
I tenor; H. K. Owens baritone; C. K.
Bilker basso 'H. D. English pianist
and star comedian.
H. D. English Reporter.
lluhbntd. Sunday School at Lovely
Hope Baptlf.t church was well at-
tended. Scholar present 10. Supt. Prof.
H. C. Davie wa at hli post. Rev. F.
1). Johnson preached nt lonely Hope
Baptist church Sunday nlKht Mrs.
Mary" Bell Watson of MeKinney has
returned home after a voek'j stay in
Hubbard the guest of Kis. M L.
Wright. Rev. B. M. Palmer of Mt.
I'nlm District preached two nohle ser.
muns at St. Paul A. M. U. church
service weie well attended. Collec-
tion good.
I.aJuala Colo. The A. M. K. inciii-
bcr will enter their auditorium Hun
;day. A birthday party was given at
the Baptist church Monday evening
j for little Mildred Manley. On Mil-
dred' arrival to the church she was
surprised to see the members of her
class and the memberl of the A. M. E.
Sunday school class with their teach-
er. Miss M. Calney Ice cream and
cake was served and the children hsd
a good time. Mis Mignun Badgett
left for Garden City Kans. on the
4 th to spend the summer with her
grand parent. Mr. Win. Lofton left
for Kansas City Mo. on the 9th to
spend a week or more and wait for
her daughter. Thelina. who is en
route from Howard University at
Washington D. C. Mrs. Valley Mar-
shall and L. M. Murphy made a speedy
lrip to Denver 7th Inst Sunday was
a great day witn tne ban players out
at Potters' park. The team from
! Pueblo. Colo. played the team of La
. '.:. i .va.;. . j . ... o i a 1 1 1 ui
j Junta to their sorrow. The game was
interesting and was In Ia Junlta's
I lavor. several iaay visitors were
down from the city. A splendid pro-
gram was rendered by the Missionary
Sisters at the Baptist church.
J Oreekrtt. The first of May the
; Rev. Houston Porter Boxley a vital
force for good in any community and
a coming Arlitotle was sent to serve
I the C. M. E. They sho'ild be too
i-proud of him. The members are be.
coming Interested through this divine.
'Commencement exercises of Crockett
high school began May 30th with three
' nights moral and .practical plays.
On June 4th Rev. R. W. Holman
preached the educational sermon. On
June 6th the graduation exercises took
place at St. Luke Baptist church.
I Twenty-five constituted the class of
! which two were boys. Kong and In-
1 vocation. Rev. C. ' J. Alexander. Song
j"Deep River." Salutatory "Birth of
the Rock" by Miss M. C. Houston.
Solo Aldora Woods Oration class
.colors. Miss Racheal King. Oration
Class Flowers Miss Ethel Mae Tar-
' ver. Duett Misses Jewel Williams and
'Evola Harrison. Lamentation Miss
Gladys Bonner. Solo. Miss B. L. Her-
: rod. She sang sweeter than we have
I ever heard come from the Hps of
soloists. Valedictory "Where Brook
jand River Meet" Miss Annie Mae
Mitchell. Quartett Misses J. Williams
E. M. Ards. R. King and . A. Hicks.
'Annual address Prof. H. F. King.
Presentation of diplomas accepting of
Instrumental solo. - Miss Emma Kurt
diplomas Jno. W. Prultt class presl.
I dent Class song. Many presents were
j given there students. Mesdamea Flor-
ence Hogg. Jane Lacy Mr. and Mrs.
Lee Pender .attended the K. of P.
' grand lodge at San Antonio last week.
Mr. Fisher Clinton and Mesdamea
' Fannie Ceasar and B. Holly are due
'much credit for the exercise rendered
Sunday. Children's day. Collection
I $9.11. The revival Is getting warmer
I and warmer each night at St Luke
Baptist church. Several teachers left
for Prairie View Summer school. Mr.
Jackson la up after being bitten by
a rattle snake pilot Prof and Mrs.
Barlow are here from Beaumont. Mr.
Jim Rhodes Jr. was accidently
I killed in Houston on June 8th re-
I mains were Bhipped Sunday afternoon
for burial. Mrs. Rena Woods is much
Improved at this writing. - -
I Jacksonville. Rev. E. G. Young P.
'E.. Jacksonville District held his 3rd
Quarterly Conference . June 11th and
12th and preached at the morning ser.
vices. Mr. A. W. Waits of Mt. Haven
died June the 9th after a few weeks
illness. Rev. 8. A. Benson conducted
the funeral services. Remains laid to
Rest In Ragsdale cemetery Elenzie
v i n y n ii vi mini v vi i n. ajcwib if umi.
rled at the Methodist parsonage June
9th. Rev. C. H. Carter read the Im-
pressive ceremonies. We hope for the
young couple a smooth sail on their
' matrlmonil voyago together. ine
; Philly Wheatley club met last week
at. the residence oi Mr jarsn ttea-
den an entertaining meeting was held
Mrs. Bessie Ragsdale returned Satur.
day after a week's stay in Cuney. Mrs.
Josephine Burrell. after soveial weeka
confinement - Is Improved. Miss Isaiah
Jackson made a business trip to Alto
Friday. Mrs. Lonle Lane of Alto spent
Friday the guest of Mrs. Jackson en
route from . the Grand Lodge at San
Antonio. The Odd Fellows and H. H.
of Ruth had their annual Thanksgiving
cervices Sunday evening at the Sweet
Union Baptist church. Rev. J. C
Brown preached the annual sermon
to a large audience. Mr. R. Nabora
and Mrs. Mary Washing of St Louis
Mo. were married at the Methodist
parsonage Monday night June 12th
itev. C. H. Carter officiated. We wish
for the contracting parties a smooth
sail through life together. They will
make Baltimore. Mil. their home. Chil-
dren' day program waa rendered at
Rising Star .Baptist church. Sunday
evening. The emancipation celebration
at Etters park given under the aus-
pices of Masonic. Base ball Dallas
All.S'ars vs. Jacksonville Black Tigers
at Tiger park Monday June the
19. Mrs. .Esabella Hays and little
grand daughter C'harlone left last
week for Dallas. Rev. C. C. Sapp left
Saturday for Waco to attend the Grand
Lodge Royal Arch Masons. The big
musical concert given by t)- best
talent of the city at the Garse hall
Monday night June 19th.
Mllford. Misses Lois Banton Susie
Mae Wright. Mattie O. Beaty Bessie
Gatewuod and Bernice Richards have
returned from school. Pilgrim et
M. E. church Sunday School waa well
attended. Prof. L. G. McDonald made
a splendid talk. Rev. Moulton preach-
ed a soul stirring sermon at 11 p. m.
Collection $21.00. Children' j . day was
enjoyed by all St. James A. M. E.
church Children s day exercises were
moved b all. Mr. Edward Donall
M-urn Chatanooga Tenn. la here visit-
lig "relatives and friends. A social will
bo given for the young ladles who
returned from school.
Honey Grove.--Mrs. Slinmle Moore
and Mrs. Jeff Logans wet-' in Bon.
ham. at 'ending tne Y. W. A. from
Thursday to Saturday. - Rev. Mun-
Hln of Denison preached at the Bap-
tist church Sunday night He pteached
a noble sermon. Our pastor Di. J. R.
Swancey; We regret very r-.uch . to
say will leave for Beaumont where
he will assume hi pastoral duties.
Mr. Jessie. Davenport leave Wednes-
day for Beaumont. A nH-e program
wa rendered at Smith Hill Chapel
Sunday. Miss Ruth Pendleton .Mis-
tress of ceremonies Misses Nanon
and Mildred Pen' e were in Bonham
attending the Y. W. A. A. Union pic
nic of all the churches to be had at
Mh street church park on the 19th.
Mrs. llird Coats left Su lday for Min-
eral' W1. Mis Mildred Perdue left
dunay for Fort Worth Texas.
KerrlivServlce splendid at ell
churche Sunday. The A. M. E. Leag-
ue was fine Sunday evening lots of
visitor. Collection $1.00. Sister Wade
la a real president Mrs - Cunnle of
Bristol Is vl litlng Mrs. D. U Little
thl week. They with Mr. D. L. Lit-
tle motored to Walnut Springs Sun-
day .evening to Inspect the oil der.
rick on It Compy's place. M.s. Aus-
tin Nutter has a sprained foot. Mr.
Levi Gantt and Miss Juanita Blaln
married recently. Mra. Birdie Brown
hii returned from achool at Dallas.
iiedd Cltr. Sunday School well at-
tended at the A. M. E. church Sunday
morning. On the account of illness our
pastor failed to fill in appointment.
A wonderful children' day program
was rendered at the A. M. E. church
Sunay night It wa a erctit success
l ittle Miss Lenora Mae J lul'ips Is still
improvirg to the delight of many
Guaranteed bv the. nu nt pn.K
Preparations which have stood the
test or time.
the best that money can buy. Why
experiment? A ttial order will con-
vince you.
Agents and Hair Dresserb
DeKalb. St; Paul rendered an ex-
cellent program. Hcgers Chaple visited
St. Paul. The children played their
part. Rev. Daniel Boiden delivered two
Koyse City Sunday School waa well
attended. Rev. G. W. Hamilton waa at
hla post. Rev. H. Sima Rev. H. Good-
man Rev. G. W. Rice Rev. Dan How.
aid alt filled their posts Sunday. Ser-
vice was well attended. Mr. and Mra
H. M. Foater visited relative here
on tha account of little H. M. Foster
illness. Mr. H. M. Foster returned to
Dallas Monday.
Denton. Sunday school was well at-
tended Sunday at all of the churcbea.
On account of th rain Sunday even-
ing the program which wa arranged
for children' day wa postponed. Rev.
Buford of Tvlor preached at 2nd Bap-
tist church Sunday. Ml S. T. Neal left
Monday to attend the normal at Dallas.
Mrs. Mary Glvens and Mr. Marion
Mayes have returned home from San
Antonio where they attended 'the
Grand Lodge K. of P. Rev. P. F.
Jackson ha been Indisposed but Is
improving;. Denton crossed bata with
Singer Saturday score t to 0 In
favor of Singer.
Lnfkjn. Sunday School well attend
ed at all churches of the town. Rev
Martin filled hi C. M. E. pulpit Sun-
day and various pastors did the same.
Mrs. Mark the wife of Mr. George
Mark left Monday night for Pialrle
View to attend the normal and also
Mr. Wright left Monday night (or
Prairie View to attend the norms I
Coney Sunday School and B. Y P.
IT. were both well attended Sunday.
Children's day was observed at Rock
Hill church and Cuney Chapel. Tne
proceeds went for the benefit of the
I school fund. The first crate of toma-
toes shipped from Cuney was shipped
.by Mr. H. W. Burrall Mrs. H. W.
Battle of Frankston and Mrs. Clem-
' mons of Jacksonville spent a few
. hours In Cuney Monday. Prof. J. L.
Hamilton made a flying trip to Jack-
sonville this week. Cuney Is fast
) coming Into prominence as a trucking
center. The Progressive citizens the
easy and convenient loading facilities
and the rich loam soil have helped to
change this from a cotton and corn
.1 1 .1 AHa . Ka t.ii.1rlny
centers of East Texas. Cuney la plan
ring for a mid-summer fair and car-
nival fr TtnrtAn HnAPrl was elected
I Master of Star of Hope Lodge F. A
i A. M. No. 120 Cuney. Mrs. G. Johnson
died and was burled in Corinth ceme.
tery last week. Mr. Jamea Williams
an old pioneer citizen of Cuney Texas.
jjs very sick at this writing also
tho little Infant of Mr. H. W. llurrell.
Mr. Manuel Snced of Fort Worth was
j visiting parents In Cuney this week.
I Hon.' H. L. Price Is home again to the
i joy of his family and friends returned
! Saturday morning from the K. of P.
Grand Lodge at San Antonio. Dr. H.
C. Caldwell is a visitor in our city
today. Mr. Sarah Ewell. wife of one
I of our most properous farmers Mr.
Newt Ewella was In town today at-
tending to lodge business.
In three roontns will make the halt
1 .1 A .1 . 1
ivn ill nun M.iiwrr. .
orqve It When to Kansas City oafl
os the manufacturer W want II v
agent to represent us in every elt)
and bamlet
Box of rreasmg Oil. 80c; Boi of
Hair Grower 60c; Special Grovei
60c Mrs. Ada Montgomery Manafao-
turer. We guarantee our good to grey
hair and 1o be harmless.
1J11 Bulla n.ansa City Mlssour
Don't fall to visit our ' up-to-dat-Hair
Dressing Parlors
Money must be sent with all ordari
end I cents for nostago
110 Jefferson Av.
Fort Worth
Dealing !n all kinds or V.Ar Good.
Switches Transformation and Wigs
also cut hair by pou-nd match ail
("hades. Orry full line of Velvet
Brown Toilets. Madam C. J. Walk-
er treatments given.
I'hone Rosedale 2857
. 1108 Jefferaaa Ave.
rnoxn x T2e
We Dye For Olhcrs Why
Not Yea? ..
Instantar.eoua Holr ye the yery b ii
- lilUNG'8
System of Hair Dressing Taught by
mall dr at residence.
We manufacture the following-:
LAING'S Product: Violet Crcm Hair
Grower Hair Dye Shampoo and
fltralffhienlna; Oil. Scalp Disease
Cured by Scientific Treatment .Di-
plomas given.
-tc'nt Wme KTerywhere
2IS10 Falrmant Alley
Dnllas Teaa.
f f If
j ' : ! 1
If you uffer with FEMAIJB TROUB
LES auch as Ovarian Palna Palna In
the lower part of your Stomach Bear
ing-down Palna Headache Backache.
Painful or Irregular Periods. If you
have that tired wornout. Nervous and
run-down feeling ao common to wom-
en. If you have tried all kinds of
medicine and doctor and even
thousrh you have been told that an
operation wa necessary YOU MAT
AGAIN. Writ for FREE booklet of
Infomatlon and advice today.
Memphis Tenn.
New Orleans June 17 18 19. 20 21
Galveston June 24 25 26 27
Monroe Giants July 1 2 8 4
Fort Worth July 22. 23 24
Port Arthur July 29 30 31
and August 1
Dr. R. L Gilt on
and Scientific Treatment
of your TEETH tnd
Office Hours Telephones
8 a. m. to Office L. 3801
p. m.
L. 3971
L. 6630
Oth and Cal'iotm 8ts. VL Worth
MISS THOMAS Assistant.
Every man and woman should see
thl wonaerful woman for she can
tell you many things that will put
you to wondering. Madame Jefferson
can brlna- tan alert brain to the light
of helpful acnslbl'ttv. tthe can ure
any disease that u were not uorn
with in fact she - a I locate any dlf
ease In the hiimar D1y and tell your
complaint merely by your writing her.
When other doctor have failed then
write her and she will give you full
detail of your disease.
Madams Jefferson possesses a natural-born
gift from birth and is one
of the greatest licenced preacher of
the age. She haa a aupernatur&l gift-
God haa given her power to heal and
lead her people. Her advice on ousi-
nes problems are worth mora than
-on will ever be aOle to pay. Only
1 uslness matter will be answered.
ir'end 10 cents In stamp ror reply.
Madams Jeffer.on ha discovered a
wonderful hair restora'Jv. It grow
hair on bald head.
For consultation other than alck-
ness send $2.00 and if you take the
treatments this will go on your bill.
Address Madame Ida B. Jefferson
(Evangelist A. M. B. Church. North.
Texas Conference) R I. Box $02
Loogview. Texas.
O. U. a of Knight of Bhephere
wrnts one thousand (1.000) or snore
deputle to organize and set up local
lo'ines in overy State of the U. a D-
fiutitS both Men and women are ma).'
og one hundred (1100.00) dollar V.
one him red and fifty ($150.Q) dol-
lars per month. Kxrflenee not sec"
sarv. we will teach you free.
Wa are renresantkri in ruteea (11
states giving thousand of men and
women work to do In each state. M't
guarantee you steady employment
rea-ular na. Por district DeputTralr
to set up lodgo anywhere lo U. f.
write Sir L. W. Davis. S. G. C K
160 Michigan avenue. Kanse Cl.r
11. tendon S unt alamo tor rd
reply. 4-T-tt
': .."' ' '
: . "V . fc. ' . :
" .: T. '...;
I :
': "' J
1 ..... : : .-
f &
Excelsior Mutual Uun
Dallas Texas
Most people need money wbea
there's death la the family. Some-
times tbey want to carry the fcedj
out of town or they may want to
eecd for a relative. If you thin
you need this kind of SERVICS
take Insurance with the
We pay death claims in 14 henr.
Any person desiring such protec-
tion call at room 109 Pythian Tem-
ple 2549 Elm St. or call Y. 45i?.
B. OO FIELD gocMtUry
the wzmr
tion Gilious-
ness. m
Now la the sickly season. Tako
Golden Tonic and keep welL Prlee
$1.00 Call at your droegist Vt
Ihey haven't tt -send to .us for It. . 2
ounce sample sent Jree to any .wbo
haven't uued Golden Tonic. .
We have hundreds of testimonial
from sick who have been eured.
Glad to send them to any wb
wish to read them.
If Not at Your DrugglHt Phone Ts.
Y 6813.
803 So. Ervay St.
Dallas Teift
"2YpU?yAN.T.v. - ..'....
I nswrf Are Two Helpful Little
Book KIIEB TO YOU. If you send
$1.00 for 4 boxes of Indian Temple
Incense Powder you only pay for the
Incense the book- are FP.KB while
thl offer lat. Please write your
name and address .plainly enclose a
$1.00 bill or money order and send
to I.eo. 8. Oilman. 90S N Fremont
Avenue Baltimore Md. &-27-4t
Fine for Lumbago
Musterole drives pain away n.l
bring in its place delicious oothing
comfort Jus rub it-Jn gently. . ; .
It la a clean white ointment mode
with oil of mustard. -Get Mustcrolo
today at your drug store. 35c and fi5o
In jar and tubes; hoopitol aire .$3.00.
Offers an enormous variety f
Diamonds at bargain prices.
?T0 and J60 values ....$87.60
$10 to $16 values
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$25 to $35 DIAMOND RINGS
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ANTEED. High Grade
$12.50 to $25.00.
to $50.
Save Money-
Others up
Dallas' largest Pawnbrokers
2312 Elm St.
Tfc Circle is aer tuaa a Brassiere. It'
SU-A4t)a(( and (imply slip ever
tk lisa I litape at the wsnt and SBtkr
ana an anootns eat agly ies. f
It ynmr dtaUr can't gttll mmtj acumt
tm&i nfnr nam tfci'rs mnj
91. 00. W. ' mJ Ctt0 CiWX pr-
paij. Sin 34 to 43.
Nemo Kygrrir.raliion Inttitu'tt
1;0 E.stlethN.wYwk lto'mJ
sMMfjsm .mmmummmmm i I'nmmmim
Bit It" &23. I I
ill '""rf1
ujaMTMSs.. mi Mt 101 "' J

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