The Dallas Daily Herald. (Dallas, Tex.), Vol. 4, No. 95, Ed. 1 Tuesday, May 30, 1876 Page: 3 of 4

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nud liiipnuKlvo Kliuul
.The Lord is In HIm Holy Templo"--Ad
dreiae and Sermon.
' -j'e oliiutu nud iM-uullfUl uuIIiIIiik
iul iliilsln"' ly I"f''ll' uf DuIIhm
.Iidl.l'l u Humluy t-vi'iiliitf. At
u fiirly lr Ue Uillilliig wan itowiI-
t will) tiu lrU'-t c"i'ar'Kutloii i'Vr
nfiiililfl I11 ur "y Hubrai.!
luHlihf evtry cniiKriKutlon in thv
city lrt'" '"vlu''' l" lrtP
nU Ttit uutiitorluiii wiia brlllluutly
jlluiiiiiiwluil Ly a !iuuilelk'r mid
uVooruti-'l with a irofuloii of llio
clioli'ft liot-limiae lluwum itud ilaiila.
Till) VHt UUlllt'llUI' Mil (XICt'tliull
priwrvt'1! lu Kruutent ilucorilin.
Tint main entrancr or front iloor
Wna closi'il uflur llio uudlvHuu was tseut
ul A fuw nionimita uftorwanlu h
knocking was hoard at tliu door. The
lUblii th ltt'V. A. Huulur who hud
UHirimchi'd the door wild : "Who
corni there" to which Mr. I). (loalln
J'rettliknt of thu CoiigriKiitioii Knian-
ut'l riMnoiiilt'il 1 "Your ilok'jjtii ln boar-
jniftlie Holy Buroll thu Tuntli thu
bttiim r ul light uud truth." Thu Hub-
II wlil "Open ye doom njiun ye por-
tals Unit the KIiik f Glory may come
In. Who In the Kitigof Ulory V Tlio
Eturual the Mighty the Jiuro thu
Coiiiimiiider of War. Who In the
Kins of Honor ? The Lord of Zuhouth.
Ho In the King of Honor. Huluh I"
The i-liolr rtiueuting IIiIh thu proct.i.
tlon tntered. l-'irHt (iiinie the lovely
little children bearing a oiwliion deck-
ed with Mowers upon wliloU were the
Ueyt Mitii. Bophlo Clue mul Minn
Hutlle Hatter being thus honored.
Then came Mr. J.K. Wolf.riipreneiitlng
the Laillua1 Benevolent Aasoelutlon fol-
lowed by Mr. M. OohIIii heiirlug the
Holy Scroll with the Uov Dr. HuhwuU
of HiiupBteHd on hla right and Ktv. A.
Knhleroii IiIh left followed by Mr.
David (JobIIii und 1. Hunger l'reHidetit
and Vice l'reeildunt. The proceiion
paused ouce aud a hull around the
Hynugogue. Upon arriving In front of
the rulHHd circular diila upon which la
the pulpit Kev. Mr. Suhler Mr. D.
Gosllu Mr. J. C. Wolf and the Misses
God and Biuier took u position on
the right of the pulpit with Mr. M.
Goslin the Kev. Dr. HcuwiirU and Mr.
Snuger ou the left.
Mr. J. E. Wolf taking the key from
cushion presented them to the .'resi-
dent in the nuino of the Indies of the
Hebrew Benevolent Association.
.Mil. J'iiiwikbnt: Thu Latllwt' Hebrew
Buiicvoleut Association huvc conlei ied
upon me thu honor to present to you
the keys of this niiignillteiit edillee
which yon arc about to dedicate toils
holv purposes. It would more properly
have been the duty of your Building
Ciiiiimltteo to perform tins honorable
duty but thu gentlemen composing
Unit board recognizing the elloi ls ot
Indies which- resulted In. the erec-
tion of this : Building "d
that the same hands which laM the
foundation should also put :ihe finish-
ing touches to It' did on the lioth ol
the present nxnth resign their tnwt
by depositing these keys into the hands
of the President of the Ladies' Hebrew
Association. - -
And Mr. President this compliment
is not entirely undeserved; for -when
sixteen months ago that association
siir in" Into life it was n once made
tlionmin object of their lahoi s to sup-
ply a long-felt want that of regular
rohVlous services and of Instruction to
their children in the religion of their
lathers. .
It was admitted that the Indies could
net oiiIt advisory and suggestively hut
to ni.'iWc this more Impressive It was
.i.......i i...uc in tnln thu Initiatory steps
toward the erection of a huildii'g
Which shnuld bo devoted to these pur-
poses and wo sec accordingly Imme-
diately upon its organization move-
ment in that direction which although
progressing hut slowly yet had the de-
sired result; for after an existence n
about ten months the association could
present to yon the site upon which this
building now st;inils.
Meaiitlmctholr efforts liegan to attract
attention; and wfeMi you on last NuW
Years dav eongre." ted for the proper
ni.i:.- of that feast the necessity
for some orgimiatlon which slionlil iu
.. iuh tho .ilnis of he ladies became
so apparent to everybody that 1111 at-
twnpt niado on tho same day resulted In
the organization of your congregation
...l.l i i .fltll llllt lMIIL'Cll-
IVIHCII liaSUVri ninv. n
ei"'v.i)rosecutcd tho good work and to-
dav w e have in our mhlat well regu- v..lir!iina Rcrvleeson all Sabbaths
nmi liolliliivs. nnd a school wherein
ilih tvlonr nnulls- are - instructed not
' only in the Mosaic religion but also In
all the elementary brunches or a coin
1IW1M Qth( ml P.liieution. 'And to crown
ti. ..nil.- vim enter to-day a house
wiiii.ii Iii.mi-h witness to oilr prosperity
and which Is in all respects worthy of
tin! ennse. creditable to your congreg.i
tlon and ornamental to the community
of which vou form a part.
wi.iin i i...w. tlms far exnressed my
own sentiments only sentiments which
nr.. 11 n -oa.ilt lf n 1-loSO observation Ol
the work of tliatassojialion.whieh I was
enabled in my capacity as a miuisw.Ti.ii ... .i..iv u.Tiitliilz.e. I have now
thu pleasant duty to fulrtl to tender
the thanks of the association which on
this happy occasion I have the honor to
represent to the Ksocutivo uoauiui
yoiircongi-ogatlon and more pann.
l . Nr. i ji.nt f.irthn devo-
tion energy nnd self-abnegation with
which you have prosecuted tills noun
wib ti.i.i fi...ri which only soon
rriiiwi r.ou. imniit iftivo been aclileved
-' And uow devolves upon lue Uio did J
to present to you the keys to the lemp
Kiiiniiiii.i. i i!iL tln'in from the hainis
of tiiimi Iniioi-ioit. children w ho toc-
enter this house for the purpose (
Hl! 1IVII lllltl laith In tl
ihxl or Israel. May He look kindly nit-
on nnr liiimlile ull'mtt ill dedicating
this templo to the worship of His nanus
ami iv li.. liietll into the hearts ot
nc and all or (is that spirit of brother-
ly love and '-fraternal feeling w huh
shall hind us closer ' together In the
honiU of unity and harmony and pie-
Pare ns here below for a future resi-
dence after death In tho realms
of eternal bibs ami bapplnen. . J
' : Mr. D. oWin" Pfeside'ut of the Con-
gregation Emanuel replied : j
iIn Uio name of Jim .congregatlq.t
trtmriiiel J tender tlmuks tq the ladles
ho have Wrrirf this Instance iss m
all others ttrst and last in tho efforts
which hue iii-iili d in thu eii'itliiii of
IIiIh lli'lullil.'lil Milii-hllii
II unlliliig wen' ui'i'ilud ii liiiri'mm
my ic'iuiiMil'iii ami iidnriilnn n ili.
iiiollieik and daughter) ol J un-l uri-ly
illl'il' IH'lllHI III lllla t i- Hillll.l . i .
Inch milllrli'iil Had ll t ) ' I Ini'li fur
Ihrlr i-II.MU; had nut I he Indie. ucd
n III word and In ib-i'.l i unuM ie
bi'cn i if Ihli- In h.-ivit in hievi-d (Jin
icmiIu iiliii li lo-ilay thidih-u the In-art
of every Israelite In nnr liibl.t. Agnin
I ti'iider the .banks ol die couu-reuailoii
lo the liell.ih.
Oligivgil on I jii inii.-l hern' mrHie
key in your tniiiile. Tho Mik In do.
The eniiiiiiilteii liavu illi hiuged their
work ll was nut an easy tii.l they liml
lo pel -i'iii in though H niay lie ihouglit
HI llll llle Cliiee.leil OIIC nil'hl
aiigiiiue cvpectiilliuii llimigli at
1 1 HU H w eilep:ili eil;iini had ll llnl been
lur the lllidlies-es ti II il Nynipalllies of
I In' Ladies' Hebrew Afinciiillou our
woi'kwoiihl to-day he fur from com-
ph'U' The. iMMilliful tlilerliir decoru-
litJUh of the hulhllilg lire lliu itniilt of
the (il'ortii of the j ng men una Imii
for their energy and liberality It
would buve been iiiipiinllu to
had it do. e The tlclit ulil li bung oer
the eongri'gatlon Ibis iiinrulug has by
(lie sale of seats been Ibpilduied. The
coiiiiiillleo have done their duty hut If
we hiivu fallen Mun i my to; ue am lint
human and may have erred.
1 dixlro to say a word to those assem-
bled lici-o w hn urc lint uf nnr faith. I
was opposed to (ho (M-eetlon nf.a Inline
so expensive us tills. I lliougbt that
(iod would hear and receive- out pray-
er oven If ull'uii.d In ulcus prceiuloin
hlrucliire 1 thought nnr ohihlreii
eouiil bo- educated in itlllcieiilly hi u
bu-luMise as ill a stately edillee. Hut I
was iilnne In my vlcs'uinl to-day I am
glad I hut I w as
1 am proud of the appellation of .lew;
There Is nothing Ignoble or m;'aii hi a
.lew or Ills religion. Here In this
grunt country nil men should lm
cipiiil hut there is bowevor unin-
tentional a distinction which
even the press practices that refers to
the word Jew as applying to nalin. al-
iiyMnstcad of ivligi W'u hear u Juiv
did" sn and so but ' why no say it
l-ri 1 1 i'li m it 1 1 a iMiti'hmaii or an Ameri-
can!1 'This great I'nlPd States Is ihn
laud wc recogiii.i us oui' qouiiii'y iiiid
glorious Texas and our prospei'ous yity
of 1 lallus us our homes c bait! conui
beiu lo make It our puniiaiienl alibiing
place. Less Hum five years -ago;-' tint
first Jew came lo this' city. In IS7J
there were hut nine Jews. One nflhil
niiuibei' dlcll and the remaining one
piirnliiiscil n imryliig ground In which
was interred with iippruprialii
religious riles the innrlal
remains of their brother. Wlia)
better proof than that was needed lo
show that they bad located hm-u' to
make tills their' permanent lioim V A
few months laler others ftilbuvcd and
soon w as organized ll'iial ll'rith Soi
ylety That society has not been Idle
lint a short lime since under Its direct
tlou.thiee orphans were taken from
the streets of your city and placed li
an asylum in New Orleans where they
will be brought up with propel train-
ing that they may know and appreclr
ate the blessings of a lellgious iralulug
that will teach them to grow mid live
as honorable member of society. !
lint eight mouths since although
wo numbered but. Ilfiy-ono male
adults we full numerous
enough to begin lliu erection of U
pi opei-biiilding tu hold religious ser-
vices. Those .'il orgauiztd themselves
Into the congregation Kmaniiel engagt-
ed a competent teacher and nibhl and
organized the llrst free scIhioI in Hallas.
It is true It was only for the education
of Jewish children but 1 wish ll was
otherwise. 1 wish that the whole chil-
dren of t Ins country irrespective of
creed or nationality might nave-the
uiaiiiy iiiiKii imi" "
advantage of a thorough eduenthm t l it
nil mlirhr. be edoealeu III)
bn educated up to' imil .
slumliird of lutiillliriiiu'olwhich would
drive blgotvy.faiiaiielsnl and Intoleriincj
forever irom our nildst. i
Two monlhs after the organinallon o
thecongrcgatioii tho fouiulatlon lit linn
hiillding was laid a building that is
substantial and iu every way worthy
of our people our oanso and tho t.'en-
tennral anniversary of the birth or our
gloi idii hind of liberty. I do not refer
to these matter In a boastful spirit
hut to show mir desire to llvo amoag
you' to bo of you and to dwell in pooi-c
and harmony.
'J'n the architect -ami superintendent
of t he building; Mr. Carl- (1. IMIrote
us well as Messrs. Alexander and hunt
ilon the thanks of the congregation
are due for the substantial and paluss
taking manner in which tncy nave
completed llieir iiiioiuhi i.ia.. jn.-jr
ave iieteo .most generously nn u.-
mi l lake measure 111 ten thhk i
toourcitizonsns capable worthy ami
honorable geutlcmen. ;
At tho conclusion of Mr. (losliu'a ro-
mai ks a prayer in Hebrew was onere?
I... ll- kl.ililnr afi.-r whlnli ll llVlllll
Ul I' - .
Was ll'liuncn . " i
nor hv the choir which was followed
I.......1 t.i a lll.l.r PXI'OUUIlt ui iu
l. nrnver hv tllB Kllbbi Hllll IOC reBO-
ingof a chapter from the tloly AVrib.
This was followed nyaiiynin wneii
the ceremony with all its imposing
solemnities of depositing to noiy
In the sanctuary or aril too
place. At the conclusion oi luw m-
vices tho ltablit oncreu up mo uiu
Inir feeling nu eloipient prayor
ViViiF.if nr HrfATV M.isina or Tlia t ni-
..; -When Kuiir MUunm u
;rn...)!!leteU Thrtele.
tliusnnils lit
hi! rttiard Ins
mi ' .uist
... .I ... ... iiven ui -
ThuHkoepes u u.. . .
!h W ia iLm. : w.rls-.hey r'-e. hu in Hi-
hearts. ' a hi "-"--. . yMI
bemiui ib uii. . . . w.rvni
y .ins 'Vy uve
88 . TIV mr?i.. : w on
o rot' itu
IU lit.-". - j
Iri.iii- wneniH '. ".. n..M ilee fur
t niTiirao. " Heaven euiiunt eul-
lleuveii and .tho " " ' I1 " bi imiisl
brueo tbv inn im . .""-"' . it
pstv.-tiioa nrtyoi with ttn
Thou liateueti tn tbr '"'! ;. .1 this
. ni
knuwest tlio w s oi in ir '; ....
'" ' """"" .- it;
tinner fur m.111 iiie- . 1 wih
wMi'inesa. mm .".
Irom Us hultlea ami noes. ." ; : and
Theo Uio orerlusting fouataia f tf u
henwuity. - . ... r p.
A iovu a 1 neee 11 um . "' .
nnnlH-rle. irt- Ivl.ieh thoa hw Ik; t. 1
"' ""n. . : Ji" ankiiul with
"''i'" . XZ ;..ore 1 . lilU of l'"!-
S j ulOuis loun.1 here ut Inst a n-mja : I'l
'ni life n4tor honie. for t ...on ami ;
lector au Eternal Uto'c. huoV T"
..... !-. uiiiiiir 11 111 irui 111 11 it' ui""
Oh""! ttivs-Thon Thyoonsent
tin. " "r- liniirtiikon. ilny la t'd
'n1:1 W m'u me.t with " i.h
1 i w lobeitf fliv iiiu'W. ""'i U1 0V """
"! I?. 1'o.ii't l"l Hiwiwu.v bll; .11 inhl.
lustmet vs. tn;. " . ' d BnJ Yain dil.
walk wo -si."" rt ml. forwoareril
tnon .". rt(lB Khurof.Ui
1 -V- Zar U inr ryora wliieli
ITU. ii.'." .
KTOof inv .nil .0
Hi ink. tu t!i voice ul muni In tl.u luiiiohiu
In"! uf ll:.' umiuuiir mil ilij tint l.nn el ilm
il 'S.lh. lil'luill. 't'lil VIKltlf ll.u l.lllllll
mill IriM villi ll I'lll.T il ik'i ill'
'"iiiim1jiiiuii1 imr li")r t wk'.-piiilil.i i-ft.r'ii
'- IIIi'ni ilni mul jiiiniiu Hln'ili limn
ill Ih innl'sl nr hlt' a linirui-j Tin. .iruiii-r
lm niU K Tlijr hmuo ii il wlirinerki Tins' Iifie
niMin in da iii.pluull..ln. IIiiim ll Lunli
lliu nlliirm IismI.-ih ii Mii iiiIh-i-b el lliu ihiii
fim.ihoii ) pr. l.i I it r uiel r auPiuiuliw
nar iiliiiiniii Hliiln i'iii lieVniil l..ui Aiu.-rU-j
mul nil Imf iuililiiiiiiiit Tlir lili'HiiiK llli iu
nil. Alius.
Tim prayer wm followed by tliewib-
lnliied disooUrsM or nermoil which was
lUteued tu Willi Hie elofcat -alluutloii
by (he vast audleuoa present ;
i M KuiKiix A ti:nst duty km liiwu (i.t-
tiiruinl n.ilili) wiirk i uiimiiliiluu. Tliu lu.iu uliuiiluru hui ul in u UiHiuiisiinli l. (In
Nullum iMKHii iu iliiuit uu.l .'ttiln l.mi'ilii'r tlio
iiliilliliiile. iulil Uio H.'iiii) of l.ul. Only tiidil
In .mil. ngu mi Jeni.h eiiiii'ii' i'kile( l
tli m i'iii ; In il l)' wo wv'nosudile.l liiv In ili'.b-
ruin lii'tliu Miml lllh lliu leniple u .lu i uf
Hiirlnii. Atter an almrl perl. si ' liavo luiiinl
liniiiii fur isir olntqron liuiu vliun-m u
shall isliii'iitiMiur luile niie noil lea l Uieiu In
lliu tniiiitiiui nf kiiimlislin sail wisiImui. in itiy
o nil' lmpiy in Invito nur lul iu-1 liretli
ti'ii luaililiuro ul Hull is li'lrj An III' In
ril wild ut lnrp In Una b"k 4hiiI.Iiui. mul niU'
i I.iiiii miliia lla nulls tli pitiiriplea i.f llriitlii'r.
lliinil. I II. II 11V nml KnllL'llti'llln.-lil. H e dim
1'iiiul.l' )' il my fiu'ii'la llm i-iiiii;n'u.iiiin
Kiiiiouitil tliuiijib yul in lier I'lirlii'al elilliliiHsl
luu)' liu pr'titl ul lur anuceM. I'lua linly vdilii-il
alaiiilaass living n iliit-aanl llinlriif ajiuil aIiii-Ii in hit luniai. nun iniiu uiiiir nil n il)
in vo tiimsi'it uii'uv mul 'rumrai'lliii-uiir llintr liul
nliiteil nut n nifsinl rvMinn nlaen fur in. li mnj
ymry nliu nr lis llieae nulla mil n luti In nn
line KouelultiHia Unw uii'ir Iitlle-ra iturti'il lu
iar.H'l a llnl) iuisseill -li" tlii'V alnrMeil Jmlisi'i
butiiii'r Vi'i lur liioiiiia nniell low bmat iiivnm.
Mliali.'il uillmi the ptisl Iialt y.sir; uiucli iiinr
1 hull I etliii'leil wlien wiiiii neiiillit iwn I tnnli
I'luiri of lliu holy olllei ut Kshlil teivlior hi lln
I'liiipToiiunnii. no wlin innki'iu iiimii mm Hit
ilepllia nf ll inu mi Ik-uiis lie kiins's ll iw luy l"li
ri-jnitH'anlmll' llilppy I feel In bo llnl Npmtllilj
mil inir nf sueli a j'oiiiih unit fiiiilful liiuiii-b is
lliu llnusuof Isniel. I I'lliiuul In alii'llt : 1 IUU"(
UTrvi hit tliiuiks In all uf l ull Hlin (law or
lieilialtsi ii itut leiinu iiuiieiinwiii-t uu iiava
fi-ei'lv uHUieil lliinil mul lieiirt In rniai tilt nei'i'Ni
aury uieiiiia fur ita euuipli'lmn 'flu tlrst laurel!
ill't'illin tnuurileiir l.tilli'i'.SiH'li'lv.ll'lilelltU'ik 111
liiilliimry ttopa liy prwuliuri tn tlitooaKMii.iiin
tilt Itiili'llltirellt lut llnill 11-1111-11 it I'rerte.l lllil
lilli'e. As ill nil limes nml a.-es 1 1 is (lie khu
mul iielile nemouly- liwrl wtiiuli liiapm-a l
feniirius lu ta I lie lien hura Iu lsr.u)l will lieter
eiitel lliu iluly tliei- uivi In their liuly ri'liiiii.
Oilieera mul l.i'iufi'i'S nf lliia euuiireiiitinti mi
cept finiii my lipt Iht imerlinli : nil liuri'ilniiu
yuiir iluly l.iitliluuy huiiesuy nnu truly nn
liiivu lir yniir uintVil laliers iilleil Mill i ll irj:e
iiihiatuil ill yniir limiils. t know luticxpit'l nv
ib.Uiks liml mi prill ko. Then la il belter reivini
sluri'il in vniir liusuin tuna M-u eiiiruuer. ll is
tin h ippy lliimiilil nr duly I'u till'-1. He muled
in tin future na you luiru tn-eii in tliu pimt ; he
ulliteit hi llistrl und. mul bull yuu an eull. ll
In aervu fur I liu bnly eiiiHii uf Juiliiisin-fur Ibr
jia)piiuit mul preapi'riiy nf ymir li'lbm-inaii. 1
t And In yuu. uir inuu.' fruunls wlio ll ivo uken
suileupiin iiilei-i'st in nnr n oik in uleunain
iluv liu tliiiuks ul llus nuimviiiiiieii inr no-
liful luleriur iK'i'orutiens uiel liuisli ul'ilimpluiM
lain! ItlHil wnriliy I'liuiilile run liiivu uiven
to nil "f us. liubli uatliiiuiiy nf yniir I'lianii'tet
your eilnestiiin ami u cnslil In your pui-eiits u id
'fnniier hiatriietnra wlin luivn p'liiiileil aueli purj
mul Iluly prluclplea la yniir beiirta I
I a.... iii.iui- A alnnum liu'U III tlill iisieuilili'
mul mini liu liuttum ul iny heart I bill yuu nil
heiirlr weleumu 1 1 Hunk you mr yniir pieaeiieu.
May lit liml of Israel Ibu'tnllier n'f nil inuukiiid-
liu with ii iilUn.l aiinutify with liiaiHviuu
Inir Una auli'inii limir of ennaeeiuiiuii AlM.
Sly irionua -iiuir iwiao uw inirwmen.i v ir
minks wu lull iiiuiriiui'ii mil euiMiimi iiiuiiiB in
lay ili.n-oiirsu. ! ' ' i ' .
..V .II'WISII lltlHDU 1 W..IBHH' v w.i'
.iiiaix.itinf (nnluhi.- 1'lui ilisiri nf tills temtili
il ore nneneil hv till! auilllil nf a IllllKllllL'i In winch
our liiivtlilhi'm-liatmnjil uliiluuiaMnul when liu
teu enlntnaiiitmeuui m - jimeMiiami. inn
ihuiisuiul years a our aiu ustnra alunil lit lliu
fuel of llnn'b-iiud'i'ielaiini'il: ."Wo will ilu
Ihv- aai riil .will and m'u mvIU liearkuu Ui thy
I'lurnul vuieu." Tlireu Ihuusnuil yeiirs upi a ml
tiun nf penili) iiuuiborlltfC oulj- ix huinhiil llmu-
taiul men. worn preHeuli il with Juwul mu
..lli- ami nnvlmia tllllQ RUT ninthly Kilt. Uroll
mul iiushtr niitlnin hnv aiueo that iorliKt ruliSl
unit mihiluVil tint glebe; eiieh antl every hub
scorned tnrturua uliil .iiinnieuun m unii)
i.n.1.. tin. aue.l uf Abraham anil where an theV
now I hut has huc-uuio of thu nil) Ituuiuu anil
Aiavniin Kinpirua 1 Whero iuv tliu ilvavuniuiiit
ufiin Alexinulur allamiir I linuu ilowu ain
i i-inmiiv" wuahod awar uv tut minus oi uuni
"rvm.i.-. ii.;i j..i.. .mlvarauib
"'J . tato u.Wv extrtefl.
. . i-ril.llu iu it not outlivwl them
ulll Pih'i it uot nxist nml Ununsu uvea unor
nil Hit trials ami ilni;ilorinwhlehrusheiliirer
her heml ami inailo her life weary ami tiresuinu t
And must not uU r-M ihhki lo any nuuiu
mind the iin!stion " Why it tt aot MM out
the ini;htii'St ouk pay Its duo In imturu iilluw
ileeuv tu luy iU tmilh oil rout anil atom I 1 1 Is
niv ileairo tn (live you au answer to aneil oniul-
riisi tuospluin to Juii what Una aiiveil na;
ahirw tn you the weiipmi whieh won our huttlel.
tt-hieh oaabliHl Israel to litfht aiieeeaafully evili
avuiuat tho atn-aui of Tiino (bal ho . enulil not
uverllowit. 'Xho sarojriiunl of Israel Is its Huh'
l(eliiinu the pure and eleruul diielrineaiil JmU-
iain u&pruHsud in ouly four little nipuusyllahlo
WOMla. " O OlM'll n ISS'i wuiv.i " -...-r
all of you huiinr as aaureu rovuliiliimj ami ii
lis vutv lirst piitto wo liml tho euinmiiiiil writtiai
witli (iwl'a liii-er " lt thorn liu IifTin. .ts
liishu my frleuila is au irnsiatililo funm in the
nialerinl world without it Xnttm wouhl IimovJI
liert'iiianiiB mm o'iiuii--". -
11 wt aiieiik ot our spirit nal osiatoneo Ilia swl
liiinniysnfliht imift brine kuowhslmi where
iunuruneo formerly Ti'iKin'd. Oar nW K''hi
h.. .vu ..l... .1.... .1...I . imili.riB
Hillil f ' OH 'nil' "o 'v ""'' - r-
li"ht Pulleit mill union aiara aim n mu u...
iiulstif roleatial Mum. whteh muvc lu'eti nml
radiant urmindtli'-lriirbitH.Uatlhoy limy allow
Ilia pnir on ann;iinu m wouuumui iwuui
work to tho iidiiiliitnnts thereof; hut tlla eternal
aiiiritnal liulil of Hi ereatiou will u-'r '
etltinishsd tiUihcliinwk'ilt.Tof tlio Lord shall le
its nnlvewiil mi the-wve that cover the ix'etini
Kverv neniile has ua nusaioii w iiinui. wi
is thu Vat uf Uinl'a ihviuo trutii.. Israel s
ulleil to oney mu iuuni"i"i m- - r
These are no fancy iiiniusneiii mens ... .
'I nifiifc.1 K inv nielius 1 anirui u. iranair mm
;.J.l.. 'm..'a ilntv if never tli .llllhiTO to any
leliffiiSI unless tlmso unlilibM inhtes. IXimmnu
ami 1 would Uei'laro luyaclflroo mul inilepoinleat
fmni anv belief even if iren anil aiieesturs
eona'dereU it uvi)r Imly if il doytnucanndd
ret stanil ln unwuiro in t-uiiunvu - ; . i
Iet u exnmlne now fori! mirtnoiit Imw ImU'l
Ims a rlnht to cull herself the servant ol bulinht-
ounieiit ami iteniriona n...... j..
. ... i l..ll..t-n in t ill IlilllVilf on eli't-
iia-you iiii a''w ' ' .. i ' . :.:
nil liul. - I sny wo iariieiiu.i. u"'
tion c ull this the foundation of our taiih what-
ever our .nibiiim may bo hi reifm-d to Tltuata
ulHlo of I'oniluetiuK oublio aurviee ill our rvpt.
" v. pliieea of worship;. if wo l.elun to thi old oartr. or tn tho moat advunood nulb
ap I .u. .... -r- - - "... ...1.
i iiiTUU'II III I IU illlUk lVUt .ii.Fn.-a-
. i i . liiwclvura. then! i one eoril
per. .. - . --7. . lanialit..
hu ll uuiw. ... ... - . - - ....
hovaU. the ante Etorual .Bolugj tbOrto Ijud
ii i i if 1 1 1 1 1 iri 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iuin m nnu -i.
. u illitinetinii between Juiluiatu
and uli other nliffoiof olden ami iniKlerii tiun.
Our Hod. wliom ' wotatnp. - "
. ' ..n -i.A-hli.nirM the corvnalit nt Alimhain
111 .... . ' I.. .1.. r.n ..!'
IMni. li..- '- - ! ..ri.!!... u ill
I....U nv inner in .-" -
their n'liuton ouiui" n.'.... .. i- i .
all-ay" .'Uniii. loieluin!!'.!; it low Jin .la.up at
! "n iiy 't y ""r rk nVv. t lmt '"L"1'"1"
""".".' . . i.- i ' 1 rtlW full
u nr you.ahumoa tho mrtl en.l and
uio the wi..p of u augol au4 -nil ihrough liu
rmm atnr to star finil an nbserviuinn point
. " ' ' " h ttBiwrM.anil overkwk Uial cna
i.u ..nlerfu nliu anil follow it
liu. " - 11.' r..tei.. then ami
"Xtheii. will yon l'v n-"0 ""-''-'l"'uu ' '
nu'l'S l'i
"" 1.V...1.. of iinill.i. ir wlueli la in
. or 11111 '- - ... ..... ; I......1I T.-r
"r : - o. 'si. watorsB.ltirMbi- (tli.'
.. !.... or ..u . - ..v....
wliaa." '?" J.i wi.r la iliii
Wlir la
lame hll uru.nj win Iw Ii
i aivi to uiortals who am aud win bo In
uiulnl H" ' " . v LjJ.-. lu!.... without e.irtl.
ii meeive a fxlttit without earthly
.. . linublClil oouveixi: u ..'(i
cei UU.'o'V iiJ.1mi lu huuiati lut.4
1mniii..w. o -'
I....I. . i ou Hsu"' : . .
o i. iiliic Mian iuj oai. - ui i
ttro ui f w m iiit aa with a xurnieul. t
ttKHi in th0 flHUljll(( hat Ilia
auiruii l.. -""JL -ouiih U rtno fuU-
mm Ea maioatr . u runra u tho birr. Toorii
nMoth uiJoTr nillto rnllow hU'wnlk
hl' mJ. .Xlmo " Ut therr bo llph.;!
tbromrti si' w" rt nukiud In all
unitt lu lh h".?.. .J in ir water witH
g.neratlou. i -0 Uuw :
earthlr ? i Hut you en
..-iaa-aati a
draw noare W .Hfii la Uu Boek
of Kaii.iu. Tie ui'ii.i lMi a liuni'ii iu Liiuul
lit tb iK-i'pi'i yen (.' down i.i lit 11 Inn of
ata.iiiiu tin ..I'.iii-i )iu 411- ti your to-d. Jiuli
inn. in il esienlial uiimuiuj. It is ..iMa ls.n
and m ill alaa.o al t) inn uiiMl Irui u I 1.1.1I.I11I
a.inanli Iu ai'leut-o. liaa iiollniirf 10
fHir Iniiu aoioumi; II I tku u.iv llalii'.l.
elltlla ur.y kmw linn perliapi. aud-r oilier
iiiuies OVfliii hiiii hy ilnl'-i.'iii ta-riua hul it ae-kuiiali-tli-a
a me. il 'rnln. p.ori-r- ll.n llebtaa
Jeliovuh. We b n'e iii'lliin.; lufeai iniiu a. leiiee.
bul wo Ita 1 if uvu. 1 1 hi iifi lo hiiv noiu It iui'4ri I.
heleiiee ai riothlllL-liairt elplvsaMl litlliat'lf
an liiMlilllfiill.l III hla Ui Iikiiui ut Uuiiiitiilty ai-ali-a
all linlarlKM ami wiuinla all thiaie is.niil lliu
a turn. uur Hi. at mil J lis.! ul Ihvif'olie a
tu y. balliea 111 tho liiitil of llie tun lini and
il l.litli.' lliu alinilolla of th In euili. euuiea
lioui Oe.-an a lavenia aiel u .jim lul 11 a
wa)it Diihi lii ils ol Iimi!s anJ Irom lliu ailirsry
iwii'iiii'ii. of 1 lio 111 1 1 1. v mil. Willi lli in. ua
viiik iu.a..ufi.i I li'-n ar Ins a.riiH-luis
hero me loa loitiiliiiorVa." Hy nivulertea and
initio l.-i jeii le ver will Mini ' ; a lull y.m
lliitlk ol 1 1 1 it 1 4.1 aiieii.;! wiu'kiiil aoii.Ku;:ilut
llu-taiil iViitiil'i 1 on n i'l limit ilia aiv.ilueaa.
Tiuu lle-re am ton 11 1 ill. nils henrvou huuien uiel
0111 III wiueh biinel.i ...l.'llis't bnsuol ivl r'iU'lt.J
whiih am a aosl.-.l Imok wntlen in li-ll.-ra In
euiHpi'eheii.ililn tu nur sleatslliiistiiess 1 lmt
uov ill ea tliiil is nollilu- lin o eaiiieu uu
aii.viliiii(i.eiiiaii..'iil. I si us work ami wuieli
ais'urli ami exuiuuii'.' Tha key ul bo found
111 Hal be IoiiihI- nier or Inter This la Uu' llrat
doeiiiiii nt Juilnlsm Not by a lilnol tullh uol
alien j ou em iron 1 1 1 111 with tliu ahiiiluaa 01
nor. eue and aUs;i.iilou w.i-a )"U aurioiiud
11 1 iu w Iniiuuii p.u.iniis nu I 111 ike 11. iu a.ilk
lu lliu iiinmw ami ul lu.i.i will he reveal lliui
'It; Liu 011 v your Hit oa ijrutn.ii ami p'nun'll
will him mu nearer lo tin ileliy. Wliuiiwo
enet li'tnples when wo huilil iliiuehi. let in
iiriiiuml t In-ui Mill aeliool liinisea. Sehool la
thu unithur the eliuii'h is lliueliild. If thu uio
llierdova Uol llle Mini will lilllso Ull iirpliuu 1
lm will li'ihleili lake euro ol Ilu eiillil liml It
unii- nut ist is) I
till! uM Huliliis I'Oiiai.lereil llio pluoe of luiirn.
In luuro holv Hutu Iho ol Kinship and
Iliii. view anvi'tl Israel. Keen In I lm" ilai k lines
u lieu lm mi-ivy una ahoMi. ( the lilhe of Ju.
iluh; wli.'iuleiitli was llm piinlhinenl If aaa-reil
hook WHS toiltl! III till ol AU lsluelili
wl.e'l Hi") wel'u without shell t wilhiii.l home
Inveii l.nui loan I luwn iiinuooiiniry menu..
trtf. tho aliulv of Hol Ina wua not Int'sukeli
III' tlio alilhie'sa ami s.i'reey of Hit llllll the til.
ther iiisli'iieleil his I'hihli'e'u In U oil's moM t Ii hi
ll Would not bn loixultou by lm iloeoiuliiliia.
And i Id volt not nliiiii i.nlieu 111 it no iu liter Hon
iiusir Jewish pur uta iiu.y lie they mil ulwnvs
lu some" iiv provule for lliu edmuliui. of ihutr
oll.prinf leivo ol kiuirtl. Jh'e has pn seri eil
Ilu Jillish people ll'olll ileatruotion lllltl kepi
thuinultvu. " Let llieru he lyhi" uero the Ural
sor. Is uhioli os'Ueil the Ixs.k of ruveUlion.
Ileuil lurtlii'r ou. lu Uu null en liner oi i.euosis
and liml thu lolluwiUii pussiiK'"' " I'hia 1 ln
bisik uf iteiieriilioua of Ainu lu the duy Hint
tlisleri'iited niito in the likeness of innilc
lit hlin." Tins iniiliisiislheaeeoiiiii'iiriiiiu.i iuhi-
trlno of our ipbaiiin. II lem liea liniliierlr lovu.
Who wiu i-reuted lu ll. si's limine I Jew nr
fhrislian Iho Moli.iunufil.tii nr Heathen aloiu'!
Our rrei.lor Mtm i'.ill'il llm milium i'im( lino
life made a man. with tlesli and liluu.l with heuil
ald und. like oiirseKea. We nil lieu' lili luniije ;
we an nil the ehililien or Aila.ii uken iumi i.usi
H lliu eurlli. Wo nil lioluinr In oiu'eisut f.iilily;
hiiio iho aiuue hono. Ihu muni irivtlivre tin
ai.uir Inipus thu sinm l'"iui Ike mime I'uti. Uu
aunii llou .mil l ul nor. r oriii tui in o inv iinau
and in (lentil mere is no dlsliuetioii. Nnhleiuim
uud iH'Wtar llie kiiirf ami Hie sluve. Ihe hill ntu)
tin low. ei.ler this world Ihr.iiuh Iho snineitiilu
mid puss Iiuny iiiulei' Ilu mu levul Po I .well
lo till iliii loan iiilollnjont nudieiieo you tuny
ask. No eerl-iiulv mil ; you nil know and mi
aw iini nl'thli flu't. ' Hut loiuenf lliu limy liihnr
miller an erroneous iuiiiressiou ive linoi
ilea eouaider iiunu'lvoa siineruir to the follower
ol olhtir.rnlisioiiaei'eisls lieciiusii tlio lliblo fulls
ua thu elioaeu peimle. Nelnsly la ulioaen inn li)
hia own merits. Vea. them is one diniiu'tloli
I. I ween mm. mid infill lint nut in tliu Imdy
inilv iu hla inur.U nml intelli -.'lual or til. If
tlieio la a duly in seek forkuowlwlo to aitr imi'
iu wisdom llieru la eertninly a eumimtiul lo bit
in peaeo with uur I'ellow ereulures nut. rmly fr
siu''a aiiki. lint esiieelilllv for ' Olliai'lvi'l.
Krleiu'lulilp and ii.ih'lili.ii'lv fri-Hup. Inwanlauur
oiUiiiaaweiuiti inun.ipp.r u ms "m .o....n-
uu luivoeouit'orl nud i;uniliiti"ii In out dreary
lioura. Ki'ieiida ivluiloier your reliuioin ereist
orsenliiuentH uiav Ilu. loartl thai all trim religion
iniiat ho toBudod on liimherly lovo. Ko relici'Si
eau bo lino whieh eomleuiiis a hiiuiilil be.UKo.i
aeeo.ii.lot' Ilia faith. " hovelhyni'inlitmrnsiliy i i. ot nml n.nriileil In III" llnl v Serliituro
ami ln. never mankind fnllv lltiilerstmill this
eominaiul tlu'U mul only then the Mesaiuli will
eoiuo Uio Messiah wh'ieli Judnisni eulleth Hie
spiritual union of all uiorlals. TUero is a rime
elnlioii bet ween thesutwo dui'triuea or Judaisni
Uit thorn no llijlit ' unii' l.nro Ihy neliftiluir
wathvaelf." llus la outw.neil nilil llie etlier
urn enniiot aenitriito thu two.
And now one wonl inoro to 'my beloved con
invention im I I will diw Aixlilteet Ami wnik
men tmvo Uuialu'd llieir liduira ; iinllilun has boon
spared to liluko this nliodit wnrlhv or its rteati
aniliin ns a leiuiilo of tho Moat lltell. Hut Ii
our whola duty fnlflllod'; ai w dime with the
completion of Mils House t la una lompio u.
ready holy boeuiiMi lliu uuuio "I Jel.ovuu l in
aerihed u ilhill lla Walla. lllH'llUsn llie tel. Coin
iniiuihueiils wrltteu on marl lu WitU n'llileu ul-
ters iifrui'tourutteiitiou I tMiMio. my iricn.ia
Kimieth nir more is ilelniludei ol von. Some
tliiinr nobler to ho dune. biSore your teuiplc ahull
bo eiilleil holy a pwd wuero iuki a lusieaiy
mala i lor neilher rieh earvlnua nor KiihLileeo-
nited ultara und works uf urt eonseuriite Ibli
house; they urn Iimrely the onter pirmenta
nt vou ive unit net aeeiiriiiii ' iuuuu a worn
If I'fiD a.mnli (lir Imhht 4'dilealil Voilf ohihlrtil
wiilk llie way of nuliteoiisaoas uu.l oouie lu ro
and Titit God's bmiso with a pure breast and au
hoiteat aeal. without hviiouilsr ur iloeoit. then
and only then tho nuu'ie of tlio Lord will ret
iipou this edillee. Amks.
At the close of tba Berinon (bw HatiUl
doliverotr the beautiful Hebrew prayer
of Invocation to the Dolly to consecrate
und bless ihe temple to His use and
worship whloh wan followed by
hymn and bt'iiedictlou; wheu tho coii
Kieirutlou wu (llsiuisaed.
Messrs. Moaes Uluian Jlenry uatin
ll. Hnrijower'Je-son Meyer and Key
inoiir Meyer who aiitud as ushers uia-
nlinrcred their diffl.'Ult dutll'8 Willi
great ooiirtesy and tact. : '
Tba I ofal decsiratloiia wore uuar
the direutlon of Mrs. li. I'ouo Mis
Alloe Levy Mr Molse Kuhu Miss
Fanuy Fetcheiibeek uud Miss Mirinua
Jiveobs and were urranged with cxipii
site taste.
" The choir under llie masterly direr
tlon of Professor lsauer acmiiuuu
theniMidvea admirably and the music
was the bust of tho Wind ever livard
here. .The names of .'the members 'bf
the choir were uiven in Hunday'e HkK
ALU aud are reproduced.
' ' " C'KOIK.
Profeasor Hauef lnuhr and organist.
Mrs. O'l'U Ut aopranu aud soloist
Mrs. Moise Kuhu aopruub. ;
Mrs; Mosea aoprano "
Mrs. Cdiu oprano.
""Mrs. Houry Loh alU..
' Miss Hoffstudf alto. ' -
Miss .Mcliwurljl aim.
tUenry Illume 1st (elior. and aolol-it
k Mf. (Jreisslt rj tenor ; . i A -J f
Mr. J. K. Hese basso
r Mr. H.- UttvldsOM Iiiihmo. i ;
'Thelnterloref llii'HyimRogiiewaafur
..1..1....1 ...t .r iiiir nriviiu iiieniin
IIIHIIl-U ". - 1 . .
Iiwensteln A Heller
i.ob. Uersoa Meyer ; and. rteyuiour
- Ki.hlil A. filhler Push
ll... Viiw.l'reshleiit. . P.
hlellf D. Oo
tinnier; fcecr'
turv XJ. lit'Kensnewii i rr. uici
K. 'T.llnmii; M. Uuvidhon Hi xlon.
'".. KXKC'L'TjV E lM)Atl. ' .
p liosliu P. Htir; - Dr. TlllmaH
II. lteei.sbt ruer IL JLoeb A.lsroal
hy aud A. tSariger. : - - .
u'iiniu no Ann.
li lnlin. P. Haueer J. Wolf anil
. ipiiimsii i n 1
r.JLi i.f the newa brouithl 52fl0;
nrlce raliuwl front 0UO Ut .
When It l consider-.! that the congre-
(rutlon OUly nunniera nuj nnuuwn
Uil. la ludeed uioet gratlfyiogevl
denee of tbeir aeal an.l ciiwriirlM." i
ti.o titillillnn wm described In nud
dav'a HBlA.l)aiid It la only neoeeeary
UtAdll Ul nl"W . " a.vuiwv-1
Carl Uoetue ae uroie.
ns iMt: and Tiaiti:
uirioK or t un Jlaaai.i
Uu.l .a. Uias May .U
Vlu iinine aiy inarkat ta amtia-wliat Mrlun-
ut il lar iiit.iu uitalniMi. bill liiin la aiaiu.
lu. ul. foi ii uiiiiuai iinau. eaa anil uouiiutu.
il'il.n - lliiylna I II i ollliia. I I'i.
MIIA 'Klt-Prlo oniliiss
o. i la lull 1 1 1 ll is until in allv.r In lualkel.
XlTI ANUIi-tWuiurolal par; Uaufc k '
ilarkat dull.
....... .m...... ....... ...".
Uih.u onlluary 7liis
at laailu.. ............ MttaNll'tMIW'HIIIHI
I'lillN-i. . In ahuek tu to .'il rwuls; Toa-
. In m i 10 uioeiio.) HaM. r t.i iui
ausaa aAi koii i lo 1" nnu MalkrS qUlol.
ippiy up In llm tleuia.til.
U ilkA I' No. il finiii VU4 to II 111; No.
from vj eiils; No. I. in oiiou. lu Uomnuil lor
lower Kiailv; nialkM wiak.
II V III. la -Nul iiluajaoluji uoaioi'i; uie ill .rali!.
UAIM-im worth fryrulU)10fiita Mar-
kel very .lull.
ut N-rrieoa iioiniiiai at wo; iiuiiiinij un
Illt AN-Miirket wall aupldleil Willi fair de
nial.. I. We uuolo nl tkHi Hrowl.
UAT-ion (loin lluiU or toll.
it I It l. A 11 II I'f.l.l'HIKat.
Dry Kllnt. Ita ami unwanla .
)ry Kllnl. Uuiunnuil umlor ill Ihs...
Pry Kllnl kips nml Oiilf...
.Ins.. i lluleli.m'. ..m......
lIlllllllO. lllll. 'a
Ilullalo now 'a...
bltOA-iukJua taeli..
Unit u'
YKi.i.oir I'inb llimliiK fenoliia aeiiiitlliia
fa S.1 iur bUBilrMt; ilroasod bo.iiJa t; is) pel
liuii.lnsl; iH'IIIiim. -': colllus: ll I'I
Woallli.rkolirillllK.lll 1VM llmirlllK K 70.
w iiitk I'iNK-l' u il wits 7'i: wualh
orliioti-illna U; aeleel lioanla H tthitti.
l'ri'la ttOAHH-lttN .
siiih.ii.- hlio tiliiu ai tiuiM SO; oy.
pmaa Ml .
The market la ovldu.illy aollvo liamauil
unlet; aupply auipla. Tlio aiuoiinLof bullU.
Ilia Solus on la oouiliieruklo and no fall I n
oil iionieptlMu. ''
I.IMIC -Tlie buaiiuallly In b.a ruli la worth
tHt. lu bulk iKs) Ordluury liollaa 4
oilll ior liuallel. . . .1
t KMr.isT itosemiiiie ii worm ai in nr
harri'l. laiulavlll boat lllll kept tt Ml Vt
I'l.AH'I'Kll-la wnrtli M W Per linrrnl. Th
siiiply of tin uliovo lui.iillonwl allleli-a la
uuiili; uoiniii.i. our iiiiiratii uriii.
Ileal nualltty
ill ooiiia
Hurry aud abort clip..
n nni.t.sii.K (siitMKiir maukkt.
ll.MUN-ClenriMei H'vl(s'; m.pply am-
litis; inai kot Motel.
ooiliiir In rapidly; orleea do-
lll'TJi'.ll-l; ku
ci lils ueisndlm to urada (Onal.
coin.tiyi. ... 1
t. AN l.l.r.rt rseiiiiiiom intiso; aupiuy aim
r.NliY-MtleU II to Itleenta. ueeorillim te
lira In. Uallua rniiity siunu ueiory I -.
I'll H. H.MI.. a M IU.U'1-ll. 1 ..1.111.
H)AI. Iill.-Miokel hare; itoanta III bill-
-..1... ...dl'l 7h
liOKr KK "Id UihhI J uvii:i"ii..uu;itu oitoioe
tfiSo ; prlino Hie; omnium. KiaJil.'. nlnek
atiipl; Uo.uuml fair with uu upward luu.
1 llltn N l.AI.--nu'iy aoou uusisiu fuof
Ul.nolletl On eenis tier imsnui.
K.iiuiiio(iii oiiua. ij -in inr tua ihwi
XXX from .! In U -J'i XX J Vi; X i 6d; HI.
brmia. noi.oollerisl -
1IAMH-f nnev lirumla (H.Aiiioi) 17r; off
lirniiils n-otn luS to IU'-e; tuurkul oulol.alock
man. .
KlUHiT-Tim Into 111 inn season to qunio.
Kalitinnkait fm'ka. lu Una. 17J.0. Warkul
LAK l-in lien'O. IOTn- mil iibiib. intu
oasy. aupnly UuliU
alOI.ASSiitM auu'i nsnu ' ranoy isnua-
laua. 7l: elinlee. (ki; lirlmo. (Ho: flllr ffto.
HAlii In aaoka. Llvorpmii it ioroiara;
Alio Hi-1 511; Ohio rl-tir 111 Uarrola Hue W t;
dairy lit luirrols H in tamo ih perinea.
Hupply Unlit markot ii.tek. i
nUtlAll lliailUianiM uy III onrrui -T
oruaheil I'J'ie; powilnroil l'i'V! prime pow-
dorod JiO lower; oollon A ll?4"iooiri(l u"i;
oIioIim loulluua liHij ml. no HSui dry Inir
Uo. Mi.vkot (inlol
kupply uniplo
A rise In
Now tlrloillla nuil Now
oi k ruporloil
i I'.'A K Inest aiiuiKiwilor
it ki.!.k
i ao.
ill ur kef
Hiilel supply goon
...111 w tf.itul .
V 1 N Ki) A R-tlumraoH 'Vi&XI oenUj Uoulilo
SHSI'S'llj ...... ......
... ..i. r..AS..
AVI L.l' lirnsl U'yi. inr oninii nu. iui
prime; lOo. Mr Ktato. Hupply amnnth. I
lHULTItVHbHk liulil: duu.and lood;
K 60 per iloaoii for uhlokoua. ;
." KN'UI.K"ITN. .... - I
ONfllStt-Old dry II to por barrel. Mar
ket dare. " " ' ; ' -
l"OTAT0K.rt-Tliero It little nr not li lug do-
liiK.aml bnl few asioil In market. Tlmy are
wurlll from 1WHU cenia H'v ousini.. i"iw
ones ooinlnii In uro worth M (W por tn.iliol
llKANIt-VBryt'aJ ouu por iu.;
whlUl 40.
Hupply hoikI.
AOKH-Homo la
market j aupply
Huaroo ami high.
TORAt'lHl la worth fro.n nll(Ho5o neeonl-
llik to quality; Tim market la ileulliiint
the Bioeli la In rue nml tin ileinand vory am
tliu AllH Worm r.iim IV iw for domo.
lluwjth lliiviniii litters aliirkellailiilljiup-
ply anipliv ileiuanil Inir Af i.mioita . !
BKRR A n honour' 116 por oask: tllirln's.
116 i-'i- iwakj Lomp'a l!i iir cask; i.ineiiiiiai.
War l'i per cask.
!1INK1-1 UIJt OK. ' ' .
IlliA N uy-Aniili. II Hints IX); CogiiBO. JHiitM
per aallon; pouob WUU; blackberry II .6;
Ulnuir-iiW i . .. ' .
l.ll l Wm. ''.
IIKAMI'AJUNK Cook1 Imporlal e.fl;
Krui lu buakeU Kiu; liolilalebo'a IJ Jir
l'LAHKT-Ia worth Vi50 lufluUI aoooritliiB
i bmn.l and uiniiiiy. .
roil! WlMv-1 worth 11 WitJBOU par
"rtHKllUY-flUoilaiil t worlll iJUO 'liar
gallon. .'.; ; ' ' 1 . ; .' i- .;; 1 j
appmTh Am aminw tbv are anotad At
liiialu per luirrnl; foroitrunliulce uuilluiu Hi;
miiikotiliill.iildy amnll. '
A LW.tN Dri-f orriikorn rriim iwnjxaii ii .
IIA N AN AM K mu '.'it per Imiieh. . 1
t'uisi. !... nr i.oi.iol. Hiki: no drum
llui. In M. piur'kol; u.ill pill boxea by llio
i.'-MiiNH-An'ndaue4nanil aid uuotad
at W NK'i7 IW per lai. M . . L
H1MMJKH aroaeareoanil quolwl at 17 on
(.s no per humlrod lor th Moaaina. No I'aJ-
ormo or l.oulaiiiim in muiliei.
1 rH'A NiaAro acaro hi iuij u.r kmiiu.
They ar inmlod tu How Yutk at lie; i
HAlnlNr.-l.nynr par box 3 8Ua 75aJ (W(
for Konrlon A 1 . . ' ' '.' ' . J !
WAl.Nli I - tlri.llooi am qumv.1 i .
(tKllAllTTisAro quoted at 7 IW wr duo
KA KU1H ionrieaaoe nnu ui jeigia.- u.
pouud -! . - . . :." : ' i t.o I
INCORPORATED ': MARCH STtii 1820. . .ua -"''!""-';-';- "
... ft -i 'I ... Vl-'l-t i
Of rUII-Alltl-FIIIA. Aaaot Ja; 1 law. ei ai.
Akaaaa. adusltd..aud aitlri
Aaonnyii - ..." . . - ' .
day at horn famplo worUtl
homa. Ajreritl wautasl. Out-
!utaMata ... . " . I'.aaayr
y-iii't w-TVT"V''l.
. lyiM' -
ml.' - M .. I-
Baltimore & Ohio R. R
o - ' : "i " '-'li I ....
Tiia oabi-etuMT uvtmtvi j
i i i.i . -" . 1 1 . i . .
I V Vl 1 I .''il l
lit llil. Llna I'AriMKNilKUK AUK' LAM-
l'l at Ilia truloanlMl tJrUHMil nr at
llrwNil anil I'rliao airaMi lit vndiillyof
Die leiiillua liuli ls in I'hllu.lolplila na lliev
may prrloi. liolUoia of 'liiruuail 'llukala
' I - -
Can Stop OfTlat thc National Capital
And visit the llnvnrniiiout ami
tit many nlijnets. of tulensit lu unii ulmut
Waallluaiou Uliy. travoieraooaniug .
A Speedy Ple.iaat sad Conifortubla Trip
i ' .: -bUinild
rouu'iubur tliultUa
. .i i . i '
inKHiiKATan roa ita
Kb'iiuul Oisieliea Hploudlil llotola tlrai.i)
nod 1IKHUIIIUI ni i inu i uni vaney
Hoenory mid Ilia many polnla ol .
ll.alorlo .loleiesl along lla
I .luu.) 1 i
Fare Will Always ha'as Low as by
any oiocr lidb. i
una tiiaouon
iiwrwaita tiik I'uiat i.'AL
for Tl.roual. Tleketa. llnaniiae Chseka
Moveliienl ol Train !Slriln; I'ar Aeisini.
iniHliiilima He Kui apply ul I'lekel Uitlm
at nil I'l luelpul polola. I
K. H. IKlltHWY. JLM.txn.1- ' !
Ass'l ll.'li'l Tleket Au't tlell'l Tlekel Ag'l
TIllK.'. llAllltV. Till H. It.HIIAItl' .
Woalurii raaaeiin'r Ag't Wastoi ol TrallPT
tiiaylMUwIy I
. I- - ' --i -.1 .
' .i. ; ' I' i' '
' ' '. V.
Wvonuia Paaa..HMr Trallia from Tola OOll-
Hioilliotat llnunllial nr at. Imis In H-
loll Itepol will. Iho 'uat Tialua uf Una
Wahaali Lluo fur
- .... . . .'ifui.-.: ' - I
. . tl.KVKa.AN It Blfl-AI.O
Deiroitr NewYork Boslon
... . AID I.MTHliaiillUTK; rOIKTN. '
' t - -i '.-i- ...!:- : ! .-. I
The Wahaali Line liniulied with tho Int-
(.nived Air Jtrako Mllloi Couplera I'ull-
I mat.' Hleapaia anil tlx Day Couolioa aio
tlio beat lu llie country niivinu a pinoiu
boatl.ia appari.tua by wl.loh tliu boat la Ul-
trlbuled uudor Ihoaual. - -
rullman's Sloepora and Day Coaohos
I . : ASM HOa TUROtron TO :
Rememhertli Wabiiah Mil I rioaltlvoly
7U Hour IJnlekor lo Kaainrtt t llls aim
oimra mort cumfurt and ei eAiouyn Hum olboi
muUai. .! :.: "-.i.
Uon I I'aaaouiror A'( Ueu'l Wosforu Ant
1Mtt. I - ... . -W. Jjoula.1
I in Ulllllll i 11. 11 in i . u. 11 ' 1 i.
in 'i
. . :i i..; .).-' :;-! line
Me Inn of tb Maaonlo and Nliirrltl
li'Hilont r Trinity tiDoinr ana
;.:.". :.u-;t .": - - -1 ; ' ' 5 1 ;
General:; Undertaker
-' W .: "1' 7-1
Cocbran Street lalla Teiaa
Kaon oonatantlyon hand rondy ma Vol-
Ons oi all klud aud "la. Alaoalull up-
Dlyol'.o .. . ..i.Y . ' '
. 1 ! u;..:r: :-.: : ") 10 1 illit: uu
rrMliUa (Ml -. . ij
Alan a full annrlrof tTndartakorii 'Hard
wars ami trliuuilug of awry kind al
wholoaaleabd rotail. 1
i At ba a Uaudauuio ! . ! "-i t.l.-i j
. .V . 1' I ' - IV V1I.1 I'-'ol 1
tor allondauoo on lutarala. '
i.Ordtr by mall or UunTHptt arjioltad ana
orumnlLy altaiudd to 1 . . MU
"I '
1 1. 1 . f !' . ! " - ' 1
.-;--)Ctrwr liii Mi Eirw itftfU
Burial fcasoa ' ftnd' paskM t
'a.1C XJ. OOJPPljMBl
of all doaorlptloiia alwayton bund. I
. n-i... mm tli ennutn attaLdad to at
abort notlo. Oravoadug and lot pgrotaaaed
la tbooliy oinury anil a apbsiidld boara
ana parTiaajro niriiuitieu jiuiTrwia
T1aM tka llttVttf BilNktof laBd abOUt OT.
and ihif mm northiul from tb ooari-'
1 A 1 l .1. - Walt 11 I1 1 I I III Till
1HHH. I IF vmiiiw wmoifr wa - - -
ImM out liitoioawlUi AW offereU o U
vtl - - "'. .. I a ms hi I
-. ....... ..
..a i. A- .
trie la .
4 sj
ti:as lMCll iq IVY.
issi.aUr I .
mm to.LiTiDvn'yrnyu'
st. toinSr ;4 . cuicao
c : i it:
'. ' -iii ui
iii'A n
..' i.' i i ri .'i'i
Trains l.eava Pallaa HtatloU a Mlowi
Humluy iaeupla I ..u i
WMT. .
Co. I Mali anil T. prnaa -.. f'1 I'm
n.A Aoonni.niMlalloiiMMM...M.-n:iVl pni
Mo. 6 Tliruuali tialil...-....Juiu aw
... ... tiAMTi ... '' -i ..
No. I Mall am) Kapraaa 7s pat
Nu f i in - i V "'
Nu. lu ' h r wlgliU v fui
(jaNNICOTltlNH. .I'
AI TKXA11K ANA. Willi all oa HI.
I. ills A Iron Mounlalii ll. H. lor all poinia
rsoiii.i i.aii auo nouinoiu..
NKHl.A with tlnlli mi tlio International
ll. K. tr Tylnr Haluatlaa llouatoui Ualvaa-
VMi ami Mall Auuiul.i. . .
Al UAI.UAH Willi tiiilni North ami Hnulll
ni. llouaion und Tenia I'miiriil II. It. lor
Him. man l'aria tloiihaiiii MeKluney. Ciw-
aleaua juruiuoud Waeo lloualou ami Ana-
UAt Hit ItK.VKl'ilUT." wliti a romtlar Una of
yii'if-eniu ilniiueii tor now llrloaita.
in.a nu nina limy huiijwv wivw
tuislori. l.minivoiuu.ils auel. a Visllna-
lioliso Air Hlakes un.l Miller Truss riiitlollna
and liuplor la uuaurpaasuil lor
pd Safbty und Comfort.
l'naseiiaeraam rmiuualul toohlnlti rollabla
liiformallnu of tlio am utlur iidvaulugxi ot
Ihls tJrenl ll.ruoT Iieforu seleellnu
their route thu i-niilillln Ihe i. lo purnhaoo
tleketa by a lUoroiUihlaiti jurnlenvu over all
"'Aoy'lliairmktlnii' In ruu-iwl in 1h tea of
Kri'luht or t'Hssaao will bn ol.oorl.tlly fnni-
Islnsl anil oliilma lur ovoniharuo Ima nr
ilanoigo olo. will moot piuiiiid ullviiUou II
add.eUlv . e yft t NKWM AHi
llvuorul I'l-alkUlaml I'aaaeiiuer Aknt'i
Mnisliall lexaa.
(IKII. NIIIII.K (Jeuerill Huporliileuiteut
Muiahall Tenia.
J lib i.ll .!) .k
: I? A. I L W A Y
'. ! 1 ; AcoHSW'TINJl.'!;
iissorm mm m thai emuoid i
" aiustic utncirK wuiini';;" .'
' iirsoihi ru'inc iiilboid
chicauo 4111KI m wmmoi baiuoii
. .. and ru-i .a .
H8S01BI iiv'n. runt wiiit am sun uiimtt
Cffor Hia l.ot routok fWim tlia O.llf ol
Moiloo. via Hod Hlvar Olty to all potuta to
Ui - r-
1 ! Paaaangtn bv ciioloa orroutwi im
;. . ui... !Rit-.i"i.:.n " Ii I
ViaiU. BpriiiBfieWMO' and fVUvit
Sedalia. and 8t louii. '(
Hannibal and Chicago.
"'' Fort Soott and Kaniai City
! t ! .1 I. 11 I ....... I ' .!
I'uIlrwHU'ia j Talnce pravtinf
gloom i iiWeplaT Onrtt
Run tlironah from Honafou toti tiiilla'trlths
out chuui-oiauU but wu ulmugu to l.'b louKO
and Now York. '
Ticket oaii .na prlMiired and i .litaitaii
ahM'koii to all promlnoi.l polula lu tho li ul-
toil Hlatoa und (Janudaa fro.n Iho' rollowliia
Htalloni nu tho lino of tb:.ifooilo .4111
Toiaa Contrul HollwaV.' '
. 1 1 . - .
Honatnn' " UmnpatMiw -Attatln.
Bryaiiai; l!rt Wr-i liiiin'.a'ailwartt
WattM. ..ii.;. tianiloaBa . ....JPrtliMM
I'd.iil !-.
Condeaaed iThrpugb .TimrCa'd
i'i! To point kfdrtii'aad Kail Via tba 1 '
Hiusttjn'aniliW ContraJ ' fry
Trnln l.ttnve
..'l.......i.i...-.'-t al r H
ut T-Jl A. u
jailll rrifit " 'i i
IonlMiW.......!i..'.i.A..'iiu.Hi..'i.Ilt f-
Vlnlla - 'UlS If
H. Uniis next duy al :. r a
RBiiaClty.M...nxt dy at'.r.'i aiir A. M
BilBll.(Mir)Hjda! al..4H "
lIaiitillml...-..IU t day atM...... r. M
(;bliUHO' i..l-..uiul day ..i..a Tl
i!iillanpoll..i''iiiid day ut.i.nM vf '
Cliioltiiiiitl...l.!.aeeoiid ilny ut.i..u -1 v-1f. A. M
Umlavlllu ...-..h.oooiiiI day nl-..y. :w A at
liofTulo jieeoiid day ul.... . k:!5 r. M
Alboiiy.-... tblnl day t...sirjtt JJ
New York day at r'0' ' AS a
Ilaltliuoie lliltd day wt-n 1 7j A
WablnUu;. .lhlr;l iy kt.. to a. m
toaU......4.w--bM day tn'-fw
pltbiburi..... .neflud day al.... r. M
' Train arrtW an depart front lniitui
toliowai . io f)!j. .' jr -
T Aocooioiiliti9ii ' " 1 Pr"'lh Pr
'' -i.. i i.i : ii';l'"ii'. 111 ir. i'n; 1
IataTMU'tli 11:20 A.Mi Iavoa n'tli 7:4A A a
tS.e HII'.W r. l! Lonro .'til ?. W M
.WAio.-'. ;3.i.;.aA-;-Jir 01
.' Sow York Olty Krtlfibi' an f lckt oha
WBroauwiiy K MAVt.Hn(' kl
Vliltonto a'jov .IHo wlU DuJUhiiooN
floe a ploitannt plaesi of roanrt tboir lelaura
bourn when tba latt Taxaa .papar fiUljb
.W'Vn! J '3 IWnANli.OmTHop'l
J W ALDO u'l lokt Aaouts t; v I
'Wla-itty tlie iiiodt convcnUnt ftM for
oil county ami "if .. -r ' T'
Urewi. T. J. HMir KVAN1 t.. '
vwviT mK ;ivi( .r'4i V i-r(
An Ulu4irfeilwwfc rt
tu trui luatnnl arwi ilia
rlaA"ibl thai tiirn4
oflhfwitivtaWM)a)ta ittu
Ma UtM di ttrrrit im 1U
WttvhT&ptvy in Uitinm4 rlaiw d
ygti'ta ti'tT'iii'MI 1 ahtryld rnd Aiari prtowrv
f4tUUM ll.IrtUlt" whtrli rw nm rtt)i4 1 14
ou htw lu oiTwr tha Itrtlth. ttMl cmipliK
to JkU( rJWrk irti Vvthiuut titjAj lUft'i. It. I
bn.j till I
tin iMrrtre uuhm tn ih wtr-a. np "
ba IfaUL 1 1w iiiw vmf W AWiwiRwl ptm . J . - A
rtiftil on Mr lh ttihlw u-.n-irtVanwl InliTi w 5 ''
.i-!ai'.! I'.fl ol klodvil Iwol
t.U tio'twi Tin. a-'M "" aii".---i'

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