The Dallas Daily Herald. (Dallas, Tex.), Vol. 5, No. 180, Ed. 1 Friday, December 28, 1877 Page: 3 of 4

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Ileal ll ol JHilli I'. l HoHitril.
Sm Antonio 1 1 tu1 Di'i'i'iulier 'Jiitli :
Tin' 1 ihj 'tt i'l ol yi-Nirnliiy l-rin lis I hi'
i it I -' 'I'1'1 'li"l'''ti'iil'' II. How
. .. I ill. .1 1... I... t -vi . ...
llltl IVIK hllll l I'J I"" ' hum in
Sm Kliurii iluiui)? llm lul il.ivtir hvo.
Willi tllft tlcltt ll ul' tllilr'e ll'ltl.ll'l WH
liivniiniK will i ii'l llm truiiMi' .l.iul.
In' nl nu ll lii li I'm' I lio !nt ttvn litoii t Iim
)i kepi ilii' Kl IVau I'liiuiiiy in it l iti.
i.l i i'i ili f xi'ilfiiirlil. iliid(!ii ('lins
liii mm will kii.nvn in thid tiiy
li.t i iifj ivnl'liMl lu'n iiihI 'rui'(irt-i law
si'WUll Vl'IIIS ll r 111 M t tillli' iivitia III
liis viuiiii:iiii'iit ly i ii'wi iht 'uko ii
llin! tilt .jllllfi" III' Illl' Kl I'lISi) llistl'it't.
lit' wim Hi uiri'ly inuro limn thirty tir
III' mill wlll'll ll l'"'1 lli" vluli'llt itrlllll
liuvintl I"'" ""'y twi iily livi'
JCIII'H ol'BUO Wlll'll III IVCl'ivi'll din jinU
ii'lnl iiiiiiiitiiiiit. lit' win vt'iy Imlil
unit tim ing Hum n'l rci'ldiim in lii
I'l'IIMlM'. . .. .
A short iii'i'iuiiit nt tin1 iliuu'ulty
whirli Ihih I'llllll'l ilH I'llllllillllUoll ill llin
ili'iith. will not In' out ol (il.u'n in iiiilio
inn din untimely lukiiiiz oil'.
Sumo tiniH in May nt' tlio juthi'iiI
ycur Mr. (Ii'iii'n II. ini)ii'lniiinol' Ans.
tin tin liitli'T-in-liiw ol' .liulj.'!' 1 1 nwviir.l
lui'tlti'il Hi'Vi'l'ill milt luki'S l illtf lit llli'
foot ol tlio (iiiii'liliipM Mountains in Kl
I'llhll I'llllllly Ull'l olllllllll'll l)SSl'Ssill 1)1
nlltiM' Unit Ini'l I'l'i'll lociili'il l.y S A.
Maverick. TIu'ho lakes iiro wry viilim
din itiul lor u loiiji tiiiif tlio in'opli' n' i:i
1'iimii county (most of whom urn Mi-xis
0 Uln) Iliul hni'll tliliilljf llllil i'llillf K:ilt
from tlicui nt will. After thi'ir locution
Jtlllp' 1 1 0 1 1 I. 111! till' lli'lll lit 111!' Zilll.
ilimaii uotilii'il tin 'lo tlnil no
mom Hit 1 1 hIuuiM I"1 tukoii h um iln
lilki H I'XorJit Willi llin pel mission lit. tin'
Haiim timi' ill'i'i'iii(? tlm -iiiiii' iiii!i' n'r
fiint'iiii (wi i'iuti now linin .luilcn 11 'h
hliiU'iiii'iil mmlo imiiii'iliiili'lv iil'tor his
lvli'iisu hy tin' muli) for I'lvljilit that they
hml 'ormi'i'ly ivivivi'tl lor wilw of salt
Tlio Mexican lioinilutioii ol Kl Puso
futility refused to freight tlio Halt fur
.IuiIl'o Iliiwitiit uinl said that tliev hud
hiu'ii ailvini'il hy Louis Cariliri that tlio
laki'H 1h'1oii!im1 to tlii'in. Thus tilings
continued lor several uioiiUw. Alie-r-wards
u few of tlio lu'onlo uiiici'd to
l'rciulit Halt for him mid ho had nliout
li vo hiindri'o fiini'iins li-onnli t in hy Kl
1 aso county treijiliters. litis oxaspcr-
rted the. lviiMiiuni! noi'tion ol tlie.unxi
can population and thev ajiuiii consiillcd
Cardis who advised them that they
owned tlio lakes and hlnmlil fjo in a
liodv and take possession ol them.
Manv I'stiecially ot the people of tho
towns of Socorro and San Elizaiio
threatened to do this. lleurina of
these threats Judge Howard win wad
iiliout Htnrtinjj to hol t Diivis made coin-
jilaint liel'Dio the county judge that cer-
tain persona (nniniiig tliem) were
throateiiing to take salt from the lakes
without authority mid hy violence and
asked that they he put under bond that
they would not interfere with the lakes
and also asked that the lakes be put
under the charge of the s'lierill'. Two
Mexicans were arrested on this charge
and one ol them denied any intention
of interfering with the lakes and was
discharged while tho other was placed
under boml.
Ahout that time Judge Howard start-
ed to Kort Jiivis and anticipating vio-
lence at the li.imls of the Mexicans
made it convenient to stay all night
with Shcrill' Kerlier of 101 I'aso county
that ho might have his prote'tion.
K-irly next morning the house of the
sheiill'wus surrounded by forty or fifty
tinned Mexicans and Howard and Mi
JSride were made prisoners. They were
dragged along the street amid the jeers
and insults of the angry mob until they
reached the horses prepared tor them
and then carried by torco to San Eliza-
rio. On reaching this place Judge How-
ard was taken to the house of a Mcxis
can and kept in a room three days and
nights at all times surrounded by three
or lour hundred Mexicans ruling and
raving and crying for his life's blood.
A Mexican priest interposed his kind
ollices to protect the lite of tho unfor-
tunate man and by hi strenuous etl'orts
prevailed upon the maddened crowd to
spare his lite. They would not consent
t' this they had forced Judge
Howard to subscribe to certain condN
tion which they had prepared in writs
ing. For two days Judge Howard re
fused to subscribe to tho conditions
but on tho third day finding that
was no assistance that could be bad in
time to save his life and that tho mob
was growing morn angry and ferocious
he signed n document writt.n in Span-
ish purporting to be un agreement be-
tween C II. Howard and the people in
which Howard bound himself:
1. Sot to prosecute any person who
had taken part in imprisoning him and
to always remain in perfect peaco with
El Peso county in general.
2. That he would leave the Halt lakes
fm as they were b.'lore and permit
the people to take salt from them at
!!J. That ho would leave El Paso
county and never return.
Ilh. That he would give bond for
the faithful compliance with tho agree-
ment. 'ill. That ho confesses that the pros-
ecution which he had commenced
against some of tho people was unjust
and without cause mid that they had
just cause to rise aguinst him and that
he voluntarily signed tho agreement.
Judge Howard lelt theeounty.but ilia-
regarding his promise never to return
ns it was exacted of him under duress
he went hack to El Paso a short time
ulteriviird and encountered the Hon.
i.ouis Cirdis on the street mid in ft
light with pistols shot and killed his
antagonist. Tho Hon. Louis Cardis was
an 1 tali m horn nt the hasp of the Alps
and had served while young a cap-
tain under (iaiihaldi When Judge
Howard first went to El T.isn they be-
tame warm personal friends hut the
love ot rulo and political leadership was
too strong in tho bosom ot each to per-
mit either to hold undisputed suprema-
cy in peace over the crude minds ol Iho
people about them. K:ich wished lo be
H'lle monarch of that Va-t but thinly
pepuhited section commonly culled the
Kl Paso country. At the well remem- Castrovillo convention for the
I'oininMion of a senator and represen-
tatives lor the Kio Urande district tothe
state legi-Iature both Howard and C ir-
lis appeared with the credentials of a
delegate. The convention aiter di"
cii'sing the subject declined to decide
between then and seated both. Hut
thi was uiiMtiMui'tory to Ilia contest-
ants and here their hatred for each
other took its ris. Cardis wat elected
to tho fourteenth legislature and on
one occisimi " while Howard was
in Austin during the gosion
of the legislature Cnrdis fre-ly
indulge jn bi. abuse of Howard. Judge
Howard bend of this and meeting
Cardis one d.iy on the street he assault
ed him but no serious injury was done
bvfore their friends scparuteil them. All
the i-tl'jrts of their respective Iriends lo
make peace between them were fruit'
less their hatred was i dadly;enrh
sei-nied tr if he would nut rest until he
had drawn the blood of the other. Nei-!
iher ever ihnwed inr leer ol the ptii.-r.
ml eery lime Ibey met they both well
ucdentood tb.t tber. would be p4
soiial comlmt. A few liioiiihs ugo llms
aid whoso homo tat suid to bunt -'orl
I'.ivis i -i l.ul K piisu ivhi'i'. Cardis
lard and w hjlii i line met faidis i lien
a ll'lit tin' It iiliii'u.
line inn not iuiiiil'uriiiii llowiird
is iudii u d lor iih'iullnig ('41dm on
tin- Mivu-ioii. Ctidm iippniia in limn
been llluie popular witli Hie Mexicans
than was Howard mid liny iilis mp.
ported lulil for ollliM whenever he lire-
I'liieil iiuuti'ii a Cilliii;.i lii'liire t In-Ill
lly thi'ill he was elected to the four
. . 1 1 t 1' . 1 . .. .
teeutli legi-laline ol the slate M n
us U ib legate In llui conntitiiliiiiial cut
Vi'lltion ul IST'i.iuid iigaln ulecled In llin
legislature nil a repicneiitaiiiu. I roin
the time of tho killing of Cardis gn at
excitement lia prevailed III I.l l'i-o
- 1. . . l I .. ..
.-IINIIO WCei.H lljjll .lllOr JOIII'H III iin
slate troops went to !l Paso alune and
at one time thought he would Niieeeei
in ipiieting the populace Hut Judge
llowm'il was to llui MeXlciiil liopuhitlon
whose liivorito ho had killed as the
led l! ig to the bull. Twenty-live
or thirty rangers were sent to his
assistance at once and we piVMimo t li it
Howard accompHiiieil these to San Kli-
.ii'io. A Ii'iV days ago the state lim ps
were siirioiinded by the Infuriated mob
who demanded that Howard he deliver-
ed uptotheiii that they might have
him shot. The rangers refused to coin-
ply with their demand and a battle
ensued 111 which S.'igea' t Kllis of the
r.iiigcis was killed mid perhaps others
The mull kurroiinded the laiiL'els and
hi'M'igcd tin-in in a Iioiim'. llisimtchcs
yesti'idav statu that two rangers Mc
Uride and A tkiiiMin were shot ill the
same time wilh Howard and th'e rest
of the rangers disarmed and liberated
litlt a later dispatch lioni ashiui'toii
says that tioveinor II telegraphs
that the rest ot the rangers are prison
ers. Dispatches rec-lVid vestevdiiv sav
that the stale Iroop'iHiiiTendei'ed to the
mohdav before yesteiday. and Howard
and ihe two rangers shot and the rest
of the rangers disarmed and liberated.
Hut later advices received last night
statu thiil th" rest of the state troops
are still prisoners in the hands of the
mob and will likely share tlm horrible
fate of their companions unless aid is
ipiickly received from United States
troops in New Mexico who are march-
ing to thoir relief. Wo hope that the
thirst of the Kl Paso Mexicans lor
Howard's blood has been abundantly
satiated by the crimson streams which
ebbed away the young life of their vic-
tim mid his two companions and we
will be spared tho mournful duty of
chronicling on tho morrow tho murder
in cold blood of other citi.ens of Texas
to bo added to the names of those men-
tioned in this article.
M.utKKTs r.v ti:li;ukaimi
Noon Iteixirl t'luaiiclai.
Nkw Yohk December 'j; monks Unl
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lotmH SI: short it HiS. Nlalu houils unlet.
(.iovel illiiciu billets lower.
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ul iCJi. Hittht 6-10 illscuiiiii. (ttorllnu tiuiiK
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ti ll bales Hales 1I!M bales Stunk ID.i.O.i'i
bales. Kxpnris loiwlwisu Mil boles
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lie 50
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Miles K.iiHI bales; siei'Ubilloii mid i xport
1(1 hi bales; roouipis IW.IKIU bales; American
17:00 bal s.
t mures 1-3-tX clieiipnr.
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anil March li ;l lnU; Mine'i and April
3-lit; April and May II 7-2d; "ew nrop
shippml Jiiinii'iy and h'ebriuiry ll 3 Hid.
I:;W p.m. Mlildllim Uplands o;Hd; Mid-
dliim Orleans till-Hiil; 1 iw nildilliuK uplands
lt'4d; good oniinary uplands 1-IUJ; ordi-
nary uplands yyH I.
1 p in. Males American bains. Fu-
tures Uplamls low in Ul lli n k clause Decent-
bur delivery I l l; now crop tlupped No-
vember and December uy sail H:-I(i.l.
A p.m. Futiin h llai; low luldiiiiiiK elaiise
luiw crop shipped November by nail II ;--.'Jil.
Niur Yohk lleoonibor 2J. t'otton iiulut
and lli m.
llpliiiida Il'-Hc 11 .ri-l
OlIeHIls 1I0 11 J-lliJ
-'alesliil bales. l'uUi is steady.
January U He'! loo; February 11 24o4ll -.'.In;
Mar:li U llllt lilic; April 11 till -ike; .May
11 51 mil .We.
NUlil-Collon Btcady. 1'plauds lljcj Or-
leans ll;K. MileaSI'J I'alrB.
I'misolidateu net receipts 'i.e.'slH bales. Ex-
pons to 'treat Hrltalu 4t)li.'J iialua; I1 ranee
1.1914 bales; viuitiiieiil 2.'iii(i bales; channel
2fiH bales. Htock on hand Si I Imlus.
iNet reoi lpts nil bnles; gross 64;ii hales.
Futarta cUtsal at-iuly. bales 47iiiO bales.
Docemhor II iWiv'l u
Jaininry 11 inimil Mo
February -..II I'Mll WW
Ma roll 11 .HUll :10
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May II Mjll 5lo
June II .' o
July 11 71 nil 7-.'i)
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at lull prices; coimnnti toa'sid 'imiiioii 4!4 4
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to cll'ilee 7! yellow clnnrte.1 7J4H.
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: H.-laU olei town weelhet; packing j
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a. a. mum m D..'
OFFM t!MSOII A H el lil H'M
Keslilciii'e il-1 il.i iii.l. r l ien oi'U ttl
107 Lamar St. Dalhm.Teuf.
llmvt.M.u.'lsi mti'iillidi lolllini prop
eriy lit Ilic clly c.miu and Uin'iigliuiil llui
mum. I.enMliii Ian. Is nail iiihi iimuioiiu
hinwiM olli 4-1 1 1 1 1 nl all I'laliin eiilrusled
In his i'iii ii piiuiipil) alleinl'id to and tpilc
leinuiiiii ii maun.
Will luvraiiiuHie and liclfect laud till
and pay laics inr una rrMdcu'a. einMklliii
.i.mtaa 4. 1- i.Pau
Aduins tV Leonard
Conor of Em A Auotla Sti.
We alio neanllate Itrat elaae bond anil
make loeiit uu ips'd o.illaterels.
I'ollenlliiiia made at all poll'Wlil IheUul
U.I Htelea.
formerly ot Warn and (lecullst of Hlulu
Ullud Asylum Austin.
Mas peruianeiilly loeated at Hherinmi
Where he Is prepared!') treat alt diseases ul til
live. mil in .Inn
tVxnj. ftmiU'qiititiili-i. irtiii'. t l"l.r-llli tl
wniulorful mvilU ul Hml nii l .Viumu au llViiir'i.r
Mustang Liniment
TliU ltniturnt vrrv imiur.illv 01 If-inatcl in AinoH-
r wlu-ro Nutuui j-hnlfi ia Iht Iiilmiuiiirv 'n'ii
iiiprihintt iiiilnl'tlrt fr tli' lualiMltrw i.f In r chll-
ilu 11. IH 1uiiiIiiim It rit Ktmtlmt' Inr '
Ulll ll limv it I'lH-lii li'H t!l li ll'll.tlili nloUr
Tlif Mt'iii'tui Mii.iii) l.tiiiiu lit ii u 11111(4 -hlt'
reiiHtkWir ull evit'iiml uilim-hHitl mun mni lie nil
TohRick itH ut'H ihhI luniM i.-f il is jnvaltt:ilit'.
A Mnn1'1 IhiIIii vi'.i-n hii n u Itnttnu lift' ni i-
turi'ft (ll ll!4t't'llllt'rtM Ol UU C Vffili'lit htll'Hi' tx
cow ir nlit'r.
il rntfH tiMit-riil liiMifiill hollow liotn iul
wnnv worui iiiiit(lr-Mitt iit.iniTC Hio Itii.'i atuf
t I f pniHIIIiniM K'pli'i'H Ullit Ililt'l U (I till CVl'l Jf
lit' tl itr liilt k tu utiirk tl ''(-il irni iintl ttuxli life.
It cun-H evny 'tt'i n:il lioiil'U'nt Iiumi'h hiicIi
an liuiiiMicKH m rutrlii'i Muniiy hiruiiiH toiittiiflr
wiim! pall rlni; Ihmk ric.i tc.
Tiic Mt 1 icau MiisiuiiK Mnluu'Ut U I lie iuickiU
fiirriu thuoi'lil (in iiii'tilt iiU (K'imhiiiik hi llm
family In tlio nlffiiro ot h plivhiilan Mticli m
bnriii Bt-ieltlii. iruiuA nil" i-Ii'm iiml Im i licuniii-
tit 111 ml ntuliu'.ss riiut'iitU'icd hy t'vpoHtirv I'tti-
Uciilarly vuliull In MtiiciN.
It i Uo cliciiiH'ttt it-iiii'ily in tlu' mil M fur It
iwut'tinlca tho imwle to I In Imni' uinl u hiiiIu
aiiplic-utinu in tzciuTally Hiillu'ii'iit tin'.
MoaU'iiii Mustang Liniment in put up In tlmW
Of tMlttli'tl tllO yi'f tllU'H iM'illrf pl OMt tKU'
fctely iuuuU ttiu hcant'rit.
iDtlH-d-oo l.twlyr.
Indian Territory Lehigh
Lump Cumberland.
Dallsus jCoiil Yard
lunioiiy E. G. CHILDS Prop'r.
Or. I.J..TO lCS
Orni KOVKItOllllKN I wout'h HTOUK
Cor. Elm and Lamar Streets Dallas Texas
Hoes Ki'iteral practice In .Vchciac and .Vur-
tier. UlveKHpenial attention t di.seases ul
uv.iirit and rhilttn a and lo all dtsimsea pur-
tilillli'K to iiWir iftrlicr.
Ol'l'ICK HoN.sriVl'AT'ON KltKK.
A circular ou diseases of llm 1 1 earl and
I.uukH .VimiiI (Viiiiii iyH7"'".
lii-murilvilK f.Vc will b sent to any ait-di-s
by mall on receipt of two Ihrei) cent
Also l'rimlr (Urouuir seni oiirm on rmuipi
of two three cent stamps.
Olllca hours 11 to 11 a. 111. 'J to S and 7 to V
The wll known Clifton mills locatud 011
the It.isiiue river hi Clilliin Hosuiii- ciui'itv
IVish. Inlrl v-twn in lies we t of Waco in one
ol Ihe richest ami niost desirable secllmiM ol
the stale and where wlicul la prouui'iu in
larae iiia'illtlea.
'I nei-e mills aie loi-nled m and run hy one
of Ihe llnesl water pouers 111 the Male.
llin liulldlna and dam are built ul Ihe best
lliucsliinu rook on a solid rock foiuidutlon
ol. ImiIIi holtuiu and sides.
Tlie mill housi'isliixift lent mpiure. two and
a hall mor es IiIkIi ami I'lintnllis two sets of
wheal ami one set ol corn rocea all In flue
"I ho location Is lilcii .and healthy witu
gIMSl SChlHllSHIld K'inl WH'l-tV.
Tills d.slrali.o properly will Iw sold (for
division) on the uii'st iiilvanliineoiia teilu"
li.illi aetopriie and lime.
Vi M. A. KOKT Aaent
dcelld.Vw'Jm Waco Teias.
Robert Strahorn & Co
coyaisHiox in
Room 64 Exchange Building
Kcpresenleil at Vort Worth by J. V. Illch-
r dsnii. Al DeulwiD hy Krank K. Baker
a 1 :l 14 n
. .. - .ha hlat Hr II l.S
WI. rrwn l "'"
. Milul" Sl-" "'
1 .fL"-.' S.o. - -
'-""'-: ...i.ii. 1 .1
Hin4n4ti t ri'.- r-- - ' '
I cm .d wm I. """'VV in;.;
70 U-.m Ull
U..11 It. iui.hi.t w
kisk.suu tee
kf lkl kS 'I
Mte . I
I . -. .a VTMI .'
oiil ii i;
IXfiniiij) iiihI JHiiiitltiiiy OjlatitH
.liioi.f y'liWir M ti'ill unit l i i in i
I r It 01 1 1 1 1 1 1 .'it by llm lny l i.uui'il i.f the
I II) id I'allas.
e.. '1111111. u) p ii.i Mini shell In this
ell) lie IiiiiihI In a sin e id 1 11 1 ' 4 un I ..Ml In
mil ni l hiuhan) I icii'Imi.u.c m oilii i
plli'lle pliice mIimII Iiu deemed kiiluy id a
iiiimiciiii'.iiiiii ..nd 11 pun imu v lei 1. .ii in i.mi
111 m nieiiiiier ut M D111 ..unl In llm J
lull 11t.11 4 linin 1 eeiii) Ui.iiuih
Hie.; Aii) peisuii wlin kiiull In Ihin ciy
apl'i'iii In any 1 hbilc pmi i' ii a .isle ni ihhI.
II) Ol III Hill is. unl In lullMI lltl to Ills ul h
'i ul III an Indecent in lead dicta ni shall
liiasn an ul ekpii.'.iiiii ni Ink 111 her per
tint or lie M 1 1 1 1 ol an Imiei't'iil m Ire I mil
01 lieliavlui 01 slnill i iilillill "l or ntler lo
sen any iiniemiii ul n uu lnuk pi linn nt
ollii 1 II1I1111 111 sliull 1' a 1 1 1 11 1 01 p.uliiiui 111
)' I Ml 1 1 lo be I'khlblle.l or iiputi
in . . ! liinli'l lilt or lier iiiiiiiiiui iiicui ir
iHiuliul any liiiiiuirHl 111 lead phi) 01 nlhur
ii.I'i'siuihiiiii sunn ne ilevlitisi mil III' ul
iiiUiluiiiciim r und iiinii iMiiiviiiiiiin iherisii
be lined llui ll s lllsll live llui Inulu llluli
one 11 11 ml 1 ml iiiiiimn
hec.i. Any peisuii willilu llm iiiipiiielii
lout's un tiiiui iimue niisu ur saint in
liit Iiiuily liver in lit any nliici walir
Oulllse p.ilid 01 ...ol Ml tills I'll) lielsii'll
one I111111 iii'iinu sunrise ami imu hum nih.r
uusi'11 vma nuked 01 Insulltcii nlly cliillm.l
lliuieliy laiisina iiupn pi i ekposiiiu 11 nih
peisuii sliull uu desmisi Killll) ill a In Is. In
in 0.1 1 11 r and 11 i ll iiiuviclliiil llieli'nl be
fined kid less limn two iiur iiiu.e men on.
ki t'. 1. Any pcisou who shall slick imlul.
u h lot or sunup or pin iiinut 1111) 11 imu
Iciu'c mill paveiuriil ur oiliei piiblie pla a
in this ciiy. uiiy wntleii. piiulnl or uiinu
B'lvel list iiicnl bill nollce siKii or posit 1
wllhoul huvina lost oiniiliu'd llui pel nils.
slim ol Ihe owner ol sucli hiitisc liucu v nil
paveiui'iii or inner puuiie puce sliull nt
iltieiiiml Killll) ol a nilsil uieiiliiir mid iipint
din vli'lliHi Un nsil be lined nut less limn two
1101 uiinu 1 hull tell diulais lui each and
every ulleliee.
isi-u. a. Any person wiiusiieii ne tittiny 01
ilciMi'iiiK any iitiiitiuiK 01 niuluiuks Ii uit
slttu lri'e-liii lanip'pnsi or ollu r propei ly
III llui I'll)1 III lllllllis liculiib'lllit ill Ull' l ul 11.
iiiliiiu in piuiii'i 1) hinder ul said ciiy hv
on 1 1 1 mm. liiuskiiiKi iiiiiiliina wiih piiuu or
oitii r sulisiiiuces uliciiiiit; id htirscs or tnliet
iiiiiiiihIs in in any oilier way or lunula r di
liiciiiu.leaium u wu ur lijulliik llm siiiue.
sliull In 1liH guilty id a nnsdciileiiuiil
and ttpiiit ciiiivii'lioli theleol he lined not
ItlfS llulll lH Iiur Ul.'li' 1111441 I'-ll uui nil s.
si t'. II 11 a y l eisint sliull pluy el any
aauie ui i iipts ul any Imusu inr reliulii'g
spu iioiis liiiuors aiiiiu-lniuse laveru Inn or
ollii r tiiblic plsee or lit any mil Iiuiim. 01
any idliur place w liniii Hie Hunts ol tins
ll) a Here people rt sm I. sueu iu imiii sliull
lie lined lu i less limn live Iiur mine thuii
iwiiily-ltvu iliillius.
pec. 1. All iioum'S coiiiiiiouiy known as
public ami all gaming nouses uru Inelii hd
w iiiiiii liie inclining in 1 ne piect iiing scciiuii
any loout atluciu d m any puliltc l.uus.' end
I'omiiioiiJy used loriiituiing Isitisouiciuiled
M lie! her tuu siiiue bu kept clnsed or open.
A piivnlu mini' ol all Inn or lavt in is not
wtililu Ibe iiiciiiiintt ul a nubile 1 luce uu-
Ichsoiii'li room U cuinuiouiy usnl lor kiiiii-
Ing. M'C.s. rpouuie nun 01 any person ao-
used ol olleiiduig ugiiinsl tlio piovtsloiis ol
tun Iwo pie 'edliiK wi'iiiins II sliull nut uu
ncivs.-.iiiy to prove tliul any iiiuiiey or ar-
ticle ol value 01 the lepiiM'iiliillve I elthcl
w as hid lit hiu n g.tuic' Hie ollctihi' ia cinit-
plele wlinnill siicu piuiil.
M il 11. 11 any peisi usiiiiu keep or cuinui
lor hv put pom' ol gaining any Huiiilng Inblu
; hunk ul mi)' inline or dcHCiiplioit whal-
ver or any luh.e or liiuili used lor guuiing
V Ii U ll bus 1111 inline or sha i be in aiiy luaii-
tier liili.'ieslcd in Keeping ur exliltdlu g such
luble or lui 1 ik nt any tiluuii w linlevvi H III1111
Ihe limits of tills lily such person shall be
lined nut less tuau live iiur mum than Illl)
hee. 111. II being Intended hy the luri gnlug
at i'lluii In lueliiue eveiy spi iiis ol giiiuli g
Ui'Vlce known by Hie Unuieol laiiio ot' liiuili
il tiveiy kind luilevt'r ibis pinvlsum snail
incline uny mill Hi! giiincs i liliii 111 cuui- hiiiguiiKf al e said lo ho th ur krut ur cj-
reel!. Lest uiiy iiilsiiiipridiuiisloli thiitild
aiisti us In u lielbet' certain game are in-
muni WHtiin me inclining ot H10 loitigolng
sect Ions ll Is itonluru.i tinil llui lui'igning
giuiies uui williin tne meaning ami luieii-
lloll 01 sum seeilons liullu 1) "Vingltllin
Kiiug.i el iuti ' " tvoiiiiuie ' "rioo
Moult'" 'A ln:""t'hiicll-a-..ileli""Keiui''
1'iiul" mill "IlinnlD but llti'
ol tlitisc gituic!. specia l)' sliull unl exclude
any iilliti' piopi iiy w liiiiu tuu uiuiiiug 01
llm ln pi'i ee.llug ' I'lltniN. Any giittiu
pluyeil tnr moiiey upen a litliltird titiuu 01
luble rcscmolnig a iiilliurd table oilier lliau
llm gatneol bllliuiils llcunsed by law Is pnti-
lsliuiile umier snld sei'lluns
fieo. li. lit tiic pinrccuiiigs lieluie Ihe lui-
coi'dei 's or Miiyor'a com 1 011 Hie Iruii of ol-
leiiscs under Hie . receding M-ciluns it Is sttl-
liciciil to prove Unit the games were played
U en It ur exliiiilliid uuiioiii proving Unit
money or oilier 111 In Usui viiluu were won ul
iusl llieieuii. 1 lie winds "pliiyua" and "ileall"
I111 vo Hie iiieuiiiug iiUuciied to theiii in or-
Uini.iy luiigiiiige
.sec. II. il any person shall bet at any
gaining table or uaiik such us are dcscribim
ill the preceding section.- such pc isuuh slmll
be lined not less than two nor imiiu Until
twenty dnlhiis.
heu. l.'i. II liny person Hlmll pertrlt liny
aiiuie pt'otitbiieil ny Ihe abova pi-uvislons to
be played In his house ur house under his
coiitrul hiislntll he lined not less than three
1101 mure luiiu llllnuti ilolliirs.
Hec. 111. ll any pemoit sliull rent to atiuthcr
a room or bouse inr the piirpiiseol being used
as it place bit playing dealing ur exhibiting
any ol the guues abiivo pruiiiblled sucli
pu: sun slwtll be lined not less linin live nor
more than onehiindied dollars llshalllie
plcsuliiuu a roiiiti or hotisu was let fur the
purpose uf being used lor ginning wlieiieter
the lessor knew Hint to bu the ul.Jcol lor
wlilch li. was rented.
Mee. 17. Ill ull trialH before the K 'cordei'a
ur .Muyui ' court lor vlululloii of Ihe pre-
ceding sections the saitiii shall he i iiiisli'iiud
ua like pruvlsluus of the penal code uf thu
slat are construed 111 llm conns id the statu.
r-ec. IS Any pursnn who shall in Una ciiy
set up or keep any gaming Undent' gambling
device at which sny giime of chance Until
lie played Inr in.iii 'y ur properly or aity-
llilng rrpresenling motley or pr pcrly or
shall al any mi ll lab'e or dt vice or ul any
game ol chance bet w in or lose 1111V mom y
or pniicrty eltlier in specie ur by means ul
anything rep eseiiilng liie same or .hull
sillier any Mii li table -r device al winch
any giiine 1.1 chance Is played to bu set up
or used in any leiteineul 111 his piissfa-.ion or
under his ciitilrul shall be deeineil guliiy id
a uiisileiiieiiiior and itpuii cuiivictiuu tin re-
nt lie tilted not less than rive t.urnioru than
fifty doliaix.
nee. U. itshall not blilswful fur any own-
er proprb'toi or agent of any c-labllshiiunl
M-uulit llns city hy whatever inline the
sauie tie called or known wherein vinous
apt 1 1 limits limit or 01 her in loxlual log Illinoi s
are kepi lur sale ill fjusutiliea less III 1:1 a
ipuirt lo keep such esuilill-lilneiit upen lo a
Inlet hour than 14 o'clock at nlglil nor lo
unen the satue al ait earner huur lliiiit four
o'.-lis'k Id the uionilinf and any peisun
oil. oiling Mgnliisl the pruvisluosof this sm-
lion sliall be lined in euy sititi nut less Ulan
flva nor more II11111 nriy dollars.
Hec.'Jil. Any uerson Who snail ne gum y nt
licking or pelting up lu any street avenue
or elley or 011 any well fence or other un
ite place IU tins ciiy uny iiuiei eiu or gio.
prlnled or written mlvertlscitieiit hnl or
notleeuf his proleHsiottai skill or reuiedtes
lur the cluing of venereal ur what are u 11
llv eulled secret disease-or causing the
same to be stuck or put up upon conviction
thereof shall be Iluetl uui tens lliau uve nur
more thau fllty dulliirs.
Kee 11. No persou or peraona shall be per-
mitted to give u public ball or tecp e ilun.'e
house within lb.-H ulls or this city unless
be slleur they shall first obtain fioiu Ihe
Meyor a pern II and any person or liernitts
who shall violate the provisions of Ibis sec-
tion shall on convlcll'iti he fined lh unv
stun not less than twiitmr mom thau liny
du 1ms yriiin'" houevnr. that 110 permit
shall br given f r im te ilian one bsil a wcvk
and she1 1 specily me time end place ol
holding the same.
.iH'.j-i. Ilereiifnr It shnll not he lawful
fur any p ron to wear under his clothes or
coucea fl H bum his pi-rsou any plslol or re
volver el billy slung shot cross knucltha
nr knui XlesoI leeii orase or oilier metal
IsiwPi kiiile raxur dlrk-kulfe. dirk dagger
r aim kit fe rite-inming e ihiwib kit le. or
eiiy other danneruua or deadly weapon or
weat 01 for offence or defence within Ihe
cd v ol Dallas anu eiiy p-ruu who snail vt
inia eel leu shall lis Until not its than
live nor mure than one hundred dollar ler
each and evety oiietice. Noililiig iu Ihe preceding aerllnn
shall I" so eotisliuwi as to prevent hut Uni
ted Hiatee. fouitiy or en) onicera imrn eariy-
Ing su.-ii weetsitia as may ho ntceesary lo
11. u .tiH..istu..ol niedii'lee.
s".' 4. Any pers-11 who shall nn Hun.lay
iliHtuih ihe peuii- hy any nul 1) rlotona or r.v ciiiid'.el ID any street or other
public p ari or In any place ol public resort
pif amusllieiit ur .iin.-r .ui 011H11 ue
.l.-mii mi 1 1 1 v nl nil (! insenor. end noon thrn-ol bar! msi not less than five
ni.r more than nil)' uoiiaia
Hec us. Any keeper id a drain-ehnp beer
house or or olher ruhllr place of resort who
bell permit any breach ol ihe pen-eor dis-
turbance f public ordr end decorum hy
noisy. Ho4nn mil disorderly eondurt on Ins
rraiols. s when it Is In his power lo prevent
It nr who shall sell nny I .Indicating drink
lo eny peron alieady Inloxlealeil sliall Pe
deerne I guilty of misdemeanor and upon
conviction le fined not less than Ave nor
more thn nn nnnnri-o 11011am.
. . Aur keeier of a dram-ehop. ber
hooe or other place of pnhllo reaoit who
hall employ lewd women or any woman
having the reputation of a pmelltnte aa
cirri r of beer or any oilier article either 'n
the day or night lime or to permit any each
lewd woman to eel n a bartender In any
loon bouse er place abail Lie deemed oilty
ol a llil di-ineaiiur ami upon eniiviclliin
llierts.1 he llhml it LI1..11 Mwm ....I. ........
limit liny duliela.
Hue. Ml It sh til n il he I te rill lii s. ll orb
Ml tale gltu nw.ii 111 iiii.iiumi tli-n... t
au r-1 1 1 111 uis liuiiisiir liilukb iilltig lli iii.i
1. . h . iiiunaiii s a. M.aini
I St. 01 to kl-en 111 1-11 tl.a . ...... ..1 u..u
I'l.ii'cor plat a a iiein inn sm it In.iiuia aie
it pi ul sul.l luting anltl Hutu.
rn c. js 1 1 Nlinil tint he In wlul In keep otieu
en iMIinlny Is l aee.i Iho g 4. i MU
4 I'. M an) ur phtt'ii wbeie ait) gianls
n...e ut uui.-- iiu.iiM' I'kin pi iirinih in l
I'liies tc. un 1 1 1 1 . ... l uui ki pi und aol alltl
Ulll) IIIIISU III lit lea Bllilll Oil II killll
Hee. .n II sliull nut b.i 1 11 lui tti labor 01
iiiiiipiii aiioiiiui to 1 r at mi) tunic or vi
1-11111111 uu ruiiiMv I'l'litei it 1111- Itiillla ul g A
.M and 4 I' .ll i ktupl lu dun s pioytu. lui
by law.
Hie. ii.l. II ahull nul lio lawful In run any
lui se l.u c or 1 iigitge In uny ittiileh am ml 1 11 a
01 il is. 1 1 11 1 k 1 1 1 g tmy 11 1 11 anus nt or 111 any
gun simp ut simming gallfly on riiintlsy.
hee. .1.' II 1. it 1 1 unl be i.iwlitl ll play al
billlanis luigiiitills Juiiity l.ltid pig on hole
hum nan 111 an) outer guiiiH 01 aiuiiseiuvnl
oil Niniiiuy li.. eeuti the hum a ill 11 A At mid
41'. M.
fee 11. lluieiiiii r Indole any license for
any show 01 t xiiihiilou whsluiur or lor llm
w 11 1 Uii. .a 11 as ri iiiidaliiiiil ur hying
iiiuaek snuii uu giiiiiu ii 10 any person ny
the ell) aascsaiii and clor Ihe pel suit 01
pcisutis applying tlieiclni ahull oblaiii a
W1III1.11 pei 111 (1 luiiu ilm M iiyui attil pieai-ut
lliu sititii' 111 uui 1 iy 1 otlt.eii.l-.
ism'. 11. Mi am It net mil shall he urn 11 led
hy liie Mayut loan) pci.ull w lislevei'iilihsa
in h pnisiiiia shall siitisly Ihe May til ihsl no
in iiiui k 1 iiiiuiuiiii or llupiopel iioaimaa
Is 111I1 titliHl lu lii. t un luil tut el .itch show or
cihihiiioo mid such pt mm sod also the
Ibs'iisegrauled Uieiuon shall illstllinliy tie.
aei me ami alieclt) liie 1 hill li'lel lllul lull lilt
01 llm aiiiiu or i-xhiidiioii lor wiih It such
Pel lull 01 license l grniiled and tuny destg.
Hale Ihu 'l in t. al 11 Inch sucli allow or eklil-
iiillun ahull ue can led uu. .liii uci Mm or I'l'i'soiii having ob
tained aitch 1 m 11111 ur llci'inii who shad
eaiiy oil or tiausuul or p.'tinti hi he em rlud
oil or II lllmii'itil III Un it falillillsllluelll Illl)'
iiitier hiiHiiics 1 1 at any olliui plane II11111
Hint spiiiltli.d Hi such iittiull or Ili-tuiic or
shall kut p uf cully tut or pi't iiilllo bu kupl
01 cartii'ti on tipoii lueir pii iuisi'i any lot-
ui) .gatiie 01 1'lniiice or any ituiawiili nus-
luesa in Pioccetliua wlutlsiievt'i'. shall he
dt't' glllity ul a llllsilullleiiuoi lllld II pull
eum It-li ni ihuieol slmll hu lllletl not lu.s
than kve nor ntore I halt nliu liundled tlollais
ami sliull lui Ihet nitiiii iiincil llieit llci'ii-o.
hei'.iiil. All llei tisea uteulril uniier the
three pieccillug aci'lloiik may he invoked by
Ihe .Mayor b) his giving mice days nul he
Iht'le I to Hie p. ill) lli't' il and said Ininy
sliull lliniuupoit he eiiitlled to lime uu
1411 oiini ol lu.iiiey pit. pot iiunale lo f.e llu-
s pnen iiiiiii 01 nta net lute leiiiuiien to unit
M .1;. Any he 1 sun huldllia a license a ho
shall tarry mi Ins snow 01 exhibition ur
minis. 1 1 1t.11 1 known u luiiiiiiiiuuiit or Hying
tioines mule t ia is 11 iniue tin) a ainr iioitcu ul
Hie lie. use being icvuluiii us slsled In Ihu
pit ct'tliug ai'i'iion ha hutiii served upon
Hint sliull be iieuUit'd gnllly ol a uilstle-
lUfuiior and iiputi cum lelii.n Ihereul hu
uticiilii any sum mil excectling one linn-
tiled ilullais.
cecils i'tial this ordllialicu go lulu ellt'Ot
limn mid 11 1 1 an January 1st INc
Ai'piuviii isuy the yiin isii
Atie.l: S.l..rAltl'.l.l..
I. II liUHKVoall .Ma inr.
Muuieiary. lui.
Moult tai (inorisOjJ Hxi nAyaiitut I'tttilic
tiici lhjtnal itc.
Hu liotilatned by thu City Council ol the
I'uy ui t'lillus :
Mi ciluiil. Any t wo or inure pcisouawho
shall lu linn ell) asseuiniit tuguliier or
Utilng usseinbietl shall net 111 cuht ell lo ilu
any 11 11 lix vv 1 11 1 act Willi linen or vlolencu
11 h" I ns I me ptopei ly ol ibis city or llm per-
sini ur priipeny ol iinulher or ugitiust the
peace nr to the terror id olheis and sit .11
iiiiike any iiiiiveiueni or pi-epuritlion llieru-
lor and every imisiiii pii'nuiil al such ineet-
mg nr iiMNi'liihi'i wnu sliull mil einleiivor to
plevrhllhe ciiililllisstoll or purpelliilloll ol
such iiiiIuh lui itel sliull he lieeiuud guilty
ol a misdemeanor mid upon uouviiiliuu
1 iiereol ne llucil nut lc ih.iu live nor inure
tllllll Illl) IIOlllllS.
(Sec. 'J. Any 11 1 1 lit w f 11 1 assemtily In the
tueeiuig ol threeor mure pniBolis with lit.
lent lu mil each other ny vinlcnce oilier to
tit. 1 11 111 11 uu oIIuuhi' or Ulegull) toileprlve
any p. Isoii ul tne elijuy nicunil any rlgui
Heu II 11 lite pin posti ol an uiiliiwlul aa-
seiulily be to prevent Ihu homing ol uny
public elect tun 1 or lo picvutil nny pin licubu
pi:i huh ur iiiimbci ol persons luiiu vultugul
a public election lliu pcisou or persutis so
iilloinlllig -hall uncii lie Unt il In a sunt llui
exceeding one biiudrt-il dulliirs.
iSi'O. 4. ll lliu pill 'pose ol an llliluwllil lis.
seinbly bu lu opiuist or prevetil llm execu-
lion 01 111 It u f ft uili t ol any law ul the stain
ul iiitlimiiice of llm c.tii tior.i ton or Jiuig-
uiunl ul ihe Kecoiiiui- or .Mil) or Ihu punish-iiit-ui
shun be a Hun nut excucuiug unu liiin-
tll'etl dullllls.
Hec .'1. II Ihu purpose of thu uiiliiwlul as
sembly be lo oppusti or prevent thu Cultee-
lion ol lux or iiionev iliiu (lie 1 iitpoi-.tilou
ihe puiiinliiiieiil sliull lie 11 line nul exceed-
ing line hull. hi d doliliia. 11 Ihe liiiriiosu ol the uiiliiwlul lis-
scinbly bu lo ell'iiei any Illegal ub.eul oilier
lliau 1111. so nietiiiuueii in inu prceetiitig kee-
inula ol this 1 Inipier each p. 1 suit etiguged
Iheiein slmll be liable to a tlitu nul exceuil-
lltg uni) hundred d .Hats.
Ht o. i. here the assemhiy wits at 11 11s I
In w lut and thu peisons inbh d shall
ugn e 10 act together in thu couiiiiiHsloii ol
any offense orsiiull lineally deprive any
lui milt ul the elijuy liienl ul miy light ail
perKtitisso agreeing or acting togellier sliull
nu ueeiueu guuiy ui en uituuse aim stta.i uu
puiilsiiiiil by a Unu not uxuccUlug oue Imu-
ur.ii tlullat-M.
Hi c h. Auy person who lu tins oily shall
diHiurh lite peiicu of olheia liy vioit nl lii-
mulluoiiH ollensivu or obstreperous coudiiui
or cm 1 lane or uy loud and unusual noises
01 by utiMieuily proliine. obscene or ollen-
sivu laiigunge eait tiliileu lo pruvuku a
breacli 01 llm peace or by assaulting strik-
ing or lighting another ; or auy puisiii who
in this cny. slmll periuiiauy aitch conduct
lu any house or upon any prcmlsce owned
ur poasesat il hy theiii or ander their man-
tigeiiieiit and ciinlitil so Itit.t others in the
vicluiiy aru tlislulhetl thereby shall be
iti eiiicu guilty ol a inisiluiueauur unu upou
ciiiivlctluu Iheiiul hu lined hut less Hum
llvu nur uiote than one Hundred dollars.
Mco. II. II any two or mini- persons shall
light tog.'liier iu a public idaeu williin tne
litiiilsul this cny lin y siiall uu punished hy
a Hue not exceeiiing ottu hiimlied dollurs.
Mec. In. 1 lie use 01 any uitlawiul violence
Wltiiln Hie llmils ol Ihlselly lino. Hit' per
son Willi inleut lo Injure Iiiih whatever be
the means or degree ol vl. deuce used. Is u u
assituil and bait ry; any attempt to coiuiull
a hnl lei )' or it U) threatening gu-ture show
ing 111 ttseii or ny vtoius aeiimipauyiug it
an Immediate lii'enliou cutipleil wiih aa
ability loco. 11 mil a nailery Is an msulilt.
isee. 11. Here injury is catiseit uy vio
lence to the person thu lutein to injure la
presumed and ll resla with the person lu-
llluling lliu Injury to show the nccldeiit or
Innocent The Injury intended
inn y he either bodily pain cutiitraliil a
suKteol shame or other disagruuubie etiiu
lion of the mini! .
Hec. ).'. An assault or an BHsault mid bal-
teiv. may lie commuted thuiigti the uirsoii
actually Injured liten by Wua nut the person
liili'iiiieu to ue iiijureti.
Hiu. I I. Au BM-uult or (in assauilaud hut-
lery limy be committed by the uso of any
pal I of thu person comuiillliig tliuolleuse
ns of the hainl fisit or head or hy use ol any
Iiiiiii I mill h object aa a slick or auy thing else
CHpin le ul liilliclliig Ihe slightest Injury or
ny me use 111 uny uuiiiiiiih ooieei.Hsny
throwing 0110 person against another or
driving ahorse or oilier animal against the
sell. 11. Aiiyineeua useu oy me peraon
asauultlug aa hy spilling lu the face or
utnerwlse Willi ll is capable of liilliclliig
any Injury eoinus wllhln the definition of
an assault ur au aaaauil and buttery as the
case may he
Heo. li. lly Iho term "coupled with an
ability to column" at used herein 1
meant :
1. That the person coinnillt'ng t1 e as-
sault iiiit-t he lu such a position Unit 11 not
prevented lie may Inflict a battery upou
the person assailed.
'. That he must he within such distance
of the person so assailed aa lo make It with-
in his power toccmiiilt the battery hy Ihe
ue of the means Willi whlcii he ailempta it.
Hec. hi Violence iik.iI to the persoi. does
not amount lo au aseaull and battery lu the
following caaea:
1. In the ex erclne nl the right of moderate
restraint givu by law to tne parent over
the child the guardian over the ward the
masier over hi apprentice or the teacher
over the scholar.
4. Kor preservation of order In a meeting
ror any rrllglous political or other lawful
5. Kor lite piesorvatlon of peace or to
prevent the coiurulrslou of offense.
4. In preventing or Interrupting an In-
trusion upon Ihe lawful posseaslon of prop-
erty. ft. In making lawful nrret and detain-
Ing Ihe p.-reon arrested in ob. dletice lo the
lawful order of a mi.g.-linlc 01 curt end in
overcoming redatani ti. such lawful order.
a. In ef-defeiiBt.. or the defense of anoth
er against unlawful violence offered to hi
Demon or tiroperly.
ice. 17. In all esses mentioned In the pre-
cellna s. clion. wnere vioianie ia used 10 er-
fect a Inwitil purpoee only that degree of
violence should beu d 10 tllwet tuch pur-
tHiaf. Hec. I". No verbal provocation Justifies an
aaaanlt and nailery nut Ili-Uliinr and aim
aive word may he ilveii In evidence In mil
Ilsmoiioi tne pnnisumeni einxeu 10 the
ee. 19. The word batiery.a need In the
preceding aectlona la osed In the same senae
aa - u 1 1 nou nnwrj.
HXs V0 The tianlsbmet for lmii1e -
sult. or for asasuit end hstttery wllhln the
llm its of Iheelty of lhillas slmll b ft flue
Dot toeeaing ont nunurea aouara
I Dl. kbsll tint be lawful for any ml J
1 li... .. u..u ..1
1 ll
sly of peiaoiia. aiiiHiuipaiiluU Willi martial
lutisiu 10 luaiiih or pal UiiiiiiNii or lur any
pin sun 10 pla) mi any musical lusiiiiiuunl lu
mi) ut inn aiieeia 111 inn cny wliniii nit
Idoi k id any huiise of aulitlilp oil Minitlny
lining the liuuis nl wmalilp Any peraoit
who sliull kiiiintu lb s ati'lluii shall In
dei'ineil gllllly nl liila.liiiiieiiiior 11I11I lipoll
isitiviuiiiiii uietisii lie linn 1 not loss mail leu
Iiur uiinu Hutu una huinlrisl dollurs fur each
ami uicry ol i'iii'ii.
Kec. .-j. Any pei sou aim shall lu Uilscliy
dlstiu'ci 01 disturb any eoiigiiguiloii or us-
einhl) timi (ur religiniis woralitp. by mak
ing a tiiiisu or hy rude or inut'ceiii in niiviur
or priiieiie iiiaeiiuiai. williin inetr place 01
wotsiiip or en near Hinsnineaa Innisunu
ihounit i iiraiilcinuUi ul the uieetliig shall
he dst sillily of a luisileiiieauiir ami
upon eiiiiv lei ion ibertul tie II1111I Ind leas
inait leu nor mini diamine htiudietl dnilsra
rtiM'.ai Any peisuii ho shuili lu Ihlselly
dlaillib auy luwlul assemblage of people
by tilde and hub cent hehavlor or
"hall lu fi 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 hut 1 inn ut me iiiiriiuia of
elrrela or III Ihe vluinlly ol auy place ul
KHiiiai'iiiiiiu or mum ui itiiiioiigiiiaie and re-
liisu 10 iiiNpuiau ur V lieu I u su.ili nl iicu w inn
ustuiiateil lo do an by eny piilieeoilletir.alinli
be ileehiud gllllly I I a llllktlellieallor anil oil
Konvlelloli thereof shall he Iluetl mil Inaa
I li h ii live not iiiore lliun Iweuly dullars.
reii. .'4 Any Peiauii who aball Inlelillnil-
ally 111 this uily. atve or make a laise alarm
of lire shall hedeciiic.l gnllly nl a lulsdti.
iiieetior and shall be II nisi mil leaa than live
1101 inure lliau twenty-live dollar.
Hec. J.i. Whenever lliuin shell tin ft mini
Iiputi liie iieieuli ill any one who has heuti
liiiiud guliiy ol a hiCBi'h id Ihu Peace or of
I'otidiicl calculated to provoke a breach ol
the li.'UiHt. 1111 v slniiuahiil. null or k illicit It
of lead brass or other iniilci lal or when
upon trial evidence ahull lm adduced proving
Dial such weapoua Wei 11 III Ihe posaessiun or
uu Ilia peiaiutof any one while In the a it
ui t'umiiiissioii 01 tne acts iitoii-sitiiii e en
pursnn ahull he defined guilty of a nilsdu.
iiieiiiior anil un conviction 1 hereof bu lined
hot less than live nor mule lliun one hun
dred dolhiia.
Men.... 'i but this ordinance go liitocllucl
ntiiit anil aiier Jauuiiry 1st ism.
n pproveii rtov. llle stuiii lis. 1
Allesli Wi L. I'AIU I I.
11. Hakir-oHii .Mayor.
Muiniary. l"i
A. 4HIOI.A.(i:
llitjiihitiiuj J)mmkrly Jhmf
I 'uimhiiij J 'rutitntfH.
llo It ordained hy the City Council uf the
l ny 01 liiiliita:
r-eeiioii 1 A dlsonlerly liuusii Is line lliat
Is liepllorthu (nil pu. 11 of piosiiiiillon ur as
luiiiiiiiiiii Usui 1 inr piuaiittiU' unu va
Hee. . Any touiii or pan 01 a niiiiuiiig ap-
Plopi iiittd U r eilliir 01 ihu pin . uses abuvu
men 1 lolled Is a lUaouloi ly limine w ll Ul u
ihu 11 1 t'ii 1 1 1 1 1 k ul tuts citapler.
Hee.. I. Any neraim u lio shilll keenaills-
01 Ot liy house as dellued aliovi) willilu the
liuuis 01 this cny sliull upou coiiviunou
he ll iintl mil less thau Uve nor inure lliau
one Inn. died dullars.
Heo. 4. b.vlilchi'uot lliegcuclill reputation
of persons charged wilh keeping a disorder-
ly iiouse itiiiy bu motived In piuol 01 the ol-
lenise charged.
Hec. 6. Any person Who sliull In tlilsolly
km p uiululiiiu siipuiiuleiid 01 Uianagc a
b.tWtl) -IllllisC hlllihu of lli'llllllu hounu uf
bu.i lupiilu hotisu of proslltullou or iisslg-
nu 1 inn or dlsnrileiiy house or who sliall
harbor secrete or pel mil any gtrl under the
agu ol cHhleen years lu ruiiiain lu visit or
lieiiiei.l such bawdy-house bouse of 111-
litiie housii ot had reptile prostitution or
assignalloti ahull tin deemed guliiy ul 11
iiilkdeiiii'auor and upon conviciioii mureoi
be tilled In. I less lliau Iwelity-llvu not Uloie
than one htiuiiieil dollaia.
Hec ii. Any one who shall lrciUiiut a
lioiisu ol ill-la tin- buwdy-houmi or hnune ul
bad reputu. prustllullon or iissiginitlou or
disorderly house or sliull nu luuuil an
in 11 1 11 1 u or aitch house or houses snail nu
deemed glllity of a misdemeanor mid upon
conviction llieiout he lined nut less loan
nvu nor mure than mitt iniiiiiieii uoiiars.
Hue 7. Auy Peisuii ur petMiua. whu shall
rent 111 lease any house leuenietit or prem-
ises to hu used as a uisorduiiy house bawdy-
house iisilgiiallon house 01 house 01 111-
lame w thin Ihu llinlls of this city sliull
ou cuhvhiiuii be llucil In nsiiiii not exclud
ing one hundred nullum and ill audition
therein tuny lie Impilsoued lur uny lime
llui exceeding llltceu days.
Heo. S Any person who shall penult uny looms or lone mcms In tils or her pos-
session or under his or her charge and eon-
Hoi lo helmed tor thu puipose of prostitu-
tion or house ol butt repute nltel leu days
notice from Iho l ily Marshal ot sucli imu
ul such liuusii rooiiis or tenements ahull hu
lined 111 a sum not less Hum tuu dollars nor
111111U lliun one hundred dullars.
Keen. Any courtesan prostitute bawd
or lewd wniutin or any letuale Inmate 01 11
biiMdv-hii'.sc. or house ol primlllullou or ol
assignation hrothui or huiise ol hud teniite
a lio shell tie found wuiuleriug aliuolihe
sltut'ls 111 1 lie nighttime 01 Ireiiuciiuiig beer
ImilNes und place or pul'llu resort shall tiu
ileeiiieil guliiy of a misdemeanor and upon
conviciioii tlieteol shall be fined not less
lliun live nor iiiorullian twenty-nve dollaia.
Hec. III. Any inulu person who shall In-
habit nr sleep In any hotisu of prostitu-
tion bawdy-house huiise ol bad repine or
house of assignation or who snail be in any
way uiiuneuu-d with the ket ping manage-
until I or cull trol of uny such house or of tne
bawds or prostitutes who live therein or
(n ilent shell houses ahull be deemed guilty
of 11 misdemeanor ami upon conviction
Uici col he lined liotlcsit lliau twunty-live
Heo. II. Auy main person over fourteen
years of uge who slmll bo seen walking ur
ruling 111 liie dny lime within the llmlia of
the i lly of liitllas with any v. 01111.11 kuowu
or generally reputed lo bu a proslltulu or
lewd wuinan shall upuit cunvlutloii Ihere-
ul hu lined iu any sum not lose than live
nor Mime tiiitn llfiy dollars v. mud this
section shall nul apply to puhilu varrlura
Willie engaged In their regular duties
Heo. III. Any prostitute bawd courtesan
ur lewtl wuiniiti who shall ply or aeek to
ply Iter avocation byword sign or aiulutt
on tne streets alley or lu any pithlin place
oral lliu door or window 01 auy house nr
room ahull he deemed guilty of a liusile-
meunoi and upon couvictlou liieruol be
lined mil less Ulan llvo uor utore thau tweu-ty-llve
Hec. Ul. It shall be tlio duly of tile City
Marshal whenever they become aware of
the usu ul any house rooms or tenements
for any ol Hie purposes mentioned In the
preceti lug sect Ions to give a written notice
of such litcl tothe ovtucr or agent of the
owner of such house rooms or tenements.
Heu. 14. Thai lliiaoriiinuncu goiniocueci
from and niter January 1 l"7H.
Approved November a.i M;7.
Attest: W.i CAlllil.l
J. II. Hkhi F.'iin Mayor.
Hecreiay. int.
It. M. UAS0 & S0XS
Real Estate Agt's
Texas LnmlH and Ilallna l ily
And Dcatera In TKXAs LAND HCltlP.
Have luiiiroveil furin lor aaln In llai la.
Kills. Collin. Terrain Hen ton and adjoining
countlea ami 'wo hundred thousand acre
of I'ulinpruved Land principally lu North-
ern and w 1 stern Texaa.
Dallaa City fro per ly Improved and un-
improved lor sale rent or lease.
Villi pay taxes examine title locete laud
claim and attend to all hualueea lu their
Hue at reaa'Uinhle rate. epl4diiiu
Wlnei Llquon and Tobaocoi
ft tl Ut f ltlM'ra(r lav
St.Clmrlcs UotcJ.
Located on Courthouse Squaro
Near thi Buslnesi Centra if the City.
1 I.l popular house I ample la It rmm-
modatloos and haa alwsy been dlalm-
dulsheil for the neatneaa rleaollnea and
airy ronlnrswof It isewne. and II table fain
which 1 excelled by no flntt-rle hotel I
Iheeunnlry. The proprietor la well known
aa an experienced landlord who alway.
look in the comfort of hi raeeta. hair
ror transient by tne rlay li; by the week
av; ucaeta lor iweniy-on meal vn.
iABES 1XOTP rrwwrietwr
. JuiiJ0-m
General Undertakers
I i WI' "4-7
Keep oonsunuy on hand raauy wad imf.
Biianf U aluda and ilae Alan till luv
ply ol
JVnd Oawkotw
Alo a rail annplyof UmterUker Hattl
ware aud Irliiiiiilng of every felud al
Whuleaala ud relen.
Aud also uisku aspucliilty of lirowil and
hurlal rolit .
uruei by mall or telegraph aollclleil and
pruiiiMlv atienristl In lull
p. w. lihseii;.
II t S4. .
Oonu Siii ul HtrfJoi Btrwll
Burial Caaos and 0 skots
A. IN7 Xj O O V P 1 IV b
of all description a! way ion baud.
Our from the oounlrr attended lotat
short notice. Uraveadng anil lol jpurchaaed
In lite nlly uaiuaUi y and a sul.'iiilid'iiaais
audi'ar'ieseereuii.ri for 'nieoii.
(HitoccsBors to J. P. Murphy & Co)
kl Estate Agsnts.
Improved and uulinproved property In
very nun uf the ciiy and suburbs; also
liiriu and fariiiliiK lamia lu Uallim aud
oilier counties of Texas.
f or rent or lease itooina unices unsiness
houses dwulllims aud viicaul lola lu the
city of Dallas.
Hpeclul ulU'iitlon paid to abstracting and
pefecllint ttilcH and eaiatilishtuK land
claims und to the collecting ol rents notes
and accounts; also lo the reiidurliiK ol prop-
erly lor and payment nf tuxes. All collec-
tions promptly paid over or remitted.
I'ersona havlnil real estate fur rent or aale
are respectfully rei nested to give us a trial.
Tlio bust of rulerenceaiilven.
Heal Kstute Atjeuls No. lull Laiuai atruet.
roit SALE. .
Tins fine aleam mill known aa the Valley
mills louiil.nd on the Uosiiue river Hi mile
west of Waco In a line wheal Krowlntt
country which Is rapidly aeUlliiU up. The
lilt I Itl l li at la ot Uniestniie aliuiit fiUx70 let I .
u.iiui-.. lu.tiiiil iii-ltul-atiirlita hlill. ell'I
coiitiiliiBoiiMactol com and two ot wheaX
rock 'iho machinery of forty horse powui
la 111 Riiud order. Till desirable property can
he puichiiKUd on the most auvsntiis-eoin
terms both a In price and time. Kor lurid-
er pill tlculiirs either aildreaiorcall ou utuat
W auo l ux tut.
decllihiiu WM. A. FOHT.
Oi!H lilHKAHKrt AND Kull TUE
lllNli AMD HUUUr.tll.
IVu.OU Elm Nt. Dallas Texas.
KK11AI.K D1HKAHKH made a iecl
tudy. The sitcccs lul treatment 01 scores 01
ladle in i)aiiami viuiiuiy ia atnuuiirii.
coiniuend other ullllclcd lo ihe same treat-
tut lit. 7 As hu furvuvi (milinrnf ritt etiailicj
utu ifiicirdif.
llaiuioiruuiii rurii in n t-itatw. ttitutiu
th use of knife llttature oaustlc. nr clamp.
Alireclnl iIimbscs made a peelally.
Itlli un.
M KRVIil'N l4is4.N-KDllepsT Chorea
Neiiralaia Carle of Verlehta resulllua In
curvature of spine and nervous derange
ment incipient raraiyua cured in ma
jority of caaea.
Hlseaaea of the Kye and Kyellds.of the Kar
aud Head. Special alleiillon called lo Na
sal Catarhh aud lis accompanying mala-
dies. Dimuft ot a mn1i udit nature treated and
cured pioiuptly without Injury to patleul.
I advertise Ihe aame a the merohant or
any IcKiliinate business man via t 10 un
Humanity g oou anu auvauoe iiereouai inter-
Heeond itecauM I am not named ui my
I nini liecaoae t expect 10 ueai iniat'iaui
llli my fellow-man and have nothing lu .
Kourlh Bccail'e I nave in rival a mucu
aa a corporation of doctor e eolirae an lu-
nrmary or wouiii-oe-inaiiiui mu i- a uv-
boiiy's linslnes hnl my own.
Hioee at a distance een consult by letter
and twelve pmuipt alien lion by endow-
lug auinp
Ur f It D tw li ai lUii rnr.r.
AHiiroM l rk Hi la.llu. Tex M. or
nil Mronllr m- rt.
.. .. .'. u m. ea W a. k a. r ATI V
A Month and KTiMTtcv)
irW -. "imf t
4V hTU Ii CO
The Original and Only
JAMES S i( & CO.'S
Blue India Soap
Avoid lb npn r nine-
Ing hr I'lnT lf brird
UaHbin( and lileatbliig Keape
A Pnre ami Cn.llleTlnl Article. Hold
by the W holeaJ Iiade tit al bearuoiv.

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