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aisrrn anu iu.
iy.Unt iucoen and annlest play on
atkWson' comedi company
Th Well-known Grocery
Bright and TNklnR Musle
The Bad Hoy's Franks.
The Great Goat scone.
ney will uiftke you smile Utter laugh
scream ye"- r"PU'r prli'cu.
jjux r-litet oeis at lu o'clock.
President. Vice-President.
K. M. REARDON Cashier.
Authorized Capltid - 1500009
Capital paid In . f 150000
Surplus and Undivided Profits $15000
AeeQoats of Morcbanls and Iudlvidaals Solicited
tiibkotors: H.fct. ayne. W. B. Worelmm
I K. Fergiisson A. J. Porter J. T. Trese-
vant.Jr. t. u. rarsaiis AJnsa uavls O. A
Kaatlne. E. M. Heardon.
The following are prominent subscribers
0 We Sloes oi iniH uhiik:
O. M. TKOl'TM AN 1'resldent Central Na-
tional Bank Philadelphia.
T. W. BKOW N of Provident Life andTrust
Co. Philadelphia.
W. A. FULbMAN President Seaboard
Bank New York.
JAMKS E. GUANN1S of Tradesmen's
national Bank New York.
. U. BAYNK President First National
Bank Bradford Pa. and Vice-President
Bf aboard Bunk New York.
L. K. LAWTOa.of First Nuttonal Bank
Olean N. Y.
N. B. BUTLER of First National Bank
Olean N. Y.
J. R. HAKNA of Weir Plow Co. Mom-
month 111.
D. (J'DAY General Mannger National
Transit Company of Untied Hliites
JOH. HtCKP. of the Htnndiird oil Co.
Commencing February 1 1885.
The Tremoat Hotel
6. KcGINLEY Prop'r
K. . I. WS
Soeeessorto Harris A Laws.
Opposite Bohntlder I)R7ls Fly horsos
anciniat bnglei inlle driving home for
ladles s.snl to any part of the oily Klrst-rinss
carriages and rantleronnly drivers. Special
attention paid To null for ail trains theatios
and fuv-sruU ?:lplion.ln cnmieoUon w.' i
The Grand wmdso
II i
.ll JLJ
3000 yards colored Satinsat 39o.; former prico 75c.
470 yards colored Plush at 47c ; former prico $1.25.
320 yards colored fine Plush at $1; former price $2 85.
290 yards colored mole skin Plush at $1.25; former price$3.75.
190 yards colored silk Velvet at 90c; former priee $1.75.
155 yards colored silk Velvet at $1 15; former price $2 50.
96 yards colored silk Velvet at $1.25; former price $3.50.
1500 yards colered Ribbons at 5c ; former price 10c. to 15c.
3.500 yards colored Ribbons at 10c. and 15c; former price 20c.Cto 50c.
3.000 yards colored Rushing at 5c; former pricelOc. to 35c.
2500 untrimmed Straw Hats at 10c.
1500 untrimmed stylish Felt Hats at 65c.;;forme rf price $1.60.
These bargains are all
uverusea lor yourk.tnspection.
By Special Bequest
An Unmistakable
Genuine Bargains We Offer
the numerous requestlwe have had to
of a fortnight ago hen . grejanv-
"-..uK jreoeiven some new goods specially ordered for the Spring .Trade Itena
blesus to comply with the rmi...t ..n i. ......... .. . ..
--"" wo win piaee ino rest o rour
"""".ro-r .w;..dt bargain Counter to-morrow.
.. i"M.rBUiuBiiu iusea in
at CSe.
at 00c.
Lanies" Chl-uese. Sis Gow.'.s flc all Worth Daubfe.
imnTmU 111 n
ij i at tuwu hum m imo )A
Tho Eargain Houso of Dallas
Prices Eeducefl AgaM
spreadout onjhe counterswithlpricos marked as
Krldonce of the
repeat our Great I ndcrwear llargaln Day
the Underwear no offer Is Trait oftl..
n mm mir
Tlolcnl and Incendlarr Utterances of
the Wabash Strikers.
Cittei of Kansas Suffering by Acts of
the Strikers.
Ministers Making It a Subject of Prayer
The Missouri Paclfle Discharging
Its Hands Determined at
Palestine At Uonston.
At Atchison Kansas
Atcuison Marolt 8. The shop ea.-
f.loyes of tho Mibsotiri Fdciflu at this
piano wont out at 10 o'clock last night.
The strikers number between 200 and
3u0 and are well organized acting undor
ordors from Mednlia. They visited tho
yard and took possesion f the switch
undines ana rsn iiiem Into the round
hoiiHp. vt nluros wero atatioiiml in
all the yards to i-pcelve and takochargo
o.'kII lrei;hi enj;im'8 and prevent the
iiHimiiiiK oi ireiBiii. At presont thoy
win not inter. ere with pasaetiKHr traius.
TliPdemiind Is the restorallnn of
to limire previous to ifce I -si cut.
tho Missouri I'ai'illc slilkera tnnnd
the frolnht trains to day permitting tho
.HuonBiDH iiom-Tor io go through
I'hey state that Ireiitht trains cuiryinir
lliii'l'HUM will not be allowed In i
utter to-dav. The coal ussruni
Jo.iu d tho strikers at Nedallu
ThoHltuatloa at I'urt Worth.
Konr Won I'll March 8. ISoecinl.l
me cominittco or Ilvo bnstnoss men
have Just concluded a lengthy oonlpr-
ence with tho strlkors but to no result
usee pi n in it rininauoii of tho strlkara
to lioldalUroiglitlrains. While iicl-o.
tiations woro pondiiiK another freight
train Iroin l he west stoppnd. Tho en-
gine waa killod aud the cars side-
tacked. A liulgo of Klllttlils of I.ilmr una
formed to-night and will aid tho
sinkers in every pnxsililo way.
ii i s un ui mum Mr lloxlo or
(Jov. r.iuwn will be here to-morrow.
l iie C 'Uti. amy's olllcials Inivs imj.Io n
cui.ii ictiui ngiunsl the strikers j at.
Houston In S)inpalhy.
HofSTox March 8. ISpoclal.l-The
railroad employes of this city had a
meeting to day at tin englno houso oi
tho nie company atl uided by 200. Tl a
ineellng was oriinld by tha election
of olUctis. The ohjinv as statod was to
am mo atriKcra on i.ia lines oi i lie Mis-
souri l'ncitio railway. A largo majority
were ironi oinor rials. Uunmittoea
were appointed with instructions to
visit all railroadmen ami to soo what
could be raised in ci sh or aupplios to
holp the strikers Iu accomplishing their
aim. None of the o.nployes of tlio Mis-
souri l'acltlo road Jiyej haye atopjifd
work yet
They are Iteterjuined.
1'ALr.STiNK March f1. Spocial.-Tho
strike la still ou. Fourteen car loads of
perishable freight is now In the yard
with no prospects of ( ettlnir to destina
tion. When tho company succeeds in
getting out a train it is alwaa side
tracked at sumo way dation. The com-
pany will probaDly al'lor to-night
make no ellort to send out any but reg-
ular passenger and mall trains. Tha
strikers bad a meeting last night but
they are reticont'.uolhiiig can bo learned
of what was dona except that tho
strikers are still dnl'rmimid. aud do-
olare thoir lutcutlou 's to hold out till
the last.
The Co in puny Strikes Also.
OU.BF.SV1U.H March 8.-fSpclal.
Tho entire railroad force hero consists
of It. J. Duncau superintendent; Urant-
liotrer UcKut agent and I'M Stohl train
dispatcher. The car reps irers instead
or striking have boen liii"k by the
company ami are no suspended. Ths
freights I rum .lolljrson and McKinuoy
laid Ur horn last tiiglit. Tin) ii.uu hnro
did not strike and think it hard that
the mIiis ot others should bo vis Ited upon
Inflammatory Strikers.
Si'itiMiKiKi.n It.u. March The
strikers of tho Wab.ish hold a mootint;
hero to-day and several Inflammatory
"pooches wero made. Resolutions were
passed not to rt'siuiKi work until tho re-
ount reduction is riislorod. The olll-
cials however deciure this will not be
done and say tho road is not luconvo-
liienced to uny great (xtout. A pros-
pect of trouble Is im nlnriit.
At Kausns City.
Kavbas Citv March 8.-The om-
ploycs of the mechanical department
of tho Mhsourl l'uclllo and Wabash
roads at this point nbout 13j In num-
ber have resolved to siriko to-morrow
morniiu. Their policy as foreshsd-
owed Is to bo the same as that pursued
at other parts
At rarsmis K:iiias
I'ahsons K. AiatcliS. No frolght
tralt.a ore nllowod to it avo ou tho Mis-
souri l'ucttio road to-day. 'i'tio loaders
of the strike say If their teruiH are not
granted by Tuesday noon lliey will al-
low nothing but tho engine and mail car
to ll'.OTO.
A Clean Bwwep.
Gaisksvim.r March 8. Spoclal.J-
Tlie Missouri ranlflc railway company1!
oMlclals have Issued an order discharg-
ing all employes loca'ed hero except
thn ststion agent ami the I rain gang. The
agent is ordered U) recoivo uo I'relglit
rrnyersfur tlie.Strlkrrs.
Maiiiiiai.l March 8.-Speclal-The
strikers aro In statuo quo. The action
of tho railway employes was a subject
ol sermonizing In the pulpits to-day
and is to become a matter of special
prayer until it terminates.
t'oal Miners strike.
ClilCAno Marcly. Au Inter-Ocean's
special aavsi The Staunton. Illinoi
coal minors here lo the number of !!o0
or tuuars on as.rihe against a reuuct.on
flrant Materially Holler.
Nkw York March 8 Uen. Grant
passed a restless ulglit last night but
slept from 6 lo It this morning. This
afternoon Urs. Ilsrker and Douglss to
gether wiin nr. Hlirady bn a consulta-
tion and pronouueed the patleut mod
erately belter
oiust'b ptorsTioK.
TheTrllmue otto-morrow will iyt
The bustle and confusion that baa
beau noticeable as a characteristic-
of the neighborhood wlisra
Gen. Grant Htsm irave wav i.tnl.. n
quiet and poaoetulucsa of Sunday and
fcuw tiioniLivroiiiti oi ino laintiv
waa diatuibed onlr at rpi
intervals br the tins of thn from
door ball and anxiou inquiry as to the
general's condition. Undorthe present
state of affairs his body in not nourished
Hiiffi'lently to replais the euoruiotia
waste taklnir jilaco oountantly. Though
he takes semes iiouriKluuetit daily iu
the ahajie of rouoerurntml lood
yet ou account ol the do-
pressod etato of bis dicealiTa
organs In not proporly assimilated and
inuon oi ino hireiiKtU tual stioulil be Uu-
rived from food It loHt.
The ;hlae.e 8et-1lack.
Paris Mai-oIi 8. Qen. Brlere Ue
Lisle the Frcaoh comniander of Ton-
qulu telegraphs that he has relieved
tho beleaguered garrison at Thuyeu-
quan. "The Illack Flags and Yun- armies had occupied a pass the
sides of which are luacceshlblo ami had
nuiit ions wii.i three linos ol trenches
before them. The lighting was severe.
Our troops behaved more admirably
than ever. The euemv raised
the a'oge of Thuyeunuan Yes
terday the French ganison having
fought. 18 days. After the first brunch
iu the body of the fortress the garrison
sustained severe uasauUs ami caused
Immense loss to the enemy. This siege
should be counted among the most bril-
iiHM pages oi our history uiin boat
Mitraillcuios actively assUted in the
defense of Thuyouiiian. Hen. Negriers'
column pushed rapidly northward since
and has captured l.ang Sou; has now
destriyid luo line of forts which
guarded the Chinese frontier ami tdowu
up tho lortilicaliou knowu as tho (.late
ot China.
r smell's Intimation-Itusiio-riiublsts.
I.os Hon March 8. Farnoll has Inti
mated to the government that tho Irish
members of parllameut will (reuu-
ously oppose the clauses of tho crimes
uci us.uing who newspapers. Also tuo
suppression of puliilo meetings and pri-
yato Inquisitions. The Observer under-
stands that the government Friday
sent nmpiniiic (Ioiiihihi lo M. t'ulers-
burg lor the withdrawal of the Hub-
alans from the At':hau torrltory. The
dispatch the Observor says partoi.k of
the character of au ultimatum.
Ordors have boon soul lo Sir l'etor
Lumsden tho Hi It ish special commis-
sioner on the Afghan frontier question
to direct the Afghans to evacuato 1'en-
iebl on the withdrawal ol the Russian
torcos I rum aki'oIiui. Huron Mtsiu the
Kusslatl ambassador promlues that the
Kussisn troops blisll retire.
Tho HiisciiTlte Must Uo Rack.
Lospoy March 8. The Ially News
slates that there is a constant exchange
of dit-patchos between the Eng'inh and
the UiiHsian govurnnients. "Al-
llinugh there la a possibln
hope for a roaeoful solution"
says the News "the condition of af
fairs U stlil critical. The llulish gov
erninent demand that the Russians re
tire from the Afghan frontiur. Whellier
put In the form of an ultimatum or not
a iinai choice oi peace or war lies in
Russia s hands."
Ttlsiaarck has Kheamatlsm.
naui.iN.Maroh 8. Tho North Uerman
Oaiette and nthor papers - speak
of Granville's cpeecli iu the
house of lorda Friday as an
apology. The majority of papers think
uio sneccu win luriuiuaie ine
strained relations between England and
Uismarek Isnonunod to his home with
rheumatic ailment. '
ricrbcrt's Visit to Wales. March 8. The North Gor
man Gaztte denies that Herbert IJ!s-
marck's visit to London la connected
with the Russo-Afghan frontier nues-
t Ion. It says: The ditlluiilly between
lOoglaud aud Russia Is not scutoonouuh
to require tho liiturveutiou of a third
(Jiinrrellng About ltlce. March 8. The Chamber of
Commerce at Kiel and a number of
meri'hauls of Hamburg and Dromon.
sent a protest to Itlstiurck against the
r roncli ileclurlng rice con-
traliiind of war lllsmarck will uol take
action until a vessel Is adzed.
I'.l Malull Kncoursged
Kuakim March 8. Itocconnotssance
to-day allowed 10000 of the enemy In
different localities. Arabian papers
a.iy KIMahdl sent his lieutenant at
Mtitemneh a reward ot l.i.nno aud lots
ordorcd him to advance to Kuril.
Russia Arming
Vienna March 8. Tho governor -of
Cnncusedoa arrived at St. Petersburg to
attend a slall'coiitorcnce. Tho military to coulrol Asia Is roporteii
resolved to send an army of 110000 U10ll
troiu Baku.
Coal (las Nut I'oisen.
Imoini: Dakota March 8. The
supposed poisoning of the Hall family
near here Is ascot tallied to be a case of
asphyxiation Iroin coal gas. Tho chil-
dren may recover.
Across I'unjiili to Afghan.
Calcutta March 8. All peparatlons
for transportation of troops by rail to
Afghan Iu thoevuut of war aro rapidly
Lots of Cartridges
London March 8. Tho royal arsoual
at Woolwich Is running on full capac
ity night aud d:iv. to enable thoiu to
tin u out 'wOotw cartridges per week.
Cuban I'atrlols M.rljrod.
Havana March 8-The insurreula
Ilonaohea Oiopesla Ktrds Torres
and Cestero were shot to death to-day
Santiago do Cub.
Minister Itralgncil
Constastinopi.b March 8. United
States Minister Wallace has resigned.
Wasnliaohle Notes.
WAxiiiACiiiK March I. Corres-
pondonce.-8. P. Lanifsford returued
from the exposition last night.
Messrs. O. F. Parka aud F. P. Powell
are over at Alvarado and Cleburne ou a
uuatuoss trip.
Tim many friends of V. H. Ryburn
are glad to see hliu ou the at reels 'again.
Mr. Levy relumed from Nw vr
city Wednesday. New gissls have been
coming In rapidly up todate though It
s leareu mai mo suikb will slop lucin.
No serious oomplatuts Lave boeu mado
as yet.
Hawkins News.
Hawkins March 8.-HpooIal. Busi
ness la rather dull. Merchants are com-
plaining or the delay of freight which la
blocked on the road ou accouut ol the
strike. It la to be boned It will be Bot
tled soon and business resume Us
natural course. It seems quite lone-
aome not to hear any trains.
Farmers are plowing.
Miss Mania Adams of Mlneola la
pending a low days with friends here.
Miss Minnie Clements of Mount Car-
rnsl who has beeu visiting Mrs. H. T.
Bra lie returned home last Friday. Bbe
is missed here.
Tha Fourth Truo nomlclde
Tear Ttsttrdar.
Death of Wm. Pcjton a Shooter ut
Wierlilnti Wyoming.
The Salvation Army Routed by theMlu
loos of Satnn-The Captains Itmlely
Muiilod Oue Arrest Mado
Highhanded Outrages.
A aether Vernon Homicide.
Vernom March 8. Srocial.l -An
other tragedy has been added to the list
at Veruon making the fourth since
January 1. The only negro man in tho
town was killed to-day Just bc-toro li
o'clock by liili Jones son of llill.s
Jones who was assassinated on the
night or January 11. as I'.Iii
only eye witness to the killing he was
my "' iwimuii oy uie jury or inquest
which was summoned to Investigate
the affair to-dav. From Jones' mito.
ineut ho and the negro had mado ar
rangements to assist each other iu dig-
ging dug-outs aud at the time of the
uoiiiieiuo were engnged in digging the
negro s dug-out. onn miln .mm fv..
Jones says he threw some dirt on the
negro mernly in fun which made
him very angry and he
then commenced to abuse Jones
aud attempted to strike hlimon the head
with a spado. Jonos nuide for his Win-
chester that was near by tho negro fol-
iusiiiksihi uio spa'io anil atiouiiHing
lo strike him. Jones II red on him just
as soon as he could gt his gnu raised
sun coniiniieu to nre until he had ehot
him six times. Tho corpse had lo be
taken oare of by the white moil ol town
who hauled it home dressed it this
stteruoon aud prepared it for burial.
ino negro leuvt-sa wile. Joucs Is oulv
10 years old.
A Netoiluus
Character Killed In
rrnsnuno March 8. News reached
hero to-night of tho killing of William
Peyton alias Dick Hucklev. tho shooter.
lit Sheridan Wyoming territory. I'ey-
iou was raistii iu Allegheny soil west
"i''i " "fie o oriaiiiaed a nana and
terrorized Wyoiuins Molilalia and
other westorn territories last Satur-
day lie rodo into Slioridun and entered
a saloon wnero lie threatened to shoot
everybody tliat refused an Invitation to
drink with tilm. tie nuairelli d with
one ot
the men lu tho
anloon I
who picKou up a sbot-guu
nreu Killing reviou almost lustu.itly.
Ho wus desperate to the lust and aimed
his pistol at tho umji that shot him
when iHlll.ig but wus too wosk to pull
the trigger. Peyton had botn ordered
by a vigilance ajiniiiittoo to leave the
town but refused.
Highhanded Hpurts Arrested.
CnictO'i M.irch 8.- Last night about
200 ol tho sporting fraternity went to
the suburban town of llliie Island to
witness a cocking main for which a
Urge number of birds had beeu pro-
vided aud was Intended to continue
lighting throughout tho night aud to
day when It was expected the orowd
would increase tol.nnu. Alter tho pit was
set a deputy sheriif intertored but tho
crowd took him looked him up In one
of the rooms ot the building and pro.
cecded Willi the lighting. About udd-
uigui policemen irom this city
descended on tho place and arrested 30
of the participants and brought them to
this city nils morning I'midy ltysu
the pugilist was among the spectators
but be was not arrested.
The fatvalion Army lleuted.
Chicago March 8. Tho services of
the Salvation Army were lnterupted
this afternoon. First somo one from
tho outside throw a stone through one
of the windows then a number of
rough chsractcrs in the rear ol the hall
drowned tho hymns with ribald songs.
Finally a hand lo hand conllict between
them and the ollb ers of the army took
place lu which the bitter got much the
worse of It being borne down hv
superior numbciH. No serious wounds
wore Inllicled but hoi vices Were broken
up. Ono arresl was mado.
For Another's SHas.
Wilminuton March 8. When L.
Red county treasurer went out
eilli'O ho was Know n lo be a defaulter to
the amount ol f.iono. It Is bow nscer-
laitied that the amount Is f'16100. His
succossor having given Reed a receipt
neioro me nisi discovery was made
fears that ho may be liable for Heed's
Fallen Fair Ones.
San Antonio March B.-lspoclal.
Two of the host known families In the
city are Just now greatly agitated and
mortiiled ovor tho discovery of their
daughters in an assignation house. The
sftnir has ciun-ed K sensation. Pistels
aro si'oken of. In the meantime the
daughters are in durance.
Heavy Wreckage uf Freight.
Lawhi ncm Kan. March 8. The two
through freight trains of the Atchison
Topcka & Santa Fo railway collided
near tills city this morning. No one
was rutally hurt. The damage lo prop-
erty Is estimated at i7u00.
Necrologies I.
Washington March 8. Brigadier-
General Point B. Lscket. senior Inspector-general
ol the United Htstns army
died this morulng at his residence iu
this city.
A l'alnter's Fall.
Wax A ii.u u i rt March S.-Correspond-ono.
Mr. J. F. Ilouton a yomig man
Irom Terrell who painting the tin ror
on the Gibson building Friday fell from
the awning to the ground aud austalned
Internal Injuries that may prove fatHl.
Ills wl:o came over lust night and la
with him.
Bad Fate of a Young Lad
BAN Antonio Maroli 8. Special.
Miss Liou Colteu a young lady raised
In Han Antonio and living with the
Krkstelne family near l)arlr station.
south of this olty was thrown out of bor
ambulance on Saturday evening and In-
stantly killed her back helmr hmlan
She has many relatives and friends here
who deeply regret the sad occurence.
Fatal Hallway Accident
Cincinnati March 8-At o'olook
this morning aa a freight train was
pasting under the Newport bridge on
the front street connection traek
dismantled loeomotive which waa on
a flat-car atruok the bridge aud was)
thrown from tho c to the street.
Jureo brakeuieu were carried away
with the wreck and James llaulau wae
Instantly killed; Michael Nolan falailr
injured while Herbert Crothera ei-r
capod with brulaea.
fire llrcord.
St. Louis March 8. The opora-house
block efAlbauy Missouri one of the
best business buildings of northwoat
Missouri burned early Saturday morn-
pig. Loss from JiO.000 to $75000. Tht)
principal losers aro: Linn dry goods
p.OK) on stock; S. P. Moorn Rroeorv
J'J0tKJ; Henry Price A. W. H umber K.
A. Scarborouph $4000 each on bulld-
ga. lu addltiou to the business)
losses all the county records Blnco the was oruau'uod luoludlng thoee
of the circuit olork the oounty record"
and tho probato oourt were totally de-
stroyed. Insurauoe alxiut ?30000.
Boston March 8.-A flreocoured this
ovutilug in a flye-story brick building at
India street aud India square occupied
by J. Gruham junk dealer. Graham
carried a heavy paper stock whloh wa
nearly ruined. His loss was considera-
bly. During the tire 05 feet of ladder
fell killing James W. Sweet ser a mem-
her ot the Protective department
a went ter was nt one time lieutenant iu
the Shu Francisco fire department.
PROVirtKNtic 11. 1. March 8.-Thirty
horses burned in a lire in the Octmn In
tel stables.
Churches and l'urks A ltlrycll.mne Deals
a Hurse School Iteport Alleged
Counterfeiter The W. I) and
II ft O.-A Uotrolhal.
Waco March 8. Sptciai.j -To-day
being bright and spring-like was util-
ized by the pious aud worldly-minded
alike. In the morning large congre-
gations wore at tho various churches
and this arte moon thousands of people
weut to the driving park whore thor
was horse and bicycle racing. Mile.
Armando the female blcycllenne. cap-
tured tho honors In tho bicycle vs.
horses raoo. At Padgltt's park the Ger-
man Htituiisfi band gare au open air
concert whloh drew aulminoiisocrowd.
This Hand is one of the flnust mnslcat
organizations that has ever visited
The public school report for thoweok
ending yesterday shows an enrollment
of 1601 pupils the ever known
Tom McCariy under arrest charged
with passing counterfeit money gav
bond I'isi in j'lrt and was released.
The Western Colon Telegraph com-
pany moved to-day Into its now quar-
ters alongside the IbdUmore it Ohio
company and has mo I all tho latter a
The formal betrothal or Mr. M. Lach-
man aud Miss Carrie Levluson popular
In Hebrew aocloty olrclos lioreooourred
Mayor Wilkes left lor Kansas City
this evening where bis sun a medloal
siuiioni graduates with high honors
Longvlew Locals.
IiONoviicvv Maroh 8. Speolal.l-
Yates Flanagan son of Sonator Flana
gan aud brothor of Wobb Flanagan
died here last night of heart disease.
Yates was very popular here and he
vra a very promising young
man; ono that nppoarod destined to
make his mark In the world. A great
many will receive this sad news with
regret. Yates was 20 years old aud had
passed several successful examinations
at schools in this and other states.
rue woman who oto'o Mrs. Allen's
wicket-book was arrested lu Palestine
ast night. Rov. Allen has rnina with
olllcers to bring her to trial.
ine ftasion and Henderson telephone
wires were blown down by the March
Rev. J. T. Smith said lu the pulpit to-
day that law was abused; thai Waoo
had about expelled gambling; that Dal-
las had attempted It; that Fort Worth
ctlizfias had petitioned tho attorney not
to punish them. He said: We need
not go from Longvlew to find this etuto
or things; right hero gamblers could n"t
be convicted In court and none bi.
penniloss negroes can be u.eted nut.
blind Justice His sor.uou was
with much satisfaction.
Collin County Newt.
McKinnet March 7. JCorrespon I-
euce. A light norther blow thlsmor-;-ing
but It Is clear and plosnt mow. .
The fair wcnther to-day has wondoi -lully
developed the wheat crop and
fiolds are looking much better.
At the Heard opera-house a largo aud
appreciative audience g.-oeted the play
last night . '
Judge McClellan of Fanulu county
who has been Inspecting tho Collin
county J tail with the view of duplicating
ti afc Douuuui tuii. yesicruay.
Fine llakles.
St. Lot: is March 8. The Fair associa-
tion has contracted for the construction
In conuectiou with their new race track
orascrlosof ten stables whloh will no-
commndatobOO horses and which will
be the finest of thoir kind In the coun-
try. They will be finished by May 16
in good time for the June meeting and
Will cost 150000.
Houston Happenings.
Houston March 8. ISpeclal. Jo
Llvlngstono who was shot by Will Law.
son about Christmas died last night
from pyemia. Lawsou is out on bond.
W. 11. Mills general laud agvut of
Huntington has isturiicd from a tour
oi ooevrvauousoi lauu throughout the
Lamar's Successor.
Nkw Orlranb March 8.-A dlsnatoh
from Vlcksburg to the TItnes-Dsnioorat
sayai Newa bus reached hers that Gov.
wiwry uas appointed tjeu. li. y. Wal-
thall lo succeed ScoroLarv Lamar u
Uulled Status svuiilur.
A Liberal Furse.
St. Louis March 8-The Charier Oak
Park Driving association will give
special purse or 110000 for 2:20 class at
the oirouit meeting in the fall. The as-
sociation give its spring uieutiug June
aud IX "
Gone Coder.
NW OliLlANt March 8.-IIenry D--negre
and Henry Chaleron have eur-
reudered thslr property to their credit-
ors; assets HOt); liabilities H7272.
MAnaa all March &-fS'oolal.-Sen-
ator rope made a flying vialt to-day ac-
companied by bla family. He return
ou the next train to Austin.
Tke Weather.
Wasuinoton March 8. For the west
gnlf states: Fair weather; wtndi gen-
erally easterly; generally warotee.

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