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nil MT.IUXK AVA1.ANC1H- UIDAV. Pr.CT.Mnr.U 16 1021 .
I . - U(hlm.irnc .... Y ;i'J!l!ll!il!ll!lll fo
IKKK; W ON PROJlll IS rrr::r m ytJ
111 UUU V . JX nr'OT n in .'l i In- .r. yuoikirv: 3 17
fe. ted. If the In m1 -ill be it r u?t'il ss: ' I
- J y p.rliV;y fllW. The Noll ill this sec- S3 I 8
.... v .;f 1 tie Wn hita Fall liiiiruifii lr- t : . -n iv particularly minuted to iiri- S3 - i I
r .. 1. '" " . .i . a "ik ''Kun "n th I'n' I'll.. Small farms ulonir th Col 3 J
. 1 " ' ' . '('. on the (rr't r) River lrrirnted l.v pumpinu EH 3 j
1 I 1 ' inij promoted al.mir the plants produce from 1 to J bates S3 T7V 77" T T H i
1 ' ! Kin i Some ln- f cotton per a re mi l othrr crops 3 If A - - TMI "ff"
I ne.t.d tn this project may b sum- IM proportion. The prut. lrl nop U )jjg WJi afl IIIImIJIM
f..r. .0 ;r:v.p.r ;urrn z i iLi Lfo t( AM II lib 1 1
. IMkiwo Wok on I'roi.'l u located in Kunni-N and fruit . watermelons cantaloupes an.l S3 M. 3
' 1 Count i. .Ija'i'r.t to KHr.n tru.k S3 (
kal N..t.0. YcMi W In- the .Mies of lisllingcr li..iiie Mil.'. Following the completion of thf s S3
K en Sun AriR. lo und Sweetwa- prenent survey unci the nuilunR of fl
. iJ I. m PLUMB- inr The rrjeit . ontemplateit the detailed estimute nd irriKiiHon S J
rii- ti(lnf. JtUm th lo- iiiKtrtt-t will b formt-d unilor th Til- S 3 ;
ISC. DISPLAY. r.l.i River near llronte I'nkt foiin- letteon Law of Texas and honde ' t
1 v. t )n leniTh and 100 feel voted to finnn.e the ronstru.'tioii S3 33 f
hiih Thin dam will create refervoir work. 3
I li .j 7 1. m lenifth and will eiupouml Tha Colorado alley IrriRntiun As- S3 3 1
I 1 ij ' i nun a re feel or almut mo hun- sociniion in devotmu the ourrent year b-
I i lr.j mtkI thiny-fiva billion Kallons to a pulili.ity campAiirn directed to 1 1 I 1 1 . 3 I
: I 7V . f ..:'. ndr..nag .1 nr.-. ..hove the nd owners within the proposed YOU KI10VV thtlt it IS 0 UllZ 10D 201112 31111111 lO SCC 3
v the proponed dam . ..vers 8 1100 mare district impressing upon them the S3 I UU MIUM uku 11 u h uit jw b t S
I I I faV3- V 1 Iving in 13 West Texas l.oun- value of irrigation. S3 .
I .i' VUI ties fh average anmial run-off of This project is generally regarded 11 ll'l I m rrkT
i .tJk )li Wr I L . .'lorado River at he dani.ite in Texas as one of the ending pro- S3 ca(. jjpj CVCrV 0 1C ()W 112 11101 tliat I 3111 110W 3
I ( V Ml' ! f.r thi- pa-f five years Including the Je. ts of the State and is being watch- S3 - - J O ' 33
- . Jfl I three year West Texas has ever ed with interest throughout th- S3 1 1 11 1 1 i
m. J r l: r r s I 0ut of business and need all the money owed to i X
I ' years the :ainfall over iho above I NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE V 3 V
I ' -11' M t I drainage area will crente a riuch THK STATK OK TKX AS 3 . I'll 'If 33 I
L'l'IrSJ: T'l'yth. ...t finled!Tb.yr of au.b y me! So I have decided to announce that alter m
I 'r "trl J ILp VaIV'' jointl by th I.'. S. Ijeoloir-nl Serv- vested in me as Trustee named and S3 3 s 1
I If ''ll . ic :h l'eas Hoard i t Vi -. Kn- appointed in a certain deed of trust . .11 s 1 33 ; I
I . 'rfci'i'1- tiin.ers and rlizens of the ub.iva dated July 19-0 executed by J. I S3 Uninrv IllA tircf I Ul Un CTTV 111V 1)1 K TOimd '
'!;. has been in progres ime l:i t I I'owell and recorded July 10 10-0 S3 jnilUciry UlC Ulbi 1 Will IlUl UUl) 111 IWUIIVI j
I Mil h I'J'.'I and will con.inii.' until' in Volume 14 page 401 of the Heed sr tt J ; j
I 1 of Trust Records of J.tihhock t'oun- . . f 1 3 ' '
;'trt::l p hut will turn them over to my attorney tor col. m
I Nine l!)l and Fifteen tl' l'.lock
I . a I J r 11 Ti "I"" I. lib bo. k County Texas con- 3 t - i
HOLIDAY RATES :c::ll;:;!yofi lection. I fj
I IIVLIIliH . m 1 ... .ei'tain i.roini-sory 11 -te for tie Fj 3 ; I '.
I ffNlLiL'fcJ fvIS u Twi-lve 'lliotisand Five 'Fir- . S3 U
HOLIDAY RATES W3s 1 hope that You will pay up so all of us will enjoy
I J2jJ3 Niitio'inl liank of I i.l.t'ock Texts on ! r- i I
I N..eti.b.-r t I '.: V itb Interes! .S3 ss
I n tie I'liri..'. of nn lit1' vio'" fir i . t3 i
Low K..un.l Tr. F.curi. Far. Trom .11 Point in Trxa U' N.;1 U
I an.l New Mriio In Destination in lllk .
k T. mis is the hold ' ' 1:
I rr mi. I owner of put. I tlote and I'd " S3 t
ArU.-... C..U..I. Kan... Louisiana Miori Oklahoma J''' -'' g I
I Now Miit 11 ! Tea. f.i I to i'-y 'he viim and w'oi'y S3 ! I '
I IHM !' llet'lll.ll Id It'." I'.'IVII elU then. S S I j
DaUa t ."ale trcrirr 22 2i and 24 1921 ''Vh'eivi 1 he said Citiens Nation S3
I 111 Itai'k of I lib'.... k Tew. bh4 S- F 11 11 f f W 1 ll S3 j
Final Kalurn January 4 1922. . aid TruMee to eif..v. e sid s If. f y f
I tro-t and sell and i-ofvey 'aid land :n JLut ' ' JL JL4J V- JL. S3 1
I . "' coi'.laii' e nanl deed of tri'l SS
I Fnr I'art.rular. i" any "Santa IV Aenl. rd M .o i.led by law; and x loo-. sj: p
I lis s'li.l note has been placed ill the S3 iniiiiiiiintni""
I J. '- f IjjlllillililllllillllllllM .
I X 1 V and 1 be I. 'II per cent atiine)' fe I
((( ' 1 ; I.:::! ;r : PROFESSIONAL COLUMN
I I II f(( an'iekNl.. Fife- ! 'I hoii-iilol I r
I T. II 'tolled N"'' tl ''''" I'"1- ' I
I Hilars. ox 1 I
I III 'I h. 1 . t "i e I dl off' 1 f'i 'e ' M FL'LTON j
l .uh'.. .. uti'.n to the h-Kli.-t bi.ld.-i IMF. Ll'linOCK SANIIARIl'M Allor al t-a '
Here's a Suggestion That MmM gS3 :S"
I Teva-. all of said Sorxcvs Nos Nine Dr j y Krr -
I m T r II C.'l and Fifteen (IM. Hb. k 1 l.ul- .. ......
I C .... J LJs4rt I... k ( oimty lesa-. xxilh all Hu'l.t.. 1 ' 7" ' VL-. F OR. R. M. HARKEY
S7)7 rtflllP n.en.ber. and appuitenan.e. thereto '
U ... My Hand this the Mb day - S'TherS -V" N
I II of lc.ember A 1 '' .. Rta.x flwM M 0
POWER --OTiK- sfgg sfs -
I " M M H. K.. Ault. of San Antonio trav-; X!&JvJ? Offle. Ubboek 8uU Bank Bldf .
I rlmir rrprrsrtitativa for tha Hrown i
I '" Shor Company of St. Uui. A.M D. Ua R. N. Talapkama Na. 80
. " I made l.ubh... k hm home becausa of .p....a... LnVKock. Taa
I II the direct railroad roiinection with Mmhi A. Pt. to. ooca
other West Texas Points and .l ."-SS R N " "
travel from here. Mr. Ault . not M.U. r O.MJJI- H. bloqm
D.'1 iii Know .sMinc kiiul friciul wh.. nt'i-il- n Rood rJTili """ DENTST
4 liatl.-ry. Wlm tnKcs ymi uiul your family out for rrV : .Tr."! "- Br s"
I IM'IIIV llii'l' I illl'S have espreswd a desire to make this V Vuii.rmoi.'leni Hf". rWa il j
I IU.UI III II (.ead.iuarters. ...... .H. a.. n... .t UkWack Taaa. I
'I'll hi rti-t nit.r hi-cur is .luml to crunk. His bat-. 1AKING Vpiraie chances.
n Hi.iv dr u'iiin mil Ntitliinv which you may have jimmons undertaking Dr. r. b. hutchinson ;
in ii.. v.lll pin. .. hi... I.pmv than a tvul hoiU'st-to- Jp Trn' company D..ti.t
I . .1... I i v I willioiit taking any pi.'caulioii or
h" ' 'iin' ' treatnieiit and a kn. is led.. ..f .U c SIMMONS . a HKTK.9
fad I. ad. other to lake their eha.i". ' .. . A.ati?a.i aM -..aaii
I W -m- M 1 sa. -W-V instead of K''tf tlu .r .;o d. the LUaa.aJ .sbalar
I I Jl 7 B B W JU M D M II needed attenti m. V should ba In-i .. Sa t N. S. Burma Buddinf
I II fr lite nioie seiloiia diseases tall . ----
Aiin v.' mi. i" 'su-iui to you Kri-ftin of the r:r...V:..t.v u.a:r.:.."S'r:;;h 0R. n. o. cATwtt x ScV"0""
. Ileinedy famous for III rurea of bad.
I .old may be bad f .r a trifl.T SK MmIi.U aaj laaary iwa tiM
Ma ..-! ' 't i Imu h.; a n.crr.v urn ami your hest inL(H(M U(JAMI M;v i orn.. i. mam j. a. m ..a a a cnau (
In. il . 1. 1 of Id. imMuji Ih.inyoil wt.rth-whilo. ju'LHtM mom" iok r aih.h f uh. " p
I A del v.s .lo.. d rt..t.ndy In 141 lat flMi.a T N'jKU fooaoi
Wh lle fA M M..1.I.V OIIUaM R..Uaa.Ti j x Rl It W. Crtli. Mf
was pi.iba.d l Hie pis. opal; W-.W Ta.aa A. 0. Baajaro l
II 1 I v. l.l. I IU be 11 . .1 a- a part UUa.0 1WH I
1 1 lllht Mii I i(l ft (ril (1)1(1 J.t."iV:''."!l. . IomTm'" M.'.;.by - n w N.s.w..M.Ho.la4
.......-. and .H ""I -".. r I N. M J ?.ir. .....M.
1 1 i 7 y v a a. a j a L U.-l I ..I 0 M' !' x s . .o
1 n ee rlv Umnnmi m
( I'.t lou II iui v .! w.......s
' V'r:: i1-.'.--.; v:. v.M i -4
-J h.T:: iM( :c:.;r- i"
. ' ' '

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