The Sunday Morning Herald. (Amarillo, Tex.), Vol. 22, No. 12, Ed. 1 Sunday, April 17, 1910 Page: 6 of 12

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larding ourselves as there art over
1 lV0(J patlsnta ber who hate bAn-.
iifvivai ritovixa'
vX-lUT JRXAM1XA' nd 5)000 morf pL.opl I'ry.l.lnK .f V. U Vounu : t Ji
YlOVH t i! i ... . . JulU Having Marked l.f feci
im.. ; . oow about our method. Ask any pir uMN
'-' one; com and hire a talk with uSl '' (" - .
Hondiy na ill Of teit wir )imembcr w will make X-Hayj fcoWuRfS from (Jrnrxi Falls Toxin
will tnak X-Kay examination' and anamination for 1.00 this week.'Ihrtng Information tboti tha revival
dlegooli for 11.00. Tha regular We hav the most modern anip-to-Helng ''condu lad r (here by K L.
data equipment In the Bouth. wo voung miniHi'-r ror tne i nurrn or
treat chronic' disease. V thiftf Chrl' I" '""'"J"'' PvlK foot
.. . . . micccxii. Th business houses of tho
those cases that the ordinary phvsl fy re . out of con8Jdratlon
rlan does not understand. Tnren " for the 'meeting and a number have
l!ivl Una will give you free conbul- already been' added to the church.
tattoo.1 ) "it.ii'. Mr. .YounK will condnuo tho
price U 1 1 6.60 all over America. Dr.
J. M. Lingo (be celebrated X-Ray
peflallat mbd "efeciro theraputlst
wlfl tondifrt( all etainlnatlonl and
glvd fret consultation to all. Dr.
'j.lao will l associated with Dr
Duncan 4 f)non and give hla eer-
Va without extra charge to regu-
lar patients. Dr. Lingo's 15 years
ot etperlanr in treating ehronlo dig
DH. HLA NCI IK A. Di;.CA-N..il4ny
DJI..T. H. P. Dl'NCAN.
Kllbourn-Thompnon Uldg.
absent from Amarlllo until after noxt
ivcukwrd ft)MMf.RCi.iL ex. in. ' to tiik ladies. . ncaaxansn
- ( We have had so many calla for
lt-al(naUon of I (lough Accepted facial massagus and facial trtatmeot
ami A. J. LIhu'o!iiI) Fleeted
( 1 H rector.
- ' ' 1 n
Hereford. Tot. April 10. The
that we have aocurod Mian Hart of
Kbtibbb city to opVn a hpnrtment In
our office. Minn Hart aollclta your
patronage; facial manaaiiea manlcur-
regulur ' inpnlhly meeting of the '"Bi "''alp treatment hlenilah plm
Hereford Comrclal Club waa held ' )le' Lln('k honJ nd 0nr fttCll
n .1 i u. -u-Ij - "! -uioiiin nmi uhii-
III IIIQ IfitnviJl VHi VI lirfT 1.1-
tlan church'' here. The
ludloH clubs of tho city mot
with the Conimtrclal Club and In-
tcrcrtlng talko-were made by dlo-
ii law. Ji.jrfUiUiL' J
can & Duncan. Kllbourn-Thomrmon
varloua miK
405 POLK ST.
Tito revival le the flrnt pn Kaf0B f f0tft. Fatl0r
.eanra tlvea biro an dvantaua ovar
fka ordinary phyalclan that can only 'J7m7 TOM)AV ' ' '
tie attained by Iod yeara and wldt 1 hnve flo.OOO private' liioney to
:llnlcal experience. For a ahorl loan. S yara time h per cent Inti'r-
time ba will Rive free consultation on centrally located buslnra
ud mmlnatlon. Wt do not feel ProP"l In "
i .conducted by tho (iriind ynUn con
Kiij;iuiin lor a nuinuer oi yrrn hum
In proving a rrcat treat according
to the meaitagca to t'e churchi
A T:i(illl!()U OF VMT.S
that we ti4 to aay aoythlng r- ;u3-c
1'oHt Offlco Hid;:
Colony or lho Ptock FhrmlBR. s
tU aectlona of land In a b' ..y alftiated near UnibarBcr. Randall
Count Texaa. About 28 mllca from Amarlllo popuoltlon about
15.000. canyon City populitlcn 2.500 ten nilleH. Hereford
population about '.M!0 18 m licit.
' Tben tbrca art nil good rounty a?at and Junction town. Tha
landa commence one and ono-balf mllea. from the station at Urn-bara-r.
nn thi main line or th A. T. and K. F. Hy. from Chicago
to CaKforla and tho aonth feme of aeitlons ly four and one-
half mltoa from I'mbarger atatlon. . .
Tfee Terra nianco river runs through -ihre of the aectlona and
then la over 1000 ttrrea of the choicest alfalfa landa on It.
Alia. iood (arming lands and aome rolling lands bearing differ-.
rtii kinds of graMes -hay meadow
t 1 fanred with good four-wtr fonce. and anb"1lvl(Ud Into fl-
pantofeal Dn(all. . comforlable houno three Ellipse windmills
wella ffeni JO to .100 feet deep cherry appl and pear orchards.'
Oood duck bunting and baaa fishing. Addreaa owner
I as well as yourself la liable at any
time to have rlium.Mlsm. We'ro all
liable to havo cuts or burns brulens
or sCttldl" crick In tho buck neck or
aldo sonio h In J of an acho or puln.
Then heed this advice and tell your
neighbors Linllurd'a Swim Liniment
relievos all achea and pulns and
heala all wound. Bold by L. O.
Thompson & Co.
The city auditing committee com-
posed of W. A. SuUth Alt Stanley
criil u. ' (irahnm announced yeii-
terdiiy afU'rnoon that work will be
begun not later thun Monday. It
was believed for a time that opera-
atlona rquld begin tomorrow but
one member of the committee found
It Impossible to get ready by that
Tbo auditing process will engage
attention several dttys porhaps and
Is b i-tep preliminary to the Induc-
tion of the newly elected officers.'- '
.Many a mini who possessed 'every
other requirement hai failed be- . ne busies Vlnea Carma Dah-
cbuho lie lurkod mi cum t kcik y fund. . ... . ... . .
Hoy a Wlldorado lot before thi open-' la aud 0uJl011 bul"81 now rt'R1jr 'or
Chilian AVlee.d of UmbnrBer. In i""' tJolhnr"t- " Entjhrd P'""
charso of tha Catholic Mission al : j .
that point was another pica!cr on
the program. ; Jthln Just bcfor the
iiiiH'Hiu; Inteifcretl aomewhnl with
tho attendance but the affair was a
decided Hurcrni not wltbatnndlng.
The rosih'iiatlon of Pretddent L.
Gouttli us n director of the club was
accepted and A. J. Lipscomb waa
electod to fill his place.
Amarlllo Greenhouse
MIm Rider Toncher of Piano and
voice has opened a studio Injtb
Njinn nulldlng West Fifth street.
1 SSSBc'N g
M . . .
i ' - i . v: fin
Cjrrmftit lPlsinh n .
Notice to ContructoM 1
Boulcd bids are Invited for the
erection of tbo Floydula Prt'Bbter-
lun Acudcmy building nt Kloyduda
Texas; work to begin May 1st 1910.
Ill da mut be sua led Mid ndl reaped
to D P. Kauftmnn ft Hon archltecis
Amnrlllo Texas And "Indorsed "Uld
for tho erection of Ihe FloydaiU
Preabytvrlan Academy." ' Hid muat
be accompanied with certified chock
for 1300' payable to Jas. K. dreen
Treasurer Board of Trustees F. P.
A condltlond that If th contract Is
riven ihe bidder he will rI"P ap-
proved bond In the sum of $"jOi)0.00
for the performance of Ms contract.
Plans and may be
seen on and after Mondiy. Aoril 15th
1910 at the office of D. P. Knuffman
4 Son In Amarlllo. Texas; at the
office of V. E. ArnifHicng la Plain-
view" Texflft ai d at the office of A
L. I.ovo in Floydad Texas.
The bids will bo opened at the. of-
flco cf D. P. Kauf fman & Son
Architects at Amario Texas Satur-
day April' T!3rd 1910. at 5:30 p.
m. .
The building eommliteo reserve
th? Hshl to rejert any and all bids.
Cliflirmnn DulMing Committee Prcs-
bytcrlau Academy Floydada
2018 201 ZO'i ;OCs 2HC 207-C
35 j
at u mammoth fiulmtule bkbiZinm a nm
and athaptm dm oft matfocitib w dtijygaifed
that rttft jAodues moe peasu; amyooci
Uifuitf Uct tftm any oifiti.iVatfoete:' on '
. tabtfc ' fd ifaeji & a food thing tl invest in.
andYeacfi wdtfoete eaVilos an 'idfoUute iatti-
tp puabantee. ' -.i .
on M ieath is too eo&l. SM tm il thhs
wam. umenwi us.
504 'POLK'Ct.;.
. J . . .. W ' '.H ... W .-
To the Sheriff or any Constable of
Potter Co'unty--Oreetlag:
You are hereby commanded to
summon T. X. James by malting
publication of this citation onc0 in
each week for four successive weeki
previous to the return day hereof in
some newspaper publlBhed In your
county if there be a newspaper pub-
lished therein but If not then in any
newspaper published in the 47th
Judicial District; but If there bo no
newspaper published in said Judicial
District then In' a newspflper pub-
lished In the nearest District to said
Potter Judicial District to appear at
the 'next regular term of the Dis-
trict Court of potter' County to be
holden at the Court House thereof
in Amarlllo Texas on the Second
Monday' "in July A. D. 1910. the
same being the 11th day of July A.
D. 1910 then and there to answer a
petition filed In said Court on the
16th day of December A. D. 1909 in
a suit numbered on the docket of
said Court No. 1189 wherein Susan
H. Jumes la plaintiff andT. N. James
Defendant and Bald petition alleg
ing that plaintiff and defendant
were legally married on or abut the
4th day of September 1904 in Pot-
tor County Texas and that they
lived together as man and wife un-
til about the 10th day of October
1904 when the defendant deserted
and abandoned this plaintiff with
the Intention of never living with
her again and that slive said tlmo
defendant hag not ' rotrlbuled 'any-
thing toward her support and that
during all (Imi ; tijne the. defindunt
Iiab never1 couimunlcatol v.ith plnln-
tlff In any manner; : that vald aban-
donment has continued for 1 more
than the statutory period of three
years Wherefore plaintiff prays for
citation in terms of the law and upon
final hearing hereof iho have Judg-
ment dissolving the Bouds of mat-
rimony heretofore existing and for
costg of buu and general and special
relief j .
Herein Jail nob but have before
said Court at Us aforesaid next re-
gular term this writ with' your re-
turn thereon showing how you have
executed. the same.
Given tinder my hand and the senj
of said Courtat office In Amarlllo;
Texas hla the 12th day of March."
a. d 1910. ; ..
. Dint rid rvnrf; Pa Csust".
? By M. )l. HARDIN Deputy.
: .'; '. i ' ' il-4-c
xi it wasn i so iar l u jiKe 10 go
so busy people are wont to say
Distant friends become your next door neigh-
bors if you drive a new Rambler. Then no
country road is long enough. For ho sooner
do you grasp the wheel and sense the motor
purring than you shake oft all dulness- the
car starts beneath you and you are away to
work or topastiuie it differs notcxhilarated
you hasten on your way. '
With offset cranli-shaft straigbt-line drive
big 'wheel and tires long wheel-base Sparc
Wheel nnd aluminum front floor the new
Knrublcr is in many respects superior to any
other automobile.
Rambler automobiles $1800 to $2500
Myers and Curry - jfir
s. Anuirillo Texas Vjr
- m m laaf U
..A Few Willmering' Walkers..
Not a man or woman in this town who walks on Willmer-
ing walks but but will tell you they are the best walks possi-
ble to build. Ther'e lots of walks to be walked on all over
town can't we build one for you?
Amarillo Texas .
508 Tyler Street
TT8Sife'ii ''ffl'Tiii'i
Building and Loan Fund
Available for purchasers of lots
on 5an Jacinto Heights
Webster Building:.
V aj. - t -t4--JiV i't'
1 -
uaWH KMIil i'Hf1-
i J'

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