The Sunday Morning Herald. (Amarillo, Tex.), Vol. 22, No. 17, Ed. 1 Sunday, May 22, 1910 Page: 1 of 8

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; : : . : .
emM of
Children Only Ten Years Old
Kciny; Expelled Parents
Hiving Been Forced
to Submit.
le Ileh
tllUt t'X'
from Ki
May 21 Dispatches to
w Aid Sor' My here fcSSTt
in of Jt'WliMi families
l.i t;oIug ou la tlie erucl-
it muiv r.
Itespe table J'cws aro corralled la
police i v: tons Hid led to polite
hendiUi In droves some of
iheui '' i taken In batches to ad-
jacent dl. imtrt lo aw. ti It further
tram puliation. Many families hcre-
t.ifuie u ii i iiol -ft ti have been order-
el lo i- williln 1M lioura.
It .) ii 1. 1 that cbllunn ten ycirs
old are ei.polled 'whin their fathers
a 'f com men-la I travelers without
! ninn nt liomi's although their
i:"'lhi'! ar not molested .J'arents
m.i. t. choose between losing their
children or abandoning homes.
OiHk .'! I I lie Citrrj Nearly 11000
; . p- .y hy Tourlvtn I Trtj
i i to Coatiiieut.
New Vork May 21. Tlio tldo of
valih nail faslilon toward Euroim
iMc'tid Itg KpiiiiK flood today when
IV fleet of seven outgoing linera car-
rJtd li.liitu perbons bound for pleas-
ure cities and resorts of Great Dilt-
r.ti and tho Continent.
!The rush Kurouoward lias never
hen more Rcnoral biiioiir peojilo of
nifans and leisure than thlsi year.
Catiteway Dei ween llrow iiNville and
' Mataniiras to lxi Formally
Opened la July.
r"San Antonio Tex. May 21. It
announced here today that the new
International bridge between
Urownsville Texas and Matamotas
Mexico will he formally opened
July 21 and 22. President Tall
Colonel Iionevelt . I'reHldeBt Diaz
Governor Camplu ll of Texas and tho
fovornor of Tiimauilpas Mexiio
have" been tnvlnd to attend.
Pcorln III. May 21. With fifty
days Idleness already Incurred and
wlth a prospect of prolonged Ulle-
Bess in future the coal situation In
Illinois lias re ached a serious point
lx)th for "5000 miners and opera-
The large mountains of coal which
the industrial establishments had on
hind prior to tho Joint convention
l.i dimlulMliIni; rapidly
i There is said to ho actual want
ttt many families. Tho strike fund
mounts to about ten dollars per
ninn. i
'President Moorhead of the opor-
' atois predicts that the strike ivlll
b of short duration bis f i' resident
alker of the miners says that tliey
ife out "until snow files.".
Mits. hvdi: sn:s.
..Knshas City. Mo May 21. Two
tllts asking for partition of the rs-
Inte left Ly col. Swope have been j
fled hy Mrs. llyde wife of the phy- (
Ulan convicted on a charge of )UII-
tig the philanthropist. .Mrs. Hyde
Mtitions for a division or the resi-
duary estate no lhat she may obtain
her ghanv .
ji.m ci:ow i si: in
cousr or aitk.vl.
Foil Worth Tex. May 21.
I'utl In w hit'h the Statu of Tex-
ns hi'dta penult Its against luo
Texas C in rul Jtullrou.1 for al-
I''i'il vloliiiloii uf the separate
couch or "Jim Crow" law was
submitted hero today to the
Court ofVckli Appeals of the
Second Judiiliil Jjl t i i t.
Tho was appealed by
the state from the District
Court of Kastluiid county whrre
suit was first broiiKht by Couu-
ty Altornpy Daluu-y and Attor-
ney di'toral LlBlitfoot.
The Htate dcnianJs ijerialtk.a
Ki;rcgatlnK Ju.S-iO imii) or
ma x i in u ui flue of $100 fur twh
violation of the law for a per-
iod of four years. Four viola-
Conn a day are alleged.
Count De Lesseps Rivals Feat
of B.hriot and Lands
in the Meadow
Near Dover.
Calais Kranr-o May 21. Count
Jacques Mo I.eBseps French aviator
succeeded In crossing the Kngliah
Channel this afternoon In his flfty-
.' orao ''ower monoplane "Scarabee"
( Kinj Cfty minutes for the voyage
a-.d lan llng easily In a meadow u nc
? t vt r
' -aa oil Hl-r. Jait Vl.n "bo Vft
Calais tg make a double flight and
return to Calais soon after lauiTng
at Dovir. Do Desscps ascended
from a point where Blorlot started
ou his successful trip across the
channel last July aoi rose grad-
ually to a height fifteen hundred
feet before turning his machine to-
vard England.
Vuevii of Spain. Delivered of Still-
oi'ii Nun During Aliseiico
of Kliir Alfonso.
Madrid May 21 Q iotn Victoria
was delivered of a boy illi born
at four o'clock this morning. The
unhappy outcome is attributed to
premature accoucbinent which how-
ever was otherwise natural.
King Alfonso is still in London
where he attended yesterday the fu-
neral of the queen's uncle King
Edward. Queen Victoria is the
mother of two boys aud a girl all
l ive Contestants Start Jrtun I'Ml-
ntlelpliiu on l.on Cruise
to Havana. '
Philadelphia Pa. May 21.-Five
little cruising motor boats In an
oeenn race from this city to Havana
1300 miles away were sent off
shortly after noon today. The con-
testants are the Carolina Bemeye
Cullp Loantaka and Illys.
New York. May 21. Policeman
Mahoney risked his life today hy
seizing a bomb with a lighted fuse
which was thrown into a lodging
house barber shop and by dippln?
it into n puddle of water- In the
street saved about two hundred men
from possible death or Injury.
Dickson Tenn. Mav 21. De
nouncing the legalized saloon as the
most gigantic evil of the nation
the temperance committee in its re-
port to the Cumberland Prosbyter-
lon General Assembly tOuuy Bet a.)
the goal for the church Hie entire
elimination of the liquor traffic In
the United States.
Says Another Year Must Elapse
Before There Can Be Dis-
cussion of Presidential
New York .May 2 1 It will he
up lo the ni xt Congress to deter-
P'luo whether or not the next Presi-
dent will be a Democrat as William
J. Iiryan predicts
Mr. Dryan sailed today ou the
steamer Celtic as a delegate from
the United States to the Interna-
tional Misdonary conference In
"If the next Congress which 1
believe will bo D oertle with
members in lln majority hailing
from tho wt3t makes a favorablo
record I believe an additional mil-
lion votes will he won insuring tho
election of a Democratic president"
said Mr. llryan.
Mr. Itryan was non-cominltal as
to the peisoiialltlcs likely to figure
In the race for Democratic presiden-
tial nomination.
"Governor Kilk Is a good man and
well qualified" was his coiu...;ent oa
the former Missouri governor. As
to Mayor Caynor he said; "Mayor
Gaynor has made a brilliant record
and is an able man but as a matter
of fact a year must elapse before
thero can be any discussion of
presidential possibilities."
Heavy Damage Iteporteil From
Sout Invest ami Kent nil Texas
With One Fatality.
Houston Tex. May 21. Heavy
rains accompanied by severe winds
hail and electrical display again
visited Southwest and Central Texas
last night. More than twenty towns
report houses blown down am! a
number of people Bllghtly Injured.
At Gonzales yeno Hernandez 4
well kuown Mexican was killed hy
Streams are rising rapidly anil
many levees In the rice fields uro
washed away. Crops in many sec-
tions however are greatly bene-
fited. SNOW IX
Moi'm Prevails All Way From Xorth-
ern Wyoming to Soul hern
Denver Colo. May 21. A heavy
snow storm prevails today all tho
way from Northern . Wyoming into
Southern Colorado Weather Is com-
paratively warm and most of the
mow molts as it falls. The storm
will be of great benefit to ranchers
and stockmen.
live Inclies- at Cheyenne.
Denver Colo. May 21. At Chey-
enne Wyoming five Inches of snow
fell. Wire service west of Denver la
severely crippled by the storm the
heay snow tearing down wires. In
many places.
Kciiattorean Government Accepts
Offcir of American Mediation
to Prevent War.
Waablnston. d. C May 21. The
success of Secretary Knox's plan of
mediating In the dispute between
Peru and Ecuador Is assured tho
Ecuadorean Government having ao-
tepteil the offer. '
Wind Was Accompanied by
Hail Which Destroys Crops
McCarty and Ma-
dill Struck.
Pauls Valloy Okl May 21. Two
known dead upwards of a dozen In-
jured and at least IliO.OuO damage.
Is the result of a storm which swept
this section yesterday. The dead:
Mrs. B. F. Dewberry MaCarty. Gar-
vin county struck hy flying timber.
' W. B. Lindsay. Medlll caught in
the wreckage of his home.
The storm fanned near Paull.
Garvin county swept all the section
within two miles west of Pauls Val-
ley going south to McCarty where
the postofllce a store fifteen dwel-
lings and a new school building wero
blown away.
Ten houses were wrecked at Ma-
dill. Farms were swept by cyclonic
wind followed hy hall which greatly
damaged If not totally destroyed all
crops in their path. Hall utterly
destroyed gardens here.
. . ...
Cost of Unt ie Sum's Llvin'lncreascs
As Shown by Payments M
For Beef.
Pan Antonio Tex. May 21. The
cost of Undo Sam's living has n-
c.caaeu s augwu Dy coniracis ior
UCT' P"nla 111 1CIBB
awarded at the department head-
quarters here today. The price Is
one-third higher than Inst year.
C ... I f . . . I. - . . ..... 1 . 1 I
t.-iwiu nut um ;uni.iai'i lur i( okccpi
I two posts ranging from JS..4 0 to
$10.50 per hundred.
Base Ball Score
Italia 2 Oklahoma City 0.
Dullas Tex. May "2t. Locals won
today's game against Oklohomu City.
Rube EvanB farnierpltcher for Dal-
las held the visitors down to two
scratch hits.
Score; R. II. E
Okla. City . . .000 000 000 0 2
Dallas . . 100 000 10 2 8 1
Batteries -J- Drohan and Noyesi
Evans and Onslow. .
Galveston (t San Antonio I.
Galveston Tex. May 21. In a Hat-
less game replete with errors tlio loc-
als defeated San Antonio this after-
noon neither side doing any brilliant
Score: R. H. E.
San Antonio .000 001 000 1 7 S
Galveston . . .000 004 20 6 9 3
Batteries Hlandlng and Yantz;
HendricUonsen and Stringer.
Houston 3 YVeco 2
Houston. Tex.. Mn 21. After It
seemed that the iimo would be ended
by darkness today with a tie seore.
Hill rapped out a single
tho winning run against
R. II. R.
.100 000 00 2 8 0
..000 001 002 3 6 l!
Batteries Miller Ogles Mun-j
sen ana innckara; Gordon Mailoy
and Burch. '
Fort Worth A Shrecveport O
Fort Worth. Tex. May 21. Rain
and darkness caused tho game wlth0rtd th0 change It was felt t
Shreveport to bo called !n the first j
half of the sixth today the seore fav-
The visitors I
oring the locals 3 to 0.
protesting tho game.
Score: R H. E.
Shreveport . .....000 00 0 4 1
Fort .Worth 000 .TO 3 3 1
Herbert and Garvin; !
Wbcthorford and Bribbens. 1
in;i ;-( it i:i man
Muskogee- Okla May 21.
Panic was cretcd In tho down-
town seci Ion when I'rlie Mari-
lyn Taylor crazed by drug
opened fire from a cross street
into the windows of iho .Night
and Dny Dank while It whs
crowded with customers und
employes this afternoon.
People In the streets uearhy
fled In terror thinking the rain
of bullets part of a plot to rob
the bauk. Bullets hi re holes
lu tho gilt sign windows und
celling but none was hurt.
Two private citizens crept up
on Tnylor from the rear and
after a struggle disarmed him.
lie admitted that hu was a!-
dlctcd to tho use of drugs
Soft Track Causes Derailment
of Katy Limited Near
Waxahachie Yester-
day Morning.
Waxahachlo Tex. May 21. Four
wero Injured none fatally when the
Missouri. Kansas and Texas limited
train southbound was wrecked
this morning near here.
The Injured are;
Engineer Scott scalded an 1 bruis-
ed slightly..
Fii eman Scales bruised blight y.
J. L. Watklns a passenger wrist
.Negro woman knee sprained ae
A soft track caused .'the derall-
j Thfl trcK wa badly d magei and
f riffle was rtelaverl loit A
h expect-
cu to bo repaired tonlgli:.
When the traiu left th reals the
locomotive tender bang go coach
mail reach anil smoker ere. ditch-.
ed the baggage and mnl coaches j
with tho engine turning iirtle. Th&
sleeper and day (arJvs r lialpcd oft
the track.
The Injured were brou(ilt to this
city for attention
Believed That Hirent rlc llicnoiiie-
lion Is Generating a Xevtloiie.
Chicago May 21 The
Its old
that Hallej 'B comet has loi
tan wmcn is sun noaung ri spuce
In the eastern sky and Is jlw gen
erating a new one was advij-ccd by
Rev. Diinlel J. Molliigh protssor ot
aKtronomy of tlio De Paul ('Diver-
sity today. The old tall wn forced
away from tho J-nrnet by fori -'in the
( elot trlcEil repulsion caused by the
i sun spota which were so. pi nilue.nt
I Wednesday he thinks Tlr same
thing occurred in 1S35.
Important Chnnjie Made In (institu
tion hy Altering I'letl;
Chicago May 2J. An Inlortant
change was made lu the eonlhi!on
or inj boeisiisi party in ns 'lnsress
when a phrase in the pledge
party was changed from "a
pnrty distinct and opposed to
I par-
s" to
ties formed by propertied cla;
rend "by the capitalist class.
Heated debate preceded the
According to the. delegates w
t the
W(ml8 ..nroper(led cae.S. vAM bo
' 1 ' I
ronsl(lere1 t0 nclule farmcA The
sentiment of the party at prnt Is'
said to favor the admission ejfurm-:
ers. . '
1. 1
a commniee ws appointed p eon-
aider tha
'farmer question" 4d re
port at the convention In 191
Speech of Minority Leader Construed
as Keynote of Democratic Con- !
gressional Campaign Taft (.
Sharply Criticized
Washington D. C May 21. Do- up the tariff on hosiery and as a
nounclng the parne-AI Jrlch tariff ' consequence the price of hosiery has
law ns a "transparent humbug." at-
tacking the tariff views of lis author
Representative Serciio Payne Re-
publican New York and vigorously
assailing President Taft for his sup-
port of that law heprest-nlailve
Champ Clark of Missouri leader of
the Democratic minority today de-
livered In tho House what Is regard-
ed as the Democratic key-noto
rpeech of the coming congressional
Mr Clark had prepared his ad-
dress with great care and spoke at
length giving facts and figures In
support of his-contention that the
tariff haJ not been honestly revised
' a"" l!int "ka" n'JorUy
coiigreiis nan enuonvorou 10 imn me
people. Mr. Clark also paid his re-
spects Incidentally to the $250000
Hem In the Sundry Civil approprl.v
tlon bill for the creation of a tarll
hoard. . He said In part:
! "During this debate we have wit-'' American citizens would prefer to
:n-Ksed a spectacle perhaps without IR0 American-made goods and aij-
'parallel In the annals of concrtss. tlf8 rather than foreign producf
First we heard the gentleman from
New York (Mr. Payne) chairman
of Die Ways ami Mwna Committee
and the Republican floor leader
niako a vitriolic attack on. the
speech of the Hon. Jonathan Pren-
tiss D"!liver a Republican' aenutor
from Iowa recently delivered In the
city of tics Moln'u both speech s be-
lng upon tho suhjeit of the tariff a
' sulJt which will not dowii ut any
man's bltlding and which like tho
poor we have with us alwajs. No -
)(ody appointed 'f defend Sen-
ator Dolllver. This much however
1 will say for him. I have for years
regarded him as tlio greatest orator
In the Republican party. J would
travel far to hear a debate on the
stump between him and the geut.le-
nian from New York. When It was
qver 1 am certain that the country
for a considerable distance around
would be so fairly saturuated with 1
011 mat it would be uanjvous to j
strike a m.i'tli In the neignoornoou 1
and It 'vmii'iI not bo oil out f t Air.
Dolllver eornoroslty ' !
"ti.ij ii.-M .'... . we heard the gt-n-.
tleie.m ri yiehlgan (Mr. Ford-
ney wii.iiia Republican of high de-1
gree deliver ipost bitter and vicious1
assault upon Senator Ileveiidge the !
Republican boss of Indiana on at- i
count of a speech delivered recently '
nt Indianapolis A stump dobate
between these two eminent Republi
cans would doublo discount any vau-
deville show ever pulled off in
Amerha. Listening to tho attack of
the Republican gentleman from New
York upon the Republican Senator! rk b' bill a perrer.t conv
from Iowa and the attack of the Re- I'Hanco with the promises made prior
publican gentleman from Michigan! to tn election 'of 1908. In S.pteni-
upon the Republican Senator from! ber 199. tns President went ou an
Indiana I recall tho words of tho "tensive speech-making tour b-
Psalmist; "Behold how good and
how pleasant It la for brethren to
flvell In unity' and then conies to
my mind the question now ringing
through the land 'What Is a Re-
publican?' CHIN Chairman Payne
"In. making a speech In defense
of his tariff bill Mr. chairman Payne
u ine nppgrofi be vcrforming a dls-
lltieal agreeable stupt. Ho did not exhibit
nis usual enthusiasm or his oM-tlmo
felicity of expression. He appear-
ed to he In about as cheerful a frame;
of mind as a lawyer appointed by
tlio court defending without fee a
man that he feels certain would be j
convicted and . banged. Clearly. It
was to him a repulsive job but It
'had to be gone through with some
way. He appeared
to bo In the
ramo ot mlni1 of
Macbtth when
shout to mur-icr Duncan; 'If It were
done when'tls done then 'twere will
It were done nuleklr.'
"The gentleman declared they put
gone down. He declared they put
up the trlff on wines aud as a coW-
senuence tho price of wines has g
up ho seems to bo playing ll ii
ends aslnst tho middle for It n.l
he apparent to any sano man thw
If putting up the tariff on hosiery
Kiado the price of hosiery go dowu
then hy the saruu logic putting u;
tho tariff on wine would have mado
the price of wine go down.' 'Coo-
blstency thou art a Jewel! i
Attacks Sugar Kclieilnlc.
Mr. Clark then atta.-ked the sugar
schedules of the payno-Aldrlch tarlfl
law and ridiculed Republican claims
! ot benefitting the people by lowerlni .
"'J?' T'" J''
ou.u n p ...
rvBr.v common Renae
knows that tin consumer will uev-r
. 10 benefitted by It In any way waliV
' soever." . J
I Tu apeaker doclared . that while
Hons they were unwilling to pay ex-
horbltant prlceb to American manu-
facturers. Taking ufl'he woolen echedule of
the tariff lawvtr. Clark ridiculed
the idea that the Resent tariff law v
was Ti-tptimilHe jOrtte lnffwis'il hii-
portations as wool In that he said
the tariff on number one anal num-
ber two wool was the same In the'
Payne law- as In the Diugley law.
Mr. Clark next took the matter ol
. te tarlt on stockings and said thai
the raise In tariff rates on that ar
ticle was not for the purpose of aid-
ing unemployed ' women as Mr
Payno had put It but for the purposa
of giving the American manufactur-
es a monopoly on tho Btocklnf
trade. ' 1
Scores President Tnft.
"I will now drop the gentlemas
from New York"' exclnlmed Mr.
Clark "and EO after bigger game
towlt the president of the United
States. Ho Is not only the chief
traveller but is the chief spokesman
for his paity. 'Ho deserves to bt
r(ated with candor and respect but
1 hllve a porfoct right to discuss nil
utterances as I would tuo3o of any
oUlcr P"bllc I wish' to call at-
tentlou of all concerned to the fact
tliat th rresldcut said on the 5th
of August 1909 that 'the bill Is not
a perfect bill or a complete com-
pliance with the promises made
strictly Interpreted.' I submit that
that declaration of the President
)j a flat contradiction of the as-
sertion of tho gentleman fronj New
ginning with a speech In Boston.
In which he eulogized Sena-
I ator Aldrlch to the skies. That waa
the first serious wound the President
; Inflicted upon his own popularity
for right or' wrong nod I think
i hlght the American people hold
Senator Aldrlch largely responsible
for tn enormity of the Payno-Al-
drlcli tariff bill. On the 17th f
September. 1909 the President said
In Winona Minn.; 'On the whole
however 1 om bound to say that I
think the Payne tariff bill Is the best
tariff bill that the Republican party
ever pasaod.'
In closing Mr. Clark commented
upon Democratic unity and RfpuJ-
llcan discordance and prophesied
a victory for hiB party In November.
He said that he never looked for-
ard to any day with such Jay u
ha did "to the first Tuesday after
the first Monday of Novemuer cs-1
I cept "to my wedding day and the day
ou which my children were born."
... Vi

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