Sweetwater Reporter (Sweetwater, Tex.), Vol. 40, No. 325, Ed. 1 Monday, April 18, 1938: Searching Inside

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..., Texas 111 Oak St Laundries SWEETWATER LAUNDRY CO. Dependable Service .'12-14 Locust Phone 021 • Seeds... business from territory. Distributor must live in territory and have car. Accounts financed by manufacturer... forces VOU CAW SCRAM. LIVE t OOOLA, DON'TCHA THINK THERE'S /VEST MOKeOW a DUNNO I 5 WELL th' kibosh oki f

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... of the Udders were pioneer citizens who attended Live Oak and White Settlement schools. The one-room Live Oak

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... Lunches 101 Oak SI. Mack Lamm HA RE FIE LI) & ELLIOT' Groceries ami Meats "Open Early and Late" luii Oak.... Oak SI reel Sweetwater, Texas I) & I) CITY TAXI TAXI 2067 2502 Wo are now operating 4 cabs. Time us... Roebuck &Co) Phones .3291 Nite 2837 Bowen's Drug Store 203 Oak Street We Fill Any Doctor's Prescription

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... Broadway located at an estimated cost of $050; Manse Wood took if permit to repair the Oak Street, store... your eyes. Call us today for free est imates. Bullock Electric Oak Dial 2551 SALE OF WALLPAPER IN' ROOM

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... to live", said Mrs. Johnson. A great deal of information and inspiration was given by those on the program.... The couple is to live in Rotan. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Horsey | daughter, Ramona Verdene at 12

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..., while sorting stacks of tattered tomes. _ This Curious World r Ferguson MEN CAN L.IVE1 WITHIN A RAN<3E1

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