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>T-w • . ■ r' '
The Rusk Cherokeean
VOL. 3
NO. 37
At The Jewel Theatre
ONE NIGHT ONLY, Thursday, March 23
Doors Open 7 30 P. M. Program Begins Promptly 8.00 P. M.
A Pleasing Program of Popular
and Classical Selections
Band and Orchestra Ensemble,
Also Instrumental and Vocal Soloists
lO Cts.
25 Cts.
Doors Open 7.30 P. M. Program Begins Promptly 8.00 P. M.
One Night Only, THURSDAY, iMARCH 23
At The Jewel Theatre
Rusk Hi Defeated A. C.
Rusk Hi baseball team defeated
Alexander College team at Jack-
sonville Tuesday afternoon. The
score of 9 to 8 indicated a close
game but the real fact is that it
wasn't a close race after all.
In the beginning AC ran in 7
scores in the first two innings but
after that Rusk put Rupert Mur-
phy in the box and stopped their
mad career so suddenly that it
took their breath away, Murphy
striking out 12 men in 7 innings.
Rusk made 2 runs in third, 4 in
the fifth, 1 in the sixth, 2 in the
seventh, which was sufficient to
cinch the game and show the
ACs that Rusk has a team that
can play the game. The battery
for Rusk was Gregg and Lester
Murphy and Rupert Murphy.
Called Examining Trial.
The examining trial in the mat-
ter of the shooting of Arvy Mar-
tin by Wm. Hainey was called
Tuesday before Justice B. C.
Hosmer. The preliminary exam-
ination was waived, the State ac-
knowledging that the case was
bailable, and taking bond for
] $3,000 in the case of Wm. Hainey
and $1,000 for his son, Marvin.
The Sl ate took the testimony of
Sheriff Reagan, Deputy Finley, j
and John H. Meeks.
The case will come up at the
May term of court which con-
venes May 22nd, and Norman, i
Shook & Gibson will care for the;
interest of Wm. II liney and son.
Will Develop Lignite.
Workmen have been at work
recently opening up the lignite
vein on the Mack Priest farm
north of Rusk and it has devel-
oped to such an extent that we
feel safe in predicting that it will
be opened on a commercial scale
very soon and the product pi; ced
on the market both for local con-
sumption and for sale to the
The vein shows 5-foot in thick-
ness at the point where the drift
is being started and an analysis
of the lignite shows the following:
Moisture, 23 per cent.
Volatile combustible 50 percent
Fixed carbon,. 24 per cent.
Ash, 3 per cent.
Some of the samples show iron
pyrites but this will not interfere
with its use in domestic and or-
dinary commercial work, tho it
would prove detrimental in use
for the smelting of iron.
The location of this lignite is
three miles north of Rusk and
very close to the T. & N. O. rail-
road. It is excellently located
for development and we hope to
see it pushed by the people who
are now working on it. What it
will mean to Rusk and our de-
velopment is at, present only con-
jectural but we have great hopes
that it will prove very beneficial.
L. L. Guinn who has been
cashier of the Reklaw bank since
its opening has tendered his res-
ignation and will go to Port Ar-
thur to take employment. W.
P. Richey has been selected as
the new cashier and has taken
up his duties. Mr. and M r s.
Guinn will remove to their new
location at an early date, Leland
having gone there this week to
enter upon his new duties.
We are giving a list of the vats
over the county and the dipping
dates that will be observed. If
you are a cattle owner it will
pay you to preserve this list for
use this season.
Peach, pear and plum trees are
in bloom.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Martin
spent Saturday and Sunday in
Jacksonville and while there j
were the guests of Prof, and Mrs.'
H. T. Brown. It will no doubt
be of interest to the many friends
of these people to know that they
are nicely located on South Bol-
ton street in a new home which
they purchased and are fitting
I C. H. Fitts is doing a lot of im-1
iprovement in t el ephone
' equipment about the town. New
| poles have been placed in many
places and new cable is being
| strung. A large number of men
I are employed in placing this add
| ed equipment and it will n o
doubt add a great deal to the ef-
Dwelling House Burns Monday.
The dwelling house owned and
occupied by Sam Williams, color-
ed, located at the north end of
Henderson street burned last
Monday noon. The wind was
blowing a gale and there was no
chance to fight the flames as the
wind blew the fire to the well so
that one could not stand to be
near it. All who responded to
the alarm gave their attention to
saving the furniture, and a great
deal of the contents of the house
was removed; the loss being the
furniture in the kitchen and din-
ing room. The house was a 7-
room one story and besides the
house and the furniture named
there was a Ford truck on the
north side of the house burned.
The fire also spread to the barn
and other outbuildings but these
were kept from destruction by
valient work. The fire is thot to
have started from the fireplace.
The loss was in excess of $3,000
and no insurance was carried.
Summers for Tax Collector.
Joe G. Summers makes an-
nouncement this week as candi-
date for tax collector, subject to
the action of the democratic pri-
maries in July. Mr. Summers
has been trying to give the peo-
ple of Cherokee county SERV-
ICE and feels that he has suc-
ceeded in a notable measure:
One year when his report went
into the Comptroller's Depart-
ment, which cares for these mat-
ters, he received a letter stating
that his report was excellent and
that it stood fifth in point of ex-
cellence of all those received rrom
the Collectors thruout the State.
There are a lot of counties in
Texas and that is some record to
When the last Audit of the
books of his office were made the
Comptroller saw fit to compli-
ment him on the excellence of his
showing and a letter came, the
copy of which appears herewith:
Comptroller's Department
State of Texas
January 4th,1922.
Mr. J. G. Summers.
Tax Collector,
Rusk, Texas.
Dear Sir:
I am mailing you today, under
separate cover, a copy of the au-
| (lit recently made by the repre-j
| sentatives of this office of the ad- j
| ministration of the tax collector's
J office of Cherokee county fc r the ;
j year ending March 31st. I beg
! to call your attention to the factj
i that this audit and your account j
! with the State balances absolute-
ly. This being the condition I
! want to personally and officially i
congratulate you upon sue hi
! showing.
With very best wishes for your j
! continuous prosperity throughout j
J the new year, I am,
Yours very truly,
Mi. Summers asks for your
| careful consideration of his capa-
i bilities and service when v o u
Have Noonday Banquet.
The officers of Co. D, 143 Inf.,
TNG gave a banquet Tuesday
noon at Bauer's Cafe in honor of
Lt. Col. Wm S. Faulkner, lT. S.
A. of San Anonio, and Maj. Tor-
rence of the genera! statt of Hous-
ton, who were here for the pur-
pose of inspecting the company.
Inviations had been extend d to
a number of citizens, 11 who
could do so responding' and by
their presence showing their in-
terest in the company. Local
officers present included Capt. J.
L Perkins, Jr., First Lieut. Pope
Guinn, Lieut. Thomas Shearon
Jr. Capt. G. W. Kitts and Lieut.
Elliott of Jacksonville were also
present as guests from the com-
pany of that city, their company
having just been inspected.
Capt. Perkins acted as toast-
master and introduced a number
of gentlemen who made address-
es in keeping with the occasion
and the subject represented.
The principal addresses w e r e
made by Col. Faulkner, Maj.
Torrence, Capt. Kitts, F. B.
Guinn, B. B. Perkins, and M. W.
Besides being an enjoyable
gathering and a lot of inspiration
given forth for the new company
of militia there was a good feast
of things for the inner man well
prepared and placed for the ben-
efit oj the company on beautiful-
ly appointed tables.
L. P. Featherstone Died Tuesday.
Col. L. P. Featherstone died
Tuesday morning at a sanitari-
um in Longview after an ill-
ness of a week with pneumonia.
His body was taken to San Anto-
nio where it will rest beside that
of his wife who passed on before
Col. Featherstone has been an
active exponent of the natural re-
| sources of East Texas and for
| some years had been trying to in-
| terest capital sufficiently to de-
velop the iron beds at Rusk. To
that end he had organized the
Texas Steel Co. and acquired the
furnace at this place, together
with the ore beds near. He also
had other development projects
in this section of Texas. He was
70 years of age. Three sons sur-
vive him. They are Paul of this
place; Lewis of Los Angeles, Cal.,
and Dee of Galveston.
vote in .July for a candidate for
the office of Tax Collector.
ficiency of the plant.
No. 173
Oflieinl Statement of the Finaiu-inl Condition of the
Farmers and Merchants State Bank and Trust
Company, at Rusk,
Stiilc of Tomis. nt the close of buslnesson the 10th day of Miirrli, 1MB, published In
i <• Rusk rherok^esni. a newspaper printed and published at ItusU, State of
Tuas, on the 17th da> of March, tDKI:
l«o:tns and Miscounts, personal or collateral tUii,:*M.I2
Ijoans, real estate ......... go.fftil.uti
Overdrafts , 108.35
Bonds and Stocks, including l'ednrnl Reserve Bank Stock - - TI.'vlO.OO
City and County Warrants - ...... ll.tfu.10
Other ltoal Kstate ......... hko.S?
Farultore and Pictures ........ S,1.17,0B
Due from other Banks and Hankers, and cash on hand ... lo#,H8f>.W)
Interest Depositors' Guaranty Fund - - .... I.St1.!.7s
Assessment Depositors' Guaranty Fund ..... ii,h07.:ih
Cotton Bills of FxchntiK< - - ... 2,78Z.*4
Other Resources: Transit Account ...... WH.iiti
TOTAI, .... ....
Capital Slock paid in - ilOO.lWO.OO
Surplus Fund - - • ...... 2,
Undivided Profits, net • - .... 13,8911.24
Due to Banks and Bankers, subject to check, net. - - - 111,272.00
Individual Deposits, subject to check - - - ... ano.nio.117
Bills Payable and Rediscounts - ..... 108.2W.2il
TOTAI. UM,2.'IH.2ll
County of Cherokee,
We, W. T. Norman, as President, and E. II. Muslck as
of us, do solenml
true to tbe l«*)d of our knowledge and bellet
Cashier of said bunk, each of us, do solemnly swear tlint, the atiove statement Is
VV. T. NORMAN, President.
E. B. MCHICK, Cashier.
There was an excellent attend-
ance at the concert given Sunday
night in Central Baptist church,
Jacksonville, by the Baylor Choral
Club. The "Standing Room On-
ly" sign was displayed early in
the evening and many were turn-
ed away. Rusk was well repre-
sented and perhaps as many as 16
cars and two trucks all well loaded
went over there carrying those
who desired to hear the program.
Rusk College was represented by
the great majority of her students
and faculty, while Rusk supplied
many more. It is quite likely
that our estimate of attendance
as given here is too low rather
than too high.
We are informed that two er-
rors were contained in the write-
up given last week about the Ar-
vy Martin case. It is said that
Martin and his wife and child;
Miss Edna Hainey, a sister of
Mrs. Martin^ Frank Ross and J.
B. Ross all came from Okmulgee,
Okla.. to Dallas together on Feb.
26th and that the ladies stopped
in Dallas with relatives for a
day and the men of the party
came to Rusk. That on Tues-
day evening Mrs. Martin and her
sister arrived in Alto. Arvy
Martin was in the service but
did not go over seas, his services
being in Georgia and Carolina.
Louis Butler lor Commissioner.
This week Louis Butler makes!
announcement as a candidate for
Commissioner for Pet. No. 1 and
his name will be found in the an-
nouncement column. Mr. But
ler being so well known there is
little need of our trying to tell
you of his qualifications for the
position. He was born and rais-
ed here and is known by each
and every one of you, his record
being open for all to scan. For,
many years he was engaged in
farming, sawmilling, crate manu-
facturing, and ginning in compa-1
ny with his brother Pickett But- j
ler, A couple of years ago they j
dissolved the partnership exist-
ing between them and Mr. Louis
Butler has cared for the farm'ng
end of the business since that
time. Last fall he was elected
as one of the commissioners for
Special Road Dist. No. 2 and is
filling that position very accept-
ably. V
He ajks your careful consider-
ation when you cast your ballot
for the candidate for Commis-
sioner on July 22nd.
Dr. S. H. Campbell of Tyler
addressed a very large gathering
of our people in the Presbyterian
church last Friday night, taking
as his topic the great question of
the Dangers Threatening Amer-
ica. He had an excellent address
and in a very logical manner
showed how we had carelessly
allowed the present conditions to
come upon us and how they now
threatened the very foundation of
the government we loved.
Hon. Jas. I. Perkins authorizes
the announcement that he Ill be
a candidate for re-election as rep-
resentative and that his formal
announcement will appear at an
early date. There have been so
many inquiries with regard to
his intentions in the matter that
he felt that in justice to all par-
ties he should make this state-
ment now.
Lon Allen is cleaning up Hotel
Claiborne and will soon be busy
with paint, after which he will
furnish it and open up to the
traveling public. A real cozy of-
fice and lobby will be fixed up
for the use of commercial travel-
Winder will save you money
on vour Flour and Feed.
J <hn McCarty Hurt at Mill.
John McCarty was very se-
verely and perhaps fatally injur-
ed at the Bowman saw mill Mon-
day morning. He was putting
on a belt and was on a platform
about eight feet high when his
trousers caught on a set screw
and he was thrown with great
momentum to the ground, land-
ing on his head and shoulders.
He was rushed to the sanitarium
in Jacksonville where it was dis-
closed by examination that his
back was broken. He was not
operated upon at our latest ad-
vices and just what hopes or
fears are entertained as to the
outcome we cannot state.
A meeting of the Board of
Management of Rusk College
was held last Friday and some of
the teachers for the coming term
selected and a lot of routine work
taken up. It was decided to
hold a summer school and an-
nouncements of that will appear
in due time.
Mrs. L. L. Guinn came to Rusk
Tuesday evening from the Sani-
tarium at Jacksonville and is
stopping at the L. D. Guinn
home. She is doing quite nicely
at present.
Mrs. Frank B. Guinn went to
Waco Saturday to visit with her
mother and a couple of brothers
who were there. She returned
to Rusk Monday.
Mrs. J. V. Vermillion left t'ot-
her home in Mt. Pleasant the
first of this week after a pleasant
visit here with her son and fami-
Dr. J. L. Summers is spending
several days this week in Hous-
ton in attendance at the meeting
of the State Dental Association.
Yates Smith is bringing lots of |
greens into the town this week.!
This class of provender was com-
ing from the Rio Grande valley
but the recent freeze stopped
shipments for some time.
Miss Mary Bailey suffered
with a severe case of flu last
week. As soon as she recovered
Miss Verda Jett took a turn at
the popular malady.
No. 1182
Officii! Statement of the Financial Condition of the
Farmers and Merchants State Bank
at Gallatin. State of Texas, at the* close of business on. the 10th (lay ol March.
!! '* , published in The Rusk Cherokeean. a newspaper printed and published a!
Rusk. State of Texas, on the 17th day of March, 1N:J2.
Loans and Discounts, personal or collateral 190.l!s
Loans, real estate . .. . - 1.750.00
ReaI estate (banking hou-e) .... 3,411.57
Furniture and Fixtures 1.276.04
Due from other Ranks and Hankers, and cash on Mind 4.A40.tir>
Interest in Depositors' Guaranty Fund .... ....... 300.00
Assessment Depositors* Guarunty Fund.. . .. H44,tttt
Capital Stock paid in ... ...
Surplus Fund
Undivided Profits, net ...
Individual Deposits, subject to cl,,,ck.
Cashier's Checks *
Hills Payable and Rediscounts
County of Cherokee NVe. W V. Norman, a
cashier of said bank, each of us, do solemnly svvea
true to the best of our knowledge and belief.
. 38,514.07
. 34,340 50
. 3ft.814.07
president, and .1. L. Rolton. as
that the above statement is
W. T. NORMAN. President.
,1. L RoLTCN. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn lo lie fore tne 11 iItlth day of March, A. D. 1W??.
Notary Public. Cherokee County, Te
DR. WILEY SMITH. W II. GARNER. W 11. SlIooK. Directors.

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