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Big Shirt Waist Sale
50 Percal and Mad-
ras Shirt Waists in
Washable Colo rs—
sold up to $1.50 f%«?
clearing tale pre 4O
25 fine White Lawn
Waists nicely made,
trimmed. Sold at $1
50 6ne Persian Lawn
Waists — beautifully
made and trimmed,
sold at $1.50 *7|
clearing sale.... IU
50 fine Persian Lawn beautifully made
trimmedrtfbld at >2.00 I AA
Clearing Sale Price I UU
io«o«oioio«ommo«p«cwoaNm(mo«to«o<ao«o«o«io«o*o«< io«o
Our Mr. Chandler is now in New York buying our Fall Stocks and writes us to clean out all lines of
Summer Goods, Regardless of price. That we will need every foot of space the summer goods occupy,
to accommodate the largest stocks of Fall and Winter (foods, it has ever been our pleasure to show
the good people of Collin county. 80 acting according to our Mr. Chandler's instructions, we put the
knife in all summer goods, and cut the prices so low, they wont last long. We can only mention a few
of the many clearing sale prioes, that prevail during the month of August.
Ladies' Skirts
35 Ladie* Black
and colored walk-
ing skirts, sold up
to 7-50 on sale at
30 Ladies fine
w a 1 k ing skirts,
worth up to 10.00
on sale at
Wash Dress Goods
50 pieces nice Shear Dimity and Lawns in
pretty patterns and colorings for picnic
dresses, sold at 10 and 12 1-fc, As long ass*
they last at yard U
75 pieces fine Shear Lawns, Dimity, Swisses
Merserized Ginghams, Flaked Voilles an4
etc. All in this season's newest colorings
and patterns. Also a prettv line White
Goods that sold at 12 l-2c. 15c, 20c, 25c
and 35c. All at one price as long as
they last, yard
Dress Goods and
Remanents 1-2 price. All remanents Wash
Goods at just
Half Price
Fine Black Cotton
88 inch Brillianteen in black,
blue and white; just the thing
for nice, cool and dust proof
Shirt Waist Skirts,worth 65c.qi>
As long as it last* 00
38 inch, all wool Voille in black
and colors; sells everywhere at
65c. As long as it lasts, qq
here Uv
36 inch guaranteed black Taffeta
Silk—Our $1.25 leader; as long
as one bolt lasts 98
21 inch extra heavy $1.25 black
Peau De Soie Silk. As long qq
as one bolt last at gO
27 inch all puro Silk Wash China
Silks, black, white und all yiQ
colors, worth 65c now at
Big Ribbon Sale
! 1
20 nice spun glass underskirts
made, worth $1.00, on sale
at *.
35 fine mercerized and spun glass black,
underskirts, worth 1.25 and 1.50
on sale at f O
75 nieces wide neck width plain
ana fancy ribbons, in all colors
and combinations, selling at 30,
35, 40, and 50, all at one price, as
long as they last
« ID
100 pieces plain and fancv neck
ribbons, in all colors, selling at
12 1-2, 15 and 20c, ■ a
to clean up at | (J
BABY CAPS—250 Baby Caps,
in Lawn and Silk, new styles and
trimmings, sold at 35 to 2-00, all
to clean up at
Half Price
LADIES' BELTS—We are head-
quarters for new stylish Bells,
big lines to clean up ut just
half Price
This Skirt 50c
20 Ladies' fane Voille and Silk, Dress Skirts
beautifully made and trimmed, sold "V pa
up to 22.50 on sale at f OU
Embroidery Sale
100 pieces Embroidery and inserting worth
up to 20c, a A
75 pieces Embroidery and insertings worth
up to 35c on sale ■
at ID
75 pieces Embroidery and insertings worth
up to 45c on sale ftft
75 pieces wide and tine Embroidery and
Inserting worth up to 50c on sale " AC
" 20
Clearing Lace Sale
35 pes Torchon and Valencenes, Lace and
inserting, worth up to 10c yard a
clearing sale price g
Ready made Wrappers
25 nice and well made lawn wrappers cheap
at 1.00, on sale pa
^ OU
35 nice and well made wrappers, nicely
trimmed, worth 1.25 and 1.50 711
on sale at | Q
Fancy Dry Goods, Millinery, Ladies' Ready-Made Goods.
Births and Deaths in Collin Coun-
ty 5ince Lut Report
R Cash and wife, Josephine,
Jim Boon and wife, Graybill,
boy and girl.
Less Mooneyham and wife,
Pilot Grove, girl.
Ed Cocquenor and wife, Proe-
per, boy.
E Boland and wife, Uhea
Mills, boy.
Sam Dodd and wife, Tibb,
Jim Sandes and wite, Piano,
C A Yother and wife, Prince-
ton,- girl.
Alex Ragan and wife, Farm-
ersville, girl.
Robert Rickman and wife,
Farmersville, girl.
L M Arland and wife, Culleo-
ka, girl.
H T Davis and wife, Biggers,
Webb C Jones and wife, Mc-
Kinney, girl.
W M Shirley and wife, McKin-
ney, boy.
W E Weatherford and wife,
Faimersville, twin boys.
B W Jeffcott *nd wife, Fay-
burg, boy. Vt
L Finch and wife,!Farraersville
W T Quick and wife, Farmers-
ville, boy.
Albert Utley and wife, Lncas,
Bob Miller and wife, Desert,
Lee Jones and wife, Frankford
R E Standford and wife, Farm-
ersville, boy.
W L Wisdom and wife, Farm-
ersville, boy,
Rodney MeLeod and wife,
Farmersville, boy.
I L Maxwell and wife, Wylie,
M E Bozeman and wife, Wylie,
C V Stewart and wife, Wylie,
aed wite, Van AN
Walter Bradshaw and wife,
Van Alstyne, boy.
A W Gray and wife, Valdasta,
Geo Hannah and wife, Climax,
Louis Rominger and wife, Cli-
max, boy.
Hence Wright and wife. Cli-
max, boy.
R R Jones and wife, Climax,
W H Crouch and wife, Melissa,
Nobe Browning anp wife, Me-
lissa, boy.
David Garrison and wife, Allen
Edward Walden and wife,
Alien, girl.
James Dunn and wife, Allen,
R O Veach and wife, Farmers-
ville, girl.
O M Harris and wife, Farm-
ersville, girl.
J T Owens and wife, Farmers-
ville, girl.
Jee Guffey and wife, Farmers-
ville, boy.
J no Legg and wife, Farmers-
ville, girl.
E F Bluett and wife, Farm-
orsvilte, boy.
J R Watson and wile, Clear
Lake. boy.
L T Riley aq,d wife, McKinney,
Zeb Redden and wife, Prince-
ton, girl.
Will Foster and wife, Pike,
C E Freeman and wife, Blue
Ridge, boy.
WmSkaulinand wife, Wylie.
Robert Cogdale and wife, Wy-
lie, girl.
J H Tally and wife, Princeton,
Walter McGarrah and wife,
McKinney. girl.
- W# P Abernathy end wife. Don
na, girl.
John Warden and wife, Mc-
Kinney, boy.
R D 8nults and wife, Allen,
Ed Christian and wife, Aflen,
Janes Wbiteell and wif| , Cli-
max, boy.
Wm Recer and wife, Climax,
Thomas Fults and wife, Cli-
max, girl.
Charlie Hearaldston and wife,
Climax, girl.
Arch Williams and wife, Van
Alstyne, girl.
Red Poston and wife, Prince-
ton, girl.
J L Gibson and wife, Melissa,
Chas Johneon and wife, Mc-
Kinney, girl.
Henry Churchill and wife, Al-
t0ga* girl*
Mrs K J Sullivan, age 72 years,
McKinney, dysentery, senility,
Effie Provine Walker, age 11
months, McKinney,"cholera in-'
— Day, age 3 days, McKinney,
heart failure.
Olie Leslie Goodman, age 1
year, Pike, exhaustion, pneumo-
John W Younger, McKinney,
age 32, oause not given.
Valentine Alfred Odell, age 1
month, Melissa, acute nephritis.
Annie Seribner, age 8 months,
Chambliss congestion.
Mrs Amanda Harris, age 73
years, Farmersville, disease of
Jesse L Westerman, t age 31
years, Culjeoka, Typhoid feven
Taken With Cramps.
Wm Kirmse, a member of the
bridge gang working near Little-
port was ^aken suddenly ill
Thursday night with cramps and
a kind of cholera. His case was
so severe that he had to have the
members of the crew wait upon
bim and Mr Gilford was called
and consulted. He told them he
had a medicine in the form of
Chamberlain's colic, oholera and
Diarrhoea remedy that he thought
wftald help him out and accord-
ingly several doses were adminis-
tered with the result that the
fellow was able to be around next
day. The incident speaks quite
highly of Mr Gilford's medicines.
—Elkador. Iowa, Argus.
This remedy never faile. Keep
it in your home, it may save life.
For tale by R E Bristol, City
Drag Store.
Bishop Potter Officiates at Open,
ing of Reform Saloon.
New York, Aug 3.—Bi*hop
Henry C Potter delivered the
firincipal address yesterday at the
ormal opening of "The Subway
Tavern," a model saloon which
was established by a number of
leaders in the reform movement
in this city.
The purpose of the promoters
of the enterprise is to serve pure
liquor and food at low prices, un-
der the best possible moral con-
ditions. In nis address Bishop
Potter said the Keynote had been
struck by this attack on the liq-
uor situation. He said he be-
lieved in the old village tavern
as a meeting place,'' where a long
evening could be spent without
the necessity of intoxication.
"I belong to a dozen clubs,"
he said. "If I want to go out to
dinner or a social evening, I can
do so in any one of these clubs,
But what of the man who lives in
two rooms, with five small chil-
dren? He has no club. To get
his glass of beer with his lunch-
eon he must go to the s* loon.
"This is the greatest social
movement New York has ever
known. It is a movement every
one of you must take into account
if you #ould save the -Republic."
" Bishop Potter "condtkled by
wishing every success to the
movement. The formal opening
ended by the singing of the Dox-
Violent Attack of Dlarrhoee Cur-
ed by Chamberlain's Choiic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and Perhaps
a Life Saved.
"A short time ago I was taken
with a violent attack of diarrhoea
and believe I would have died if I
had sot gotten relief." says John<
J Pattoa, a leading citizen of Pat-
ton, Ala, "A friend reoomended
Chamberlain'i choiic, chcfera and
diarrhoea remedy. I bought a
twenty-five oent bottle and after
taking three doees of it was en-
tirely eared. I oonsider it the
best remedy in the world for bow-
el complaints. For sale by B E
Bristol, City Bug Store,
Stop That Cough.
When a cough, a tickling or an
irritation in the throat makes
feel uncomfortable, take
al lard's ilorehound Syrup.
Don't wait until the disease has
one beyond control. Mr and
rs J A And&rson, 354 West 5tb
St., Salt Lake City, Utah, writes:
"We think Ballard's Horehound
Syrup the best medicine for
coughs and colds. We have used
it for several years; it always
gives immediate relief, is very
pleasant and gives perfect satis-
faction." 25c, 50c, $1.00. Smith
Bros & Co.
List of Letters.
Remaining in the postofice at
McKinney, Tex., July 6, 1904,
which, if unclaimed in two weeks
will be se; t to the Dead Letter
office at Washington, D. C.
Betts, Miss Ross.
Caldwell, Mrs Kate, (2)
Curby, Mws Nellie •
Edwards, Miss Allie*
Miller, Miss Alice
Pippers, Mrs Pearl
Tucker, Miss I G.
Tucker, Mrs Susie
Thomas, Mrs Ida
Diokereon, J R
Glenn, E D
Holnes, W F
Johnson, C M
Johnson, Bass
Mitchell, D W
Martin, F B
Mres, Jim t
Stringer, Johnie, (2)
Stovall, J S
Winn, J A ,
Persons calling for letters in
above list please say "Advertis
ed." H. E. Smith,
Cholera Infantum.
This disease has lost its terrors
sinoe Chamberlain's choiic, chol-
era and Diarrhoea remedy came
into general use.The uniform suc-
es which Htends the use of this
remedy in all oases of bowel 00m-
plaints in children him made it a
favorite wherever its value has
become known. For aale by B E
BftftdV City Dreff-fHore.
Rosamond, Aug 2.—Prof Bowie
is teaching a writing school at
this place.
Mrs H B Hall, who has been
quite sick of typnoid fever, is up
An infant daughter born to
Mr and Mrs Joe Gaither la t Fri-
day died the ssme day and was
interred at Elm Grove.
Mrs Gaither is sick at this writ-
E C Forbes has returned from
McKinney, where he has been
attending the Summer Normal.
Ben and Pleas Speck "First
Mondayed" in McKinney yester-
A very large crowd attended
the Christian baptizing at Sister
Grove bridge Sunday.
Monce Lindsey and wife vis-
ited relatives at Celina last week.
Ben Bell has sold his farm here
to George Rutherford. Mr Belt
and wife are now in the Territory
seeking a home.
Little Miss Delia Dyer of Wes-
ton is visiting her aunt, Mrs E C
Forbes, at this place.
Lucas, Aug 2.—T J Sneed end
family and mother, and Dallas
Pharr and wife left this morning
for V«n Zandt county to visit Gid
Hidrfck and family,
The meeting at this place is
still in progress and will continue
throughout the week. Rev Pearce
has been doing some good preach*
ing and much interest is being
manifested. J M Gallagher is
director of the song service.
The Collin County Singing Con-
vened at Faulkner 6chool hou«e
two miles west of Lucas was a
success. About thirty delegates
present. The President was in
fine trim and acted so nice that
the convention re-elected him for
another term. A strong pull was
made to bring the next hes ion to
Lueas but Princeton won' by a
large majority. Prof J D Patton
was with us and did some good
singing which delighted his pupils
of Luoas.
J M Gallagher spent a few days
last week at Lebanon in a meet-
ing with Rev T E Bowman. We
shall never forget the good peo-
ple of Lebanon fox their kind
treatments ^
• 'v "

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