El Paso Daily Herald. (El Paso, Tex.), Vol. 19TH YEAR, No. 276, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 23, 1899 Page: 2 of 8

general opinion in
worst is over.
Published Every Evening
Herald News Company
An Independent- Republican
Rlcid Enforcement of Existing Laws
Is the First Step Toward Mu-
nicipal Reform.
H. D. Slater Editor and
General Manager
Hinry L.Capell Business Manager
Entered at the postoffice at El Paso. Texas
for transmission through the malls at second
Class rates.
Dally one year...
" six months.
three " ...
one " ...
Weekly one year...
" six months...
three "
Rates of advertising In the Dally or Weekly
Herald will on made known upon applica
tion at the business office. Those who pre-
fer can have a representative of the business
department call upon them.who will quote
piicesCand make contracts for space. Call
telephone No. 116.
Classified advertisements or locals ten
10) cents per line for first Insertion and five
(5) centsl for each additional Insertion.
Special rates upon Iflve hundred (600) or one
thousand:(1000) lines of local to be used in
one month will be furnished upon application.
Abe Dally Hxrald is deliverer oy carrier
In El Paso Texas Juarez Mexico and at the
El'Paso smelting works at fifteen cents (16c)
per week or sixty cents (60c) per month.
Subscribers failing to get the Hibald re-
gularly or promptly should call at the office
or telephone No. 116. All complaints will re-
ceive prompt attention.
In order to insure proper changes in adver
tising copy for same should be at the busi-
ness office not later than 10 a. m.
There is weeping and wailing
among the school children of New Or-
leans as the result of an order issued
by the school board which has an-
nounced that the traditionary Christ-
mas holidays will not be allowed this
year and that the usual rest days will
be lopped off. This action was taken
by the board on the theory that the
scholars were losing too much time.
Year before last six weeks and last
year two weeks were lost owing to
quarantine. A wholesale revolt of the
children is expected. They insist on
having the usual yuletide holidays.
London that the office be discharged annually without year apprenticeship in a recognized
rhyme or reason. But the convention shop or attended a three year course
"turned him down." One delegate re- in a barber school to do any barbering
It is reported from Chicago that
the union stock yards and allied in-
terests have on foot a plan to hold in
Chicago about next November an in-
ternational live stock exposition
which to that industry will be what
the world's fair was to all industries.
The promoters claim that the co-opera- thing from Texas to Pennsylvania next
marked feelingly that he only had ten
employes and if he dismissed five per
cent he didn't know what he'd do with
the remaining half man nor how he'd
fill the vacancy created fractional peo
ple being scarce in his town. Another
felt that it would not be a good thing
to introduce vulgar fractions among
his employes. So betwixt them all
Tucker of Toledo was beaten.
The congressmen are coming to
town for their little convention Sen-
ator Harris is a recent arrival. He is
a rare combination being an ex-rebel
not reconstructed at all a senator from
Kansas and a democrat. He is quite
In the District of Columbia. Other
olauses call for strict hygienic
regulation of every shop with
special inspector from the board
of health to make domiciliary visits
and enforce the law. I went into the
atelier of a leader in the movement to
see what his sign "Aseptic Barbering"
meant. I didn't find out clearly but it
seemed that the shaving mug was
washed out after each-patient. The
arti&t in attendance was of the opinion
that no special care of razor shears or
brush was necessary. He didn't look
particularly aseptic himself .being boil-
ed within and without like Job. I
think I'll avoid the aseptic barbering
JOSHUA 8. RAYNOLD8 President;
ULY8SE8 8. STEWART. Oashlar;
M. W. FLOURNOY Vies-Pr ssldsn
P. WILLIAMS. Asst. Oashier.
El Paso Texas
Capital and Surplus.
O. R. MOREHEAD. President;
J. O. LAOKLAND Cashier;
H. RUB8ELL. Asst. Oashiar.
certain tle democrats will win every- or the present until some way is de-
tlon of Chicago business men is assur
ed and the different breeders' associa-
tions will lend moral and financial aid
to the plan. Texas will probably be
the best represented state In the
year and commemorate the event by
shedding all our new territorial ac-
quisitions. He is in favor of retaining
Manila and Cavite and handing over
the residue of the Philippine Archi-
pelago to Aguinaldo "allowing the
natives to govern as best they can "
which has the advantage of sweet sim-
plicity. Senator Cullom is another
new comer. His Paolfic policy is not
true to name at all. He advocates
dealing with Br'er Aguinaldo on a
basis of smash first and dicker last.
The navy department is having
trouble in its dealings with the wire-
less telegraphy and; its inventor Mr.
Marconi. Pairs of' Instruments work
very well indeed but when three or
more are in operation in the same
neighborhood the result is ' chaos.
Each receives impartially all the mes-
sages sent by the others and the record
is a mere jumble of characters. No way
of preventing this has been disclosed
The expansion movement continues I although Marconi alleges that he has
to expand among democrats. Senator one tucked away in hia mental pigeon
vised of boiling and deboiling the
"Postponed" Is the latest meteoric
bulletin sent out by Dr. P. J. See an
astronomer in the government ser-
vice. The starry spectacle it appears
was announced one year too soon. Dr.
See says with great poeitiveness that
the meteoric display which has been a
mere sputter this year will be-repeated
at about this date in November next
year with a brilliancy equal II no"
superior to any of the tricentury dis
plays with which the modern world
has been startled.
Electric capsules are the latest
thing on the market. It is claimed
that one of these capsules oontalns
enough electric energy to carry an
automobile 100 miles and that a num-
ber of them can be carried In the
vehicle. If this is a true story the
horse and the mule may take to the
Sullivan of Mississippi has declared
for expansion following Morgan of
Alabama and McLauren of South Car
According to a dispatch to the St
Louis Globe-Democrat the worst is
yet to come in the most bitterpolitical
contest Kentuckythas ever-witnessed
the effort of 'Senator Goebel to usurp
the functions of governor and the ef
fort f the republicans to prevent it
and seat Attorney General Taylor
whose election by a plurality approxi
mating 50C0 is conceded by all fair-
minded democrats. Goebel's hope now
rests with the Etate board of election
commissioners which will convene at
Frankfort Nov. 27. The dispatch con-
cludes with these ominous words:
"Goebel may occupy the governor's
chair but there may be blood upon it.
The manhood of Kentucky may rise up
against bim. Desperate designing
selfish without honor it is expected
that Goebel will attempt by foul
means or means more foul to assume
office. Kentucky waits with halting
breath such an attempt. It may
mean only disorder it may mean only
bloodshed; but it may mean revolu-
tion." Goebel is said to be a nervous wreck
as a result of the campaign.
Our ships command every port in
the Philippines and Aguinaldo may as
well surrender. He will not be able to
get to Boston and climb Mr. Atkin-
son's back stairs.
i nave seen samples or tne new
Nernst lamp which is claimed to be
tne coming electric light. It is a
lamp something between the two com
mon types the arc light and the little
incandescent bulb lamp and it lights
with a matcb. The arc lights give too
much light and the incandescents are
seldom made to give more than 32
candles but the Nernst can give any
thing intermediate. In appearance
the new lamp consists of a U-shaped
white thread or rod clamped between
supports and out in free air. The rod
is not made of carbon but is porcelain
or hardened magnesia. It will not
ngnt up until it is nested but once
started win burn Indefinitely. ' For
small lamps a match gives sufficient
heat but for the larger a little aux
iliary gas jet is 'eome times used. It
. . ...
is saia tne jxernst will super
sede both the old types and I am in
clined to think it stands a good fight.
lng show to crowd them out for many
holes. 1 Then the inventor refuses to useB: Nernst himself is a professor of
sell his machines preferring a scheme chemistry in a German university and
a la Bell telephone of charging so Q able man- He is not likely to ee-
much down for each set and then a oure adequate protection for "his inven-
heavy annual royalty said' to be up in txoni unfortunately for him and fortun-
tne thousands. The outside cost of leiJ or me rest or us. Many years
Established April 1881.
A legitimate banking business transacted in all Its branches Exchange on
all the cities of the United States bought at par. .Highest prices paid for Mex
ican Dollars. -
Banco Comercial of Chihuahua.
CAPITAL $600000.
tiny and sell Mexican Money ana mxenange on an tne principal cities of the
itepuoiic 01 Mexico tne united states ana .Europe.
General Banking: Business
oft?.er Bane Huero if Chilmihaii
Oladad Jnr
HENRY L. NEWMAN. JR.. Cashier. WILLIAM H "WEBB. Assistant Cashier.
H. L. NEWMAN & SON Bankers.
Purchasers of Gold and Silver Bullion. Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent. Mex
lean Money and Exchange Bought and Sold and Received on De-
posit Subject to Check. Transfers Made by Wire to All
Points In Mexico. Special Attention Given -Collections.
pew & son
Hanan Sc. Sons' Shoes
The Best on Earth
The United States senate now has a
safe gold majority for the first time
slnoe free silver became an issue. Let
us hope that the opportunity to fix gold
as the standard will not be lost.
ago when Jablochkoff invent
ed the electric candle he also in
vented described and actually made a
lamp for use at the Paris ei position
which was pretty nearly a"ringer" for
the Nernst lamp. In spite of the fact
Mr. Hanna has denied that he ever
considered resigning the chairmanship
of the republican national committee.
Victorious generals do not resign their
commissions. '
Americanism against
the issue for 1900.
Bryanlsm is
Take back thy gift thou fickle world.
The admiral didn't know 'twas loaded
With hisses and that sort of thing
Such treatment he had not foreboded.
The-football craze has taken such
firm hold on the pupils' in the publio
schools of Trenton N. J. and bruised
bodies have become so frequent that
the authorities have supplied the
sohoolswith medicines to be used by
the teachers in emergencies. Every
school has two or three foot ball
teams thatlfight their battles at recess
and during the noonhour on the
playgrounds of the school. Rivalry
between the teams is sharp. Hereto
fore -it has been the custom for teach'
ers to send injured pupils home but so
much time was lost that the standing
of the boys in their classes was serious
ly affected and It was decided that
the best thing. to do was to train the
teachers how Lto dress wounds and
supply each school with lint lini
ment and stimulating medicines of
harmless charaoter. The result of the
experimenthaB been very satisfactory
to the board of education and the pu
pus are keeping together in their
olasses better than ever before. If the
passion of Young America for sport
continues to grow (there will soon be
work for" the Red Cross society in
Bchool grounds'and athletic parks.
Great Britain has now in the field
the greatest-'army that ever marched
under her flag. During the Waterloo
campaign she had less than 30000
soldiers on the continent of which
only 15000 were engaged in the battle.
In the Crimea where France and
England were combined against mighty
Russia therejwere only 27000 British
soldiers. General Buller has an army
of 70000 men at his back. The mili-
tary authorities of Great Britain do
not underestlmatejthe ability and fight-
ing strength of the Boers but it is the
Postmasters Want Postal Notes
They. Favor the "Merit System"
Congressmen Arrlving-Trouble
With Wireless Telegraphy And
Crop Forecasts Barbers Trying
To Raise Their Professional
Status The Coming Electric
Light Japanese Studying Amer-
ican Methods.
8 peclal Correspondence of the Herald.
Washington D. C Nov. 17 1899.
This has been a poor week for con-
ventions inj Washington. There have
been only three that I notioed: The
national convention of postmasters the
general missionary committee of the
Methodists and a meeting of the "In-
ternational Association fcr the Pre
vention (or Promotion I forget which)
of Arbitration." The last seems to be
mainly feminine in its membership
and ; the names sound American.
traight and hyphenated. The sub-
jects.discussed were unusually weighty
but no definite conclusion is reported.
The postmasters finally adjourned to
day t to meet next in Peoria. They
passed a resolution recommending
some form of postal note for trans-
mitting small amounts through the
mails and a number of other measures
looking to the good of the service.
They refused to recommend anything
regarding the civil service law to the
president though discussing it quite
thoroughly. Most of the members are
in favor
Tucker-of Toledo tried to pass a com
promise resolution recommenamg mat clause makes it a misdemeanor for
fivelpar-cent of the employes of each I anyone!? who- has not served a three-
a set of small instruments being about
310 the navy feels aggrieved. Butas the
department people say naively: "The
system is known by all electricians
who have made a study of it and plenty
of instruments' have been made in
imitation of Marconi's but still the
Marconi Instruments do the best work
and why this is so none but Marconj
can say." Finally a certain Professors
Dolbearup in Massachusetts who is a
professional "first- inventor" is ful
minating threats against Marconi and
all who use his system because of
auegea .itmipttaui ititt&r' pa
tent rights.
The poor old agricultural depart
ment is in trouble again. It is per-
petually stubbing its toe against the
universe and complaining thereat and
its experience of the wickedness of
men Is comprehensive. Years ago
under a man named Dodge there was
perfected a system of orop forecasts.
A man was appointed in each township
through the country to guess at the
probable crops in his neighborhood
men uoago wouia collate tnese gues-
ses and on some mysterious system of
his own proceed to make a forecast of
probable yields' for the country at large
These estimates generally proved won-
derfully close to the actual orop. But
Dodge's place was not under the civil
service law and he lost
It. His successors none of
whom has been a seventh is that it is a plenty itself.and I hardly
son of a seventh son a wizard a war- think the JapB need go any further for
lock or even a dream book have not I strong drink.
Tt lf"ln n ot. " t .
me wimy concentrator
..." JC 1
that this lamp never went into actual
use was only made once and was then
completely forgotten it serves as
bar against broad patents to Nernst. EL PASO FO U N DR Yl & M ACHl N E CO. AgtS
catalogue and nrira Hat. Wo r..u ib
l-i. tn i nivt " .w Ul
Mr. Nitobe a Japanese official is in
Washington on behalf of his govern-
ment. The Japs are anxious to be all
a.1 a i .
me same American man in every par
ticular with all convenient despatch
and like the amateur Othello who
blacked all over they Intend to be
thorough. It appears that the Japs
have been llvlne on fish sorghum
and rice mainly for the last few cen-
turiesbut there is now a general move
ment towards increasing the propor
tion of meat in the national dietary
which movement the govern
ment is fostering. So Mr.
XUOZ.U mioue wno is a
kibuubiiq ui juuob ttopmns paren
thetically is here to study American
methods of raising and slaughtering
livestock. He says it is too early as
yet to expeot any changes in the nat
ional oharacteristios from the increas
ed carnivorousness though he thinks it
will Increase the consumption of strong
liquors and diminish that of sake.
Maybe bo but my recollection of sake
Fine Vehicles
Mitchell and Old Hick-
. f
ory Wagons.
Whips and Robes
Cor. Overland and Santa Fe 8ts.
I have the only machinA
for putting on Rubber
Tires in the Southwest.
Old City Hall Building.
oeen bo successful. But a sort of
glamour still hangs over the agricul
tural orop forecasts and they have
some importance commercially. Some-
how'the forecast of the coming cotton
D. O'F.
Notice to ' Contractors.
Contractors desiring to bid
on the
work for the remodeliner of the Shel
don block and transforming It Into a
hotel are renunatnii rs nul 1 a t. t.hn pi.
J AT tn . i - . . I . . .
nuK) m;nuv.iu guiBBtray ana some son notei ana examine the plans ana
dealers had it thre h v.f.. i specifications. Bids are wanted on
. . . . mBeon work.eleotrio wiring plumbinr.
reacnea tneJMew York cotton : ex- gas piping eleetrlo elevators carpen-
chanirf. Offlnlaliw sQof ttth er worK painting and decorating.
J Bids for same will be received within
is now Bitting up late trying to answer the next ten days.
the infuriate "why oh. why?" of the
dealers who lost money. So far the
explanations haven't explained. .
The Washington barbers have a
soheme on hand for raising their pro-
fessional status. They have drafted a
John W. Fisher.
Eye. Strain.
Eye strain causes more headaches
than any other cause. Dr. Elliott's met
hod of fitting glasses without the use
or mydratios gives permanent relief.
Will call at residence when desired.
Examination free. Office at 501
Mesa avenue.
Because the Equitable is the strongest life
company in the world having over sixty
million dollars of surplus.
Because surplus not only means financial
strength but is also the fund from which
dividends to policyholders are paid.
Because during the past ten years the
Equitable's surplus earnings have been
larger than those of any other company.
Because during the past six years the Equi-
table has paid each year more than $2000-
000 in dividends to policyholders.
Because the policies of the Equitable are
paid more promptly than those of any oth-
er company. f '
Because for the above reasons the Equi-
table's policies are the "Government
Bonds" of life assurance.
of thel "merit system" but lot of rules covering two orthmAinl.
were some who were not. I umnaof mininn. which t.iov wish t.ha
district commissioners to enact. One I
j. wo nundred boxes of new prunes
just received at tbe tl Paso Grocery
uo. 4 pounas tor zo cts.
The finest line of enameled iron beda
in h.1 Paso at Welch's corner Texas
and Meea Ave.
WALTER N.frPARKHURST Gen'l Manager Albuquerque N M.
H. F. KETTLER. - - - District Agent
El Paso Texas.

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