History of Texas, together with a biographical history of Milam, Williamson, Bastrop, Travis, Lee and Burleson counties : containing a concise history of the state, with portraits and biographies of prominent citizens of the above named counties, and personal histories of many of the early settlers and leading families: Searching Inside

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... days and cousin of ex-Governor Senate. Mr Hubbard of this State. was too shor Edwin... LeRoy Antony, the subject of this reputation, I sketch, is the only surviving child of Milton tunity..., he i and Margaret F. Antony, and was born in his constitu Burke county, Georgia, January 5, 1852... court on account of ss, Mr. Antony was elected by 3 of the bar as Special District eld the term of court... and the bar e appeal was taken, and that case d by the Supreme Court. In lr. Antony received the Demoation

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... is a member of the Baptist Church. L.- ANTONY.-The subject of this sketch is a native of Georgia... married in Morgan county, Georgia, February 6, 1849. Milton Antony was a son of Milton Antony, and both... were physicians. The elder Antony was an eminent member of his profession, i

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.... September 20, 1876, Mr. Antony married Augusta Houghton, daughter of Judge Joel A. Houghton, for many years... a prominent lawyer of Georgetown, this State. Mrs. Antony is a native of Texas and an excellent type... daughters: Alice Augusta and Beryl Pauline. In personal appearance Mr. Antony inherits, in a considerable

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... of Aledo, Mercer county, deceased in infancy. Mr. Kemp was a Demo- Illinois; Edwin L., the subject... of John Algran. Edwin L. Saunders was born in Chester, +th---d '.:+- l 'Meigs county

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... farmer of Milam county; Fannie, the wife of J. L. Ward of Leon county; John Edwin, the subject.... John Edwin Todd, the subject of this notice, was an infant when his parents moved to Texas and settled

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... of five children: John; William; Agnes, who married John Robinson; Edwin; and Ann, \ho was twice married... the wife of Michael Wallace), William A., Richard C. L., Edwin R. and Henry L. Thus the first born son

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... and eleven months. Dr. and Mrs. Anderson were the parents of three children, viz: Edwin R., our subject...; Helen H., deceased in 1880, was the wife of J. M. Page, and Lucy H., wife of Mr. Shultz. Edwin R

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