Amarillo Daily News (Amarillo, Tex.), Vol. 4, No. 208, Ed. 1 Thursday, July 3, 1913 Page: 1 of 8

VOL. IV. NO. 208.
cickicitatiii i.iu.i.ifnt m:
iiatk mmi; iiii.inmm; of
Anticipating Action ol Caucus He
Witlnlirw lUmuse He Vilifi
To Introduce n Amendment
In The Senate
tlx AuorialH TrnM.
WASIIINciTON. I). C July I'.
Withdrawing troni the democratic
tariff caucus because It refused liU
amendment for a graduated incomo
lax on tobacco r1 nl Inn Senator
Hitchcock of Nebraska precipitated
tlx liveliest tilt since the discussiuu
of the tariff measure began.
The Hitchcock revolt disclosed a
prospect of a bindini: caucus pledge
for support of the 1 1 1 1 as ratified
refraining from iiitroilurtion of
amendment and not supporting
amendments offered by republican!?.
AtiHcipatltu such a reholm ioi
Hitchcock atiiiniiticed his departure
from thi' ramus because hi- tutoudti
Introducing on amendment In the
senate and fighting there for Hi
adoption. lie declared later lie
would not have w ilhddraw n from the
party or refused to Hiipport party
1iK(iAM.i:s AMI I I.I (TS
Oi l It Kits
to Th Nr.
ACSTIN. Te.N July '.'.The iu'
htatc ItiHiirani'i' ominhhlon reaied
hy the ne la una toiiuy and nanieii
t'omniiHioner Ml! rhairman and S.
V. IiikIIhIi. niale fire nutrxhii 1 1. The
conimixHion then adopted a reholu-
tlon direitliiR that the ceneral hauls
hi lied ii le and all aineiidineiitH there
to and all rulings promulgated hv
tho mate iiimiranie hoard whlrii
hiianl liaH now passed out of eit-
ein e art adopted and rout limed it:
tone until rhaiiRPd hy the Mate lti-
nuranep connnlHsioii.
Tliia uieaim that all rates now in
effeii will not ho clumped until the
new cnnitnlsnlnn decide to do co. Thi-i
in done to avoid confusion. The iicv
commission also aiiuoiiiiied that the
anil Insurance ait is now in efteit
ami will he enforced.
The poveriior late tills afternoon
announced the appointment of ('. It.
Andrews of Kauf f mini County to he
the third mi tnher of 'he hoard. Mr
Andrew a will be inude hicretary o
I lie coaiinl.ssion.
Norway's Future Ixinu.
CIIIMSTI ANA July 1'. Many
flairs were displayed In the capital
today in observance of the tenth
birthday anniversary of the Crown j
I'rince Olav. who If he lives will some'
day become klnp; of Norway. Thei
northern climate appears 2 hno
U';reed with the prince who has d-
velAped Into a lively robust youngs-
ter durint.' his right eirs" residence
in Norway. Many persons profes
to see iii the features of the youth-
ful prince a derided likeness to his
iiuiernal grandfather the late King
Kdward VII of Kngland.
Seven StaMied In I ilil
t.KTTYSIinit;. IV. July Sev-
iii men were stab'd In a flpht iif a
hotel dlnliig room when veterans
anger was roused by an Insult to
laiK-al Forecast
(.enerally fair Thursday.
Yesterday's temperature;
At 7 a in. . . . r-r At 7 p m.
Mavimum ...': Minimum
i.ii; .Max. . . .:cs I'M: Min.
. .x
lex Weather eleri!ay
biall.-n cloudy Mtid root tempera-
ture. Wichita Falls part rloirly.
ta mperatare. Abilene part clou-
dy. Warn cloudy hard rain; Hou-
ii.n. part cloudy showers tempera-
ture. ; San Afitonio cloudy t'.fn-
pa rat ure Im; tialvestoli. .art cloudy.
1 rvarkan-'i. cloudy steady rain teni-
iratute l-onpview. part rloudv.
Wahlnglon Fnrrct
WASIIlXdTON'. I. ('.. July 2
ceiierall) fair Thursday and Friday.
Broker and Lawyer
in Lobby Probe
f f . V '1 ." . 7
:J : lit
i i f . ev
v.. a?...
far xi-'-;v J
ICWIli I !. I. A M Alt
KUWAIili 1. Al TCKl: ( K
liavid II. I.amar Iouk a niysler-
Imis chaiaetei in Wall Street who
has ln-eii inetitlnneii in the hihhy In-
vestiirailon in Washintlon. and Kd-
rad k the prominent
New York lawyer who-o name was
also liloilkht Into the case have
heeii well known llliiolii; tinaiii lets
for many ears. I.iiniir Is snspecteil
of hall:u lei ihoned to ew York
lawyers who acted for railroad fi-
nanciers tita'iiii lie could Influence
the act imi of coii;resiieiiieii in con-
"lh l. 1. ill. a. r isl.ll' i.l al!.lllai lor
roads. I.auterhack was hroiiiMit in-
to the ea-e hy ISopcrt S. oelt
chairman of the hoard o) directors
of the l utein I'.i'iiic uim tin'
l.iwver soiirht i tn cloy ment in roti-
liectloll with the Mil of the Solllll-
i rn I'acifh- : t.'i i irv j i d hy his
com paiiv . The Supreme Court had
(rdeleal ttia- ciamianv to of
tills slock in a deci.don list Jan
sl! I . K I ( I It Un WW II..
. WIION l. I M I A-
I M . vsu l
SALT !.AKK CITY. I I ih. Julv 2.
S.i 1 1 Cin i- il'i .-- in boil-
day altire and tliriai.-id with the id
value ni. ltd ol the army n tractors
who are to a'tetid the annual ion-
VeMoii i.: Ilia N;.liiial 1 01 n .it i.aliiil
Akhh tat ion. A ll t . ' u h the Imsine.-i
(lit tl.e i on wnt ion will .'oat :rt i.ndrr
jwav until Sal 'inl i tin re ari ai-
feul many arrival.. The eatiy vis
jtors w II iii vol" the time prairdhig
I the opi'liitiK of tin- con vent imi to sir-
)lli the sights of Salt Lake City and
I v i f 1 1 1 1 ' v.
I The slat" o' I lip as well lis the ( it
Iens of Salt J.ak" City ha.- appru-
prialed lliofiev to Icr.t the epenrs
I of tlo- i on vent ion. Tin m- nil ot I Ii i s
double ev t.ei.i; il .. 1 1 a i ' ' ii d' 'd by
lhr p'!eilii! of lilt. ill. !"o;-:ti; t'l
'the eiit rtal'iment "f tie thmi-aiids
:Of pill ago l-IH Vila Will ae h'll
I Irom hi r par i of tic i on ill ry.
The i-i lo t a I i .-iOas o ' II 1 1 Ii veil -Moll
V. t'l t.'le la! Ill- in I lie l-re.xt
Moriiini I a i r ; .i' ir ie . ru i- ollur
ha I i w . i ' !.i i ni I'i' 1 he Ii.' ' ' mi" ot
Hie vari'i'.. iiiirlei i ii' tin- a-
ili'io'i. Lvi'v ! Ii.i! t ii tit will have
Its MJi;..'. npetM!.' pi.iei . and : p'
ial ri t roo'ii"-. r ' p' i -h jar'nr-. i'.
foru 1 1 i ii turi'.i'i-i ;:iol (lie hk vtll
he priV li' d .
Sir b.llles 1lpier i
I.O.MiON. J..1. : !: " I'.it.-
grat ul 1 1 ion- frmn ' ' 'i.u'-l d
friends nn both sl'bs ' tin Atii'i'i'.
Sir Charl'-r Tapper furnn- premier
Of Canada tmlav l.l.
nltn ly-sei en I birtliv hi i.i rtjrv.
surrue inp d by m'ii liii J of hi fainl
ly. sir ( liirte.' ret an id t( Kng-
land this spring n'ar a x i -1 of a
year with ti s mi in Yainouv.-r I i
Vii'A of hi ad a.iced aif- it U do iM-
ful if l.e w ll bver b- hliie to pav
ll'"'ilher V Is.' to the f w t i re
he was " many years a b-ad'T ia
public affairs.
l x 3Ct$$
Iff V j
i win i.Mit im:i.aii:s sroitv
WITIKil I I 't l. IN II IS
nm of (.ii:ss.
Itepr i"ent nif Himself to he I'alnier
or Older Influential I'olilicians
He Telephoned to TIhim' He
ilieil In liilliieni e.
Ilelore the Senate lohhy committee
was unfolded a story of misrepresen-
tation Impersonation of puhlie turn
ind an orunird ellorl to influence
Wall street financiers piohahly with-
out parallel in the history of coti-
uress. A pn s'n rous looking self tio-
sessed Individual calling himself
1 ;i ill I.amar. self di s. i ilied opera-
tor in stocks admittedly the hearer
of several assumed names descrlh-
e his impersonations his participa-
tion In attempts In Influence Wall
Street otierators and his assentation
with Kdward l.nut"l hach a New
York lawer
In efforts to have auier!ia h ro-
t'dneil hy Moruan's firm. I'nloai l'a-
eitic and other treat Interests for
the purpose of pte cut ill i; run cresH-
iotial action l.amnr f ' l'li ti -! fi-
nanciers and law vers in the names
of Keptesentatiws Palmer and llior-
dan. mill assumed the name of
Chairman Mi Coin lis of the lienio-
cralli' National Committee ( lephou-
I ii tr liepuhlican Chainuau
liiwis Cass l.eeilvard. a M or can
attorney was one of his ailempled
victims. The purpose of his Imper-
sonations he declared was to w-
ritre rejiiilatrniriil for his friend.
IMward t.auterhai h In the piod
ttracen of the Morgan linn lie de-
nied any attempt at extorting mon-
ey from any New York financiers.
si:t i i i : i : to im i: cumuim;
sin i: ti ii i in on
Hy A.KwiHliM Pia.
MtlFNT TI. i:KANT. Iowa. Julv
L'. Miss Mary WfCKius a-e HI. sat-
uratfd her i lollies with Kasoline
lighted a matih and ran into the
ai d a mass of flam".
Physicians sav death Is certain.
Clief liecailMe of the death of her fi-
vorite nephew is siiiiom'. to t a. the
cause of the Insane act.
UAMs lil'I'liCTI Mil lot;
NOl.lis Al I AIIL
WASIIIMildN. It C . July L'
Ki pn ; eiit ai iv e Kahn's resolution
lalhtiK for Ilie papers in the liins
CatiiilietM case were reported to Hie
House wi'b reciin no ndal Ion dial it
be llilili'd lieiatise .Mloriii y tia lieral
a'.riad) had loinplied II Ii r'-o nisi .
Lepu'ilbau Leader Mann renien-
ed the on tin- a I in in I -I Inn
for il attitude tiaird Ihose rases
forilng ad lout iiiciii Mann m-rveil
Iio'i'e that l:' ihii'!'d lo tilihilsler
unless opportunity lie givi n lur di.s-
i iihsion of I In- i a i s.
i i. i iMoiii ii miihu i: or
I i i.i.i i v.
! ll A . '
S.l la. 1 '. j
t It'iSI'.VTiS T" . July J TheiK vat i
mi i'n-.s oiii is I oiji-l I as awanli'd 'gxiiH M-iii
tha. roiitrmt tor b'.ll'lllig the cw
'Ulllt b'oise at H.!s pi. ne S (Joo.l-
run. of s e. t w .ita r. .u the I hi k
btild'-r Tl.i n.i:.!;ig U to io-t
n i.'i'i'l ;nd is te he ;i:is"l by tin
I .tii o: i i iiruarv 1 1 1.
I l-ill-fols 1 1 i a a a W ll-IIMv
Kt. CA.-sll . I.. .. 2 It.rie
pn 1 a d 1 1 1 ti - In - it" In ii g dug lie
dav lay F- I -ol liar- a sevi
po.i. is on the x 1 r ti mitakirt ot
J eiref n e I l arl.' r .re is being
ftretihe i. an ai'ilt.onal de'rie
a i a i t: f t att4' k by on t it ut ioiix llrt
All Ola'p'et Of lel Federals ll lieen lul.i ! two Ii. 1- iaili of the
Tho IntelllKi'itcer a news-
paper learns from several
authoritative wurees that the
ciiKairemelit ' I'resldetit
Wilson's second (laiiKhler
Jessie to Frank .-"ayre son of
the late Koht. Kli.vre or llelh-
leheill. I'll. will he inmnin-
ced from the White House o:i
the Fourth of July.
WeihhiiK at U'iiile IIiiiim
I'resldent uitd Mis. WIImmi
announced tonl'M the en-
tatciiieiit of their second
daughter Jessie to l-'ram Is
Howes Sayre. The weddiiu
is expelled to take place at
the While Hull e next Nov-
ember. Al.olT II THiil I K M i l M .
I o ol CHKlvii
i m i;i:ni.i.
tty A.-aai ista'al l'rs.
I'llUIT.ANH drc .Iul :". Tlo
('ill Ihl i.'lll rilieilHhi rolilriruie ad
opted n Ion M priiii iples and
a ilefinlte nictlioil for actlnii for the
application of Clir'.sC.i ity to i n i i I
l.nnllv. stale natioil and iiitn Mat ion
al relations. Kvery ri:tiau rrlii
ous and social ornalii itum is asked
to Join the nation laeipairu to put
those principles Into i tect.
Aiiietleati (ilrl Vo
I'.KItl.lX July 5.
of MisK (.lady Chat
I'rov ideiice. It. I. a
h'riedheini of Ik-rlitt
day. The mother '
I .i x id Sbertuati Haki
her of ot her relative .a
the ceremony.
. Ill I'al lllll.
:'he weildlnv:
ier Maker ol
' Mr. Felix
ok place lo-
bride Mrs.
and a mini
re pi esent at
ti.itti .':!. .ii. ' 5 .
Al t;i STA Ca..
itales from the lypo
of Florida dent gla
Una assembled ln.i
..' .'it .i. I
Jul. .. hole-
aplihal ii n l i ;
ind South Caro
tod. iv to ruin
plete the nra ll X i' ion of the Ti l
Slate I't lnti'iV A:"'iiaiion. I he pur
pi'.e of the new 'Tra ni al ii ill is lo
brine the tin inline of the mill into
closer alii nice. "Minors will he
chosen tomorrow.
HOI si; Wil l. I Nol K I
)t i n 'is oi i mi;-
i;v ist..
Hy AftMti IM'rrt 'n--
'I he House V II.
Saturday swei pi
lolibyiiii; iliart.''
Ii. embers liiad" i
The floor ill
pal' tit I hal t li
extend lo labor
perance amii ia :
and all others
themeselvi a In
lai 'on.
1 1 c . Julv :
iiiiorii. prohablv
invest I;: i : ion ol
lnvolv on; lion-i
iarliii Mnlliall
- on in iiic it ap
!.' est nm may
i. ion ait' nts tern-
:i TI presi hi a Hv i s
i have inii ri si"d
res.-1' ilia I legla-
I ci ci: xiii. c.i iv ti i.ii .
I l m i M Morn i .
Hope t !.i
appi iri: I'
-i-rvia. a i. I '.M i
i u of a v ' r i -'
lit lo a n H it
.-s i i -i 1 1-.. t i.i
i r
! I u m f.i"
triai hi to i
Mil J st I a '
. p..
I: n
l!K Hi
. xi. .
i ulit in I.
iiiwi i oi r
agaiun v ar
1 1 SI 1. 1 I '
i a Pit a Is .i
ul C
Hoot oi HUM n I'll M
V Mil thi:oi ct c
( ii:' '
of a '
this tnu
Ut 'I I
.1 e w e ' r v
1 1
.ly -' T I ' u Iv
i. man i tu ir.d
alley !'h Hii-
are unid-i.t i'"d
ly 1 hit
: motive.
. riiii.-i
hi the
rulat l I V l" no!
M il i:ss iiwi: iiixn u or
I'liiladelphiii Itrluade and I'lrkett
lhlion Will llei-iiact Famous
t liacge Sliukiiitf lliinds When
Tliej Meet.
Hy Ammm lali il I'o-M.
ti KTTYSIir ltd I'a July : - A
roaring Hlnrin awept over (ietivshur
I'lalcau .(.Ivllii; needed lellef to
IhoilHiitids of Veterans of the lllue
and the tir.ty who svvcllcod for
four days in a fireless cooker tit-
mosphere most dali-elolls to fitly
thousand old ami wearv un it. Tli
hi wind ilid no harm to tents and
loiilKht for the first time veterans
are aide to riijov camp hie Munich
Hie toads are muddv and the crass
Is wet. It was military dav. and at
Hie IiIk trill. Colonel Cowan Hie
ptcshliiiK ofllrer was the principal
speaker. Thousands of vcior.ur. b it
atuii for tin I r hollies and lliousaiiils
more win leave tomorrow
A plcluresiile event of I lie cele
bration is scheduled for tomorrow
it Hie bloody aliitle when Hie Phil
adelphia brlltade of the I mm tiaiuiy
and survivors of I'lckett'i illvl lini
will form oil opposite sides of III'
stone wall where lile rliaice stop
ped chamini; toward each other iik
inliruiil ics permit. When tin y n .uh
tho wall they will shake hands.
Iniliami-lifl'iii (lie Audi Tour.
lNHIANAI'liLIS Imi . July
What promises to be Hie llioid sue
cessflll as we as the lonpeiit aulo-
lliobile tour ever conducted ill
America lias started from this city
with .Sua Francisco nnd Los
Alivebs us the objective points. .The
lour was organized hy Hie Indiana
Xuluiiiolilli' M..'i ii In. 1 1. i . .' A ..lot ia
Hon Among the entries are up
wauls of a More of cars n present-
ing many of I lie bailnr; American
The route mapped mil for the tour
to the I'actrii' piovide.s for stops in
SI Louis. Kansas City Topi ha. Colo-
rado Springs hi'iivcr driud .luiie-
i Inn. Sail Lake City liplni lletio
Car. on l ity and Can I't am l .i o
II H.I W IK OX Ml i Ihl
.INs1 Mil il I s. UK-
i i n I i:i is
ll In 'Ihi- ..
l ST I . Tevai. .lulv '.' lude ' .
Wtb-ok oi Cm 'I iii i.iv se.tii lus-
tre I ('ii'ii'. I 1 1 1 Mil a 1 1 r u ii 1 1 1 ate
I.'UIM ed III ' 'In I -lull III I lie i I ' lit
Hie slat" .'Ik'.illet Hie hillhe. dal'MMI
Vi rein '. I 'a I la . v hp ll had la "ll
'- '1 liln t I ni o'i'i I I'll' a ro
'I In- ( i i i r ' ih" i'b 'I In fa v or of
111 .
In. a t'
f ! a rs
ii ii'.:
glinliM- Ii
Han ii. Hie .it"
lllll .11
It. j 1 1 1
ii-. ol
I i i'
ill' pa lis 1.'
II I'll. 1.1 t III
I ti'u 'I. .ih n i
II ' l ie' I I e
riltsli I ri: I iin o iii
III IV Ml IN I I lll
l:ll WIIIKil I l i:
i I' r.
Ii'a.lld u
Iii altli
i .
Ii' .' -il'
. Ul da I a 1 I
' a ii a I to ei
' p'a nl in I in-
IV i la I. ii ni .1 II
p'l lee . i. .r
I lt'l I p. '
j- I'v at I
I tu iii- 1 1 1
llCi'ii .i
' Imard. i
- i. ..
. ii a ' inn to
til' t iV' l.r
T tl' i f I . I Ot
a'lai'rate w i 1 1
. r a tel eti ci
nan si it a
v.. r thai iinic-s
' 1 a l I t I ' 1 l !-
li t
1 In
-1 a t a I
1 1 e .
I l
ll.e death rate
1 a I idnr'-d pet
I be I
Implicated in
"White Slave" Case
:.e O' i
.-:;'v;'v':"- j
JfillX L M' N l'..
John I. Mi Nab la the I ml 1 S'a
li s alloruey tot- a I i tri'l in t ali
fi !' ti Li wlio tesliiieil w Inn Attorney
Ccnet al Mi It' V iioIiIm ileclei lilui to
poslpone o the while .law
cases iii ilie I vi nun; I '.niiiiu i ' i ;im1
ligfcs of Saciaiin tito. Andrew dm
llnTIi t'eielilly liii'llili I roinliii
slotier i.elli'lal ol tin Hi v rat lull bv
I'lesl'l'tll Wiloli .is Ilie lather ul
the young I .1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 i who is in i u si . I .
M I. S sM I I ssi:
I i. i: l TTOliMA HI sM.M Ii
e. V " i al. .1 Pi.
it; vM'i a 1 1. cat .; i
t 'in 1. 1 n ' ii I . M ' is i ti ley ai tin.
iitlul in V ln'1 ' slln e t lie
I ' ' I
dm L. Mi N
1 1
I t
Xlo-I CI CHI s M VIM I Mill
I si I I s
I'l l I ; Ml l!d. I '.
1:1. I 1 1 I1 IU' . I I !'
' ' .! p. u I. il n: I
.1 I. H !.. I' III III- I
p a ! : t lie .. I h.'l I li-
be Ilie . t r i . : t and
t ! i w ut i k ii: !
i . I. i I. . In .. !
N". : 1 '. e v el V stall' .
I. a : v of II..- pi o i
.m tip-
I- '.in
ill t ' I a. I I
a i
I il.
.in i;
I. Me I...
i l.i' t bald ot
Ml i:
I'l. I I.I
VI. 1 1 .
i a - i -
. n
I t
. nt
i ir ll
it i r i
I . i t i i
IT:.. I
I '
: r
'l We' i ia
ili e t i v. : ; ;
H:I ri i.i!'
.si i i i 'on Ii i
. ii"l a I. a i I" i i
I. .--'I. T ! . Ti
U iil.-s ;. i v il
T ki .if - i ' ;
I III) I ell. a 1 I ' L' I i . I '
' 1 . 1 1 Is 11 I l.e I I a
pi 1 I' lull. U I i. ' I
l l V . til.' i.i-' I I . a V II'
'IT e i : .. an oil'
1- t r t III- l l III 1' --a s
KL.T1 ' Ki t l.'af.'
IT '
I r
mi- F!
VV i l k e
l'i. I
W'7 YJ
' f !
-4 . h.
I IMiltl litill OlUll t 1 FH T MKTII
explained Thai Present MiUmmIh of
lieiiiociats Were Not Ihfferrnt
I coin Those of Kepiildicnm
When in Cower
Ity A.IHM-lftla Pnsa.
WASIIINHTHN ll. (.'. July 2.
Mi l hods of iii'tiiui rats of tho House
loinmlitee considering tho ctirrenry
bill was Hie subject of discussion In
Hie House lodiy. Lindbergh pro-
gressive complained that In) was not
illovvoil to atieiul meetings of ma-
jorily liieiuliels conslderlllK tllO CUT-
teiny Inl'. and advocated R resolu-
a iiiii providing for Investigation ot
the coiiiiuitiees' conduct. Speaker
Clark prevented consideration of thl
uliect bv pariiaiueiitary ruling.
Iii publicans have already adopted
a resolution coniiin:iitiR tho pran-
r con .ioi ing lillls In aecret
i i ii a -. ciiairman dlas In a tato-
ii eiit iMiniTit answered tho criticisms
i i lai Tin: I hat wlien KepuhlicailH
avcte in Ilie InaJotTty I hey passed tllO
i tun in bill without giving tllO
Inn r the i o in in 1 1 1 ee tiino for coil- imi.
I ! I l i;s ol Till: I'AKTY MKT
A I M AX COM oi: A liKN-
M WI'iillT. ll I. July 2 Tho
so i ailed summer capital today be-
lame Hie im i i a for uolnd ledft
si tin- I'roi-tesHtvo Party from
ih. i v. M'ctions ol the country. Ttaejr
h;m letue to Newport for ft tWO
Ii.-: rally and conference which
' -I . to be the moat notablo
i'.iih. i in-..' ol the party lenders ulnco
ii - ci i.i.o cuiiveutioii last fall.
I .el iliiun lo the coi.ferenco of tllO
. t u pnuti amnio lulls for a
s. i . ni puhlie rallies In the new
i ' 'inn iia 11. wiiii a tiionater
I I nnl.. il. in the chief feature Of
ai. i ' limn' nt. Colonel Itoosevelt la
'i .ii I this afternoon lie de-
li. i. I a nonpartisan addreaa on
ii. .hi M ot Hie American navy.
. f.i; t: r S'li.i'or lievcridKt' Glfforil
i . i..-t ..ii several other ProKrea-
siv. i af iiaiiotial promlnenco
i. . . -. tor addressea tomor
-evelt's AddresH
I! I. .luly 2. Theo-
i addressed a Rather-
I '.nnl leaders of tho
... .-iv i" Carty here to-
i in -nl nitfonal hon-
a p.-;i for 'he malnten-
ii r.ival strength.
v ho vote .icalnst two
.. ar In said were ".in
tiuii v h i i.fd amlnst
i iiii and our utatlons
indies These men aro
-.-ni i be American ppo-
v hv their trti'in.i ln"ito
i ''t- ii ti i humiliation."
' '"d as wicked any
u' iiibitration where na-
i a i.d inierehig aro ron-
nl that to enforco the
'nn. to retain Parana
ui.r insular pOHsessiona
what aliens and on
i 'h v shall eonio to thla
n. an. led tho power to
i words with deeds."
inn those congressmen
.. t wo-battleshlp a year
.1 line. I :
however a lower depth plumbed by the men
. th.-ir voles n congress
impotent to protect our-
lower depth is reached
ho while voting against
. nn- to provide us with
pi i our honor against
t e 'i foe. nevertheless by
;.--iiMl and Insulting utter
. ..riittiK foreign powers ex-
i to the inbiiity of a war
i i themselves by their ova
' "'1' striven to render it Im-
i..r us successfully t0 under-
1 1.. r- cul l be no worse type of
i -mam than those Congress
v o first all they ran to pre-
"i. American jmoplo from bo.
.1' . (.. uphold their Interest and
or in the event of war. and thn
ill they can with wanton and j.
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' " "
( ' 1 a.'

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