Amarillo Daily News (Amarillo, Tex.), Vol. 4, No. 43, Ed. 1 Tuesday, December 23, 1913 Page: 1 of 4

VOL IV. NO. 43.
H 11 O S MS s
wll.l. UK t.KNI Mors Mill:
OK OUDKIt lo U 1(1 III. ti l.
Chief of Airnv Kiitflneer IM.mMe
Hit llepnrtiiicnt tun Sprint
Thirty -four Million .XrU
on:uu:i.Mi; M Joi:n v
vw 011 or mi asi hi: s ap
piinvni r.v (hmmiiim:
tinnii t n v i
.iJulnn.AiwM-M-...Ji'i'i'i'i" 11 11 mmm
One Ioiip' r.n Democrat Voted
Atlrtiii'M Pia .ii.sitlon. I ruhnhl.v
t ' Prevent I'minimou
;f.l to Th N.-WI.
A Hi. it anil Harbor Hill (enurou.
In li proportion bp reported
and paxurd during the prudent aea-
nion of Uip Kixty-t lilrrt Connrcua not-
wltlmtnndim: ltat th order ha gone
ferth to cut appropriations to "Hip
At a r'cent mooting of Chairmen
fit lloinit Committees chred with
npuriiiK p ropriatiou bills and
railed at tl.e Instance of Speaker
( lark It was most irenertilly agreed
iht appropriation bills. iilioull bo
f -1 iiiiwn ti tlif actual ner.sltie
dt the gov en. men t and the demands
of public works now in proem ot
( (nuplciiim. Those rom liiivions
however did net so as far im tiie
public Indicates t hut M-w pml-cts
in tiie forthcoming river nnl h.irbor
lull will be noticeable by tluir ab-
sence the Mil carrying approprla-
)!im lor projects already under way
and Iftnorliiir. new pro-
.ei-'n. which have tiie eii'lorni niei.t of j
I In- chief of en?lne TH.
As u iiitilttr of fact the number
o! Uip Kivrrs t. lid Harbors Commit-
He x).xt to tee a bill passed Unit
will provide for several meritorious
'Wo will have to hiive a I i. er mid
harbor I ill at thin sessiiii to take
are cf projects for which nl.iuttli:.
le beeo mntlp up to March i
1 r. .' :ild Chairman 8. M. Spark-
0! in fifth n-.rl.jra rOT-
t .. iv 1 t -to
till it thin time what p'M.naios
or if toy of them. will bp cut. noi-
w iVtandiii-; 1 m-o In tho public
print 1 that tlm order ban K"ie forth
to pare appropriKtimn to fit e
ltins eototltii im. Our purpose In
to keep work t'lovln ; on imrhorr and
rivers up to the rb.f.. of Hie short
pomn in' the pr.'!ii :it C ii
w i.-b wi'l ! M.inh I. when
Anotl. -r river and harbor bill v. I! I
lifcely be(Oti;r a law.
"Ii may a;ul iloul.Miis will be
muiid that I'Mlnriten can be -ut in J
Home ItmtTrri'M If no. the roii.inil
(. fif whiih I have the honor to lcj
(hatniian. will not henitaie 10 p"'
tho pruninK knife flo fni as ne-A
proJeilK are concerned the rn:nnu'-
ti e has not deti rmlnod whether if
nr y. and if any how many pro !.('
will h talc-n 011 In the bill which i"
now in the prurei-a of making.
'There ar about no.'inn.i.nn of
n.w projects not ye' adopted Tlnr
I pro.ect that have cere Into n
fr'rm the Chief of IVicineers Snmo
o' tbev. projectii are w-v la rue and
l imber about -vepty-five tn a''
Our aim vlU be to tnke care of i-v-cry
d-rrvln project in duo Keuson
li indful of the condition of the
f.-rvmry and the d niai.d:. of tlv
public. We want to l;iiprou o ir
rivers and harbors in m tnont efficl-r-r.t
mannrr but at he nine time
al ne peonomb- l:nen and the mm-
nuttee W niovlna alnt thoce lines
'arintfo havf a. ready h-en had
. . . 1 1 .... . 1.
on rvprovenn ri nei-iji-n fin in-
lovKt Mitisiasippl on the Sacramento
j.r. cn a deeper harbor at licv-
rr'y. Mas-... while the P".plf of
M-mrhiy. Tern.. ar nnxlous tha'
cotrd.lerafcle work ahnuld be dene nt
tn.i pert. Other hearini?'; hire in-
clude! improvements on the Sahtn
tn ! J-'ha'-n'" ar.d a waterway from
llio Apa'achicoU to the Cult of Vex-
b .
Wlvle the new rivrr and lnr-
bor bill which will prolnh'y be re-
1 orie.l th Itst of January may not
bf as l.ire as that of the 2nd con-
.r... J helifVf it will ( enirotix
in lt prnportlona and ke'p thn work
of n'pro-.emrH on our waera
rons il-rably prolan on."
It ts iriterettni m this ccnncctlon
to k. that tTie Chi.'.' fif Knrinwra
of th Artr.y entima'ev -hit his tie
pirn.eit ran impend n rivr and
h..r work derirr the coming year
" ! ( ..rn. fe. Th's amount ha been
rut to the hone" o to upenk and
b.a.s leen pird to ni'-et demam'.s
of (.. aker C'uk ar.d thn. fh: ri.e.1
with the repfm. ibi'd'T ff ftim:shiuit
Ihe ( 'ri'-w to run the a-nveriirr.eM
and k.-efi up the puiilie work Tree
estimal.s are. ly no means aa large
na thoce of I'M-' and It e-n.ii. there
lore f . 1 r to i rie tj-at rhe river
und ha-bnr hill of the preicn' r-.-
Ion of Cirfre will ationnl to
a'lfiit'y millions in rouiol mim
Part of Tampico toatcrfrti Which Was Neutral Zone in Battle of Sunday
jTjiJ-r.-Lr.q1!.iT.-u-Ljx-irurLan.i-.rJ-L-Ln.rj-j-.i-.-Lri.-i) ' . K-)l aiuijj aiw h.t-t--l T.i-. ui jui.n.ifr-i-Y- 1 '" " mwwwwwwww
- - . - - . S . Hli 7 i M"i ii ' 1 11 I 1 "
r "l. -'r " j V; r : CV;
!-.. w' ' -
" ' t s f -T-iii.
By Arf.f.iH.I Pn.
ASHlNniON'. I. f -
The: lloj '.i p:.ti!Pd the conlerei ce re-
port on the udiii'.tiititrutl'iit cjrreticy
bill at ten forty-five totilhi by u
otp of two hundred and nlnety-eiRht
to hixty. and n-nt Its report to the
etiaie which had waited In session
to receive it before It adlourned.
Karller In the afternoon tin? sen-
ate i.rei;it to vote on ihe bill not !:l-
l r tbaii tomoi row nfteriioon
and leaib-ra regard It ih certain that
Ihe bill will be In the hands of the
presbbnt tomorrow nlKht.
I:i ihe 11 i.a I Vole thlrtynecon re
t ubl'caris. Iiicliidiim 1'arion and
Purke of South Dakota and wlv
proKfeHNivPM voted lor the bill.
The limine then took a recess un-
Ml January 12 upon adjoiiruuieiit to-
morrow according to a Joint resolu-
tion. Senator Owen announced that n
pfpnrate bill to provide for a funr-
atit... of bank ilepimiU will be roll-
Hldered in tiie near future.
( allow ay a democrat of Texas
voted anaii.Ht the b.ll.
I llsco Sulls lit Court.
S'. I.'.itls Mo. Iec. :2. ln the
I'tiito.l StateK Circuit Court today
Jiiu'.p Waller II. Snnimrn heard ar-
itamentii on the petltlou filed by ll-
liam NIIp tnd otppr atockhohierw of
tb Ht. Ixiol; and Sna Vrancisco
I - ij.i.' -.
I i ii rur ii nf : o.i
. Ha.rrt Jritora o? .11. rainaii. in recny-rs nm riitiwi. .
'lh'- peiitioiiera
i. fk to tn a 11
a'ui.tsL prcj-eiii i..i.
a ofl .11.
alien that certain
ptes.-nt Mid former directors Mid of
fnii;n of the railroad are rPPpontl-
hl.. ittockholdera fur losiea Incur-
red bv the Hale to the Kri of
"i.eiiir." i.iM -v whi' b t'jpy ha.l pro-
lo. ted. It is further charit'd that
tl... deals iiH-litlolie.l rpuflied In
tbrov itiR the bU' ruuroad pvtem Into
but.k: -iipii .
''r : ;.-4 J. U ' : Jfu; . u: :...
V.' in ii h- bntllo !e; w i eti the Me
lei: 'i !acti ilis Iick.'iII S'ltid.iy Hiv
at T:iti'p . ii Adtniial h h-tche. In
eharKo ol the I'jiited S i.ti s v.achhips
v. hi. b l ad b n hi ti
I ruin Vera ( 'nj? ' sj
t lo w :itclniit ii. .it
eieacrs who fc.i "d
o' ... ...J
up r Discussion
Sl 1 UI IH AMKltli A.
Miltht M'un snrloiis Coinpliratlona
should l'iwer Atteiiil
lit Take llauil iu
'O the : ene
d a part ol
' a. i the for-
:itt ntti.rlc on
tin e'y i.y the c
Ao lld I'llll.tlll et their
mi -t It i: i iiiaii 'ts
Willi 1.1 lie ife.
Ain.'i I. ii"-. Hi
t iki :i al i'iiV'
o: .ii v
I'll In.
I'll out
r.. Imi hilil tint been
Ihe l.attlo.hips nil. I 7i. n
for- in :
e t nit- I 1 1
o I.'
.. tliio' l'ed the b' itch
tioi..r.; .tn were drlv-
pl. i w I: ii h i as lieu-
in l.;.;l e ol .-uiol H I i
TIDE fob nm
(.KltMWH i:1KHIii tlllllsT-
Ii 1
iMii:si.T vi:i.k rn.i. ik ifu in;iiK-.r maii: tiiiiu vii. wii.i. I'Iiohaiu v takf akvan
l I - in:.
JOl llS I N'T 1 1. J. SKUNTH
1(1 l:.IOV Hol.lUAVH.
Smlsl lo Ttw Nw.
IIKUV.IN Pec. -Merlin N a'
the hlrU tide of the Chris. man Hen-
Hon JiiHt now and t)u;e ir not one
an bp fiu tc mire a more thten-idlnit
(ItV In TNrope. There pi no fi.ivturo
of Oernian life which shows no little
l.tTl :.K !.OiI--M1i. Ie.- 12
Hi" tiii'M-til vvet-k will hp: Vrk.iima'
s f
1 1 it as a "wet
lensf. V.'itli ib-
tilt! (iotll rT L.ltl'Mli
-r I
stswixl !n Thr Nf
Al'.vriN. T' as liec. The I d-lowln-;
proceed i lifts were had In the
for a lime at I supreme Court today:
it ii v :.r ' A i.i.lii iitlons C rant eil A S V
v will
t(.k r iks ww iioi.inii
HI I Ki l l) nv in i ui
rbi no di th" I'lirhUrhM re lebratiomt
"I !y!o op.-i"'.on i ii L In r. after 1
Kirej t.
.' -e..'
t i tlirpp.
trtit ''r
:. c . J.s
Most feint itcport Practically Hi
IncliPN I all i1 N l"w
lo T ir V'f .
Tl'l.lA. Texan "ec With
sllkht wind from the eat. km f-II
all r!:i;. H'lnday and Surdty r.i'ht in courty. 11 ihe dipth of r. 1 2
Wi'h the re-en mins th s vin
S;. her canty tl.e best i. aui that
it has l nd for five y.-arp.
WIii al Is helnr pastured at this
time end even Indo ath n that we
will havf a lar-e yield another year
The crop nelriK far above the air-
iM a-rrntrc. and 'be condi'ton lit
thta time evicKlIni- 1'"' per cent
Cbri a 'iiji ' U pre im h
aouther. ramilv pn-ty and e-
conpervBh-Mi fill' pr-vaiis every-
where and UM!e i f 1 1 1 !
rellcion may ietiiai:i In the celebra-
tions Is sttiiioV' r than the
colltrai t belveeen the ;o tiial te:t per
and oicup' tioti of lb- public nn l the
rtiillna and blasphemy of tin- .oi lal-
st prexn.
The P'tni-n of the Crown I'rlticn
to Meil'n i- tal'eti I i mean that nil
differences in the Imperlil f.-mily.
If arv h' rio dlff-ri i:cch re il!v have
xbti d .nr- to be :of.-utti n durum
the Nu.'oti... festnit'e Th- r.m-
peror ftll'l hi- 'H';l'e l.lflilv Will cele-
hr ite Chr.-imas w ith ill the tra II-
tionnl cu-toi... for s wieka
the IfM.lit'i; ! o;.V. .1 :s of l'i rlu:
have t-fe; nuMinoii. .' 1o al-
noht every .T erno.f in order th. t
their M.1e-".' .Hi;.' ''!' ppOfll-
nity ;o s. led their clft In i Idi
Hon to n.atiy oe pr. sei s f. r
th- mem'. i r.s of hi- fnnn end
favorite relacves rmor.- t I ."i
rnvaltv. Hi. I'teper-.r h.... Kail" re 1
neither a ir -'st.n Kla ta -tor"
-f rjortlrc ruti-. -P'1 IV-r- outrit-.
scarfMM jewfVI r.v e and (.Cier
nppr i rl ' :.rt !:'' 'o lie pre- M.nd
nt " is--na . I'i.e to the In'
j" ff. : tooi'i'i at! i he '
lie is. I " '1
I KUK 1 ' '
J Will
he perm' jf - I!
Tho Atlornev dim t ilecln
tliivt no co inty Jii.l.' . n vrant'
lli fiiivn before Mte e aw rffineti
Intii pffect. wbeh l I tn t all
of tile sn lo 'ititi in t
cut of bUHlo- ss at I
when the cb" i
hour on iHii'it eer
paratlvely f.i th
Open "iPenia I' I. ui ii
in .
' ip'
J X -ck. Isord; I. ami
'.' .r m in . ...
I tlnt all
ii S'ate wll (to
. ' temptoiirlly
- the ml'.'yl
Tl'1'1 te.
il will i' V e 1 1
view of the
that tn.iat bf '
1!' iTine i it n I
b' ra like pro )
thi'in FibiC'i l
nntlelj all'
th. la -t daVK o
loon leu i ;.
Hl'.s aes t I
e in: i red t i i
w .I! be I o.t- .
dm i ot S' .i' .
eerl: it.
't ! I e'
V. l'l- tl
le a
f n-
ia- Smith
" -npplli lit lotm He
V I V. Shelloli
1 1 iv er v s I oie loi
I . Cai'ier.-ii. 'I
I!o I' l l.llbboi k
al vii t; U'atkin '
liiaiulssi d for
lluli: : C Ma v.-
et II ! I hll Hi le t -
'I!. iiiiirt loll
P" da) Jai.uarv
iH.'d : J.. I) I.uuk
VV. H. ("lilt re-
. lee an I lli-i-u i tiK
c. Celt vs. I'rank
K. T Fl.Hofl -t
Ml. Col. ill
.Hit (
vs. V
.11 t- r i ' t
1 j I I
r i
It isd'e
until V.'nl
nc e fij iiiri I'"' "
e .etui I I. d In . J A"' 1
! ilelivell d on j ( I'. I'dV.
i. ith. '! Ve a- B' i I :
low a ii;rcssiiiiio Pies
At Pr.a
Mi:n i) city. Mi . in c.
Iilmtors of tho bank ul l.oadou and
Mi vli-o t . n i is lit .i ;im a rnretul mtu-
tlin of i l.ui liiHiitull n. and If lielr
f i vi.ii:s are endorse! by oilier batik-e.-i
It Is not Itnpretiable that nssiir
will b o lered 'y illreitrs
i:i eni-h c iiptlon
rf IiihI it Ml Inn.
t-ii fU ci'i; e hov.ever.
. t. k e .(.. v. .i
V deer. of H ie ;.1 '.-.-;
tmUv r.ii th" Lo t ten iaya i .' the
preei t -.eur lel lirl:il;ij e
V. .1 i e u iFi'bh et.".:!o:i of oi:
other i'.'i iitloi It w.i tn 'n t a
oMiee I .i.ike w .jid Ink" ad M lae ol
ilbt lib' hi. ulhei :' - fiiaiiiial'
ii. I .i "ti n.- to io ro- 'I'i'e or a-: much
b. .i ' .1 t Ii 'V lie .re illir'tllC t lo
. .i.
f I. !oti and Mexb'o
I i !. i.ipH'ity nt the
e ) l. m v ':)!;'. a: d
e. e 1 1 v Inr I" w It ''ill
H'AS'.llNdTtl.;. I. C. Hec 2
Members of the diplomatic corpn e-
I p tally repreitentattvf a from th
Poiith American countries . wore
greatly Intercntiid In a report roach-
liiK W.iHlilnEton Suudajr that Form-
er Trpsldi-nt Hoosevelt and Dr. Mar
rial Martin at one time. Chilean
minister to the t'nited States had
ihisheil .tl Pantinno Ue Chile on ac-
count of dlverpetit views on the Mon-
rmi ioctr'in. The Chilean Is report-
ed to have Htronrly diswented from
the Uoompvi'II view that the inuch-
itiiiciihsed iioitrine Htlil Ih a vital la-
me. The reported debate altrarted un-
usual Interest here because both of
of the prepared apeeelien were re-
viewed before delivery by the Chil-
ean foreign office. Dr. Martinez. It
was nal.l Sunday nlrht was elected
fis the npokemutin of the Chilean ov-
ernment at the ntate reception tflven
the Amerban visiior recently at th
I'nlversity of Himtliuto by his warm
trletulsblti for the Cnlled HtateH. Mi
Is one of the oldest and most oml-tii-iit
Chilean diplomats and mad"
in a n v lusting friendships durinn hl
tenure an minister here many yoara
In hi a IdrcHF at the Rooaevplt
reception. Ir. Marlireji dealt with
tli.-li Monroe Doctrine charactcrixlnK
Il ns a dead l"viie and Hrmilnff that:
coniiitloiiH which favp rlp to f pro
i.'ilfrtipn by PrpaldPiit Monroe li
in;". I uvp almost pntlrely dmao
JVl'X3'';v'i .Ti.
Iilir ..KtU tile ir'- 0 I l f)l
n lal i 'lrisa- ft.d i
i MiniM felorj d ' I
.ml. rs '.that I
ti.e r''nnt:lnir '
.'.1. D.
llUle u;iii 1 ll;
lief. lodi'V.
from the
-l-l of .
ACTIXll'll ' IN ""fV
v V .
lie.M V
- ll '
111 I 1!
; in
. I ...Mi
1 X
t r
Slv Inrbrs lit Canadian
SSrill le TS Sfl
CAXAI'IAN. Tex . Dec 2:
f . r.-t heavy mow fall of the
rame Sunday afternoon and nint
ft f.-ll faat hut there was no wind
ar.d the te-r perat ure w n not very
1-. . n f-itl t 'M. 'ired even mv
I... . -
mrhes th s t.mrnir.r. which wj'.l he j
henefl'ia! to wheat. The i.ow l-
nie"lni; s'.owlv todav under a wa'inj
unhine ItefoMs are the snot 1
this t.nrt o the
Six Inches n .uMrk.
Sp.r: 1" TS Nr
T.t ltl'.rK. T. a-'. Her I? -f.iih-bOfk
r-celved 1' fi' unw or h
w:nt T vestprdav. and then t.ot aiout
six lnhes. The firt cold weather
came i' h '.
rveryhodv is prip-irir.c for Chr'st-
Tls the church 'M all re'.ebra'-
the sto'i report a bia huMi.o. and
the po-to!f.c. rnipV-ve are aimoi.t
'wampel wi'h mail
mi- Oxer Sf iilh l lains
Sixi.i ' T V
M. INV!KV. TexTs. fvee
T'depbor.e renor'- here rive d Incbe.
snow at Lubbock. ? I'n bis at I.ock-
ne. ; luchi-i at Flovdada. In.h. s
af Tulia. Incheu al Sileron. and
heaxv tail Convon Pla.nview
h ." Inches a f .-ure which ran t.p
..! ted ' u r'ti'-ral South C'ri'n-
snow fall axerare.
inas tor the Hl-nniikex
'C' V'V!K. !-r The five
thoii-etu' 'it'ieers at. I l.e-n nloaril
the four ''lilted St-.les bai'i--li ps
now n pirt an- l0"kit 1. 'orrt i
a tlierry ("hn-'l tops The bat -h! ps
it re 'Ii" I't'i1' ri"'ida and ArVn.'-
and 'he finr-cip W-oininc. .-art-
f;..i.c.ioi lm h l'i: out to C '
f!:er and men bv -lie pavma-N-r-an
1 troni th U sum the n:i n are n.ak
'nc thi rxl o' ous for th.-
f't nii-i ..! S " elcli
course iilir. i-i will be li'i order fir
the Chrblmna d'nni-rs nboard tl '
ship... In tiie n miitne He '
j.vketj are enjovii. li'uer.ii shore
l...xr. D.irleK the cTite w. . k al!
but aito'.iielv iiO"'ei!V w -k will
. v t 1 --V
: ! mati
n .1 11 '
t a I: '
I'. r-i i
r the .
v r.
.ri I
! I
I IU-o-e
lM: l: I'V I
(.imlis 1 AC
1 .) i d i:i:nvi li
2 --- Sine
1 heiy aeet or -
A mi nil ha
1 hi-' Moran ol!
ncft v'tV " re-
i t.r. .. .
TP 'ink ' 1 '
1 placed on tin'
.;i concerns fc '
laii -1 eo- finv
-!S f eb I Is ill -opinion.
bb 1.
r of n !"t
v i:it 1
UtV IN I' l I.K
silence of 1o I.iiliitf 1'nin ipuls
'revetit Cilne lion. Making
II el ui) Invest unllim
I! I i!
I 1"
( i 1 1
' 1
I a 1 A
I t ' W.el
a- hour
"1 vl'i
!"( il-
ti Hi:
ll-llll - I
. I iiei.
1 ' vti
! nt i-i
- 1 t . .
-I k
' i; !
I' 1 l
. et 0
- r- .
"k Mi
1 n'.v
e bs
1 In:'.
1 -ii
IT l-d
! the
b.i nk"
I ui
! !! th
ItoOPV!t Wh replied L .! I "I.t
liol.lin that the Mor.roe doctrlnw
t!ll wax h vital principle of the for
ei'n tio'icv of the Cnif.'d PtatiHi. 1 lo
'dad. too to have i utflfsted that
ll ai l'l adi'leil on such an occa-
sion to imi iiftrate i rontroverpy.
Colonel llooseve'.t. .ocordinc to
report state! that before leavlt; the
I n1'! d s...H t!it th" ti t of tin
oblrese.s he propi seil to deliver ill
I'.ra-ll. Argentine and Chi'e bad been
'ubmltte.i to tiie dip'omatic repre-entail-.
e.s iii Washlnrton to elimlnnt
nt vtliliip thr.t 'rii-lit pr.r.c fiff.'tmlve
to hl bofito. To th' Dr. Martinet
ald to lieve replied thn his own ad-die-'.s
had In en cnbiuitteil to the
( h 'e.itl forelk'li office th'ee days bo-
foe Ci.;mt liniM velt s arrival and
that .. ; no obleclioti had been raised
ui 'h it quarter he could '. nfi rea-
" n whv the iilscn.son of the Mor-
) dciclrlnp should be avoided aa A
'l uigerous Issue.
Hi'! i
I -' '
s' t ts
I : !-: W: I'l l'.-'
I ' 1 1 ' . r ; . I b i
.' i I v -.; 'l .
i ' p i i ;i 'i ' 1 :i
IU t'e: I 1 i V i fir .
v' Mr i ol the ki'
V.llef .' Sil'i A I.'
ii" a
1 1 A 1 i 'l
W ! H i b'.t v
I! e : - l.i
. tri II.
ll. ".
' . ll. tl.e ir-
I 'f JO iTe
' I . the I
I.I!.- Of I'"
o' Sn' Al '' lo bv I.
.1. 1 -l eil' hi'l '
ll'-il M at ' . v
i rv ; !. to i
. r V. I e : i 1
I T.-f .! '
I I-1
ill l i I Met Mf il
. I I .
1 1 i M I i.i -
w I: eb
. res
.ii tn
i 'f
n r i
i.i r
he dispersed w ill on the h:p.
HoTl l. ot I K V
III II l!(. I'i: I'tltl-
PAKl-s. Tixns. Dec ;? The
hoard of di'ci'ors of the Clhraltar
I. iff Insnrar."- onparv navr n
Mad lo re. a roniblr-eii hoti ar
ef.'lce b'l id i. : In this ritv to t'iV
waen con ple'e i:..'o-' A com-
mi'tee l.ns n r pol:'e to si it rt
rite and reo-iv- I. ids tor the res
structure The :or of Dinner.
y that jerthlna w'l be in read
new Itit ' di.i'elr af'T li e h"'.l.iv
for the c-r..truc(ior r. the u MIT. I
hich will of '-.I Th. cllfb")
Will be equipped a'.
ronv ri.lct:ce
DA 1 I.
Io n-.
t; it . i
i - ti
V e ir l'i .
.ri or...
i-.-i-. pi i
file '
III tl '
ad I
..f ' :
i into'
w ( ii.
' ii- i
ssourl f
VI r
.. .k' "
Iv PXI 1
"elm ML
r'ller 1 i
ii. art of I
n oppf .
l. c
.. i. -I
s 1 he
. anno.:
r Mil v
1'. tr
! '
Mo. tr i
M r t
of lie V
r t i i"
of I-
" :i
1 : l . i
l.f kill'!'"
pelt I' OHt j
tie iir:i'e
-IS itl-tt ( t
earlv part
I . i
'. x.v
v n in N
; k. r-.-
V 1 -
ml to
tirv will atfo'-!
it ' on rl an 1
S i
' V. r r
t.-r i
I W: 11
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lit .11
II 1
f r. f
: a"
of Ditni'
trv:i; tv
'o n I ' ne
. i daual.-
a " e i il 'i
1:1 !': a'
v lo'is liu-'i:
Ih-v tl
?'!. fo.i
O ll"
fr a 'I
i .
i .r..
tii it.
. x
1 io- i l'i Id Jin ilnc
'-;r r N . d. c
I . ' 1 'L'h' w.l 1 ! e !.'! i
v - i r il ' ' e t..; ' . i n bee
t : . I t v i . ti . : :t et ;u
! .- : r fie r r. .::r an I
n. ; i. ; A i onotn ir i '. ' .
. r :t .! M II.I'V rt
''.-. ! oft ir 1 1:.- - i:i .r
t !;a ' I' e hi III K H t tie
p.. I' ' o! se; . t (! P..IL-
il.iv tie ni.- f vvll h
t W iiH er.
t of if
re. !!.
S'l e rise
(-. four
ip'.r be
; I-. I... k
"irili it
ii. t T : ; 'i.ntii
in n; t..-
....iiH Prr:.
Allium All'CMV. Aby-Miiin. Pv.
The death of Ktnperor M-nelik
:is o'f : :ally announced here t .ay.
The !. .nil of tiie emperor has teen
r.'io ri mar) t but thin it. Ih
Mr.' i.fricial annouiK imi nt that he
is lea I.
wiisi omnns iti:rr.iMn
(l i:mi and X Wi ol i It i:its
"v Kmnt Vii! Fr
v.him;t'iv. n (. pec.
I'ri- lit Wilson todav trade pul lie
bb letters to Pi-i-retari. s ilarri-on
and Dai.i' ls or lerinn a ' v.-rv rl-
u- n pritu.iiid" to he fnlniiir..-:ereil
to tl" a'Wi and navy of'ic r. who
p i-tnpated In the rf'-rt Ca-hhan
liuro t a' whir' the phi ippitie policy
of the ailn Ini-tration ji r.d:.i.led.
oioiitno iv si ..i ti:i
M ?HINiM!N. D C. ivc. 22.
Menry day Hall former m.ior of
Colorado Sprinus. Colorado. a
..-cested for an interstate commerce
i oiiimis .ion position today at a con-
eretiee of the protiilPn with Sena
'or Th' tuas and Kepreser.titlve Sel-
.lumridtte of Col.rado.
At 7 a
M axt-
iti :
in 1 .
i dsv ' '
in. . . . '
rn 2
!"r-. bad i s-
Vn !
V orce fro:
toilo i: I'.l
fie V lie's
r.eiin v . So
al ii. n.l er
S. i . 7 .1 I: c' kniah'ed
- . j lie w n a ;
Wustilnirt . VnrtrmU r
w ---iii; i r. c. iw u r
modern We t lxas pr rily fair TllcsCiy I . wim t.
' and V "dnet- !v. i i . i ti i :
' r PiiTPraM
r TueHc).
i 7pm.
l.' Mil).
nei! 4
if. Svi
. sn
of a
; iit-.ow t:
' .xe'i'.v .
1 "
i r-
'Uet;oft le.xi tiers in v-ioti.
SA I I..M (". . I e :.' Meiub.-rs
i f t'-e western .!iv- ion of ihe Oretoti
.-t a'e Ti.i'!.e"s' A s.iiu;t un railed
Vi:' rs
i pa i ti
l ire - force to! in (or what prions-
is i e i ne f tl... I.irtrest nnd met
t t 'a' ot the annual - e.-t up
1 fl.e ll.ier l.f'i! hy li.e OTCOI ' lor. IT. t H
! V -kcrm ui or tl e (iresen Slate Nor-
sis td.-fi''-i to il S I "! pri-i'l:-.? over tiie
of i;..-. ni.Pr r-iii op . xx In 1'. !!' coirinue
j tiiri e (l.'VS.
Moving I'iiiiirf len Orsania.
roKTI.AID Ore. lac. 22. Pro-
itlctor of moving picture thentre
throiiL-hout Oregon pat'iered In this
ei'v today fur a tw-o days' conven-
tion. iIip chief puriKvue of which U
to porfprt a Stat oreanlration for
'hp protection of their mntoal In
teres.!.. A featurp of the convention
will lie a banuueu to which C.ovpr
nor West and other notable bartj
hetn Invited.

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