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See J. Sandford Smith for FIRfc, Llhfc and TORNADO Insurance, flertia, 'f
The Mexia Weekly Herald.
Twelfth Year.
To tho Citiz ens and Voters of
Road District No. 4, of Lime-
stone County, Texas.
We, your committee which you
appointed to investigate tho prop-
osition of issuing Bonds for the
purpose of building Macadamized
roads in our district, beg to sulbsnil
tjiis our report, which we trust is
iust what you expected of this
in hands of Blake Smith.
This committee met Saturday
the ft day of Nov. and entered
>nto the following agreement:
pointed Committeemen by our
several communities hereby
pledge ourselves to have macad-
amized roads built in good roads
district No. 4 as per plans and
diagram this day drawn and
adopted by us, and we pledge
•ourselves if the said roads can-
not be built according to U. S.
government specification at a
price not exceeeding $2,000 per
mile that no bonds shall be is-
>>uod as a result of this election.
Saki bonds shall be the 10 year
serial bond and shall not draw
more than 5 per cent per annum.
Tracy McKen2ie,
H. F. Ferguson,
J. L. Cogdell,
B. F. Gregory,
E. D. Carter,
W. O. McElroy,
R. O. Kerzee,
L. I. Gatlin,
1 G. O. Ross,
Bon Hickman,
J. W. Hinchliffe,
W. W. Hinchliffe,
J. J. Yannoy,
Blake Smith,
R. J. Jackson.
I, Blake Smith, a Notary Pub-
lic in and for Limestone County,
Texas, do hereby certify that the
Above is a true and correct copy
of the original paper.
Blake Smith,
Nov. 3, 1911.
Then again on Saturday, the
11th day of Nov., we meet and
made the following agreements:

v C/rr ~
3 8 "IS
5! If.t so!
State of Texas, County of Lime-
stone :
Know all men by these pre-v
Knta that we, H. F. Ferguson, J.
L. Cogdell, W. M. Janes, Bon
Hickman, J. D. Speights, R. O.
Kerzee, E. D. Carter, L. E. For-
rest, F. B. Bond, B. F. Gregory,
R. J. Jackson, and B. S. Smith,
who being duly constituted as tht
Central Committee for the pur-
pose of building M cad&mizcd
Roads in Good Roads ProcinCt
No. 4, of Limestone County, Tex-
, nn, do hereby enter into the fol-
lowing agreement; via
First—that we petition our
commissioners court to call on
election for the purpose of build-
ing good roads in said precinct.
Second—that we do hereby
hind ourselves to cancel said
election, before date set for the
••lection by the court, if we
should find that it would take
a greater tax rate than 35 cents
on tiie Hundred Dollars to care
for the Bonds.
Third—that we agree that the
roads shall bo built by contract,
and said contract shall call for
not less than 75 miles of road,
built according to Government
specifications for building Ma-
cadamized roads, and that said
contract shall not be let for more
than an average of $2,000.00 per
. _J3 *t-us
Map Showing Road District No, 4 Limestone County, Texas.
mile, and sakl contract shall call
for a good and sufficient Bond
from the contractor that the
roads will be built in an expert
manner and shall bo fully com-
Fourth—that in tho event said
election shall- have been ordered
and carried, that if we find! upon
investigation that the roads can-
not be built for the 35 cent tas,
theil we agree that said, bonds
shall not be issued.
Fifth—that this agreement is
made as aoi amendment to a cer-
tain agreement made by this com
mittee on Nov. 3, 1911, and docs
not detract from said agreement,
but is intended for a further
agreement, and is made apart of
sai/di agreement.
Sixth—that we further agroo
that unless this committee can
get the authority, either from
our commissioners court, or from
our state legislature, for their
exclusive handling of the funds
derived from tho sale of the1
bonds, and for the building of
tho roads, then the whole pro-
ceedings slutll be null and void.1
Seventh—We agree that each
of us for himself and not one,
for the other, do affix our names
hereto in good faith and promise
that we will carry out the ob-
jects of this agreement, so help
us God.
J. L. Cogdell,
H. F. Ferguson,
W. M. Jones,
Bon Hickman,
J. D. Speights,
R. O. Kerzee,
B. J. Hancock,
R. J. Jackson,
E. D. Carter,
L. E. Forrest,
F. B. Bond,
B. F. Gregory,
B. S. Smith,
Bond, R. O. Kerzee, L. I. Gatlin,
J. D. Speights and L. J. Barnett.
For Tehuacana Valley, E. D.
Carter, Chtn., G. Dan Black, G.
M. Bounds, C. W. Bounds, G. 0.
Then on Monday, the 13th day
of Nov., we sent a sub-commit-
tee to Groesbeck and the Commis;
sioners Court ordered our elec-
tion for Decambre 16th, 1911.
Here is the order of the court:
Mexia, Texas, Nov. 11, 1911.
Minutes of Meeting of the Cen-
tral Committee for the building,
of Good Roads in Road Precinct:
No. 4, in Limestone County, Tex-
Motion made and carried that!
Mr. J. L. Cogdell be elected
Chairman. . |
Motion made and carried that
Mr. L. E. Forrest be elected sec-
Upon request it was agreed
that a complete list of the Local
Committees be inserted in these
minutes and they are as follows:
' For Tehuacana; J. J. Vannoy,^
Chairman, H. F. Ferguson, W. M.
Jones, W. E. Black, L. E. For-
For Cedar, J. L. Cogdell, Chm.
J. B. Stevens, W. N. Odom, Tom
Shanloy, W. B. Cochrum.
For Mexia, R. J. Jackson, Chan.
J. Desenberg, W. H. Wells, Jesse
McLendon and B. S. Smith.
For Point Enterprise, F. B.
of Limestone: On this the 13th day
of November, 1911 this Court being
In regular session at a regular Term
thereof, there came on to be consid-
ered the petition of J. L. Cogdell
and 76 other persons praying that
bonds be issued by Road District No.
4, of Limestone County, Texas, In
the sum of $160,000.00 bearing G per
cent rate of Interest maturing 40
years from the date thereof, with op-
tion of payment after 10 years, for
the purpose of constructing, main-
taining and operating macadamized
graveled or paved roads and turn-
pikes or in aid thereof; and it ap-
pearing to the Court that said Peti-
tion is signed by more than SO of
the resident property tax-paying vot-
ers of said Road District No. 4 of
Limestone Co., Texas, and that the
amount of bonds Issued will not ex-
ceed one fourth of the assessed val-
uation of the real property of the
Road District No. 4 of Limestone
County. Texas.
It is therefore considered, and or-
dered by the Court, that the Election
be held In said Road District No. 4,
Limestone Co., Texas, on the 16th
day of December, 1911, which Is not
less than 30 days from the date of
this order, to determine whether or
not the bonds of said Road District
No. 4 of Limestone, Co., Texas, shall
be Issued in the amount of $150,000,
bearing S per cent rate of interest,
and maturing 40 years from the date
thereof, with option of their payment,
after 10 years from the date thereof,
and whether or not a tax shali be
levied upon the property of said road j
District No. 4 subject to taxation,
for the purpose of paying the interest
on said Bonds and provide a sinking
fund for the redemption thereof at
maturity .
Notice of said Election shall be
given by publication In a newspaper
published in said County, for 4 suc-
cessive weeks before the date of saidI
Election, and in addition thereto,
there shall be posted notices of said
Election, at three public places in
the said Road District No. 4 in Lime-
stone Co., Texas, one of which shall
be at the Court House door, prior
to the day of said election.
Said ElecUon shall be held at
Mexia and Tehuacana, and the Fol-
lowing named persans shall preside
at said election; J. L. Cogdell at
Mexia Voting Box and Lyman For
rest at Tehuacana.
Said election shall be held under
the provision Road District Act pass-
ed at the First Called Session of
the 31st Legislature, and only quali-
fied voters, who are property tax-
payers of said Road District No. 4
of Limestone Co., Texas, shall be
allowed to vote at Bald Election.
And all voters desiring to support
the proposition to issue Bonds, shall
have written or printed on the bal-
and those opposing, shall have writ-
ten or printed on the words:
The manner of holding the said
election shall be governed by the
laws of this State, governing gen-
eral elections.
A copy of this order signed by the
County Judge shall serve as proper
notice of said election and the Coun-
ty Judge is hereby directed ts cause
said notice to be published In a
newspaper published in the said
Road District No. 4 in Limestone
Co., Texas, four consecutive weeks
next preceding said election, and
caused to be posted notices thereof,
at three public places in the said
Road District No. 4 in Limestone
Co., Texas for three weeks prior to
said election.
County Judge, Limestone Co.. Texas.
Road District No. 4 of Limestoae
County, Created at the November
term of the Commissioners Court is
as follows:
Said District being described as
follows: Beginning at Rocky Croas-
in Bridge on the Navasota River;
Thence in an eaaterly direction with
the Mexia and Rocky Crossing road
to ths bridge oa Plummers Creek,
about 1 1-2 miles W. from the town
of Mexia; Thence S. with the mean-
derings of said Creek a point where
the Mexia and Groesbeck road cross-
es said Creek; Thence 8. with said
Road to s point where the Shiloh
and Springfield road Intersects the
same; Thence E. with the Shiloh and
Springfield road, to J. P. Sawyers 8.
W. Cor. Thence N. with Mexia and
Klokapoo road, to where it intersects
the Mexia and I'rairit Grove road;
Thence N. with the Mexia and Prai-
rie Grove road to the N. W. Cor. of
the Walker farm; Thence E. with
Walkers N. line to Walkers N. E.
Cor. Thence E. on the N. line of the
Hltt farm, to Its N. E. Cor. Thence
E. on the N. line of J. M. Vaidens
farm, to his N. E." Cor. Thence S.
with E. line of Vaidens farm, to the
S. E. Cor. of Vaidens farm; Thence
E. to S Corner of Mrs. M. E. Gard-
ners farm; Thence E. with S. line
1 of J\ L: Robertsons place to his 8.
E. Cor. Thence E. with Geo Mimrns
i S. line to his S. E. Cor., Thence B
with Wiley Pollock N. line, to hla
IN. E. Cor. Thence E. with Lewis
McBays N. line to his N. E. Cor.
Thence E. with John Sims S. W. Cor
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