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... 4. A written record of all candidates and dates each was presented for membership shall... of a Link Inc. member who is at least twenty-one (21) years of age shall be eligible for membership. A... written letter of application for membership and a completed form shall be sent to the Chapter President.... Voting on the candidate shall take place at any regular meeting between September and May. A majority... for membership. ONLY DAUGHTERS WILL BE ACCEPTED IN ODD YEARS. Section 4. A Link shall be a member at least 3

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..., National Bylaws) Section 1. Voting on new members must be by secret ballot. a. Candidates for membership... must be recommended by a member(s) in good standing in the chapter except for daughters of Links (DOL...), who may apply for membership. A candidate may be considered for membership three times. b. A waiting... period of one year shall be required before the name of a candidate can be placed on the ballot for a... second or third time. c. The voting shall proceed as follows: 1. New members shall be elected by a two

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... Section 1. A member on active status shall not miss two (2) consecutive meetings without... notifying the Corresponding Secretary. Accepted reasons for missing two (2) consecutive meetings are: a... obligations d. Catastrophic events beyond the control of the member A member who knows she has a conflict.... In the event a member has missed two (2) consecutive meetings without notifying the Corresponding Secretary... of the Membership Committee. Section 3. In the event a member has missed two (2) consecutive meetings and has

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... serve, the 2nd Vice President shall fill the unexpired term. Section 3. The 1st Vice President shall: a... for maintaining the exact status of all members of the chapter. Section 4. The 2nd Vice President shall: a... and complete all reports required of the Program Coordinator and submit the reports to Area and National in a... timely manner. Section 5. The Recording Secretary shall: a. Serve as Custodian of the Official Seal..., the Charter and papers of the organization. b. Keep an accurate file and a detailed record of all chapter

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... of meetings shall be voted on by the membership at a regular meeting. ARTICLE III: OFFICERS...--ELECTED AND APPOINTED Section 1. There shall be a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Recording.../or National Assembly. Section 3. The Officers shall be elected in April of each ODD year for a period of two... take place in May or each ODD year. Section 6. The President may appoint the following officers for a... period of two (2) years: a. Parliamentarian b. Chaplain c. Sergeant-at-arms d. Time-keeper 5

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... Committee and approved by the Chapter. a. Courtesy guidelines shall be revised by the committee at least... by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting provided: a. The proposed amendment has been... vote of those present and voting after a complete reading of this organ at a regular meeting. 14

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... of these Bylaws. Section 7. The Financial Secretary shall: a. Collect all payment of membership dues... indebtedness due to the chapter. She shall forward same to the Treasurer. b. Keep a complete itemized account... the chapter when a budget item is about to be exhausted. f. Faithfully keep accurate records of the financial... standing of each member (maintain a roster). g. Be thoroughly familiar with Article IX.... Section 8. The Treasurer shall: a. Receive all monies from the Financial Secretary as listed in Section 7

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... Section 7. The President shall appoint chairpersons for the following Standing Committees for a... Committee: a. Publicity and Public Relations b. Constitution and Bylaws c. Courtesies d. Archives... Vice President. Section 8. The Chairperson of the Nominating Committee shall be a tenured member... shall: a. Preside over all meetings. b. Offer for consideration all motions properly made. c. Call

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... of the Executive Committee. Section 2. A quorum of two-thirds of the elected officers... is required for a meeting of the Executive Committee. Section 3. The Executive Committee shall meet... shall be according to budget requirements. Section 4. Special Fees and Assessments: a. A joining fee

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... Assemblies shall be the President of the Chapter. a. In the event the President cannot serve as the delegate... shall be elected by two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a regular or called meeting... the Executive Committee. The alternate delegate shall be elected by a two-thirds majority of those present... and voting at a regular or called meeting. Section 3. EXPENSES a. The delegate's expenses shall be paid

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... b. Receive vouchers duly signed by the President and the Financial Secretary accompanied by a... an annual report in writing to the Chapter including therein a statement of the amount expended... year. Section 9. Auditing a. The financial records of the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary shall... meeting of each year. A filing cabinet shall be provided for this purpose. ARTICLE V: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

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... its focus, anb expanbeb proram dimensions in orter to make the name "LINKS" not only a chain offrient...'ship, but also a chain of purposeful service. The LINKS, 1NCORPORATED is committee to eucational, cultural anb... civic activities. As a national program of various endeavors it provit'es enrichment experiences

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... the blame You have purged them in your flame. With a prayer in our hearts That has grown with this day... rise, high as the listening skies; Let it resound loud as the rolling seas. Sing a song Full... of the faith that the dark past has taught us; Sing a song Full of the hope that the present has brought us

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... than twenty (20) minutes late shall be considered tardy and shall pay a fine of $2.00 to the Financial... at a regular meeting, any member any inquire about the attendance of another member... of the Financial Secretary at a regular meeting, any member may inquire about the financial status of another

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