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the orange leader
I vmBmsms
■'•>': v'.;.. • .•;<« ; .
/ . -•• '••'^-',-v^Ah'WU''. .f -jr.*;

WJI>PliPl^L.l.l{W. i;B!)l.',',a l'.lW.!
''iwsiillppliM wu" wpiwm wiiiJiu
Broadcast from Gulf Radio Studio*
HH it ' .'.i
Play open*, this morning In the
City Tennis Tournament, being spoil
sored by jhe Sunset Grove Country
eUl.b, Men's singles and doubles dirt
today's program with ladles' , sliigiep
and doubles set for Mouday ami
Entries closed nt noun Saturday
and drawings worn made us follows:
Men's singles: Upp«r Brackets!
TrayHir, Solly vs. Julius David," Ah n
'tftmpiwi vs. Jack- Higptnwer. lttn
Murray vs. ('.' Walker, ,1. Qulgley vs.
•JNIIJ Cnrdwell. Unfer Brakeet: Ed
Xetnltg vs. Bustls Roacft, Junius
Ijrtrber vs. Haul Cooko, A. G. Thom-
ttjs.. vs. George t'halHKon, Hilile Butler
vs. John
Utah Flood Area
Fights to Prevent
Outbreak of Disease
uMen's Doubles: dimming and
Roach vs. Cljalssop and David ; Nem
it,'* and Howard vs. Duller and Wat
kfr; Andrews and Barber vs. (J4n
cron and' Jllghtower, sell# an
well vs. Thomas aud Qulgl
Junior Men's Singles:/ Hen
ray vs, Julius David; ''Charles
ard drew a bye.
M-ud-snlnltered t'tal/ communities
Ran reeOnHtriietlpiK todaj: as stat;
flelals acted tipjirevent outbiWk of
disease in nro Wake of thyrfi* that
claimed tm6 lives this
' The; /([nation at A^erovtUe was
•aeOUJ/"'A clotidbursj/Thursday writ
a Horrent of watpr pouring down «
.ioulec, drowliins/Rvelyn Roberts, 17.
and w-a^liliig^otit the . eojMuuttlt.Cs,
water syslorii.
The Hyron<\ death occurred at Per-
ron, \yC central Utah, where a farm-
Vvoudin ilro.vnod.
Mitr- y inestimable damage to property,
HoWjpMlWStoelr, poultry arid crops
wrought in all storm areas.
Biown vs. Becky Havens.
ladies' Singles: Mrs. A/Suskl vs.
Mrs. K. MeW.luiitcr; B<fcky Havens |
- «>^ ye; Lorraine Lucas vs. Mrs.'
.Tack Turner; Mrs. .1. W. Thlgpen
di'iew i bye.
/ Mixed Doubles: Mr. and Mrs. Alan
Cameron, vs. Miss Guidry and Ren
Mllrray. Mrs. -K. McAVhortcr and
Traylor Sells vs. Miss Havens and
A. (1, Thomas.
As many men's sinKles and doubles
niatehes as possible will b« played to-
day. Players are miui'reii to ^-t. in
touch with their opponents -and ur-
ranVte matches as promptly as pos-
Roosevelt Tours
New'Eng. Flood
Control Project
AVATl'HItl'HY, Vt„ Auk. 1. (AP)
r—•President ItoosHvelf sturted his
1 ersonnl tour of Xew England flood
control projects today, leaving his
train here to motor to the Wlnooskl
dam. '
Tl)|s was the firs! .stop since cross-
ii'W th(' . boundary line from Canada
on a train which Will take him to
Hyde 1'arl;, ,\ V. . /;
AH'ter a brief stop here the Jjresi-
f'twit plnnned flood control' confer-
enres with federal and. state officials*
At Montpeflcr, Vti. llaHoyet-, N. H.,
and Springfield. Mass! y
, l oitKri i. p.AMr.rsni.iNQ
WHRBLINO. Vn. — -fiot a dime,
state penitentiary, waj« lmritul ne>\t MlHtci? for a ciip of <i>ffeo?" Inquired
to his slain father In Zavalla cciue-
tery yeaterUn.v.
A^^ 'TOTn) wltuessed the burial.
yfapffiafo father. A'lia'rt, r>8. . was
shot to death July L allowedly, by the
son of CJ, K. Cnnsler Sr., for whose
slayinc Glenn AVarren died.
a Warren Buried
Near Slain Father
MISSION*, Tex., Aiii". "1. (AV)—
nienn Warren, (.lectroc.uted nt\ the
oiiimlttee of/the Vouna M^n's
Islon o( t lie yfiambfl!' of i'olilliiwvo
wns b^rdi uty^orH Saturday closlnjt
Up entrlcs/fii I t he Mcj'rlmntH ( Jolf
Toiirnaiiu^it, to be . held at. Sunset
(Irove/viinntry club "A-UBUst 1"> and
titO'nj;, Th<?eiytt''ies sef ii'Cd Saltll'-
Tlay >vas that of Orange Council No.
1080,. Knights of Columbus, who- will
have a player in the tournament,
(irond. Knluht Luis P. Ulm slated, in
inakint; Ills entry, that he was glad
of the opportunity given the council
to show that they were for anything
that would he helpful to Orarisc, "Hs
the 'members of the inuncll-wero -hgeiv--
to do whatever they could to help
th<^ business men of the town.
''It Is hoped that the ejianip|e of
thf Knights of Coltimbus will he fid-
lowed by all othcV organization* In
Grange, so that the tournament will
be an unqualified success, and those
was'T learning of t\ie tournament wllf also
know that Orange citiatens were
ready to cooperate. 100 per cent In
any. worth while enterprise that
would lie of general benefit and tbat
wouM advertise Orange as a wide-
uvViiks" and progressive community
WOfUing t.o^Uier for the general welt
fare," members of the- tournament
coimidttee reported.
A number of local-business houses
havcv entered players in the
nient and otlmrs have expressed their
Interest and will enter as soon as
the committee can get around to
thcni. Interest is growing ahiong
the manufacturers of nationally ad-
vei'tlsed produits and a nuaiber of
mitside entries are exmH-te'd.,tHt'ough
the local distrihutors. . ■
ltoth Heaiuuoiit and Houston, are
planning a similar tournament iis
Soon as they can obtain details tlf
■how' the Orange tournament is work-
ed out,,pros from those cities have
ukulin, Aug.
orful setting of
a striinger.
Elmer Oliver. SO,, pulled out a $5
bill/ •
"Sorry Buddie, have no change."
The stranger hesitated then grab-
bed Oliver's hand, slashed him with
a 1,-nife and rail away \yith the
1. (AP)-—In n col-
poaip and circum-
stance, Clianceilor Hitler today for-
mally proclaimed the lull Olympic
ginncs opened at fcliV p, in,'
As a tremendous overflow crowd
of 105,000 jaintued in th^.'#5ffii~-st7F
dlmu of the reieli sportsfphl, looked
oh, the naJd leftifer -suo'ke the words
that paved the way for the opening
of actual competition tomorrow.
"J declare the games of Berlin in
celebration of the eleventh Olympiad
of modern times have ^opened," Hit
ler said,
AVith these words, guns boomed a
salute and 30.000 pigeons were re-
leased to provide a beautiful spec-
tacle for the stadium throng.
7 Before the Summer U over, thousand* of visitors
(to the Texas Centennial at Dall**, will have been
v entertained by a heat of stars including T<xl Musing,
|ee announcer| Rudy Vallee, and hi* Orcheatrat
Jan Garbert Duke Ellington| Cab Callowayt Ted
Lewis j and by such Hollywood favorites as Robert
-.Taylor, Lnpo Velca, and Ginger Rogers. —
' \ The visitor to the Centennial, will be able to see
•nd bear the performer*. For the beautiful Gulf'
Radio Studios, located in the heart of the Exposi-
j *!"" Mi1-—11'-" *- y- "f
movement of the pcrformcra, engineers, and-sound
technicians may be observed. 1 {
More than a hundred programs a week are pro- V
duced nod broadcast from the Gulf Radio Studios,
many of these programs being, hroadcagt for well-
known companies. On numerous a*y* iona the
performers are garbedi In colorful, coatqmga. TIN
Gtdf Studios have
in thr nation, having the idmI modern equipment
aiul hring c iu|ilc(n In every delalli They arc tiralv
"Xfa* Yoic« tf Out Uttulrnnial/'

of the
' ■ :c
Ask any successful advertiser.
They 'll tell you that printing
that is READ is printing that
bxing* tesults. That's why so
many of them depend on print-
It's clean, clear, attractive; .easy
to read and easy to use. Just
Phone No. 4 for estimates.
- J c
phone no. 4
M T W T F 3
3 4 5 6 7 8
10 1 I 12 13 14 15
17 18 19 20 2122!
!J„ 25 26 27 28 291
iSk.: • ItW' il v ^ ^ '} i'.v
The playoff-- for fourth place po«J-
tlon in the City I,en«ue' ifoftlia)!-
Htandlngs and the rl^ht to get irfto
the O'ShanRliiiessy ptayofT Herief wiU
^hc held Monday nlxlit at. IIo-.v.ll «ta
diuni lietiveen the f'resli^.fi vi.i11n and
Ortmoyer's who ended*' the regular
'season. In a tie. /
The lensue phyoff will also open
•Monday niche with the Quality
Cleaners livi^erond place meeting the
Wheeler -Vuncral Home in third
placjfe hi the first of a two out of
three series.
•T'lieKda.v -night' the same teams will
meet a«aIn and the fit'st pl<"'o
will meet, the fourth • place
1'resbyteriann or (Irtmeyer'w.
The series will lie continued Wed-
nesday night.
.A lie's
Mission Canyon
Forest Fire Spreads
HAVRfS, Mont. Aug. 1. (Al')—The
Mission canyon forest fire which has
caused evacuation of three mining
camps and . an Indian amission ate
deeper into the green forests of the
I,iltle ttftefcles mountain range south-
east, of here today.
Weary f 1 re crews continued their
stubborn' fight to cheek the flames
wliicli have devoured .-30,00o acres _ Of
timber; and cut a path four^Jiiiles
wide through tlw^ Lewis and Clark
national forest since Wednesday.
Sadden shifts in winds saved the
little mining camps of. Landusliy,
Zortrnan and Hays Inte yesterday.
ItKiM.I.V. Aug. L - (Al'V—lVeceded
by a -wholesale witmirawal of Tlra-
yjllan athletes fuilowlniv the South
Americans' falluro to seme faction-
al differences. the colorful CHromi'ii-
ies: leading to the foripal openmg of
the 11th <>1 >■ tiipinil were marred by
intermittent showers. today, Hun-
dreds of thousands of spectators con-
verged on the releh Spiirt'sfeid. de-
spite the ralii,
~ ffVtsrniBhti the Aineticaps, osten-
sibly motivated by H ttcslre to avoid
giving the eiiulvalent of-the niui «a-
lute, ehaiw<ttL4lbHJB-0for.jtlieli^paift in
the parade of the athletes of 5.1 n'n-
tiots liefore (.'haiiwllur Adolf, Hitler.
instead . of extending their rigljl
arms outward at an upward angle |
with their huts in their liiuulw. thi-y i
decided Instead to hold their _'llfl.ts:'
OVer their llearts, then, an "eyes |
right" satuate at a given eoiihtirvnd |
While passing ill re<feW,
Karlier in the, ihiy, t' Brazilians
were forced 'Jxf withdraw from 'lie
swimming', lAelug and track 'aml,.i.inljl
conipetitijwis- as rival teams, sponsor-
ed hy^ different faetlons,. failed to
seUte their iliffer-^mit'SL -'Tills left reprc,Hented'~ in <>i.'ili' _ tiino
events. -
The Urmtlllnns still are entered in
the eijuestrlnn, fencing, pisl-id^ shoot
ign,-- cycling, rest ling, yachting, box
ing,. basketball and modern penta-
tliiop events . . '
* Withdrawal of the other ."Rrnzlllan
teams canto when no agreement could
lie reached as to which of two avail-
able stpitids was entitled to represent
*u> Siwith American country.
The International Olympic commit-
tee refused to untangle the dispute
and declared It was willing only to
recognize national Olymupic commit-
tee choices. The iirar.lliaiis. how-
ever, ivpparehtly were unable to set-
tle the sqoalible.
Hitler, receiving tlie—internal ionai
Olympic coiumlttee. early In the af-
ternoon, ah flounced liiw confribtitlon,
as a last memorial to the celebration
of the llth Olympiad was "to resume
complete excavation of the original J
Olympic arena, begun in 1875 by {
Oorman savoihts but dmvped lt\
1 S8 1,"
"I thank the Ureeir government for
having voluntarily eonseiiled to the
execution of this '.work,'"" the fuehrer
said. "The hallowed anclept C.reecc
culture thus will b« restored to the
people of today.''
Uov, W. B. Blount, Pastor
Bible school, I,
ChrlHtian Endeavour.
9:45 a. rn,
I i a- m.
6:.'to p. m,
7:30 p, ill.
7:30 p. -m.
Rev. Ed- R. Bareus, Pastor
9:45 a. ui. Sunday school.
II a. in".,:. Worship.
7:30 p. Worship.
Rev, E. T. Drakfla, Pastor
8:45 a. ui. Bunday school.
1 i a. m. Worship,
:30 p. m. Young People.
iiev, K, Davis, Pastor
, J:45 -a.„m! Sunday school.
11 a. m. Worship.
-f—pvTBff. Epworth League-.
7:30 p. m. Services.
| fjvnngelist Bill itass of Beaumont
charge. ' ~
9:45 a. m. Bible-study.
11 a. rn. Preaching and^ commun-
ion service.
7:30 p. m. Preaching and cora-
j munlon service.
B. A. Heuid, Mlsslotmry
Sunday School, 10 a. hi.
Preaching Service, 7:30 p. in,
Rev. T. J. il ox, Pastor
7'30 p. m. Worship.
11 a. m. Worship.
0:45 n. m. Young people.
9:45- n, ni. Sunday schdol.
Rev. George Berberleh, Pastor
7 a. m. Mass.
♦ a. m. Mass.
Rev. W. B. McNeftly
9:45 a- tri. Sundity school,
11 a.. m, Worship.
7 p. m. B. T. U.
7:.'i0 p. n. Worship.
Rev. Lesley Rogers, pastor
Toiu Kd Vaughan, musical director
9:45 a. in. Sunday school.
11 n. m. Worship
\«:30 p. m. B. T., IT. N
7:45 p. m. Worship.
Woinan's Cltih, Fifth
Sunday services. 11 /
Rev. Robeit' Snilth, Pastor
9:45 a. in. Sunday school.
11 a^ ni. Worship,
6:45 p. m. ., % O.
7:30 p. m. Worship,
<100 Border St., Rev, Toe Cofty,
3:45 a. m. Sunday school.
11 a. m. Worship.
6:30 p..
7:45 p. m. Worship.
Fifteenth and Burton Street*
9:45. a. m. Sunday school.
0:30 p. m, Young people.
7:30 p. m., Worship.
•'11'T- IJiTWf
Feeling Subsides
With Awert Of
Negro For Attack
B.VLL1NOER, Texas, Aug. t. (AP)
•—High feeling, suhsldeil -here totlfl/
with the arrest of a negro In connec-
tion with an assarted attack on' an
unnamed white woman.
Bands fiX,-aata',v....clJLbfn« joined offi-
cers In hunting tor ay negro who atf
taeked and beat the mldtlle-aged wid-
ow In her hoioe. Ti e* itegrti, officera,
the vlttlat screamed; Into a telephone.
When Chief of Police, t-ee More-
land arrived they found her scratch- ■
ed atul her clothing torn. She auf<
,fered shock. Officers arrested a sua- •
pect shortly After the hunt liegan.
MARION, Mass., Rug. 2, (Al')~-
Dr. William McDonald, Infantile fia-
ralysis specialist, to whom President
Roosevelt turned l|i his long fight
restoration of health,
home here today.
died lit
Enjoy Yourself
at the
In the heart of Houston's business,
theatre an<| aboppiflg center. Large,
cool, attrartmly furnished rooms.
' ing meats at popular prices
amous Code* Hlwp. You'll
really enjoy the Centennial Celebra-
tion if you atop at the Sen la
The Orange Black Giants, local
undefeated negro baseball team, will
face the strongest opposition of .the
season here this afternoon at West
End park when they meet the Hop-
ma, Louisiana, Black Giants, start-
ing at 3:80 o'clock,. '
An excursion from Hot!itia will In-
clude I^ buses and a delegation es-
timated at .'100 Ik expected to attend
the game from the Louisiana seafood
capital. Alecotnmoda lions for 1000
people are being arranged fo,r the
game which will be the most attract-
ive In this section since the Beau-
niont Exporters are on the -road.
T.emnnade, star fiinger of the lo-
cals, will pitch for the Giants with
Dusty Red behind the plate. Bat-
teries for the visitors will be Lane
and Flo) d.
Half of the grandstand Will be re-
served for white patrons.
VASTEL, Oandolfo. T tuly, Aug.
1, ' A P)r—Bishop Michael Gallagher
of Detroit said totlay tho poiitlrsl
a/-tlvll.v of Father Cfiftt"les H, Cough-
lln was, not "brought up for discus
slon" duilng iln tttialence Willi T'Opu
The; bishop - aiarte the slateuient
.mmedlatoly after he had s«cn the
holy fnther.
Pope Pitts, tho bishop said, sent
his i)lewBlog_to ym clergy and people
of Detroit ano. oxi^-essed hope that
'amMi' k^mtv/-r«iil troubles, America
mnyVtand aa h nation of pe ice nnrt
may decide cotilrororalal <|iiestlons
by balltH. not by buliots "
"The Fathe«' CousWin matter did
not come up il|arln( tho aiidlencv,"
Bishop Gallagher added, *
"That's what I ha.w« been tryln*
to t«B peopit: Ifm pen, but
j^oujdn't Jieligve
Sunday school, 9145
Holiness meeting, 11
Y. I'. L., t! p. m.
Open air meeting, 7 p: m.
Salvation meeting, 7:30 p.
CHICAGO, ill., Aug, I. r- lip and
down the steel thoroughfai;i'i'S - of
America a ipagie fleet. Is cruising;
touching the. rt\U.s with djjJkato lip
ger« that -sense Instaply any danger
spot lurking inside til,t> if steel rib-
bons. "' • • -
Sixty thousand miles fi_yt«tr tlioso
eleeij'le wizards travel, f-h'lng a bul-
let of;palpt to 'brand tli^ rail where
''cancer'1 Is beginning.
.* • ' " .
Little known, seldom noticed, this
ubiquitous fleet of detector cars is
lint one of the contributors to the en,
viable safety record of the Western
railroads, Not one ptisscngef >«f s
killed by rail failure or, collision In
this Country last year, artd one rea-
son Is that the H perry detector
searched nearly tiO,000 trilloe Of
trach, found ll.Oofl fissured rail*
before the unseen danger- could cause
an aceliidcnt More than half the
: tested mileage was on western and'
southern lines,
The Inst great. Intention iif the late
Dr. Eliuer A. Spvrry, who. gave avia-
tion and marlite navigation the gyro-
seoplc compass, the eoaihUMH that
guides lost plate s to 'safe landings
and brings tile Queen Mary and fitt-
er great liners through to#' and
storni, his last great ""development
Was "tile ( lecll ie , ileitor that "feels"
internal defects In stei-,1 rjtllp. • In.
the last year his Invention hps. been
Jmproved to the point that a rail ear
traveling. at seven miles an hour can
spot without an Inch of error n (Is-
suj-0 within the rail, mark it with a
small dot of paint and then tell ac-
curately the area ofvtbe. hidden eruclm
On Its .first job for the Wesi^wt
railway in 1U2H' ih eSperry ear cov-
ered eleven mlleti,"a, "day. Today mv
detector ears <;8fh test, thirty miles
each In a day. Three men and u porv
ter man the ear, g.isollh'-powerod
artd equipped with dlnlnt? and sleep-
ing fiti.irters, the Instruments oceu
. p.ving (lie rear end.
DALLAS. Aug. 1. (AP) U W*4J
Oklahoma daf at the Tcko* Centen-
nlaly egpoeltifHi, In honor of-, the>
St at.I which h.i^ sent mora no^^H
they an vlaltota to thn\l^r thftlt Ml -otb
'. - ' "'>'T >N _ . ' -1 ' / ', ...
Colorado Send#
Snow, qph. RadiUhn
To Tex, Centennial
DALLAS. Aug. 1. (..VP)—iC'filarado,
sent snow, gold, radium nnd 400 o
Its cltlwta to. the Texas t'eiHnnnl
expoiiltlqti today.
PltrtS fo ' the state's apeeljiJ dajt
Included a anow fight but ween two,
teams of girls, the snow transported
from the Rockies.
Centennial visitors said the visi-
tors were, bringing a $1,000,01)0 ex-
hibit of radium and gold.
Hnrdln Siinmons university nlunml
ul*o were special guests, while AVhar-
ion and Fort Bend counties' 4-lt-
club boys and girls were listed for a
POMONA, Calif. — Seven times,
say department (if justice agents,
Clyde K. Moleaworth obtained farm
credit administration loans to buy ft
sugar compound to, feed his 250 col
onies of bees.
The matter of the loans was
right, but w,l$n agents OeeUled
have a look at the"hees they eoli'
MoleswortH was hyld under ?6f)00
bond and jtlvett wfltll pro-
duce Tfie bees, t. " • *f
NEW YORK. Aug. I'.~ (-AP)—Vlr-
'wltiui Pine, blondp. optotioi) picture ao-
tres#; sa|d lodny that sho and Aetor
..GeorgO ttpft "probably will be, mar-
ried, this year.* '
"t think wo win be mavrled an
soon as-he gets a divorce," said Mlaa
I'lnc, who was topnerly the wife of
Edward .f. I'eliman Jr., Chicago mer-
CHICAGO, Aug. 1. (AP)—Arling-
ton Park dropped the curtain on its
rich IU30 racing program with a
dtiti.QOO ** d o u b I c -1 >arrele d" finale to-
The features were the #52,000 Ar-
lington futurity over six furlongs,"at-
tracting ai field of ten "f the flnei^
juvenles : campaigning, and the $l2;r
960 Arlington handicap.
HARVARD, III-, Aug. 1. fAP)-*r
Kive persops, including the wife and
three Milldren of a Jiosplt«ll*cd war
veteran, were killed — today when
their sedan struck a concrete bridge
abutment near here.
A fourth child was Injured.
The dertd were Mrs, John P. Cn-
sowa. ibetj three children! Sarah, 19,
Freddie, 9, and Patrlela; 8; 'and Ray-
bond Barnes, 17. a friend, all of Her
nosba. Wis.
—J tr'
DETROIT. July 31. . (AP)—Myrll
Hoag, • New York Yankee outfielder
who was hurt In a collision, H'lth Jo#
piipftgglo while the two were chas-
ing n fly liall in Tuesday'^ ga^« with
the l)eU«lt Tigers, remained in a nu-
llum) eopdltion today although bis
physician declared hlrn "much jia-
proved'' ifollowfhg an operation which ,
was necessary to
from the bra In.
an operation which
drain a Moody-illili.,

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