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Transcription starts in top,‭ ‬left-hand corner:

‎"‏The Old Flag.

Terms of Subscription.

Per Annum,‭ ‬in advance‭ ‬$5.00


1‎ ‏Square,‭ ‬each insertion‭ ‬1.00

2‎ " " " ‏1.50

1‎ ‏Column‭ " " " ‬4.00

All transiant Advertisements must be paid for in advance.


In order to render payments more easy for our patrons we will accept,‭ ‬instead of the cash,

Lincoln coffee,‭ ‬green or black tea,‭ ‬spices,‭ ‬butter,‭ ‬beans,‭ ‬cheese,‭ ‬irish potatoes,‭ ‬rice,‭ ‬saleratus,‭ ‬fine-cut or kilikenick tobacco,‭ ‬wines,‭ ‬liquors or segars.

CONTRIBUTIONS solicted and if used will be paid for in orders on the‭ ‬2.M.‭ ‬at Tyler,‭ ‬Texas.‭


All kinds of plain and fancy job printing neatly executed‭

The lowest cash prices at this office.

No.‭ ‬2‭ ‬Water Street.

By U.G.‭ ‬Telegraph and Bald Eagle Express


Shreveport,‭ ‬Feb.‭ ‬16th‭ ‬1864

We stop the Lightning to forward to your readers the important intelligence that all prisoners in the State of Texas,‭ ‬all rumors to the contrary notwithstanding,‭ ‬both the Navy and of the Army,‭ ‬have been exchanged.‭


The work of regeneration has begun.‭ ‬The tenth part of the people of Texas,‭ ‬represented by the‭ ‬Union Inhabitants of Camp Ford,‭ ‬embracing the gallant soldier,‭ ‬the patriotic refugee,‭ ‬and the unterrified exil,‭ ‬have sworne to uphold our magnanimous President in his generous endeavor to unite all parties for his own support.‭ ‬In the words of the new and original motto,‭ ‬at the head of our editorial Column,‭ "‬Long may the Wave.‭"

Already we rally distinguished officers enough to hold all of the positions of Army Corps‭; ‬Men who have trod the sacred soil of Texas,‭ ‬from Sabine Pass to Camp Gree,‭ ‬from Galveston to Tyler,‭ ‬from the Rio Grande to the San Jacinto‭; ‬men who are familiar with Gaurd houses and Penetentiaries and who have got their eye-teeth cut on corn dodgers and who laugh to scorn an eruption of gray-backs.‭ ‬To such veterans history must be sure and with the old Flag wrapped around them,‭ ‬they will face a world in arms on Mustang Ponies.‭ ‬We call upon loyal Texas to cluser around our Flag staff.‭ ‬We know that they have long cried for us as a tender infant cries for Lt.‭ ‬Sherman's Lozenges.‭ ‬We unroll the banner of their redemption over Texan groves.‭

Forever float our standard sheet,

To drive disloyal Rebs before us,

With freedoms soil beneath our feet--

‎[‏To be continued in our next.‭]


With the Violine lately purchased from one of the Guard for‭ ‬100‭ ‬dollars Confederate money‭ (‬equal to‭ ‬$10.00‭ ‬in Green-backs here‭) ‬and the BANJO MESSRS MARS‭ & ‬CO.,‭ ‬are making,‭ & ‬CAPT.‭ ‬THOMASON'S excellent FLUTE,‭ ‬we are in hopes to have quite a BAND by the‭ ‬22nd of Feb.‭ ‬Now,‭ ‬with the addition of a Singing Club,‭ ‬we certainly do not lack Music for a Celebration on the Birth-day of Washington.‭ ‬We have excellent Public speakers,‭ ‬and therefore hope such a celebration will come off.‭



We have a LEAKE quite wise‭ & ‬good,/‭ ‬But no Cauker to use if we would,/‭ ‬We have a Rose without a Thorne,/Who Thrives upon Confederate-corn,/And yet again,‭ ‬we have a Gray,‭ ‬Minus a Green were bound to say./‭ ‬We've a Nott,‭ ‬yet strange to tell,/‭ ‬No Rope have we,‭ ‬nor yet a Bell.

‎(‏Page is torn with the note describing tear:‭ ‬This portion of these pages got wet and tore off in taking it from under my shoulder straps upon arriving in the Federal lines.‭ ‬W.M.‭)

A Bailey we have to/‭ ‬No lawyer yet to ple/‭ ‬A may to keep us ple/‭ ‬No cold December,‭ ‬and‭ ‬/‭ ‬That Wells we have/‭ ‬No bucket have we to/‭ ‬We have a Coe,‭ ‬we/He'll do a good turn whenever/‭ ‬Adam's here,‭ ‬and much/‭ ‬Because he's absent from/Tho‭' ‬lacking a Dane,‭ ‬still a R a/‭ ‬Tho we've no/‭ ‬We've a Peck to use at pleasure./‭ ‬And if we had a lamb,‭ ‬I we--/In peace with LYON twould be seen./‭ ‬Though all are fond of dishes sweet/‭ ‬Rasins go unharme thro the street./The queerest thing of this rare age,/We need a Title for our Page./We have a Chase,‭ ‬yet sad to know./We have no Game alas‭! '‬tis so./‭ ‬We have a Hugg,‭ ‬yet do not care/‭ ‬To have them add likewise a Bear./Sampson is‭ ‬also here on hand./No jaw-bone tho‭' ‬is in his hand./Although the Rebs here hold a Morse,/Transport their NEws by some old horse./Mars is with us,‭ ‬fathful,‭ ‬and/‭ ‬Yet we've no Venus in our band./Laurie we fear,‭ ‬pines for Annie,--Pardon friend,‭ ‬perhaps‭ '‬tis Fannie./O‭! ‬then there's WHITE is also here,/‭ ‬No BLACK have we,‭ ‬is it not queer./‭ ‬And then although we have no Pool,/We have an EDDY,‭ ‬just from school./‭ ‬A Humble too,‭ ‬yet fail to see,/Within our midst a single BEE./‭ ‬Allho‭' ‬a Dane,‭ '‬tis true,‭ ‬indeed,/‭ ‬We have‭ ‬not with us one a Sweed./The South is firmly fixed at last,/They've taken Root--are bedded fast./We add with pleasure to our song,/We have a Wright,‭ ‬and not a Wrong./And what must seem to you most queer,/We've Woods,‭ ‬yet not a Tree is here‭!‬/Weeks we number‭ ‬'mong the rest,/And several MONTHS have been our guest./A Fowler,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬our list now swells,/Not the firm of Fowler Wells.

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May, William H. The Old Flag. (Tyler, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 1, Ed. 1, newspaper, February 17, 1864; Camp Ford, Tyler, Texas. ( accessed October 19, 2017), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting UNT Libraries Special Collections.