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1-A or 2-AS . . .
More Draft Tesfs Scheduled
Newly announced college quali-
fication test# for draft deferment
. ..iinideratlon will be administered
here Dec. IS and April 24 is a
part of the program in 60 educa-
tional institution* in 46 towns and
Applications for the December
test must be postmarked no later
than midnight Nov. 5. For the
April test, the postmark must not
be later than March 10.
Brig. Gen. Paul L. Wakefield,
state Selective service director, said
that Texan draft boards would
have bulletins of information, ap-
Slab Reserved for Skating
Tuesday, Thursday Nights
Tuesday and Thursday evenings
have been set aside for roller-skat-
ing fans to use the union building
"lab, according to Dr. Harold Farm-
er, director.
A jam session is also scheduled
for the Howdy room from 2 to 3
p.m. Thursday, Dr. Farmer said.
Dr. Farmer pointed out that the
majority of new students think
that the slab is used only for the
Wednesday night all-college dance.
Scheduled in the near future,
though, are several pep rallies and,
later in the season, weekly motion
pictures of the Eagles' previous
No picture* will be shown until
after next week, however.
New and reworked skates are
available to students upon pres-
entation of their activity tickets,
Dr. Farmer explained.
plication cards, and other neces-
sary material for students by to-
He urged students not to make
application for the material ear-
lier, sinee the biggest demand for
the printed material by students j
would be on local boards in college
and university towns.
Students who make scores of 70
or better on the teats are eligible
for consideration by draft boards
| for deferment as students. Boards
also may conalder class standing I
i or other factors.
Students who have never re-
ceived a previous statutory defer-
ment to attend college, including
| freshmen who began work this
fall, are entitled to a statutory
! deferment for a full academic year.
After that time, however, defer*
| ment will have to be on other
grounds, such as test score or class
The state draft director said
students who have taken the test
Itefore will not be allowed to take
I it again.
Cheerleaders Set Snake Dance;
Band to Play at Pre-Game Rally
New Yells to Be Taught at Pep Session;
Special Stage Show to Be Held Thursday
Applications Due Monday
For Fall Magazine Editor
Applications for fall Avesls editor will be accepted until noon
Monday, according to Dr. E. U. Ballard, chairman of the publica-
tions council.
Dr. Ballard announced that the council will meet at I p.m. Mon-
day in room 101 of the journalism building to read and discuss letters
of application and select the editor.
Letters of application should be placed in Dr. Mallard's faculty
box. Students applying during the summer should write new letters
of applications. Dr. Ballard aaid.
Students seeking the editorial position are relented to be in
the journalism building during the meeting for possible interviews.
I luring the meeting:, the committee will also discuss the possi-
bility of sending delegates to the National Associated t'ollegiate
Press contention to be held Oct. 18-20 In Pittsburgh, Pa.
35th YEAR
The Campus Chat
NO. 4
KhkU'm will niuke like Miiaken Thursday in it winding danoe culminating in a pep rally.
The will be in pre| aration for the first home foot bull game against the
East Texan State Teacher* college Lions at 8 p.m. Friday.
The cheerleaders and a pop band will circle the campus between 7 p.m. and 7:15 p.m.
Thursday, picking up collegians in the snake dance line.
Eds are urged to make dates for 7 p.m. and meet their girl friends at the dorms in
time to Join the snake dance, which |
will end in front of llarrlss gym
naaium in a mass pep rally, Cheer-
leader Pat Noah, Denton, said.
Following the pop rally there
will be a special stage show at the
main auditorium, where another
yell session will be held.
New yells will bo taught and old
ones practiced at the pep rally in
front of the I'll Miss Noah an-
nounced that in case of bad weath-
er the pep rally will be held in the
Howdy room. A band will lie on
hand during the rallies to play
martial music and school songs.
Many new yells have lawn con-
tributed to the yell box In the I' B.
but the cheer squad is still urging
students to contribute to the collec-
tion. The yells may bo original or
Imported from other schools.
Air ROTC Issues Uniforms;
Local Unit to March Fridays
Blue uniformed cadets will be n
familiar sight on the campus every
Friday, beginning sometime dur-
ing the latter part of this month,
according to l,t. Col. D. B. Orr,
commandant of the North Texas
cadet corps.
Issuing of the uniforms is now
in progress at the ROTC supply
building, just east of the new wom-
en's irym. Corps Supply Sgt. E. M.
Dotiowho said that approximately;
twenty cadets have already received j
their uniforms, which consist of!
two summer khaki uniforms and 1
one blue serge winter uniform. j
Shoes, socks, belts, ties, insignia, |
and garrison caps are also being
issued to each cadet in the basic, j
E. M. Donowho, supply 'sergeant
fo> the local ROTC unit, hands,
♦he armload of Gl clothing lo
cal trainee-, will wear to I larvey
Wallter,' a "sophomore from Ir
vinq. Photo by Mllnap
or freshman ami sophomore, ait-
science courses. Junior and senior
students in the advanced courses
are not ret]uired to buy their own
About half of the necessary num-
ber of uniforms have alrendy ar-
rived from the H22nd Air Force
Specialised depot at Muywood,
Calif., and the other half is ex-
pected before the end of this
month, according to Sergeant Don-
The cadet corps, now numbering.
470, will 1m- required to wear the
uniform each Friday between H
a.m. and .'I p.m. The entire corps
will drill on Fridays between I
p.m. and !< p.m. on the area im-
mediately west of the men's gym.
Last Friday's drill was canceled
I because of rain.
Heidi Show to Feature
Taylor, Lawhon Oct. 72
Two local North Texas students . "Daughter of the Regiment" here
are among five winners of an au- last spring, lie sang the leading
dition to select contestant:* for I lor- ! u le of Tonio in the Opera work-
ace Heidi's stage show Oct. 12.
Johnny Lawhon, Denton, won
with a solo on the bell lyra and
David Taylor, also of Denton, sang
arias from I .a Bohenie and Martha.
Others who won auditions were
Kathyn Sue lletbel, Kl Dorado,
Ark., singing My Johann and Lover
Come Rack to Me; Terry Kantro-
wits, Arlington, Va.. and Mary Ann
Hcebe, Natchez, Miss., with a song
nnd-dnnco routine to Sweet Georgia
Brown, These five won over fiO
othei contestants who appeared be
fore Horace Heidi's talent scout.
The concert program is set for
Hp.m. Oct, 12 in the main au-
ditorium at Texas State College
for Women. The contest will not
be a regular broadcast but will
feature the winners of auditions.
The winner out of these five will
appear on the regular Sunday
nigh! Horace Heidi's Youth Op
port unity show.
The show will play only one per-
formance, at H p.m. Tickets for
student body members are $1.20
with an activity ticket, Other tick-
ets are «:< and fl.21).
Taylor appeared in Donizetti's
Elections Slated for Oct. 12;
Petitions Due Saturday Noon
t hat News Assistant
The annual fall election of class
officers and senators was approved
for Oct. 12 by the student senate
Tuesday night.
Two polls will be open on elec-
tion day from H a.m. until noon
and Iictween 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.
Ilallot boxes will be placed at the
west entrance to the UB and at
a point midway between the ad-
2.0 Honor Roll Lists 240 Students
Petitions for places on the ballot, ministration and manual arts
will be distributed to campus poli
; ticians beginning at noon today in
room A of the union building. Koch
buildings, weather permitting.
Senators approved the dates for
the election and assembly on the
First steps in preparation for
the annual Halloween carnival were
taken Tuesday night with the ap-
pointment of Peggy IIuse, Dallas,
as chairman of the general affairs
••hop production.
Taylor is also a memlier of the
A Cappttlla choir and the Grand
i chorus.
Lawhon, a freshman student, is
a business major with u minor in
music. He is u member of the col-
lew band,
Student Directories
To Be Released
To Students Oct. 15
Still worrying about the phone
! number of that coed who sits next
| to you in chemistry lab?
Worry no more. The student di-
i rectory publication date has been
, m | at approximately Oct 15, sub-
j ject to the print shop schedule, ac-
cording to J. D. Hall, director of
; the college press.
It has been found that many
students placed the wrong informa-
j tion ii the news bureau cards or
have since changed this informa-
I tion, thus causing conflict in print-
ing the directory correctly. Hall
urges that all students Is- careful
in filling out these cards as to
their names, addresses, and tele-
phone numbers. If the student doe*
find his information is incorrect,
Hull asks that it be corrected in
the print shop ns soon as possible.
Student directories contain
names, addresses, post office boxes,
telephone numbers, home towns,
and classifications of all students
on the campus.
Last week the Chat printed the
names of students who made the
,'t.O and 2.5 honor rolls during the
summer session.
The 2.0 honor list includes these
Adams Brent
Daniel Bates, Jeanette Batim, Ev- j Bunch, Mrs. Louise Burrell, Peter Edelweiss Bucy Grewell, Elvira
elyn Jean Bauman, Ometha Ann Buryiak, Thyra Jean Butler, Jack Guerra.
Solley Bearden, James Duguld Bell, Rhea Buttran. Betty Guest, Jerome David Guil-
Clarence Richard Belt, Frank El- Elizabeth Ann Callahan, Doro- Edna^Beth Hal1. Robert T.
lis Benham, Yvonne Fay Bennett, thy Jean Carlson, Anita Dale far-! "ope Gaynell Hampton, Mary
Gladys Robertson Benton, Harry r0||t |<Broy Ray Gurry, Richard Pointer Harmon, Alice Joan
Kellogg Benton, George Albert ; Caatleherry, W. Cleveland Caton,' Bensen, Thelma Elrod Hardesty,
Billy Joyce Adams, Hollis Dur-! Benr., Charles Ronald Berry, Nelda j Charles Houston Chapman, Remn Norma Jeanne Hargrove, Ruby
wood Adams, Kathleen Adams, Jean Bluck, W illiam Edward Blair, ,|„ Chiorgno, Billy Ray' ('lark. Mosters Heath. average
Beverly Jean Anderson, Dorothy j Emogcne Hlnnton, Annie Mary j Betty Carolyn Clements, Elba lleflin-l.indsaj Two representatives to the Worn-
Jewel Anderson, Max Stanton An-J Bounds! Betty Jean Bowdoin, Bet Jean Colburn, Lloyd Clayton Cole, I *','nn'c Leigh Heflin, Milton |?orurn council will also be
derson, Walter Wiley Anderson,1 ty Lou Brent. Clarence W. Collins. Marilvrin Sue Heinberg, Lorn Lee Henderson, ehoaen from each class in the elec
Richard E. Arcnnd, Norman Ed- Brixton*-Endrizzi Crook Johnna Ruth Crow Alva ',Hr'JHra Annette Hendley, Roy
ward Backs, Helen Irene Baker, Evelyn Bristow, Hillie Leary Nel, 'c5rum,)ton, Earlene Elaine !lcnH'c:y' Jtt*® e"|jerto
Robert Howard Baldridge, Jack Brod, Barbara Brown, John Sparks Crumpton Creswcll Dean Davis ni, e*. Thomas Jackson ilest-
Winston Banks. Brown, La Rue Browning, Law- .lam,,s Edward Davis. '! •■J; J£* J**1,",ck"' A,,#""Hl' an all-college aasembly In the main
Jtuth Keebler Barrow, Uncas rone* Walter Brunson, Patti John Urenft Ann# „ftvjH Mgry Uu. | Juth Ho,*r' ""nry Mw,n auditorium at 10 a m next Wed-
ise Davis. Sammie Jo Davis, Del- j M J,„,|)e Kline Holland, ",,w,"y wi"
ma Lucille Denver, Donald Rich R,mn Ruth Hopkins. Carroll J. for th" MMm,bly
aid Dennis, C larence Bernhardt ||wwarj( Joyce Ann Howard, How-!
Dick. George Dickey, Bettye Jane an, Mort<|f) Hubbard, Arthur!
Dodds, Vola Blakely Durham, Hughes, Billie Joy Huston, Mildred
Joyce Marie Edgar, Orcstc Albert Martrue ffutcheaon.
| candidate must present a petition j recommendation of Carlos Rojo,
signed by 25 members of bin class Port Arthur, new elections board
before noon Saturday to insure a j chairman. Rojo, along with three |
place on the ballot. other elections board members, was
Officers to be elected by each j appointed Tuesday by Earle Young,
class are president, vice-president, Galveston, student government
secretary, treasurer, and six sen- ! president.
a tors. To be eligible for office, a Other appointees to the elec-
student must have at least a 1.0 1 Hons board are Bill Harrod, Odes
Editor, Sororities to Discuss
Yearbook Group Pictures
Yucca Editor John Lovelace, section of the yearbook," he com-
Fort Worth, will meet with the In- merited.
tersorority council at 5 p.m. today Meanwhile, shooting of class sec-
., , . ... tion pictures was proceeding ae-
to discuss the possibility of Includ- U| MuU> #l Cttn#|t||J.
7cZ„ Kimbro, HeS. and j""""Troup pieturea of sorori h.mV "studio.
' A IA... X k. 1_._ llini V >>n«M
Norman Ellis, Dallas.
ties in the IU52 Yucca.
In other business Tuesday, the | Ivel nee announeed dur Ing J he J||yr|^y Deadline Set
Candidates for office are to lie | Dallas; Mary Ann
senate approved the appointments ! summer that there would
of Hal Yeargan, Dallas; Jere Cox, he Individual pictures of fra
introduced to the student body at
Profs, Classes Move
To Education Building
water, and Kenneth Smart, Car-
rollton, to the publications council.
Pat Parker, Denton, was ap-
pointed senate clerk for the 1951-
52 session.
•alias; Jere Cox, jn" maivtauai pictures o, .ra .. ,
Jennings, Sweet-! tornity and sorority members in for N I.lCdUling TUl! LOad
Chat Staff Writer
From the new chrome-edged i H>e departmental clubs, an
name tablet In the front entrance . „ . ...
. „ 4 .. .. .. . tunlly every magaxme and book
hall to the accousttcally treato.1 rol|ltwf tn pducation, and guidance
plaster walls and ceilings, the new ! offices.
education building Is a modern
maze of terraso hallways, well-
DeShazo Urges Graduating Seniors
To Schedule Use of English Tests
Gordon Erney Jr., Larry Maurice ) Peggy Joy McDonald Johnson,! January graduates who have not I The test, which is required for
tut,IK- I®nn """Icy !• rankle, FrankieDee J<>nri jone),, Jame„ Hooks Jones, u.. . . .... .... .... Tuesday and Thuriulay at 4 p.m.
The education department's wing
boasts of such luxuries as an office
I Robert D. Irvine, Carol Lynn
Epperson-lleath Jenkins, Rosalie) Jenkins, Fredora
Trudie Elizabeth Epperson, Fred Pauline Johnson, Jon Marc John-
lighted classrooms, and numerous
faculty and guidance offices.
In the Laboratory school dlvl-
Franks, Wade Oliver Fredrickson.! Rohert I'inckard Kennedy. Student Cm of English en are j|( roof1f) 210 of the administration
George Dean Funston, Uta Byrne R„th Nelle Killlngsworth, Nina to do so immediately by Dr. building.
Gage, Tom Lewis Gallagher. Mae Lackey, Alfred Eli Lacy, Bcv- j Marian DeShazo, chairman of the Mary Walker, AC81TE secretary,
Osbaldo Garza, Betty O'Genc erly Jeanne LaGuc, Rubie Gay Af'SUE. stressed the fact that failure to
slon, according to Dr. Wayne j rjill. John Davis Glenn, Elizabeth Land, Betty Jane Lvngham, Mary, Appointments to take the exam take the test early enough could
Adams, director, the outstanding j Ann Goble, Dolores Goforth, Mar-; Largent, Frank Aloy LeMire, are made in the AC8UE office in {delay a student's graduation lw-
.... . .. t . . . . Mature «* the novel cafeterla-audl- j tha Jim Goodman, Ivan Douglas ; Bruce Lynn Llles, David Lindsay the hospital annex between I and cause of the long grading proceaa
Although the Laboratory school ; torlum. A large room, complete fjoodwin, Helen June Grabowski. (Continued next issue) 4 p.m. daily. which the tests must undergo,
has occupied its part of the build- with a full-sixed stage, it can be ,
ing since early September, the ele- changed from a cafeteria to an PreSS Time Chatter
mentary and secondary education auditorium by folding the tables
departments moved in just last an<j chair* and sliding them into j
week. j compartments under the stage, j
► 1 1 ; Chairs then can be arranged to face |
f l«. Cinms Dki Prat Diane whlch ha'' n,*w' ,nu,l, jigma rni rrat Plans Pr)|orPd noting system.
Faculty Council to Meet
Sale of Color Ribbons
Before Football Games
Green and white ribbons bearing
the slogan "Beat ET" will be sold
by the Chi Sigma Phi fraternity
preceding North Texas' first home
game Friday.
Members of the fraternity will
set up a booth in the foyer of the
union building today or Thursday.
Other "Ipiuiis with appropriate
slogans will be sold by the frater-
nity preceding the other
George Wilson, Dallas, a spokes-
man for the group, stated that the
purpose of the ribbon sale was to
stimulate school spirit and attend-
ance at the football games.
The library, a band and chorus
! room, science laboratory, home eco-
j nomics lab, and a typewriting class-
room are other parts of the junior
high section. Each of the six grades
and kindergarten of the elemen-
tary school has private entrance*
from a covered porchway.
1 Light green chalkboards, modern
| lighting systems, and numerous
windows, some with dlffuners that
tend to block glare and sunlight,
are featured throughout the build-
ing, Which hou e# 44r. students in
the Laboratory school besides the
many elementary and secondary
education clasees.
Although workmen have not com-
pleted many of the finishing touch-
es and many faculty offlcea hav«
not yet been occupied, classes are
being held throughout the building.
The faculty council, composed of
the deans and elected faculty rep-
resentatives, Is to meet at 3 p.m.
today to diseuss next year's school
New to the council are Dr. L. F.
Connell, head of the physics de-
partment, and Dr. Walter Hanoen, _ _
director of the geography depart- Camival DiSCUSSiOfi Set |
They replace Dr. J. L. Carrfco,
head of the chemistry department,
and Dr. L. W. Newton, who retired
from the history department laat
• • e
This move. Dr. Connell adds, I
will enable the faculty of the phy-
sics department to use some equip-
ment which they have been unable
to use in their present crowded
* ######################« MM«M
Dr. L. P. Connell, head of the
physics department, said this week
that he hopes to move his depart-
ment into its new quarters, In the
bottom two floors of the remodeled
science building, by Thanksgiving.
All campus organizations Inter-
ested in sponsoring booths at the
annual Halloween camival should
send a representative to a meeting
in room D of the union building at
S p.m. Thursday, according to Peg-
gy Huse. Dallas, chairman of the
ssnate committee which ia plan-
ning the earnieal.
J. T. Bayless, superintendent of
the post office, reminds all stu-
dents to make their purchases of
stamps, money orders, post cards,
and other needs before Saturday
noon, as the post office closes at
that time.
Bayless said that all special
delivery packages and special de-
livery mall that is addressed to
dormitories will be delivered to the
dormitories through the downtown
post office, as the NT station does
not have the facilities for deliver-
ina (a or mm s it mai r — ~
If the packages are addressed to
a NT box number they will be at
the NT station for studenta to
pick up, Bayless stated.
Bavless slao reminded studenta
«s JI - - nimi a ■ 1# ss s ■■^ ■
to be sure to include their box num-
ber and NT station on return Ad-
• • •
James Tinsley, professor of his-
tory, has returned to the depart-
ment after working a year on his
doctor's degree at the University of
Tinsley, who taught here one
year before taking his leave of
absence, has completed all but his
thesis and final examinations for
the advanced degree.
the yearbook. , . . .. .. , . .. ,
fndividnsl iiictore* BetHe " fuU B
v v ft w i ♦ f lit Harrin, diMiti of a<lminintmliot .
Townes, Fort Worth JntcrsororHy • ,Utas that stu.
iTXrnoor2 ^ >egisterinK after Thursday
with the council this afternoon to wi|| ,r(|uim| u, (.arr)r « n.(lllc„(1
amcufm tile* ^ j
Although he definitely favors " fhe reduction is two semester
group pictures of the fraternities i Hmln Aft(,r f)ct 1|# the r(H]uction
and sororities, I^ivelwe told th" wjjj hecom0 four m>mester hours,
Chat that he would probably follow
the wishes of members of the or-
ganisations. "After all, it's their
increasing two hours each addition-
al week.
SMILE PLEASE. Getting ready
< - ft'.i;. •a.:'#- _ 1 ' i'L- it. itt.a-HiiiiiSB- -Imi. ftimAA "t
TO toot flt ottaiCr tl Xtflj J,
leiley, 4 junior from Ciico.
Mn. Roy A. Cunningham pottt
Bailey for hit Yucca clan por-
Thsto kr Mltea*

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