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' - '-'" i "r lf ' ' ' ' '" '
ifntered as Seconr CIms Mall at
Abllsno Tessa.
Honor System for Convicts
The iAtiWttlNtt nowtllnr cas Man- wn n ce of only one m wovenleen.
tvtw prIMMr ftt8i tH Knic pattl- n it Id not r bad nock In which there
iDntiary Tut Shprr by iai Ma Is only n WafR ahcwp Schayper wan
attracts! wtile attention oi altonrthw bad a wvns evidenced
SJTlSt'ntPTlflV RJlTKIt jTvrnirBB iniimiWK m ii; .-nsuimnm hj .- mi mm mu n?'!'11 ui ins nasu
ONF YFAR SnJlO " K""a ronauci nn mmi mtm .-ratr-a mi i uriug iuiiucu upon 1110
81 c MONl 113 ''' '1o lCT pon'wrifH wr IM t honor system tetrelrtd his heart and
Minpci tftVTIlJ I ftft not inrni 10 Bprmi ine p- ;;in' " mum w nwiuuuii ms jjufjjuse io os
liNP itONTH '" jholMay at liomt- AH ptwpI on? of rr'snd ro back to face practically a
-' -'.'; ' ' ' ' '-' - 1 rotnrnwl io th ptnltmtMr? I Hl Imprisonment. The punishment or
I for the (titration of the ttarote. Tlw this broken nledce Ia a harder lmfe
TELEPHONES: jotnr-r. ftrhppr loitered nil the wm In the prison and a loss of prestige'
nnslnes and ftinralatlon 67 arriving aftw M parole had expired mai it win take hin a Ionp time to re
FdUorial Office ... 829
Society v. J697 or 34a
Pehapper spent his vacation In (lal rorer Affor all. liowever. should hot
veslon and started hac in ample t!nv th" fact that the prisoner was tempt
tint a he has since explained doeldil H to take advantaso of his opportune
after reaching ftart Worth that Inste tv to escape a lonp term of Imprison
Subscribers faillne to recetv e their Da-
per regularly will eonfer a favor upon of returning to serve the remftlnUij: ?1 n-nt -ven though he should violate
the management by reporting the years of his sentence r-r would flee to t pledge In doing so but resisted tho
same to the business office. 'Phono Mexico Tie' changed hl mind when mntaUon whon he realized how It
Wo. 7
any person firm or corporation which
mry occur in the columns of THE Kfc
L'OltTEK will be gladly corrected upon
Its being brought to the attention of
the firm.
he read In a morn'ne newpapor that won hi affect his associates nnd the
the other sMSda of hi aoWtSrtaH nflf ytfl of the nrlson. connl
the rtnred lo live prtwm and were hoptnc - meUlfng In his favor
Put to the credit of the warden be
Anr erroneous reflection upon
Character stand'ng or reputation of that he weutd not hrlng reproach upor
nEDE$IAY J AX. K. 1'Jlt.
rav jonr poll tfaad he able tc
in uie ciiy election in Anrii k.
the honor system which i editor of t aaitl that he has not been discour-
se prison newspaper he had tronglr retl by one Infringement of the svb
advocated Aftor this he reported at t- m-a sj-stem that Is Intended to be
nollfo headquarters. innon-ne Utst more reformative than pnnltlve. whlph
he would return as quickly a pSn!hl exemplified rather than discredited
but he had already broken M paro'e hy Ihe.tomptatlon and the overcomlnc
by overstaying his time Up had do of It In the case of Schapper The
stroypd tho confidence that hid been warden has announced his purpose to
rep6ed In hltn and tho prtoo author- extend U still further nnd to give It
tls trok no farther chances n nfft- even a greater test. In the language
cr wwf dhptched to brine him In of Thomas Mott Osborne lalo wanlen
and the time he hd gainst bv eood Of Sing Sine prison who hna ctrrn
behavior was sacrificed. much study to criminology and has de-
rn warden or ine neniienuirv ot voted tumseir to orison reform-
- k: ' . ... 1 ' . ." " "
eeiy cnagnaoa oy tnw wmarv xxa-i inP criminal Is a humnn bolng
iaii"u oi a system to wn en ne rn noject to an tile frailties of other
2h ..? Sf S2SK: ttS" ifi! ! !" ? 'Un. beings). Sli him . ohlSS
. H. wswiHaw w li ClIUVEL Ml wall . 4m. Iht ! n Krtr ! ITx-. !! L t. . ...
b mt. the question to the vofrs of the Vo-rs whrm he tn- f n.te nut It right of way --Sn b" JT
-- an'a.wu
Debates and Decisions
By frank Oriraes
I on t forget that Abilene needs low-
er firr insurance and that the wav to
get it Is to lower the fcejVate." It
m le done If the people Wl talk
t ' ' tatter ever With our eltv nfldtiali
t a neeu to be .lotto. j 0jly a fpw n
i tfce voter may qualify.' it b the dMUr
V ic-t to commend the good work every clttaen. Mack and whlta to
i r t c offtcen are doing. Sheriff Py a poll tax. and after February lt
1 oiw ii County Attorney Graham. will he too late While It is an
l its V S Marshal Crawford. Com- "off" year and there wMI be no eoun-
wisoner GIrand AMUtant Chief of y clectldoa. a cttr el-ctlon will bo
folf Whaler. With all th mat nt held in th anrliur nf b.K!(4i Hair
u8 who helpod run in the al-
d negro bootloggers. hav our
profoaw! THANKS. Tl.ank oti
"" ' I'm- W !-awon created a sen
sat in when he began to give namo
' 'v clalmM he had been told ha1
:e f the IraX on the Tret
. ir- message Mr lienrj and th.
it r pa 'tie r.entioned have iasjet
pir t denta.x rf any knolrjrof t'f
le.iV -lt i xin' mess" but out of H
w." i"n ff d frr the public It
ri- ' hurtn asl'ate
mayor and two aldermen will b
elected for the ensninr two yar. mad
it is possible th.-'t otlier elections will
tc held alao V he-fore. It brtoovee
every man to rav bin city and county
noli tax. If h Intends to have any
o'-e in the r'tv. county and state
!CTernment -ITenham Bannor-lrcsj
And tr-"u prohlblttoa of statewide
Jiirerior- w-rtbably wtll b voted o
ind tiat l i question that every en-
ine ter tiould exprtra a choice
In A io't tax recolpt coats little
-nd may ni.Hn much. Every true cit-
izen should fiac one.
Not llolng It on Purpose.
"Did iou say there were accidentals
In that muskr asked Mr. Cumrox.
"A great many" answorcd his
uaughter. who has musical ambitions
"Well s a groat comfort to know
that you were not doing it all on pur-
11 ben Mie Would Kcturn.
"I saw your mother going to one of
the neighbors Just as I orossod tho
fttreet" snid the lady caller to her
friend's little son. "Do you know hn.
ho will be backr
"Jerm answ43XQi the truthful jim-
my; -she tfi she'd b back Just as
rooi as you left."
-sUnoi d matter wtt Rast
".'s the troth and Abilene folk
t. v..rhtv hnppv For sereml monthr
a number of negro r iae ben
t- ir of nlgaer tOwa" a regviai
1- B'Tt" ! . that Oav has paat
I'eii Ip mho v been cprahi? to Abl
'i fur the 'louor may u well seeV
. t - quarti r- liflene hat rleanff
'. nefn .niot'eggera and the-
Le ro n ore alley saloon here
Tv it uml moil- alleged offender
i i. I n.d v tar and prep?ct ar
r oU lT ot - tiding landed ther
i Kttt thd1 l not all of the atT-j
c 'i tii-gr nrh and WIsl neg-
v il&" are going to lie rpV an'
w r .d on n K piles Abilene baa pH
P ith bait niggers" end lewd n
r uonjeo walkinr the street of thf
t ;ftr 4c rk as loos a she In
"d to put up lth it The f fleer
mi i ' ! i( i d every aunport In tbeli
effort to eafore the law.
t t
... fHtt'-'
trm kmvi'
A to th'
. i li w I
tiidge pitting s
drawn a WU to be pr-
leg'slatere the objct
.re one of '' great-
Five year ago It wa prdlcted that
h aatomoMIe had eeme to stayi and
hot before another docada. It woold
m thir principal meana of travel. Iat
Woineaday oven log. flfty-fonr astot
meotlcs. the owner of which were
mostly shopper were counted en the
streets of Sterling whllo a atngle
tonu of horses attached to a buggy
itccd at one of the tubatantial Wtch-i
tc poti planted by our uomm:-ron-ens
court a few year no with the
idea that they would always b need-
'd. It necrua that the prediction hrs
ctue true Sterling Cit Xew.Rec-
orti Spend a few days In the country
vf yoi want to to what extent the
3'itomob le ha Invaded "ex' nook
ind crannv cf the laiid The farmer
eu service aa eJl as pleasure from
the automobile He niaUe a quick
trip to market with hi produc llt
hb kinsfolk in the next otmty or
aks a flier to the tcint cent h
r.Unute when- it took hours before
And the farmr 1 abl to afford the
cotD juai now if anbo.'y l.
T tll vi urt e tig -the praclic of
i uing t u in court without auf-
t grotindi' Caaii t down fo'
.nyt4 t t tontianud and th."
Oklahoma legtslau.rs are cenMr-
tag th- creation of th. offk-e of "High
kerr- for that gtntc who "
Careful About Secrets
My son" aaid the father "I waut
io icu yon mat tho secret of my suc-
case as it must be of any man's is
hard work -
S!i! Father." replied the son "I
w't onre to hear other peoplo's sec-
Wtn and 1 am too much of a eantlo-
nmm w ww au-ntag of information
Saumu in tnat way. Say no more." '
11 Well lla the Trutliful Endf
Vhy don't yoir go inr aakd one
tratnp uf another aa they atood before
in gata. rmi dog' aU rlchl: don't
yon see hint waggla" hla tftlir
-Snre I do" said the second tramp
bnt hrt a-growlln too and I don't
know which end to believe."
Why Vengeance Wa l)ela)ed.
Tn fat policeman was fairly bqtHag
with wrath aa he dragged hie prisoner
bfor th police jusUca.
"Yer Anner." he ahontod "Uila here
man called We -a hippopotamus!"
"Whan did he call you that!" asked
the judge.
A year ago yer Anner."
"Hnt why did you wait a year before
arresting hlwr
The fat poltcemaH grew visibly mad-
der "Seeauca. yer Anuer." he bawled;
-OI nlver saw jr"hip1opotamu until
Ladies' Suits
Coat Suits
and Dresses
The Tiio.(;0d.
J H Jewett. HMrtsr of the Fifth
nc I.wim jurors and itr.eaaea ratiiritv to oreanbu- z tocm having.
ri ibt i!.. il not be tonttnued mKktl the same power and duties Av-aue F'retibytcrUa church onco said
(Mfi i(r tourta tiec-osae r-l . Haccer forces of tb sta'? Tiii a dinner
.ml f juatta lat eptetb- j a yAW honestly enfore'd a "U-ltror it front the ioa-good. front
tr. - .ir 4w mm to mob roteu tho lw-abW:ng Eer. .. aur&isht-laced from tho blgotad.
at -! r-a!Bg rren djiht r . rrtmtna (flmn-uuHy irom tae
Va! '.'.- tcntiment" th' ao tno'ougfeijr
reraitzes the executive ant of It la
ii wan conuBunteoa Mnndny Tiwi
u caw i: i n e were ta grr-
-ir. oajr hd " Ht down for trU.1.
. . t fte t at THF LAWYERS had
.-a i. . . ofcr far tf weak ii
"fi ii'. i ii. Mt'.rneya at
I ' r t. u i to irnlli-r ca
i i a .ndri tl aa I'
. it rime j itoni to eotifcid oolj
Uu wra i 'i ni-ut-en it urt trials
.. ..s. t iet y the penaltv of be-
g .uabfed around any wa for beini
"foriunt bough to be in turt I
"TM U-good beoMe hard narrow
and erual. I know a too-good 'Sunday
choot aoHtrtuUMuieai who aatd one
Sunday in the urs of his usual ad-
rr time Tt you;
titue that trr wa a change aa j hM j way
iil to aappre
to not on of
The Oklahoma legila-or found time ;4re
e. u.s an antl-e garet law but j " 'Our attendano U very verv j;ood
rr it nav. bwa too r usy'oa we gb- today. In fart wo are aU hr but It-
t tJBtur like tht to m4l- la tojtif Cathertne Stnunona All her but
tB the bant robfcers who rdr UmUe Cathorin' What obstacle has
lm. of fi tela for a luuidfni of EMver fc4rBt UUXte ig awa i m
As a thoice taetwoan ignrn and bof that be i net well " Wash-
muL rowers. gw sw- -- wta Kfar.
a' orts i u a to th da the y
t wet down tor tnal
siste of Okte-)
to go k ha-
and th ctg-
the yrterinal
1 1
r u
dura a't UiUtfety gao uurtttvi
vn a Mluw h fatal' and dent K3I1'L0LS Or 3KNIf '
hchtiu how away maimers j IS)AIa MIST (JlALll'V
b TL do ry ell for .
b4 i'f r hot fK-r th' I REUO Te Jl K JU a r-
.otiid but hv birthday uU tl.e targe aaru'ir of ntilroad
t r raicfi -ymmpYtmr sn wwou whictnorwHrr r.
-!.iMtli ' la; eo hnowing too ithr.Jtijniut th wsm ' of Mxio
bout . tM-i-iMi Hoaovor aAtliukd cffictaU have inautd a eircu
jx m i . ' mioiially It Kappm tfcwr il .-man trUM Kant all em:loyee ms.
.-... fc j . .-.. . . -. .. a . ;
Ah Ounce f I'ret trutiun.
Iw Broun ra a j.hlsgtnaUc man
who nnaaJtf took M own time at an-
wetfrs a nrgust oalto but one day
n httad around in a gnat fcnrry
"Hre. Wavw has sant for w to
wmn and m br hoy. and I wast go
at ana he aaid
Wm hi lh wUr with tn bey
aalrarf th daMMk urfb
? -T doat feaaw"- ha ssJM "but Mrs
Vsaairar ha a boob on 'What to do e
Vifaro tae Doctor Qmmm and au.4t
.. aaa. m iw aa nviawm imii rw n nnr m jiu?
t ot 4 ui mil weru ti iiru a 'let eaajatcauaa and 'frSYortr wmn
MrL)ie Ntr oj4 ot ol Btii-'unulifud ar- to be iuundiatiy re-T "
t t.d uutf Wtndj CU tij. h jf r i -ri ordit ti ! . " .
MunU b 'u4 ctibrfd fa Mj..ia . ..pcTs -rarhiig t - U.' '' n Tlffl9 Ahead.
r0 rai it io .. 1 1 df. 1 aare nangliter a iald.
- u . - . t - t t I Fatr" ah anl. "wiidi ha eoaie
i i'i r to oouav uitoi-rj4 luaan nr vi' htaoe I can n r rwhi" I
rt h'.ci uina.ifhr fbenMsti brakt-u.' rj ner had a ih yon wr uaf aax-
r r uf
I '
t !
b it Uein 1 1
Rllli 11'. ttra 6irt
i wben i lUii 'nu!
K'i.i Ttu tuau.lf twr !&
i ( v i b.
u -u taf ' .' mtfaia.yi
m b vitiij i rataua.
.: t lt . r it Ul
w ' kui ' itri:a tin
a v U4 tJ . u m iiid it fc. uac
tO litV H) .r tit K Hrit.u r.o
hiiH'drlb ui. La; pmew t t Btl
4 mm" hi v '
i t
t grakf utki agent other tou lu grotty
a )oonc m eadof tc crt a it ted my wat
j. i . i ffj i t i j tif' t . i" ev-
i i i
i- itae irn aa-
.i!.n u )!! rtrdjdu r-k- wil'
t ri. t in uit.!uuiti
' . i- ii ;fct Ij. rS I.
and yon 074a awHatoi
nd nnndod s t munay
all a. ru 0 tWnsa Uw J Hadn't
1 thought of Bat ae I aave.le
-. f etr eutt I nasi and yen
K T '
kl;.t r tjj - . i
r ' tf .4 j.jrf auj aJilc ( 1 thiiav
We unute of ma&ty ml von rati
U anaa'i ettmvignc il4 taa-
rtbly n4 Utc kt on a t'. 1 tW
witL tiMtt Ui tltk vr do.id' uf ha
Chestnut St.
South Side
ed. "1 love you aa ntnch aa jvp But
you are aon to 1 rrjarned. ttd i an
trying gradually to prejitr. ynM fori I. equipment. ad th awMitint of time
the chaligt-' - N V01 k T....'
end aa outlla of the conraa of atgdy
oowing me nnmner or puniia enrou
oeroteu to tho subject l'rum thia
data imporunt atattetics concritittf
the ork all over tho atate can fee
tomplled x
The forthcoming meetnig . la th
fifth annual Home Eoonointca Week
to be held at the I'niTeraUy of Texan.
Decidedly the moat attractive roatar
of prominent apeakera that haa ever
letu obtained tor lhl work la already
aecured. and ihitrs&?tu; protntaea to
be the moavnithuaiaallcVver held In
AUSTIN. Tex Jan 1G Eer shoo'
In Texas In which Home Eronomk's
la noi being taught will he clven an or
opportunity to hae a part In the Home ! ner
economics Week to he held at the Inl-
versltj ot Texas beginning Febntary
12. Miss Mary E. Georing head of
the School of Home Heooomics of the
l'tilversit. bag aUdresaed letters to
each of theao teachers urging them to
send an exhibit of the work being doae
la their school for ute during the Aus-
tin meeting A number of teacher
attend thia meeting and one of th?
purpose of the exhibit ie to afford
an opportunity for them to see the
work that is being done in other
schools In addition it is hoped to
stimulate general Interest in the
work by tiie exhibition of specimen.
to tne Matting club women and par
ents These school are reaueated to
send samples of their work in Hotw
Hceuamlca. such a toaipleted gi
meata designs for eoatUBiea. inter
Had itahltsJ
eight o'clock
and hate din-
certain JJbe
trnibled withindltrstlon TJrT.v do
noi aiiow tiBja rorne mwy-(o digeat
betire takiog arfher JtT le than
fivl liours should?pe between
TOOK If jou atrtubled with imii-
geatfno . ori&gcyour habit and lake
ChatubrTSin's Tablets and ou may
reaaonably hope for a quick recovery
These tablet strengthen the stomach
nnd enabU it to perform iu function
naturally Obtainable everywhere
Associated Press
ilNOTO.V. Jan 1 Tte AlaV-
rtal Ueeeae tax U i.por
and wiuiag (.orporatioi was
effect todny by tb- rtoprem
decoration and house plan dietafi
ouogeta or nienae or any outer 11 iiouri wbicb ruiedtnet ajpea!R ir tr t
lustrative work of the pupils akiigtaa fom the loner cort upholding
the course They are also 4itdf tt ' thia were disniied
wy imn
1 " am
t. J an tri
li' tUhiEf
a p it into
II it'out
tt I thul
" e wuyw a a aafcy waa i w -
I f- y J
J Beauty 3iidraA5uter ChjL&nQx "
3Iany women re dbjTarifnpd by the fVar f losing
thr sraeful liatire lijfbUJbirtb Py u-in "SliftUfr s
Jru.i u a nM.tl ufj.ty aw j. r. t 5t ii..:
of Ute piunj laliJci! io r kii S oi wit wilt b el njttil
tae tte ranrojP "Muluet lnl rot m(u etr haa-
"". mai " VWKnrm lt V h w'' 'rjO w4tb mm Crft It -J.
VnteV t r wfrni1 &MiT ' '" & oe Metaerbuod Id yAiTS.
t" .TBjeJIStWf lUsfuUtur t. SH Laar Kd jiternAlA
nm ww ) AtUbU- i . fu iA
' Jf iaaaaaaawaamnaiaMaMwaaaaity&)aig
; ' a . ....... rrT.
"""""""""" """" " ' J. . rnri-in-1111111 n inn m im mi i
Exposure MJ&tlJt&k
DSemte Etc mSft2Aj
Baby Picture
At Home no
to Weather
$50.00 Reward
Five passenger 1917 Touring Blue Bod
Red wheels Muffler cut out. Lost in Vacn
December 27 191(5. Last seen at Gasoline
Station at McGregor. Addrc-.ss
' Insurance Bldg. Dallas.
Is Your Car insured against theft?. The cost
is low SEE
SI ITB-l" .L ill'' .
I "'I 1 ' tj
A Few Thousand Dollars
nonHf majfeia ttefln BLpnjJtng .urlak Morcatttil Uund-
f!ieaUllfit3iu int !L AV wnnt it $H
nignifc -" " " .
Gompsre $k Gornpere
Loan Dapartmont
. If it is service you want v have it.
have the equipment with which we can gh t I
you two hours service on Cleaning and
Pressing your suit Give us a trial.
Cagie Tailoring Comp'y
Will find in our etock all neeeuary pata Slum Varnul;
laiamels etc. for both interior and exterior woodwork c
-plaster while our mammoth stock of
Consisting of U largest Wall Paper stoak in Abilene off."
xonptioBol oijpertunitig to tljrim!natiue buyers both whol
ealo aM retail. ' '
In pme will U askad wbiie a leading Kastera wall paper a
ufaetuwr has jUst mlrtwd that bia wwiwity will put iuto
f lh10mWk8 Pr dUt inorease to Priee aU Krld'a
aoiLar yiu gate at It u yTj btraMga.
Your Home J Our Studio
ill iiijaaiaujanj -iuu it"
! t f . htsf rut a nui !4p
-W vsi fciin. u.t Iuti auwar
It Nys Ti lti The ttprtir Wait hit

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