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two-dw ki utir or sm-
m;uy yji:i.ds itm li.u i. rent
lFinTfiTinW MING CO.
Sheriff Jolin Horn! linn returned
from Jan- couhty Where hct J
company with four other offlcera
Including the aheriff of .lone coun-
ty raided u whiskey still securing
h miantlty of booee and mash. The
still was on of the moil coihplete
ever found Sheriff Itynd said unrt
apparently had been In operation
for a period two year. bn
hundred unltohii of mash were cort-
flatted bv iho officers
FoUr arrests Wett' ijiadn. In con-
net tion -with tile finding of tJm
Mill Hiia t;io suspects are beta
held at Anaoti. 'fhat tha laid will
put a considerable 'rrinip lu lh
Supply of "wet tfouda" 'Jn Abilanp
and iTnlrtr county vkn xnre'ed
bv the offers Jt wm nalu that the
etll has been lift vi hjt a pood busi-
ness in Abilene Jt was tbfrnmh a
'"Hji" that the shorlftl Office heft
i'uceltl that the laid Has made
ttnd tle mill found.
SchiHkmI Slllittiory
Tile near.ii for the Mill con-
sumed the. btter patt of lo day.
and the officers Were forced to
walk through the'dm sand which
abound hi that jtart f Jona count
t-y Mown at) the 'shinoery." '
"The. aand wai suite 1ibt ton'
Sheilff Uool sa.lti Home of th.e of-
fhera cahife out with blistered fvt.
Vhen thfl offcera 'vtmt to a
house in search' of lltttyor ilioy. iortde'
a aeareli of tha house Sheriff Bond
went to u bureau drawer and fttimd
two revolvers. '-Art aged wontap
wa In the room
"Theieu nothing lit that rtmw-
it''t ajhe wild 'Ton kecu put 'of
it!" Who of fleer Bceurnd lh KUns.
"l'lfti all runic hern -ftiid mpm up
thlH holKlluee" sire said tv the
officer. ''Now vou fix everything
buck Just lihe -you f on lid It"
'All Htflu grandma' the Mflrer
replied U'll do that (U right." - l
.MHl lUl tiiis.
I-ater "Hrandma" asked1 him
about whc'ier ths r'pivera Weio
vjilh lie had found i
-"1 tiitiBht you aid that tlre
weren't any Kjma'in that drawerV"
Din ii f ft r-or Hiilil.
"Well I.dJa." the iiiHe."f(uH
I Waa. nwd .tuehv'"
And.-when th tfflcra ve(f ieat
HOUSTON June 3--Judgn C
AV ltnbihRon of criminal district
rryrt tr4ay notified Sheriff Mitt
ford tliat If another. "demonMra
lion" in faVor of 'three dooae
Creek nnut tte for eontempti wo-
curred ni the cminty.JaVI lie would
end the hien inllaa away "jo far
thAt It wnuld be lrtipowlbl for
their misguided frlenda to aea
ThurjMlay hjght crowd of sev-
eral hundred gatliered ll front of
tho 'Jail yard and tttrernKtled tHq
Iudrn KaldnMm told tlfe sheriff
that surli oacnemjeff ihbuld not
be trmttted
ll desTttrert tlwt lich demOn
atrjtloi) are ltk "throW'ing Ice wat.
er m Uia law."
'Thwe ndaguWed monMn Jail"
hn went on. Xww"iiow' they ooum
gt iil If they -wanton to obey the
law.' '
The three wrei' nt to Jail
ThUrxitlriV after they hnd tefuaed
to anawer certain gland Jury ie
(liieatjn telative' to flof?(tlnK In
thn vicinity of 3o.oaj Cpeek
A aeconti (I'-inpnatraUon predle'1-
te' f)r faal night. fallM to irtae-
DHlMAlCKVa' KliltlljLS '2'
CAitts ariiiiuieb in;
n- preparatory to reiumtnir'tlielr
teaieh. "erandma" caMa near Clea-
t1ijt what uifght hay been' it aef-
IPU jnnianon lor ine oi.ncerf. Yll..l .u .1. .... iicilft ul
MtTkel. MBiawmbernf th jWt-1 '?"! !; T"1 " ! Motile.
Xf' aitempt to cut out oh n
MntWl space 'If yot have not n
BVitUurt- tabrt le .the ivltcheii tt-
'bh. lT-w 3lua -iMiallly ahd liaMe
freely'and cate'fully. "If you insist
Vt1 ttnn)ftng HnlftB iJ)( of
huyiaK tht'tn itfady li').de make
Hovwnl nt a lltue und hae tiit-iu
ready. - .
lie mil? thai all bias effect"
skirt breadth bodices or fri;n-
inlttfjH aro c:itly blaa ai'd lmie
through the canter always cut
exactly on 'UvifMht diagoitHl HHe
f'roni 'cot'ner to earn Or of a miurfc
(K.Kobds " iy a fjld'(Jowii tha
tt'etr ul m W lintnjr and a
ijfci't'bwor one jrum thy -awiuiriertt
fti front: fo uot atretck'any part
of the material- but have ail llnr-
-ing a trifle lobie.
Atateh tn nana fareruiiy to-
ge'fitfef and new them fiom tiv bot
SentUng Important enclosure by
mail. I'm off for NW' York to
bing Leslie home Kxpect Mr. and
WUa. Hamilton will come with us.
Jjwn't need you now. Come when-
uief you darn pleaae. JACK.
J.ctter Kroui Sjdtiey Carton to
lolm AliU'ii I'rvsfoil.
I rrtnfes. old Chap that I road
Hor little raula'a letter which you
Hunt me Wlthput any comment with
tmra in my eye.
1 ncter thought ahe had so much
aoul. Hut 1 auesa thHt In W'liero the
uiost of us make a mistake In ie-
jrard to tjie women whom we klaa
aVvd leave. Wo are sb npt to dlvldo
t)i fenln(ne tnx Into two classes-
gfiod or bad and 1 have nlmost
cjuhe to th conclusloit that all w'o-
nion are gt)6d audi bad. They are.
Just human after all exactly as wo
are .Jack.
Jt seemV to me that we should
gfet oer the old theory that tHero
Ik a imrt vf us which no good wot
nwtu i km aatlafy ?owadaya men
r not Iteast. although I oxpoct
that whep ou read poor little l'au-
lft?s letter ou flt yotitself one.
AJtoway we .havo outgrown tho
ciivo man -mid why should the rert
of the ttadttlon. that It takes both
ill aiigcl ad a duAlI o -make a .man
prfeiHjy happy Mtill Hngor'
'I'm not so sure Jack that If
you had married I 'aula 1'errler. shu
uviitd tint hrivt lnnilA vnn hntitller
J-tivatl heslie .hH' is ton Rood for
yon. and besides she Is
a daughtci of luxuiy-
help that poor Kirl It Is tho W'R
alio haa been brought up tho en-
I Irnllliipnt (titn .. ll.t rill.i Wft linrftl '
Ijlttle 1'errler on tho contrary
knowa how to economise. Tlie very
fact that shu told you slio received
more for your gift than you paid
for It shows she has a thrifty mind
and Is ohe that can mako the boat
of a financial stump.
I am rather Riod that tilings
have turned out this way. In fact
I'm vory'slati that l'aula has kopt
back that ono letter which I cx
pect Is the most incriminating
I don't want yott tp get off too
easy Jack. I hopo foar and re-
morso will gnaw nt your vitals for
Homo tltno to coino for otwoon ou
anil nio jaca you uiu piay i-nuia a
d -H- mean trick.
While I hope that I am pot one
o( those "holler than thou" poi-
sons 1 think had I boon In pur
shoes however hard 1 had heed
bottled over by Leslie I would havo
triod tt have gotten out of tho old
love bofoio I had gotten Into the
now. r
'I khow what you aro saying
Jack that It's very easy tp prouch.
And I am Mill holding back in my
lplnd as an oxctiso for you that pos
dliiy I might have ilono thq wimo
thing .after all. '
I shall "dirli nlenso" come over
to seo you as soon as you rolilrn.
T 1 ke Ioslle; like hor whole family
veiS' much except tho man sho-
floodbye old chap I'm t;lad
soitih of your troubles nrfe over
'lOMOKUOW: bcolle 1'roscott to
onsentlaUT.Sillicy CaWmi A Itcpcntcd Inlt.a-
ho can i j noil
Abilene Party to
Make Motor Visit
to Pacific Coast
.lng patts. Ho its seated ljeai: tho
nouse .una out or nis nip poaijoi
jirptrudcd onn of th revolerji'tho
officers Jial onf.iscated put of thU(
boroau ttratvfi. "atandiua" say
that gun and xlecided to get It.
"feho jihmeJMUt of tho 1oue"
Fhprjff Bond naid. ''and 1& hen
('hjtkons and snie doi he had
and alippi'd annind behind Vln
teii X fi i in alxmt three nr four
fi-ct nIiv- aiadi liinge fin r -oltu
but Jinks iiwnngi) to t?'t
nut of th i 'IF J tould oly
ba;e jjot that jfUn ' she ail I
ould have rnntle nhijrt order of all
of you" " the sheilff tjuottfij livi".
' ""' M i1
LTot Weather Here
. But Breezes Keep
Everybody "Cool"
' "Shore i hoi " That' was the
greeting With which friend
friend and foa met foe heie
Urday The .Weather constituted
(he chief topic of conversation and
NpVr stretch acurvd &eam Make
the shoulder scams fis no.irly a
s-iratpljt.stant as possible bU; with
the fropt a trifle shorter tlinn te
buck Then in. sewing stretch tU
fifirit tb fU toaaftng with smalt
stjtches. This ptrochmg nMceffl
gl3 a hint of a curve to fit the'
hollow vt the shoulder
If the arm Curve in the IfnlnB li
too lance qr bulges hinltti a tiny
triangular fold but the outside
material -munt be cut t fit aa
nothins: cnii he done tri Alter it if
it 4s too l.irge If the lining or
nufiMc s too tight cut tho curve
a lltt'e. "
Futtlnp: in sleeVas It one of the
most difficult processes in dross-
miilng Itun a thread around tho
armhoht to prevent stretching.
JMt (he sieve Into JtHvarmside. on
tjie figure plnnlnX' rarefuliy.
Hempv bastd then try op again
Mo oh rule fits oil sleecs. but
met I for- tjie-' Jong. pala Variety cut to
Hal- that the portion-between the ren-
tei. eJ4w' raid the eenter ishojumer
in on the strtifeht af th good.
ijo noi'iiem ori)iiiu aeivages.
ImrettWM' with. Mnin. irraaaUailneeB
-w---.-- ..-vr- --.- m- T---rm --.- -i i '.J.' .. -; "
oto formed the theme fur eonver-l e tueyvtll pucker. Scallop thm
satlons for visitors from the conn
tiy sectioiW as they sought the
-shade of an awning' or building
"NoUv's whera they'ia (lying fn
oiiio place wheio it'a JUt !JD rt$-
jjiees" one of the utimeiuus con.
Veratlonallsts anent the weather
said "Well j6u don't hear of
anybody lp thia part of tlit coun-
try subcuiiiblng' to the heat qv'en
if the thermometer does go tip to
100 or more"
And it is oven so. It lias been
many a moon Bince there has beeji
'a heat prostration hero. The Ijot
weatllor here is alvwya tempered
with a breeze and the nights ore
rielightfu'ly cool. '
IViur Avf Ac(UttC(l.
CIIICAOO Juno 23 Mrs. Anna
M.cG.innIs her sister. Miss Myna
l'loch and two young ien toilaj'
were arquittad by a Jury in' erlml
jiHl couit of tho chArge. of hiiViiigJ the
iniiKieteu air. Mc(.nnis uusnanti
Michael Mi'(ilnnl a city fireman
mt March 13
A prowd estimated at fi"ve thous-
and people picked the crest of th.)
da.m and llne a considerable poc-
ttQii of the lake shores at Ilytlo
1 Jtke l'Ylduy eviVning as spuctatoit
of the wiitsr sports and fireworks
program that featured tho optintng
cejebration of Lytle lioach. A
blink-south breeze and a cooj even-
ing made (lie weather pleasant for
'tho spectator although both air
(lil water proved a bit too Chilly
fop enjoyment for the swimnten.
in exhibition program of fancy
diving presented by Coch 'Kuhn
of iHlnimo-"" ' olivsJ.' ell and Cun-
ningham featured the water
snorts Rvory known type and vari-c-t-
o.tlvo was demonstrated by
tho threo trained athletes from
thif graceful "drop sW-an" executed
by .Kuhn tn the Whlihvind "hdnev
pot" bv ('uiAtiineiiam 'Die fdll
painnr and bade -jack flip two of
th? mojjl diffh'Ult dives-in tho cat-
nbyjr executed b Hell bt ought
Prolonged applause from the spec-
taUors. Set Swimming TlJccoril.
59vVlminlng tzcfk n'pd lortg'dls-
tatijpf diving nlstn featu'od Hid
prctgram. Hejl was the winner nf
the fifty jard iWh. while 1. Ncl-r
son c.irplAd off tlrt place in the
under water rwTTn pstabllshlng a
heath rt'C6rd that will likely .stand
for some time with a ttlvo of
nearly ISO feet. Miss May Wood
waa second ' this event with a
due op over 100 feet.
A brilliant display of fiiewoikh
ovti the lako concluded the open-
ing program s'ortly' before nine
o'clock but It was a late hbur be1-
fore the last of the great crdvvd
of spectators had Ipft tho .moonlit
Mile Beach will remnih ODQll
throughout tho summer -and new
amusement devices are to be in-
stalled soon by the management.
Work will begin Mortday on a sand-
bottom pool daulghod ospeclally
for Women and children nt the
AVost'etid of tho dam which will
supplement the present equipment
designed principally for those who
are already versed In swimming
Geo. i;. Ilurdwlckc IDes
SHUUMAN Texas. Juno 23.
George K Hardwicke iiS years of
ugv president of the HnnlvvleUe-
Utter .Hardware company of Sher-
man died at Ills home here this
morning' following a stroke of .paralysis
lie Is survived Jiihls widow
and threo d.iuglUrsahJvtwojionB'
llrovvn I
Masseur treu
is restdredpTl
have filled1
The Meatl Halting Co has com
pleted their new building at Mouth
fourth ahd I'eoan Slreet and -is
now comfortably ijuartervd In one
of the mpRt nioddrn baking shot
went of Iort Worth. Tho now
building Is 80x80 feet built of
brick and represents hn expendl-
turu of nbout CRO0. The ntlto
prdperty of tho eomrtany together
with plant machinery and flx-'j
turos ropresonts an inVeatuient of
approximately $20000.
The nevy ImlldlHg la arranged
with a double fipnt the otfiea
vVrappIng room and safes room be-
ing located In the east half and oc-
cupying a ?pace 25x60 feet. T6 the
West of this Is a store simco the
same size which will be tented
probably to a letall firm.
The shop of the Mad Itaktiig
rotnimtiy Is 30x50 reet and lsr
thoioughly modern. HeaidM the s
old machinery which was moved
from tho old location at 164 Chest-
nut Street the company has hiatal-I
led a new oven with Inside dimen-
sions 14x16 feet. Tho other oven
Is 12x14 feet llolh are ga heated
Kivo machlnOH make tin the bal
ance of the heavy equipment. In-
cluding a cake machine dough
mixer dough moulder htm divider
and a new brpad divider and round-
er the lattor machine atop coat
Jng $7oj Klour for the Mead Cum-
tmny lrt pvrcjutned In chrlaKd lota.
la garland being cohsumrd every 6
The company workh ten tpn reij-'lE
itinrty ami operates tour motor
cars to make delivery In Ahllone
and to surrounding towns ajl car
being painted white. In their new
honie the company nan make and
bake a total of 10000 loavt of
bread In tvvonty-foilr holirs tlpii.-
Tho Mead Iiakit)g(ompany oporat'
on a wholesale basis only thth
liroducts being dlhtrlbuted through
groceries The nAmprtpy ahlp
bread throughout this section and
as far as ono hundred miles away.
ronvoiiiio- icxtcudcd
WAHl.N'r.TQN' June 23 A con
vention extending for mo years I
tho ArfclO-Amonran tirblli-ntlim I
treaty of l4o was Hlgned today hy!
tjv--i;n.-iiiy iiuKiii'i. ui)ii nir jrviiCHiaui
Geddes the Hrltlsh ambaaaajdor.
A party of Abltene people ptaM
to leara fhla morning In thre au-
toniftbllwi for Bn FncfRO Call-
fonia: Thay are falat1va of Cap-
tain Joseph J. Klth. and are to
accompany him aa far aa the (Jol-
ln Ont when he will mil In
Jufy for his post as chief nf police
at Haguio. summer capitol of the
Philippine Island
In tho party Will be Mr Keith'a
parents Mr. and Mrs. O. M. 7oHh.
ani the following! John Keith.
Mrs. Ifllen ennlngton Cart IJell
ami f amity Mrs V. It KlUtfnand
fainlly qoke ICeUh anddaunhur
Mlw Vina. M
The lmrty will tie gon Aor sevarAl
weeks during which' time thy
will visit msnj ""infii of interest
in the I'ncif7orthw
'J i -X-
yMls fioiiJnlarl
f nr.'p"i uruu8ivT
Kltv fl IM.rlnift
iiioiersrq iiuT.ari
V. J
of Mrs
l 2nd t
Moioflnir I'nrty IWcle
An anto party connlsllng of Mr
and Mr. J. D. Moore Mr. and Mrs
J. 11. Mead and Mr. and Mrs. W
It. Mead ha. returned from ft-
foorten handreU mq trip to
Brownsvlt). Matamoroi. Mcr
and WeMlaeo. Texaa. Curing tiie
trip they motored to polnle of in
rereat In the Itio Grande Valley
alao spent orne tithe with O. W
Mad at Weatlooo. Texaa. Mr
Moore atatetl that he mado the trip
oii seventy fire alio if gasoline
and without a puncture In his new
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 ( 1 1 1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J I f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lLJ
niiliiiiiiiimimiiiiiiiiiiiiiJiHiiiiiiniu. i s-
iuyjss aatiitai'iuni
jTMiiitdPAfhi-ii- he.ilti
x li 'v.llrown ir.
Yisft 12tfi St. Cihco
r. .-
iRociatton cdrn!
ntc EkS
pstairs j
I lSft3tPsiW fF laaaaVr y? L M
3sB Jmk -Mm I
aix &' f - -
sJ ffiW "SvS I V
sassw --vsflKv i
m v-tcrrx
klV .
V mis 'c
mm cv
f 4? i l
Cutting Cost
In lhcsc days of thrift
the man with an eye
to economy will turri
t Two Protiscr Suits.
.V.it1AU at -. .i:i lKl
i JUl JMttln' U( C nilllo LllclL
jvyjaiiix1 ui) to the 1
n (Jirfiiiest standard i n 1
Jj slvlt in f'sihric and in
workman.shii). in an--
juRirancc and in value
icv arc suits highly
desired by the careful
dresser. i
can fit Vou in one and 2 pant I
suits in Gabardine Whipcord I
Seersucker Palm Beach and olh-
light weight materials.
Prices Range from $10 to $35
Union Suits on Special Sale i
At 45c and 69c I
Misfit Clothing Co. I
Chniifols Gloves
Rinse your rhnhiols pkiii gloves
in wain) soapy water and they will
not become hardi
or leave plain. Stretch all skirt
seams atid nt?yf w$th a long stittli
go-red edge with Jt straight jyt
If two gored odges come together
be- careful nql tp dtieteh them.
WA2CAHACHIH.. dilnft. 33. A
man giving hla jiame- "ns 1-. M
Green of fl.lllns waa shot and e-
rlouslv wounded nbout. 'if o'clock
this moiping when discovered In
the "mcrchandlsft fltoro of T'ranlt
Owens at Porreston (en miles
south of hero Ho Is in a locrtl hos.
pltfni where physicians ay his
wounds are not necessarily dan-
gerous Trahk Ow'ons told officers .a
burglar alarn warned him. and he
wnt to the stpie" armed with a
shotgun saw a man standing at
cash register and fired after
the alleged burglar dlsiegaided a
demand to surrender andiran for
the hack door.
Etl B i
216 Pine Street Telephone 1028 1
Ttiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- iTiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiitiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTisi'iiitiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiitiiiKiiJiititiiiiiiiiiittiiii:iiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiltiiiitT
French T
Ak&r y r J ' ii'v
f " ' ' -
I 11 " I
0 -II .
TfTnip Pninn.
i i
I r- . a
hi) batf
ranoc you ve
Hooking for.
Qihe New Nib
' 1 tm l - -k a a- si
new sryres in Hlack taupe
Brown and Fawn
Yeager Shoe
new shifrinent of several
COMF EARLY Every article in our
store marked down to low price to
make you buv at this sale.
Dave's Bargain Store
Here pre a few of the low prices.
Alen .s Olotli Hats fL -L. 1- 49o
Nlen's Cnps rf-- 1 69c
KI on's B. V. Ww----Jfi-X 45c
.foil's KIinkiyPiinti!14---l--"---- -1'-$
Men's Ovbrufls --wJLmJ.-3PI25
Men's All pQiicvov0mf!l 1.95
nlen's AlyLeatWjftH&Iioes nt-- 2.95
Lmdios1 J'nre Sfltc Uoso regular $l.2jr value foiV69c
Ladies' House Slippers at yt i5c
I-Jiist color Dress Ginghams regular 23c value on
sale nt Vor yard yfC - 171-2c
Cine lot ChXldron's Snndals?! 95c
One lot CfiuWn's Slipnj-rl. - 95c
Many other bargirrrrsrtoo numerous to montion.
A big selection of Dress Pants and
work clothes for less money. We can
i v
Coritiisiss Another Week
ncl South Second Street.
Better values than ever offered on Ford Cars Twenty Five Cars
all marked at real bargain Prices to select from.
'.'.v. $ 89.00 '
1922 Roadster with Starter Repainted in
A -s j 1 i
1918 Roadster Repainted in runiung
Condition pripetl .
1922 Touring StarterModel; Repainted in ' . :. .91 r aa
AyolTdition at 1. . . .v . . . .lO.vU
1919 TduringjlyG6ii4ftionrnevi
tygenuine bargain at . .
1920Touring Repainted Good Condition;
I Priced at only . .
-!.- .. .F" .
.1921 Coupe. Repainted Runs GoodWooks rtj?r
f 'k ira -
Like New . . .rf. iJ vtj.
h$ $159.00
Many Other Bargains
Come look them over and you will be surprised at the low price you
can own a car.
Terms ONE-THIRQ CASH Balance 10 monthly
payments or remainder this fall
Fulwiler Motor Company
i k
S !
llllllllllllllllllllllUlllllllUlIM '
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f r 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 j 1 1 1 1 j 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ii i
j 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r j 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 j 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iTl
- '' ' '. '
(amMMWvuass-cr. i

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The Abilene Daily Reporter (Abilene, Tex.), Vol. 25, No. 47, Ed. 1 Sunday, June 24, 1923, newspaper, June 24, 1923; Abilene, Texas. ( accessed May 21, 2019), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Abilene Public Library.

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