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ARLT !a the morn
Id( there dnrtail-
ed to earth what
appeared to be a
roy cloud. It wai
trading ber
little siter Joy.
-Where ibalt I
go T' q u e t lonra
Joy a they parted.
"To those who
have not known
you." returned Love.
Fluttering down tbe Oral road Joy
came to a countryman flinging seed In
the brown furrow of a rouxh and
tony fluid. HI fate burned with an"
and wind and teamed with wrinkles
looked sullen and unhappy. lla wl
thinking of bow long be must toll be-
for the seed would grow and ripen and
how little it would bring him la re-
turn. Ills ( oiw'd to him to! homo
and miserable In tbe chill gray dawn.
Jojr whli)ered a word In bl breat.
and looking up. the poor man aw the
heaven Rhinitis with wlnga of red
morning light stretching from tUo
eait even into tbe far went. It waa a
glorious : M and ai be looked the
Man's llimM became shining.
"It's good to be alway. out of door
la light of God' hand riling. Yei.
I'm rich - I'm happy. What a tool
never to think of It before!"
Joy next entered a bouse where an
overworked ami fretful mother wai
preparing breakfast for her children.
Everything went wrong; the children
were provoking; the mother wa cro.s.
"Mow can I live through another
day?"' the mother waa saying with
harsh discontent when a stir of eoft
air and flush of light entered the room.
Tbe youngest child the flrat to aee the
radiant vision c-lappcl her hands for
glee; the other children dimp'.eJ with
pleated surprise and tbe mo' her turned
In time to catch the nutter of Joy
"Joy" the cried holding the hea-
enly visitor fast. " Love baa tent you.
Why l.d w uat think of Love be-
fore?" In a moment every bard burden
lipped from tbe ruother'a ahouldera
and the room wa filled with mirth and
doing her why Joy next came to a
business rnan ahut In a dlugy office
reckoning over bli account with knit-
ted browa. It seemed to him ai it bJ
were nothing but a machine counting
tip figure all day long and the mm of
It all waa nothing -nothing but vanity
and veiatlon of spirit. Tbe tired man
leaned back wearily and sighed. Ilia
life waa to htm at bard a tbe atone
wall outalde bla window. lie cuuld not
remember when be bad bad a day a
"I It not bapplnea" Joy whispered
eoftly. "to be auea a power fur good
con ma Die T!i!-i: wr3 ron mi:.
aa you ran be today and tomorrow and
very d iy!"
For a I: l li the man ut with hi. fure
bid In hU ( !n ;e. har.d.
"If money mean bread for the hun-
gry ai.J (.belter f ir the homeless nn1
rare for the kick and a helping band
fur the unfortunate if it men that
the figure may count up to bapplnea.
The .ord knoai."
With a trange enntin of new life
through hi. whole being a. when the
p begin to Mir through an oak tree
1) the .prlng. the man nt to hi
tra aa Jor traveled on (he came
U chtUl crying by the roadnlde.
f the child run after ber a long way
ul eeuld never overtake her until Joy
tutted milling and caught him up In
ke arma. Tenderly .he dried the
tk td'i tear and kltued blin and told
hie. iwi. .torle. along the way of
f ew God made the un to .hlue the
blril to .lug and the perfumed blo-
eoma to .pre.d their .oft color for tbe
g!adne. of little children. When (he
put blm down at la.t on Ma own door-
atep ahe filled his lap with flower-
bud and left him murmuring with de-
light "(Jod made these bud. for me."
1-ate In tbe afternoon. Joy flitting
through a grove of tree came upon
two friend tilting upon a shaded
bench with their back turned toward
each other the very picture of misery
and despair. Full of bltternej their
thought dwelt iimn vexation and
wrung. and cruel stinging word
which could never be uusuld. Joy pain-
ed a moment wona-Tlng. and then put
her arm. around them.
"Foolish children!" she whimpered
"this gulden moment hold the surety
of your happiness for a lifetime lu iia
bosom. Do not let It pass!"
The lust of tho rays of the setting
sun fell over them like a shower of
gold as Joy gently turned their face
towards each oilier and the friends
only knew Ihey were In ench other
arms forgetting all the world In a rap-
ture of tenderness.
Here !iv appeared and hiking Joy
by the band said entreatltigly:
"Come with me little ulster to one
more henrt and then we will go home."
After a long flight they entered nn
old tenement bouse eo old that It wa
a mere shell Into which the storm and
Mtter cold pierced In winter and thi
aim burned In summer. Joy fainted
and ilckenrd a they entered the foul
place but Iive held her In her arms
saying "It I for Love" sake little (li-
ter." Near the top of the house they rama
fo a ilmir standing ajar and saw a dark
relied figure gliding out. It wa fur-
row nnrl she wn weeping.
"Why do you weep for this womnn?"
questioned l-ve tuulilug Sorrow-
At Love's toi'ih Sorrow l!!td her
veil revriillng a face tearful but ra-
diant. "Wo have HvoJ tojcthtr or years
''! I
-ow. .. .r. parted forever. lUat...
Le eh wait for your i
Entering the room ther found oa a
traw bed la a corner of tbe poor bare
place an aged woman whose allvered
hair white shrunken face and dimmed
eyee told tbelr own atory cf privatloa
nd suffering. Her worn hand were j
lifted In prayer to the Father who hold
unspeakable thing In 111 heart for
those who love Him." but the prayer
waa never flnlahed.
Beclng ber heavenly visitant (htn-
tng In the moor.1lght. the poor woman i
atretched out her arm to them with j
a glad cry "O I.oe! O Joy!" and
straightway ihe ns" from her bed. I
young utul strong and beautiful and j
the three went home together. Fran
cca Callaway In lulon Kl-iial.
A 1'ar.iil m for UlrU H im .r I oulJ.
red riiilH In Im-I-hiI.
There la no place In tbe world where "t circling the leader. I termed. I a
women can have a better time than In fraught wlib extreme danger a
India. I. ro. peaking of course of the" nwMry for the cowboy who
English speaking society in military ! tD' "f b9 berd to ' '
India .ay. a writer In the New York breakneck .peed I a de by aid. with the
Mail and Kxprena. If an I'nulliili gh'l
ran only .tand the climate India mean
paradise la her A woman who U o Un.
London or Newark Farls would U m n au m
considered almost p.aln. vouKI In Cal- dratu fau () tb
crtta or Ilombay be greatly admired q fMt Uar .ll0UMlllj
and besieged by adore. Let her only of t n fcofi tba tanU.
have a little tr and M.lrlt and go of M be cruh.d nJ
and her portion among Anglo Indian r(lmpM out reefgultion. I remem-
aM lety become at .mce secure. En-1 lrf 0Qr. he prli of m( we were
gllh mammua used to ship their un- 0tr (n. ru h blinJ t
niarrlgeabl and rather .laugh- fuy 4w hri of ie .iMnt-eyed
ter out to aorne relative or friend In ' ltttnt tUtt evtr fun fMlmg place
the east and they would be pretty aure .laughter Dous. At night four
to become engaged before the year had ' dk!i1 r(jr w(.re regularly detailed to
closed. Of course Itudyard Kipling r;rrl . th( t-.-in.! standing g iard
has not given people on this side of a5 it j tf.rrnd tn singing to the im-
the world a very pleasant Idea of n- mrne herd. Ftrange aa It may seem.
KliKh s.Hli ty In India while bis .Uter rstte r quieted quicker by th ro'i.
was not any more charitable tn the lf vol.e tban by any other
strong lllit she threw upnn the do- known agency. We were ubjut four
Inc. of the lety folk" in and about jlys from the end cf our Journey stid
Simla in "Tbe l'lurbliek Cod less." looking forward with pleasure to a
They certainly seem to lose all that do- speedy cescation of the continued anx-
miue reticence that I. supposed to die- . ty of the trip wlxn a tiagedy was
tlngulsU the women of the Isles. 1 enacted which cant a gloom over the
and their whole aim In life seems to spirits of tbe outfit and from which
see simply and solely bow much enjoy-; old plainsmen predicted disaster to the
ment they can squeeze out of life. In-' trail herd. Our cowboy were for the
dlan society as I take It ll have never most part Tcxaris (od Mexicans the
been there so I reason from deductions former hotheaded and quick to take
only). Is not ostrlch-llke. It has a thor- cfTcnne the tatter treacberoui and re-
ough g;od time for no oiber reason tnin vengeful. Detween two of the rider
pure enjoyment and gel. well sat upon there wa. Ill feeling arising from some
by Its more conventional and less hon- trivial disagreement at the beginning
est sister. In consequence. For In- ef the trip. The difference between
ataace what would staid New York or 'he n.en was gradually aggravated un-I-ondon
society think of a "lad
jf n race" i only a spark wa( necessary to cause
that look place at Mhow near Allaha-' explosion. The climax came In the
bad. tbe other day. 1 he competitor J morning. Lum Jeffrey a Tevan rider
there wire twelve I thlnk-were some H'"ed a cigarette after he had finished
of the smartest and prettiest women hreakfa.t and after taking a few
In tbe English colony. Tbe distance to "hiffi cf the smoke tossed It carelessly
be covered was 1-0 yards. They ware 11 " rarrl'll 1!ttK !'
ilresaed In fine white flannels rather h !nJ an'1 r'11 dlre'tJr ln lhe
short skirts blouse waist white ahoea ' rotlr! np lu U" hDli of 'r?l'' NoU"
and .to. kings and small close-fitting ' W- ie3a- tB" bl"r of
hat of soft white felt. Their belt were Whether accidental or Inten-
I any col r that their fancy might die 1 "un1 th ar " ' 'nil"J llh
tate. and the effect waa extremely pret- le consequence.. Noble sprang to his
ty. The goal wa. n.arke l by a line of ni etA "! bit
twelve large willow basket three la !' flam"!g.'l h
the middle having flags waging from
them one while the second blue tbe
third red. Each lady at a given signal
at the end of the face was to I.ft a
basket from the ground. I'nd.-r the
three fug-decked wilder rages were
discovered three tiny Indian toy each
learlng beautiful Jeeed prizes while
to the horror of the remaining nine
competitors from under their basket
seuttbd a perfet medley of live stock.
hlken. cats puppies tiny pigs gees
and bares. This denouement o rurrlug
dlrntiy lu front of th grand stand
rue the apeitators an rvtravajant
amount of Jo)-.
Inrmer III I. t.lrl li. Mu.url I aa
liMlrM-nlenl nII.Uir.
.Mis4 Edna C. Johi.son. the en-
terprlslug woman lu M.iro Mo.. Ui
annonnied bers. If a Independent can-
didate for the otTI.e of clerk of the cir-
cuit court. Miss Johnson was Loin
In I .a Falle county. Illinois and she
j Intend to make a hard fight for the which Is a particularly Important
one on account of the heavy legal
work of the county. The fair candi-
date I. Jimt twenty-two year of age
a bright up-to-date young woman
very businesslike In all her transaj.
tlons. She lieuan her political career
In the posloUlie. She has also taught
school and lieen so am eesaful that she
ha. saved money enough to buy a home
for herself and her parents. Che le
lleve. In the ballot for women who
have she say quite aa much Interest
In good government a. mn. "I am a
direct descendant of lhe house of
Charles Carroll who waa a algner of
the declaration of Independence." Mis
Johnson said "therefore I have a
grain of love for political affair In my
veins; I am the first woman to tike
advantage of the supreme court's de-
rision authorizing women tu hold pub
lice office."
Wliere l ife la l.on.Mi.
More people over ol year old are
found In mild climates than In the
higher latitudes. Auonllng to tbe last
census of the Herman empire of a
population of ."iS.iH.ifl.fHKi only seventy-
eight have passed the Moth year.
France with a population of 40.000000
has 21.1 centenarians. In England
there are HH Ireland 578. and In Scot-
land forty-six. Sweden has ten and
Norway twenty-three llelglum five
Denmark two Switzerland none. Spain
with a population of 111.000000 has 401
person over I'm year of age. Of the
22.".0.0o0 Inhabitant of Servla 575 per-
ron have passed the century mark.
It la said that the oldest person living
whose age has liern proven Is llruno
C'otrlni born In Africa and now living
In III 1) de. Janeiro. Me Is l.'O year. old.
A roaebmnn la .Moscow ha. lived liii
1'rculUr lme In uliilanil.
Tim most curiously decorated grave.
In the world are the native' grave In
Zululand. Some of thrso mound are
garnished with the bottle of niediclna
uaed by tho departed in their final 111-
tieKB and tbe duration of the lllucs la by tho number of bottle.
sUnilrnt' lell nil Ion of "(Jno V.."
She (who hnd Jint "come out")
What UocH "(Juo V.uii.1" mean?
llu (famuli half buck fT) What
nrn you ctvini; us? or 'onicthlug Ilka
Haw ike Hiwrb4 Baa f l.aas Jf-
fraj tla.1lal4 llta llaaar ami
Hho.nt 1UI II 114 Mot ri4 the
Ja.l.iurat of Hi I'rrra.
VElt tre a cattle
stampede?" aaked a
grUtltd plalusm.m
who bad pa-s
the greater part f
bin life up in thi
great cattle range
of tbe went. "I tell
you. It la a magnifi-
cent apectaile at
once arind an I
NVf awe-inspiring.
To mill a litamp'de aa the operation
leaden of tbe affrighted cattle gradu
ally nearing them until the cattle veer
i fioin their original rourae and turn
the toys called loudly to Lum whose
face was turned away to look out for
Noblei. Jeffrey turned rca'lied tb
7iiigcr that menaced him. and bap'-d
behind the huge supply wagon draw-
ing his revolver at the same instant.
Noblei sprang to the other .ide of the
wagon to meet him. as be reappeared.
A. N'oliiet leaped forward his brad thrown forward presenting the
tup of It to the aim of Jeffreys and
the litter planted a heavy 41-calllier
ball In tbe very center of Noolei's
tk'ill. Tl: Mexican dro.pd lke a
stricken bul'oik as the heavy I ail
trashed through h's skull ami li.lo bis
brain. A'l J excltemei.t (til the
. -.vcr-f various vew of tbe affair. The
Mt -xleaii InslMi d that Jeffreys had In
'ention illy provi U'd t!e tnul-Ie
an I
there were angry looks ex. hinged
'among them whbh presaged more
I trouble. Finally the niatler was com-
i promised by the arrest of Jeffr. ys by
the entire band of rider. wbo deprived
blm of his weapons and made htm give
a solemn pledge to apjiear regularly for
trial when the outfit should pn' b the
nearest town. The body of Nobles was
burled and the boye went aliout tbelr
usual work. In tbe afternoon the heav-
ens were overcast and dense masse of
blai k clouds were ominous of trouble
w ith the rattle. The usual guard wss
doubled and as darkness settled around
vivid lightning began to play among
the cloud bank. At length there was a
sullen roar of thunder like the noise
of cannonading a rippling volley of
short sharp crash like the rattle of
musketry a flash of blinding light
which enveloped the swaying herd in a
lurid glare and with a mar that riv-
alled tbe thunder away sped the thous-
ands of bewildered and frightened ani-
mals across the prairie. Forth from
camp rode the cowboy and on through
the darkness they spurred their horses
.1 It lhe living herd. It was a wild
imorrui) like a iu li.(k-k.
ride. The ta.e lasted for bonis be-
fore the herd was surrounded milled
and successfully rounded up.
"In the morning it w as (lis. ou trd
that Lum Jeffreys was missing There
was consternation among his friends.
who would have g bail wlih their
lives that Lum would answer for trial
as he had promised. The .Mexicans
sneered at his (light InsUiinx thai he
feared the result of a trial. Only the
one explanation was ofTcicd
Lum had tnken advantage of lhe con-
fusion of the previous night to seek
refuge In fllr-hi. The I rip ended un-
eventful enough after that and the
herd was rifely illsihurged upon the
broad rnnr.cs for which ll wa.i destined.
Tho Ini bletil of Jeffreys was ii.'ariy for-
Folten. It wn.c fully n year after the
memorable stampede when two of us
were 1 tiling aciofs the F:imr country
through whlih we had rl.l.lm cu that
Slid IllKlit. lu the v;is one
Irreeulnr object which shone white n
the Bunllcbl. resembling tin? darkless
trunk of a fallen tree. Curiosity lm-
pcicJ u to ride dour and at Kn.tU
rni.hfir''!FOU BOYS AND GIRLS.
to Invite close Investigation aad
were about to ride away again when
one of the men Insisted that the ani-
mal bone were surmounted with a
saddle. Again we neared the skeleton
and were shoe ked to distinguish In ad-
dition the skeleton of a man. The
memory of tbe stampede of the prev.-
ou year and tbe disappearance t'. j if-
frey. Inspired us at once with a belief
In tbe Identity of the bone which lay j
there bleaching on the prairie and tbe
manner In which the unfortunate vic-
tim bad con.e to hi death. Tbe prai-
rie roundabout was deeply marked
where It bad been trodd. a by the
hoofs of flying rattle. Tbe bone lay
directly In the path of the stampede 1
and tbe .addle and trapplnga of tbe
horse we at once identified when we
dismounted and made a closer Investi-
gation. Jeffrey had not fled after all
but had lost hi lite lu the perform-
ance of his duty and the whitened
bone which lay there In the sunlight
attested mutely that tbe aspersion up-
on tbe honor of Jeffrey were unde-
served and that be bad gone to a
higher Judgment than our instead of
having endeavored to escape. It."
"Hoist by bis own petard" will cease
to be the expression used to describe
a certain variety of accident after the
peculiar calamity which be fell a San
Francisco vaquero the other day. It
will be "taught la hi. own Ian.o" In-
stead. George Slackard one of tbe most fa-
mous and fearle?. of tbe California
v.qucro.. wa practicing In a wild west
show. lie was mounted on a broncho
and was training with a friend simil-
arly mounted.
lie was trying to swing hi rlata so
a to cat. h bis companion' horse by
the leg In tbe noose. While the rope
wa whirling In a circle a minute or
two before It Intended flight Slank-
srd's horse moved suddenly. At the
same Instant tbe lasso wa released
and became entangled In tba leg of
Slankard' bone. It reared threw It-
self backward pitched the rider and
fell on him. He died aa a result of tbe
artldrnt. It la the only fatality of ita
kind on record.
ll.iw a llrooklya Marramenl Hen Ira It
I'rolarted frum Tfclevr.
It is generally accepted aa a fact
that the mont expensive and elaborate
tabernacle for tho services In thl.
country is that belonging to St. Au-
g'istlne'. church. Itrooklyu. Formed
entirely of gold aud silver and studded
with precious stores it would proe a
rich haul for the daring but aacrllegl-
oils marauder. This fact was fully an-
pruiat.d by ihe ihuitti aulhoriliee
wbo hue devised a plan of protection
whiih la av neur perfm as run be. It
Is an electric rystem. unique and ef-
fective and now when the congrega-
tion arrives the tabernacle Is lu full
view but as soon a the congregation
Is dismissed the tabernai le disappear
completely apparently without human
aid. Two groat heavy. HarveyUe.I
Iron door. which have been revered
with gold leaf roll forward at tbe pres.
of an electric button and completely
conceal and protect the rowtly chancel.
Theae folding door meet in a dome at
the top to afford protection In that
direction. The motion of the door I
slow and eay special apparatu being
devised for the purpose the door moT.
log on heavy roller bearings. The mo-
tion I Imrmi'ted to thero by mean of
a system of gears actuated by an elec-
tric motor installed directly beneath
In the cellar. In order that no. one
should have arcesa to the actuating
push buttons these are placed In a
regulation fire and burglar proof vault
of mamtire construction the combina-
tion to which is known only to the
rector aud his associate. All the wire
lending to the motor from the aouree
of supply are connected at Tarlou
point to the local police and burglar
alarm service so that should any one
tamper with the wire notification
would be given Immediately. The safe
door are so constructed that ahould
any ouo attempt to drill through them
other electric circuit would be closed
and the alarm given. When the door
before ihe tabernacle are closed it Is
completely Inclosed in heavy Iron on
nil sides so that it Is much safer than
if nn armed guard stiaid watch before
Innate '.e Mnokrr.
The good people of Utulsvllle Ky.
were lecently startled by the appear-
ance on the streets of that city of a
j s'ylUhh dressed young woman with a
j pipe III I-: I'lit 111'. The p wns of
I luiur ii.n . vi it ii siUer uioiiibpli i Rnd
! a 1 urved iiihIm r sli 111 The good quall-
J ty of lhe tobacco which tbe young wom-
an smoked has I n tested by mascu
line observers wlio 1 aught a whiff of
Its tie li aroma.
Ihe Hun Killed lhe I MM.
While Milton II. Plank with his
wife and 2-year-old daughter were
driving along the river front near liar-
rlslnirg Tn.. the other day the carriage
broke down. The bore hcg;m to kick
and stunk the ihllil on. the bead
crushing Its skull. I. .li .1 in a short
tlllll S.UIll'l S.llttl I!l!l .
Kev. It. II. p. .-ir cf a
CoTtererttioiial ilii-i h -t Evaimton
HI. has 11 sii .- v:- one of li 1 4
di acoiu played 11 n:n':th ii;-in fm- (oino
young people to dam e at a nvcnt social
fisaM of na;rhr rhlldraa la
lapaa -A llaape Mara tat l l.lltla
Oaea A . CJ.iy La a Irani at. Joe
Tralalna fur liars.
Btl-aw S4aa
Bottly and sufily Ilia wind
II) -! Lyr-luw:
ds How;
Ilrlshtrr ilia I tile atar-.lan?e (row;
Ufv-lnw il y.
Muon-mutiier puis on ber sllvsr erwn.
Hu.k-a-tvr l:iy. n yuur wiiils .own;
liyt-low liaby.
SuriJy and aff ly lh wind dots blow
l!e-lw be.ow;
Wavli'C Ilia illy-bito lit sr.l fro
liyr-l'iw lialiy.
Kl'slra thim .nuly fJoo.J.nlgUt. good-
night. Bleep mi th nioriiiiig. ai.d wsk la the
L-lcr Itaby
Softly and n. th wind de blow
llyo-low bye-luw:
Up In tha elm wner tbe cradls-neata
Uy-low. rtstir.
Llltl birds drowsily swing the Bight
Warm ana content my own Baby l.k
Uyr-low rtaby.
Buflly and softly tba wind doe. blow
Softer and sweetsr bis whlspar. grow;
Hv-irw. Hahy.
Far and awsy or tha water dim.
Uahy shall dr-smlly follow him.
Hve-low l:by.
-?.. Atoln Caverly lu laidles' Home
A fient-raphy tlame.
"Aunt Jennie Susie won't pl-T with
0 'cause shea reading her new book
and Jlmrnle and I can't go out 'cam
Jlmmle'a got a cold and what can we
Little Jennie looked pleased though
not (urprlsei when Aunt Jennie put
down her work and (lid cheerfully
"Well Ufa re! Yon get your acls-
aors while I think."
Tbe children brought the scissors
and Aunt Jennie brought down from
the attic a targe pile of old paper and
"Now." said ahe. "we will make a
game a geography game I think. Ton
rut out pictures and see what name of
cltle you can make from tbem or
think of tbe name of a city and then
And picture to represent It"
Jennie and Jimmle did not quit set
the Idea but Susie had heard and
Joined tbe group aaylng "I've thought
of one already: Baltimore a picture
of a tall a necktie and a lawn mower."
Immediately the hunting for picture
began and the acluora were soon In
constant use.
"Here la a lovely row I'd like to get
her tn" said Jlmml.
"Make Cow-pec." luggrsted Aunt
Jennie who wa busy cutting out eight-
Inch squares of manllia paper.
"I'Te got Washing-ton" said Su.le.
"May I paste? I did some pasting at
arhool tbe other day."
So they thought and cut and pasted
and at the end of two hour bad evolv-
ed twenty-five neat man!l!a-paper
card each (bowing In rebus fashion
a well-known city.
Bridgeport. Columbus Milwaukee
but you will wish to think up other
for yourselves.
The children had been profitably en-
tertained and Aunt Jennie' game for
her company that evening wa all
Each guest wa. furnished with a
blank card .nd a pencil and was
asked to guc. a. many of the cities
aa possible. A pleasant hour was
spent by all with varying degrees of
Then the name of each city with It
corresponding number on the card wa
read by tbe hostess and the one who
had the greatest cumber right modest
ly received the congratulation of hi
Toys la Jap a.
The ' 'Paradise of Babies" I Japan
for not only do the children have ev-
ery Imaginable toy but many persona
get their living by amusing them. Men
go about the street and blow soap
bubblea for them with pipe that have
no bowls a our. have. These young
Jap. have top. (till. pop gun. blow-
gun. magic lantern. kaleidoscopes
wax figures terra cotta animal flying
fish and dragon mask. putties and
game.; butterflle. and beetle that flut-
ter about; turtle that move their leg
and pop out their head; bird that fly
about and peck at tbe finger .nd
whistle; pasteboard targets that when
hit hurst open and let a winged figure
fly out; andmost wonderful of all
perhaps little doll looking like elder
pith which thrown Into bowl of warm
water .lowly expand Into the shape of
a boat or a fisherman a tree flower
crab or bird.
The gtrla of Japan have dolls' fur-
niture and dishes and of course doll.
They have doll that walk and dance;
doll that put on a ma.k when a string
Is pulled; doll dressed to represent
noblea. ladles minstrels mythological
and historical personages. Doll are
banded down fur generations and In
some fa'iillle. are hundreds of them.
They never seem to get broken or worn
out a yours do; and In fact they can
hardly be the dear playmates that
your are. They are kept as a sort of
show; and though the little owner
play with them. lhe do not dress and
undress them and tnko them to bed as
you do. A good deal of the time they
are rolled up In silk paper and packed
awsy In a trunk. On the grent festival
day of the Japanese girls the Feast
of lMIs there Is a great show of dolls
and toys and It Is (he event of the
year for the queer little black-eyed
The Fenst of Flag Is the boys' great
day and they h ive banners flags fig-
ure of warriors and gi'eat men swords
uiul other tos for boys.
But the finest toy of Japan as no
doubt all you ynung-dcr will agree
Is carried about the Mrci! by a man
j or woman for nr.y ililid to play wlih
who Is the owner nf the biiiiilrcill'i pnit
of a cent or oie "ra li."
j This Is a tt!..!l stove w!;h
hot roaln ti ro;. pel- (irl lM spoons and
clips; and. al .ve nil. ready-mile I. .'Per
! and s.u'.e Th" !mT h!M wbo hdm
j thl ot.tlH -j" down on tho flour
an! cook and "crtddla-eakea" to
(" heart' creleaL C'Jiil rrt ta
B leer I
Perhaps you boy would prefer to
patronize the "Bug Man" wbo fasten
paper cart to the back of beetle with
bit of wai and a half doxen of them
will draw a load of rice up quite a bill
made of a board.
A Clay lad frosa M. Jo
A young man little more than t
mere boy In truth attracted the atten-
tion of a New York Pre? reporter 00
Went street near the Cortlandt street
"Say boss" said the youngster al-
most crying. "I'm damn near atarvlnj
to death. Pre got no right to be
beggar and I won't be one If I ever get
west again. Help me out. can't you?"
"What tan I do to help you?" aaked
the reporter.
"Get mo Just one meal of Ttctual.
I'll enj you the money you pay oul
for It If ycu will; hope to die."
"What your trouble?"
"Oh. I'm just a common mudhsad
that' all. I've alway lived In Balnt
Joe M.iroura. I alway had a Jot
there too. Last Job wa builder' help-
er. I saved up a few dollar and got
gay. Made up my mind last fall
wanted to get to a big city .and throw
ed up my Job. Eos told me I dldn'l 1
know enough to stay in out of th rain
but I got mad and told him to to(
klddln' bought a railroad ticket fui
New York and come on. Now my
money' all gone and her I be."
"Are you going to try to get homi
"I ain't going" to try; I'm going. I'vi
got tick. a and passe all the way
See? My old hot. sent 'em. but he (enl
co money." And the lad took out hll
poikeibook and showed the (Up ol
paper and pisteboard that would carry
him bark to "Mlzzoura." "Going to g
tonight If I ran get one good big feed
to .tart on" he pleaded. "Hi.Ip a fellel
out if you caa."
So the reporter took the lad Into an
eating-house gave the cashier half .
dollar and told him to se the Missouri
boy filled up. Next day the reporter
called again at tbe restaurant
"Eat?" said the clerk replying to th
reporter's que.tlon. "He ate 75 cent
worth hut tbe house donated tb extra
quarter. It waa worth It to lee blm
now away the food."
Good Tralalag for Bay.
In th Cambridge (Maaa.) Manual
Training school th authorities are em-
ployed In making practical firemen ref
the pupil. They have a fire drill
which I .upposed to develop tbe boy."
coolness courage and promptness In
After preliminary lectures and phys-
ical drill tbe boy ar formed Into a
battalion dlvlJcd Into hose companies
ladder companies an engine company
and an emergency corp.. After this
tbe pupil begin work which Include
holding and Jumping Into life net from
height varying from eight to twenty-
two feet and different form of rope
A I)liluaalle I-ad.
A gentleman of Omaha who I. con-
nected with the government aervlce
tell a good tory on himself .ay the
Mr. Green drlvea home from the gov-
ernment corral every evening and for
some time ha. been annoyed by toy
who desired to hitch their aled. on be-
hind hi. carriage. He ba. refused
tbem at all time. bee. use. he says
the hill Is too aicep and the boya have
called him "Santa Clause." Mr. Green
baa long white hair and a flowing white
beard and the boya naturally called
him "Santa Clans." but In a Pickwick-
Ian sense. A few evenlnga ago. Just
before the la.t .now disappeared Mr.
Green started up tbe long hill a usual.
On bright-fared young boy stepped
out from a little group waiting at the
foot of the hill and raising hi hat
politely addressed Mr. Green:
"Mr. Longfellow will you allow me
to attach my aled beh'ud your car-
riage ?"
There waa not a trace of a .mile on
the face. Mr. Green hesitated a mo-
ment and then remarked:
"Certainly lr; alway. glad to do a
favor to a gentleman. Hitch right on.
Perhaps you would better tie your .led
behind and ride with me."
Tbe lad climbed Into the seat beside
Mr. Green and rode to the top of tbe
AI a Children' t'srly.
London Punch rejHirts these snaii he
of conversation overheard at a chil-
dren' party:
DciiU (aged 9. to Ida. aged h) Hut
you're not going to marry Jock Ida?
Von asked mc to marry you once!
Ida Yes; but you said not till you
were out of kulrkerborker. you know
and I couldn't wait all that lime!
Denis-But you don't really Jove
Jock do you. Ida?
Ida -Yes I do. I've got to now
ve re going to be married.
lienls- But suppose Jock dies Ida
what will you do then?
1-la-Oh! I should go and cry over
his grave once a week
IVnls I'd let you garden on my
pave Ida.
Careful meanromcnl prove that thi
average curvature of tbe earth It 4 08
lllit'.e to "if s'.atuia UiUe.
tTasa tatt4 tals Ha 4 atg Cf
AU.SwUa Baaetwa-ae
Th head of tb commercial depagU
meat of the board of trad of the uait4
ed klnglom ba. recently made a r
port regarding lhe production and con
aumptlon of beer wtne and p!rlta la
the leading European countries aad l4
the I'nlted States which conU-lna many)
Interesting feature. .ay th Indiana-
poll Journal. Tbe first fact brought
out Is that the doe. not teem to bff
any marked Increase In any part cf
the world In tbe consumption of wine.
That such would be t': cae when win
should become cheaper ha been as-
sumed by many. Franc continue t
consume wlae at the rate of thirty gab-
lona a head and Italy and Fpala fol-
low with sum falling off but la Ger-
many a wlne-produricg country the
consumption I. only about a gallon
bead. In England th consumption oC
wine I. cot half a gallon a bead and i
this country It I. eren ba than la
Great Britain. Beer ha. come to b
the general sulutltu'.e for the heavier
alcoholic beverages England drinks
thirty gallon a head Belgium forty-
two which la a higher average eon-
aumptlon than th.ft of Germany aa ft
whole though the average In Bavaria
Cfl gallons
which glvea It the lead
In the consumption of beer. France)
consume but five gallon and th9
I'nlted State only fifteen gallon per
capita or half a much a Great Brit
aln. The fact regarding the consump-
tion of spirits are Interesting; In con-
nection with the consumption of light
er liquor. Great Britain consumes a
gallon of spirits a head and Hollas 1
and Belgium twice as much principal-
ly gin. In France and particularly la.
the northern portion tbe drinking o
spirits 1. rapidly Increasing. In ioro
districts the daily consumption of al-
cohol absorbs quite half of the average"
wage of the working population. Iai
the department of th Nord there la X
saloon for every forty-six person. In
eluding men. women and children. Thai
Increase of the consumption of spirits
In Switzerland ha been o great aa t(a
cause the authorities to become alarms
ed. The most cotable fart which tha
report bringa out la that the consumes
tlon of alcoholic llquora I Increasing lu
all European countrlea at a more rapid
rut than population. The United
State however I an exception. The
con.umption with ua ha been decreea-j
Ing for a camber of years. Of wine
and (plrlta ther ha been a perrepUVa
decrease while having regard to pop-
ulatlon the consumption of beer hat
cot Increased.
tli aeallaseat of the Wassaw lias Fra
served II I' mm As aaa Spad.
Not Andover alone but the. country
at large yea and students of geology
the world over are to be congratulat-
ed on the saving of Indian ridge Ita
rock and Ita treea from an Invasion
with spade and ai saya the Boston
uaiiiyi. t a uiv arutioieui )
womankind that brought this to paaa
and tbe name of the four women ot
Andover who have so earnestly ener-
getically and systematically worked for
tbl. end for ao long a time ar Alice
Buck Salome J. Marland. Susan M.
Blake and Emma J. Lincoln. Tbe own-
er of tho ridge five heir to an estate
proved themselves to be equally public-
spirited by tbelr united action In re-
ducing tbelr price set upon tbe tract
from $4.(io0 to 30. Indian ridge will
henceforth remain a a beautiful park
for the town. a. an Inspiration for 1U
people and for avery visitor to ll.
great pine woods; a a living chapter
In the geological history of the conti-
nent for nowhere In tbe land ran the
phenomena caused by the ancient ice-
drift be ao conveniently atudled a.
here; and theee twenty-three acres.
Just purchased together with an ad-
adjolning tract of nine acre
previously owned by the town will
ttand for what can be accomplished la
this country with a self-sustaining coma
ttunal woodland.
es aa Norway.
The Swedish and Norwegian commits
tee oa the union cf Scandinavia auh-
tnltted their report to the parliament
yesterday. The Bwedlsh committee rec
ommenda a common foreign minister
who may be a 8aede or a Norwegian
but not a member of parliament. He 1
to reside In Stockholm. The commit-
tee also propose th creation of a for-
eign council of date to he composed
of tea Swede and two Norwegian
that the foreign minister be Impeach-
able before the Supreme Court ot the
I'nlted Kingdom. and that the diplo-
matic and consular representation be
common to both countries. A majority
01 the Norwegian committee recom-
mend that each country contribute
toward the expenditure of the foreign
ministry. In proportion to the popula-
tion for fifteen year and that then
each country be entitled to demand a
dissolution ot the consular union. Tbe
minority of the committee recommend
a separate foreign minister and sep-
arate diplomatic and consular repre-
sentations. Dellaltlua af Klarally.
From the New Orleans Times-Demo
crat: Here la a schoolboy' definition
of eternity: "When our ship all come.
In; when the aaa give up her dead;
w hen Futher Time hang up hi. scythe;
when the heaven are rolled up like a
scroll; when Gabriel blow the ram'
horn; when the solar system collapses;
when we fltid the lost Charlie Hosa and
tbe man who struck Billy Patterson;
when Johnny get. bis gun; when so-
ciety becomes pure and 'after the ball
I over' then will be eternity."
t I'luor la tjoatloa.
The floor ot the rotunda at the Ian-
don Coal ! xchange. where the mer-
chants gnilicr I unique. It I. com-
posed of Inlaid wood arranged In the
form ot a mariner' oompas. with a
border of Greek fret. Upward of 4.00
pieco of wood are employed.
Can 11 II. a I Uiu Aiuou. t.otier
l)liter. cannot t pemiudod to grottr
up too ther peaceably. i a new-
ly hnuhtd .pei-micn aro put Into art
aquarium within a fuw day. th r will
be oaly on -a lnre fut and prumUiniS

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