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For IcedtTea Chase &Siinliorn'
Emperor's Blend
ha no equal. We
shipment o
Tlirv cost you a little more but arc well worth the difference
as one trial will convince you. ANo have a fresh stock of
Ford's Open Kettle MoIa-es put up in gallon and one-half gallon
can. M.(i()l.l. Flour costs ou no mote than many
infeiior 1 lands and when ued once ou will have no other.
Dansby &
M ii KirrioN thick:
IVr We. k. lor. - IVr Month. Joe.
SAT I ItHAY. AHI. 'i'.. I'.mi.
All fair minded men applaud
the administration in the manage-
ment of the Chinese aflair. If tin
Philippine problem had been dealt
with as winely the trouble there
could have been adjusted lonn nj!o.
The prejudiced and intolerant
writers and '.leaker of tlie. north
and east have reeeived indirectly
a severe and proper rebuke in the
race riots in New York and Akron
Ohio however mueh inci-
dents may lie deplored.
TIONS. We till your physicians pre-
scriptions 2 per icnt less than
you can have them tilled else-
where. Our service is the best
our Prescription department is
clean oldeily well stocked
and supplied with every uten-
sil and facility for accurate
reliable and rapid work. Every
prescription is tilled exactly
an written or not at all. We
link SKILL with .U'CTU-
Ql'ALITY in all prescription
Work. We lead the standard
of ding service. We appreci-
ate your I'lcscriptioii patron-
li gi
: finwad's
have just received a
the famous
Co.ip may bo friendly mid
neiLdiborly. I like the word 1 e-
Clllse it eot)Vev It PUgestiun ( f
i.'.od newH or Rood comment but it
in no longer jrn-ip when itiea.-e
to deal with pleasant happening-
and loving wishes ami bene m.
critical or rennrins or laps-en into
(dander. The most unworthy
talk in the world i that which is
carried on in whietwr. nn emi.
confidence and which retail the
unfortunate errors of people whom
we know. Never to say an un-
kind thing never to imply an un-
friendly thing even by our silence
ire rules which we dioulcl make
and to which we should ncrupu-
I..unly adhere. Ladies' Home
Mr. Uck'lnlry'i Marnlng Drlr.
Mr. XL Ivinlv drives every morn-
ing from Hi to 11 o'clock ulnio-t
invariably uceoinp:ii:icil v mn
friend. "The court T.i.l -i." a.- evn-
ics Miinetimis (all them value high-
ly the privilege f driving with tin?
pre.;dent'n Wlf.J. the wiv. of (.ihaict
cflioer" l ing mat f reipn inly favor-
ed in (Lis wut.
Legal llluiika.
The Kau'le carries a full Hi f Hie
following tunned I. gnl blank- him)
elU ihriu in small iiiantiiii at the
pries quoted. Fur larger iiiuintities
! call Hi Knglo oltlee f..r pile.-.:
I Atlldavit to neeoiuit V
1 Altldavlt to it ii v Fact V
: Hill of Sale ..."
' Hoiid for Title
i Chattel Mortgage v
Crop Mortgage lV
i Com met for Sale nflteiil K-iaie
j lleeil of Trust
I I !. Warranty (all cash i ... n
Deed Warranty Vendors Lien. . o
I heed (juit Claim in
power of Attorney
I II" Iclisoof Vendor' I li.o
I Transfer of Vendor' I leu
Proiiii-orv Note
I Kent K.lilti' I.cuse
j for ;.
The Fugle In nut horla d to uu
nl eiiudiilate for eountv trwi-nn r
of Itraam county Ut the limning
Noveinher eleet ion.
The Kiltie iri lllll lio' to an-
nounce I A. V. IH'CIIANAX
lis 1k I'llllilldate for re-eletioll to the
otliee of county treasurer of lliaos
i county at the usuiii'.r N""W-nil r
Tin- liable In aul Imi . to a i-
: llounec
ax a eainlioaii' for co'u.t v T ti.i'tcv m
ItrazoH eoiiuiy in I he v ..m. .ovi-m-
' l"T election.
' The Fagle i-.authori.' d toaiuioiinee
w. siu.ii: miti iiki.i
as a candidate for jui-ii t the
peace of precinct No. J. 'r.i.o
eoinity at the ensuing N'.im ml r
Bow the Kail way llagnate PL-posd
of II is Posseionsi.
vn .
T Ills 1lf I Left tht Most f Hli
Rallnar Stock-III. Dnuuhtrr
Well 1'r.tlJH fur and Hit
Birhew Kenembered.
New York. An. 14. Tbe wiU of 0.
P. Huntinifton ha Wo inada public
here. It girvt 1 1000000 iu tru.t for
Print Hatifuldt UuruiK her Uf the
prineipnl to K tu her iwue at her death;
fvio.uoi) in trnrt U iriTeu for the benefit
of Mr. Huntington t widow for lifr
afterward for the tN'iieflt of Archer M.
Huiitinirton for lire; two-third of thr
Kiutheru Pm-ilie railway itin-k U to In
giveuto Mr. HuutiiiKton and oii.thinl
to Henry Kdward lluntiuutoii on eomli
tiou that no part thereof! to be nolil
duritiK thn life of either euvit with thr
consent of l 'ill
Tim Fifty-wventh und Fifth
areuue rvudi nee iu thi citjr togethei
With all urticle thereiu l givcu u
C P. HDlTtNOTfi!!.
Mr. Hiintini.'ton for life nfn rvanl t-:
Is- K'iven to Archer M. Hantinutoii.
The nn. of '.'.i.iici h civi ii in trust
for the tsnetlt of Harriet S 1 1 tint lutoii.
KhzaU-th l' Siiniii I'mier and Ah
I' ll t iatci 111 jrtiniu of I.Vi.ikn) inch
.)uooo for twin-tit of C. H. Saiiuni and
J. 11000 each for the benefit of Kliuiora
Ipv 1 nud Frank I'nrdee mid and ran-(iiiKothi-r
njus-irlc lHiustK are inade.
Mrs. lliiulliitoii Charlen II. Twi-ed
and I-atae K. tiatt Mr. HtinttiiKtoti'r
brother-tu-Ltw were made ens-uinr of
the will.
All of Mr. IIuutiiiL'toii' p'eiure werf
piven Mr. HuutiiiKtoii for life after-
ward to Archer M. lliintm-t.n for lift
ami at hi death to the Metrolitai:
Mum-uiu of Art of New York ahwilutuly.
Ilfmilry llrlmlalxl In Oltli-v.
Oklahoma City. (1. T. Aujf. a I. Ic
the district court here JmU-e Harwell
granted an injunction to W. M. ll"inlrj
nitailist thu mayor and city ismneil pre-
Tent tut; tin-in from proceedim; to a tna.
of (lie char.''- ii'ii which rhcr mii;-ii1.
ed him from nfliee wvi rnl weeks niro
The order of the court reinstate Mr
Hendry to his Msitiui n city mnrsha
ami chief of ilice until he Ik- r-'iuoTed
by the order of . me- isairt of eouiN-teiit
Jurti-dii-iioii ii!!! iii i warranto jiroci-ed-in.;
hr ni .-lit by the attorney general ot
tin- t'-rnt'-ry or thecainty attorney. Tin
mayor and enum-il i.- hire that they will
continue tin. ti it until they kucci-iI in
ousting llcmlry whom lln-y charged
With UialfeiiMUice in oflh-e.
Vlelrlie l l.ii;itiiiiirt.
Iigiinsp'irt Ind.. Aug. Th ft-
Jiected violence "II the Hurliiigtoii road
eaine Weiliiewlay nftcr midnight ami
a a result the toll gatn Ave mile winth
cf this city is a ma of mill. The
ihsir wa fon-ed o-n and tho itynamiu
laid alsiut Inside while thn men urn-
pared tlei fiiM'S nud left t utsn ahoti
wen-Ilreil and unswcri'd at differetil
juiiit ulong tlm road and at this twe
hotgun m)ort were heard then thr
fuw were touched off Thn front ol
the building wa wrecked and blown
out and the nI'Ih wall were nhattered.
The nif went up in thn air and cniiu
down corm-rwwe while part of thr
guide fell iu an adjoining Held.
Womrn Citnrp Ittirn1r.
I.ilierty Mo. Aug. 21. Two wnmrB
effected tho capture of a bi4aInr here
Mrs. H-'ltjitmill Jidiusi'll miw 111 m eutei
a miighhor' lirnua the finally lniii'
away from home. Mr. Johnson aftei
telling another wommi to cull for an ofll
rer over tha cehiphono 1nh guard tc
j.rcvi nt thn burglar ewaping. Tim oftl-
eer iiiiekly arrived nud the burglar
though ih eply chanriiied g. ulna tared
ly surreii'li reil. Hu had a roll of hur
Kar tool and came ln-rn from Kairnar
City tu rob hniwi I'uring fair wts k. lit
gavo the mime of Joseph KoIhtI.
0in hMlleli I Ill.uirr
H. arne Tex Aug VI. - An open
switch here cniLsed a i ulluam in whiel
J.Y. Wugi-s w is Killed nud three oth.-i
t f 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 - -1 1 wer-sliglitly hurt. An inves
li' itioii i l. tug hud to plue thu r
N.i Sim Tlrkrt.
T'.'!:ii. Aug. -J I -The mlddh-of.tha
road l'oouhsls have decided not to mini
mitten ktate ticket but to devote al
their cuergn tu the I'.arlier elis-Uira
llryan Will tarry Marjlaail
N. w York Aug. '.'4. -Tim Heruld'i
Wiihhington special say i-4-nator Wei
liugton predict that Maryluml will
(fivo liryau IS.OOO uiajuritjr.
On Halr4 Prliar Tahaa tri la
Mn ajr MadM-rawall.
Loodiw Aug. 14. A di patch reciT(vd
al tu war uffloa from Ovneral Robert
aayi P.d.-n-I'ow.U recoad 100 BritUh
priaouera at Warm Hat hi on Wtxlnisvhiy
and raptuivd ti lioer and Oernian ar-
tillery offlcr.
Hullen' eaioaltie on TumhUj wai T
killed SI woandod and 8 uiisaing.
Kitchenor on Wedueaday had eight
While rwsnnnoiu-ring In Kotnati ral-h-y
Ruadle found UO rmnda of amrna-
nitioo boric d.
The column rmrning V Wet hae
mailu woudarful man-he. Colonel Mau
kiuuuu covered tii mikx iu 14 day a
l-aala ta Jail.
Texarkana Ark. Aug. 24. A eae of
well developed MuallpoX broke oat 0sin
a priwiuer iu the oouuty jail annex al
tins place and created eontruatiiiu
among the rest of the inmate 10 iu
number. The excitement got to nch a
high Ktatn that them was almost a panic.
The pri-suier uudertuik te lirenk jail
ami Kiiccis-diHl in cutting a hole through
the tirii k wall of thn building. All ot
the purtie co.itlncd had made their nit
through the avenue of escape wlu-u the
alarm was given and the authoritit iuo-
ovded iu corruhug the entire gang.
KiM-plug Ilia Kearrh.
Hnrliiigt'iu lo. Aug. VI Tim limit
for the man wdio substituted a dummy
for the Adam ciprc pnekag" eontalll-
ing .'0isM) last Saturday luuapirctitly
narrowed down to Hurlitigtoii. Two
more of thn most eiTt l'liikertou de-
t'vtivcs iu Chicago have arrlv-sl and are
assisting th. olticinl and iletitllvi
already hern. The olllciaU and detective
refus.' to make any statement as totlp'ir
progre. Night Agent M. n-er and
Hrtvi r Yis uiii who handled the jiack-
ng s nrc still iu Chicu'o under evauii-
lUnicrriiii 4 iiunlrrtrll."
San Aiitouio Aug. Vi. The most dan-
germs count' rf' .t ihut has)et made u.s
iip'aratie.' in thin city ishi lii i i-iriiidaf-ed
lu re with al.iriniug fnijuency. Ii ii
ail tllllTllt hi of I lie j cent piece of 1 "-.!.
It i p. rf" t iii color ring engraving
and reading. It i made of genuine
nickel and a steel die wa probably Used
ill its mauulacture. Ii hewev. r only
half as thick as the gentium III -Jt 1 mid
has a slight defis t in the milling. It ia
Is'ing used on strc tcar and I circulat-
ing larp'ly Milling the iT ssple
tlir uli"ut Ti without their l u.g
u'ule to detect it.
SlrlU. al V uluri
Vi Iiumsi Tex. Aug. '.'. A ninll i-d
Walkout i v lured nt the V"lis Saw-
mill and l'-ox factory. The uioii had
l eti working 10 hour a day ami ti n
management asked tlimu to put in iu
extra hour without additional y. Tnls
they refused to do and walked nut.
Their plm-e are N-ing tilhsl a rapidly
a new men caii be pnrured. The saw-
mill ha a big contract mw tug out whita
ah tiiulsT for the innuufaciure of iir.
W hirled Armoul a shaft.
Hryan Tt x. Aug. U Oliver ite. a
young limn al nit '.'1 year of age illisl
here from the cffncUof iujurhs riin-ived
while nt work In the oil mill. A let
crew iu the collar on a shaft caught Iu
hi hip junket nud he wa cnrn-sl vW
leiitly around until his arm were brk-
en. his .kidl crush- d and his lly and
lliuh otherw ise lac rated.
.tiitllii' Ttlile Valua.
Austin Aug. 21 The em..Mi' eom-
mittee have dei-dis to ais-' pt thn .'"i j-r
(nt redtietinn in city value made by
the lard of eipiiihatlou and w ill !t
appeal to thn council. The county made
a disposition to insist on a projn irt innate
reduction on the vrt of the city but
thn matter i UoW at an md ut lca-st for
the present.
Illc Itaneh Unl I l.-t.
Louisville Ky.. Aug. -Tho Mag-
noli Ijtud and Cattle isiuikuiy capital n.11 i;l.'iuoO a.-re of Tela
luml with cattle declaring dividend 35
per edit nud completing tha paymeut uf
Joo.OiH) of ltoud. It will ay 10 -r
cent on thu nt-M'k tu wind up thu hu-
iui .
ytvw Nefrn AssorlMlliia.
Macou V.n. Aug. 21. An Aunta-llnm
Negro UNsoeiittioU to coin prise nil of thn
nut hern state will ln-organixod hern mi
Sept. 3.1. TlmohjisctW to 'he dls.-oll-
teiiam-e of crime of young uegrisi
whiidi nre leading tu lyui hlug ami en-
tnbhsh better race rehvtloii. l'.r'siker
T. Washington will attend the ronveu-
ttou. l:-rnlli-inaa 1 uilrr ArrMt
(luthrie o. T. Aug. Sheriff'
Hlnnehnrt )u arrivwl from U-adville i
IV 'In. with ei-l'olhsininu Joaeph l'.rad-
toru uiitler arreat charged with
plieity in th murder of
Miiulshy nil week ago.
I'i'llceiuaii Jap
Nmllli tif Onvfiraur
Mailiann Wi. Ang. H.- -The l'rohl-
liittoii state convention noiiiiiiated J. 11.
Smith of Madison for gim-ruor. Tha
platform adoptuil taatraight derlnra-
tu m tor prohibition.
rtlitr May Nut Allrail. i.e. )i ii.. ..
k'--iii - "li ' ' "inn "
iithelul htisiues rresldeiit McKiuley!
limy not attend the (irand Armv of tlm
II" -public vuculliplliuut at Chicago next
Wit nn Laa'a nifr.
Iiinloii Aug. '.M. N'utlinniel HnrTij
a brigadier general mi (ii-uernl I-i''
stalT ami forini rly of Misihippidied ut
Malvern county of Worcester.
Will Ha Kil In t'uuinilMlon.
Washingtou Aug. 'U. -The lttlu
hip Iiidlaaa and Massnchuselt will ba
ki-pt iu coiuuiiuiou tu show thu World
our itreugth.
It mil be
Iteron. During thl hot weather when everybody la
hanging around clow to theaoda fountain and sighing for a.
an excursion to the polar regions the auhjeet of pushing I
buslnewt ainaek of unmitigated gall. fc'
Ih going to let the other fellow talk hlimu-lf to denth now
while the weal her ia hot. ami we w lllconie In .in the lioin..
stretch when weather eoinea fn-nh and full of j
luinineNN snap and vim.
Knnp YOUR EYU PUnLOD.... j
for we are lo r with a flue new at.n k and tirleea that are '
right for the fall trade.
HvlLli'S Drug Store J
. t P . . ': I
The t;. t I'.m.h. s l u sh I'tuits I.vv ney's
:md ii.ul'.ci 's (.'.in. iii s.
ti:i.i:piio.m: n. .
llvlirk-iir. his.! tl i l ir-rr hu. of .1 (V Knnl.. m h l t. tost
r.jl.(4 .'.!. .ii li-rn .- .r- y.- ir-. t..ri m al
i.l Um.niUy r.J niulii ac.ti
Knobby Rigs of all Kinds
nd rr.t-.-l.. ;-'..Vrrt.M..rfr'-f h.w. (-r mie.i i:i h. rrt. ro.
Hull ur )uur slruii- ti.j kurnl. ..n.4cl.u0.
J. V. BROGDON. Proprietor.
Wo Buy
And Pay tho
TWO HAKKr-TS-One in City Market Uuild
n and one next door to John
Ii. Alike's Store. "X
N : : : : TI;XA T
I k Imt weather
'".u ncc.l Ileal l'ow.lcr M..Miiito Lotion I'ly I'.iper Ile.l
l!ti' i:lcttiiiii.itor H.ill I'.iuslies Spotioes. T..ilct So.ips 1V.
fiiinci v Allen's Foott-ase. ami numerous other seasonal e articles
lf'-"-..tioiis. all t vvliidi ji.ii will lin.l at my stlle ut prices
to p Our icinc.lics at-mis Try James" Knti-liili-.iis
Tills .ui.l' ClioU-M MiMnre. We m'nke a -pi i.!ty
id the lic-d jucsci iption vvoik.
cooler I
'S l
Sfil UflL
i. jus i
rs "vrsTsa

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