Bryan Morning Eagle. (Bryan, Tex.), Vol. 8, No. 131, Ed. 1 Saturday, May 9, 1903 Page: 1 of 4

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r . .
Bryan Texas Saturday Morning Hay 0 ioo3'
Price 5 Cents
Vol. 8. No. 131.
saaws) ICAIlllHl STllDlBlWEIlS BACK ;00000000M0MM1
m - - - - C .
CI. "7
m -
Li U o
Two 'Phones
....23 and ISO
Yon fX in J"u
oMir bf buying from ti.
JuaC rwiod hli ni.nt
of peak Fro'a Itnp'jftKl
Neapolitan Waf.r. pf
poan V.lnra O.oc-
UK Finger.; Chooolai.
Gam BiaeulU per boi Vr
O.ooultt. T.Ma Bi-ulU
Pr Iwn To-at tol.
r. Ih Meat on tb.
market f"f W .i"! tan-
rjiu they are uni'IJl.
Flno Almoin! per pa' k-
i ; A mimd fi- n I""
pr i'rkiii IV- &
nut M .fwM r pa k-
fZf Kennedy". Long
linn h ll'iit p-rp.rk-15
rvnU; K.nnlr'.
Zepliyrette intuit r
H itter Thin.p rp.'kig
1K-; p-jrfing I-at? Finger.
pf rackg ': '.r.h.m
fnr.. ir pa-. l;
Vni!U WTferfT ''
V eo?. J"hrio
t ra" ery Hml-r iVo lb.
Xrro IVtal Employe I IUIt'd 1
Ann-1 and MaAfl Mt'D.l
II and the Snb.tltiite Wer Told
That If They Did ol IMwoo-
tlau Their Untie. Thrlr
Lite. Would Be. Takra.
Tbcy IMnrn From Tlu-ir Trip
Jl.-thinu of Panama.
Major IHark f th i:nsrlnrln f nrp.
Kemaloed There l 'oq.pleta
I'rallinla.rr Work That
II a to IS Don.
H 0 0 00000 0 0 0 0$
A Purely Hutual Company
Pifty-eijjiit year old
Willi over $322000000 in asset.
With the largest income.
The most liberal contract
The largest new business.
The most insurance in force.
Of any company in the world"
That's the New York Life.
R." C TABOR. Agt. Brvan
While it i Iull f
k Cheaper than ever before. Call and price the brgcl line of
Moulding Central Texa.
The pervm who netfrtU to for a "Rainy Day" neg-
led. the tirt luty. Every practu .il ihinWing man teal.e that
it a .Italy he cmra to hinmelf an.1 hi. family to aave a portion
hocviT Miiall of hi rarniiiK. A saving atu.unt .rnrl early
in life ami ytemiticlly kept up. will in time a(fo..l the mean
to jrra'p Imhiiicm ..ppoilnnitie.. It will help M Ltiy a home
Proi.!c in time of aicLneM an.l in.ure a competency ar..l the of l.fe in M age. Foi Chihlre. n. l etter or accept-
al.le present c(.hl he ma.le t' a chiU than avinK account
where the money i.ah.oluttly .afe. "No hoy eve. hecamc
great a a man who di.l not in youth learn to ae money."
Vo charge Is made for the P'P" f
little bank It Is loaned you i tnU
The firit Uoliar you epoait f held a guarantee that you
you will return the little Hank. However this dollar belong
to you and can he withdrawn by you at any time you return
the little bank. iT
The City National Bank
Wanhlnaton. May -TM po.t of
fl. rl.artmnt a ootin-! offl'tally
tbat ono Jn C. AlU'xxl. a color!
rural fr it tiry l ti r arrl' f whll'
m)iif M rKulr trip nar (idl.atln.i
Trn . a tond ly arm ! anl
ntt)fi.te tarri'-r rr? arn'l fil to.
rtjuv.uui Id tt; a-rvla uiilr p'-nalty
of i!ath .'r fnral I'ayrxi ti
pnd-'l rvl'" on th ront p nl;n In-
tlirat!n and If !. r p-rt t tl.-
affair ari utiflrrrinl nummary actio"
follow. T. imi.l'iit I.tcjii"
a'-'ond Indianola ' ri
Of tli" affair rln-d t - potlfnaxt'T
jEn'ral In t!i" following l-irraia irom
1'O'tnjaM.r ar'y of (iullaiin:
"Carrier rurul ro'iti. onf. til'-
trml trill l.i lit uu l-v mak' -1 in' 11
I (K'I'r.d ri'.t t j" n.oti.r trip. Ad-
I Tli. rnxt dli'Mtih am from K. r
Cf.nifi r tli" ml a if-til In i har;:-
of the rural il. l.v-ry . rl' with
I . !.tiM:irl. I i Lf l..!.ll. Tlllll.
lo.'lnw '
Kural "arrl-r. No 1. oI..rd. ;l!.-
tn Ti-nri In an IM.rvl.w with Hi".
adviw. tl.iit )i vt;i tii'.'d on roui
If arm! i;.av!. d t:i n and I.U I '-
t)iratn d If In" iiiitinui-1 in . r i
Tlirat ali a-ill-a M tolur-d K'iltl-
tut- i ;irr . r V.'iii ii' d rnjt to ii.viiik
riiiM of liix rmoal to unncn tit ra-
a.itm No urn ulli.. r await iilri
at'i'o'.r.tiiifiit of nii'or. IdluvInK II
haard-iiM. In- will li" "re run'- un-
a Mitai.Ko r- tivn li!m H at n
Ylolin' wl.l li oiinii;tt'-d ri'-a'1
nu- n ht Itiftrm tl'ina will h
anwiT 111 l'i rr-atly apjir la'- d "
. if.
TMt rural carri'-r p'u in m.i"
Mar. h latt. Tlo r wit Hv ttp-
pluariM I nt tlr nu n i!iina: u-
Mht on l!i lint wt all cui'rii
L'nd.r th rlvll rri - rul- th ixii-
mair (5nral ia thr la no oiMlnri
with th d-i'aitmnt rx--pl lo appoint
lh prin who tan1 ti Khnt on th
lift; thrf'n Alln K. Ulllard olord.
waa ai'fKnntd H renlrti'd atiout
lhr wfl.a ago and on th H'th of iat
mimh tl ivll rvl.'f tmard crtin'd
th airond man on the Hut John l .j
Allt'KKl. colored. I
rntn.atr Ccnral I'ayno l!-
rraphi il Mr Conar a followa: "In-1
T.ttlttat fully iaf of John C. Alleood.
Id th niantlm rvP on tri roiue
ill t auii)ndd until your rpori on
th fait. In th a la rcll." !
Iimttuatr (nral I'ayn latr ald
If th fa ta wit aa r-portd only two
eoiiraa would l opn namly. to
abolmh th rout and Lav th poopl
. . . a
thron witnoui arvi. or in wni
iMIi-rd tn th urn to lifott tti
carrtr In th jwiTurtnam of hl duty.
Mr l avn aaid tti tortnr oura n
th rtior prohahl.
T Vnlam. Irani I' Kttl
4 aim 4l.lnii a. roll.
Horn. Mar Th Hv. Fathr
Raudtillll. formr provlmdal of th
American llonliit Father and th
Ri. Father Framl J. Van Antwerp
r-f Itrilt. MUh.. wcr rcdvM In prl
?t audli-n- hy th "p Thum-lay
and prii!!t-d th fKnt iff l'rel'liit
KoitM-vtdt'a Jiililli- Rift of ten hand
aom volunnw of pr-ldntlal tinn-
sk.. Fathr Van Antwerp aliio pr
titrd a Koldn roll cntitalnlne th
alanattirea of 6.0011 Americana and
Th audlencr for th prnenfatlon of
th prcl lent a Rift took pltir In t'
pnp'a prlvat" apartment. Th pon-
tiff :it In an ami chair and xamlnd
th yolumen and Frld"nt Koovelf
antncrapli Th dedication la aa fol
nffireil with th niot cordial com
pliment. I tTy th Thodor ltoonevlt
prenldetit of th t'nited Stst'-a. throiiRh
III. Fmlnnc. ( nrUtial .ltitira. to
Itla Hollnesa. l-o XIII. on th orcaa
Ion of Ma pontin.-nl Jutille
WiiKtiliur'oti. Manli r.'"-.
Tlie liol.e rtlir.-md hlmxelf nx lulnit
much pleaned Hh th plft and npok
In th htRl enf term of I'renl lnt
Roomvelt II nail:
I will nd Mm an autograph let-
tr to ihow my (train udo."
RnI lla4 Arqslr.. Krlw.
Ynakmmt m ltr.r ttf rarmar.
Nw York. May l.-lt la tat1 hr
that l'rrildnt Yoakum of th 8t. I-otila
and Ban Pranelaro railway ayatcm ha.
tro fleeted a dlrctor of th Ho. k It-
land road and will turn over tha flr.t
Bamd rorporatloB to tha latter. No
rub la to tx paid tut th Frlaro pool
mmbra will rwl W to t pr cent
t-yr Ilixk lalaod collateral tru.t
bond at 1U. and i0 in common atock
of ttra Rock I. land eompaor- Thla
vatiM Biki taa ftool'a Frlaeo txk
worth 117. ahr. Tk frlaeo com-
anon atork will b dpoaltd aa collat-
ral NefotiaOowa wor. toaducted
ttrrsf. J. T Mo (aa A Cta.
Nw York. May I. Rr Admiral J.
C. Walk'r. Oneral V. U. name .uj
prof. William 8 lMrr. componlnj Iht
auh-eommltt. on th I'anama canal
couiiolanlon. hava arrived on th
Bteamer Alllan-ta. from Colon Thy
went over th Un of th anal and
triune led lh work. Major Iilack ot
th engineer iwpn remained at th
Uthmua with a company of engineer!
to complete) th preliminary work of
the canal rout. Th commlaaion aall-
td from hr aliout a month ap.
Hear Admiral Walker on hla ar-
rival laid our viHit to ih Iflhni'H
'fr Insertion OIllV. W looked
over th work and what ha ten an3
hem? tloti. and veryimn an
parl lo 1 rolnK on ua'Ufa' torily
If tour. I cannot nay mu h Uut ouf
vlmt and it renult until w hav mad.
Oiir report to th K' neral lommiU-e la
Waa h in k ton "
UetiJenc rloa In. Ha. all outhouaea
and roomy r-inlM-a.
Is H
On. f lha ! ruk lemer I. Mll
f..r I it.e.1 l ' ' '
New York. May H-F.dward r.
entah. on of th owner of th oil
tank ate.mer S V. nl.a h. whl- h 1
U mlxMnn. rai l h had Ki n up hop
of tha Hi. ani-r ev r l.e:n hard from j
Th 8 V. I.ul cril a. h I'ft SaMr" Pawn. I
Tex.. Mar'h for I'htladelphia with
a 'arro of l.ll'.ooi K!lon of oil. Il'-rj
ca'.taln w tj.-tirn I- Thompxon of I
Jtr'ooklyn and ther a r.w of
thirty-two mn. Hh waa due at 1'hil-
..1. .!.. I. almot Atirll 2.1
Mr. I-iikenliaih aald h Iflieved h;
had truk aom miknown aunken
a. There wa. a ponMhlllty. however
that ah had li-om d;al.led ami
drifted Fou'hward out of the iour of
panhini ell.
Allawpt ! l I'awHee .tlaa
Ileais4 la Unp ( ImIm..
Otnutantlnopl. May a An attmrl
... mad Wednetidar ly a hand of
Bulgarian to l.low up a powdr matia-
zln at Monaatlr. Thin ausd a panic
In tbat town. Shop and bazaara were
Inntantly lowl. It la believed tha at-
tai k waa mad with th iw of pro-
voking reprmai. Military authorltle.
howver. cordoned th Mohammedan
ejiiarter and prevented M'w.utman.
from rHtlna; out. All connulate. ar
furnlxhH with Ruanl Th attacking
party. whh waa mirprlsed hy the
Turkish troop. ultimately fl.-d. after
a n'iml.r of nun bad Uen klli'd or
Secoml bam! bujry and aecond liaml
windmill they are barjralna.
Jno. B. Mike
0J30M0 00SMMM0S
We never forget the wants of o u r
customers and call attention to our
I 0
Jary 4 " Wlla
baa.1 tr I.m of ( anipaalnnariln
Fllalieth. X. J. May ft Iter law.
yer'a pl'-a that ln-r beauty wn ruined
as 4 r'i:!f of a trolly an blent l be
lieved to largely influent- In t'nion I
eounty court In awarding a verdict
for 112.000 to Mr Myra U Searl..
the wife of a phynii lan of I'Ultiflell.
Mm. Searlen and br aUter wer
run down by a trolly car on AiiKUt
JK. lr:. whilrt drlvltig. Two thlllren
I were In the arrlap and Mr. S arle.
had an Infant on hr la . The carrb
ag wa wrwkc.l while both wnmen
wcr knocked een. lea and lever-ly
hurt but th children ecuped Inju-
ry 1 Mra. Bearlci ha been a hetrilen In-
! taild aim the a c.lent. Th" Jury
wa. out lee than an hour Pr Hearle.
alan awarded tl'ii.n by th Jury
by being deprived of th companion-
hip of hla wife flnce her niUfortuni'
Mra. fearle. aiwd for $."oimmi.
w a . w
QCold Storage Meat.: Ueef potk mutton veal Iamb kid tf
goat chicken live or dreed fivh ejjjjs pork aauvage looae
or .tutted. 0 a DonT fume over the tove on a iQjp
0hot day rin phone No. 30 for cooked meat. pressed ham fL
presned pig feet veal loaf trilby weiner bologna nd
3 head chte.e. If you don't ee what you want call for it.
aae.t lf Ilia I'armt.
Washington N J . May 8 Attract-
d by erica of murder help com
qtiU k. neighbor of Oorg H An-
drewa of of tli pice ran out of hi.
house) to And out the tame. They
Vnf-m lha crlea were made by hi par
rot but they had never heart It
rram ao loul before Andrew lay
on th floor union.cloua. biiiri
from a reat ga.h In hla nck. II
b.1 been repairing th celling and
had fallen from a aiep i.vm.t. Tri-
Ing a to-v. A phy.lclan took at
atitch. to clone- th wound and .all
tbat In only a few nilnutea Andrew
would have been dead.
fAaaM IlLaJ pl lata kaaM BaaaVij. fcaaai
. 1
- . til
Prlra af Una. Aa'.aaeM
Chleago May ft Th Mwter TI.-
lera' aaaoelatlon decided on Bn Bd-
vane of 25 per cent to the whole.ala
trad and 20 per cent t tha retill
dealer In the price of bun roll.
e ak. eooklea aad rrullera Ry tkl
action which la t taka effect lmaie Oj. prle. of lh. amallar U-
I try teo4r U ralaed from to 10
ota doxMi wboleaal.. aad fro a It
( 1) eat retail. It la elafmed that
th. 1er.a. la mad. nereaaary on af-
mjM f tlM price of four lard 'and
Mtttr. "
Our Contlnuou. ICE COUI'ON
HOOKS with them youareurc
at all time to have your exact
change nocharjintj no due hills
no big cotpuns no arguments
or misunderilaniUndallhe end
0 the month. With them your
accour.t will keep itelf correctly.
At a nincjlc glance you cin note
exact number of pound on haiuU
and amount paid out. I'atronie
home industry and remember you
Special Attention!
To Carload Lots
Jf 'agon toad lots and
Out of town Shipments
Your to dve
'Phone 306
V V k - f I 'eC -f-J
TDK aJ7 .irt 'i f'4 A' fi
1 (
. I

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