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atarad al U Fotneao u aacocd eUM av
Per Week. 16 - Per Month 40o
That Chicj!.o daily "ich trIe"
to condenae the lie a into four
rRe is furniehing an example
which ought to I furni.-bed by all
neVfpaper. Life is H too "ho"
for the prolix ftyle of the average
newppaper except for reaJera who
have nothing else to do but read.
The order receutly promulgated
by the internal revenue bureau re-
quiring dealera in and manufac-
turers of patent medicines contain-
ing alcoholic properties to procure
regular liquor dealers' license has
been postponed until January 1.
This will give thooe affected an
opportunity to become more famil-
iar with the scope and meaning of
the ruling Marlin Democrat.
Real estate speculation is one of
the greatest of all bars to progress
and no country can reach its high-
est development when fullering
from its evil effects. The average
investor in real etate has no
thought of permanent posceft-ion
and the highest development of
hiri holdings but is looking for
profit by trant-fer. Iu this way
the fulle-t p'ltuibiliti of a piece
of property are never realized bo
long n it is kept out of t ho hands
of the man who utilize it for hi-
own heme or place of buin -s.
l).i!!u Home Advocate.
Th" following practical te-t of
the value of advertising ne told by
the Sterling banner is worthy of
the careful consideration of uuy
business man: A merchant who
had two stores in Pmall towns
tried an experiment. He put a
bargain counter in each store the
name articles at the tame price
In the newspaper of one village he
advertised his special sale counter.
In the other he did not. In one
month in the village where he did
not advertise he cold I9S4 worth
of goods. In the store where he
did advertise ho sold the same
month goods umounting to 11725.
In commenting on the results of
the experiment Uie merchant cays
'"The people who got the paper
with the advertisements would
pa-s by one of the Mores and drive
for miles to the other one for what
they could have gotten at the same
price in my More at their door
but thev did not know it was
At home and iu school too much
stress cannot he put upon careful
training to implicit obedience.
Neglect or ignore the silly whims
of a child and his folly grows.
Stubbornness and obstinacy begin
arouud the family fireside. They
wax Mrong with years until par-
ental authority is cant to the winds
and full reign is given to willful-
necs then conies trouble for the
teacher; later the state is called
upon to take u hand in bringing
the miscreant under proper re-
straint. Several limes in life the
evil effects of loose home restraint
have come under our immediate
notice. We have reen parents
laugh at the threats of an angry
child to kill thetn and we have
eeen that same boy sent to the
penitentiary. Not many yeais
ago we had occasion to warn loys
of the dangers before them but to
no avail. Today the doors of the
Mate prison yawn for two of them.
Lurk of restraint leads to contempt
for authority and ends in lasting
di-grace. The oliedient child at
home seldom gives trouble elre-
w here. New Hope News.
All iii'-ml'1' ' the bulge are re-
u." meet at tholoilK'" room
promptly ' ' "'flock thla atter-
noon to attend In a body the annual
mi m.irUl services at the opera house
at 3::U o'clock sharp.
11. CI. IllIoDKS
al0 Exalted Ruler.
For tht Soutberi Cottoa Aitoclatlos
Letter from R. D. Hudson
State Secretary.
At the inetauce of Mr. J. II
White and other progressive farm-
and some of the business men
of Bryan the publishers of The
Eagle wrote to Mr. P.. D. Hudson
state secretary of the Southern Cot-
ton Association requesting bim to
make a date for Mr. K. D.Smith of
South Carolina national organizer
to come to Bryan and organize
Brazos county planters and busi-
ness men as he has been doing in
other parts of the state with great
Mr. Smith recently returned to
his home in South Carolina but
announces that he will be in Texas
again this month. Following is
the letter received from Mr. Hud-
son regarding the matter:
Waxahachie Tex. Dec. 1
Bryan Eagle Bryan Texas: Your
letter received and when Mr.
Smith returns I will be pleased to
make a date for your place. We
have just finished filling thirteen
appointments in Texas. At all we
had fair sized audiences while at
many we had court houses full
anJ strong organizations were
formed consisting of bankers and
other business men and the beet
farmers of the counties. Mr.
Smith is an eloquent forcible
epeaker and there is no trouble in
getting the co-operation of the citi-
zens of Texas in this all-important
movement when the aims und ob-
jects sought to v attained by it
are half way explained to the peo-
ple. This work should have been
d i.e !a-t February when the farm-
ers of Texas were holding thou-
sands of bales of their cotton
E. D. Smith and delegate from'
all of the southern' states east of I
the Mississippi river went home
from the New Orleans convention
and went to work as thould have
been done in Texas; but it is not
too late; for tho necessity for this
organization will last as long as we
grow cotton and I am truly glad
to know that we will have your
hearty co-operation in the matter
of organizing your county.
R. D. Hidsox.
The Donnelly it Hatfield min
strel company under the direction
of Al (I. Field appeared for the
first time before a Paris audienee
last evening and the excellent per
formance given by this company
was appreciated by all prtsenl
the beuutiful first part and the spec-
ial scenery that surrounded the dif-
ferent acts made pictures that were
grand to behold. The singing was
of the best special mention being
due Mr. Norman Stanley and the
quartette. The comeby pongs were
well taken care of by Lee Edmonds
Arthur Crawford and our old friend
Tommy Donnely. Some very clev-
er jokes were told that were very
much enjoyed. The olio was very
stirring. The Tascano Brothers
Roman axe jugglers are artists of
rare ability and their work could
hardly be improved upon. The
Toledo troupe four in number
cannot be spoken of too highly a
their work was the 1m?bI ever seen
in this city each member peform-
ing easily what seemed almost im-
possible feRts of contortion. Tom-
my Donnelly and Harry Shunk
two comedians well known by our
local theatergoers these gentlemen
having appeared here several limes
With Al CJ. Field did an art that
was novel in a way and kept the
large audience in an uproar all Hie
time they were on the stage. The
comedy in this act was clean and
of the best. Crawford and Fin-
ning are a duo of clever musical
artists and their work was highly
in favor and heartily npplauded.
the "D.itktown Cirrus" was a pleas-
ing burlesque and caused many a
good laugh. This show although
new in name will surely be remem-
bered und their next trip to our
city will be looked forward to with
pleasure. A U'tter chow has not
been in Paris for several seasons.
The Paris Morning News Nov. 2.).
Grand ()pura House Tuesday
Dec. o.
For Supper
toprrULt MA tjr It. lMeVlur
Auut Judy Taylor. relUt of Hiram
Taylor bail come on from Iowa to live
with her brother ami bin family for tho
rent of her life Klio had wild all tier
earthly Hwiaalous lu the west for
thoiiHuiid dollars lu en nil. and a few
day after her arrival aim had turned
thla money over to her brother James
with the remark:
"Xow Jamea thin U all youra but
$200. That fan la for Clara wbeu she
gets married. It'a for her to make a
wedding tower on. When I waa war-
rled I wanted to make a wedding tow.
er to Niagara falla but Hiram hadn't
but 113 to ifo ou. I've alwaya aald that
If one of my uleeea ever got married
aha should aee Niagara falla If alio
bad to wear one petticoat for tho next
five year."
Clara was tho daughter of the broth-
er and hla wife and aho already had a
beau. He waa a young man from the
nearvat village aud after aeelng him
two or three times Auut Judy said to
the girl:
"Clara that feller of youra will never
act the river afire but there'a uotlilug
mean about him. He'll provide a good
table aud have pleuty of wood at the
back door aud I gueaa that will be Jut
aa well aa If he wua awelling around
aud telling what a great uiuu he was.
I'm Judging him by hla uose. When
you aee a limn with hla none humped
up In the middle yon cm set him down
for a good tempered man."
The brother put the tiioiu-y la bank
at the vlll.igo. hut nfier a linle Aunt
Judy '.M'fcMii to worry about It. She
was HMMlled tlint the l.'lhk w.u u
sound lis the LilU. bill h shook her
hel d and replied:
"I dunuo J;iines 1 dcmio. if roiir-....
it'a your luoi.i-y now. hut I'm Mrry I
didn't see the hanker bef.ilv y.iu .ive
.t to hi.u. I think I'll have joii ilr.te
Uie to town someday so that I can got
a look nt him."
"Hut N-orf l ank has het-ir here f"r
twenty years" persisted the biother.
"Yes I s"poe It h.w but out lu low a
they eauutit a mini Mealing pumpkii.s
Who'd lived nil holiest life tor sixty 1 wouldn't like to w you 1om
your -i.oney. and If anything happened
to Clara's jfjoo I'd have a lit. She'.
got to make u bridal tower to Niak'ar.l
falls or I won't see her married. Folk
have told me that more waier run
over the fall lu a day than would run
a mill dam for u week and that there'
a roar Koine on just like half a dozen
bulls heUertu' 111 the distance. 1 want
to get a look at that banker. I can tell
in a minute whether he's honest or
A few day later she wn driven to
the village mid an errand made to the
"Janie" Auut Judy said while they
were driving home "do yoit know thnt
a woman know forty time a linnli
aa u man':"
"I hadn't heard of It" wa the reply.
"Wiiii I. you hear of it now. That
hunker hain't nu honest man. It won't
he a year liefore he'll luist up Mtid
leave you nil in the lunli." t
"Pooh: 1Vm.Ii! Mr. ha the
fonfldf lire of hundred of people mid
I iioti t worry over my money nny
more than iih if It wa burlisl In the
cellar. You mustn't p't sueh notion
Into your head."
"It'a no notion James. Out III Iowa
we had three different hired men on
the farm wh turned out to le thieves
und eai'll of them I'M iked like that
banker. I never In the world Would
buy it thln of a tin siller until I had
looked nt hla eye. There'a something
lu them I always can tell. I wlli that
iuoiiey of Clara's wua out of his hands."
"Come now Judy; don't tie allly. I'd
trust Mr. Scott the aiiiue lis my own
"All rluht. We'll Buy no more nlioiit
It. Duly If Clara la dlsaptoluted In
aeelm; Niagara falla I shan't be the
Name woman I waa. They any that
when you stand ami look at all that
water Miurln over the chill go tip your
back und you don't feel knee blsh to a
grasshopper. In't there uuy way to
cateli that water In ruin barrel und
atore it up us;in a drought?"
"Might tie" replied the brother who
tad a very hazy opinion of tilings out-
side hla own township.
At Interval of every two wecka dur-
ing the next eight moiitha Aunt Judy
cnuio back tit the subject of the bank-
er and her worry never censed. It
wua treated us n "notion" and not tak
en seriously.
lu due time Clam's beau poplxsl the
question iiinl was accepted and the day
set and Auut Judy wna so busy sew-
ing that there were times when she al
most forgot her fenr. It lacked but
two weeks of the niarrliigo day when
the brother drove to the village ou nu
srrand. He ciime back looking aa white
aa a lend man. Aunt Judy who wna
the llrst to see lilm. gave him a long
look mid said:
Waal didn't I tell you so?"
Scott's bank hn busted!" he groan
ed na he sat down.
"Of course It ha. I knew It would.
How much you lost?"
"Alioiit JToo."
"And Clara's Jl'oo U gone with It!
Only two wisk lef ore she I to set
out on her bridal tower and Imw I
she going to sp Niagara falls?"
.. .11- 1 .. l .. ... .. 1 n ..
p I icci like umiKiiin lliseii. Kiiriiu-
sj the brother.
"So will a heap of others. Next time
some of you may believe what an old
woman from Iowa baa to aay. What
did you bear about tha bank?"
"Scott took all the money last night
and ran away."
"Humph! Waal you enn alt bete aud
algb and groan and Hannah and Clara
can go upstalra and cry over It. I've
got to keep outdoors oud walk around
or bust. I'll go down to'rda the wood
where niilssly'll hear uie gritting my
Aunt Judy went down through the
barnyard and across a meadow and
presently found herself at the fringe
of the cool green woods. Hhe wa
much put out und waa Using na hnrd
words aa an old wouiuu ever does
when aim caught alght of a bhiekta-rry
bush loadisj with ripe fruit The spirit
of thrift came to tho aurfaeo at oncv.
"We've got to have aupper If a doieu
bauka bust." she aald to herself "and
these bluckterrlea are what we want
for aasa. It'a funny that no one has
aald anything nlsmt them."
She untied her sunlsmnet and lx-gan
to atrip off the Urrlea She went from
bush to bush and was gradually led
divM-r Into tho woods. Siia bad picked
enough and waa making ready to re-
turn to the house whan aha reached for
the last few berrlea aud suddenly
found a man under her feet She
caught alght of hla feet and irga and
gave a little a ream but did not run
away. Ou the contrary she placed her
bonnet ou the ground and then grabtivd
the feet aud pulled tha rest of the
man's Ualy out luto view. The uext
lustnnt she exclaimed:
"So It's you la It you thieving crit-
ter?" She had reeognlaed Smut the banker
at first glance and. stepping over hi
prostrate body she felt under the
blithe aud brought out a bulky antchel.
"Well what have you got to say for
yourself?" she asked us be maintained
a sulky silence.
"I-I have sprained tnv ankle" be re- "I wa wondering If the Lord would
let you get away with Clara's money.
You in (1-1 have come here to hide lit
night til! ymi could get away f.r gissl
1 t"ld J:'.:. ie .vcr an. over that you'd
turn out to U- a thief. Why don't you
lie niul s.iy j nil arc not Scott!'"
"It's im ii. 1 Lave u! all .1 iv
an ! ai;i nhoct dend "
ll: Is a ".: it ill loin i.i v or
that Vou !
Fil b':g Ih
gi t help." .
Of S. Oil's
!.'t tr;.-. to l.c out of it
s it. la-1 l.i tie lioils. iiu.l
'led Wcii I !' the depositor
I'.u.'k. tii "u!: t!ie hank- r
liiliielf Lad to do a terra f live jeais
lu state prison.
Ixuig b. fore he wa put on trial h w
ever Clara' marriage came ofT. nud
she started on her "bridal tower." The
happy couple Here gone for two neck
mid the llrst one to sight them on the.r
return wa Aunt Judy. When she had
kissed mid hugg-d the happy bride she
stissl off and saul:
"Now then sit right dmvn nud tell
me nil alsmt .Via.'ir.i fall. I there
barrel mi l barrels of wali-r going tj
waste ev ry day? Io they roar like a
lot of mad bulls? Ild you f'vl mean
and small vheti you stosl and lookisl
nt 'em? Ild a hack driver take you to
'leveli different places nud only eliarge
you 10 cent apiece Yitio he knew
thnt you wa rclati! to me mid that I
wa a dangeroii woman to fisil with?
Tell me nil about It and don't mis a
Hi lug."
Mexia Texas. Nny. .'!( The first
r ir of piping to be used in the ex-
teiitioii of the water mains from
this city to Sprinefield arrived
over the Trinity V Hrazoa Valley
railway yesterday and wa unload-
ed in their yard. There will lie
40 cir in all of this iie which
is s-inch material. Work is now
going on getting tilings in readiness
for laying the pipe when it arrives.
The new system is to be in operation
by March 1.
J. W. Batts
(m. In Tsllifsm building oppoult Court
ll.u I'Bor .No. 117. in offlea thsoulT
i of Atwtriol Book et Bitio Covutr Land
Ts-acre farm about T'j tnilea north
of Mryau; good black sandv loam; a
little timber. Price aiO UO per acre.
-iUOnereann Itrazoa river 8 miles
from Hryan; 13) acre a hot ton land
balance post oak ; over j0 acres In
cultivation and a bousea. Price
12 .M) per acre.
liVI' acrea of laud located on mail
route 1" tnilea north of Itryan.
About 70 acrea In cultivation. Near-
ly all under fence. 10 acre hog pas-
tuie. Good 4 room residence and 2
room tenant bouse. Oood water.
Thla la a tlrat class place. 1'rlce
ill) is) per acre.
212 acrea H mlb-s from Itryan; l'.0
acres lu cultivation; 10 acre bog pas-
ture; balance In pasture; t)-rooin res-
blenre; 2 tenant lions. is; barn coat
sru. 1'rlce lo.tiO per acre.
24 acrea about 12 tnilea north-east
of Mryau; about 75 acrea under fence
and cleared ; balance timber. 1'rlce
').u) per acre.
Five room residence with about
two acres of land located near school
house. 1'rlce l:HNI.ISI.
The N. It. Cole block In lUII'i
addition. Frice 750.00.
One quarter of a block lu eastern
part of town price
212 acres of laud on east aide of
'own known aa the Caldwell pasture.
Will sell lu tracts to suit purchasers
Hint on easy terms.
;i lota lu good neighborhood with
line sh tde tteea. Price is). Terms
:i lota near Allen Academy. Price
40 acrea of laud with good small
residence bored well and all neo-
cessary improvements located In
side or city limits. 1'rlce uzuo.oo
terms reasonable. This la a bargain.
Tha I. A O. N. II. It. baa many faat tralua through Texaa trav-
eling tha greatest Portion of tha state aud reaching uearly all of
the large cltlea atTordlng travelera every convenience and oomfort
to be found on the modem railroad. High-class equlpuiai t and
powar aeaaonable actiedulea apleudld dining atatlona 1'ullnian
Itut'.et aleeplug cars aud courtooua agents and train atteudauta.
Tba I. & O. X. It. H. In connection with tha Iron Mountain aya-
tem operate Four limited trains dally between Texas and Ht.
I ou is the aervlce being four to eight hours quicker and luO to l.'iO
tnilea ahortest. These trains have 1'ullmau llutlet bleepera and
Chair cars through without change and connect morning and even-
ing In I'niou Station St. Iiuls with all the Northern and Kasternv
lines. A la carte dining car service between Texarkaoa and Ht.Loula
The I. & (. N. H. It.. In connection with tha National Llnea of
Mexico operate Four Faat Trains Daily between Texaa and Mexloo
via Ijredo. The time from Han Antonio to Mexico City being only
34 bout a or a day and a half and 'JU2 miles ahorteat. Correspond-
ingly aa quick from all Texaa polnta via I. A O. N. ThK cities of
Monterey Saltillo San Luis I'otoai and Mexloo City are reached
directly in through Pullman IlutTet Sleepers without change. This
route alao forma the new short line via Monterey to Torreon and
Durango. direct connection with through sleepers to aud from Da-
rango being made at Monterey.
Excursion rates periodically.
You will never cet well and strong ' -Jrt.'Mp-py
hearty and free from pain until you b :d up your
constitution with a nerve refreshing bl -.l-maKing
tonic like
It Makes Pale Cheeks mk
It Is a pv:re. hartr.le. tcnic. n; a J
tr.gre j:enta. v!;;ch n.!:eve (err.alu pain anJ d.:.trcis. su
backache bcu'il acbe. ti.neas. ch!l!a icaaty cr p
aticn. dragging devn pains etc.
It Ij a bu.ldir.g. str'.T.g!h-mak:r.g medicine for
medicine that la certain ta da ycu g-oj. Try It.
Ccld by every druggcit In $ I. CO bcttles.
freely anJ frankly In htrl;tet coiifii-
ence teltiRe us all your symptom anJ
trouMes. We will senj Irre aJvke
(In pUin aealeJ envelope) how to
cure them. AJJicsn: Latin...' AJvivory
rpt.TheCtuttinooca .Mune Co.
Clutunocva Tenn.
The Fun of Gunning
LIFS in lui.'.' t' . . .4;' r ;i yi
J"U Mr. : j t-. ian i . . . i. i.. I t.j j..ur ihv'.l: f0
The wi.- huM.r !.!; l.i. !.:; .:h
J l.Kl.r. Mll.l.l.. :e; it:: I r U-tn.u patrni- W . .
a jio!cetid .i.. " I'. r. tin y ate io- I '''.-. I.
; .i'zr' ym
i J ..! ti.row ..;:.e v:...:.e. 1 .:-! in r'." 'sSX'
F:'';. I r!.K ity t't the m.-t rpeuive MnoLe. ''. V
!. s" they f t "'ilv
I ad in j' r.
hold by
i Ci
If jr..u j.rffr t.U. k -w.l. r ih:U Xhrrt it n..lhir.g j.t .t
fetr " LKAIlt' I." ! ui if y u wmi vniihir.g Itnrr f r
(.r-ictiullv tHe tjroc morty ak y .ur dcar for
1 Referee Shells
. a
I RXrtS rrtPnifir rycoi.atltut a vaat proportion of
i i ttllllOlO tl.oao whoareoutof dci;t.roaa..aa
an aliuudaiipo of all that la iicccaaary to comfort aud eaar houra
and own
Tlmaa who are not ao fortunate ahoiild profit hy paat i-xi erleiicea
and recoifiilxe that tliea condltlona are poaaihla iu
aa nowhere fla for the raaon that no otlu r anctloti now otTcra
and that the Agricultural and Stork-farmln poaaihllitlea of thla
auction are the ciial of. and in aome reapprta btt.-r than three to
five tlmca hlirher priced property located tdaewhere.
In a Word: ifuny ilv;ifictnt (;.runii'f are tt ill pn liereito
thoa oaaeaalii)t but little money hut prompt In veatlKktlnu Ad
ar. advUable aa .pfcgUlora hare tnTw.tlk'atl and are faat purt haalng with a kaowl-
elKof qulrklr devtoplaa: opp rtunltiw to .ell to other at greatly larrraaed rloea.
Srlti rhftp
For Full
3 itTZ
bra Jache
.n tho enly
of mine" write Mr
Gjll.itin Tenn.:
"For aince tak.n
gain4 JS t s.anj
than f r the past '
hustinJ that Can
weight In golJ to all
. i. ijUCi of
t!uI I have
u tter health
I tell my
. ortri Us
: Yiie.'
I 11 ! K ill::. 'iuV.

er lio of J5 than the ime
Iicated In tlm I'anliamlla (iin.
nunl Trip .V a iiret ith
tUip-ox rr jrii iUji-M
Iiiforination write to
A. A. GUSSON. C. P. A.
Fort Worth Tcxai

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