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... of the City Democratic primary to be held March 1st 1909: j For Citv Marshal C. C. SHELBURNE. r T. P. BOYETT.... i For City Secretary JOHN B. HINES. j BRYAN TEXAS FEBRUARY 5 1903. The Standard Oil company promises... be very very good If Missouri will itt It stay in the state. It no longer Jenles having been very very... of ! this city conducted the funeral services. ' ' o ' Will be Special Guest. - In appreciation of the faithfil

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... Of Condemning Action Ohio Brethren Adopted. Wortham. Tex. Feb. 4. The chapter of Royal Arch Masons at this city... Tex. for alleged embezzlement from a bank at that city. .Upham Is accompanied by his bride of three...-five years is dead at the home of his son In this city. Failed of Passage. Sacramento Cal.. Feb. 4. The Grove...-nals of the Panhandle of Texas has teen partially solved. of bonds ffT the establishing of a City Water. Light... jail here. of the City of Bryan w ho are property tax payers in said City at an election to be held

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... Ileal of rrospect was in town yesterday. W. V. Rudasill ot Tabor was in the city yesterday. '. B. Y. P... of Wlxon was in the city yesterday. J. T. Swanson was up from Navaiota yesterday. Car of Alfalfa on track.... John C. Vich. phone 376. 54 C. H. Mathis was in the city yesterday from Rellanre. city yesterday... yesterday afternoon. 0. H. Echols was In the city Thursday from bis home at Iiosprlm. Car of White Woolf... home at Fountain. John W. Wiley merchant and planter of Tabor was in the city yesterday. J. P. Royder

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