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Published Every Day Exeept Sunday.
D. NELSON.... Manner
A. J. BUCHANAN. ....Editor
T. N. HBRRINQ City Editor
Entertd aa second ' claas matter
April 28 1910 at the postofflce at
Bryan Texas under the act of March
S 1879.
Ratea of Subscription.
One Month MO
Six Months In Advance... $2-75
One Year In Advance 15.00
Advertising Rates on Application.
Subscribers will confer a favor on
the management by telephoning the
office promptly when carriers fall to
deliver the paper or when change of
residence occurs.
Col.- R. T. Mllner that grand old
commoner of East Texas does not be-
lieve a little bit In the United States
being referred to In the singular num-
ber. The Colonel Is a states' right man
to the core and for that reason Is not
willing that our Union should be con-
sidered In any other light except that
It Is made up of separate states each
an' Independent unit with its own
rights and privileges. The Colonel In
a recent Issue of the Rusk County
News saya:
"We bad a right to think that the
Houston Post would remain with us to
the last for state rights. In our teal
to perpetuate the principles of Jeffer-
son Madison Calhoun and all the Il-
lustrious Democrats of other days we
have with profound regret witnessed
first this paper and that paper yield
up a part of the principle of state
rights here and a part there until all
of them had departed except the
Houston Post. And Just the other
day we. observed the Post referring
with approval to the United 8tates In
the singular number. No sir; no Jet1
fersonian ever aald 'this United
States' or that United States' or
'the United Statea la.' An advocate of
atate rights referring to these United
States in the singular number Is a
mockery. In all reputable political
literature pertaining to these United
States ever written up to a few ars
ago used the plural. It was decided
by the supreme court of these United
States that our government Is com-
posed of separate states with sr-ned
rights and therefore the United
States are plural ami should never be
used in the singular nnWVr. H 's all
right for Emperor yflllam or Kl'ig
George to say 'lyyTovernmont.' hnd
1 am It the onlylng onlnlncj ai d
predestined from the boglun'ng of the
world to be the supreme ruler of my
people' but no Democrat no man who
believes In the doctrine of Jefferson
Madison snd Jackson csn afford to
yield the last recognition of the rlghta
of the atates by referring to them In
the singular number. The United
States are the government of the peo-
ple by the people and for the people
and each atate under the constitution
has rlghta not delegated ' to these
United States."
Just as A. and M. College Is coming
Into that flald of usefulness Imped for
by Its founden' up jumps a bunch of
West Texas boosters who begin an
agitation for another A. a tin" M. Col
lege west of tho KSth merldmn. If any
such action Is taken hr Ijfo approach-
ing aesHlnn of the I. OK I Mature It will
ho destructive rather than construe-
live legislation. Another A. and M.
College Is not needed at this time.
The Port Worth Star-Telegram In-
timates ladles of the coming woman's
forum brought about by woman suf-
frage will nut be llko the tomcn of
Ilabylon. The IlabylonUin women
spent ninth time flxlhj their hair
while the women of the modern fo-
rum will spend much tlnio pulling
rach other's hair.
A war mule on tho French front
chewed up the diploma of a former
graduate of the University of Chicago.
It's a rlnch that he had no sooner
wallowed It than he wanted to run
the whole ehebang
Claud Callan In the Fort Worth
Star-Telegram says thal'tiallng peo-
ple Is a good way to hand out a big
bunch of punishment fnr yourself.
When the bunch of Texaf eglala-
tors rut loose In Austin neft week
the usual flood of freak bills and ret
olntlons may be expected.
Our volet la still for relrtncment.
There are according to the Bulletin
of the National Child Labor Commit-
tee 1850000 working children whose
status cannot be directly affected by
any kind of federal regulation and the
bettering of the condition of these
children presents the major problem
on which the efforta of the committee
are now concentrated. The member-
ship of the committee Is larger than
ever and its resources are more ade-
quate. That ita field Is hroad is
shown by the fact that 28 states per-
mit children to work more than eight
hours a day In stores and other local
establishments; 19 states allow chil-
dren to work at night in such estab-
lishments; 28 statea have no regula-
tion of street work fey children and
20 have poor refutations; 23 states
need night mesaiger laws; 28 states
do not requlikxruedlcal examination of
children forlwork permits; 12 states
have no educational requirements for
work permits and 32 states have
standards lower than the fifth school
grade. One state has no compulsory
education law. Rochester Post-Express.
Mistress (coming Into the kitchen
after the cook has Just finished the
dishes) Bridget where are the
scraps? Bridget Shure we haven't
had Iny since the day yure husband
tried to kiss me have we? Puck.
Some falls are means the happier to
rise. Shakespeare.
"We should all do something to
make other people happy" said the
sanctimonious person "Yes even if
It Is only to let them alone" added
the unregenerate one. Judge.
Close thine eyes and thou shalt see.
"Were you In any great action dur-
ing the war?" "Yea. That'a the rea-
son there la so little action In me
now" said the old soldier who bad a
wooden leg. Boston Transcript.
If happiness have not her seat and
center In the breast we may be wise
or rich or great but we can never be
blest. Burns.
"Have you been . studying the sci-
ence of efficiency?" "Yes; had to
quit reading aboot It. Got so Interest-
ed that I foun it waa Interfering with
my regularXork." Washington Star.
nothing which Is not God.
"How did you contrive to convince
your wife you could not afford to own
an automobile?" "Pure luck on my
part She wanted to have an old dress
cleaned and bought a gallon of gaso-
line." Richmond Times-Dispatch.
Commit the oldest sins the newest
kind of ways. King Henry IV.
Hensbaw I hear he waa operated
on. What did he have? Gee Whiz-
Money. Life'
I am of the opinion that the good or
bad conduct of a child depends en-
tirely upon Its mother. Napoleon.
Boston has declared emphatically
that the spirits of '76 are atill good
enough for Iloaton. New York Even-
ing Post
The question whether a baby In a
baby carriage has a right to enter or
leave an apartment house by the front
door and may not be restricted to the
servants' entrance has come up to
tho courts for settlement. Have not
tables under these conditions the
same rights as dogs In leash? New
York World.
It was left to a Jew In Christian
America to propose In all seriousness
that there bo organised a non denom
Inatlotml and non racial federation for
war relief with a working capital of
100 million dollars. The scheme ha
posNlbllltles vast and jf glorious for
msklng the United States p.rtldpato
in the war In the rljrfit way. Spring
field Republican.
If. boraut ihe rise In fuel we
are unable fMIr a blnie here we
have the OMsolatlnn of the thought
that the directors of the coal trust
III stir one hereaftor. Atlanta -Constitution.
The generosity of some of these
foreign nations la surprising. Kng
land tells Russia she csn have Con-
stantinople. And now all Russia has
to do la to take It away from the Ger-
mane and Turks with a sprinkling of
Anstrians and llulgara. Macon Tele
If peace notes bad aa much effect
on parliaments as they have on the
ticket the nations would soon take a
tumble to themselves. Washington
The Cadet
A Walk-Over Shoe that combines all the com-
fort of a swing toe modewlth the smart English
style which is now sopular with well dressed
men Comes In CUm Metal Calf or Dark Brown
Russia All
and widths in stock.

A. M. Waldrop & Co.
Bryan's Big Clothing Store.
One of Bryan's Beloved Ladlet
tera Into Rest.
At 11:30 o'clock this morning Mrs
Alice Register Buchanan beloved
wife of Commissioner C. A. Buchanan
passed peacefully away at the family
home In this city after a long Illness.
Gentle waa the care and tender the
ministering that had been bestowed
upon her'slnce the day she was taken
111 but In spite of the sleepless vigils
of loved ones and the best possible
medical skill the hand of the grim
reaper would not be stayed and death
came today at the hour stated aa a
blessed relief to her long and painful
Jlrs. Buchanan was a daughter of
the late M. Register and hla wife and
was born In Sabine County. Texas
October 24th 1877 making her 3!)
years 2 months and 11 days dt age at
the time of her death. She came to
Brazos county with her parents when
a child and waa reared in the Rell-
enco community. She wag united In
marriage to C. A. Buchanan July 2fith
1S04. and is survived by hqr. husband
and one son .Maxle; her mother Mrs.
M. Register and one sister Mrs. I). C.
Brown of Houston. The bereaved
household and other relatives have
the profound ymputhy of all In their
great sorrow.
She had been a Christian for many
years exemplifying In her dally walk
and conversation the life and teach-
ings of the Savior she loved and trust-
ed. The long days and weeka and
montha of her Buffering were borne
without a murmur and she was sooth-
ed and sustained by the precious
promise of the Bookand an unfalter-
ing trust In God. he was conscious
almost to the last and In frequent
conventions 1th her husband and
other loved sulfa expressed her com-
plete resignation to the will of Cod
and testified to her hope and faith In
eternal life.
Gentle by nature kind of heart
sweet and lovable In deposition she
drew others to her. and none knew
her but to love her. The world was
made the better by her having lived
In It. The beauty and purity of her
life the unaelflshness of her nature
her gentleness kindness and charity 1
are priceless herltagea bequeathed to'
her son and husband and will be an !
Inspiration to them through all the'
future years of their lives to omulnto !
flier example.
The funeral will be held from the
family home on the corner of I.'lrd
street and College avenuo tomorrow
(Saturday! morning at 10:30 o'clock'
with Interment following In the city
cemetery. I
Broke All Former Records and Re-
eembled Midsummer Months. !
The mean temHrature for the first'
four days of January was 71 degrees
whl h has been higher than the aver
age for any except the five mldaunv'
mer months beginning with Msy. The'
average for tbajr month was 73 de-'
grees. The awrrage for January Is!
63 degrees. Ue highest temperature
this month fun 79 degreos on New
Year's Day. The lowest temperature
yesterday morning vAs 68 degrees
snd the precipitation .21. The Hous-
ton weather bureau reports that the
mean temperature' for the first four
days this month la the highest ever
recorded by the weather bureau of
that city since. Its establishment
At the Queen Tomorrow.
There are from four to eight large
super-masterpieces produced by the
large film manufacturers each year.
These great master productions In-
clude such attractions asiThe Birth
of a Nation" "The Baffle Cry of
Peace" "Romeo and3uliet" "Salva-
tion Joan" and'Tfe Law Decides."
These big atuftctions are produced
at an enormoms coat and the rental
price to the exhibitor using them Is
necessarily very high; nevertheless
Mr. and Mrs. Falrman have always
made it their policy to get the best on
the film market for' their patrons.
They have shown the greater number
of the above mentioned attractions
and have now secred the great seven-
reel Hluo Ribbon super4liasterplece
"The Law Decides. ttjn he attraction
at the Queen Theatttomorrow (Sat-
urday) afternoon and night. This Is
undoubtedly one of the finest produc-
tions ever made for' the screen which
stntcmcnt Is backed up by all the big
l: J ii
IE have just received ONE HUNDRED of
They are teautifujand GERMAN DYED. The standard price of
RED SEAL gingriams for years past has been 12ic.
We placed
lafre contract
sell you as m
as you
choose while
LADIES don't delayl Call today and make your selections!
ONE HUNDRED PIECES EVERETT standard dress gingham and 75 1ft-
pieces of genuine AMOSKEAG gingham every pattern new priced as before IUC
WHY accept cheap substitutes when you can obtain the very best at no advance in price?
Tho Dost For Logo Durinc 1017
Qi) iiwiiwu ini"ii inrn ii 'i '11T1 - - - - - -
Starting en the first of January we announce that we shall eon
fine our efforts In the grocery bualneas strictly to the city of Bryan.
Our auto delivery which has been serving the College peopla will
be used to serve r city customers more efficiently. Our College
trade hat besnjlrery satlafactory but our bualneaa In the city hat
grown to wheaJKIt. demands our entire attention.
We appelate all favors shown ut from our College frlenda and
wish for twm as well aa our large number of city customer! a very
happy at prosperous New Year
Cameron tlorsory Co.
ROSOS 2 year large field-grown ever-
blooming at per dozen . . 02.50
Capo JacminOG Finest on Earth!
A splendid assortment of high grade
Shrubs and Plantsbf ALL KINDS.
Finest Peachrees Pear trees Plums
etc. PECANSra specialty. Shade trees
Elm Pin OaiK Sycamore China trees
etc. Pricerom . . 25c to $5 Each
Buy On or a Dozen a Hundred or a
I have a fine space back of the UNION HOTEL and
have plants (or sale there all this winter till March 1st. I
am boarding at the Union HoteL We GUARANTEE
our plants to be true to name and to live through the
first year. We hold one of the best inspections of nursery
plants made by the State of Texas. Phone
(1. J.Kirlley
R. J. Kirtley Is the only representative of the Cameron
Nursery In Braxos county and he guarantees and replaces
only the plsnts he sells.
metropolitan critics and those who
have had tho plcunure of witnessing
Its presentation. "The Uw Decides"
features such well known stars as
Harry T. Morey Dorothy Kelly Don
aid Hall and Hobby Connelly and Is
produced with music that was arrang-
ed especially for It. This feature has
been shown in all the cities at 35 and
:0 cents but will be seeh here In
Hryan at 25 cents for adults and 15
cents for children.
At the Dixie Tonight
In "Her Falher't Son" the Moroaco-
Paramount photoplay aty the Dixie
theater tonight the unusually excel-
lent quality of theyffoductlon la re-
vcaled In the flrsiniush of the Intro-
ductory scene. A the msln announce-
ment dlnappe.9 It Is replaced by a
beautiful and very unusual progress-
ing Image.
The scone shows Vivian Martin In
a smart gown alone near the rose be-
ducked center tablo. Then a most un
the'famous standard "Red Seal" Ginghams.
months ago as a orotection to
we have it at the former price
- '"'"""' Q
At Union Hotel or write R. J.
Kirtley box 382 Cameron Tex.
foreseen event happens. She Is Join-
ed In a clever manner by the dual
characters which . the plays: the
Southern belle of great beauty who la
ravlxhly fascinating In her crinolines
hoop skirts and golden curls quickly
followed by e shapely youth of
dainty frame who seems so boyishly
TbisVe one of the prettiest and cut-
est photoplays seen here In some time
so be sura and see It
C. S. Jones to II. P. Danaby Iff?
acre tract In Richard Carter league;
consideration $1560.
T. II. Franklin to Marlon R. Frank-
lin 2 acres In League 9; considera-
tion 500.
J. R. Graham to Ilortha S. Turner
23 H acre In V. S. Martin League:
conslVtgtlon $210.
ToiiC. Rlttle to J. Coulter Smith
lot No. 1 block 72 City of Ilryan; con-
sideration $.'12.50.
the newest SPRING
our patrons therefore we will
per yard .

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