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Thursday, October 22
H. F. Williams
Out of the Ashes
In spite of an 0-3 record, Wichita State was hoping lor one of its better seasons. Head
Coach Ben Wilson was looking forward to improving his first-year 2-8 record.
Last year's Wheat Shockers posted a I7-7 win over Utah Slate in their opening tilt. They
didn't win again until the season finale against Tulsa (28-12).
Kenny Lee and Lynn Duncan, two All-Missouri Valley Conference picks, were gone
but there was plenty of talent to fill the gaps.
All the plans and dreams went up in a cloud of smoke over a Colorado mountainside
Oct. 2 Wichita fell into stunned silence and Cessna Stadium sat empty. The Shockers had
been on their way to play Utah State when the Friday afternoon crash of the chartered
Martin 404 cast a
Tulsa Placed on 2-Year Probation
gloomy shadow over
weekend football all
over the country.
Thirteen shocker
football players died
in the crash. Of those
13, five were offensive
starters and four were
defensive starters.
Light other starters
were put out for the season with injuries
of varying severity.
Four lettermen are left from a group of
21. Of the 36 men remaining from the
original varsity roster, 23 are sophomores.
Only three are seniors; six are juniors.
Forty-four of the 76 men on the revised
Shocker roster are freshmen. As new Head
Coach Bob Seaman puts it, "It's really
something to stop and think the last game
our cornerback Marvin Kellum (a fresh-
man) played was an eight-man game and
next week he'll be playing Arkansas. It's
a long way from high school eight-man to
Arkansas, Baby."
Even so, the Shockers will finish the
season and the season starts again Satur-
day against the awesome Ra/.orbacks.
Arkansas is the perennial meat grinder
for MVC teams. The Hogs ate Tulsa 49-7
three weeks ago to go ahead in the all-
time series 30-13. North Texas is 0-5 aga-
inst Arkansas, the last meeting being a 17-
15 loss in 1968. Wichita has done slightly
better with a 1-5 series record. Last year's
game was a 52-14 romp for the Razor-
THE 1970 v ersion of the Black and Gold
was faced with one of the toughest sche-
dules in WSU history. It started off with
Texas A&M, no pushover in anybody's
book. The Aggies won it 41-14. Then came
Arkansas State. The No. I small college
in the nation blasted the shockers 53-14.
Wichita went 0-3 when West Texas State
handed the Shockers a 43-0 shutout. Utah
State and Southern Illinois were canceled
and the game ivith Cincinnati was post-
poned from Oct. 10 to Oct. 31.
That brings up, in order, Arkansas (4-1),
Cincinnati (2-2), Tulsa (3-3), Memphis
State (2-2), North Texas (2-4) and Louis-
ville (3-3).
Cincinnati was shaded by Tulsa 7-3
in the first game of the season. Other than
that Cincinnati is an unknown quantity.
TULSA WENT on to upset Memphis
State 27-12 but then fell to Louisville, the
current MVC leader, 14-8. The Cards lost
two games (Florida Stale and Southern
Illinois) by a total of five points before
being slammed 28-11 by Dayton. Memphis
bounced back to beat FSU 16-12. The
other Tiger win was a 21-20 squeaker over
Virginia Tech.
SEAMAN IS no doubt considering what
the chances are for his young crew to win a
game against a lineup like the one Wichita
faces. Even though the players want to con-
tinue, Seaman must face the possibility
that some of his players may be injured,
seemingly unnecessarily in view of the odds
against winning.
It has been pointed out that Wichita
opponents might not play their best against
the Shockers. Arkansas even proposed to
pay the guarantee and schedule Utah Stale
in place of WSU.
But the Shockers turned down the offer
in favor of meeting the Ra/.orbacks at
Little Rock.
FOOLHARDY? Possibly, but the de-
cimated Wheat Shockers have earned a
great deal of respect. Coming at a time
when collegiate athletics has been under
pressure from activists and under fire from
writers for being in a so-called decline,
Wichita has displayed remarkable staying
This act of dedication shouts much loud-
er than all the words spoken or written
about the decline of college sports.
Daily Reporter
The University of Tulsa was placed on
a two-year probation Tuesday by the Mis-
souri Valley Conference (MVC) for alleged
recruiting violations in its football pro-
The National Collegiate Athletic Asso-
ciation (NCAA) is expected to take similar
action against Tulsa Oct. 27 in a meeting
in New Orleans.
MVC Commissioner DeWitt T. Weaver,
told The Daily Wednesday that the Hurri-
cane had been denied permission to play in
post season bowl games for two years or to
participate in any television appearances
in 1971.
"TULSA WILL be allowed to play a
scheduled televised game with North Texas
on Dec. 5," Weaver said. "The Hurricane
has a television contract for the game and
we don't want them to have to break it."
The school was also fined $1,500 by the
MVC, which issued an official warning
against future violations.
Tulsa Coach Claude (Hoot) Gibson,
admitted the action taken by the conference
will restrict recruiting for the Hurricane,
Wrestling Club Sets
Practice Schedule
The Wrestling Club will be working out
at 4 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays in
the wrestling room of the Men's Gymna-
sium this semester.
A schedule of matches with such colleges
as the University of Texas and Texas A&M
is now being prepared.
but told the Associated Press that only this
year's juniors will be severely affected by
the probation. He pointed out that this
year's team, with a record of 3-3, will not
be going to any bowl games and the school
will be off probation after next season.
THE ACTION against Tulsa was an-
nounced at a news conference Tuesday by
the school's president J. Paschal Twynian.
In a one-page statement, Dr. Twyman
confirmed violations of "excessive financial
assistance provided to perspective student
athletes, imporper transportation for per-
spective student athletes and excessive
entertainment for perspective student ath-
The Tulsa president refused to discuss
any specific instances or even tell how many
were involved, the AP said.
ONLY HOURS before the announce-
ment of the probationary action, it was
disclosed that assistant coaches Tom Bois-
ture and Dave Brazil had submitted their
resignations effective Jan. I. The conference
ordered that the two not be permitted to
recruit for Tulsa.
Commissioner Weaver declined to fore-
cast how NCAA would rule against Tulsa,
but did say that he didn't feel the action
would be much different from that taken
by the MVC.
Weaver also said that a five-man inspec-
tion team will visit New Mexico State Uni-
versity Monday and Tuesday to determine
if the school has the facilities to be eligible
for membership into the MVC.
"WE ARE going to add four new teams
to the conference within the next two
years," Weaver said. "With four new
schools, we are planning to have two six-
Second String Not All Bad
G/Vens Stays 'Up Though Plays Little
Take heart all you second-stringers.
Just think. You could be Charley Har-
raway behind Jim Brown; Dick Woodall
behind Joe Nameth or Lennie Givens
behind Glenn Tucker.
The pressure was on Brown, just as it
is now on Namath
or any other team,
leader. But what
about Lennie Givens
of North Texas?
How does he get
keyed up for a game,
knowing that his
chances of playing
are rather slim?
"I don't really
have to do anything
artificial to 'psych' myself up for a game,"
Givens, a senior defensive tackle from
Odessa, said. "I just get naturally keyed
up. I really get nervous before a game
even though I know I probably won't play
a lot."
This is not a strange situation for Givens,
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who came to North Texas from Cisco <
Junior College, where he was honorable
mention all-conference as a middle line-
"1 was recruited as a linebacker by
Coach Fred McCain," he revealed, "and
when I got here, they moved me to defen-
sive end behind Hardman (Cedrie, now a
regular defensive end for the San Francisco
49ers). This was kind of discouraging be-
cause several people had told me I might
have a chance for the pros at linebacker."
"Then last fall
they moved me to
center behind Parker
(Willie, a second-
team all-MVC in
1969). Now I'm
behind Tucker."
Givens' approach
to the game has not
changed, though,
since his high school
days and his junior
college stint.
"I'm just really excited about playing"
he said. "I feel I could do a good job if I
went in."
"II I was starting, I might be a little
more intense about learning, but there isn't
reallv that much difference. If there is
a bad
a big difference in your attitude
you're on the bench, then you have
attitude and you aren't helping the team,"
he said.
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team divisions of the MVC, divided either Dr. Leland Johnson, Drake University
north-south or east-west—we haven't made ! faculty representative; Dean Orville Noth-
durft, Bradley University faculty repre-
sentative; Glenn Dobbs, Tulsa athletic
director and Commissioner Weaver.
"I foresee no problems with New Mexi-
co State's membership," Weaver said.
"They look very favorable at this time."
The trip had been planned for early Oc-
tober, but was postponed because of the
Oct. 2 plane crash involving members of
Givens had his choice of more than 35
schools when he got out of junior college,
including SMU, Colorado, Colorado
State, Arizona, Arizona State, and Texas
Tech. He picked North Texas because of
its academic reputation.
"THIS WAS the largest major college
near my home town that I liked," he said.
"Also, I didn't want to go into the South-
west Conference because it really isn't
that good except for Texas and Arkansas."
Givens had a few offers when he gradu-
ated from high school, including Texas
Tech, but chose to go to Cisco, and the
experience proved beneficial.
GIVENS NOTED that he went from 173
pounds in his senior year in highschool
to 225 by the time he finished at Cisco.
A physical education major with a geo-
graphy minor, Givens is pointing toward
a coaching career.
"Coaching is really the dominant thing
in my future. I'd like to try pro football
if l got the chance, but it's pretty much out
of my plans right now," he concluded.
up our minds yet."
With the addition of West Texas State
and New Mexico State to the MVC, two
more teams will be needed to round out
a 12-school roster.
"We have had applications from several
schools, but at this time, I am not at liberty
to mention any in particular," Weaver
Those making the trip will include Dr.
John Dratz, Tulsa faculty representative; _ the Wichita State football team.
Bullet Bob Back on Job
As Tom Shuffles Pokes
DALLAS, Tex. (AP) — Tom Landry was called up for Army reserve duty the
has gone to the bench to shore up the fast- rest of the year.
crumbling passing attack of the Dallas— Landry said "There is not a lot you can
say about the Minnesota game. . . No team
can beat you 50 points unless you beat
He said the Cowboys, who arc 3-2, must
get going soon or St. Louis will be hard
to catch in the Eastern Division of the Na-
tional Football Conference.
"Right now it's just a matter of holding
our head above water," Landry said. "The
way St. Louis is going it will probably take
around a 10-4 to get into the playoffs."
Saturday's Game
Childrens Night
At Fouts Field
Saturday's Missouri Valley Conference
football game between North Texas and
Memphis State has been disignated Kids'
Night at Fouts Field. Kickoff will be at
7:30 p.m.
Any number of children will be admitted
free so long as they are accompanied by
one adult with a general admission ticket.
General admission tickets will be sold
at the Fouts Field gates Saturday night.
Adult tickets cost S2.50, however each
ticket will admit as many youngsters as
accompany the ticket buyer.
These admissions will be for the east
side of the stadium or for the two sections
on each end of the west side.
Cowboys: Enter Bullet Bob Hayes.
Landry said Wednesday that Hayes,
who has been so deep in the doghouse that
he hasn't started a game this year, will be
the No. I wide receiver Sunday against
Kansas City.
"WE HAVE to shake things up," Landry
said in the wake of last week's 54-13 di-
saster at the hands of Minnesota. "I don't
think anybody has been exceptional. Our
passing hasn't shown any spark."
Hayes played behind Dennis Homan
against Minnesota and didn't catch a pass.
But neither did Homan.
Hayes also has been returned to the
punt return team another job he lost be-
cause he wasn't meeting Landry's "perfor-
mance levels."
The former Olympic star is playing out
his contract with the Cowboys this year.
THE COWBOY quarterback situation
is muddled. Starter Craig Morton is still
limping on a sore knee but is expected to
start against the Chiefs Sunday. Roger
Staubach, the No. 2 man, is in Baylor Hos-
pital with a staph infection on his right
arm. The infection flared up last week as
ihe result of an Astroturf burn he suffered.
The Cowboys will likely activate taxi-
squad member Bob Belden later in the week
for some quarterback protection.
Also, offensive tackle Tony Liscio is a
doubtful starter because of a bad back.
Landry said Richmond Flowers will start
at the free safety spot of Cliff Harris, who
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