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... SCALPING OF JOSIAH WILBARGER 27 opportunity to make and receive propositions... for the ransom of the captives. Wilbarger, John Henry Brown, and others, mention some cases of this kind

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... 24 SCALPING OF JOSIAH WILBARGER Haynie and Standifer on reaching Hornsby's had reported... the death of their three companions, stating that they saw Wilbarger fall and about fifty Indians around him... him that she confidently believed that Wilbarger was alive; that she had seen him vividly in a dream..., naked, wounded and scalped, but she knew he lived. Soon she fell asleep again. Wilbarger again appeared..., saying, 'I know that Mr. Wilbarger is not dead.' So confident was she that she would not permit the men

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... 22 SCALPING OF JOSIAH WILBARGER left their horses out of sight. Wilbarger's party had... already been mortally wounded. Wilbarger sprang to the side of Christian and set him up by the side of his...'s powder-horn. Wilbarger primed his gun and then jumped behind his own tree. At this time Wilbarger... Wilbarger gotten behind his tree when he received another arrow through the calf of the other leg. Up... wounded and Christian disabled, they mounted their horses that were still standing saddled. Wilbarger

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... SCALPING OF JOSIAH WILBARGER 25 len from an arrow wound in his leg, and had placed... Wilbarger lived eleven years. The scalp never grew entirely over the bone. A small patch in the middle... against the low door of his gin-house many years after he was scalped." Here Wilbarger says, "We have... stated the facts as stated ::, Josiah Wilbarger, his brother, and confirmed by Wm. Hornsby, who still... and wide throughout the country fifty years ago. Her earnest manner and perfect confidence that Wilbarger

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... SCALPING OF JOSIAH WILBAlRGIEC 19 CHAPTER III. THE SCALPING OF JOSIAH WILBARGER..., but give it as found in Wilbarger's History of Indian Depredations. While it tells of some strange... their selections. Josiah Wilbarger and Reuben Hornsby were among those who had previously been on the ground... and made their selections for their headright leagues. Wilbarger came to Texas from Missouri as early

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... JUDGE MARTIN AND HIS SERVANT KILLED 209 Dodge, and Wilbarger says that the tears were... at receiving then safe. Wilbarger says also that the old chief himself was so overcome that he cordially

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... 20 SCALPING OF JOSIAH WILBARGER and then moved up the Colorado. It was about the month... as Wilbarger's Creek, and was his headright survey. Immediately after making his selection, he moved his family.... Wilbarger was the first and only outside settler in Austin's new colony until July, 1832, when Reuben... was always noted for hospitality, and he, like his neighbor, Wilbarger, was noted for those virtues

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... SCALPING OF JOSIAH WILBARGER 21 appearance of a vast wheat field... Missouri, to look at the country. Early in August, Josiah Wilbarger came up to Hornsby's and, in company... to Manor. Wilbarger, Christian and Strother unsaddled their horses and hoppled them out to graze

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... SCALPING OF JOSIAH WILBARGER 23 an intolerable thirst. he dragged himself to a pool... needs some cover. Wilbarger, wounded, naked, suffering and feeble, suffered after midnight intensely... to their dying day vouched for their truth. "As Wilbarger lay under the oak tree, prone on the ground, he

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... 26 SCALPING OF JOSIAH WILBARGER by all who knew her. We leave to those more learned..., the task of explaining the strange coincidence of the visions of Wilbarger and Mrs. Hornsby. It must remain..., who "moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform.' Josiah Wilbarger left a wife and five children

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... OF CYNTHIA ANN PARKER. Upon reading Wilbarger's "History of Indian Depredations in Texas," many of the nearly... by others, of her capture, but believe the one given by Wilbarger is by far the most accurate of them all

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.... I will here give the names of the jurors in this case, as found in Wilbarger's History of Indian... solely from the memory, and will, therefore, quote the proceedings of the court from Wilbarger's History

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... reliable book, Wilbarger's History of Indian Depredations in Texas, for an account of the captivity... and escape of these pure, sweet little girls. This was written in a letter to the author, Wilbarger, from

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