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' '.
vi' V ...t ( IfJWf Wjig
Prince Bismarck is repotted dan.
gerouslyJH and iiU death may tic ex.
pected any noun
According to the Iron Age soulhi
cm p:g irion advanced during the past
wcek'Jfi per ton.
The immense com and oilier forage
CTops raised in Texas this year will
amply compensate for whatever shor-
tage the cotton crop may show.
The church members in Coryell
county in a recent election for prohi-
bition says the local paper defeated
the cause.
A Southern Pacific train was stopped
'Tuesday by highwaymen with dyna-
mite and the passengers robbed of
their valuables near Riddles Oregon.
It is rumored that the Prince of
Wales will attend glove the contest
between Corbett and Pitzsitnmons.
Mr. Stuirt soys there is more than
wind in the rumor.
Fitzsimmons has been acquitted of
the charge of killing his sparing part-
ner Roirdan and will now pn ceed to
put himself in condition to knock the
ife out of some other fellow slugger.
The much talked of prohibition
fight in Dallns this summer is declared
off by the "pross " The Corbett-
Fitzsjmmons fight though is being
boomed with steadily increasing vigor.
The rumor ot a projected railroad
from Anson to Albany to connect wnh
the Texas "Central nt the latter point
again rewarded with a fair prospect of
realization in the no distant future.
The chmch bugs are doing great
damage to the growing wheat crop in
the northern states and wheat is
to be woh more today than the bear
speculators will permit to appear.
Democrats are gradully coming
around to the belief that Mr. Cleve-
land himself is a Democrat. Before he
retires from office they will decide that
he is a pretty level headed man.
It has been suggested to the Dallas
fair management that in order to in-
crease and keep up the attendance of
the ladies during the fair ts provide
for at least one public wedding every-
day. After long and active agitation of
the Pecos Valley irrigation project the
Brown ood Bulletin of last week re-
ports the final meeting to secure the
subscription cf 35000 acres land an
utter failure as regards both the num-
ber of farmers present and the oljecl
to be attained.
Speaking of the crops the Free Press
says: There can no longer be any
doubt about heavy corn and forage
crops being made tn Haskel county
this year in fact they are already as
good as made. Cotton is healthy and
growing rapidly.
A late Austin special sats there has
been a marked increase in the receipts
of general revenue for June ascoiytpar
ed with last year the receipts for July-
being already half as much up to date
as for the entire month in 1S04.
n 11 11 m
There is an active movement under
way among interested railroad officials
looking to the early building of a
union depot at Fort Worth commen-
surate wivh the importance of that city
as a great railroad center. A meeting
for the consideration of this project
was held behind closed doors at the
Delaware hotel Saturday and another
for further action in the premises will
be held July 20.
The Colorado democrats in conven-
tion assembled at Denver July and.
reaffirmed devotion to tre principles of
democracy as expounded by Jefferson
and Jackson Undated for the free and
unlimited coinage of gold and silver at
the 16 to 1 ratio and seconded by call
of Illinois for a national convention to
set the party straight on the finance
1 1 ' 1
Commenting on the result of the
late trial at Dallas of Dr. Jones for the
murder of Cnpt Vca) there being no
convintion the Ddnison Gazette sayss
"We are opposed to capital punish.
men if for no other reason because it
li only operative on the poor devils
who have no money nor friends to em
play shrewd attorneys to save Ihelr
the Ottis Steel Company of Clcvc.
land Ohio lias likewise raised the pay
-of employes to per cent
The conditions of the mine troubles
in West Virginia is growing serious
and the operators have made formal
demand on the sheriff of McDonald
county for protection against a threat-
ened outbreak in that region and the
sheriff has virtually admitted that he
is unable to give it.
Since W. II. Harvey has been
ptoved to be a blown-in-the bottle
populist free silver democrats no longer
seek to back -up their rgoments in
favor of the white metal by refering
to Harvey's book. "Coin's Financial
The Ohio democratic 'convention
which has been called fnr August 20
it is confidently predicted -will take its
position alongside that of Kentucky
and give her democratic preference for
a dollar worth 100 cents in the markets
of the world.
Anarchistic governors are rather ex-
pensive luxuries to their taxpaying con-
stituencies. Claims aggregating $r-
17576 have been-filed against the
city ol Chicago growing nut of dam-
ages done to property during the Debbs
strike aided and abetted by Anarchist
Certtjn statesmen are fond of figur-
ing out -that wheat is always in sympa-
thy with silv-r and that the low price
of wheat has been due solely to the
low ppce of silver. Wheat has ad-
vanced over fifty per cent recently
while silver has not advanced at all.
Will some brother explain why silver
dosen't "sympathize" with wheat?
Tht re is nothing more encouraging
than the steady increase of business
and wage in the great industiial estab-
lishments of 'the country. Kentucky
ron mills have notified their men of a
to per cent increase in wages. This
confidence born of the action of the
Kentucky democracy on the financia
question sneaks volumes.
There seems tc be no such hind-
rance to a high degree of speed in the
operation of the electric car as there is
to the ordinary raillroad car. On this
subject the N. Y. Telegram say:
"The perfectly balanced armature
with its rotary motion can be saftly
run at any speed short of that which
would make it fly apart by reason of
centniugal force. It has been found
in practice that the electric car can be
run today at ninety miles an hour as
readily as the common train cars at
thirty miles and this with the art of
electric railroading as yet confessedly
n its infincy.
The Jim Crow free silver politicians
are now beginning to ask wheie
they are at. Gov. Culberson appointed
a double set of delegates; but many of
them did not go. Speaking of'ihe back-
ing down ol these politicians the Gal
veston News remarks: "The truth
about the matter is that the free silver
politicians of Texas were afraid to go
When they read the letter authorizing
them to paw up the dust and bellow for
Texas the whites of their eyes looked
like wild half moons rising out of a
fleeing cyclone. S tine of them did not
thank the governor for thus calling them
down. They did not go. As The
New's Washington correspondent aptly
obseves: "The farmer in Texas who
has been for years listening to our con-
gressman as to the necessity for unlimi-
ted coinage can now with every reason
and with perfect justice ask them when
they art speaking of silver is such rt
good thing why was it that they did
not go to Memphis and help push it
along " Vclasco World.
A New Feature for '95.
The Review will bo published in 12 chapters
beginning with the January number the
Personal History of the Socoud Empire
n historical wuik of unsurpassed importance
which will throw a flood ot new light upon the
chequered career of Napoleon III. and the
influences which led to the collapse of his Km-
plrc in the gigantic Mrugijlif with united Uer
inany under WHIiclm I. and hi Iron Chan'
cellar It is as (actuating at a romance being
richly anecdotal and full ufinfonnalion drawn
jrom kourcci hitherto liaccesiible presented
in the graphic and (cactoutylc which "The
Knclishman in Paris" by the same author has
made familiar to thousands of leaders
60 Qonta a Copy; 96 00 a Year
tUthlti NTork
Tlio Greatest Railroad
on Earth
Santa Fe Routel
Teachers and olhcrs going to the Nation-
al Educational Association meeting at
Denver In July should remember that the
Santa Fo offers as tow rates as anybody
else with better service.
Special Inducements to small or large
Tickets on sale July 3 4 5 and 6 limit'
cd to return July 12 13 14 or 15 except
that teachers and others wishing to re-
main longer in Colorado can obtain ex-
tension of limit by depositing ticket tick
ets With lite Joint Agent at either1 Den-
ver Colorado Springs Manitau or PUeblo
prior to July 15. Tickets will be availa-
ble to return passage and time prior td
and inchi'ling September ISU895.
Privilege of attending Summer School
Colorado Springs on return trip.
Low-rale excursions into the mountains
after meeting is over.
For descriptive pamphlets address
. Come and stop with us.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Cresent Hotel.
Is the Favorite Q T)n TUfl Q
esort for Texans Oi HIIlUD
Eureka Springs Ark is reached in
the most comfortable manner on the
Santa fe limited"
a solid vestibule train.
Address Manager Ciescent Hotel
Eureka Spring Ark. for pamphlet and
Hotel accommodations and V. S.
Keenan Gen. Pass. Agt. Galveston
Texas for information regarding rates
and time tables.
Of Agriculture Weather Lureau.
Station. Abilene. Texas; oionth June 1S94.
I Temperature. Precipitation
hvrv Mjlxi. Mini. ..Means
' I
T. S6 71 7S j T
2 ' S6 70 7S T.
3 I S7 66 76 .11
4 So 62 71 22
5 J S6 54 70
6 S4 59 72
7 S5 60 72
8 90 65 7S
9 90 70 So
10 i SS 6S 7S
11 9a 70 81 22.
la 94 66 So
13 9 70 Si
14 04 65 So .. .50
15 98 61 80 90
16 9S 74 S6 :..
7 I 95 73 ' 84
18 J So 62 1 71 1.07
19 So 63 j 72 01
20 S6 64 75
21 I S3 6c 76
22 ; S8 6 76
23 j 90 68 79
24 9 72 83
25 9S 72 S5
26 S7 65 76 1 00
27 So 64 76 1. 14
2S I So 65 72 40
29 78 65 72 1.72
3 S3 65 74 ... 1. 11
31 .rr:.. ....
Mean barometer 29.99
Highest barometer 30. 301 date 5th.
Lowest barometer 29.71; date 14th.
Mean temperature 77.
Highest temperature gS; date 16th.
Lowest temperature 54: date 5th.
Greatest daily range of temp. 37; date 15.
Least daily range of temp. 13; date 29.
Mean temperature for this month in
ISS5 So. 1SS9 75. 1S92 So.
1SS7 79. 1S90 7S. iS93 Si.
iSSS 7S. IS91 79. 1894 87.
1S95 77. 1SS6 iS97
Mean temperature lor I e monih for ten
years 7S.
Accumulated deficiency of daily means tempt.
during the month .30 -Average daily
deficiency 1.
Accumulated deficiency of daily mean temp
since January 1 4.78 Average" dally
deficiency 2.4 " '
Prevallingdirectionofwind S 29 percent.
Total movement of wind 6S66 miles.
Maximum velocity of wind direction and date
52 miles N E. J51I1
Total precipitation 840 irchis.
Number of days on Which .01 inch or more ot
precipitation fell 12.
Total precipitation (in inches) for this month in
1886 3.38. 18S9 6.36 189a 134
1SS7 326. 1890 .65 1893 98.
I8SS 3 79. 1891 a.cq 1894 3.30.
1895. 840. IS96 1&7
Average precipitation for this month for ten
years 3.35
Total excess rti precipitation during month
5 67.
Total excess in precipitation since January
u. 133
Number ol cloudless dajs 6; paitly cloudy
days 141 cloudy days to.
Date of host
Nqtr. Barometer reduced to sea level
T' Indicates trace of precipitation.
To be taken from any five minute record.
.wyer wtuur IriUAUL
Abilene Tcxm May 25 1895.
The chief of the weather bureau requests
the publication of the following data com.
piled from the iccord of observations for the
month of June taken at this station dur-
ing a period of nine yean.
It is believed that the facts thus set fotth
will prove of interest to the public as well as
the special student showing as they do the
average and extreme conditions of the more
important meteorological elements and the
range within which such Variations maybe
expected (0 keep I'uring any corresponding
Mean or normal temperature 83. dcg.
The warmest month was that of 1 863 witli
an average of .86 deg.
The coldest month was that of 1889 v-ith an
average of .80 dcg.
Tbe highest temperature during any month
was no deg. on the 18 1886.
The lowest temperature during any month
was 62 deg. on the ri 1894
Average date on which first "killing" frost
occurred (in autumn) Nov. 15.
Average dale on which last "killing" frost
occurred (in spring) March 13.
Average for the month I. 38 inches.
Average number of days with .01 of an inch
or more 5.
The greatest monthly precipitation was 2.71
inches in 1887.
The least monthly precipitation was .46
inches in 1888.
The greatest Amount of precipitation recorded
in any 24 consecutive hours was 1.29
inches on July 4. 1890.
Average number of cloudless days 18.
Average number of partly cloudy days 9.
Average number of cloudy days 4.
The prevailing winds have been from the
The highest velocity of the wind during any
July was 60 miles from the S. W.
and on the 25 1SS9
Observer Weather Bureau.
rt country hvs teen . Albany Argus.
North Ameican Review
are always found the
The Right Topics
By the .Bight Hen
At the Bight Time. -The
North American Review is
recognized on both sides of the Atlan-
tic as the foremost Review in the Eng-
lish language and no expenditure is
spared in maintaining it in its unrivaled
The Review is the mouthpiece of the
men and women who know most about
the great topics on which Americans
require and desire to be informed from
mouth to mouth. Its list of contribu-
tors forms a roll of the representative
men ard women of the age.
Subjects that concern the interests of
American Women
receive constant and special attention.
Among topics recently discussed are:
"Women Suffrage in IVactice"; "The Re-
naisance ol Woman"; "Women in Pohtics"-
'The New Aspect of the Woman (Question"
and "The Modern girl." by the author of "The
Heavsenly Twins"; "The future of Marriage"
"Evil Of Earlv Mariiapes": "The Servan.'
Girl of theFuture''; "The Finan;ial Depen-
dence of Women"' Trades-Unions (or Wo'
men"; "The Lack of Good Servants;
American Life and Physical Deteiioration";
"Good and Bad Mothers"; "The Tyrauny
of the Kitchen"; "The Amateur Nurse";
Maik Twain's Delenseof Itaniet Shelly etc.
lias crettted muy a new business.
Hat enlarged mnnjr nu old business.
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every desciiptioit also carry a full
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$ Heilv'a ctlc
s. Violins and
tins line wc carry Lyon $
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IJanjos; also strings for all Instruments.
hlieet musiq and Insuuciion UooVs. A cat
will be apnreciati
New Pullman flervico on tho Texas
And Pacific
Beginning November r through
Pullman car service will be inuguratcd
from Chicago to California. The cars
will be run over the Chicago and Al
ton Iron Mountain Texas and Pacific
and Southern Pacific. This is first
class Pullman service.
On the same date will also b5 inau
gurated through Pullman service for
second class travel which will be car
jied on over the Waubash Texas and
Pacific and Southern and Pacific.
This gives both first and second Class
tickets through service without change
through Texas which will add to the
comlort of the traveling public and to
popularity of these lines.
Tab Horseman
Turf Journal of America.
And during the raclne season
lt iriiiriPTit nf turf matter and
J subjrotsof Interest to liorvcrnen
n in all $ iVJJ
Impaf- '.':m.m
ectionsHroninrehemire and
) ttor.jtfiewsHupto telt8 emtoir
aJs ore pmctfcAi and ts reports or
palest private and jtubHc.and of race
arr accurate and complete.
YotfTnhcr.ptlon win h taken at
h the omce or tum paper- renu iu uv
1 T
publishers lor a campiecapjr.
Toe Horseman
323-325 Dcartorn-st. CW:aeo. III.
g Webster's $
Invnliiahlc inO(BceSclito1nnd Home?
iNeic from Cover to Cover
Successor of the
Stnnitnntoft' i 1
I". S. (iyi'C X-i. --
fiiKOErc.tlifl S.
Siii)reiiicCoi'f..i"l 1
of nearly a.l '" 0
tTnrmly c m-
lnctiiard Ly h ato '
Siilieniiteiitlci.t '
ci seiroon ana
o.5icrEiliic.i:o-ial- '
mo- without nuc- '
The One Cicst Standard Authority
So u ;tc Hon. 1. J. llrewer I S Supreme Contt.
A College I'rrvldeitt rrltct "Tor
"eao itith MlilcU tlin cjo nl tlio .
"word suutriit for niciirncy cf dcfliiV
"tlon for fir-ctIvo inotlmds iu indl-l
"cutlufy lironuncistion. fob terse vet
"cniiinrtIieitt.lie tialtiiirtils of facte.
"mid for prnellrql use n a lrorklni;
"(llctl-ma-.T "Weuster'r lnternntlnnal
"excels any oilier slncle -olumc."
C. .& C. JtfKKRf.t Jf CO. rublishers
.JJJt.ilJ&UCII .UdM. L.S.vl..
of Prod to th puliliihrn fnr f r?e pamrhlet.
Y-lor.otl.rrcl!Mpret)rtn!jo: ancient elitlon.
"TJtc C!ea:est
The rather.
is full of Helpful Whole-
some Reading for Every
Member of
We are giving: away to
desirable reliable gifts
CornSoellers Family Grist
YlY The Son.
lB Articles both
jK lntereUiig
nT litstniilivt.
One Year's Ascription $1.00.
agents Wanted.
Sample Copy Free and Big Premium
List if yen ask for it. Address
Texas Farm and Ranch.
The FrumJ
Tint Fonuu
nKR YBrtR.
25c. a Numbor.
For Silo Curimhtrs
in tlio
to td lh Forum It to Attp In touch
ulth lhpttt thauahtol tlndr.
A cuUIoruo of tho writer who tmyo
tho l't would uiubrwco iiruvtlcully every
r llio.o In l.uropo. .v lUt ur iuiorcl. trHted vroutd cover Iu tlio wldcit dr) I
tojt of coutomporaueouo lmrt. Till'. FOUUM U tlerforo otlae.Uuial i
lo uy ono who dcitreo to Voot clo.oljr Iu touch with tho ytt vt jttrrut tnhletf H
v r
.". .
-n'lV9iJ M
." -. fiir
jngn" rrmr ' .
inta u'
v .
v ''.
". v
' -.k.'OjL.
f Irtt
. -r
. t
ana Tins
ROCK istq
This map shows a modem "up
date railroad" and how it has its
inei to the principal large cities ofj
It is the "Great Rjck Island I
And has the double daily fast t'Xpu
lram service from Texas as foN.
. . t .. t? ... nr....u ... . -fA
1NO. 4 1-.V r in HUH u.wjy
Ar. Kansas Uity a 20 nxtag
No. 2 Lv. F .rt Worth 8 to p
Ar. Kansas City.. 5.25
Ar. Ghicago..9 55 m-xt
Ar. Denver 7 25
Through Pullman Sieapers audi:
Reclining Chair Car3. jflf
Don't forget the fact that train Nj'J1
saves you a whole buatness dayrtaj
route to Denver or Colorado Sprwgsl
Your local ticket agent will rifob
jbly want to sell you a ticket viatffe
Rock Island but )( he doti'tl
until he does.
T O AfrrAnir H. P " il
j. w. -- -wui( v m
Fort Worth vg
" 4 '
Special Offei to the Readers '. J
I.U.- win ie rem ntiti tun u.u VE AJ
person scikIIme before Janunry 31 ISC a t"
iljree NEW jwrlj subnbers ni S3
Already the clns are cnthering for to 1
1S96 nnd 1S05 will be full of lnteivNiliio-
The sUrml-h Hues HI be thrown out tin
euveruiK uoue anu tue pinas tit car
nrruiiKeu lor me greai contest in no 1
The reranliihiE short tesslon of ihe Dom
ftflVl fTAkC tfi n ft1tnnl l VkBl L T. A- ?
Concress nitha Derooernt In the presii
chtalrwill borroJucllveDfovetii!. if l.mni
In fact more p ilHical litstory W I c3f
ted.luiinB ISnj thun an year inre the --
Hon of the goverilm'enl -aiA aja ivlf v
uew-kpnper vlll belike au" i I
mo eniLMiis of public opinio.. 90 to i
You can ret xhreo new sub- . .
public by a few uiinutes effol
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Tbe Mooter. "
our subscribers ail 20 1 1 ? "
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i. lift
' in t
1 -li'
1 " I
llHltepuliUo subscribers get a pui fi? i
forfTibpn- ofaweotly onlr 0Lin. 3
It AT ONCvi lind eo bowowllr tiX I5ttto
If you wish a pactase of sample cjplei 14
Daughter. MWI
Intertititig B 'i
Stories R f
VA .
180o rvu unusually -wklo rango of tliuoly
Itniwrttuit topics by tlio most eminent wvf '
lleiaa of Politics Fhmnco 601
uuuiviuiu ivvub'iuii .an anu
lo b lthout lh. Farun I.l
lhFotultoilJ m J
ptoclnrtMnklntEi VwV 3
loo to THK VOX tor f
tw Atuerlc aif I ' 4 t
Iu Uiavrldeita. lirA ;
th. butt holp to clur thinking
coutrlbuteit Mrtlcla.
tiiau uf cinluenco H
' H M'Y'I

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