The Abilene Daily Reporter (Abilene, Tex.), Vol. 17, No. 267, Ed. 1 Wednesday, November 5, 1913 Page: 2 of 6

..-- v .
Remember that the non-interest bearing
and unsecured deposits of this bank arc
protected by the Depositors' Guaranty
Fund of the state of Texas.
Wm Fay 4 pmr omnt on Savings
Dpoits compounded quarterly
The First State Bank
and Trust Company
. n. HYNTM. President
J. O. SHKl.TON Active Vice President
V. II. FRKB Acthc Vice Preald- tit.
J. I! COUCH. Vice Prealdent.
OSf'AIt PARKKR. (na tiler
A. J. Chandler.
Ifsadsone Chinaware Free-
Commencing Oct 16th we aie
giving coupons for
Handsome Chinaware
All purchaser provided your bill is paid in full t tin eight of I
lr.onth following purchases or our regular motith'y pn do l'Ii..n
or call (or furthur information We want our trade
Chandler Grocery Co.
S. W. Thono 219 U busy 220
For household uau a Blmplo delceviHttor from spate i.ncd within to
kas been Invented in Germany uhieh feet of them Hoih were thrown
measures the proportion of carbonic i
fid gas in tha air of a room
MaaiioTin and Nertutiol Uestuml
Health h) Yllol.
A. I). Hoblnson. Hadfold. Va an Itt'wa8 thmiRht ua ea
'I was nil run down 1)1 healtlif hudinit the fumes of ne
no appetite and
1 could not hIdci
8hl VtoUa8lei:e will IU- in. lit
recommended to
r Mr:.
itmi aivriaint
one bottle I notl
an ajioMTetnent.
ContinuliiK Ita u
restored to lieul
Is all t;oue unit'"
nlKhta rest attft
at a good
?ood npiiv
tte can return
to) to uny
one who suffred
Vino! la Oft
ily builder
and Hlren.ttk cri
lv know of
The cumin
of tha coil'8 Itv-
r. aiueo ity
Id-uiukun:. streu-
(HheuluR tdlperties
Fif tonlo iron eon-
tallied litVTinol
tore th luektne
ilood. una the re
sult Is health atrehKth andhiKor.
If you neetl building up liy a bot-
tlq. of Vlnol with thu undelntattdiug
that our mouey will be refunded If it
fails to help you MclA-ujore-lluKi)
IKiia Company t
P. 8 If you have eojtemu try our
mxo halve. We guarantee IL
4KJSTO.V Xax. 5. -1. meter ilruapfld
InUi CraddotU Pari in Maiden uw.'i
striking two youuit men vuio tm ik'lM
Ihm Oidk4Gt TtJmk
ymmkh m GvfXoaUUc
mm mam .yii wiJP"syf u f
JsliiNSJMSe-iiiiilt'i asfsHif ymalxl MmmiuMik
tsjfcliiWiilliiaillMPtfiilitoy. Itkis
M w m m TattotMs mm- muswo quw
Wmtmm jMfiftral isilirJLA tostyppad.
llBthtt m Ymle Sick CijiUil Etteayt
wmmmmtm erK.i ovprttBM aca loigmptnu y Alcuicj
M( aUkBkc? ."i"-c.-erkfife
Agalatant Cashier.
W .1 Schultz.
Pliutie K I
if lu .U
down overcome In fumea frtm th
W lute-hot liian. TlJ ee-hroHii of
one were nearly tdpmej oft 1 he u- -thorite
burtoti I self In the earth n
fet In aujiport of their Mtatetuent
the two -point to the JiiUKel uium ofLrflnyera looked forward to vrtth e
Hit UolD in the iark. Ilotli toiiinl.niij irimn- delist Aeoonltimh those 1 1
td Ji a tloletf attack of nawau Tja j rhaJ-ao of the iirwlimlnane went
Beo uy lUltai-
ScientistH of Tufti
fll ''-
10 tOUN)
jur exninlnailoii
Hon fail t uJ I
and terms
on Piano i If M
tinic Co.
7.. H
Halle. MafJ'
Uasa Colic and Diarrhoea UnHiody
hlu " 'ot every time adv
Rarly'a SIrds nre rocm! signs.
.rkiuius l.iiiur Men llefiued Hiariti.'
Uttl Him. Ark Suk 4 Tb
preiae eonrt thi iiiorolug deMU-d the
pHltloa of thu wliQltMalt Mijwir dsst
or for a r-horins of ife ustuut i-e
111 whlrti the supreme wrt upbld lh
uotiuf uroHiHitidit ww
Tilitt MMRIM UkI'. llr kIMir dtilrti
will probably inaku ho fwrihur eftoM
Iwto the etMtrlM ja oh the marit
of tu- w and that I.iUl ItQM will b
'dry on IMe 11. Htdntu the opl t(4n
ihe imPIom rmtrwl umiar the lew.
To consider Uie effect qfiuij k t
lh ltser ieu a igleiltiK of ilw
lommercMl Imeriwu of (ho nt will
held tonight. S
v w
ckiU Tonic is E.ually
ausc k Acls on the Liver
anal Buili up
ao4 Ckildrca
rove's TaMcles ckul Toe in
ai H eeataiBS tk well know u
Uresjf as tbe UiGaitct bitter
fee Malaria Chills asd Fever
Gives life sad vigor to Nmustf
Jthoui63 wiikcurt pwrgmz.
tkc Hw to acIkw aad
-tiler ACoiasl:t3 Sticnif-.atr
fill . U ' .
rr - "-... - sl'swWswpepigppeWwt .
mmfmAtk 'g"" '..a t lfTStt'Hliiiii grate " .-'MM.ft3ft
Tlio Moro CnMIe wna about to IwiXo
Vera i ru. Mexico the other rim win i
she found one or two Mexican rui
boat rwidy to tn her President
lhnrtn liml Klen or order which cot -tuiueil
In It tiofHildiltieH of war wlt'i
SPl.'Xlll.NC DAY II Kith' CO
llrmiiiiier Hud Slunnl lloicir of l'Ull-
luu Pierce liuoltlu Viiiuial Prom
ills ltotulcille I'nilir liar.
I el Lulu in Afleriiiiiin.
"HoHyinnon Spoclul" UihI hIhIio.-
ate ii.ilimtjut of Htnttrinrri Pultuinur
engine. Oanelmll pnrnplierimlin. Unne
bull iiUyiTh and their fraiiH. repri
neiiitiiK the ermue or the imiicim'
world and hnpitmiiK lint nuc ht
lit time to Ahllunu K.OOl sped u
of the Texiwt ami I'm trie HtnUou :
fie u'rluck slinrp Tdny aftm
tmon en mute to El l'aeo. where i
r.isu dues tint interfere the White St
and UiAJitM will tangle up for uiii
b(-..Kiu this. Wt'dnesday ifteriiuoii
I mil the ver lant luluute of th
may bre the handaomw conche w
the. snl rttiR place of nnwerounjocnl
ran aettlii a lut nek Ht tliu eouii-
tetiautntH of the M'orld'u IitroeB. Her
1 Bl
vunritlii was a MUsli In Ahllouo we-.Jl' Ujloincl miri 1 ;IK V
neda. I-ads linrtlly out of ihrrl and IIuucIh Mlie Pipjuy
kllla the Wk litiakv Plher- I Aotirils Hiujri
planned interminahty for their ft
rie in the hasetiall world.
Imrinit the afternoon many of th"
pla.era reiijinel HWr from the ear
that were their domicile to be at tli '
r;race lloi I In places of buainwh ail I
uiHtn the atreefs Whorever tliere w
.i player the pi was a rowd- A ball
il-iver ir the titiM wm tiurativi:.
ra'.afortm-d Into a lmnp of sugar a'l
.iiKJiit whieh were the files of fniia 1 1
inter the afternoon might i e
whlled nwav. tin re were motie huu-
hot of playera and faiiH re bttmic in-
etl r! uf their Uvea and telling of
the iohi durltiR nud extraordinar .
plj f ijwTr Uasl-all eareer.
inne Cl de n. "i to the ai-
rUal ofthe t-aui Mai r Mcllra
irntTthe lixal ub to ! t-p tlif
'imlRer" In a very iuoroi and vora
ior condition for n stunt that all
about aiuoAc tlie teanta nd eouipl-
mem of haatall w ritera. seeKlBK Mime
aoviee mai! dlBintoriMied fterMiu Ho-
ould sure to pull the badged trout
ndtr hie ri' in an hont wn o
i hut iteUie.r the doe; nor Ike bsalger
eiliiht av an ftdvantnke In the ' ter
Hole ' coofllrt that khouhl etMMte !-
tmhU nevr lu the hlatory of AWIet
even in iu palmiwif anil wlldeet day
- wm bciUng to uerviie Kvr
local niaii was there with uWk o
lara Unit Uiey would eover a fa.'
niftxj iron bed. Ami MOm ih old
iKrt miiihtmii'd a to the ooieono.
bebl uo a But of himoleona as UgM
a turoii. neaa hwiiimk oswi tw w
iiw uauaer wouio iMir M xmrH-;n..
'd dou to pieew otic he ww lHutrttted
frosH hi uttKe of a ligrreL
Tk dint col tj of MitgHlc. Ike badger
fight was In AiMllog tlWHleroitltd
nan-bettliiK tiiillridifal vtha bed neer
before aeeo a bsulgsf iHkl Rlttt 'M
had sevr kail Uje fdnal hoiwr of
palling feta ant of bl Mt'Om
wga emtdMtlr In Wh keftlf tamt !
ia wbo took thjii Uflwtr aitoold be
eoolegiMri td hln tJAwe fUaked
wkwwter wire tiwiwt. The maute
of bill Skt-rklan and llllly' Kli. uw-
! ole-- 4r eiMgeelotl. aod It saeuurf
m awaewtfcl. and It seemed I
-t tlweg iked e t Unhh mlgki We!
Mkuo la Ho the art After uiaub
MtrlkiAg. aMmrMuw we glv-u that
onto us would be oidired Kr the
er iiepfirmHl work It wee dtdit
ttie iImf hki In 1 lie are! ot
Wem liter bam ThU deibyUm i
otaev auid buadredM to brj ti
rnl nod eruMtiaMr over ike .n d ' j
im eUon;!! rUH la tkr raft rs ot 1
lb burn more tha a nun f i.Uy
er rtlid ku full otood wbib tttun
'luii huautrtU otitet itod on i'o
aroood fUr Hmk ""' - '"it
bwd tu ftodms mn u horie
th- !
I endr Kbuu wan a. it.4t. I 4
lo Kteod Uitmt a rtir abate m-cw j
ii4 Mtit in j kt ittoriiib vMe with
guUfttuI Iali4 "No tjii n.ul fcM 1
iJk v "' Jr Kit 1 j 'a ii)il iio Uad
t Jj(f.. 1!H loud lbt
OH' !" '1
U OMt! .I'l f I! i I jf
t Uii v-r d r 1 1 .tf u
4 '-m stwev tiki-re we ooe!
the I n'ted stales
t.i li ! i re x l.
verv afier lreid n. WiIimui
made n protent I1hI he not ilOlie h '
the colimtlielircH of Iwdh Hie tnilei
Htnteg anil .MeMeo ininltt have been
n squatty Ititenwtetl ilruntmrr ho
nuntl in etttphatle deuieanor and e-
ttirot that Iip.wbr n verr dWltlireted
Hereon had never mil a iKuliwr llaht.
nor n Imilitvr. and would w tlfkled
to death to K've nil an linuenl ileal lit
pullliiK the bt(rii!r out when Klveu the ;
hIciiiiI. "one. two. thrse." Main spoke i
apalnt htm. believing that he liad
HometltiUR bet oii the iMulter ThU I
made him ery voriferoua ami ener
to lie the man.
Aftr nitteh dispute ami debatliiR. 1
Uie Rentlomnu wns allowed the "-
uHincil honor" of Inking the rope in
111 ltnd that Iwl nader Uc turret
beiuMilh Uilch wan the huiiKrv. bkv(i
imiuer. 'niH atnnal ia nlen-. hohv SATURDAY
lioily tlghteil u tnnteh and man vanW 1 j
tanl on the rope lu a Ifffv tlu Ic '
sprrniR at the lder and a hundred woitTII Tix.h (n Mrs
.c wri tiKn tlie terrible eotnhu' ..." mJ ... J... . . . 5 1
rh. ldKer ui u IKer th.u . Hi. M her di.rrd hua
wntld hat tiaikd !il .v. Hut t.u Uixni- J mltl. in defence of h-r
dlil not itetraet from tin fin whii'i to rhlhlren. hi de lareri. I'i: sla
lUHUWl. though the tt-ht lMlel ou I Th rhlKltn meurrl at the o-
i short fe cond The iliumm.-' nian'x i'niue 714 Went Belknap strseL
a reeeUitjg the congratulati'Mi of nhut three p m Monda. and Swlth
m in my Mtlnilrr upon the uniili dlMl at H. Joseph ttifinnary litrtl
"am manner in tilth he th1I i tli after nine u'Uxk l'i eUi.v nionuUK
tungrr badner from benath h In." m Smith h(i h j ttlptre of mmie
Willi esrhiiiMtes of TBnlB. nUrtu I. reputation ai working on a
.tulilng and Im1I the Ituvvbull p! tntue of I'ttpld wlxn tin- trouble iw
- and newspaper mew In th. tra u crrw ftr her himtmiMPa iHath ihe
-etireil to lhlr run. alld Her mt. . rwi th.. .ornnrf tttn w ... Jim.
nd'-r Mten for !- . ot
hetr round the mirlii t
it 4lt (t
t-l.s tit
uet a tcu-t entTjx now
MOgt Ohl pMVTill l!UH' vJ
to WFl
ouwi In Mi.i.ii. i5tilur lu ii eln .tft .
aiifTt r i iio a'iou I uc'inilijffli! i -
perfectl ii4i
li.- .
Ullll Mk it
low ! Ko
as youth 'I
tit And h
10 a'i
no u (I
are ll cm -
So ull
One lutati)
eye wit
Rtlltli; llPl
In i d R.'artre ...
a- te aid we. -.
a ai. lu Jegletl tn
w k liw eU T.
llOW.1 It!
K III ..flvi II.
all uKtB iut n r
a tune Jif harl .i.-il
in t .tktuiiyily whj. tfi i.t
itlv.i ilui a iau wi'i
iAi ry day ..AMist tu Uo.'!
the old Jiewl hi K aip i.t r
tonle. Oautliat tan he r net. 'i'.
used without harm. The oriy
tpnJ" U Cmeorewj. and thev . i
tAe por box at any drug store. The)
work white yoo hie-j.
.. 'I'l... 0.l.. ..I II... I.lrt. ....l II.
(niton mid Mil JlflUe time f
Tu)lur (own I j z
I kail ai iirtifle In the m r imu
tune back addressed u i mui..
iWMde. te ifKNii wbub u m
netortain (f thu auoet ot on wuud
o rmaui n. th. iitei !or the i-i tit
u l&ieli IfcXLiI lu.jn mftttTt i ttu i.iii..A
! Abiieor that an 1a
tweeted In our work . mU
title w4 unhitched 1 twvi n t.i IV. 4
tie tern I letum kUtlna tht fe e4o
Mt tdtould not bu droi. 1... J iliet tbi.v
aiHl to turn In their reports ai.n
m tbe outroiue of the uiattwr tb-jui.
not uiii' of the uMtMM who mulled to
Uie artlol eaaerted to win a in'
Tlierefore wo ak Umt you get your
grautt RHtaliMl gad your retfi read1
and hmuI tkosg to m aoil we witt
won bve mmmmMm gouoteted to nor
wk ggM report. M too 1U be gsN.
tu cw to Abimte to I (.regent at
ute gwarumg 01 m ptmm u aain
V.teh tfer pnnr-r m: ls
atuuMot etweot of tkv date aad h- on
hand aJ we will try to tuekt- it 1
pbMkbt ilgy for ou
For feer tha! mil Bu tottottli
ilijt nrllVk bMV 1 t Clt .. .:t
of Mini aptw-ire below
Lll uf nrhii. far ll t. uert- of eel
It prU $ lit imr'iirtWdUf ut
viinter t.rv tiood
illd .ru . 'lll Vljt tmu- I.
I !-l HttafU. ' I I
tu i.i i h.i itbKe teiui b
rVni tin. '
LII et Uli.e. u( Ue 2 awn of Mil.
Muii 1
Jt ie- ' ntfce. .1 t
Kvruit.jre 1 o
ol t tl.l .
V. II .a
1 fi .
1 lit Ht
I Si'
$' WO.
! Inns !
d rm
PartU S .dim for unit Pho or
I il - lilt ! ' t. tin rl ill !! ll(
t" I .' t(( II' I I il II ( '! I 'I
I'H i llt'ij 1I" H Jllll 1 M'lt If
I'nilllt li ' v Ilfn II I1 ill lie
i mi1 till! till 'tiro ( !! I IKInt il lll
firm mftt
f rti ta liArv ttnl w m b1 atl i.n liAftil
of $1000 furnishtd li her nttmeva
Itefore hi death her bond had Imti
flXwl by Jnsthe Maben at $"tt on an
Msaull Ofiurero.
iOiltb hot in f' i. "f h -
Ub children she ad T-eda
Stnlth who fa a acniptrfe "f onie
renowit was wurkhiu on a utuo
of Ptipid wfsen He trouble oc urred
Hnrrr over tlie fait 4 hat she ha
wounded a nuui tortured her all Mob
day nteht. Am at!. gad Tuesday ahe
looked woriHund iHUtaterd. Romano
"wsi not oue of the thins that both-
-- - .-- -T
NOTii. how-er
rut -I rti -4' 1 th di"
a. Itffl . it Itk Ltt..'.f
j-"". la .v. 1.3 "-1 iir. ... ..
1U vorpe ai rfi; et i-j tr li
ittiint lltil 1 ru .ttt ..nil 1 .li . 'iti.l h.
He had t ? 1I11I1I 1 . hu f i . .1
wife Atul fout b the tU(! tho il
but three of th. itn r ar ! ' . ifc no
"Tny iirt'd bun I I" d i.iirt '
T! I S'li wt 1 . i h m e lrokt a'
t '.te enSil 11
' !or uetirh .ill of tfit ninl yeira
hM 1 muni .1 hn 1 hit iHfti I
not old 11 own tiMrn bin in
Wr ilnHreu and in !o.l t'i
and rh rUbed titeni in tho.ib they
wr- iy owe I ir Ma !.
Hi 11 iirih ( iiii iovi tor hint
M.rdfrti it by j'Xtit. aliult and
Vet I 1' h. ) l)oM n
' iU 1 ai. in ii- 1 b.' tiH''
i trti ..ft uon Unit mi.ri oh at!
the lllrt Tt in - t Mil' "n I 4
wr. .hi 'i liiitn 1 'ie luit tlmi
T e I w li I .a wurkjug on
Sb nolnli 4 tu th. bMt'le ot t'utibt
TH.11 toMl "il it
H(f. J. in still w.t "
f heard luni at the fnmt I
oiewwf tllto door U aid. ika.r ; oismiIii .
mm ium-o!3? air. vii a 1. 1 i" viviie
around When he. new 1 1 tbrougi
h door hi maruil t.ill-iiu.'
"He trhl m ht- u goins t 1 k
n tvio liiljiir i Mwm fr hi vh ui i
kt thetn And b- tuld lie ht u"
to kill me
' M (i.-lnl mm up on tbt ln It tu
fore m I tuiiin t tlioi k!h of ah'M.I
tog Mm until thin
"I told hlio hiii 'if niiirtit hi ort 1
aumi tiling wtine time then nil-lit tt
Horn od to hjui .fur all
1 bKg:
niw to go away MM rave hlmwli
' He iue up U the tr; I regeb-
' JMl got mv ott.d When b
' It tu tirnei and rut bekinii that
irw and ibl w. not u abatd 1 went
ow!ide and ra gpfond ttw He a.
tor kiw lie twt down tb. tp
gad I firwl. fot'ow la- hlm I ebgg
ml bitg gcioas tae street to the othti
t 1- t iUUjw ther
I'm' ihl 11 1 tut 1 Id alio-n
A. Il tori h.1 .! tt
viml afcoot but ttv- .VUt I fi.i
ibe ftUb ht iri he w.m till Htatidiaa
I At Uf finds .'ti yiaVxi jiuU.xo r.jck-
. ii jsri er urgftmfri it J ur lnjjj-
K a f tbVi. it Mi JbeJ9a
trie liM tijrfiw. .1 ft'.iriil t U
stMfmvtJ dirt. MiJitMli tultlw
tuofajpyf l .u -mWi JtIaoiK ol
mtiosf AgFMn y. u yikl on
"'U'l'i nAiik i. yu ti
'l I'&jf J . Jrt;!
wvjiu E ttr ?Tt)Utt I '
m k lll m3 mM HT'"! 1 S 0m im I fc " fti " ' "" .p I
Thrifty Women Who
Appreciate Real Style
and Economy in Dress
FIND a special interest in the Dress
Goods styles displayed in our win-
dows and Dress Goods Department.
The supremacy of this showing both for
value and excluisvencss is a matter of
general knowledge and proceeds from
our years of special effort in this direc-
tion. There is a distinctiveness and
charm to every pattern shown a depth
and ranfe of coloring not to be found
'in similar exhibits elsewhere. This is
largely true from the fact that our entire
stock represents the choicest patterns
from one great producing mill. As rep-
resentatives of the La Porte Woolen
Mills we carl and do guarantee that styles
and values Ive show positively can not
be duplicated elsewhere.
r Every
god I rwilitt d I n dteuM loaa
"1 threw tn pistol aiiKritt w.i
from iw Id nave brokt n it up tt 1
could lit wag Utbdiug; with bin
hands on big hips nitil he bMikeil mi
big ..ud sirtHl j I dldn t think lie mild
be Inrt He antd souietbtng to im
i don't know what it wim nod i went
00 41 roee tlie atntst uid U-pbooed j
the polite
I m allot 11. .in down lie re tttat
ie what 1 aeid and I Wain to In. 111
reeUd '
' Ye Mild von Int bun. too tuoy
tdd mo.
"that wa tho ftrtu time I knew I
bad wounded luni
Il wga tb flrat ituie in n.v lite I
ever filed a idatot- 1 dutti I kuow guy
iMna about bow auuwl H I don't
Mitttmae 1 r-ettlly aiHtxd
.Mr. Multli received de;re uf 01
wr. f froan kr buatauirt on MiHtl. IK
wardmg ar the ogtody r br too
:gtldre. boy god 3 veerw okt.
Itet weM tbe Uuie ttw ul tw f Wed
Ml Jaiiugrj . giul Uk itwte ebe pwiNl
tlie dwtree totUi hotbenat bee e'M
utaall). abe dMlwfnl. rtl ne WHe uk
UAUtetu br tMt hifltB& and rbnit'nr;
ber m badly tbt abe wiuy 111 far e
erat days
Atftmr the ofcifMrtlitig ir Wuiil. ov.
Modered tu ttaputy fi nnnbb Koya-
nMi and w.uj arritiKtied t u !.re of
tia'i)t to murder II r bond tit
d mi $MiW aiuj it m h
jtiorneya. a ' " iH of Hmktk
Path ) wi'l bgx io li a in ird r
Vi itu- r.giar wotitlilt imwUmj of
i ManM Mwo'ii Itwiatar Ulwb of thj
;! .. b. a Id io tbor ball m Wtd-
!.;.. .... iuy uiaiiiker 4b. uotleo
i b in. give by tMrfsWwtbwi Hi thbt
mmkm im Um dgjoi wrevjou to &a4
o4. rt mm of thj orgui
iwtlm will b detsidod by u vote ol
Outgo prwwot. Tbm Hotiw k irfblbdp
d ua a.GGrt4jii with ttw b-laws
tod fi0tM4ttoJti Uti.rfd by the Ytwi
M.. a JJooAtar ' lui. t Vbilvww. 'J4 tSt
1 I III I It t! vl I II 1 l . lit l .I'll
in-. .Hi' 1 1 1 m U ' it '
tin lu J
1 Stt iittiu' itfs .ijSuryeh. t ijg4ff(T7ll
Siiiiitit' ''''jPllaS"'''''! Jil'A I'flljr
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I i MS
!u.t!ajy?. II 1 I moTi Muxi-Uv ijiiimt in etii
ii.tji m ' -Xl mi iiuu to
Dress Goods
Wliul Kutllle"
W..0I Sal
rl .'( ami
iltttfe I'fH t t 'lOe
Ik Thi 1 l .iinl .ieli
n for JHUVlinhf ."lOe
uidlhs III bl)
. . ..$3.50
I'euee Court
Tnylor Ctitm-
'luv of Qutohwr.
. Mellrtde va.
ause No. ul7. and
lib dtreeteil and di -
ret 1 I...V. uti tiiiH the llth daw
it'ilur itii; leviml upon uiid will
the bourn of leu oelook
nl four o'eltM-k n. m mi
rt Tui-Kiltn in Uueemimr.
l I'-il.i. it belHK the hwnud day
of antd uMHilli. ut lite nhiri boiiHu dour
of said Taylor count . iu Hie town of
Abilene proteed to a Mt intlii mtr-
Hon te tbe hiuhet boltler for nh in
bgJMl all tbe right title utid Inter on 1
wntcit u w Uiu-r hud op h mil
day of Job ttilav or nt atu tliim
OierHfter of. lit gjiii tfl the foIloVitil
uererJbed iiroperly. lowll:
tUtUsxi i Taylor futility. Tiwuui.
and bsteg known g bjta uiiiabere one
two aud Uir h HUwsk No. 302. IlLi-
tei Ha. zat UiyJabju ijl m! Liom
(towboM four ami live iu llloib No.
tTk Outlot No. S l)lllo I all dla-
td tu tbe olty of Alilleiio agcordluR
to tb nutp or pint af s.ild wty. mm
iroH'H ieiii( levied Hpon aa the pro-
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out f rflbi Jilu uf they
ol If if 'Im t Number UllT
t. Tlwi oil ibe 111
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(1 .muiii t r
to die 7m 'itftta
it f:
n oSm
iri'i;'i't 10 ibt above eiittilri f'uiue. In
Utor Atl A li Kir by. for the prtiiet-
u. m of rdgki I'tHir and i4-tOO
t1. .i Htdbtre and the frtlnr aoi
ol I mo three uHd 4". iJ32ii
t "lUra voun ud. and the further
aet of UiitMug tbie lvy and Hdvert'
ig aaid tMorty for ggW. and amh
I urlk(r 004 m Hjr be t-oftHortd there
wUJs apbl A f Kir by liuving rutin
"Ml fcid MMiKuw-Ht oyr uHd agaluul
detewtaut t) W Horr lu tbe afore
(Uveo HHt'tr mv beud offiehtlty ihu
Ihe itb ejgjr 04 N'otKtMber. 1018
4- P. UAJtlfBN
f -U V-Jl- 1 ..ii.jii. 11 ... .
To lUacrwae the KwHtber of aetol-
dnt tt dli b buildius a
e .!-jttd to tU. null r' ou ib ItntiBl lkt
t- 'i a' h ' 1 "i 11 1 Lki c 11! 1
:" 1." r t ?c
rt Uli j) fteoitmu. rtuulway for
lt iJlo tuul.t bwie aUI
hMBOii ti i -" rtt: Cr Mir:
tceJbyjcuxDxBjgU. Wencaatt. 3c.
.AS (u ha ;4 aiwyj

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