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m i ml I nl mtimm
Dr. Coulter of flio Hurtati Census Ail
ilrcnscK Commercial Con-
gress nl Aaslnlllc.
By Associated 1'rCss
NASHVILLE Tcnn. April 8. Tlio
necessity for co-oporntlon ahiong tho
farmers of tlio South Was tlio kopnolo
of an nddross delivered at the coop
crattvc marketing session of the South-
ern Commercial Congress hero today
by Dr. Lee Coulter export Bpcdlal ng-
cnt of tlio Bureau of Cciisub donart
mont of cOnimcrcq and labor. With the
statement that man Is n gregarious
animal ns a basis tlio speaker pro
coedtid to bIiow how tlio spirit of eo
opointion among men manifests It-
self In a thousand different forms and
in nearly all lines of human activity.
In War and peace in government in
chlirch and In state this spirit he
Bald is ever present imlcstrttclble
and vitally essential until passing
along "we reach the point where wo
find the farmer thoroughly convinced
that' co-operation is entirely uiincc-
From this point Dr Coulter pointed
out tlio benefits that Would accrue
to the farmer from co-operative meth-
ods of producing crops marketing thtf
products and of buying those things"
which thq farmer needs. "Two-thirds
of the people of the United States"
lie said "live in cities towns and vil-
lages. They miiBt be suplicd from the
farms of the one-third who live in the
open country. Both buyers and sellers
groups in order to reduce the struggle
for an existence Into its most econom-
ic form." The need he stated Is re-
cognizpd and the instrument invent-
ed. Universal adoption is the demand
of lie' times."
is not greater cXciiso for beginning it
than la now offered by our trduWo-ln
vilors.Now York World.
About one ypuv ngo two of my chil
dren buffered badly front weak hld-
Jiiej'fi and dlnbctcs TChcy would have
severe spells of dizziness nud Were all
run down In hcaltu I was just about
discouraged. 1 tried sovcral remedies
and finally a doctor but they did not
seem to improve I know of a friend
who was taking Swamp Rootfor kid-
ney trouble With good results And-1
decided to get some for the children.
I had noticed that there I was homo
improvement after thrfy lull taken two
largo bottles and cotlnufd to glvo it
to them until they hM taRcn one-half
dozen bottles and fcro fv
road to recovery. I lulnkfturJCnnfrj
Swamp Boot has nc IidnP-'lori
children than nnyjoth
Former Oklahoma tiotoroui Sn)s Ex.
i'lCHhient Holied" Dlillnu Con
.cnllon in 1831.
have trl
oiio ha
mine di
It to
2nd day
who iibi
and niid
in substa
a f-'OTfi)
' J ft
1 ' ar m
of Jxmy.M
- m 'u
ed and rceJmmidlut
lug children flat suf.

Very trulyyour
Dothfh Ala
ed befoic me this
909 It. W. Liscnby.
the above statenicnt
that the samo is true
nd face.
f ' Notary Public
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer & Cn
llinglininlon ?f. Y.
l'roe.s What Swnmp.Riiot Will Do for
Send to Dr Kilmer & Co. Bingham-
ton N. Y. for a sample bottle. It will
convince anyone. You will also receive
n booklet of valuable information toll-
ing all about the kidneys and bladder.
When writing bo sure and mention the
Abilene Bcportor. Begular fifty cent
and one dollar size bottles for sale at
all drug stores.
GUTHRIE OK April 8. That The
odoro Boof.ovoH bolted Illitlno fOr Pre-
sident !n tSSI is the loolnratlon ntude
today bv former Guv. Tom ForfiUBOU of
Oklahoma Territory now editor' ol
tho Republican at Wit tonga. (
Ferguson ' Biililf "Etl't'CBltlniit
IJr.osuvtH Ib making a Kt'v3 nilsl-.l.o
V'hon I o advises his atidlonccd thlit
they do not have lo abide by the resiiU
of tho priUHrtosV'
llo nmJrc that statement sovoral tim
es recently.
Revolt Is not always a good Hc-
piuffica. Ho whb m tno convention
t nominated Blaine in iSa ami men
tho convention and supported
Jrovcr Cleveland. This Is a fact not
ccnerally rcmcmcbcrcd.
It Is referred lo In a bigrapliicai
sketch of BooBcvclt which appears in
tho Teachers' Encyclopedia. Br. Boose
volt should be more guarded In his
statement). If he Ib nominated every
Bopubllcnn will be expected to support
him and should do bo. If Mr. Tuft Is
nominated every Republican should
support him"
Hcnelits the Hair of Men Women and
McxJco tWlH Fight.
"JnJirvcntion".jjaid President .Ma-
derOfSln opcning'.'tlic (Session of the
IWcxj&lii (hkresslBfSoIely a cuphe-
misifi. fjmt shells fcnp in view of the
fnctjtjnt MrflmW iu spite of all its
dcgejHilcLeB ?or adolescence loves its
IndcflsnW'lfcAiignttf more
than' Its own 'life." v v
These wordB may sound somewhat
stirf and stilted to those familiar with
tho grandiscness of the Spanish way
of spqaking.
"Yet the meaning" is clear. .Mexico
will figlyt and fight hard if there is
American inyaslon of her .soil. She
le5m1mlaE lie" prl vHegc " of sf niggling
through her difficulties in her own.
wiiy. All jiartios and factions fire un-
animous against thr so-called Ameri-
can "interests." Forty-five years ago
when Napoleon III sent Maximilian to
Mexico there was a considerable party
in Mexico that wanted a foreign occu-
pation. It seemed the only way to
end a condition of chronic anarchy.
But for forty years exeopt for the
troubles of last year and this. Mexico
has been blessed with peace and her
people will passionately rescnf outside
It cost Great Britain 10001)0 lives
and a billion of treasure to "pacify"
the Transvaal and when the "pacifica-
tion" was finished tho country was
tlirned hack lo tho Boers again.
Should we "intervene" In Mexico w
would probably spend more in men
and money than Great Britain did In
South Africa for Mexico bus ton
times the "population and resource
of the Tnunvaal. If our faces were
sot doggedly to tho task Mexico epul'1
of course be conquered In time v
It would be a disgraceful w.r if there
The Silent Drama.
Moving picture shows will not mueli
longer come under this title because
the talking machine and the moving
picture projector will soon be synch-
ronized and the audience will hear the
words of the play as their eyes follow
its action on the screen. In an Inter-
esting article in the Review of Re-
views Robert Grau prophesies a great
impetus to the legitimate dVama
through the moving picture show's
influence In Inspiring a desire for the
theater in the minds of a class of per
sons not hitherto given to theater-go
In support of this statement he cites
the Increasing number of successful
stock companies" In small cities nnd
the increase o( the moving picture en-
terprise from an entertainment of sev
eral brief pantomine sketches to the
production of a connected play rc-
qulrlng an hour or more to show
:jiJ.-! Coin let in Texas Pen.
AUSTIN April S. There were a5IG
convicts in the penitentiaries and state
farms of Texas on April 1 according
to the .March monthly report of the
prlHoln system filed with the governor
today. Of these 2502 were in the
prison walls 4S0 wore in the lease
forces ISO on the contract forces 422
In the share forces and 4SQ in the
Seventeen escaped during the month
and a similar number were recaptured.
Four were pardoned two paroled and
throe died and' fifty-six were dis-
charged. There wore received from county
jails during tlio month 154 men.
On hand at the beginning of March
were n2i9 men according to the report.
In hjrhousc Ai
c)r children agu&cll
uosJrnd McIjejhQBB&Bnss
Luai.a.!N eAs to urivo ;r
tiiiJK nair or ucju
taulUL l-nruo ltnMI
xffrft t . r. Jr-LflK it?
rwoiiiN DALr m
war. It Is gofSd Upr
njtfuff and jstopS
cTout. It ra ben
f. I
Get a bottle
ly. It's Hn
dandrufCf stop fi
scnlp ompney
"I think PA
as a hair gro
hair of da
front failln
Well as a scalp
tfecp it in the lion
my head." Hann
shaltown. Iowa
Iitful rcfreahlng"
m and have
so It rcgnlar-
e 50
Id the
iihe hair
Miflcr as
i Intend to
.Know it helped
larkness Mar-
tip to dato farmer In the country and
tho farmci' showed liTm a flold bf
wheat which lllllBttntcd this harrow
lng In a renmrkablo manner.
A storm Ijad ptiBBcd over that flec
tion of thd country and abobt oilo and
one-half Inches of rain had fallen. It
had been a dashing shower nrtd had
packed the surfaco of tho ground con
sldcrably The grain was front four
to six Inches high and tho farmer
had been advised to harrow tlio field
to prevent evaporation. He sertt hla hir-
ed man to do the work Who bitched
onto tho harrow and dragged It diag-
onally nerouc tho flea! of wheal and
then around the outHlio uf tlm field
BOino fivo or six times Ho then be
camo dlBgusted with tho work bj-
Ctkiirfo It appeared that he win dinn-
ging ciiit too mpch grain and report-
ed tho Met to tho fauna; who order-
ed tho work discontinued.
aiy the time tho grA.n had headed
ne marks of the harrpw sjotIoiiBfccnnlil
br plainly seen The pl.icc whore it
had boon dingged diagonally across
the field produced grain at least eight
or ten inches higher than that on eith-
er side which had not Ijcon harrowed
and nlong tho edges of the field the
grain was In like condition The grain
on that portion of the field which
had not been touched by fertilizing
nnd cultivation was not to be com
pared with the harrowed grain either
in appearance sizo of plants or heads
of grain. The yield for the harrowed
portion was p'Autlcally double that
frbm tlio unborrowed portion.
It simply shows that the harrowing
and loosening of tho surface soil even
tholich It did destroy some of the
plants conserved the moisture and
benefited those. plants that were left
Tn auch a marked degree that it ma
terially Increased the yield from that
field and shows- that this practice
could bo employed to advantage by
tho farmers of Colorado. E. B. House.
Colo. Exp. Station.
Catholic and Protestants Appear Be-
fore Seeretnrj Fisher Who May
Announce Decision Shortly. '
WASHINGTON April's. Represen-
tatives of Catholic and Protestant or-
ganizations were heard today by Sec-
retary Fisher of tho 'Interior Depart-
ment In relation to the recent order is-
sued by Commissioner or Indian Af-
fairs Valentine forbidding the wear-
ing of religious garb by teachers in
Indian schools' which receive Govern-
ment support Catholic organizations
protested and the order was suspend-
cb by direction of President Taft.
Alter the order had been suspended
several Protestant organizations ap-
pealed to the President urging Chut
Mr. Valentine's order should stand.
Before the hearing closed it was in-
dicated that an order agreeable to
both Catholic and Protestant organi-
zations would be made.
The Protestants said they had no ob-
jections to Catholic teachers In the.
Indian schools provided they left off
their garb during school hours and
refrained from teaching an wscctarlan
The Catholic representatives said
they Oould not yield as to the wearing
of the garb ;is that was part of the
vows taken by the luchcrs.
Secretary Fisher expects to an-
nounce his decision in a few days.
Are the Statcincnf!i of Abilene Citizens
Xul 3Iorc Hellablo Than Those
of Utter Strangers?
he Southwestern
Telephone Betters
Farm Life
The V S. Census Bureau Reports:
"No tingle factor hat played so
great a part in the amelioration
of the conditions of life on the
farms f the United States as has
the telephone"
Are you receiving the benefits of
Rural Line Service? If not write
f ArMrM ovt DMt MtMt m or
The Se-tttkWettern
TeJfltfraph A Telephone Co.
DaHm. Tx
This Is a vital question
it la fraught with Interest to Abi-
lene. J
It perinilu of onlylona auswer.
It cannot be cvadil ore Ignored.
An Abilene cltlze
KpeahsJor the wdjfar
A cltiztbi's stateiieiit
An uttir Btrange
Home ploof Is U
tb. W.1F. lunula
Abilene Tlxia saytr
comiJend jrfun's Khiii
did iJgreiufdeaf of ko
A ml-uibyT-lof' the family bad
fronj hfu KldncyBt and blu
co'iffdjQn'edl of pain in his
Ufiinltao contents of one bo
Jiyiffcy Pill procured at
Wold Urug Company and
r and
k. Ho
eved a
curci "which haa been pcrulmcnt"
For Bale by all dealers. Price fiO
cents FoBter-Mllbuin Company Uuf
falo New York aolo agunts for the
United States
Uenioinbcr tho name Poan'B anu
take no other.
splaks here. use
f oA.blone. J
m reliable. mx
vlmbtfiil J
nrool m
CfL7 OaklstrJbt
Vf can hlaiyre
ti PHIh Lfthoy
Ml in our M
HarrowlHg Wheat.
It la a well known foot that fcrouud
whjou la kept looap on top evaporates
much less water than a soil which is
packed oa top. The niolstuio whtqh
escapes Into tbb Air la absolutely lost
so far aa tho plants growing la that
particular field are concerned apd If
anything caa be J6nn to hbld this
molBturo in ttitl wquhdfo thaflt may
reach the roots of the Browing crop
It Is of course the thing to strive for
aim win prove a benefit to tho plautu
growing In the field. Some years agu
O4jo o; ie reprcseatHves from tho
agricultural college wbb vlsltlug an
SECTION QNE:Tlat Section One
of an ordinance legjflatiiig the man
ner and method! o construction of
side walks and curls in The City of
Abileno presedbinuja penalty for tl.
violation thereof repealing ail jp"-
nances and parts ofVdliiancesttrcon-
fllct therewith and ca$TvjnjBn emer-
gency passed by tho City Council or
The City of Abilene on the 23rd day
of November 1010 be and the same is
hereby amended to read as follows:
It shall bo unlawful for any per-
son firm corporation or contractor
his or their agents servants or em-
ployees to construct reconsti net or re-
pair any side walk or curb within The
City of Abilene without flrBt obtain-
ing from the City Englncor of The
City of Abilene or such other engi-
neer as may bo designated by the
Board of Commissioners of The Glty
of Abilene a permit so to do; and all
such persons shall construct recon
struct or repair said sidewalk and
curbing under tho supervision of the
City Engineer of Tho City of Abilene
or such other englncor as may be de-
signated by the Board of Commission
ers of Tho City of Abilene and in ac
cordahce'wlth the specif icatlona for the
'construction of sldo Walks and curbs
adopted by tho Board of Commission
er The City of Abilene on the 21st
y of March I'fi'i unless otherwise
deied by n resolution of the Board
of Commissioners of Tho City of Abi
ProUded any property owner or
owueiB hlB or their agents or employ-
ees may supervise the construction
reconstruction or repairing of any
side walks or curbs on and along the
side walk abutting on IiIb or their
property and Biich property ownor
his agent or employee shall not be re
quired to construct reconstruct or re
pair tiucli Hide wulkH or ciirlm In ae
cordance and compliance with tho Bpe-
olflcatlons 'adopted by the Board ol
Commissioners of The City of Abilene
but all such sidewalks shall be con-
ctnttitcd. reconstructed with cop
crete uud shall be not less
tuna four feet wde in tho res
idoneo district of The City of Ab
leue and the entire width of the side
walk in the buBlness district and bol
bo laid to the the engineer's lines and
grades; ami all such curbs shall he
constructed- or reconstructed of con-
crete and In aeeodramve with the
dimensions as laid down In the sped
flcatlous for the eohBtncton of curbs
adopted by the Board of CoiiuiiIbbIob.
ah ot'The Cltof Abilene ou the ajst
day of Inarch 191B. Provided further
that beforo any bUcIi property owm?
-V-ll ... . ft..
Quaii uuiiBwuiH recuuuiruci or rejmir
any such side walks or curbs or upe
tlio papio to lo douo. bo shall first rile
uu application ith ami obtam a bets
hilt frohi tho City Engineer of the
City of Abilene or ouch other otiglhcor
an may bo designated by the Board of
CjiumiBBloiiora of The city of Abllpnc
B(i to do; Biioh application shall bo In
writing and shall state the name of
tho ownor or ownera of tho property
the amount and character of conotm&
lion reconstruction pr ropalr to bo
done the location thereof and shall
bo Blghcd by such owner or owners
Or Ids or their authorized agent and
It shall be the duty of ouch engineer to
Isatto such pcrniit upon cnmpllnnco
With tho foregoing requirements Pro-
vided fufthpr that nothing hqrcln
shall be construed ns provenllpg the
Board of CommiBBionord of Tho Clly
of Abilene from granting tho right
to construct or reconstruct side walks
in Tho City of Abilene of. material
other than concrete when in their
judgment Ifls deemed advisable.
SECTION TWO: That Section Two
of said ordinance bo and the same is
hereby amended to read as follows:
It Hhall bo the duty of tho City En-
gineer of Tho City of Abilene or silch
other engineer as may be designated
by tho Board of Commissioners of The
City of Abilene to supervise tho lay-
ing and construction reconstruction
and repairing of any and all side walks
and cUrblugs that shall hereafter be
constructed reconstructed or repair-
ed In Tho City of Abilene except as
herein otherwise provided and when-
ever It shall come to the knowledge
of said engineer that any such work
is not being done In accordance with
said specifications referred to in Sec-
tion One of this ordinance ho shaft
cause the same to be suspended and
removed and constructed reconstruct-
ed or repaired in accordance with said
specifications and It shall be unlaw-
ful for any persons to proceed with
such work or permit the same further
after notice to him by tho said cngi
neer to suspend the same.
tion Three of said ordinance be and
the same is hereby amended to read
as follows:
Any perboh firm or corporation hltf
agent or employee who shall violate
any of the provisions of this ordinance
shall be deemed guilty of a misde
meanor and upon conviction thereof
any side walk or curb within The City
of Abilene shall be fined in any sum
less than One or more than One
s and each day that
curb within The City
constructed reconstructed
repaired' under the supervision of
or such other engi
neer as the uoa-rd of Commissioners
fit The City of Abileno may designate
not In accordance with the speclnca-
tions referredCo in Section One of this
ordinance uf permitted to remain
shall constitute a separate offense.
SECTION FOUR: That this ordln-
ance tajft effect and be In force from
and after its passage and publication.
proved 4th day of April A. D.
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and Foster
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actly what they need to build thou up.
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will pay bach your money If it doqs
no.t McLcmore-Bass Drug. Co.
issed 4th day of
1012. E.
April A. U
City Secretary.
Approved 1th day of April. A.
1912 H. N. HICKMAN
Corporation Counsel-
American Ilea. weight Beut Stun
McVey On Points in Tvtentj.
Round Battle at Sjdney.
SYDNEY N. S '. April 8. Sam
Laugford the American heavyweight
today defeated Sail McVey of Callfor.
nla. In a twenty round fight on points.
Langford and MeVcy fought In the
Stadium before 15000 spectators and
after a hard contest In which honors
were Tidily even until the last fow
rounds Langford succeeded in revers-
ing his defeat at McVey's hands De-
cember 2G last.
Tlio betting was 10 to U on McVey.
in the second round kaugford landed
three heavy rights on tho body la n
clinch at which McVey protested and
thu police interf erred ban'iig kidney
punches in tlio clinches. langford had
Bomowhat the better of the first fow
rounds and tho belting veored to 5 to
4 in Ills faor. Both men put up a bhv-
ago right and the referee wuo con
Btantly engaged In ueparatlng them.
By clever sparring McVey managed
to keep his Htronger adversary ofr un-
til arter the (seventeenth round when
the puco began to tell on both. U-ng
ford .was in better condition at the end
tnough not gSod enough to land a
I he Bpucta(ju cheered the referee's
Full Publicity of Contributions To
Presidential Candidates lt De-
manded By Hear.
Washington D. C April S.-Full
publicity contributions and expendi-
tures in the nomination of candidates
for piesidcnt and vice president of the
United States at regular Intervals be
fore the nominating convention and
after each convention are proposed In
a final statement within thirty tfas
a bill introduced today by Represen-
tative Henry of Te.xaB who prepared
in collaboration with Representative
Ruckor of Missouri.
The bill would provide that the
president chairman secretary mana-
gers and others in charge of any poli-
tical headquarters bureau or a com-
mittee of any party seeking to "influ-
ence or secure" tho nomination of any
person for president or vice preslletu
fa'ionld within thirty days utter the
tilling of the nominating convention!
of such party file with the seei clary
of the senate un itenil.!oJ aoc"U"t of
the expenditures of the campamn and
tile every flftoan dayH thorcaft1 r a
similar statement Until the conven-i-cii
takes plate A final sutement of
expenses would be reiiulroi within 'if)
days after the nominating conventio'i
giving full details ortii3 campaign
c pond I tu res.
The bill also would "pilrc thri
name and address of all persons to
whom contributions wero distributed
In amounts of ten dollars or more and
No llllioiiRtiess Headache"" Sick Sour
auinincir Indigestion nntrl
Tongue or Constipation
Furred tongue bad tasindlgCB-
tion sallow skin and mjdFjrablo henu-
aches como f rom worpld liver and
clogged bowels. ) which causo oir
stomach to bccdnio llllcd with undi-
gested food wWch souiwvud fermenta
Uko garbago ift aml birrel That's
tho first steif tfuatold juftery Indl.
gcstlon royfurasscs boybieatli ol-
low BkiiijAnciitlU fWfX ovcrythinh
that iByrapscatfriaiin horrible. A
Ca8cardftonlghtJfllIBlvo you a thor-
ough clcaningjfnsiiiK and straighten
you out byJrmovang. They work
wliflo you arcep-afi 10c bOx from your
llrugglst JfillJrcp you feeling gpou
for monies. Jnlllions of men and wo-
men tjwoCascarct now and then
to keeUrolr stomach liver aud bow-
els regelated a'd never know a Vils-
erable moment Don't forget tho chil
dren their little lusides need a good 3
gentle cleaning too.
the aggregate sum ol all money distri-
buted in amountb less tha tru uoIUtb
Champ Clark will go to Baltimore
backed by the "Show me" slate
Bleeding Kansas and the "houn'
dawg" song that's certain anil then-
are inolv yet to join the gang. The
Vk'ilson lollows are not kicking old
Champ'B dawg aroun' lately like tlioy
began' some time ago. Gainesville
re Thmi Money.
bBtauco where a few
Worth M
Hero Ih an
words of advKl by ai friend helped
more thiin a gllaf (ooo would.
Mrs H. HnitiiiirJho lives In Al-
liany N. V. wbl wis- In bijd health
for years and lalKjjp-etrong and lgo.
rousays In (fier:
"1 yu 1 U rundown collilltlnn I'm.
ubout jit ycarJ Until this spring
boh ujarnefhat a good tonic
anu eirifigtheivir vinoj is. u in oer-
taiwy tl Itotrtftoiilo I ever lud ami
H H9 (iie mmne
' it ib vfy ifiport
Rot fcelllg net r
their strAJfe this
our dellcllif god llv
been the most success
Wj)en this Uric
fermentation of the b;
toithm. acrid fluid
ThrQtjh the circu
iPHH una nerve or.
iisrii commence.
acrd weakened ofndi
for nil)." w.
t for all who afe
jbt to build up
pr! by taUlilg
ami iroa reaie-
dy withoiUbll VlHOl)
fhero Vuq better iitua than rltelit
Rheumatism is orie of thy oldesifofiuman ailments and yet the
causes which produce it yas afquestjpn Jng in dourlK It was thought
at one time to bea disease of the bjiiesentirelyj itforigin was alsoiit-
tributed to some specific afectioofithe nerve'sand various oilier
tneones wntcn proveq to bf wrojft ere put Frifward in an effort lo
find a cure for the trouble Unjbr these CondjRons the treatment oU
Rheumatism was very unfitisMtoryAnjtonlyJif a temporary nature
When it was determinedfbeyoJd rjiubt thaURheumatism is a blood
disease brought about ban cessf uric tgfid n the circulation then
is cure became a mattef of rlfyfn the Wood and thus destroying
its source. Because itjs thi best orvall Mood niirihVrs R. R. s. has
offf treatnietHaffor J?hetjmnMsni
id apts into thejiulculut!on it causes n narlial
'vhjch chanrfs itXrom a thick rich stream
StynouriS linflmroneAlies arei ppp.iMv imnaireu.
le uric amd is carried to evfirv muiclc.
bOuV. and thifl fllf niilic nnil nplioc nf l?li.imiil.
he fQncer tlvf blood isf allowed to remain in tins
dition the turir advert will Hi rlrcacn Kscnmi'.
GfldUDlly the miAles harden ad lose thofr elasticity the joints begin
o stirTe)i and frequently calculous deppss collect and form Knots at
ms uujcr JUIIU5).
t The pains
the application
ment dr)e? noi
oenciit from .
it JCJC FA nc yfSf t9 Rheumatism and that is to purify
he blood of tlft urc acid! S.SfS. does this more quickly nd qer-
tj?y th?nany other niUlcjrfe. S.S.S. eliminates tliis uric acid
betause it is the most penStfating of all Wood remedies. It is made
entirely of roots herbs and barks compounded and scientifically
Winded in such manner as to make it u medicine that acts through the
cifculation with eqod effect on every portion of the system. S. S. S
cures Wumatism permanently because it -emoves the cause on
which tbvdiscase thrives. !?. S.s. contains no harmful minerals it is
Jwot!-. sfi for ev5ry one. Write fdr our special bo6k qu Rhoiww-
&' W'fn pi t!lc VCtsuqcess S S. S. has hqd in curing it. - AW
niedlcal idv Ice desired will be furnished you. No charge for the
bopk.dridvicp. $. S. . is sold at drug stores.
hot clothsj
ch tjied
may ofifen be temporarily relieve'd by
linimentsDlasfers. etc.. but as such treat
ilood ii'one should expect permanent
now for I Inol enriches and nurtftes
TI7JP vwi&r nuvnwtt nn jwnifU ha !
c '
ulu irii m uuiriu .jff flllulfun uit

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