Abilene Daily Reporter (Abilene, Tex.), Vol. 15, No. 104, Ed. 1 Friday, January 6, 1911 Page: 3 of 8

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I. A: (3. X. Hill ttctmonslhlc for Halt
1m Construction Several Jlnc.i
fc Affrctel
POHT V6KT1I Jan. :i( The Frisco
' will build no more extensions In South
west cns while the I. .&. 0. N. hill la
in force it Is nunouiiccd from nii au-
thoritative r ullroad source. This
will bring to u Btiddari halt the lino
beyond Jlenurd leaving it only n link
between Urndy nnd Menard. The con-
templated lines from Menard to So-
nora and from Hrady to San Antonio
nVo temporarily abandoned by the Yoa-
kum fcyndlcnto.
Ths announcement will come nB a
disappointment! tpi the vaBl cattle re-
gion beyond Sonora which the Frisco
was preparing to penetrate. At pres-
ent the ranchmen are obliged to drive
their herds for. fifty miles or more
overland (o the Santa Fe or to the
FtIbco points. Thp Mcnnrd-Sqnoni
extension would have lessened this
drive by many mllCB.
But the law passed by the lns( spc-
clal session called a halt on all plans.
The Frisco however has continued
the construction of the line from Brn-
. ly to Menard
. 375000 JFomeseekcrK In Your.
A special train of bomeseckers from
' Chicago Kansas City and other North-
ern points arrived In. Fort Worth Wed-
nesday over the Frisco. .The Gulf
coast country is the destination of the
tourists Another special from Kan?
sas City will arrive Thursday t
' -A land special from Southern x-
Ico returning to Kansas City passed
through hero Wednesday morning com
lug over the International & Great
Northern from the spilth and trans-
ferring to the Itock Island..
With the bolldays over the biggest
part of tjie Immigration to Texas Is
expected by railroad ofhclals during
. January Februray and March. These
have in former years been the three
months for the Northern farmer to
come South and a record-breaking im-
migration Is looked for during 1911.
During the last ifour years the Rock
. Island Itj is .estimated has carried OS-
OSS families to new homes in tire
West South and Southwest. This rep
resents figuring on the usual basis
::7rO0o people according to the state-
went of iihmigratjlon officials.
hag discarded his hat Day or night'
In wind snow' rain or heat when he
Is on the street this man may bo
seen walking bareheaded.
"I mil n fresh air fiend" ho Bald
"Four yonrs ogo 1 waa nearly bald. I
decided that a hat kept iriy head too
hot nnd that fresh nlrwould be good
for tji'e hair I began .to go without
jint nnd soon my hair stopped falling
out nnd new hnlr grew. To-day I lmve
a niio.hcnd of hnlr nnd nm never
troubled With n cold. .There nre clubs
of 'no. lint' men In Boston and Now
York. "In Vienna a movement has been
started to do nwny with Hats for won."
cigarette stub. Two students of a
business collogo located on tho fifth
floor of the building In which the firo
started confessed that they had thrown
lighted cigarettes into n box filled
with an oily substance used for clean-
ing floors. A blaze started from this
but the boyg poured water on It and
thought they had extinguished the flro.
Five Miours later this floor wns dis-
covered In flames.
Abilene People Must Itccognlze. nnd
Heed It
Kidney Ills come quickly myster-
iously . ' S
But nature always warns you
Notice the kidney secretions
See If tho color Is unhealthy
If thorn are settlings arid se
Passages frequent sAinty iriffnful.
It's tlnio then to uscDovm& Kidney
Pills. " ?&
To ward'offi'BrlghtWjtfsease Dia
betes yj jfJ?
Doan's haMlJrtlit work In this
locality. J wrdr
ft. G. Mood jJncksniith Cisco Tex
as say: vr'ataRellcve 'Uoan's Klai:
PllISjttoiBp mW excellent kidney
Cine wnatroubled con&ldcjMlny with
backache fr about flvejjars heavy
wfcjrfc being the causcjjlffhe kidney se-
cretions were abMJnrregular in pas-
sage and anncufninc greatly. I used
two iinvf.JJnTnnn'a Kidney PIUS and
they Irrllved the backache and regu
lated the kidnoy secretions."
'For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
FoBter-Mllbum Co. Buffalo New York
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Notice to Contractors.
Bids will be received nt tho oHlce
of the City Secretary of Abilene Texns
until 4 p. m. Jan. 10th 1011 for the
construction .of three concrete cul-
verts specifications may bo aeon at the
office of C. E. Leonard supervising En-
gineer. Each bldmuBt be accompani-
ed by n certtfletfqheck of three ($300)
hundred doTfarB payable to the Mayor
of theClty of Abilene to guarantee
tliejhterlng Into of contract In case
Ibfcl Is. accepted. J. A. PRATT
.i-isi uuy secretary..
Hov.'s This.
' We offer One Hundred Dollars He-
vvard.for any case of Cutarrh that can
(lot be cured by Unit's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO. Toledo O.
We the undersigned have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years and
believe him perfectly honorable' in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry 'out ' obligations made
by his firm. Wnldlng Klnimii & Marvin
j Wholesale Druggists Toledo O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter-
nally acting directly upon the blood
and . mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75c per
.bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constl-nation.
KrjMc 3riiii. (.Hires Himself of Bald
ness Curries Ills Hat In Ills.
Hand to' Lesson Comment.
Piano Slur-Courier Destroyed
Flro Damage Estimated nt
PLANO. Tex. Jan. 4. Flro at 3.J
o'clock. ths morning "destroyed tho
Piano . Star"-Courler plant valued
$3300 and Insured at $2300 In
Fireman's Fund of San Francisco and
Aiiatln Fire Insurance Company of
Daillas. . Dr. II. M. Beatry. owner of
the oiio8t6ry brick building wns dam-
aged about $1000 fully covered by In
surance In the Austin Fire Insurance
Company. Ij. Floyd harness and bug-
gies next door to the Star-Courier
plant was damaged by water and
smoke $200 covered by insurance1.
The fire originated bqtwecn roof and
celling and. supposed to have caught
from a defective flue;
Ernest Logsdon publisher and pro-
prietor of the Star-Courier says he
will reestablish the plant and 'will be
able to get out bis paper next we'elc. .
No one is more sorry that the bobble
Bklrt has become the rago In Europe
and Amerlcathan the woman Who
made thofbfst doparturo from coiiBcr-
vatlyttirnreas when Bho nrrlvtid 'rem
b aboard the White Star lino Cal-
Ic her latest Parisian 'black velvet
"hobblo" clung so tightly toiler knt-.rts
that she could hardly walk.
' Harriet Lorraine vauVlnvlIle artist
says she originated the sklr. Ab she
staggered down the gang lank to 1)ie
pier Bho exclaimed:
"Confound my own Idea! Why did
I ever think Of such an' absurd nnd
Ugly skirt. It is tnfe that my first
hobble wns fairly slack around tho
knee; but look at this one and I've
got to wear It or be out of fashion.
"I don't Wonder that men have
ridiculed a skirt that has become so
fashionable that no society woman
dare wear anything else. Of nil tho
Billy foolish puerile Inventions my
hobble skirt Is tho worst. I can't run;
I can only 'walk slowly. If a' trolley
is coining along nnd I am on tho track
It Is Impossible to get out of the way'
Miss Lorraine Bays she hns just
completed a tour of the London St.
Petersburg and Paris music halls and
she hns come to New York for two
reasons. First she Is' going to ap-
pear In one of Al Woods' 'companies
and secondly she wants a divorce .
".My husband Is a New York bank-
er.' 8he 8nl(r"ninl as. booh ns I am
I free. 1 am going back to Europe to
marry a baron. No t nuiBt not tell
you IiIb name either; but when we are
married -we are going to live in a
beautiful villa in sunny Italy." Ncw
York American
Assuming the Risk
The Wright brothers manufacturers
of the neronlaiiR. have emitted an an
nuity of $1000 to the widow and qhtl- of tho I'co''e being-unable to read and
For twenty-five hundred years the
people In china have been Ignorant of
all learning except that of the Chinese
writers. Only tho highest classes have
had this lenrning. the vnst majority
(Iron of Ralph. Johnstone the aviator
who. wits killed In their service.
This Is an ndmlrahleand liberal Vol
untary recognition of the principle In
volved In the. "workmen's compensa-.
UUU 1UID I lltll 111 lllljllt' ID lillll. il
worker in. any dnngerous employment
should bo compensated In all cases
for Injury by. accident and his estate
KANSAS CITY Dec. 31. One of the f i compensated ir the Injury re'sulW
traveling salesmen who regularly. vis- m iis death. The principle embraces
its Kansnaruty if J A. liremberg of . the Idea that society must have ser
Deroit He wonm. no lint. He always
carries one In his hand; to" keep people
from thinking bairns lost Ills headgear
or Is too poor to afford one but the
hat Is never on his bend Jt Is because J
he likes fresh aid and wants a luxu
rlous bend of hair that Mr.Brembcrgitf In placing the risk (except ill' will-
he likes fresh air and wants a luxrf;Jful suicidal negligence) upon the em
ployer the attendant loss becomes 'a
part of the cost of the business- as
taxes and fire Insurance nre and con-
sequently is diffused among the mom-
tors of society! ' ' !ffi
vices which Involve Individual risk
and that consequently society owes
It to the Individual to minimize tho
risk nnd lo assume at lease" a portion
of the loss In case tho risk goes
against tho individual.
write. Official positions have been
conditioned upon the passing of exam
ination in this autlquated lore. Dur-
ing the past few years all this has
been changed and the greatest Intel-
lectual movement In the history of the
world 1b In rapid lirogress among Chi-
nil's 100000000. The old time oxnml-
iintlons are abolished and sonic of the
ancient examination stalls are torn
down tho bricks being used to build
modern schools. Hereafter all candi-
dates fqr public office must pass an
'examination In Western learning. They
mny use any langungo they please in
tho oxamlnnUiiB and some use English
Tho movement Is under the direction
Census Bureau Announces Population
of Many Cities in Louisiana;
Increase Flattering.
Job Printing
Wef invite you to
We Furnish
Letter I
Bill Head
r ic
f I
us a trial
f : '
. .' i
: r ' M'
t:i-Jx. ShippitisTags
Catalogues etc ;;
Engraved and Lithographed.
At Home Cards
Visiting Cards
Wedding Invitations
Etc. .
Abilene Printing Co.
of a central board of cducntloii in Pe-
kln. Common schools have- been op-
ened in every province In some pro
vinces by the thousand. For the sup-
port of these schools all officials are
urging tho people to tnko tho money
they have boon wasting; In tho super-
stititlous ceremonies of worshiping tho
dend and thus the new learning is
contrlbutlngto tho downfoll of idola-
tory. The Mandarin tllnlect must be
used In all the government schools
nnd thus in time a single language will
bo provided for the people who nro
now distracted by many tongues. Col-
leges nre founded ns well ns common
schools nnd agricultural institutes arc
established togother with manual (rn
lnlng schools; schools of mechanical
and electrical engineers nnd the like
Christian Work.
Bass' 33C3 will cure your headache.
At all druggists 25 and COe.
This is an ideal preparation for
keeping the ekin pmooth and
wh.'te and the complexion fair
and beautiful.
It 1$ a fine greaseless fragrant
toilet cream.
A mild harmless blesch which
Q cVcry woman who values her ap
pearance saouui use regularly.
Bl. r.m I nt nnu ADS r..
Wb .. .. ... W UK
Special to The Reporter.
WASHINGTON Jan. H. Tho popula
tlon of tho following cities In Louisia-
na was announced by the Census Bu-
reau today:
Alexandria 11213; against 5.G45.
Baton Rouge 14897; against 11209.
Lake Charles; 1M99; agalnsli C.C80.
Monroe 10209; against 0428.
Some of the Increases especially at
Alexandria Monroe and Lake Charles
were highly flattering
Little Rock's $750000 RInze Relieved
to Come From Carelessly
Thrown Stub.
LITTLE ROCK Ark.' .Inn. 5 In-
vestigation today Intorvtho origin of'
Tuesday's conflagration which destroy
toss of jf750000 showed Iflnt the blaze
was started by a carelessly thrbwuj
Sccdleso JuicVand Sweet
Ask for 'Red
Ball" lemon'
ana note how
much juicier
how much
lurlher Ihejr
CO iq pre-
plei and
Five thousandCalifJrnlaoranire farm.
era raisiiiRover 60 p cent of the slaPcs
entire crop. select. JCnch seasanrtheir
choice oranrfs ajidjiick tbjnT under the
nnme "Red lidl." lUKenables vou to
recognize aj( bujjRiIifornla's delicious
untuyoajpivetaJtcd a luscious "Red Ball"
Orangjriy cunnA begin to appreciate the
cxLcmoco iM. oranaus mut nre nrnniriv nrrm
j.ijC. i -i-. W . .. i-r-'-JB--ii
I'tuniy iubix:cicu..aareiuiiv nackeu anruswrnvr
HnK..i.w OxX r t? jK . t
USUUIIL'U: OLrVQ "KPn Mrift " rXMsr4 ffnliln
tomorrow moraine nnd learn tlrff m.erWltv of
tree-ripened seedless soljjHfisound orange over
mo tuiumuujjiuto Knuy Keu uair yraneAS are
so uniformly go d-awfflso nearlva fiiml Hsffili i
'" 'UlUljf CV'mTUll.UI uiei.
ThealBaU Oramro Is
sk vour dealer focsll!
and make sure that entUsHnTncrn vnn rr nL.ri
in a tissue winnruusmbeled '"rpH finii . ijw
... JS. 1 V -.w- AM... w
mcMj wrappersrc vaiuauie.
Abilene Furniture Co.
Casket Display Room on Second Floor. Mi
C. A. Wynne Licened Embafmer in char
Both Phones 32 314-320 Pine St. ' West Of PostAffic
i solid tastv
'Red Ball" kind
F-Thrt Ihnivmt Rer$ Oranc Sm
B;(rp 12 "Ilol Bull' ornnna (or lemon) wrpWT and
end tsm to u with llo to nay cUrB ckln. eto.
. ana ma will tremL nu wltli nniiin ilnM tHMM.
lii i....it.i JZ . " -n r T" -"".'" v;-"
"iwh u whu. uuviKa ana uijioat Qtuull. Wdin
Ntt ifinp.via wjuj.
In remitting clraiw aond onojnt atamca when tho
amouilt U lou than Zlo. on amounu almto tie. wa txttttr
money order. iDrta nn).. n inir iir uv Mni ..
tiXmy.Z&JSl.Ttie". Li".?' .?' Pn.lum.. W
aiuiw. oimauv wrappora lot pre.
OSUtnh Frit Gwwks' EzcUsfe 34 QUA St Ok M.
Having1 bought the
ler wo Bollcit your
thoroughly renovnte
cleanest and most
We will nt all tlmeB strive to
assuring you the boat pri
I tK of HtaDlo andrl
latrlafijor tUe
aVailU WOJP'a'sl'Bfi
ancy Groceries of R. W Mil
year li'ii. Tho store has
pr your selection one of th
IroccrlCB to bo found In the cityl
fou both in quality and quant
market affords.
Corner North Third and Pine
6oth Telephone II
Harris the Druggist
Appreciate your
Trade ..
MMiUllh I'fti

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