The Saint Jo Tribune (Saint Jo, Tex.), Vol. 30, No. 12, Ed. 1 Friday, February 3, 1928: Searching Inside

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... Saturday when the word was given out that "Uncle Bud" Morris had passed away. He was Montague's oldest... several more installments.) stallments.) o W. A. Morris. THE CITIZNS NAITONAL BANK Poultry, Cream.... MONTAGUE, Feb. 1.—After an illness of sixteen months, W. A. Morris died at his home here Saturday, January... had charge at the cemetery. Mr. Morris, who was known to his friends as "Uncle Bud," was born...., and a brother, Joe Morris, lives here in Montague. Uncle Bud spent twelve years of the best part of his

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... on Saturday night. D. L. Dowd and Joe Bowers attended the funeral of W. A. (Bud) Morris in Montague last... Sunday. Mr. Morris was up in eighty years old and had been a resident of the county for more than sixty

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