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... Pag* 2 SACHSE SENTINEL August 1084 THE SACHSE SENTINEL NEWS & ADVERTISING 5624 Highway 78 Sachse... in the columns of The Sachse Sentinel will gladly be corrected if brought to the attention of the editor. Signed... OF THE SACHSE SENTINEL 20th of Each Month COUNCIL NOTES OFFICIAL COUNCIL MINUTES JULY 2, 1984 The City Council... water heater, 3. P trap in rear bathroom, 4. Wire in bathroom LETTER POLICY The Sachse Sentinel welcomes.... Distributed free to all homes in Sachse the first week of each month. DEADLINES FOR THE NEXT ISSUE

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... August 1984 SACHSE SENTINEL Page 3 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SACHSE MPnci BROKER SERVICES CUT.... CUT THE RISK MPACT Brokers has the stability & security of the First National Bank of Sachse...:00-7:00 Friday (214) 530-7999 FDKs 6600 Murphy Road • Sachse, Texas P.O. Box 469090 • Garland, Texas 75046 MPHCT

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... Pig* 10 SACHSE SENTINEL August 1984 VFW Pott 5076 Encourage Members to Fly American Flag... of the VFW, Devon and Naomi Reed installed their flag pole and flag at their home in Sachse. Their 3-year... FURNITURE "Emanon - No Name" - Means More - m I 700 HWV. 78 - SUITE G g * "WE DELIVER SACHSE" OAK CENTER

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... Page 12 SACHSE SENTINEL A u g u tl 1984 Reap a whopping 25% savings on farm insurance Get complete... Sentinel Package policy combines protection for your home and household goods, farm buildings, machinery... now. LARRY BRADLEY Agent 530-0309 5628 Hwy. 78 - Sachse (high ipntd chait) Garland police assisted...'s Learning Center & Day Care "A Christian Child Care Facility" 5005 Ben Davis Rd. - Sachse, Texas (located... in (he gym behind the Sachse Christian Church) OUR PROGRAM At CLDD we endeavor to provide a Christian

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... Page 24 SACHSE SENTINEL August 1984 CROSSMAN Ytt Insurance Agency All Forms of Insurance SINCE... 78 & 3rd Street SACHSE t\ • Just What You're Looking For! We may have it! sec our selection

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... August 1984 SACHSE SENTINEL Pag* 23 CLASSIFIED Alterations, button holes, C P I Electrical... for 8 month old son. Sachse Mature lady for snack bar South or Clear Creek area, work. Beautiful.... At the Children s „. . , r , o r and Hwy. 66. Rita, learning Center & Day Care, in the gym behind the Sachse... Christian Church on Ben Davis Rd. in Sachse. P0R SALE: '65 Ford Sale to be held Saturday, Pick/up 495....m. All rental BlJS'N^S CA,K'S, , 1 11 1. 1: .1. PRINTED • CALL THL proceeds w.ll benefit he SACHSE

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... August 1984 3ACH8E SENTINEL P«0« 8 QISD Adopts New Policy Trustees adopted a new policy... Highway 78 - Sachse 495-4264 HOURS: Mon - Fri.: Saturday: - - 9:00 - 6:00 9:00 - 5:00 KEYS MADE The oldest... AVAILABLE 6206 495—7249 HIGHWAY 78 SACHSE Hairplace 5620 HWY. 78 - SACHSE Our expert stylists know all

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... August 1984 SACHSE SENTINEL Page 13 C ORNER ON HOME ARE A Coming Clean About Laundry Here are some... of Sachse. Miss White is a 1982 graduate of Community High School, and the groom-to-be is a 1982 graduate... at the Sachse Baptist Church. All friends are invited to attend. The couple will reside in Austin. "WHEN YOU

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... Page 18 SACHSE SENTINEL August- 1984 II Personalized Skin Care & Makeup ■■a Discover our new... A t Sachse Christian Church ....... COME WORSHIP WITH US SUNDAY SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES For Youth... Caughtan :j: MINISTER HIGHWAY 78 at BEN DAVIS SACHSE ii: MOVING IN AUGUST to Oak Center in Wylie Hwy. 78

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... St ^*8 Pag* 22 SACHSE SENTINEL August 1984 (elty council) 12. Discuss Underground Utilities... of property. Council approved. Mr. Darrow, resident on Sachse Rd., again asked the council to do something... himself, not the city. Mike Barrow, Chairman of Goals Committee for a Chamber of Commerce in Sachse... of the City of Sachse printed, which would not have any advertising and would be free. City Council approved... ordinance for controlling animals in Sachse. After a long discussion Councilman Gordon pointed out that City

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... August 1984 SACHSE SENTINEL Pag* 11 ARCHERY HUNT APPLICATIONS NOW AVAILABLE FROM P & W... MOTORS 6220 HWY. 78, SACHSE (Next to the Fire Dept.) 530-6130 (9:00 - 5:00) 544 wylie X 530-8121 (After

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... August 1984 SACHSE SENTINEL Pag* 16 QISD Students Begin CI; All students will begin classes Monday...-Season Clearance SALE PRICE: $650.00 LIST: $849.00 Stevenson's Lawnmower Service 6404 Highway 78 - Sachse 495

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... Page 14 SACHSE SENTINEL August 1984 "Duck Stamps" A Bonus For Watsrfowl Rssourcs When... by this time last year. Every one of the 20 biggest sales tax cities is ahead of last year's totals." Sachse...'s check totaled $1,703.74, pushing the total Sachse payment for 1984 to $18,969.96, up 79.25 percent over... - Highway 78 & 3rd Street Sachse 495-1132 ^ 4 S / ^ I "IT'S SUMMER TIMK" ? | TOO HOT FOR COOKING Try

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... at the corner of Highway 78 and Sachse Road, was held July 23, 1984. Pictured breaking ground I to r are: Jack... Crews, Project Coordinator; Bob Cray, Co-Owner; and Bill Minyard, Co- Owner/Developer. Sachse Road... and Highway 78 is a historical corner for the City of Sachse. During the past half century, residents... of Sachse have seen a variety of businesses at the location. Some of them were: a grocery store, a service... in 1984 a feed store (Discount Feeds) gave way to make room for a new modern retail center to serve Sachse

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... August 1984 SACHSE SENTINEL Pag« LAWN AND GARDEN TIPS Q. My neighbors and I are planning to start... REALTOR* YOUR HOMETOWN REALTORS Call today if we can help you 495-5600 6024 HWY. 78-SACHSE Complete

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... August 1084 SACHSE SENTINEL Pagt 0 Q. I'm thinking of sending my preschooler (he's three) to a... - Sachse In the last few years the perception of motorcycle riding has come a long way down the road

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... August 1084 8ACH8E SENTINEL P««« 21P c * r POLICE REPORT SACHSE POLICE DEPARMENT REPORT JULY 1984...,481 miles. Johnny L. Holley Chief of Police City of Sachse GISD SUPPLY LIST - KINDERGARTEN THRU FIFTH GRADE... REPAIR ALL MODELS SERVING SACHSE Garland, Wylle, Rockwall, Rowlett SINCE 1058 495-7464 AIR MANAGEMENT

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... Pag* SACHSE SENTINEL August 1 0 84 ADMINISTRATIVE APPOINTMENTS ANNOUNCED Trustees announced five... with a gun and the sexual assault of two Sachse teen-age girls. The robbery and assault occurred on July

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... August 1984 SACH8E SENTINEL Page t* NEW LAKE ATLAS NOW ON MARKET A comprehensive atlas containing.... or 12,000 Miles Foreign Cars Welcome 530-0622 Hwy. 78 CONVENIENTLY LOCATED In The Sachse Industrial....59 132.86 91.63 Farmers Insurance Group 5628 HWY. 78 SACHSE, TX. 75098 Larry Bradley Agent 530

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