Brownwood Bulletin (Brownwood, Tex.), No. 266, Ed. 1 Saturday, August 30, 1919 Page: 3 of 6

School o
- A
f Fine
Graduate. Drake University Gonservatb-
J - - !- ' '
ry'.pf Music; Student of Signor Giloma-
New York Dr.
raldine -Ashcrbft ;of Australia Krbe
srerp of St. Loins.
Des. Moines
l Private Teacher ; in
Vdjrious Large Gities ; Supervisor of
Music and Art Nickerspri' College.;
- "'4 '
Professor Cameron Marshal! Voice
t -.
r t
-I i f
Graduate Oberlin Conservatory of Mu-
sic; Pupil of J. Fischer SpJ Marcoss6ri
J. A. Demuth Johann Beck. Prpfesr.
sor. of Violin Taylor University West
Virginia Wesleyan College Hargrove
Institute .arid Nebraska Weslayan. Urii-
Fall term begins September 10. For information con-
cerning courses prices etc. phone 420 or write
L J. MIMS A. M. President H. GRADY HARCROW Bursar.
Brownwood Texas.
; ... "Professor Henry dvvin Meyer
Direeto . Piano --
Graduate Ithaca Convers.atory of Music
1910; Artist Graduate ibid 1914; In-
structor Ithaca Conservatory of Music
1910-1.91 1 ; Graduate Cornell Univer-
sity Music Department 19.12; Director
State School for Blind Nashville.Tenn. ;
Instructor University of Minnesota;.
Director -Howard Payne College 191.8.
ProtVs u- Fi. i k V K:n-. Violin
. . . .
Graduate; Expression - Departrnerit Sim-
mons College; Special1: student of Miss
Florence Price; . St Paul Minn. ; Pupil
of Dr. -S. S. .Curry Reader and enter-
lainer at Institutes.
Mis ora V1K Expression and
Pfcv.n il Culture
Edited bj Xr. Js. C.
White - - Phone ti
I be
ieve in the brook a it wander;
From hillside into glade;
ieve in the breeze jas it whisper in summer flowers placed in - baskets I bowl was em bedded in a nest of cle : :i other of th groom
"When evening's shalows fade.
I ibelieve in iiie roar otth river
Asjj it dashes from high ciw .;
I -believe in the cry of il r-empeT
1.Ifd the thunder's cahnomd-.
I h(lieve in the light ot shinnsr siars
I Relieve in the sn And 'h" moon
I -believe in the llasdi of lijrh'nir;".
Ijlbelieve in the tush bird's croon.
I (believe In the faith of T.he flowers.
I beHeve in the rock nd sl
TMd handiwork of od-
w " Kxrha::-c
Social Calendar.
and vases . -with
Tuesday afternii Mrs. 13.
Wifll . entertain from .". 7 (
lionor of Miss Susie llarwarT
5. JIiP
!k k ir
IVjfdnesday alteration the V- If.
Adult Bible Class will m t m th
Hostess House' at two' o'clock
"fomo home on Ave:;ue B in honor of'ii'd Saturday July ti'th. at nooji a' Murph. Roberta Blnkwofl Marie
hor iioust-KUfst iliss Hole nOdom. of.-ib'- Jroine of ht aunt Mrs.' Harry W'ji- lavis. JoHcpbi io GitVuiii jia.ry
Fort -Stm-kton. . .. V' n. Uurf foijl ('oii'i.. -xh Mr. . fiem-fjc t ' n'rowii. Vivian Ilall of AliUent and
The nttnictiveness of the rooms. whs Kyiavt f ti i ruy. ' Kfisw'it tli Brooks.
eiihan.ied by the use of :i jirofasion ol Th""bridfi. h' vh cor-hidnml ;on; yyv
' white clciuatis Tfiosp. graceful trailiivi" o': the. jrett'ijst ycmjK ladk-s in. VfmUl I '. .Sninunhii; Parly.
yvino was xiven elective niacins thru-bridal was I - i.'tonauiiiy attired ; in fMrs.-.J. L. Basterliag' and-Mrs-. B
'out "the dance rooms. . ivhit (ionrtt t:r:'f. and carried al 'X' Beck pbaijenhied a. jrarty .of young
Tlift 5 Sitifo U'mith nrpJinehvi -fuvn- hmvir 'hnn'.iinw nf Jh-iiU' mvt.a .?liftvn0OI)le O'l' .1 SVviiliminir' Hli rt-V at G : :0
ished Ihe dance tiitisi? which' wa.e-' was altejubill by hr- cousin . ':lljBIoplock on! Friday '-evening at. the now
ccilAitl -During the intrinhisjikW little1 RHe' Wilcox . who wor.'- a .b(nm?5.:ui! - A. uennelon least followed
covai u whfite MririHiipptK. and:: rairftl . -w.inj;. About ten couples were
hosmss Tuesday "veninR-at tbe home Misseis Klizabetli f Andrews . and Ui
ol Mis Davis oil Main avenue. Marie Scot.t served a delicious punch Tied a tshowlr boH.t.u't -of puk jijjjji nT80"1'
r Tin' .ntoms Wrr prettily- dbcofritedi with cihicken sundwicbep. The -pitnch I'Pht l.&u' tmjii w;v; .'.f. Samuel S'dariV V" ' : . rM4
pretty -effjirt. Ffns!nmtist so tastilv arranged as to '-rcate " The wrddjii
pworlli League Social. . Ternoon ar :.) oVloc.; at the church.
Miss Cora Brewer most delightfully in a buiinf?s session. .
entertained the members of the Ep- The AVoman's Auiiiary of the Cog-
worth League of the Me.thQdut Church fiin Avenue Baptist Church will meet
with. a tacky party 6n Tuesday evenin in Circles Monday afternoon at 4:00
-it her home on CoKkjn Avfenue. orrlook as follows;: Circle-! No. 1 will
Miss Fstelio Bullard wqn the prize meet w'jrh MrsJ V. I). Vinsau. 1 10H
for beiiif' the tackiest and Mis Pliler Hirrrell Avei!i:; Circle .Vp. 2 will meet
was given the favor for tin? .one whose with Mrs.. I). W. Campbell at her home
costume was the most becoming. . on Austin Avemie. Circle will meet
... " . okv. - ; . . with Mrs. L. 15. X" row.
Mi; Hiaits Khlerfnined - Tlie Woman s Missionary Society of
Miss.ISthel I'Zvans entertained in a' the First Methodist Church will meet
ipleasinc manner on ' Wedjjesdtty; 4-vtn-i Mutniay afternoon at 4-nt o'clock in
ihk at the . n.Mct;hiiSty .honie - - the Hostess house in a business meet-
Uie ' 'CtU'Howers were tised in decoration iiie.
lexsiiur Hospitality.
-- - r- j .MlUtlll LI 1(1 If lilt I -J ! lilt II
and nalms'! skm ttretty .backcrouhd'a mostt charminj: effect. : -o.ily '.tawnbjtrs ot thf-'immfilato :HaiftrfrtmjprK--nf tin.Knwitrtii i.enLM.P hn jaiul -forty-two ?ayc 'did: - diversion. The Ladies Aid of the Austin Avon
; Pink mC:preu Kvere chanhinly -com- Tliekuesis. who. were invited fo ' i betas present. Th' .ceremquy; jviis1 Friday evening with a swimming par- -'.ss- v'a Waldr.up waB- pjesonted the ue Presbyterian Church will mdet at
-bijRMt lWeof! notif. and -were noted most deliKhtfur courtesy in lionor of performed ' bjr the W . toVfre';Bfod4 A 'a! tbp Ijinvhctbvimminff nnnt a faor -of the evening: . . - ' " : ;&Q 'o'clock with. Mrs. V. L Petty.
throphoiit 'th hospitality. Of special charm nR-.honorep. "were Misses J'aul- head. hf PhfhuhdphLi who . had jdit-: uiateruielon teast -and game-i oil the ' Rripk ice cream and angel food cake' 1 10a Main Avenue.
note was iiiv dttnterpiecc : bf :lhe din-line fesdale. Collto Lee. Lela Latliemciated ttt !h tn'arriaw of the 'brWer'sl iix "followed the'.fnvinoratmg svim-j were serveb The -guests jwho-assMn-. -Circle :i of tlur Woman's Auxiliary
i.'.ff liable A jiandstmio coier wai X'orhfci av1:hh1 ' of Tejienn. Cirri i-i -iunt. -M rs.-AT:lcii. vtrs Ai-o. ImmoB :; ..... '-! oil for tbis (lelie;lK?Ul vetune s' ca- C the Cosrsm Awniie Bant:t. L'hnrch
f '-n?r-?d rwithr'l retiecior oh which j Jenh'uJus Blanche .Katon Ivlizabethliaiaiy ftdlovvns; tin: ecremony.!ft Svgd-- K . .; . ... : . jrertainment were-: Mioses Lois Be-k. u ill mdet Monday . afternoon - at 4
was- fiiaeed. a ksket iil!e4-.wiih sltm-.:anvder. Kathrvh Anderson. Aurora 'dmp was served' :Tta?!M . . 'Klks- Osiiiciv - ! . J Vera ' Waldrup. Kva BHmi. blthel oV lock with Mrs.; L. K. Crow.
dance Amick. Aileen Blinu.: 'Martin. Pticker. :
evbningtu.ui' Blinn .Bladys Bowden. Virih'K
notif. and-were nmedj most delightful courtesy in honor of p n'oriued b.r the teoVfre';Bfod:t-y'ai the Uinvbeth' swimming pool. A
hospitality. Of spebial charinng'.honqrep. "were Misses J'aul- head. of Phi ladelpbLi who had olii-' ujateruielon teast -and gainer oil the
jlnterpiecc bf :jhe ine 'K'afesdale. Collto Lee. Lela -Latliemciated at th tn'arriaw of the-'bfiders iwrj't "followed tbe " invigorating swint-
ijuandsme cof er.: jvasi Xorhfa Xoyland of Teagup Curtus -iunt-Mr.s.- x :vn yirs ao. Immotl-; j '.' '
retiecKir oil whicir .leniiiims. Blanche -Katon ICHzabethliaKtly follovyjina; tin: ceremony. !a 'wgd-j I.-;-tsket
ill !e4-.wjih slim-.- an viler. Kathrvh Anderson. Aurora 'diup breab'ast was served - ;iTtur:: " . .
m;r blossoms -i.U of which e0mpieled Mao. Barber Fmily Outhrie. K!Uhf-hich .-Mf.-. Unrf -Mi?. Smart left 'for-' Of uimsiial. pleasure was !; the-
;h graceful seiing - .1 N :Snyder. Marguerite Ragsdale F.iim- j Boston aiid- fa lur points son their. vcd--Rwn. in';tlkk Klkft-haLoti 'ihe e:
Prozressivfj Vjriurersatioh jvas ' ih'oj both ee. Olive Smith Helen TabfirJdinn; trip.. . -. - .1 '-:;. -pf WTedpetday. Tliefngie Smi
njojied -divereUn -during. Uj& . eifriy Slmndj. of. Houston; Elizabeth. Brooks' Mr. .and Ifrs. Smart' wHP r.residJrirr)?cstra rom . Fort Worth fur
ourrf"and iiffii flqd "the gitesti: imibp-Marsv Porter. Aiieen Foiliard. Berthall-lj Oakland Terrace Hartford .fun.V;1.1!.'"'''' dance' ntusie. Besides ;i
ortantfy:to chail with each iothr. FW'nd .klrtt6sh. -lone Brooks' Luc-'le. May-Kh'e gifiom lining -tt?Piicy fbT';ifUUe'r oT-llte society sot from. Brown
ainted scre lirds' weii piifesel5for rrehl"' Louise AVilkins Cay Enh. May t t?He of .CopiieciiciH for tlie Ljtrr!ptl; In were.-lioied'visi
jgax? pleasing paIme. AVilkijfs Sibel Simpson o'" Sa'h'fi Aii- -teol 6fdi qouipapy. of; iniiladeJiilfiM tprs - from ' .Cjolema
iniisic .iva fyrnisljod.'na " "lioiiora ("rowder. Kate" WilkhtThp fkride jvbo h;L-. .'::;.. her !tii'lVj5l!tnket; ' "
ladded to dic-'tienlljre'-Messr.. Ouy. Hammonds torn-' Wilkin-1 lite !. J4 tb tt ..pyp8ofc: .'. '.
WpdnesUay a1tt-rh n a Mari; os;
Giulil will mcrti with Miss Colito a e
Hriday afternoon the" Winnie Davi
Chapter. P. I) C. will meet a fa-u
o'ciock in the library.
Alii'iitls Uoism? Parly
ss lena Wood i 3k..-w ?hi
kto -a liOHse partv kIju-U in. ludc-
interest to a large Circle of Brow
wowl friends was UiaCnl Miss Kliz
Misis Xelle Baker and Miss lonpb5
"Wood or Sa S;iba anil .Miss Paulim
RagBdale of Briwmvuid. fulfinai
Carried Vcdneday.
Dallas -wedding of Wednesday i
betlf McDnif to Mr. V;nnSe Lor.khar.
of Brownw6od. The wJding- was sol
emnized at the liome H the bride
parents. Mr. and "Mrs. IL l. McDuff
at 210 LiueJIe Street -vvjCh Kev. Kobcrt
Thompson officiating.
6nly the immediate family wore
present. Tbe bride is a; former Brown -H'Opd
young lady having moved tf
'Dallas with her parenjs about a year
ago! Her "wedding suit was of hand
embroidered while sat hi and her hat
ural a most becoming fall model.
3Irs. J. W Iockhartl mother of the
cated at 1103 Melwood
Tjlls. J. V. Lockhart njolher of the
groom attended from Brownwood.
if - " ' ' '
jHHorIiig Miss Bairfof Ilallingnr.
In delightful compliment to Miss
Etlijel Bair or Ballihger. Mrs. E. C.
SToor and IMiss Holyie Davis Were
n this!
forty-two wjiidu
while Victrtda
Mi.-'s Juel -Hav
of thi: sMdsta ytuh vocal selctlons and Uon Jplm Walkeri'tSeorge. Mayer. BsA-t WUttcrbotforit. . of Mrs . (oliiiO:
Miss Margjiret ; Lee of Temple iHive e.rt; iiavos. ("arl Me In tosh - State.n Mi!U; : '.Mrs T. Sangston 'Ins ley-! ftnd; :
onio very clev readinjjR.frilt' ch;.m-! Pounsl C.corKo Enlbe. 'Charlie 'Clark ; Vjs.-i Nimnie' Wiutcrhottour.
ing honoree mve - pleasure! to kho! Harphain .lames: McCartney.- Forest ; .lty Canibrldge Newsp'a per
sues by remlGring
lions. . ''
A dainty cljqrry ice
was passed inj jrre;i;esh.metht:
wno enjoyed itifi delightful
were: ?Miss.aj Nellie
.tarns. Ann!evl?heiton GnuW Vinson1 dale. John Snvder and Herl-ierrArvm: i -K
Bosemary'-'Cp Juel ..Buy fDortby ;McsSrk and Mosdames. .Mark Cmjiau
JJif. Mai'v Llrorkms.' - I.emii Vinwmi r 'u ' i?' -m.l K'nnv Andvnwi .-" .-.t
Marjsaret LeeWf Teniple: Mesri . i j -X
H. Mount Hprace Sbelton nayis.j Sundav School Class Enlerfnined.
Harris 'Tayj ir. . Waiter i Daniels.; AtisA Lenora Crowder afforded
an. - Comanche audi Miss
. - ' - .
Mariposa- Club. V
C urtis' Jennings I fthter;- :u-
Mitonary Society 31. K. Church.
Program ;nr eptejnber 1s. V.Hti:
3.1'aKtm: Democracy Sate Socially.
uioie t mr supreme Test of
Liive rVoiceL Mrs.' P. A- Saudifer.
Hynnr 14! ahil't'OS.
Prayer -!'ry that the cliurch may
. . ! .Honcriua: .lfiss 3IcKaig.
) t iisH .ivsieiie Aicivaig. was uio nnnor
licst ht: a. delightful morning party
the .Mariposa Club oil -Wednesday! e-v- awaken to the greatest need of .he
ening. ' . . - - v i ' world that of rhrtiauizing Anuri-
Ctlt ilowei's in. pretty; prpf.usion. were .ca.- :Mrs! J. V. Perry
used in deccratida. Thti cbuf ?;it)r Iep.)ri! m' o'Ticers and committees
of live. -hundred gavel . .. delight t.rl General husineis. -pastime.
For success Mils Eu la XJell ' fopics A Democrat v Saved Sociil-
muBiCftl Rdlec-iRcjivek .Iimmie Hayes. - Nat . Low.: M. .Smnfi hau ?inst of frienitfn r ; V . 1 ' ' . .Harsniui ..wis given mgm score ravor ij-tirs. uarnetr
: "i iCrawtbrd: Foiliard .Xtiorlklnfton. ; and guest favor.s Were given to Miss . Our Task iu .'Makins; Democr.y
witli wafers. Ed-Hall Frank Bettis Ralph FoTfUT. C..' Wtlkiason home on several -oc?U -:b Hmb Ana . K:"molI ot. Dallas and. Miss. Safe on the Mexican Border. M'ss
TiSse Vaughn Rav Edward Henley Herman aslofw:. ' She is a charming youngltr' " . h"v .. unman :ot rennsyivania; - - -;iaysie.'Malone. ' .
hdspitalitv Hodga. Addison' Evans- R&lpb Pin- woumuamd was a. nuvr poini in r -fimttorKS 7 r. ......... .-v. ... . 4X .i...v .ui.umw.i wju?;. rrayer mer are eigne nunur?u
wniitd. FJatieon nv. Prentice: Drs .lacks Ba--' here 'ou eacli ' octmn.- ' . : 'r.VF " . ;" r'muu- .' 110 BuPhls (m passed. . Enjoying this plea.uu hos-- thousand Mexicans on our south m
harles AVrighljjjOrady LantelCoxi
lien bliolton. . J;he hostesses.. wcre
-is4ed by. -Airs
c. c. Bnllard.
' .Mrs.;!
Mrs. Kato D
'.a nphbber bf!"
on Wednesday:
. .ir.jr.-T' F.-.ociaK :
Dir. and. Mrs T Joe-Talb. enier-
Jltainetl rthe. B. Y-. P. l 'of the :Firs.t-
i' chv.fe.h it ml the yoting p.-.rlt
'- of. the c-hptloh on Ffidny eyetiiu; jl?
Misses pitality were: Missed -border. Prav har:we :is a church miv
ifMcKaig. Ethel Barber. Dainty Guill-i Smith. Kathryn Anderson. Helen Tn-Jmonr nrv rmteihfihv in ' wei.itM
J3rMir.e tp.;th members of her. SundayIUjf. Vi0Vne (i Mam Aveime'-.
Itts-Iscboril. class when. On Tuesday after-i
i 1 v-r ' i j ;- r -r - - . t.-' y . fits i inn yt i ii . vxi hi'uiw'h
Mugn uavis ami Mrs. j noon ishe entertained them most -'K'--were planiiOd for the pleasure Qf.thi
arcy Honoree.
pree Grinitan-received tranend for their nieasure hud --ice1 ai ' .TiAiniiJ nnriiim on ih.. 'iiifnii.iif -riii nilnm nf Vnrt Ktrwhtnn
JJr ii0 11 ii ' v i t ; "I ' ' ;. - . Miay atternoon at -1 : 00 o'clock at .the the training of the Dunning Svste
Kir?S. hfrTlfiSea"i Wi'S fCrVC v f ! k' !r ;f'er ?'-yd;i.ut v I lie .evening was spent most delight - hurfch n a busincsa sessfon. The clec- improved (Music Study and will
jly with bowls
jlighifliy .at her home
rjun. Neaiie -Moore Cecil Lancaster.!ber. .Eula 'Bell Marshall Lain Shands.l these into si Christian" democracy -Ernestine
Jhiedgen. Rosemary CoN.Ludle Mayfleld Colito -Lee J'auliiio yirS s. Lacy
;fuel U;iy' Vera Slaton. Lee of Temple; Rassdajc Bertha Mcintosh Aurora t ' ' :
76:i .nuolnn-'gc5i;:-Jj7jii(-fi juel ' and " Adelle.: RRjVi'lMmber of young fri
. -' .- las. usual gave several most -iilqai-iiUj I Uu1e Friday evening
itud fia'lo --laedgon
'For Visitors.'
..irs. v. u .tcartney assembled a'
friends at the Club)
in honor of. 'Miss'
Mae Barber Dorothy . Conner. .Aileen !S I VlTATl.
Foiliard. El izabth Le Odotu of . Fort i Mrs-. .ICdna Savage Saunders invites
Stockton 'RathmeJl of Dallas Mm. every wojnan.atiu chihv tnjlrownwo 1
- Iv. F. Joekel and Claude .Mitchell. . I who is interested iir music to visit h r
Cliurch' Soi'ieUt.!.
The. Woman's. Auxiliary of the First
Jan)cs of childish dchgli.t were ar- vocal. vselei-tions. acconipahied Shands of Houston d"Miss Hel- presbytorian (huroh mcot Mo
Nelda femitli.irorreshmont.
Mrs. IL A. Caim- of Browhvpod. iHer Natalie Oostou. Jessie Mae Speiic.e.
attractive homl was all tbe more love-: nPriii?c Ptcnti atariba Louise Scott.
'Of crepe nysitle liindlLorene. Poole and Bayniond McKin-
: vases of AmeriKm Beauty 'roes. After !ney
a j)leasant eyeiung sjient ' chatting
; sociably thei.iiuests were ;fefres!hedj
Wobilman's Circle Social .Heeling.
to about 'XT) guests.
!Lyrio Parly.
any" afrcrnoon next week between the
hours of :L0O and G:00 o'clock in the
L. E. Hall Music Store where she-will
have on display a complete outfit for
day afternoon at 1:00 o'clock at .the; the training of the Dunning System of
e v-
ltill.v at the Lake and at a late hour Uon o president and a circle leader! plain this svstem in full. F.verv one is
da watermelon slice was an enjoyable .:u i i . . - . u' .-..i . ..i .... r..t
.da 'vatermelpn slice was an enjoyable !AVijj taj.0 umco
teature. uirs. i . ii baunuers ot .ev
M" l . ....11: . ). r ; . i . . . i ii.: .
--.( . - -a' . . 1 1 iiiiaiis .'vu.Mimr.v ur mu r u si i tiiiuiiiieu wiui inis me iuusi uiuuui u
-.ol...... i.j Orleans. A rs A 1. Am nrurin jittil Mrs 1 . ... ... . t .. : . . .
.uia.-vI.i:iiiu. .uunu ouiKh .Jiinm-u : - - j liaptist cnurcii will meet -'Monday at- lorm of music training.
-T5 i Irri.... .04 i n. ... I I.. ntitfn inni"v nli!iiormirtil
miss- .uiiiyt ivniK--Oi. JMupuuii vjih" ui-f. " ...w..vOV..... j ....v.. j
honor guest -on " Friday after.ioon !-The guests who Aveve assembled .on
when she dntertained with a tbi-.tri this delightful occasion were: Misses
invited to call and become fully ac-
t modem
with ice crean and cakev Delidioitsi After the regular session t)f t lie; nnvlv ... (hr. i.vric I. m. is- Mcnulm Shands. Odom Katlirvn Anderson.!
; minis were paied around -: . fWoodman's Circle this week a .surprise; in High.' Pockets"' gave deliiifV -Gladys Brown. Aileen Foiliard Helen
tacheii will) yellow ribbpns to. t)u Eula .Bell' Alarnhal; Messrs. Edward
place cardsj which were ..very a.jpv Henley George Enloe Yanlis Rob-j
priately haiu'.-pamted . in "golden nott Charles Clark Harpham Noelj
..w .....j x.jvuuo ui iiu(;mi iiunr wmk jivm- in .iiunwi m i w i entertainment and as an .aftermath taucr Jiiiizairetii Lee. Aurora Mi
juiuuu iuil- jjiuuvu ah weinas iuose;oi tnp memoers . wiio nave recently 1 refreshment were served at Ah' -; Barber Louise Wilkins. - Sibel
oi. louj; iuiii ig eujqyeo airs. tfnr.H pecome ondes or returned souiicra. ander'si CaIy ' Kitchen. A prejtv son of Santa Anna Kathleen
.nans hospitality. Wco Tnnes-Her-tMrs. Lela Gill and Mrs. Lela IJaytiie cluster of 'Golden Clows" wen-: at-' Lucile Foiliard. Dorothv Conner :
l I l .A. . . A
jj r-vw - .
Dellghifjii; Social. Courtesy.
One! of: the tnost delightful pOcial
couriesies of ;tiq season was' the par-
were the Kuesls of honor who received
j a large number of beautiful gifts.
. Miss Meillfiy .MnrrJeil.
Miss Nellie Bayton Medley' dauu'h-
;Ior jdance; of jl?uesday evening when Her of the late Mr. and -..Mrs. John ii.
-Mrii. Brooke ;Sinith opened iter. harjd-'Medle of this city was uuiely mar-
g!o:3.'; Mivs. S. Ernest .Morris " was. Wilkinson Tom.--Wilkinson James
chaperon ftp the afternoon. ; ' 'Phifci! 'McCanrcy Garvis Saunders of Now
who enjpyep this pleasing hospItrtl-'j'QrleanH. Walter Tabor Lee AlcCart-
uy werp: .misscb Mcy King 'nulortj neyj Kaiph EolT and David Cntnp.
Victor Records for September
Empire Furniture Company

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