The Sachse Sentinel (Sachse, Tex.), Vol. 2, No. 1, Ed. 1 Saturday, January 1, 1977: Searching Inside

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... — The young people who delivered the December issue of The Sachse Sentinel were:Veena Hooker,Mike Ward, Paul...'S FOR A BETTER SACHSE NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED DECEMBER 1975 (Named January 1970) SACHSE SENTINEL Publishe r... person, firm, or corporation which may appear in the columns ol I he Sachse Sentinel vwill gladly...'d be glad to help. 276-0021 HIGHWAY 78 SACHSE 272-8214 sr "When you think of / flowers Think of ours" WY LIE.... Office Furniture Repair 278 1394 24 1 i Miller Rd K. W . "Cr is"Crisler Dl ADL1NFS FOR THF SACHSE

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... of Garland and Mildred Myers of Tyler. IF YOU HAVE A NEWS STORY FOR "THE SACHSE SENTINEL", LET US KNOW... Sorority. VACATION Mr. and Mrs. Pat Hare, who live in Sachse on Miles Rd. recently returned from a week...:OOp.m V- -v Doug and Ruth Harrington, 2405 3rd St. in Sachse welcome their third child, Christy

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... I I II II II II I 1 TIE SIEHSE SEIITIIIEI VOL. 2 NO. 1 JANUARY 1977 SACHSE TEXAS Published Monthly... FREE NEW CITY SECRETARY Mrs.Ann Holman began work Nov. 29 as the City Secretary of Sachse.She is a... of Business and has always worked in the secretarial and business field. Prior to coming to Sachse she... atmo- SADIE ODELL SACHSE HARPER Born February 1, 1899 Died December 26, 1976 In Redlands, California... Sadie was a daughter of the late Jasper Newton and Birdella Estes Sachse. Her grandfather

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... in Sachse, questioned the where-abouts of a chain saw that was purchased during the administration of Mayor... and Mrs. Hooker praised the work of the Sachse Volunteer Fire Dept. Councilman Andrews once again moved...--SACHSE Charles Foster for $2372, for extending the Sable Lane sewer line. Mr.Scarborough disqualified... the fine job the Sheriff's dept. is doing in Sachse and the threat of loosing the sub-station due to a... Sachse Street between 3rd and 4th Streets. All councilmembers were in favor of cancelling the December 27

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